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  1. Oh really, don’t know them. Only know Abtigiis as he was one of my favorite solers. Interesting to know though that the politics section has produced few presidents.
  2. Woow! Congratulations to him Proud of him and he got my support. Somali excellence 🥳 So when did this happen?
  3. Abtigiis is a president?! President of where? I missed alot.
  4. Hey missed you too Herbal teas are the best. No caffeine therefore you can drink all day even before bed plus it has health benefits. As a tea lover i’ve grown to love herbal tea more then the caffeinated tea. My favorite brand is yogi tea. They have inspirational affirmational messages with each tea bag. It’s perfect to give as a gift. I highly recommend you to try it out. In general fresh spices smell different then the ones sitting on the shelves in the store. You live in the states where every food and drink is questionable even organic isn’t really organic You can put fresh spices in boiling water and voila you got your own herbal tea. Have you ever tasted chai latte? It’s the bomb I can recommend you some good brands and herbal combinations if you want.
  5. Fiber optic cable has reached Somalia... yaaaaay!! I remember them days when the internet was slow and you couldn't use your landline and internet at the same time. Look how technology has progressed now we have super fast internet and we can make free long distance calls to other landlines around the world. I wonder what the future holds for the internet in the coming 5 years.
  6. Great thread with a great message. I totally agree with Abdulahi we should not tolerate fraudsters. It's refreshing to see someone who has morals and principles and is all about honesty and integrity. Change starts with you and at your home. Your character will take you places that your talent can't keep you. Abdulahi Carshe for president
  7. Maca is a plant and considered a superfood. It's a adaptogen which balances hormones, increases fertility, increases stamina, increases energy, improves reproductive health in both men and women. It also has vitamins, minerals, amino acids and is good for overall health. There's alot more look it up and read all the benefits for yourself.
  8. Mooge what this woman accidently stumbled upon is called bone broth aka maraq in Somali. Bone broth is not only made from the bones of the camel but can be made from any animal bones for example beef, chicken, fish etc. It has many positive health benefits of which the most important is healing and repairing the gut. It's the high collagen content from the bones that gives a positive effect on the libido. Moringa is a superfood and black seed we all know. Each one of them is powerful on it's own and has many benefits and when all combined they become very potent and powerful.
  9. She's definitely wilding out now that she is in university and has more freedom. It's probably a phase most people have done some silly and stupid things in their younger years.
  10. Libaax thanks for the tip. MMA has got some explaining to do, we will patiently wait for him.
  11. Congratulations to Faroole. Old age aint holding him back. Mooge older men with women who are much younger then them aint my cup of tea but I wish them all the best.
  12. The blue pill is so yesterday it's all about maca now. All natural and no side effects. Mother nature always outwins the pharmaceutical industry.
  13. I feel you it's never easy to cut out a specific food especially if it's your favorite. The best thing to do is to gradually decrease the amount of meat you eat weekly that way your body easily adapts to and your transition will be alot smoother. You will be more successful in making a permanent change than if you would go cold turkey and have a relapse after a few days.
  14. Co-sign. Hello BSC, how did I not see you?! * waves *