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  1. What classified information could we possibly have that they already don't know about? lol Somali politics is clannish and out in the open. Farah is most likely complaining to Gebra about another minister, or perhaps he's showing this out of spite, so people might think he's plotting something. After all, he is perceived to be a political genius and the brain behind Damul-jadiid! Truth is that Ethiopia will continue to exploit our petty tribal politics so long as we stay divided. Let's just hope the growing political instability in their own backyard will erupt and spark some social unrest that will take their focus off us and deal with theirs. Hate to wish such things happen to a poor neighbor, but that might be the missing recipe for our own stability.
  2. Muslimiintii inay responsibility qashinka ay qasaan qaadtaan laga waa! Wax kasta koofiyad yar baa ka dambeysa bay ku leeyihiin. AS iyakaa sameeyay oo Amxaaro u soo maray, IS iyakaa ka dambeeya, daaro la qarxiyay iyakaa ka dambeeya, dagaalada ka socda waddamada muslinka of course iyakaa ka dembeeya..iyaka iyaka..!! Do we enjoy indulging these freaking conspiracies or are we too fcking lazy to even think simple logic? How could an entire ummah of different races and ethnicity be duped like that?
  3. ^It's not the lack of heavy weapons as the reason why AS aren't defeated, it is lack of will on the part of the government to defeat them, not only militarily, but also politically. AS is still drawing supporters from the locals in the south and they do tax businesses including the big companies (xawaalah and telecom). Why can't the government win the support of the people? Why can't they pressure these big businesses to stop giving money to AS? Other day Amison withdrew its army from Marka and the so called government soldiers follow suit and left. Same thing with Jubaland, Kenyans left some districts in Gedo and lowerjuba so were the JL militia. Why can't the Somali army/militias make a stand and fight these kids? If there is no will no amount of weaponry will win you a war. Ask the so called Iraqi army (Shia militia) in Mosul. Few hundred lightly armed rag-tag IS men over run them overnight and took their American toys. The Iraqis had the numbers and overwhelming firepower, so why did they lose, coz there was no will to fight the enemy. If we need the arms embargo lifted, first defeat those AS kids with what we already have, the pickup trucks and the RBGs. Let's not make excuse and hide behind Amisom's hired men to do the heavy lifting.
  4. Lift the embargo,but let every freaking entity buys its own tanks too! At least you make the play field equal for all..That way no one will try to subjugate the other and wont dare to sell their big guns knowing if they do it will tip the balance of power. I am all for the lifting of the arms embargo so long as it will allow anyone to buy what they can.
  5. Dacar= plant, most likely the Aloe Vera plant.. Perhaps the plant tastes bitter hence the reference "Dacar ka kharaar/qaraadh." Galow- micnaheeda ma aqaan saxda ah, laakiin dadka kor ka imaada aa la dhihi jiray kaas galow waaye!
  6. I am with Xabad on this, NFD folk speak dialect that's slightly different than that of reer Waamo. What in the world does "ceel aa la duri" mean lool and "bilcaan aa la ii tuugi" Btw, there is nothing wrong with the dialect it's just not southern or Waamo as Haatu claims! As for the Garre, the ones I see here in the US speak Orama language or something close to it. Oramada iyo iyaga si caadi ay isku af fahmaan..They either speak the same lingo or their languages have common roots/similarities for them to understand each other with ease. Anyway, I don't think there is any standard Somali dialect we could all agree on, it's just a preference I guess. For me, if it's girl, get to be Reer Borama!! And reer Mudug with a tinge of western OG dialect, more like the Idaajaa narration.
  7. Galbeedi, I cannot concur nor refute most your predictions, but one of them caught my attentions, that England to win Euro 16. That I can promise you will not happen! There is a better chance of you winning Somalia's president than England winning any major sport trophy!! Don't fall for their qualification stage success, their current team is as mediocre as the ones before it. They don't have the toughness to win nor the great talent as the other European powerhouses. Kane, Rooney, and Oxlade Chamberlain aint gonna bring it home. The giant Germans, despite their rough start in the qualifying stage are still my pick. If not them, then it's gonna be between the younger French team (host) or the aging Spaniards. And Belgium may still be the dark horses.
  8. <cite> @somalee said:</cite> Is this the way people are treated in Puntland? No. I have been working in Xamar with frequent travels to Garowe and Hargeysa. Sxb, the people in xamar are the most open-minded, liberal and civil Somalis I have ever seen in my life. Even though my accent is clearly different, they won't even raise an eyebrow when I speak Somali. They never ask me about my clan and they are generally laid back. I have bashed the HAG folks on this forum many times and blamed them for the crisis in Somalia but they are the best Somalis I have seen. I wish I could say the same for Puntland and the North, where a complete stranger will try to know your clan in the middle of a meeting and completely change his demeanor towards you based on your revelation. They try to seem smart by asking, "Where are you from originally?". That's just a way of saying tell me your qabiil man. Once you disclose that, they will either like you and become friendly all of a sudden or they will keep it strictly professional. Easy with the generalization, dude. If you were describing Xamar and or any southern cities in their heydays, yes people then were more civil and openminded toward clan than their northern counterparts, but those glory days are behind us. Xamar may have passed the days of butchering people based on their clan (90s), but when it comes to clan, Somalis of today are all in the same shtyy boat. You may not be asked about your clan on Mogadishu's streets, but clan fever is as alive in Xamar as in anywhere in Somalia. Ilaa Somali ka baxdo magaalo reer hebel aa iska leh, lama bislaan...ha lagu waydiiyo qabiil ama yaan lagu waydiin..
  9. ^That's true. Mooge, is that building in Nairobi? in Easleigh? It's a decent looking building.
  10. Xabad, now we know the problem why don't we take advantage of these potential markets then? There is definitely need for fashion designers,great architects and civil engineers. Imagine the millions of jilbaabs you could sell if you come up with new designs/styles in every other spring!!! Awoowe, criticism aside, I think it's the lack of expertise and building materials that put us behind. Just look at the new Turkish built hospital and embassy in Xamar and compare those two projects with what the Somalis have been building the last 20 and so years. It's day and night, and I think it has all to do with construction know-how and materials, period. We can improve if we put our mind into it. Btw, the Jilbaab style you posted up there is the result of the Wahabi indoctrination that's been going on for the past quarter+ century. Some women wear it our of religious conviction and others just peer pressure from the society. Either way we shouldn't judge-let women wear what they deem fit!
  11. Most of the Somali cities really need low rise buildings (7 story at top) and clean paved streets. And good architects! Can't stand some of the designs and the ugly exterior cladding (blue windows/glasses and tiles) that comes with them.
  12. As long as the so called governments, regional or federal, are issuing licenses to foreign companies this illegal stuff wont stop. There are well known people in PL who are involve in this business, some of them even holding high level position in this government. So, when you know who's doing it and have the means to stop it, then you can't call it as "national tragedy" and look the other way. Call it what it is, a thieving by the elite. Dhalinyaradii badda ilaashan jirtay ha la soo cesho, and this time they shouldn't ask for money, but rather burn the damn boats. That may send some message.
  13. The old Jazeera power plant used to produce roughly 30-35MW which barely run the city(Muqdisho) let alone give free or cheap electricity. Electricity was expensive then and power shedding was a regular thing to a point where most people (those who could afford) rely on small generators to power their homes. That said, the country needs energy and I think this is an area where the private sector can make a difference if they put their mind into it. The money is there and there are also plenty of renewable resources, I dont know what's holding them back. Maybe it's Somalis mindset, invest little and expect big and quick return.
  14. Lacagtii Saudigaa saf loo galay..PL hadday mid soo qaban!
  15. <cite> @Tillamook said:</cite> Hehehe... Cabdiwali cuts the ribbon before Culusow...classic? Dh7bayaco maqas aan waxbagoyn bay u dhiibeen Mise sunglasses wax ku arki waayay!
  16. Lol@ Tillamook! Good catch. I know Damjadiid are short in cash and will do anything to some from Arab Sheikh, and all of these Iran saga is nothing but a smoke screen. Saalax, vulnerable young minds need to be protected (and cured) from clan disease that got us where we are today. Shiatism is the last thing we should worry about, methinks.
  17. Aabbaha horimarka kuyeh.. Kacaan mentality at work War qof jeclaysigaan aan micnaha lahayn ka tag oo maskaxda ka shaqeysii. Hassab Sheikh is aabbo to his kids and to his pocket, he's neither a man who has any vision nor an inspirational figure for others to emulate. Xabad, Somalia is in desperate need for people with technical skills. Factories shutdown for a mere broken conveyor belt and there are no local technicians that can fix the darn thing. I know of cases where mechanics had to be flown from India and Dubai to fix a diesel generator that powers a city, because the Somali mechanics there couldn't do a jack to start it. Instead of building 100 (house sized) Universities in every village, with sorry azz degrees and curriculum, they should rather invest vocation/technical colleges.
  18. It's another political stunt by the incompetent damul-jadiid just to milk the Saudis. This should be no surprise at all. They joined the Saudis coalition against the Zaidis in Yemen, then again they joined the one against IS as if Somalis could contribute a jack to these worthless coalitions. So this government has no problem with the 1000s of (western) NGOs in the country some of them christian aid reliefs (missionaries), but one Shi'a relief organization is NO NO.. Yeah the Somalis will be converted to Shitism by the millions and Iran will over the entire Sunni world, I must forget that Saudi memo! How pathetic.
  19. <cite> @Che -Guevara said:</cite> The old man is nuts, but I can honestly say he's better than the lot in power. The old man was a stubborn fella, but he's indeed better than the lots in power today. I will give you that!!
  20. Great rhetorical speech there, but the fact of matter is that neither Somalis nor these foreign entities (IGAD, UN, and etc) are genuine about taking the steps needed for achieving a real peace for this cursed land..
  21. Culusow and his clique fumble the ball big time by resorting to violence in order to extent their political lifeline. It's time for him and his ilk to accept that the federal system is here to stay and regardless of what method of madness they try, AMISOM will not set a foot in Gaalkacyo or PL in that matter.
  22. As Che said the only people who lost anything are people of Gaalkacyo. That said, the above photo where Gaas is jogging is from his tour in Mudug and has nothing to do with Gaalkacyo's clan war. Here are others in that same tour;