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  1. Tillamook

    Ethiopia's FM welcomes President MBC to Addis Abeba

    You sweat nothings are duly noted: EVERYTHING is POLITICAL in the Horn.
  2. Tillamook

    Ethiopia's FM welcomes President MBC to Addis Abeba

    😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  3. Tillamook

    Ethiopia's FM welcomes President MBC to Addis Abeba

    Despairing Tigray ai, I see what you’re trying to do in here, but must I remind you that all those ports belong to Somalia —regardless of which you think is “preferable ”—and I assure you, only with the collective blessings and benefit of ALL Somalis will you ever gain access to the sea for trade, or any other purpose for that matter.
  4. The poor sod has become so discombobulated by the Good-Cop/Bad-Cop of Somali politics, that now— like a deer caught in the headlights— dhinac uu aado ayuu garan la’yahay!
  5. Tillamook

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    To reconcile and align differing views is precisely the reason why we have Clan Elders in the first place: Clan Elders only forward a clan’s chosen candidate— only after due deliberation, and consideration has been undertaken by his tribesmen. Naturally there’s is going to be a lot of competition and grievances, which leads to some horse trading or some other form of placation.
  6. Tillamook

    Head of Ethiopian Consulate in Hargeisa arrested

    He was sent back weeks ago.
  7. Lol@ OO, You said: “The fact that these three release pictures of this kind all the time shows you, exactly what they think about us.” 🤣😂🤣 When will you stop this sort of petty whining and get on with your life?
  8. As a staunch Federalist myself, and having the confidence that Federalism is the one true democratic path forward for our clan based society...I welcome Farmaajo &Co. , and for that matter, any other Somali out there who wishes to promote Centralism or any other alternative form government for Somalia. I believe they have every right to make their case why they feel it is in our interest to revert to centralism and as such I don’t see it as a “waste of time”; ultimately, the will of a majority of Somali people shall decide the success or failure of these contending ideologies.
  9. ^ Your certainty about the future is fascinating.😃
  10. Tillamook

    Col Gabre arrested

    As of this morning, the news of the arrest Gabre is highly exaggerated.
  11. OO, your melancholy vis-à-vis the predicament your Tigray overlords find themselves, in the new Ethiopia is duly noted in here and justifiable—if we are to assume, Abiy will go down the path Zenawi and other Ethiopian dictators have gone down in the past. While I hope for the sake of the whole of the Horn, he does not.., what sort of other contingencies have your Tigray overlords kept in place to ensure survival against Abiy’s effrontery towards their power and influence? Please don’t tell me that all they had in their bag of tricks was their attempts to incite inter- ethnic violence between the Somalis and Oromo? Was that their only insurance policy?🙃
  12. I agree. The premise of the suggestion that we should imitate the Swiss, or any other peoples for that matter, is flawed and reeks of defeatism and will not be a panacea for our country’s problems. Just like our ancestors, I am confident—in due course— Somalis shall find a viable, homegrown governance solution that is in tune with who we are as a people and will enable us once again to compete with the rest of the world. As the saying goes: Rome was not built in one day...