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  1. Silly man, baasto or pasta is a koonfurian Somali food, brought to the south by the Italian colonizers. Last I checked the hapless secessionist always made it a point that they were children of the British queen and had nothing in common with the koonfurians.
  2. The Policy decisions of Djibouti are of no concern to you, dear old Tigray bot. Just tell us the real reason why you feel the Tigray are so keen on being on the good side of Djibouti?
  3. Our Tigray bot has become such an obvious brown-noser vis-à-vis Djibouti, always complementing their leadership and vision in the Horn of Africa. Hmmm...I wonder why? Could it be that Djibouti is the closest port for the landlocked Tigray homeland?
  4. You’ve said it. We have options and Somalis need to leverage that wisely.
  5. lol All this unnecessary hullabaloos are very unbecoming of Nabad&Nolol. The thread is titled Jubaland Airways. It is talking about a chartered plane shuttling politicians to the Madoobe inauguration in Kismayo, yet Mudane Gooni Niic-badane and Mudane Galbeedi biibaaye can’t help themselves but name drop Puntland into this. Saaxiibyaal, maxaa dhacay? Why do N&N concern themselves so much with the poor pirates —that some of you claim are trapped in their desolate desert? The trouble with you guys is that you see Puntland in every shadow and in every corner even though Puntland is happily relegated to profound inactivity on the political benches of Somalia. Axmad Madoobe’s inauguration is fast approaching and the ball is now in your court. Bal aan aragno waxaad lasoo shir tagtaan.
  6. What sheer utter nonsense is this coming from our resident Tigray bot? You expect to sell us here on SOL that Somalis and Oromos can never be allies but somehow your Tigray has-beens and the Somalis can, huh? OO, poor Tigray AI bot, when will you learn?
  7. There is nothing to broaden here... we are simply too well acquainted with your Woyane character and conduct on SOL to ever doubt your talent for dissimulation, my dear ‘ld Tigray bot.
  8. Just because you repeat nonsense does not make it true. However jealous you are of the Somali Salvation Democrat Front, their’s is legacy that all Somalis whatever hue are proud of. From being the first group to oppose the Socialist government— and making it possible for even hapless ill-begotten creatures of Bucur Bacayr to dare attempt to resist the Socialist regime as well— to their heroic liberation of Villa Somalia from the silly Looters that were holding somalia hostage and giving Federalism a stronghold in the nations capital. That is their legacy. A legacy that all Somalis in the Horn are proud of. I wish I could say the same for the shameful legacy left behind by the hapless, helpless and hopeless SNM for ilmo Bucur Bacayr. A legacy that has neither the pride of ancestry nor hope for progeny. Very sad, indeed...tsk tsk tsk.
  9. Bla bla bla. You can talk from your rear end ‘till the goats come home, my Amigos. But if I were you, I would not be content with crying “waa nala xasuuqey” day and night. That is truly a sad legacy to pass on to future generations. Do you have no shame? How can you tell us in a straight face that you want pass to your son and his sons, videos of you digging up the sinews and bones of his forefathers begging for ictiraaf? What foolishness is this? Snap out of it man!
  10. Awoowe, the political disagreements emanating from a hapless h@b@r saddex lagu qabo Muqdisho waxba kama qaadeyso. Taasna waxaa kuu cadeynaysa soddon sano ayaad leedahay waanu goosanaynaa laakin weli meeshaad soo yuururtaan.
  11. I like how you say, “documented” as if I’m gonna believe the words of a lowborn by-blow of Bucur Bacayr such as yourself. Your can stick your documents where the sun don’t shine on, my Amigo. I know the truth hurts. The hapless and desperate SNM have left you behind an indefensible legacy. A shameful legacy that has neither the pride of ancestry nor hope for progeny. Soomaali baan ka go’eenaa. Waa nala xasuuqey! Subax walba qabuuraha ayaan so qufeynaa. Madness, I say...ha ha ha The victors of the Somali civil war are the ones who, against your wishes, are forcing down your throat Federalism that you detest. They are the ones that have stopped your aspirations for secession dead in its tracks. They are the ones that will leave to their progeny the pride of having restored Somalia’s dignity and unity. While you on the other hand will leave behind court dockets, films of grave desecrations and endless bitching and moaning for future generations. All your silly attempts at revisionist history and effeminate supplications will not change that simple fact. Now go get yourself a shovel and head to the nearest graveyard, aqoonsigii wuu dhowyahayee...
  12. Mudane Faisal, welcome to Jubaland. Lol
  13. Xaaji Maalaayacni, salaan qaali ah, saaxiib. Sidaan, SOL dhexdeyda, kuugu karbaashayey baad maanta diyaar waxaad utahay inaad ka qeyb qadatid “national referendum on the constitution from Raskambooni to Ras Caseyr”, soo ma aha? lol Allow me to toot my own horn: I believe I have done such a great job lambasting daft secessionists on SOL over the years— that slowly, one by one, they are all becoming avid federal unionists. Mashaallah to me, indeed. Xaaji, walaale, you can call it clan federalism or whatever else you like. But like Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”. Federalism by any other name in Somalia, will still remain positive for our country and a decisive victory for Puntland over the hapless, helpless and hopeless secessionists and M@@ryaan anarchists of Somalia.
  14. Typical delusions of a brainwashed mooncalf. But then again, why would anyone be surprised by the wishful balderdash of a sordid by-blow of Bucur Bacayr.? Pendejo Amigos, it is never too late saaxiib. As I mentioned before, the SNM have left behind a shameful legacy that has neither the pride of ancestry nor hope for progeny. But, Saaxiib, its never too late. I say to you... End the senseless litigious paranoia that forces your kin to sue each and every Somali for having bombarded d you! End the mindless desecration of graves that forces to your kin to dig up your forebears, all in the hopes of eliciting some pity from foreign audiences! Quit your silly assertions of “waa nala xasuuqey” for no one is buying that bullshit! Willingly re-embrace the sacred unity of mother Somalia and stop all this nonsense of secessionism! That is my advice to you lot.