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  1. What a silly statement! What does the existence and integrity of Somalia have to do with the lack of an effective government? Get with times, Xaaji Maalaayacni, the two are mutually exclusive.
  2. One Somalia, one nation. Get with the times, Xaaji Maalaayacni.
  3. Xaaji Maalaayacni, beenta waxaa ku nool keeni aaminsan Somalia iney kala go’ayso. There maybe two different worlds in your warped imagination but it is a fact that Somalia is one, Somalia is federal and moving forward. Get with the times, old man!
  4. Same difference... one and the same thing. One Somalia, one nation, one people, one federal republic. Get with the times, Xaaji Maalaayacni!
  5. The Somali Republic is now the Somali Federal Republic. Get with the times, Xaaji Maalaayacni!
  6. lol Unfortunately for you, those of us with half a brain are few and far between.
  7. Like the typical politician Abiy is, he wants to take credit for the Sidama people’s brave demands for autonomy and self-determination.
  8. Suldaanka, c’mon man, surely you could have come up with more biting stuff. Still lol @ “undignified”
  9. “Waryaaya, leave our presidents alone!” This message has been endorsed by President Tillamook of SOL.
  10. Finally my caanoboore-boore guzzling cousins are getting some sense. Keep it simple: The Western Somalia Liberation Front or The Western Somalia Liberation Party.
  11. Silly man, baasto or pasta is a koonfurian Somali food, brought to the south by the Italian colonizers. Last I checked the hapless secessionist always made it a point that they were children of the British queen and had nothing in common with the koonfurians.
  12. The Policy decisions of Djibouti are of no concern to you, dear old Tigray bot. Just tell us the real reason why you feel the Tigray are so keen on being on the good side of Djibouti?
  13. Our Tigray bot has become such an obvious brown-noser vis-à-vis Djibouti, always complementing their leadership and vision in the Horn of Africa. Hmmm...I wonder why? Could it be that Djibouti is the closest port for the landlocked Tigray homeland?