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  1. Hey dummy, my intent was precisely that. Soomaaliya oo dhan ayaa ah gurigaaga. So get your head out you ass and smell the fresh air.
  2. That’s the spirit! Awalba idinkaa bac is galiyey with that “waanu go’aynaa” nonsense….Laakin qof Soomaliya oo dhan habraha waqooyi ka xigaa majirto.
  3. Xaaji Maalaayacni, long time Saaxiib. Still chasing your tail like a rabid mutt, eh!
  4. Lol @ “ bal kaa dhuxulaysata maxaa lagu sameeyey?” ha ha ha, that shit cracked me up! I’ve been on this forum for far too long and have witnessed many a base and effeminate diatribe, full of frustration and contradiction, from our resident h@bros of SOL…but you, sir, I dare say have taken being hapless, helpless and hopeless to a whole new level. Lol FYI…The Oodweyne of SOL that you are bleating after in here was long ago obliterated in an ignominious grave of inconsequentiality, and the cause I. So I doubt that that senile git will ever post on SOL ever again.
  5. Forgive the manifestation of my unmistakable signs of impatience. There is wisdom in that approach and their judgment is well buttressed by the need for strong institutions in SSC.
  6. So what is the holdup? Illyria, as Sool’s rep on this forum, you are beginning to sound like Baalo Xoofto & Co who on a daily basis in here attempt to mask their hopeless political predicament with frequent braggadocio, but yet their results are limited and effeminate. Tell us when these riffraff h@bro militia will be cleansed from Sool?
  7. Like a cornered rat, Muse is desperate. He is looking for a face-saving way out of this mess, but I’m not sure that SSC community will be as generous given the brutality of his militia when they killed scores of innocent civilians in Las Caanood.
  8. Baala Xoofto, lol You crack me up dude. You remind me of the band who kept playing after the Titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink. Titanic: Blessed republic of Idoorland Iceberg: Daraawiish Band: Baala Xoofto Keep playing that tune Saaxiib.
  9. Lol … Baboon Xoofto is cackling about peace talks…lol Why on earth would you wanna have peace talks with a community whose clan elders, youth, women and children you’ve been calling terrorists? Might it be the thrashing that this very same Darawiish community has been giving your hapless,helpless and hopeless h@bros that is making you change your tune? Waryaa, suunka dhuuqso, rag baa is guraya!
  10. LOL “ ..the wise heads in the army wanted to draw the militia to the outskirts” ha ha ha ha Baalo Xoofto, we hope the “wise heads” won’t draw the Darawiish all the way to Hargaysa, since they are wise and all knowing…Ha ha ha ha
  11. While Somalis everywhere will forever be grateful to the SSC clans for bringing an ignominious end to the 30 year secessionist claptrap of the hapless, helpless and hopeless h@bros of northern Somalia and leave them atop the dustbin of history, this idea of Awdal going it alone is a nonstarter. Awdal’s political future will always be intertwined with the rest of north Somalia. At the end of the day, when the dust finally settles and the false bravado of Biixi&Co is nipped in the bud— sanity will once again reign supreme in all of northern Somalia, and all northerners can once again work towards building a strong and unified Federal Somali Republic.
  12. Tollow maanta Xaaji Maalaayacni maxaa ku qasbay inuu ku ooyo : “Somali in la kala gooyo ma rabno”…waxaan umalaynayaa karbaashkii daraawiishta baa odeygii Somaalinimada ku soo hanuuniyo. LOL!!! SSC 9-0 vs SNM, if anyone is keeping score!