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  1. Muxuu ugu wareeri waayey bahasha... He vehemently opposes federalism but yet he is an eager participant in the political scuffles of galMudug, which is a creation and by-product of federalism. A galMudug that happens to be a key to the federalizations process in Somalia. Odeyga waxaa heysa, “ dhoofaarka hilibkiisa ma cuno laakin fuudkiisaan cabaa “.
  2. Lol@ Galbeedi, I like how you nonchalantly proclaim that it doesn’t take much and that it would only take a “small frigate” to fend off pirates and secure the drilling platforms. That maybe the case but pray tell us who will provide these frigates without Somali consensus? I have always held the view that Somali resources are safe from exploitation as long as Somalis don’t reach a permanent political settlement that is acceptable to all Somalis. Until such a time, waa iska shimbirayahow heesa!
  3. Abiy finds himself in a Mexican stand-off or stalemate. He does not have the wherewithal to outright crush Amhara ambitions because that would be a costly undertaking for the Oromo which would give the Tigray the upper hand. The man is truly in a bind. The only thing that helped his Oromo overthrow of Tigray was his friendship with Eritrea( Tigray enemy) and to some extent the Somalis who suffered under Tigray/Illey abuse. Abiy might have Addis and a large Oromo base, but they do not have the power to subjugate all of Ethiopia. The Tigray are armed to the teeth which makes anyone who wants to mess with them think twice. And the Amhara have a considerable population, and the pride and a willingness to never allow their historical Oromo slaves to lord over them. Now what are Somalis to do in such a standoff where it is suicidal for Amhara, Tigray and Oromo to give an inch to one another? Somalis in SomaliGalbeed should learn to play these groups against one another, just as they’ve done to us and them all these years, playing one Somali tribe against another. In short, continue to buy time for Somalia proper who is still dealing with its own issues in Mogadishu.
  4. Saaxiib, Apophis, even though it is a moot point to suggest to you to at least have the decency to proffer a reasonable rebuttal to the wishful thinking of our colleague in here; knowing full well, what an inconsequential ignoramus you happen to be on SOL, but the very least you could do is to try. When will you outgrow the few sentence snide remarks that you post in here that are pointless and actually write up something that has substance? Galbeedi in here has made some assertions in here... He believes Somalia is “rising”. He gives Farmaajo and his pm the credit. He believes that that duo have done well to undermine federalism and to bring the regional governments under their heal without resorting to violence. He gave examples of Waare and LaftaGareen as defeated hapless men who are owned by Villa Somalia. He shared with us how tactfully Xaaf is being actively unseated in galMudug as we speak. He claims Axmad Madoobe is next. And finally he suggested Puntland should remain idle and twiddle its thumbs while federalism is undermined in Somalia because in his words, “Puntland is broke! and Burco has proclaimed “Farmaajo ii geeya” Now, Apophis, surely of all these things Galbeedi has shared; surely, there are a one or two that are rebuttable with facts and a counter narrative of your own. Heck, he even badmouthed your beloved thieving Kikuyus. Tsk, tsk, tsk... C’mon dude, put aside the caanoboore for a second and write up a reply to Galbeedi that will show him and us how at the end of the day, Farmaajo will come up short and why. Heck man, at the very minimum let him know why you believe your Axmad Madoobe will still be around in Jubaland this time next year. You can even make the argument why federalism is the only viable political solution at the moment to move Somalia out of the doldrums it finds itself in and that no matter all the jostling by individual politicians for power at the national or regional federal levels, this at least is a foregone conclusion. You have many ways of picking apart Galbeedi’s incorrect assertions in here. Go ahead, defend Axmad Madoobe( hopefully with a reasoned argument and logic). Go ahead defend Jubaland from the “desert dwelling”, land grabbing Kacaan revisionist who currently resides in Villa Somalia and this Galbeedi upstart who just won’t shut his mouth. Go ahead, we await your two year sentence response to Galbeedi with curious anticipation... or me, if you are so inclined.
  5. Silly Somalis. What makes you think that any right thinking person or company will invest in somalia anytime soon? Old Observer is right on this one. Somalia still has a ways to go before peace and stability is restored for any serious investments to take place. ... don’t be fooled by the few millions that Nabad&Nolol are seeking to make out of the wandering prospector companies running around the place.
  6. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there will be war in Ethiopia. History has left us ample lessons to show us around the world that wherever authoritarian systems of government are, that sooner or later a cathartic bloodletting must occur to purge the society of the evils of that tyranny. Ethiopia desperately needs a new social contract to unite all its peoples, but this can only be done by defeating completely all the former corrupt elites from as far back as the days of Haile Selasie, to Mengistu, to Zenawi who all yearn to get back in power to reinstall their failed autocratic visions for Ethiopia. Naturally the result of all this will be war and instability for many years to come in the Horn, and however scary the prospects might look for Somalis of SomaliGalbeed, methinks, they will fare much better than most. After all, the 5-sides star in the Somali flag does have its uses sometimes.
  7. Well, coordinated or not, it does look like the Amhara have now become impatient with their original strategy of toadying and ingratiating themselves with Abiy, in the hopes of course, of having him make them his closest allies in Ethiopia. They saw this as a necessity to help them retake power in Ethiopia, but clearly Abiy is unable to oblige them for he too has his Oromo base to keep happy who do not trust the Amhara, and for that matter anybody else who they see as threat to their nascent power in Addis. In any case, now that the Amhara elites —who yearn for their former glory —have now instead opted to resort to coups and violence to regain their much coveted political foothold in their home region and Ethiopia in general, what is Abiy to do in the snake pit that is modern Ethiopia? I believed, all his grandiose talk of freedom, democracy and communal love in such a divided country— where nearly all ethnicities have historical grievances and chips on their shoulders against one another— was never going to be practical. It’s a catch 22 for him. With this Amhara insurgency openly exploding right next to his seat of power, he is now forced to abandon his “reforms” and resort to strongman tactics to quell the Amhara insurrection, which I believe won’t be easy for him. He does not and will not get the support of the other ethnicities, especially theTigray whom he just deposed. In fact the Tigray who’re armed to the teeth and who see such a conflict between their rivals a godsend will be more than willing to sit on the sidelines and watch the Amhara and Oromo tear themselves to pieces, in the hopes of maybe picking up the pieces afterwards.
  8. A.H.U.N I hope his burial will not be politicized and the wishes of his immediate family get respected.
  9. Lol @ Suldaanka Outlook, eh? Dem big words my boy. I am impressed. I find myself genuinely concerned that you’ve shared such grim and unfavorable omens about the Land of Punt. But if only you’d shared also how wonderfully events are unfolding for the Hargaysa administration, then we would have had a stick of sorts to measure ourselves to. By the by, how goes the Ictiraaf and independence from the insecurity prone south?
  10. lol@ “argue” You, silly man, are an imbecile if you ever thought you are capable of engaging in “argument”. To argue means to put forth reasons for being for or against something; and we all know you lack the cranial and logical capacity to able to do so. So who do you think you’re fooling in here, You caanoboore guzzling nincompoop?
  11. I did not know the Kacaan dictator was your father, but a dictator was precisely what he was(AUN).
  12. Gooni, You, sir, are confusing the causes of the overthrow of the corrupt kacaan dictatorship to the symptoms of that overthrow. Bililiqo was one of many by-products of the collapse of the Somali State.
  13. Waxaan soo xasuustay when Ina Cawil Mucjiso a.k.a Oodweyne coined the word Looters Incorporated for these thieves. Vile creatures such as Dalmar still think tuugnimo iyo bililiqo ayna awood u lahayn iney ku sii noolaan karaan in this day and age...
  14. Ha ha ha An caanoboore knuckle dragger talking about the intelligence of others! Tsk, tsk, tsk... What’s next, Apophis? Shall ye smite us with a whirlwind of pungent flatulence in here?