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  1. Thank you for admitting that the debt forgiveness issue is indeed a non issue as we’ve been saying, for if you had any absolute and easy rebuttal to share on the matter we would have seen it by now. As to the Hiiraan Online issue...I thought you’d see it for what it is: Bad news sells. You can complain all you like about how amateurish they are, how unpatriotic or deceptive they are, but in the end that shit gets them views. If you genuinely wish to counter what in your opinion you consider to be their incessant negative articles about Somalia and Somalis, then by all means promote a better narrative in such a way as to compete for their readership who would, in your view, clearly benefit from having an alternative version of facts shared with them. That’s my advise to you.
  2. Rubbish. Galbeedi, first of all, you need to embrace the concept of the free media. Turkey be damned—Hiiraan and others can write whatever they please and feel their readership will consume. Secondly, forgive us if we object to the unapologetic manipulations of the Farmaajo administration, especially when it is cloaked in such an innocuous slice of inspirational hokum as “debt forgiveness for Somalia” and is served up with such utmost sincerity and crocodiles tears by the likes of you, here on SOL. I have said before and I will say it again: Debt relief is just a big scam. Unless, and until, you can show us verifiable proof of how much debt supposedly “Somalia owes” and got written off; who withdrew said loans on behalf of Somalia; and for what purpose and benefit it was spent on average Somalis—then you, sir, have fallen victim to the balderdash being peddled by the silly politicians of N&N administration and their enabling coconspirators in the so-called international community. Mind you, I don’t begrudge them their use of cheap propaganda out there. If it works for them, well and good. I’m only against you, Galbeedi, trying to insult our intelligence here on SOL with such nonsense. That’s just an invitation for me to put a boot up your a%% Saaxiib, booc booc aniga la iguma soo dhuuman karo ee sheekadaan raqiiska ah meesha kala dhex bax....
  3. Is it because of hunger that these folks are reduced to eating these insects or is this one of those foodie trends to hit Somalia? ( I haven’t watched the video clip)
  4. Galbeedi, sxb give me some of what you’ve been smoking. lol
  5. Yes. Why clean the slate for unaccountable government to rack up more debt?!
  6. Dude, it’s got nothing to do with whether or not I is a tax payer. This is daylight theft. The Farmaajo administration, like the previous ones, seeks debt relief only because they want to borrow more funds in the name of Somalia, which hardly ever benefits the average Somali. The so-called international community obliges then because they know for every dollar Farmaajo borrows on behalf of Somalia, they get to divert most it for themselves. This is a never ending cycle with no accountability, and more unfortunately, of no benefit to the average Somali.
  7. Instead of cheering on Somaliland with pointless support, you ought to encourage them to build up a deterrent force that can counter any Liyuu overreach into their jurisdiction. The Liyuu are able to cross into the border town with perfect impunity because there is nothing, both moral and legal, preventing them from doing so.
  8. Debt relief, shmelt relief! Sheer utter nonsense, I say. This is nothing more than gimmick to defraud US tax payer money.
  9. What a silly statement! What does the existence and integrity of Somalia have to do with the lack of an effective government? Get with times, Xaaji Maalaayacni, the two are mutually exclusive.
  10. One Somalia, one nation. Get with the times, Xaaji Maalaayacni.
  11. Xaaji Maalaayacni, beenta waxaa ku nool keeni aaminsan Somalia iney kala go’ayso. There maybe two different worlds in your warped imagination but it is a fact that Somalia is one, Somalia is federal and moving forward. Get with the times, old man!
  12. Same difference... one and the same thing. One Somalia, one nation, one people, one federal republic. Get with the times, Xaaji Maalaayacni!
  13. The Somali Republic is now the Somali Federal Republic. Get with the times, Xaaji Maalaayacni!
  14. lol Unfortunately for you, those of us with half a brain are few and far between.