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  1. lol Xaajiga will always be Xaajiga. Saaxiib, maanta sheekaddii waxay maraysaa rag Somalilanders iney microfoonnada la soo istaaggaan midnimada Soomaaliya waa muqaddas. Marka xal maxaa ah, xaaji? Saalax, oo kula dhashey maalin walba wuxuu ka dhidhinayaa gooni goosadka Marfashland, oo dagaal ayuu Sanaag meel walba Jeegaantii ku wadaa. Marka hada maxaa xal ah, maanta oo beeshii Sheikh *** ay ka dhex taagan tahay?
  2. Even though it all seems cloak and dagger down there behind the scenes and there doesn't seem to be any direction, I believe Abtigis ultimate objective is to buy Somalis time by playing these competing forces in Ethiopia against one another. Che, however unlikely it may seem, but SomaliGalbeed, for better or worse, is emerging as the de facto king-makers of Ethiopia. And we should take full advantage of such an eventuality. Oromada hala taageero; Amxaarada carabka ha loo laadlaadsho; Tigraygana hoos ha loogu iljabiyo— and in the meantime, our resident Tigray bot Old Observer, iimaanka ha laga soo rido.
  3. I disagree. It maybe your view that Apophis has said things that have displeased some of you, but I stand by his right to speak freely. Just as I stand by your right not to listen to him or ignore him. Also, since when have SOLers become so thin-skinned? Man the hell up, guys!
  4. This is turning into an ugly tribal war similar to those in the 90’s. Dad isku wada ciil qaba weeyaan; and I fear this nonsense will drag on for years to come. There is nothing the Puntland administration, nor for that matter the Somaliland administration, can do to stop this Somali tribal blood feud. Also, Che, your last comment about Puntland hosting Caare is incorrect. Don’t you know that Caare’s sub clan of Somaliland and the Qardho sub clan of Puntland have very close neighborly and familial links and never hesitate to aid one another in times of need.
  5. When I listen to Somalilanders complaining about the terrible injustices of Colonel Biixi’s administration, I can’t help but remember the pseudoscience experiment that claims...” if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it jumps right out. But if you put it in a pot of nice comfortable water and then turn on the heat, the frog will complacently let himself be boiled.“ Dadka Soomaalileyn waxaa lagu mashquuliyey, “wey duushey, icriraafkii wuu dhowyahay iyo Dalka Gini ayaa na aqoonsanaya!” Meanwhile, all the national assets of the people are being illegally appropriated lock stock and barrel for personal gain, by the rapacious and venal administration of Colonel Biixi.
  6. https://images.app.goo.gl/XdohvyU8uEGjArri9https://images.app.goo.gl/XdohvyU8uEGjArri9
  7. It’s economics 101. If you want more of something, governments subsidize it; and if you want less of something, governments tax it...ceteris paribus(all things being equal). However, trade tariffs are a double edged sword, and must be used sparingly and strategically.
  8. First of all, Somalia belonging to Somalis is NOT a “notion”, it is an irrefutable FACT. Secondly, since Puntland is Somalia and Somalia is Puntland; I will let you, at your own leisure, infer the answer to the snide and unwarranted question you’ve raised in here. Thirdly, Bwana Haatu, in my opinion, the only viable political mechanism now underway for Somalia to help entrench political freedoms and build accountable political institutions— and in which, as you put it, you may fully protect your “existence and rights” is Federalism. Now it just might be that the term Federalism seems a bit “foreign” to your ears, but it is nothing more than that old adage of Somalis: “Geeljire, geela waa wada jirtaa, waana kala jirtaa”. The truth of which is recognized by the wisest as well as the simplest of Somalis. Federalism ensures the “others” you refer to above, never again get the opportunity to trample upon your rights; whilst, the strong Central state you call for risks the incipient revivification of mass injustices and human rights abuses, akin to those suffered by most Somalis under the previous Kacaan regime. By the by, wasn’t the Centralism enforced by the former Kacaan government not a “foreign” form of governance over the nomadic peoples of the Somali peninsula? Somalis, who had heretofore been a confederation of tribes and clans who were leading free and autonomous political associations codified under their own respective Xeer? In any case, Haatu, your intentions for wanting a strong state and government for our people is commendable. However, I do not believe Centralism will lead to such an outcome. Centralism, however well intentioned, in fact, almost always leads to some form of authoritarianism, which in turn almost always terminates with the collapse of a society, of one form or other. A prime example being the Somalia of the late 80’s among many other around the world. On the contrary, it is Federalism, instead, with all its checks and balances—and is tune with Somalis tribal culture—that will deliver the correct outcome we all yearn for: A Somalia that is prosperous and at peace with itself and that competes effectively in the global space.
  9. It’s all for show. Coldoon will be “pardoned” shortly, just like Buurmadow and others before him.
  10. This thread has turned into the usual Somali nonsense of who came where and when; which, I believe, in the great scheme of things, is all irrelevant. Ultimately, Jubaland like the rest of Somalia, belongs to Somalis, and no matter how much one tries to claim sole ownership of the place over it vis-à-vis other Somalis, the fact will remain that NO single clan, family or individual will ever dominate Jubaland and for that matter the rest of Somalia.
  11. Oh so now it’s about his “brothers” eh? I can foresee Axmad Madoobe’s farewell speech include: “With friends like Caanoboore Apophis, who needs enemies.” Lol
  12. You don’t seem a confident baboon. Are you sure Axmad is coming back?
  13. I heard a rumor that a particular Gulf country which is NOT favored by Villa Somalia organized Biixi’s forlorn hope visit to Guinea-Conakry. I now hesitate to wholly discredit this rumor after seeing Somalia’s Foreign Ministry react the way it did.
  14. Waryaa Gooni Niic-badane: Adigu, horta, ma iska xanaaqaysaa hadii lagu dhaho “ku dayo Puntland, Ku dayo!” ?