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  1. Farmaajo is not only useless but tremendously foolish as well. Kulahaa, “markaan arkay qodobada Dastuurk KMG…” ha ha ha This is the same very constitution he has been working undermining all these year and blatantly refusing to respect and strengthen its enforcement of, throughout the country. Very pathetic, indeed.
  2. Don’t make me laugh. You support state institutions? Lol First of all, I do not hate our former El Presidente Mudane Expired cheese the person. I hate that he wasted a golden opportunity to move the nation forward but instead set it back like he has done, which is also the reason I refer to him as simply Useless. Tell me what has he achieved for the common Somali out there? I say he has done nothing, nor left behind any legacy to speak of whatsoever. If anything he has gone out of his way to try to dismantle the the few nascent federal institutions we have been scraping to put together ever since the Arta conference. Marka, saaxiib, stop equating or confusing your rudderless support for Useless Farmaajo and his cronies, to supporting strong functioning federal institutions for the Somali people. That’s just simply ain’t true.
  3. Sheer utter rubbish. Holding Useless Farmaajo and his girl killers accountable is not throwing anything away. If anything, this is precisely how our federal institutions are going to get stronger by ensuring the rule of law. So get your head out of your rear end and get the big picture saaxiib.
  4. Lol See, what did I tell you. His tune is already changing…ha ha ha “After all, if things take the way the opposition are projecting, then president Farmaajo could be an expired cheese, as our vulgar resident Tilamook calls him” Galbeedi, lacagtaa been kuu sheegtay. We’ve always known Farmajo was useless, incompetent waste of space, from day one. Haye hadee, ka xaaxaabi maanta.
  5. lol Saaxiib, Galbeedi, calm down. It’s understandable that these recent actions by PM Rooble —to mess with N&N’s illegal access to public monies, which also happens to be a threat to Adeer Beyle’s Job— has brought about in you an onset of effeminate emotions ranging from grief, fear, and even helpless rage, and that this latter state of mind gives rise to hapless threats over the internet toward me. You want to punch me, huh? lol You need to chill, relax and stop this nonsense, saaxiib! We all know you couldn’t punch your way out of a paper bag even if you life depended on it, you miserable buffoon.
  6. Lol But all jokes aside, Galbeedi iyo caaqilnimo waa kaaf iyo kala dheeri.
  7. I wonder how N&N’ will pay their Cayayaanka Baraha Bulshada? Galbeedi, we hope you won’t change your tune in the coming months.
  8. Since you insist on chasing your own tail in here like some rabid mutt, you tell us… are you wrong?
  9. You are indeed a funny curious creature. But why should I be surprised: Like a cornered wretched vermin in a dark alley, it is typical for a delusional N&N supporter such as yourself to try to change the topic at hand by using a futile array of pointless evasion and obfuscation to hide the increasingly untenable and absurd situation that Useless Farmaajo finds him in. Saaxiib, when will you see Useless Farmaajo for what he truly is?
  10. You are right to some degree. The disappearance of the girl is indeed a criminal matter, but it is Useless Farmaajo who politicized the issue by attempting to give political cover to the main suspect in the case. In any case, I do pity these fools on SOL who are desperately and furtively optimistic about the future political prospects of the Expired cheese in Villa Somalia.
  11. I beg to differ. To hold the culprit behind Ikraan Tahaliil’s disappearance accountable is very necessary. No one is above the law!
  12. Mudane Gudhuu-Gadhaa, Useless Farmaajo’s proclamations are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.
  13. So all these cackling monkeys in this thread want us to believe that Useless Farmaajo will somehow find a way to outmaneuver Roble on this issue…tsk, tsk,tsk. Sagaaro, midhaa ima barato?
  14. ^ Heshiis iyo “bending the knee” isku meel magalaan?