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  1. They are the hopeless victims of Inferiority complex. Their deeply ingrained Kalsooni-xumo or lack of confidence to demand what is rightfully theirs not only sets them back behind, but also keeps Somalia from progressing. ...dad hamigoodi xukun iyo siyaasadeed kaliya ku kooban yahay inay “gudoon” ka noqdaan a defunct rubber-stamp parliament is really a disheartening state of affairs. Reer Gudhuu gadhaa sida ha isku dhaamaan!
  2. UAE does not give a flying fart about Abiy, nor does Qatar give a hoot about Farmaajo. When will you naive dimwits of SOL understand that these guys don’t care personally about individual politicians but only care about their long term economic interests, vis-à-vis getting access to the resources and trade of the Horn of Africa? Add to your considerations that the Gulf countries of Saudia, UAE, Qatar; and Iran, Turkey, Israel— and heck even Egypt are working in one form or other to normalize relationships and play nice with each other, all thanks to what some pundits refer to as the Biden Effect. This is a positive for countries like Somalia/horn, Syria, Yemen and Libya that have been the sacrificial pawns on the middle eastern cheeseboard. My one hope is that our current crop of Somali leaders, wherever they maybe— including “President” Farmaajo(), take advantage of the current geopolitical climate, and make the clever plays needed to help set Somalia on a path that will get us promoted from being a lowly pawn to a more powerful piece in the game. <<<...” Promotion in chess is a rule that requires a pawn that reaches the eighth rank to be replaced by the player's choice of a bishop, knight, rook, or queen of the same color” ...>>>
  3. Spoken like a true Monday morning quarterback who second guesses plays made on Sunday. Saaxiib, I hate to rain on your parade, but Qatar will not save Useless Farmaajo!
  4. There you go again, acting like the headless chicken I was talking about... What the hell is “frange”?
  5. I’m sorry I have to quash your pipe dreams, saaxiib. No one is mad enough to invest any serious money in Somalia, unless and until we get a permanent political settlement. So your misplaced ambitions— just like your support for the failed wannabe dictator Cheesy—is putting the cart before the horse. That shit ain’t going nowhere!
  6. Lol... Calaacal.com Just listen to yourself... you just bleated like a very genuine laangaab. Dufaan, love it or loathe, you can want whatever, but federalism is what I say you get. Marka, orodoo cirka soo leef!
  7. There is nothing wrong with questioning if federalism is right for Somalia or not. The issue here is your insistence to oppose it by supporting a return to the same old dictatorial bullshit that destroyed our nation in the first place. For undemocatric reasons and motivated by an uneasy consciousness of tribal inferiority that you try to hide, you and those that think like you like Gudhuuboy, Galbeedi, Saalax, Dufaan and Gooni Quule-cune oppose federalism on account that you believe it will benefit the “bigger clans” way more generously than it will you, so you all opt to cut off your own noses to spite your faces, as it were... But unfortunately for you guys, history will not judge you kindly. You are merely prolonging the inevitable... a united and peaceful Federal Republic of Somalia.
  8. Gudhuu gadhaa boy, actually the real reason Reer Thani have not bothered courting the leaders of the lands of Punt and Juba is because those two gentlemen, in particular have no skin in the game when it comes to the trouble brewing In Mogadishu. Hence their hasty meetings aimed to pacify the H- community first and then maybe make deals with the best H-political prospect that they suspect will replace Useless Farmaajo in a few months time. As for Biixi in the north, the Qataris went to buy his h@bro votes, not sure if Biixi actually settled for something substantial and tangible or just mere promises of future goodies. We will know for sure, soon enough! In any case, I do not begrudge the forlorn Al Jazeera owners attempts to salvage their economic prospects and geopolitical interests in Somalia—I wouldn’t expect anything less from them, seeing how completely, Useless Farmaajo has shit himself these past few years and caused their name to be dragged in the mud. So Mudane Gudhuu gadhaa, I have defended my D-block presidents of Puntland and Jubaland, and have shared my views of what I believe the Qataris want from the H politicians in Mogadishu and the I-politicians of the north. But for the life of me, I can’t make heads or tails about the goings on in Gudhuuland. Maybe you can fill us in? What is Gudhuu Gareen up to? Has he jumped ship yet or does he still find himself helpless and continues to suffer the odious and peculiar stranglehold of Useless Farmaajo? Please enlighten us without resorting to your customary gudhuu gadhaa nonsense! ...Or on second thought, don’t bother! I doubt if I have the appetite for gudhuu gadhaa claptrap these last few days of the holy month.
  9. Dufaan, before proffering your views about the “the great game of the Indian Ocean” or some such other global geopolitical dance; why don’t you first learn to calibrate your myopic views about our local politics of Somalia and stop running around here like some headless chicken supporting useless individuals who will not bring any benefit to you nor to our nation as a whole. Keep it simple, silly.
  10. Yet, you support every regressive, non-democratic, anti-federalism nonsense in Somalia? Che, a word of advice: Practice a little more prudence and circumspection!
  11. Rooble oo la shiray wakiilada Beesha Caalamka Ra’iisul wasaaraha Xukuumadda Xilgaarsiinta Soomaaliya Maxamed Xuseen Rooble ayaa shir la qaatay xubnaha wakiilada Beesha Caalamka ee ku sugan magaalada Muqdisho. Shirkaan ayaa diiradda lagu saaray xaalada siyaasadeed ee Soomaaliya gaar ahaan arimaha geedi socodka doorashooyinka. Si gaar ah Wakiilada Beesha Caalamka iyo Rooble ayaa shirkooda uga wada hadlay fududeynta howlaha horyaala Ra’iisul Wasaaraha oo ay ugu horeeyaan shirka soo socda ee 20-ka bisha May ee Golaha wadatashiga Qaran kaas oo looga arinsan doono soo afjaridda qodobada la isku khilaafsan yahay ee qabsoomidda doorashada. Xubnaha Beesha Caalamka ayaa xoogga saaraya sidii hogaamiyayaasha Soomaalida ay u dadajin lahaayeen arimaha doorashooyinka loona soo afjari lahaa mad-madowga iyo khilaafka hareeyay qabsoomidda doorashada oo dhaaftay xiligii loogu talagalay. Rooble oo la shiray wakiilada Beesha Caalamka - Horseed Media • Somali News HORSEEDMEDIA.NET Ra'iisul wasaaraha Xukuumadda Xilgaarsiinta Soomaaliya Maxamed Xuseen Rooble ayaa shir la qaatay xubnaha...
  12. ^ Che, first of all, stop spewing lies and try to remain objective for once. Secondly, pray tell— what’s wrong with insisting that the Army officers who have allowed themselves to become compromised and have been used for the political whims of Useless Farmaajo &Co. should be fired? Why do you want to blind yourself to the fact that it is important for the national army to stay the heck out of politics?
  13. Rooble: “Waxaan rajeynayaa howsha doorashada inaan u maareeyo sida ugu wanaagsan. Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Xukuumadda Xilgaarsiinta Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya Maxamed Xuseen Rooble oo shir jiraa’id caawa ku qabtay magaalada Muqdisho ayaa soo dhaweeyay talaabadii madaxweynaha muddo xileedkiisu dhamaaday uu ugu soo wareejiyay qorshaha hogaaminta arimaha doorashooyinka. Rooble ayaa uga mahadceliyay xildhibaanada wakhtigu ka dhamaaday Golaha shacabka go’aankii ay ku aqbaleen soojeedinta Farmaajo ee ah in dib loogu laabto hanaanka doorashada ee lagu heshiiyay 17-kii September isagoo sheegay howsha loo xilsaaray uu u maareyn doono sida ugu waanagsan. “Anigoo rajeynaya in aan ku guuleysto howshaas iyo masuuliyadeeda muhiimadda u ah masiirka dalka una maareyno sida ugu wanaagsan haduu Alle idmo, Baarlamaanka waxaan uga mahadcelinaa sida ay u tixgaliyeen duruufaha adag ee dalku marayo una ogolaadeen in dib loogu laabto hanaankii doorashada ee 17-ka September”. “Waxaan rabaa in aan halkan uga cadeeyo shacabka Soomaaliyeed ,dowlad goboleedyada ,siyaasiyiinta iyo dhamaan daneeyaasha siyaasadda dalka in ay naga go’aanka tahay dalka inay ka dhacdo doorasho xor iyo xalaal ah oo daahfuran iyadoo aan cidna xaqeeda la duudsiinayn” ayuu hadalkiisa sii raaciyay Rooble. Dhanka kalena Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Xilgaarsiinta Maxamed Xuseen Rooble ayaa ugu baaqay ciidamada ka gadooday go’aankii muddo kororsiga in ay ku laabtaan xeryahooda isagoona intaa ku daray hadalkiisa in uu magacaabayo guddi kasoo talabixiya saameynta Ciidanka ay ku yeesheen arimaha siyaasadda. “Mar hadii xal laga gaaray arimihii xasaradaha abuuray waxaan ugu baaqayaa dhinacyada oo dhan in ay nabadda nagala shaqeeyaan ,Ciidamada waxaan farayaa in ay dib ugu laabtaan xeryahooda ,si loo xaliyo arimihii siyaasadda ee saameyntaa ay ku yeesheen Ciidanka waxaan magacaabayaa guddi farsamo oo arintaasi kasoo talabixiya”. Ra’iisul Wasaaraha xilgaarsiinta Maxamed Xuseen Rooble ayaa gaba gabadii sheegay in sida ugu dhakhsiyaha badan uu u dhigi doono gogol lagu dhameystirayo heshiiska arimaha doorashada isla markaana ku casuumi doono madaxda dowladaha xubnaha ka ah dowladda Federaalka iyadoo la waafajinayo is afgaradkii 17-ka September iyo kii 16-kii Febraayo. Horseed Media Rooble: "Waxaan rajeynayaa howsha doorashada inaan u maareeyo sida ugu wanaagsan. - Horseed Media • Somali News HORSEEDMEDIA.NET Ra'iisul Wasaaraha Xukuumadda Xilgaarsiinta Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya Maxamed Xuseen Rooble oo...
  14. Farmaajo oo ku khasbanaaday in uu ka laabto Muddo kororsigii Madaxweynaha muddo xileedkiisu dhamaaday ee Maxamed Cabdulaahi Farmaajo oo hadal ka jeedinayay kulan gaar ah oo goordhawayd ka furmay xarunta Golaha shacabka ayaa sheegay in uu Ra’iisul Wasaaraha ku wareejiyay hogaaminta iyo diyaarinta arimaha doorashooyinka oo muran badan uu ka taaganyahay. Farmaajo ayaa kulanka ka sheegay in qaban qaabada saxiixa heshiiskii doorashooyinka 17-ka September uu sidoo kale maamuli doono Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Xukuumadda Xilgaarsiinta Maxamed Xuseen Rooble isagoona faray Xukuumadda in ay u diyaargarowda howlahaas baaxadda leh. Xildhibaanada Wakhtigoodu dhamaaday ayuu ka dalbaday in ay ansixiyaan heshiiskii arimaha doorashooyinka ee dib loogu soo celiyay. “Waxaan rabaa in aan cadeeyo In Ra’iisul-wasaare Maxamed Xuseen Rooble uu hogaamin doono Diyaarinta, Hirgalinta doorashada, & Amnigeeda, si ay doorashadu ugu qabsoonto jawi nabad ah oo xasiloon, waxaan kale oo Ra’iisulwasaraha u xilsaaray qabanqaabada iyo martiqaadka Saxiixayaashii Heshiiskii 17 September 2020, si loo meelmairyo heshiiskas iyo talooyinkii Farsamo ee kasoo baxay Shirkii Baydhabo 16kii Febraayo 2021, Waxaan faraya Xukuumadda in ay u diyaar garowdo howshaas baxada weyn ee hortala” ayuu yiri Farmaajo. Intaasi kadib xildhibaanada ayaa cod gacan taag ah ku meelmariyay in dib loogu laabto hanaankii doorashada ee horey ay madaxda Dowladda iyo Dowladaha Xubnaha ka ah ugu heshiiyeen Muqdisho. 140 xildhibaan ayaa u codeeyay in lagu laabto heshiiskii is-afgaradka ahaa ee doorashooyinka mana jirin cid diiday ama ka aamustay. Horseed Media Farmaajo oo ku khasbanaaday in uu ka laabto Muddo kororsigii - Horseed Media • Somali News HORSEEDMEDIA.NET Madaxweynaha muddo xileedkiisu dhamaaday ee Maxamed Cabdulaahi Farmaajo oo hadal ka jeedinayay kulan...
  15. This guy has perfectly, completely and exactly described Cheesy’s destructive and regressive political worldview and why wax waliba jiq ku yihiin Farmaajo.