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  1. Tillamook

    This is amazingly retarded!

  2. Tillamook

    Where's reer NFD's dhaxalkooda?

    What a warped sense of justice. The moron who penned that article on Hiiraan Online needs to know Somalis don’t have Kenyan cousins. There is only one Somalia and one Somali people in the Horn and East of Africa. Now take that to the bank and let’s see how your accounts on these issues at hand add up in the balance for you!
  3. No one ever said it would be as easy as a quiet stroll in the park. The Federal government has got a lot of heavy lifting to do to bring Hargaysa from the cold. For starters, the Federal government must get all its ducks in a row in her immediate vicinity and resolve its differences with its Federal member states. Only a united and functioning Federal institutions could possibly entice or threaten the secessionist administration of Hargaysa back into the political fold.
  4. I agree. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it’s most likely Abiy’s miscaliberated ambitions. In short, the man is a non-starter. Somalis everywhere should prepare themselves for the eventual and slow collapse of the straw-house that is Ethiopia which Abiy is trying to futilely to lord over. Only a clean slate and genuine political reforms that ensure the dignity and freedoms of all Ethiopia’s peoples could possible avoid the calamity that is heading their way. As it stands, Abiy’s games, like Zenawi before him, will only delay the inevitable for a few more years only.
  5. Dhagax-Tuur, We’ve always known the unfortunate brainswashing of segments of our northern brothers and sisters have suffered would lead to such confusion and cries of betrayal, once the detoxification process begins. However, what surprises me is how SOLers choose to sidestep the realities on the ground: 😀 Need I remind y’all that Somalia and Ethiopia share a conflict that remains unresolved — and in my opinion, will continue to remain so no matter what the two administrations in Xamar and Addis -for short term gains—might have you believe. These two countries in the Horn of Africa will continue their never ending belligerent and sanguinary struggle against one another until their border dispute is permanently and amicably settled. Now you might all be wondering what all this has got to do with the seccesionist administration of Muuse Handaraab and his recent trip to Abiy? Well to keep it simple, it all begins with and ends with the blatant and obvious quid pro quo that has taken place between Somalis and Abiy— and to some extent the dictator in Asmara. Abiy’s desperation and need to consolidate power quickly is what drives him to appease Somalis and Eritreans in the Horn, and why he has signed peace deals with SomaliGalbeed and is even ready to throw Ethiopia’s once prized Trojan horse in somalia( the sessionist administration of Hargaysa) under the bus. Afterall, the last thing he wants is to turn Somalis against his nascent regime while he is still dealing with the Tigray and Amharas, who all want to come back to power in Ethiopia and put the ‘damn’ Oromo and Somalis in their place.😆 In any case, the Federal government in Mogadishu should move quickly and use this golden opportunity to bring Hargaysa back in from the cold. For you can never know how accommodating Abiy will remain if he succeeds in consolidating power in Addis.
  6. Lol😂 Saalax, sxb, bal ila dhuux odeygaan ... Tollow ma adigaa..😂😂
  7. This is merely the tip of the iceberg and this conference’s only objective is to get a lot of Somali folks salivating at the prospects and potential of Somalia’s natural resources. I see many Somali elites from around the country recalibrating their political stances based on this new data— and yearning to move to ‘greener’ pastures, as it were😄 In any case, the sooner the Federal constitution is completed and a genuine resource sharing agreement between all Somalis is reached, the better for all concerned.
  8. Keep your eyes on the ball, my fellow Somalis. The aged Gorilla of Uganda is right...for now. 😁 Somalia, indeed, lacks a state with authority. But like everything else, just because something is a certain way does not mean it shall remain the same forever. So let’s keep our eyes on the ball, my fellow Somalis. Let’s keep working on improving the effectiveness of our nascent Federal institutions and learn to hold our current leaders accountable. I believe, completion of the Federal constitution and the courts responsible for its implementation must be our number one priority; or else, we shall continue to give Museveni— and all sorts of other unsavory banditti — cause to go into contortions of mirth, at our poor expense.😂 P.S If it’s any consolation, Ambrose Bierce, an American author, once wrote to describe a conversation between a dictator and a young democracy in one of his fables titled, “The Good Government” "What a happy land you are!" said a Republican Form of Government to a Sovereign State. "Be good enough to lie still while I walk upon you, singing the praises of universal suffrage and descanting upon the blessings of civil and religious liberty. In the meantime you can relieve your feelings by cursing the one-man power and the effete monarchies of Europe." "My public servants have been fools and rogues from the date of your accession to power," replied the State; "my legislative bodies, both State and municipal, are bands of thieves; my taxes are insupportable; my courts are corrupt; my cities are a disgrace to civilisation; my corporations have their hands at the throats of every private interest - all my affairs are in disorder and criminal confusion." ”That is all very true,” that all very true said the Republican form of Government, putting on it’s hopnail shoe; “but consider how I thrill you every Fourth of July.”😁
  9. Our resident internet bot hasn’t been updated ever since the Tigray brigands were kicked out office. So, OO, is running a lot of malwares these days😁😁😁
  10. Tillamook

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Dabrow, I don’t ever recall there being a track record of your predictions coming true. Therefore we gonna have to chalk your prediction that our federalism “will collapse on its own weight” down as merely one of your many melancholy ruminations—typical with our pitiable Federal detractors in here. This Federal train is unstoppable and so many have fallen off on the way side. I urge you not to become one of them.
  11. Tillamook

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Xaaji, booyadaha booseneerooyinka aad taankiga ka dhigtey waa halis ee bal naga ilaali😁
  12. Tillamook

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Fardaha iyo dawacooyinka soo Soomaali ma aha?😁 Soo dhawaadaa walaalayaal. Qof waliboo kalsooni ha muujiyo waayo Soomaali waa Soomaali— meelna uma kale socoto aakhirka.
  13. Tillamook

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Oh look at what the cat dragged in from the filthy sewage. 😂 Mudane Xaaji maalaayacni, ii waran saaxiib. Wax walba soo ma fiicna?😁
  14. Tillamook

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Bullshit. I did not advocate for clan ownership of anything. All I said was every Somali is capable of managing his own local affairs without sharing that responsibility with outsider Somalis. That’s what I said. Marka Galbeedi, charity begins at home. Fix Awdal first before anywhere else.