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  1. Regardless of which way the cookie crumbles, the Farmaajo administration needs the support of the northern Federal MPs that get their marching orders from the Biixi administration if their hopes of re-election are to materialize.
  2. I agree, however, the intent of these so-called “talks” is not meant to resolve any tangible political grievances of the northern h@bros, but rather to negotiate the price N&N has to pay to the Biixi administration for the support of the Ishaaq Federal members of parliament in the upcoming elections next year.
  3. Madasha Xisbiyada Qaran oo soo saartay Mowqifkeeda Doorashoyinka Qaran. Madasha Xisbiyada Qaran ay ku midaysan-yihii ayaa warsaxafadeed ay soo saartay kana kooban 14 qodob waxaa loogaga hadlay mowqifka madasha ee qabashada doorashooyinka qaran. Qoraalkan ayaa lagu sheegay in Dawlada Federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya ay ka gaabinayso habsami u socodka doorashada waxaana lagu cadeeyay talooyin ku aadan qabashada doorashada qaran ee la qorsheeyay in dhamaadka sanadkan ama horaanta sanadka soo socda ay ka dhacdo Soomaaliya. Source: Horseed Media
  4. Lol, Saaxiib ha dacaroon. Just because I did not oblige your offer of partaking in Marfahsland’s finest cesspools of ill repute, does not mean you should feel slighted, and vengeful thus, to stoop to insulting your Somali sisters, in here. But then again, waa horaa la yidhi, “1idoor Marduuf Jaada Helay Waa Majnuun Falane" or in this particular case “1idoor Marduuf Jaada waayey (because of Coronavirus) Waa Majnuun dharka dhigtay oo futada qaawistey!” By the by, has Muse Handraab ordered the closure of all Marfashes in Hargaysa to fight the spread of Coronavirus or is that asking for too much from the president? Lol
  5. Lol... Ceel Afweyn taking social distancing to a whole new level. Ceel Afweyn practices tribal distancing just to be safe.
  6. Ha ha ha... I always wondered why Maskiin Macruuf Aqayaar( a.k.a gudhuu boy) would refer to you lot as sewage dwelling creatures. It now makes all the sense in the world. Look here at Suldaanka, who suddenly uncovered as an habitual frequenter of these sewage like Marfashes comes to lay down the law to Mudane Tillamook about the wonders and virtues of these distasteful houses of ill repute. Saaxiib, get your garash on! P..S Sunbathing and getting fresh air is precisely what the Doctors have ordered in the age of Coronavirus. I strongly urge you to inform Mudane Muse Bidix (a.k.a Muse Handaraab) to go for some long walks and take a break from the Marfash he is constantly sequestered in.
  7. Looking good Mr President: Get that fresh air, while haters hate I know for some of our resident hapless secessionists of SOL—their only idea of kicking back is to remain cooped up in the pungent atmosphere of a very dark and dingy marfash.
  8. OO, don’t worry yourself with Aw Galbeedi’s sponsors. Just try to do a better job of bandying about the wonders of the Chinese in here, ok?
  9. OO, the feigned innocence of your deprecatory tone is duly noted. However, the fact remains that I did “contribute” a question to this discussion. I wonder why are you unable to share with us how your Tigray countrymen and women are dealing/ coping with COVID19 pandemic?
  10. Lol... Tigray fella, tell us how you guys are coping?
  11. I disagree. President Deni finally got what he wanted. A full mandate to collectively represent the different and competing groups within Puntland’s politicians. Now, sink or swim... Deni will own his own legacy without ever having to blame anyone.
  12. Ha ha ha... Niic.com, ii waran saaxiib? Bal warka aan si fiican kaaga guree, iigu soo celi, maxaad tiri? Puntland si aan yeelno baan garan la’nahay miyaad tiri? Lol
  13. Old Observer, your wisdom is finally shining through today. That old saying by Bill Clinton’s election advisor, “It’s the economy, stupid!” comes to mind.
  14. This is a load crap. This purported ban is at best an ambitious propaganda and at worst the pointless shenanigans of a toothless administration. In any case this has nothing to do with what’s best for the Somali people.