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  1. Sheego caruurtii maa wali waddaan? Kuyeh Maxamed Dheere held Yusuf hostage in Windows less government housing. Regular contributor of WN my foot!
  2. What a full nonsense. Stereotyping at its best.Is this guy even real?
  3. Cornel West’s rage against President Barack Obama evokes that kind of venom. He has accused Obama of political minstrelsy, calling him a “Rockefeller Republican in blackface”; taunted him as a “brown-faced Clinton”; and derided him as a “neoliberal opportunist.” Obama run as a progressive candidate and governs on center-right policies. So West's critique of Obama's policies specially his foreign policy is fair on most parts. Not sure what got on Dyson to go off like this on West, maybe a personal jealousy! Anyway, I thought this may be interesting read (very long) and shared with you.
  4. No wonder you call yourself "Nin-Yaaban."!! So minorities are abused in other parts of the world should justify the abuses blacks go thru in this country? Well if you wish to be abused by white police officer, so be it bro. Turn the other cheek!
  5. Brother, yes, there are some rogue police officers out there who just go out and profile certain segment of the society, then harass, beat, plant false evidence and arrest them, and in some cases kill them. Walter Scott has done nothing wrong that warranted his life to be taken, so was Mr. Brown. Police work for the public including those murdered black guys, so the police is responsible for the safety of the citizens their serve not the other way round. Those men died coz those police officers were rogue and treat them differently. White police men would more likely shoot a black teen than he would a white teen. Why do you think is that?
  6. ^Whites kill more whites than any other race, what's your point? There is institutional racism deeply ingrained in this country that effects lives of millions daily. And don't even start with the "broken" criminal justice system that disproportionately incarcerates more minorities than whites. Ayaan became the mouthpiece for the conservative Christian right wings groups and would say things the white men wouldn't say in Public.
  7. ^Dude you're justifying police brutality and their racism toward minorities. What have the young black kids in Walt-Mart and in the Park in Cleveland done wrong to be killed? When Police don't even give you the chance for you cooperate or worse treat you like a guilty person from the get go, there is nothing you could do to safe your life.
  8. How low can one go to score a point. Shame on you Adam. This was a tragedy and you shouldn't politicize such incident just to piss your perceived enemies. May she rest in peace.
  9. Hear you well, Saalax! Keep posting the pics..
  10. We are still waiting for the photos and videos, Saalax. As for the description of Hargaisa, it doesn't sound that bad for a Somali city. I think Hargaisa is far better off than lots of other cities in the peninsula. Not sure why would Saalax expect to see world class city in an under developed country. Somali cities have a long way to go to be even considered cities in world standards. Some of the landers here weren't fun of your political views, so be careful with whom you meet up with, waryaa..Alpha is cool though!
  11. I just can't fathom why you guys are defending this white dude. His comments were clearly condescending and borderline insult to Somalis as a whole. It's also mind boggling to see the length some would go and attack the girl who started this discussion. War ninkaa haddaad u boroor diiqaysaan, orda oo private message u dira!
  12. I was told there is a plan to build a new terminal in the near future. I guess it will all come down to money. Time will tell. lol@Che.. What a chicken you are!
  13. This dude is in state of delusion. Kuwaa dhinacyada ka taagan baan ka naxay,masaakiin.
  14. I found the whole 10 things kinda silly. Usage of Cellular phones and ePassports are not something we should be proud of it, methinks. But if that would help our image so be it!
  15. Waraa Che, there will be flights from/to Mogadishu and Hargaisa,so it will be International AIRPORT And yeah the best in the Horn indeed, thanks for the correction Jokes aside, when are you coming to Cagaaran? Mise sidaadi baad oran, Xamar aan ku dhashay
  16. Rain is a blessing, sxb. Post some pics IA. And don't give up on the garden man. The rain and little bit of fertilization could regenerate them into health plants again.
  17. I am glad there are more Somalis than Chinese being employed there.
  19. Waaryaa Alpha, where are the pics though. You don't update your garden photos anymore either. Has that place bored you or what? Hope you're having a wonderful time,man!
  20. Congrats Mr. Farah! This brother made us all proud! Leading results Men 1. Mo Farah (GBR) 59:32 2. Micah Kogo (KEN) 59:33 3. Stephen Kibet (KEN) 59:58 4. Guye Adola (ETH) 1:00:45 5. Edwin Kipyego (KEN) 1:01:48 6. Kevin Kochei (KEN) 1:01:56 7. Sahlesilassie Nigussie Meketa (ETH) 1:02:16 9. Silas Kipruto (KEN) 1:03:19 10. Ezekiel Chepkorom (UGA) 1:03:30
  21. I see hard working guys and not youth in despair.