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  1. Naga kala yareeya dee bahasha! Awalba duriyadda iyo reer Awdal unba vote-gareyn jiray, what's with this citizenship nonsense. Oromos are your distant cousin why can't you accommodate them?
  2. Likes of him belong in jail cell. This man shouldn't be given a platform to speak, let alone to lead. Silaanyo eed kasta oo uu leehay doesn't warranty a war.Kan dadka nabada haysta raba inuu dagaal gasho ka liita. Kani waa Mahiga PL oo kale. Caku caqli yarida siyaasi Soomaali.
  3. Where do you get the idea he even wants to participate the dirty Somali politics? He's a man of high caliber and I wouldn't wish him to be part of the mess (4.5)that's Somalia. Maybe he could help Somalia in some other capacity, but not as a politician. BTW, thanks for the video, it was a great interview. Hereri is also a fine journalist!
  4. I think Xasan Culusow waa ka dhabeeyay markuu lahaa "we can delegate our responsibilities to foreigners."
  5. Al-shabaab waligeed caruur bay ku dagaalamaysay, what has changed. What's all the shock now? It was these very same kids that fought Amisom and Somali government time and again. It's them who recently overrun heavy fortified bases, killed and maimed people. These young kids are trained assassins and battle hardened fighters, and I think we should not underestimate their capabilities. What needs to be done is to find a way to rehabilitate them and allow them to function as normal kids again. It's also important to find ways in which the governments and even groups or individuals(religious or business people) can lure these kids away from AS camps. Find a safe channel to take them back, give them incentives, and safe heavens for them to run to. If we don't do anything, but keep repeating the same emotional and empty rhetoric, and hope some miracles will happen to safe us from our selves, then I guess we will to finish each other to extinction.
  6. ^I like you too bro, but be fair when you're criticizing us Muslims or Somalis. What you posted up there is horrific and all I was trying to convey is that it's unfair to blame it on Islam or mock the Quran. If I may ask you a question, what would you have said if you see a video of grown African men stoning a fellow African for being a gay? Whom would you blame? Their religion belief? Their culture? Mob killing ain't Muslim thing only, brother. And trust me I would never defend ignorant Muslims such as those above for their ugly actions.
  7. Qolyahan reer Xamar waxa dhibaya inay Puntland credit ku siiyaan howsha ay qabatay. Galmudug fought this iyo America caawisay ka bixi la'yihiin. Guys PL took care of its business and a plane full of shty sent by the Emirates wouldn't changed a thing. The least you could do is to give those PL boys their kudos and move on!
  8. Xabad, you know this isn't Islam and those illiterate bunch don't represent Islam. What happened to that poor lady is appalling and inhumane, regardless what they have accused her off. But to say mob justice is Muslim thing is bull and you know it. It happens everywhere when angry and uneducated people take things into their own hands. From Buddhists Myanmar , Christians in Central African republic, Hindus in India, to the Western countries (riots) these things do happen. Common now! Naga kala daa mowduucyada micna la'aanta. Ayaan Xirsi ha nagu noqon ee si qacliyaysan wax u abbaar
  9. Seems like the operation in Suuj has ended with success. And the one in Garacad should come to close tomorrow inshaAllah. This should be a lesson for those mooryaan afduublay that future endeavor will only mean death. Unlike other regions, there are no clans here sympathizing for your cause nor are there any villas for your leaders, so your best bet is to stay wherever you at and keep away from this land.
  10. This is a great development for the region. Kudos to those behind the project.
  11. Your Culusow doesn't give a shty about PL or its people, and there is little it can do help anyone outside of Villa Somalia. So do us all a favor and keep your cabtarabaqas to yourself.
  12. What a load of BS there. PL were never short of weaponry and never ever asked the Fed for help. So, don't you keep whatever load of weapons you would have send and fight them with those kids on your backyard. Waraa naga kala yaree beenta
  13. There is that crazy Somali dude on facebook bragging about marrying two young Syrian girls in one week. Silly horny men taking advantage of poor people in desperate situation.
  14. All is good, bro. I remember your youtube days, long before these crazies self loathing Somalis took over the social network arena. Try slack for professional task related chats..
  15. Tallaabo imaadan fahmin, naf la soo celinayo marka qabriga qofku galo baan ka hadlayaa. Meel kalaad u qaadday adna. Btw, what's with this recruit camp you resort to every time you disagree with someone. Soo adigii hadda " Kaafir" ka qaylinayay!
  16. Qof haddaan laba aasin oo la gubo, then there wont be grave, no? Naf la soo celinaayo ma jirtaa markaas? This is a fascinating discussion.
  17. You are just hearing about Periscope? Really!! I thought you were geeky kinda guy! It's owned by twitter and been out for over a year or so.. It's time for you to leave that hellhole called Hargaysa, waryaa!
  18. Maintaining Air campaign for too long became too expensive for Putin, I guess. And despite the air superiority that was given to Asad, he seems to be short in men to hold territories. IS hasn't budged a bit and still controls majority of the land it did before the air strikes begun. In fact any grounds lost by them were to the Kurds. I think the Russians are throwing their baby boy under the bus and want to negotiate the partition of Syria into 3 fiefdoms. Maintain the whatever left of Syria with Alawites, Christians, and other minorities on one side, Kurds to have their own, and let the Sunni world deal with the broken parts. After all, the Sunnis are ones created all of this mess to begin with.
  19. This is disturbing news and the words on the street is that this is splinter group looking for a hideout. That said, I think there are too much exaggeration of their number and the threat they pose. They are roughly 100-150 men, lightly armed and mostly traveling on foot in a remote and vast hostile territory. What could they possibly achieve? They can't held a place far too long nor will they expose themselves to direct fight with the security apparatus there. I think their goal is to lay low until they get to the eastern mountains for hideout. Puntland security is capable of stopping them, but the help of the local is very crucial. Libaax, Gaas was in DC when the news came in, and I think he is to leave today for PL. His absence or otherwise wouldn't have made a difference, these guys would still made the journey regardless of Gaas' whereabouts.
  20. Holac, once you're passed the adolescent age , one's manhood muscles neither grow nor shrink contrary to popular beliefs and marketing ads by the growth formula/drug sellers. Eat your yogurt and worry not about Trump getting smaller lool
  21. It all comes down to accountability I guess. And that's something very foreign to our people back home (locals and politicians alike). The elected Somali politicians in the West know well if they don't deliver they will be voted out , and also know well that any idea of thieving the public's money will have a serious ramification for their own freedom... Halac is also correct on the qualifications or rather lack of it for most politicians calling the shots back home.
  22. This is the best project I have seen in Garowe thus far. Kudos to NEC guys and hope they will expand it to other cities as well.
  23. If a woman can't travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj or Imrah without a mehram then how is it permissible to go alone there to be a maid? Saudis are joke.
  24. This Turkish company is a joke and don't think they will deliver. I hope I am wrong, but they are no where near the CCECC.