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  1. Allaha u naxariisto. You never know who is playing games in Mogadishu. The bombings are so vague and "politicized" that it could be the next door neighbor blowing things up to get the next guy. Dangerous.
  2. That is ranked 15th in Africa. When did the baby boom occur? Or are they just fabricatiting a fake number?
  3. @Old_ObserverCome back our old friend. We know you are sad and angry about what is happening to your beloved homeland. We pray that your family is safe and not butchered by the desperate-for-victory Amharas. Come back Mr. OO.
  4. Not good news. Alshababi needs to be kept in check. We need the drones to target anyone determined to kill innocent Somalis.
  5. Even though I hate the idea of Qaat, but I wouldn't be opposed to plant it in the country to avoid the amount of hard currency leaving the country. Soomalidu qaad dayn maysee, hala beero bahalka.
  6. Dabagaalle and Faras are also good ones.
  7. East African Khat dealers probably used Nigerian smuggling crew for the job.
  8. The most corrupt of all corrupt people. Our country has no hope. This poor "lawyer" was used by these scumbags to cheat their own people. Is Farmaajo part of the gang waiting for a cut? Why didn'the stop the "asset recovery" process if he is clean?
  9. lol@ Abiy and Abtigiis singing the same song. Crazy world we live in.
  10. I can't believe Somalis are celebrating Amhara wins. Look at that dabdhilif Kenyan MP. What a crazy world we live in.