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  1. I was one of the first to point out that Farmaajo is useless. Many disagreed at the time. He probably won't go without a fight. They are all the same.
  2. Good to see our people pushing infrustructure initiatives like this without any governent help. Cidi uma maqna.
  3. Their kids or even grand kids are here probably. Once you hit 58, you become a reader, not a poster.
  4. We should respect anytime people can take to the streets and demonstrate against the authorities. In other Somali cities, bullets would be flying shortly after a demo. Djibout is little more progressive I say. Ghelleh must free political prisoners if he wants to survive. I don't want Djbouti to fall into chaos and become a totally failed state like Somalia, so Ghelleh must be very careful not to overplay his hand. He should not push people to the brink.
  5. Where is Col. Caare these days? @Saalaxcan probably give us update.
  6. He probably has the blue one in the other pocket.
  7. I heard from Somali friends in Minneapolis that some "Trump supporters" are doing lots of damage, mixing with the crowd and starting fires and property damage. Nobody knows who these people are, never seen them in the area and they all looked like anarchists from out of state, mainly white farm boys. My friends were very serious. The Black sheep crowd from North Minneapolis mainly were just following the violence and imitate and loot in the chaos, but the main instigators are way more sophisticated. Their agenda is total different. In the end, many mindless black protesters also copied the tactics of the "undercover" protesters and started their own fires. Be careful to label what you see on TV.
  8. Peace Action has a point. But Haatu also has a point.
  9. Darbi-jiif is a demeaning word the Ministry should not be using. These are disadvantaged kids with so much potential if given the opportunity to survive poverty. "carruurta aan qoyska lahayn" or something along these lines would be much better and humane to describe their plight.
  10. Shameful. Instead of encouraging educational competitions, our elders cheer from sidelines for violence.
  11. I heard Bosaso Port is close to being abandoned completely as UAE increases its choke-hold on the port and reduces activity by design. It is paying the big corrupt guys to keep the port inactive and that was part of the whole plan. It is slowly dying. I am not surprised locals in Puntland are looking for a new port. I agree Galbeedi. Somali people need to organize and help themselves. Our society became "barojekti-suge".