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  1. Amhara activists are already claiming 4000 Amharas are being massacred by Abiy so far. They are saying the whole thing was a setup.
  2. This election was driven by bread and butter issues. The economy is suffering from the Lira currency crisis. People want to try something different.
  3. Truly the Amharas are being radicalized. Look at the ending of the video. This is like Muqtada Alsadar militia sort of group. Here in Washington area, the Amhara diaspora is very strong. They probably send money back home to radicalize these young boys. I see very troubling times ahead for Ethiopia.
  4. Amharas are on the ropes. Time to finish them off. Let their Washington lobby cry foul all day.
  5. She is indeed a brilliant Somali nationalist. Naima needs bodyguards.
  6. This is serious. If the Amhara leader is wounded, Abiy could be in trouble if he doesnt get this under control quickly.
  7. We need investment like this in the country. Well done Ali Mahdi.