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  1. Even if there was no drought, most Somalis don’t have the skills and willingness to do farming, which is critical for food supply. For the last 70 years, our people were taught to look down on farming. If you are not a Geeljire, you are a lowborn. Our country has so much resources it is unbelievable.
  2. These guys are as corrupt as it gets
  3. Alshabab is now destroying Culusoow gov.
  4. Oh my god, this man is out of control. I thought this thread was a joke when I first saw it but I now realize Culusoow is treating the presidency like to a kid who found a pile of candy. Shameful. He needs to focus on what is happening in the country and stop enjoying useless foreign trips.
  5. @Abtigiis is the leader of the Somali Region in Ethiopia. Xiinfaniin is a Federal Minister. Wow. Legends.
  6. What is amazing about the CBB vs MBB drama is that Somalis found more decent ways of taking different sides of issues without the bullets flying. I see real progress.
  7. Are they all from beesha Unuka????
  8. @galbeediwill find out the truth as our resident investigator. I don't think this is true. But knowing HSM having some integrity issues, I would not be surprised.
  9. He kind of looks like Kikuya, I thought it was a bad picture. lol. Let us give the dude a chance. Hopefully he can do better than all the buffoons before him.
  10. lool. The mucaarad already startedto kill the "build a home for Farmaajo" project. They are saying the money collected should be given to the draught victims instead of building a house for Farmaajo who gets $33,000 every month from the government as per the salary for former presidents. Guddoomiyihii hore ee gobolka Banaadir Thaabit Cabdi Maxamed ayaa qoraal uu bartiisa Facebook soo dhigay wuxuu ku yiri, “Qoysas baa quraac quudan, qado iyo casho warkoodaba daa. Guri sharafeed mise Gaajo, Alleylehe gaajo baa gurmadka mudan! Haloo gurmado hooyada harraadsan, sabiga iyo waayeelka gaajada u la’anaya, taa baa darajo sare leh diiniyan iyo damiir ahaanba.”
  11. He will be gone pretty soon similar to all those who said they would stay but never made it. It is a popular saying among Somali politicians to say "wadanka ka tegi maayo". Many xildhibaano said the same thing.
  12. It seems Farmaajo’s old social media surrogate is not giving the new guy a chance. Who cares if Culusoow hires social media surrogates who will defend his agenda to start with. He is new and he has to start somewhere and he probably is not as social media savvy as Farmaajo so it may take a while for his surrogates to leave tribal identity and go mainstream.
  13. Waraabe will be on HAG case pretty soon. Give him some time.