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  1. There is this Somali lady in our neighborhood who said she is going to be naming her daughter MOU. 'tis the season I guess.
  2. What is the animosity between the Djibouti and Awdal clans? Are they not brother clans who are pretty close economically, culturally and geographically? Is the issue a simple clan fued as is common among most somali clans, or is the hatred much deeper that one clan would sacrifice the other for Habesha enslavement?
  3. Loans are given if the lender feels confident you have the means and the will to pay it back. Ethiopia is slowly seen as a failed state and a bomb waiting to explode. Even China, which has heavily invested already, is closing factories to minimize damage. Abiy miscalculated.
  4. War ninku ma socdaal yara, laakiin the last few are badly needed. Abiy is locked in his Oromo bunker afraid that if he leaves, there will be a coup. He doesn't trust anyone in Addis.
  5. This was a clear setup by Abiy and his henchmen to entertain the Somaliland public before the big announcement. Unreal.
  6. Is the highlighted orange area the land that Mr. Bihi is giving away? Isn't that Issa and Gadabursi Clans' territory? Where is Galbeedi?
  7. (4) M.M. Dhoore on X: "#Somalia's President @HassanSMohamud is scheduled to address an emergency joint session of the two chambers of the Federal Parliament tomorrow (Tuesday). https://t.co/QABq1fW4x3" / X (twitter.com)
  8. Must have been qabyaalad selection of the most shameful. Most Somalis back home are desperate to cut corners to achieve glory for self and for clan without lifting a single finger. The entire nation normalized failure as "caadi waaye nooh".
  9. For decades, we Somalis called anyone like Prigozhin a "warlord". I mean, look at the facts. The western media is incompetent to call him anything else.
  10. The western media is pushing the narrative that Putin is weakened and humiliated now that he neutralized the situation. If any other western leader did what Putin did, he would be called a hero, a peace maker and a man who prevented bloodshed and civil war in his country. Oh the double standard.
  11. Good to see people celebrating the 26th. Well, happy July 1st as well.
  12. What was the saying? Ninkaasi waa "oday fajiiste"?