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  1. Tigray people found freedom. Abiy, the Amhara puppet lost all credibility. So what is our other Amhara puppet @Abtigiisgoing to do now? His Amhara masters are all crying all over the internet.
  2. Somalia needs no-president president to move forward.
  3. I spoke with a friend of mine from Minneapolis. This area in questions is North Minneapolis where the majority are blacks. Somalis were given housing in that area in the last 10 years and African Americans were slowly moving out, but they are still the majority in the area. Somalis will be helpless in that area of Minneapolis as long as they live there because it is not their turf. It is George Floyd neighborhood. Where are the stupid and useless Somali gangs that are killing each other? Of course they bully each other but can't fight back to protect their elders.
  4. Where are these missing soldiers? Why were they sent to fight for Eritrea? Farmaajo has truly failed the Somali people in so many ways. What a painful experience for the mothers in that video. This is unbelievable.
  5. I understand most Somali nationalists want a strong central government but at the end of the day, Somalia is a very fragile country with a very clannish society. We need to slowly prosper, educate our people and raise the next generation of Somalis. We may never have a strong central government, and I am fine with it as long as each Somali clan is able to build its Tuulo and our common Somali identity is protected by all of us. The current generation of Somalis is not ready for a strong central government. Federalism is the most practical way forward. We must be practical and support the nation in whatever way that helps its survival. Farmaajo may have had good intentions when he came to power, but I am sure history will remember him differently. Mogadishu was a booming city for many years before he came to power. Each transitional goverment before him did whatever it had to, to march the country forward. It is very appalling to even think about what is happening. It is a huge setback. Great leaders have a way to recognize the moment. Farmaajo failed to recognize that his time is over. He should have resigned many weeks ago.
  6. President John Magufuli of Tanzania is dead. He is going to be replaced by Samia Hassan.
  7. Good move the Banadir admin. We need to take this disease very seriously.
  8. I was against Abiy's war against Tigray and now it is very clear the man is an Amhara tool and is engaged in pure ethnic cleansing. We have to always be grounded on principle and reject genocide and ethnic cleansing regardless of how it may impact Somalia's political situation. Supporting evil is not worth it.
  9. I said the other day that people in Somalia are dying in record numbers due to COVID and you are not hearing about it because of the state our country is in. AUN Ali Mahdi
  10. Time to kick some terrorist butt.
  11. Doesn't have to have direct connection to the country. There are schools in the US with names like Leonardo da Vinci or Churchill or some other person unrelated directly to that community.
  12. The problem with Somalia is that everytime alshabab attacks, nobody is held accountable. The terrorist just get away with whatever crime they commit. It is very rare to see terrorist chased, cornered and captured. Job well done by the police.