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  1. SP, do you have any musical talent as your relative's?
  2. Thanks for sharing the links, Safferz. I also checked the YouTube channel, HiddoSongs and truly some of Maryan's collections are indeed rare as there are songs that I never heard of before. May Allah bless her soul.
  3. If I may ask, what are the other forms of insurances that are classified as Haraam? Are health and property insurances part of those? If so, how do they differ the Auto insurance?
  4. War ninku waa mushkilo socota. Even his brethren in the North sometimes can't stand his cuqdad filled rants.
  5. Xaaji always looks into something that isn't there. why does it matter where Khaatuma gets its help so long as you're the receiving end of their projectiles.
  6. Xaaji's topic title should read like this "If Xaaji was asked what his wishes were." And the answer is very simple, "prolong conflict in South Somalia." Who are you kidding, Xaaji? You're feeling for your cousin and would hope he'll be given a new lifeline, aint that's the case? Give them 2 years to recuperate and leave them in their "occupied" land kuyeen. What sinister creature this guy is
  7. Is this really true? I saw the statement in English and thought maybe uncle Sam has hand in this What a misplaced priorities. I guess if we put Visa ban on all of the Russians pilots who fly our local airlines, Russia may pull back from Crimea. Just a thought!
  8. Horta madaxda Soomalida maxay ku jecel yihiin in la soo dhoweeyo oo la sagootiyo. Illaa Xamar,Garowe, Kismayo, iyo Hargaysa mid un baa la sii galbin haddana la soo dhowayn. Waxaa kaloo la yaabaa sababta sawiradooda loo suro darbiyada. Bunch of clowns indeed.
  9. NY, MADFAC ku yeh. War ummadda ha laynin! Btw, Khadra waa St. Paul PD, Kermel ma aha jurisdiction keeda saan filaayo.
  10. Blackflash,you're right I must have misread the caption. So that's K'naan? Either way there is nothing wrong seeing two East African stars killing time together, and the girl is pretty in her own way. Check her speech @ the Black Women in Hollywood luncheon
  11. According to the photo caption, his name is Clad.So,no that's not K'naan.
  12. Yeah keep rattling on Gas' visit to Ethiopia as we all know it bothers you more than anything else.
  13. How do you know the people injured have from the same clan? You're clutching at straw, boy. Even a 4 year old kid can figure your motives! You're unsettle about Gas'visit to Ethiopia, hence all the rattlings. Stop dodging the question, just a simple answer will suffice. A Commander has killed in SL, clan tensions have been brewing in past few months, so is SL security out of hand?
  14. None related issues. But even if we go by your logic, then SL situation is getting out of hand since a commander was killed and clan elders sent to hot spots. Why wouldn't that be the case? Why can't you save us time and just say what you wish for the rest of Somalia, to go on flame? SR, don't lumped all the secessionists together, but this dude is something. Allow na dhaafi habaarkiisa
  15. There you have it, guys. When a commander is killed in Galdogob, Xaaji would tell you the security of that town is out of hand and not any better than Mogadishu, but when a similar unfortunate incident happens in SL, he would say "it happens every where, and not a big deal." What a twisted mind this guy has. One aught to expose his hypocrisy.
  16. ^So Amiir Godene is not interested in your clan enclave eh? Or maybe he's saving it from the mayhem.
  17. Hawdian, what Xaaji X is doing is not a criticism at all, but slander. But if you consider that a fair game, then I have the right to call him out. Would that bother you? I hope not. One other thing, every time the name SL or its leaders is mentioned in this board, you all come out of the woodwork screaming that the "Koonfurians" have no right to criticize SL while their house is in dismay. My question is, why do they, landers, care what others say about SL even if the criticism isn't a legit one? I am just going by your "do you care" mantra!
  18. Xaajiga became a broken record and the laughingstock of Sol. There is no day that goes by with him posting a distorted news about PL, its people, or president. Cabdi "Cawar" this and "pirates" that. I guess by venting this stuff helps him sleep at night
  19. <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> I wonder what is in the mind of this young man!! How could he go into a place and simply start shooting the people there who have done nothing to him and knows nothing about? What has Alshabaab told young men like him to brainwash them to such a grave extent? I think we need an in-depth study of Alshabaab's tactics of recruiting its foot soldiers. They give them titles like "Amniyaat and member of Jays hebel bin hebel," and are told they are the defenders of the land and the people from "murtadiin." One of the teenagers who killed Dr.Ahmad Abdirahman in Bosaso, was asked if they were given any rewards(financial or otherwise) for the assassination of the Sheikh, and his answer "the Amiir praised them for the successful mission." That's all it takes to make an innocent poor kid into monster.
  20. They should interrogate him, get whatever information he may have, and then turn him over to the judiciary for trial. The PSF guys need to top up their game and stop these terrorist before they harm.