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  1. Yes you heard it right. wallahi i heard this from Wadani members. They didn't say it as a bad thing but just a comment regarding dam jadiids influence. wadani some members are dam jadiid dam jadiid is not a small exclusive group but made of hundreds of people from many clans Its not a somalia organization also non somalis r apart of it like some Egyptian muslim brotherhood silanyo and faysal warabe and warancade are ikhwaans they r in one team despite different parties they r somali illuminati
  2. kulmiye have shot a man is he alive or dead???? Kulmiye aggression is spilling outside of somaliland they r killing opponents subhanallah may allah protect us from kulmiye aggression. I thought kulmiye was good they r now putting out assasin hits on opponents. omg
  3. puntland has the capabilities but galmudug has the strength I want to see war between these two beasts the pirates vs the thugs
  4. I noticed the walaweyn are disorganized look at the angle of the coffee table lol and look at the sofa couches lol That would never happen in sland or even copycat state bunaaniland
  5. Allahu akbar! We have now an Islamic State... a khalifaat. May Allah be pleased with al-Baghdadi and may Allah All Mighty forgive him. He is only human so may Allah guide him (not thay hes already guided now). Somaliland needs to develop ties with Islamic State. We are both Muslim entities. We have to be close. It's our religious duty. We are Muslims. We must recognize each other. We must meet at the table. We must do what we can to make the Ummah stronger. We must do what we can to be a damn community. I am sick of Muslim humilation. I am sick of it. It makes me cry how we are... our state as Muslims. The kufar and the Yahud are humilating us. This is not acceptable. We must acknowledge our problems first then we can move forward. Muslims need to acknowledge this. Somaliland and Islamic State... side by side... inshallah. Silanyo and al Baghdadi must develop a friendship. Somaliland will stay independent from Islamic State but wr must make a religious and military union of some sort. We must be a loose union. We must be united in the deen. We must share oil revenues. Alot of people are against ISIS but ISIS is all we have. They may made some errors but its the dawlaat of Muslima. For Somaliland it is cooperation
  6. How am I trolling Drkennedy do u really believe people like madoobe and qeybdiis others care about the wellbeing of their people in the areas they control? I will leave hassan sheikh and abdiweli of Puntland out of it. I truly believe they have good intentions But I dont think madoobe and qeybdiid and that sneaky guy from bay and bakool sakiin care to be honest. they have other motives... only financial ones
  7. They have no leaders who cares for them. Somalilanders wallahi we should feel proud that at least our leaders do something for us even if they are corrupt they still are held accountable to some degree Look at madoobe for example he takes money from sea port and airport did he even build one road for kismayo since 2012 he is just warlord hes not a leader hes in nairobi more than kismayo loool
  8. why make it confusing? Why should we big clans share power with little clans for their little interests? Allah made u langab so u must learn to be quiet and behave. You should abandon your lineage and join big clan Butcher clan, you must join pirate clan Godane clan, u must join south hargeisa clan Al barakaat clan u must join looters inc And so forth It makes everything more organized and interests can be lumped together...... demanding your "fair share".... ur fair share is my crumbs nacalaa barking Chihuahua.
  9. The Copy cat (Somaliland) state of Puntland will cease to exist after Mogadishu forces Mudug in its entirety to join Central State, to be led by the central HAG peoples. Oz Mo and Is Mo people are glad the Galkacyo Om Mo people will be out of their political way. Abdiweli will soon relinquish his position and go to his home of central state and join the parliament of that state possibly as Speaker or Deputy Puntland is in disarray
  11. Wallahi I love all my somalilanders may allah protect Somaliland this is not attack on my country acudubillah gabiley are not the owners of somalilabd just comment on gabiley crowd its not a crime to label their flaws this is natural and healthy but yes I hate them I admit they are like the loud unbearable cousin you want to hide from and want nothing to do with Not reer berbera tho just reer gabiley Reer berbera is my ucid team they should abandon their gabiley brothers and join salaxley lineage wise we will integrate them into salaxley-west burco lineage
  12. Salaax gabiley ppl r worse than garadag people though at least garadag people arent emotional like gabiley I have nothing against gabiley people its just disapproval of their modus operandi But how come wadani burco ppl never supported ucid wadani shouldn't even exist they r supposed to ally with salaxley.. salaxley need to have their time to the thrown why dont u give us opportunity
  13. Gabiley people hate Mogadishu for some reason. They hate the name. They always say Mogadishu people killed them. But they like Bosaso and Kismayo people. They should hate all or hate none. Gabiley people are also very emotional. They never did SNM fighting. They were in London hiding. Gabiley people cant name even one of their own SNM heroes Us Salaxley and Burco people don't hate anyone though and we still produced SNM heroes. I dont like the mentality Gabiley people Gabiley people are kind of like poison.they are not good as leaders. Only good for administration and civil servants. We need Salaxley or Burco people as leaders Silanyo I support. We dont need that guy muse bixi. Gabiley people always have to embarass Somalilanders on tv and in public being so extreme. Stop it please. They are the biggest british lovers. Please stop embarassing us. You can be pro somaliland and nationalist without exhibiting such behavior