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  1. NN, and how many blacks,Latinos, and Asians are in the Senate. It's not a fair comparison, mate. You cannot compare Jewish power to any other ethnicity, let alone to newly arrived Somalis.
  2. It will detect, good, but how will it prevent the wannabee bomber from detonating? Will it have the capabilities to shoot?
  3. The Police probably showed him the video. There is no excuse left for him now, I guess. It's better for him to resign now and prepare for the outcome of the ongoing investigation. I believe one of his aide is already in jail facing possible "criminal" extortion charges.
  4. Since when did Iran become our enemy? Beggars cannot be choosers,sxb. We should either drop that bowl down or take what ever that is thrown at our way, be it Iran aid or EU money.
  5. Temporary fix it might be, but it's a great news for Somalis who are dependent on these Hawala.
  6. Jacpher, there is a snowfall in the forecast, if it snows today will it effect the turn out for the Somali voters. Wishing Mr. Warsame the best of luck. Go Abdi!!
  7. Ooh Nuune, why would you do that?
  8. Haatu, did you say Modern Family? That says it all
  9. ^Bahamas? I don't know why I thought you went to the Haj! Nin khaawisaad ku maqnaa baad ahayd
  10. NGONGE;981039 wrote: This forum is broken. It posts everything I write twice. War what did you people do to the place? Waar NSA baa meesha walaaqaysa
  11. ^The Barkhad guy is getting some publicity as he's giving all of these interviews(I know they are promoting the movie), but what are the chances of him/them getting more roles in the future films if this movie does well in the box office..time will tell I guess. As for Hollywood, it's industry where the money does the talking. And in this case, a white man whom the western media and particularly the American media portrayed him as a hero who saved his crew from skinny pirates, took advantage of his 15mins of fame and wrote a book. God knows how much is true of the ordeal he went through, but nonetheless Hollywood director thought it's a good script for the big screen and rest is history. This is entertainment business driven by money and cares no historical accuracy be it Somali pirate vs white guy or Persians vs 300 Spartans.
  12. ^Soo dhacyeey sidii MIIRAA. Waryaa welcome back
  13. Niman ooynaaya AS iska dhicin maayaan ee Masaajidka ciyaarta ka daaya!
  14. I wasn't comparing the roles per se, but rather the actors. And you're right that they are irrelevant in this movie, but what are the chance of them being cast or given some sort of role in future Somali based movie/drama or tv show.
  15. Google, Facebook, and other big sites usually tailor ads to customers by going through the cookies stored in your history cache-searches and the sites you visit. So, Haatu what kind of sites do you go to and more importantly what type of things do you search on the net?
  16. You never know that skinny guy may be nominated for the best supporting actor, it's Hollywood after all Remember Djimon Hounsou was unknown actor before his role in the movie Amistad in which I believe he was nominated an Oscar for best supporting actor. And he later made it in big screen such as gladiator and black diamond. Stereotype or not, someone out there is willing to take any bad role in a movie as long as it pays. So kudos to the director/producer (whoever makes the decision) for opting to cast Somali actors.
  17. What was so bad about the trailer? That there are skinny Somali actors or the Movie sucks? Common now quruxloow Ethiopian Listen, these guys were taking part in a pirate movie where the real characters were skinny, poor, malnourished teens (not teens, but skinny old azzs) and not in a beauty contest show. Marka quruxda meel kale ka day day
  18. If you were in MN I bet you would have made it. Too bad the audition didn't come to ARABIA I have noticed you always comment on looks of Somalis particularly men, wonder why is that hmmmm. Dark this and ugly that...Waryaa why are you always negative? Mise you're one of Al's scripts?
  19. I hope it wont be one hit wonder for these guys and will make it big. Here are some interview clips and photo ops:
  20. True they do surprise time to time, but predictions by bookies are often on the money. You(Canadians) have two favorites this year and I think both of them women.
  21. It will be between Svetlana Alexievich, Alice Munro, and Haruki Murakami. That's if you're a betting man! Nuradin and the Algerian lady, Imalayen aka Djebar can wait another year.