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    New Sol

    Red,yellow and white are the trend these days! Looks good, Sanka.
  2. Ali Warsame is by far the coolest guy among the new Turks. He's very articulate and is likeable personality. His down fall will definitely be his past association with the Al-Itixad as some already suspect him of having closer relationship with Islamist in the south. I agree with Xiin that both Gaas and ina Samatar lack the charisma and the vision needed to stir-head this sailing ship smoothly.
  3. There are 11 official languages in SA and he used none for his translation. Btw, for a minute I thought the dude was Julius Malema. There is some resemblance between the two or is it just me?
  4. Brother Iqbal, a Somalilander through and through. Laakin siday ku dhacday in nin book qorayna citizenship la siiyay, nin "koonfurian" ah oo gabar Slandish ah qabana ay dhib ku tahay?
  5. What do an old albino man, an Indian from South Africa, and a duriyadda lady in Djabouti have in common? They are all Somalilandish citizens. Cant beat that, Xaaji.
  6. ^The dude makes things up as he goes and tries to sell it in here. Somalilandish my *****
  7. ^Xaaji, how do they check the criminal background of wannabe Somalilandish citizen? Do they have vetting system? I see, so you're ethnic Somalilandish Somalilander who speak Somalilandish. That's too long dont you think?
  8. Xaaji, What ever happened to "Somalilander"? What's with the "dish" now?
  9. Waryada, if the whole idea is to educate the population, then kids will need to go proper school. It doesnt matter what script one use to educate. Even if the Arabic script is introduced today, it will have to be structured(grammar, style,etc) to suit the language. And this will bring us back to square one, that proper schooling is needed for one to be literate and educated. Just ask yourself how many Somali speaking kids (third grader and up) in the West can read and write the Somali script. Naga daaya.
  10. ^girl, I know nothing about Habashas and their script, but your handwriting sucks
  11. Malistar's logic is that those men in the pictures only represent Mogadishu eh.. Yeah, your uncles beat everyone by meeting foreign heads. Keep bashing others while calling for unity.
  12. Somalis in Kenya are no less Kenyans than other tribes of Kenya whom originated from other parts of Africa. Whether they are the Kikuyas from the west and Luo/Jalua from central Sudan. They are entitled to be Kenyans and claim their share of the pie as they have a stake(land and resource) in what's today the modern nation of Kenya. That said, have the Somalis in Kenya went through a tough time under the repressive dictatorial regimes of the past, the answer is simply yes. So, rather being so emotional about a documentary of incidents that has taken place 30 or so odd years ago, I think we ought to be asking if the Kenya's policy toward NFD has changed or if it is as it were 20 or 30 years ago? Have the lives of ordinary Somalis in the region improved? How do Somali politicians at local level as well as in the central deal with issue relating to their constituency? In my opinion Somalis in Kenya are better off today than they were in those days. They are more educated, more prosperous economically, and held powerful positions in all political spectrum, opposition or otherwise. In addition, the Somalis from Somalia even feel safe in Kenya than in some part of Somalia. Marka reerka nabada ku jooga yaan gadaal la gelin'e ee aan runta aan isku sheegno oo baroorta beenta iska dayno. Truth is that our dictator killed, maimed, raped, displaced more Somalis in Somalia than the Kenyan ponies could have ever whinnied.
  13. Lara Logan interview part is most hilarious It's time to let the guy live his life as he wishes.
  14. 3 ministers and few deputies showed up for the meeting. What does that tell you about the infighting with the SFG?
  15. Xoolahii waa ka dhinteen masaakinta. "Hal tiro" oo ari ah waa meeqo? 100?
  16. with this post, i'll have reached my 10,000 post. caajib. i will no longer be posting on SOL. see y'all around. Al. Has anyone saw him since? Just asking
  17. lol@ the Khamees, the hat, and the beard worn by all the male. What's with that
  18. But to the topic, what has the PM accomplished in his time in office other than visiting middle schools to hand out soccer trophies? Seriously speaking, I can't name one thing this PM has done for the country. He traveled to Djabouti and Burundi
  19. The liberal lefties' hostility towards the Muslim that I have seen is the Woman Rights and Gays issues. Here in the South, the only groups that stand with us when things get tough are the liberal college kids and Jewish groups.