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  1. Gheelle.T

    Ilham Omar

    I thought once she apologized she would settle this issue and leave it there, but her "Somali sal fudeyd" kept her going. Now not did she not get any support from the Dems after W.V republican attack, but now her own Democratic party will take floor action to confront her on her latest Israel (allegiance to a foreign country) comment. This is bad for her as her own party now labeling her (indirectly) as an anti-Semite. Republicans want the democrats to go further and strip of her seat on the Foreign Affair Committee. I am still baffled by what's Ilhan's end game or what she wants to get from this losing battle. Apart from getting cheers from kids on the left who don't even vote when it comes to real issues, what else is there for her in fight. Here is the article on the resolution: House Dems will take floor action to confront Omar’s latest Israel comments - POLITICO WWW.POLITICO.COM The freshman Democrat is clashing with senior lawmakers who view her remarks as anti-Semitic.
  2. Gheelle.T

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    I think these young progressive Democrats are pushing it too hard and soon would bring negative press on themselves. They need to slow down and settle in first or else they will be 1 term wonders. There was an elected democrats reps from Atlanta area years ago, a black woman, who took on similar issue with Israel and Jews lobbyists and she was gone despite having some support from her black constituency. Ilhan needs to smart and focus on issues that are important to her constituency and to the Somalis. Of course she will need to speak of any injustice in the world and bring attention to the body in which she's part of, but you don't want to be seem as the loudest one or the mouthpiece of certain segment of society. It was couple of weeks ago that she had to clarify and apologize for another tweet of hers where she criticize Jews or Israel. She's already a target of the right wing Repubs and other conservative evangelicals, and now she provoked the ire of Jewish groups both on the left and right. You can't just keep apologizing and expect to be taken serious...
  3. Gheelle.T

    Qirasho cusub

    Markay shaqada waayaan ama warlord-nimada ka fariistaan bay Soomaalidu ha la icafiyo la fariistaan. There should be some accountability don't you think? This guy and the likes of him should be held accountable for what they have done. Waxaan oran lahaa inta uu xanuunka uu qabo daawo u raadsado he should then spend couple of years in jail. Tuugada kale ee siyaasadda u soo gala inay xoolaha ummadda dhacaan (be it Gaas or the rest of cartels in Somalia) tusaale ha u noqoto. Inta laakiin aan praises ku wadno dad wax dhacay horimar gaari mayno.
  4. Tallaabo, thanks for knowledge you shared with us and the clarification of your veiws on this issue. You are always calm and very reasonable person specially when dealing with controversial topics such as this and the clannish ridden discussions of SOL.
  5. If I am not wrong, our brother Tallaabo justified men marrying each other and supported the gay Iman. I think Tallaabo is a true moderate Muslim That's just dig on the brother! Personally I don't give a hoot who leaves what religion or who bangs what so long as they're adults and don't force their beliefs and lifestyle on others. As for the topic at hand, I hope this girl's action opens the flood gate and let them Arab makhabiyas flee like scorn bees. Their government's petrodollar and their fat rich men with twisted Wahhabi ideology have wrecked the lives of millions of Muslims and now the karma is coming back to bite them in the rear.
  6. Gheelle.T

    Yaa haray, yaa haray?

    Marka laga reebo 2da nin ee reer Bay iyo Bakool inta tagtay waxaa looga badiyay doorasho oo ay aqbaleen natiijadeedii. Madoobana haddii uu doorasha galo oo looga guulaysto waxay ila tahay iska inuu aqbali doono. Ma fahmin jubilation-ka aad ku jirtid boowe!
  7. I guess inay ka wadaan inuu Xamar ku dhigtay dugsiyada hoose iyo dhexe. Sometimes people who write this stuff don't even consult with the person they're writing about and often make up stories. Anyway, congrats to the new president and hope he fights corruption and safeguard the state institutions.
  8. I have a feeling he's one of those Qurbajoog crew who frequent Mogadishu cafes with their shiny laptops and entertain each other with make-believe stories of how this clueless SFG will reign over Somali peninsula in due time.
  9. I am still trying to understand who are "we" you speak off? Most Somalis are content with these "pathetic tribal admins" in which the SFG is part and parcel of it. Otherwise they wouldn't exist. I am not sure which universe you live in, but these federal states and SFG are dameer iyo 2diisa dhagood. The SFG is made of Somalis from Federal Republic of Somalia, unless you're speaking of another Somalia that's alien to me. And while you at it, do tell those mighty ARMY of yours to at least flash out the AS ragtags from South Somalia.
  10. Dalmarow, who are the "we" you speak off in Mogadisho that can/will control any Somali territory outside of villa Somalia? And the funny thing is that you consider the rest of Somalia (outside of Mogadishu) as disgruntled and treasonous clan states and yet you want people to take you serious. If 30 years of civil war and mayhem didn't teach a thing, I guess nothing will humble you. So keep the bravado and the empty threats.
  11. I don't get this Faarax Macalin guy walahi. The government in which he was once part of and if I am not wrong he's still a member of Kenyan parliament, that government bombs the sht out of Somali towns on daily basis, kills and maims innocent Somalis, and to add salt on wound tried and still trying to annex part of Somalia-yet this dude never come against that. In fact he often justifies Kenyan incursions in the name of fighting AS.
  12. Gheelle.T

    Warabe attacks Rebel Leader Caarre and Puntland

    Nothing new, Waraabe is been Waraabe here. Every now and then he has to throw some meat to the media to stay relevant politically speaking in his neck of the wood. There are young and rising Turks on the opposition camps and the old guards including this lad would soon be things of the past-that I think is what rattles the likes of Faisal more than Caarre or the conflict in Sool.
  13. Three Somalis in MN have won last night in their respective primaries. And it seems they'll win in November as their districts are quite blue.
  14. Gheelle.T

    Oromo means business - Adiga Tuug weeyaan

    Not sure why you all feel shocked about this kid when sadly there are millions of Somalis who feel and harbor the same hatred towards their fellow Somalis..
  15. Somalis and their emotional outbursts are at display here. If Jubaland is one city state, what would SFG be? Another one city federal government, NO? Neither JL nor SFG in Mogadishu have any meaningful power to dictate one another as they are both toothless incompetent administrations each controlling one city and few surrounding towns here and there. So why don't we come up with a solution where these Federal admins (including SFG) and their toothless leaders come together and save this broken nation instead of calling the dismantling of the little system that's in place. There's no going back to authoritarian one man's rule as some of you yawning for, and there's certainly no one with the power to forcefully remove any leader, so let's all come down from the high horses we're riding and for once drop this destruction tendency to every freaking little issue out there.