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  1. Gheelle.T

    Yaa haray, yaa haray?

    Marka laga reebo 2da nin ee reer Bay iyo Bakool inta tagtay waxaa looga badiyay doorasho oo ay aqbaleen natiijadeedii. Madoobana haddii uu doorasha galo oo looga guulaysto waxay ila tahay iska inuu aqbali doono. Ma fahmin jubilation-ka aad ku jirtid boowe!
  2. I guess inay ka wadaan inuu Xamar ku dhigtay dugsiyada hoose iyo dhexe. Sometimes people who write this stuff don't even consult with the person they're writing about and often make up stories. Anyway, congrats to the new president and hope he fights corruption and safeguard the state institutions.
  3. I have a feeling he's one of those Qurbajoog crew who frequent Mogadishu cafes with their shiny laptops and entertain each other with make-believe stories of how this clueless SFG will reign over Somali peninsula in due time.
  4. I am still trying to understand who are "we" you speak off? Most Somalis are content with these "pathetic tribal admins" in which the SFG is part and parcel of it. Otherwise they wouldn't exist. I am not sure which universe you live in, but these federal states and SFG are dameer iyo 2diisa dhagood. The SFG is made of Somalis from Federal Republic of Somalia, unless you're speaking of another Somalia that's alien to me. And while you at it, do tell those mighty ARMY of yours to at least flash out the AS ragtags from South Somalia.
  5. Dalmarow, who are the "we" you speak off in Mogadisho that can/will control any Somali territory outside of villa Somalia? And the funny thing is that you consider the rest of Somalia (outside of Mogadishu) as disgruntled and treasonous clan states and yet you want people to take you serious. If 30 years of civil war and mayhem didn't teach a thing, I guess nothing will humble you. So keep the bravado and the empty threats.
  6. I don't get this Faarax Macalin guy walahi. The government in which he was once part of and if I am not wrong he's still a member of Kenyan parliament, that government bombs the sht out of Somali towns on daily basis, kills and maims innocent Somalis, and to add salt on wound tried and still trying to annex part of Somalia-yet this dude never come against that. In fact he often justifies Kenyan incursions in the name of fighting AS.
  7. Gheelle.T

    Warabe attacks Rebel Leader Caarre and Puntland

    Nothing new, Waraabe is been Waraabe here. Every now and then he has to throw some meat to the media to stay relevant politically speaking in his neck of the wood. There are young and rising Turks on the opposition camps and the old guards including this lad would soon be things of the past-that I think is what rattles the likes of Faisal more than Caarre or the conflict in Sool.
  8. Three Somalis in MN have won last night in their respective primaries. And it seems they'll win in November as their districts are quite blue.
  9. Gheelle.T

    Oromo means business - Adiga Tuug weeyaan

    Not sure why you all feel shocked about this kid when sadly there are millions of Somalis who feel and harbor the same hatred towards their fellow Somalis..
  10. Somalis and their emotional outbursts are at display here. If Jubaland is one city state, what would SFG be? Another one city federal government, NO? Neither JL nor SFG in Mogadishu have any meaningful power to dictate one another as they are both toothless incompetent administrations each controlling one city and few surrounding towns here and there. So why don't we come up with a solution where these Federal admins (including SFG) and their toothless leaders come together and save this broken nation instead of calling the dismantling of the little system that's in place. There's no going back to authoritarian one man's rule as some of you yawning for, and there's certainly no one with the power to forcefully remove any leader, so let's all come down from the high horses we're riding and for once drop this destruction tendency to every freaking little issue out there.
  11. Gheelle.T

    World Cup

    Germans were over hyped team playing same tactics of 2014 WC with 7 players from that winning team. Teams quickly adopted their system and were easily defended specially when they playing against fast paced players like Mexico. Plus they had no real strikers and expect to win matches by simply out passing their opponents. The young Sane may or may not have made a difference, but at least he would have been fun to watch if he was brought to the team. As for the rest of the WC teams, Belgium, Brazil, and Croatia seem to have a well balanced teams and will definitely go further. African teams were very disappointing this time around as they showed no rhythm or passion with the exceptions of Morocco (in tough group) and maybe Senegal in their 1st match. Those of you cheering for Mexico I think will be disappointed when Brazil crushes them like an ice cubes. Athleticism may have won them over Germany, but this Brazilian team is well drilled and very balanced. And where Mexico lacks most is their defense-and that's where Brazil will hit them hard.
  12. ^There’s EAC, the East African Community in which the countries you named above plus Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania are the make up. These economic organizations are just names and produce nothing tangibles. Will see what this one turns out.
  13. Gheelle.T

    The Bosaso port project?

    I think the deal was signed this year and they still need to clear some hurdles before the construction starts.
  14. Gheelle.T

    Pictures: Mowliid Event in Garowe

    We have to bring this form of Islam back to our lives or Wabahi ideology will consume and kill whatever left of Somali culture and identity. Kudos to these sufis for observing the Mowlid!
  15. I don't support FMG, but I am quite skeptical about these numbers from UNICEF and others. How accurate is this 95% Somali girls being cut?