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  1. More like a 2 star Motel. Dadkii dhistayse Allah anfac ha ka siiyo
  2. Would it make any difference if say they were in photos? Why limit to only wedding videos? Our loved ones would die regardless, so if you see their faces in still or motion pictures, or even if their names are mentioned; you will always feel emotional about their loss. Allah Yarxamu intii kaa dhimatay.
  3. Kani habartii dhuustaba inuu Puntland meel un eed uga saaro jecelaa! How is PL destabilizing Taleex when the issue at hand is skirmishes between two local clans? Something that has nothing to do with Politics. Walle inaa jiran tahay Xaaji.
  4. What's going on there in SL lately?!! Apparently, the Minister's jab at Faysal didn't go well with Inna Waraabe and he had to resort to name calling (nacas yahow). Love the Asian dude's reaction.
  5. "The new report details difficulties the monitors have had in getting access to weapons stockpiles in Somalia and information about the country’s growing arsenal. It says the government canceled several inspections of Somali armories the monitors and U.N. officials in Somalia had planned to undertake." Denying the UN monitors easy access to the stockpiles of the imported armories is a direct violation of the Security Council's Resolution that lifted the arms embargo. It was the Central Bank fiasco of last year, then came the US of accusing the president being a weak leader, and now this, let's see how the government handles all of these.
  6. It's a comedy skit made by a TV. And it's not against SL, but rather on its leadership. They did it on Farole and other Somali leaders as well. No one takes them serious, so what's all the fuss coming from Sl's highest office. Shsss.
  7. Melki is certainly not a Somali name, but anything is possible these days. Anyway, Somali or not, if found guilty of the alleged crime, fry him!
  8. They can't even handle mere satire from a third grade TV show in London studio, and they talk about media freedom in SL. Just ignore the darn thing and move on. There are bigger issues on your table to worry about than a comedy skit, no? Where is NGONGE, maybe he can spin this better than the Xaaji Xayraan ever could
  9. That is Michale Stock's play ground. Check the video below!97CDB78C-6058-4BE4-95C3-BAB89C59889E
  10. Never heard of folk dance called "waabaan jacaldey Jaaskakn."
  11. ^Waxay ku kala duwan yihiin, midna dhibaatooyin caafimaad oo wakhti dheer ah ayuu keenaa, midna health benefits ayuuba u siyaadiyaa. Intaa ma kala garan wayday?lol Fircoon=gaabow. Godane gaaboow aka Fircoon
  12. ^Diin ahaan, wiilasha waa waajib, gabdhaha looma baahna. I thought your "Amiir-ul Wilaayatul Afrique wa Alaska," Amiir Fircoon Godane disapproves FGM, isnt that the case yaa Maaddeey?
  13. Xaaji Cuqdad is back with his usual Waryaa, did you recover the heart attack you suffered when Gaas got elected? Your "HABAAR" had little effect on the outcome of PL election, so you better go back to your hibernation for the next 5 years Coz Gaas is here to stay and the communication lines between Garowe and Mogadihsu will resume.
  14. War kuwan haddii ay shaqadii ka soo dhamaadtay, dee ha isla fasaxo. Xaggee kalow aadi lahaayeen. Xamar markii horeba caysh bay u doonteen
  15. "He said the country’s national budget was around $250 million, funded completely by its own resources." How much of that statement is true? Some of this if not have of it comes from incentives paid by the US and the EU. Also, doesn't the UK fund the security police and educational programs in SL. It's one thing to emphases the effectiveness of foreign aid and the dependency and corruption it creates in the third world, but it's completely different thing when you say you cannot access it or rather not have it, when in fact your entity receives fair junk of aid from Int. donors and the UN.
  16. It's good that they're issuing ID cards, but why do they Anglicized the names?
  17. ^Qaloocan iyo Gallaadi afka ka leexi, Camp ku yeh
  18. ^How about a mayor for Camp Aju-raan? Will that do? Jokes aside, I think what Gaas needs and should do, is to encourage and help other Somalis particularly those in the south build viable federal states.
  19. ^ It's about politicking not charity, dude! In all honest, state ministers carry no weight and the whole naming of these Gedo and Jig-jiga guys are more of a gesture and political grouping, not a big of a deal. At least that's how i am reading it.
  20. Baar-gaal, really? Weren't you the one calling Faroole's head few months ago? And you already miss him eh.. Cadnaan1, maxaad uga tagtay wasiir ku xigeenka ka soo jeeda beesha "Dhir" oo 2da D-block u sheegtay?lol
  21. They lost by 21 goals, yucks! They scored one goal in the first half and forgot the "ciyaari waa gelin dembe" mantra.
  23. Among the new Ministers are Khaatuma's former presidents, Karaash and Bindhe. Also in the list are two of the presidential candidates, Shire Faarax, and Cali Xaaji.
  24. GOALAHA WASIIRADA Ismaaciil Maxamed Warsame Wasiirka Wasaaradda Caddaladda arimaha diinta Axmwed Cilmi Cismaan (Karaash) Wasiirka Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha iyo dowladaha hoose Xasan Cismaan Maxamuud Alloore Wasiirka Wasaaradda Amniga Shire Xaaji Faarax Wasiirka Wasaaradda Maaliyadda Sahra Siciid Nuur Wasiirka Wasaaradda Dastuurka, Arrimaha Federaalka iyo Dimoqraadiyadda Cali Axmed Faatax Wasiirka Wasaaradda Qorsheynta & Xiriirka Caalamiga ah Cabdullaahi Cali Ducaale Wasiirka Wasaaradda Xaanada xoolaha Cali Xaaji Warsame Wasiirka Wasaaradda Waxbarashada Dr.Saadiq Eenow Wasiirka Wasaaradda Caaafimaadka Cabdirashiid Maxamed Xirsi Wasiirka Wasaaradda Hawlaha Guud Xasan Xaaji Siciid Xasan Wasiirka Wasaaradda Duulista Hawada & Garoomada Cabdi Ismaaciil Boos Wasiirka Wasaaradda Beeraha iyo Waraabka Cabdullaahi Jaamac Saalax Wasiirka Dekadaha iyo gaadiidka Anisa Cabdulqaadir Xaaji Muumin Wasiirka Haweenka iyo arrimaha qoyska abdinuur Cilmi Maxamuud (Biindhe) Wasiirka kaluumeysiga iyo kehyraadka badda Guuleed Saalax barre Wasiirka Deegaanka dalxiiska iyo duurjoogta Maxamed Xasan Soocadde Wasiirka ganacsiga iyo wershadaha Cabdiraxmaan Shiikh Axmed Cabdulle Wasiirka Shaqada. Shaqaalaha Dhalinyarada GOLAHA KU-XIGEENADA Maxamesd Faarax aadan Wasiir ku xigeen Caddaaladda iyo Arrimaha Diinta Cabdullaahi Xaashi Warsame Wasiir ku xigeenka Arrimaha gudaha iyo Dowladaha hoose Cabdicasiis Maxamed Adam Wasiir ku xigeenka Amniga Axmed Yaasiin Saalax Wasiir kuxigeenka Maaliyadda Cabdiraxmaan Cabdi Ismaaciil Wasiir kuixgeen Dastuurka iyo Arrimaha federaalka Siciid Faarax Maxamuud Wasiir ku xigeenka Qorsheynta & Xiriirka Caalamiga ah Cabdiweli Seed Cilmi Wasiir ku xigeenka Xanaanada Xoolaha Prof. Maxamed Cali Faarax Wasiir ku xigeenka Waxbarashada Aamina maxamed Cabdullaahi Wasiir ku xigeenka caafimaadka Nuur Axmed Yuasuf Wasiir kuixgeen Warfaafinta Liibaan Beddel Maxamuud Wasiir ku xigeenka Hawlaha guud Cabdullaahi Jaamac Aruurshe Wasiir kuixgeenka Duulistan & Garoomada Siciido Xuseen Cali Gees Wasiir ku xigeenka Beera iyo Waraabka Maxamuud Maxamed Cali Wasiir kuxigeenka kaluumeysiga iyo kheyraadka badda Cabdirashiid Gaani Cali Wasiir kuxigeenka Dekadaha iyo gaadiidka badda Cabdirisaaq Shire Ismaaciil Wasiir kuxigeenka Shaqada Shaqaalaha iyo Dhalinyarada Farxiya Yusuf Xirsi Wasiir kuxigeen Haweenka iyo Arrimaha qoyska Faarax Cali Cabdi Wasiir kuxigeen deegaanka Dalxiiska iyo duurjoogta Cabdirisaaq Nuur Cumar Wasiir kuxigeenka ganacsiga iyo wershadaha WASIIRU DOWLAYAAL Axmed Siciid Cabdiraxmaan Wasiiru Dowlaha ganacsiga iyo wershadaha Cabdiraxmaan Jaamac Kulmiye Wasiir dowlaha jkaluumeysiga & kehyraadka badda Cali Yusuf Jaamac Wasiiru dowladaha arrimaha gudaha iyo dowladaha hoose Bashiir Cabdiraxmaan Xaaji Gurxan Wasiiru dwolaha madaxtooyada iyo xiriirka gobolada Dr.Maxamed Cabbaas Cumar, Wasiiru dowlaha madaxtooyada iyo xiriirka caalamiga ah Cabdiqani Geele Maxamuud Wasiiru Dowlaha duulista hawada & garoomada Cabdullaahi Jaamac Casli Wasiiru Dowladaha caafimaadka Axmed Ibraahim Cawaale Wasiiru Dowladaha Qorsheynta & Xiriirka Caalamiga Maxamuud Beeldaaje Faarax Wasiiru dowlaha Amniga