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  1. Tallaabo"s hostility towards Somalis is uncharacteristically on the upswing😔
  2. Imagine Somali dimwits that supported for taking this action.
  3. If we put aside, the area in question was never in dispute until Abdishakur, CCC and Sheikh Sharif put it in doubt, Somalia has not actually submitted blocks in any auction.
  4. Maakhir, Agreed and that's Somalis should look into what Farmajo signed for Abiy.
  5. P.s, Kenya is losing the court case and wanted to cajole Mogadishu into bilateral talks.
  6. Kenya was hoodwinked by the West. Dalmar, What will your clan bring to the table that they haven't in the last 30 years?
  7. Che -Guevara


    istandwithilhan ISTANDWITHILHAN.ORG Love from Detroit! #WeStandWithIlhan