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  1. Tillamook. The one thing, that is certain, is no one has ever had a hold on Kismayo through any broad support. This is true now and it was true when Morgan was controlling the city back in the day. But I admit Mr Black has outwitted Xasan Sheikh and Farmaajo. Besides, he is such a chameleon.
  2. Well to be fair, Madobe is barely winning friends in Jubaland either. At the end of the day, it is about my force.
  3. Tibor Nagy on Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State's Bureau of African Affairs TPLF using violence to restore its lost hegemony says US diplomat who followed #Ethiopia since 1984.
  4. Galbeedi, We might have underestimated the man. He might even be taking the Amhara elite for a ride. The West is coming around, and they didn't even pretend to be helping the TPLF elite. It looks like ethnicity might not be as important to him as some people think. He made a good choice reconciling with Afwerka and leaving Somalis to themselves. P.s. The TPLF cyber warriors are accusing Somalis trained in Eritrea to being part of the war. Other cyber warriors and 'analysts' Farmaajo is gunning for Kismayo Mekelle style.