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  1. There is one thing I liked Abdulahi Yusuf and Abdiqasim Salad is they stayed away once they were out.
  2. I would not mind if this was personal fackfest but to invite Ducaale, mfuckers!
  3. Wealth nations with means and know-how don't despair, they plot.
  4. Norway to Provide Bridging Loan to Somalia WWW.AFRICANEWS.COM The Government has proposed that Norway should provide a short-term bridging loan of NOK 3.135 billion to Somalia in 2020 to clear...
  5. Office of the President similarly didn’t submit accounts for the FY 2018, plus no internal audit unit in place. The Lower House of Parliament made medical, renovation, rent and travel costs that were not fully supported. The House also entered 10 contracts not registered with the Auditor; 9 of them have monetary values attached to the contracts. Total value - $1,070,735.03.
  6. Office of the Prime-Minister The Office of the Prime Minister has not submitted accounts for FY 2018 to the Auditor’s General’s office; there is also no internal audit unit and no internal audit function in place.
  7. NISA: There were some payments that were made during the year [2018] that were not fully supported amounting to US $3,473,247.00. Report cites inadequate supporting docs for the payments.
  8. Police: Monthly deductions of US $6.00 made from each police personnel for supporting orphans, ex-personnel & new graduates. Additional $53,613 deducted based on rank - one star to general. But there are insufficient docs that proof payments were made to orphans and ex-personnel.
  9. Defense Department This is a tough report for Ministry of Defense. According to Compliance report, the Ministry has not submitted accounts for FY 2018 to the Auditor General’s office. The AG recorded financial mismanagement including lack of supporting docs for payments and illegal disbursements
  10. Audit Report