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  1. I don't like quoting myself but reread what I wrote. Your enclave could use little PR instead of pissing of world powers.
  2. Nice PR with some interesting facts
  3. THIS IS SOMALIA! | A Rich Heritage & A Bright Future | SOMALI ENTERPRISE
  4. I am not quoting or have never quoted Jefferson to further argument that deals with morality or good conduct. Kipling promoted the savagery of colonialism and the subjugation of "lesser' people". You were better off quoting the Quran, the Bible, or the Torah.
  5. Beijing was indifferent to Somaliland's pursiut of international recognition but cares a lot if any entity violates the one-china policy. And this is where Sland made a blunder, infringing on the stated sovereignty of a powerful nation.
  6. We could certainly bet! It is no coincidence these came after Jabuuti sitdown.
  7. I am glad it does. Somalis could use all help they can get. Let's hope these developments actualized.
  8. I wonder how much money was wasted on that.
  9. Every time someone utters this, it eventually comes out Mogadishu okayed the project.
  10. Planeload of Kalashnikovs sends warning to world over Ethiopia's massive new dam WWW.HIIRAAN.COM The plane from Egypt packed with a cache of weapons was meant to arrive in Somalia in May.