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  1. MMA, The old man did try, he was strung until the day of his passing. There is nothing for Sool and Sanaag in Hargeisa and Garowe. They might as well set up their own shop.
  2. Garre language is the most ancient Somali language, somewhat close to Af-May and Af-Boon. The modern Af-Maxaatiri is relatively new compared to other Somali dialects. And Af-Maxaatiri, especially of the North, borrows heavily from Arabic. Xaaji, The standard Somali is the Mudug dialect, and the least corrupted Af-Maxaatiri dialect is reer Somaligalbeed.
  3. Our house is on fire, has been on fire, and ironically, enough TPLF-led Ethiopia contributed to that. I don't wish death and destruction on poor Ethiopians, but I do sincerely believe the balkanization of Ethiopia will be in the interest of the region. IOG is worried about his mafia family losing power.
  4. Tigray commander vows to fight until blockade ends Mary Harper Africa editor, BBC World Service A senior commander of Tigrayan forces in northern Ethiopia has vowed to keep fighting until a blockade on the region is lifted and the federal government accepts its conditions for a ceasefire. General Tsadkan Gebretensae told the BBC that Tigrayan fighters wouldn't leave the neighbouring regions of Afar and Amhara until they achieved their objectives. He said Ethiopian federal forces and Eritrean troops remained in Tigray, but that they would be wiped out if they didn't leave voluntarily. The general said the future of Tigray would be decided in a referendum by its people once a political settlement had been reached with Addis Ababa. The nine-month war has led to famine conditions for hundreds of thousands of people.
  5. MMA, If Qoorqoor and Rooble deliver for Farmajo, it is a done deal. Diaspora secessionists and Unuka Leh have given up on the election, Some are even wishing for a civil war, of course, it is from the comfort of their home in the west.
  6. I would not trust Deni. Besides, he is getting pushback from reer Sanaag and Sool.