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  1. Ever since the midterm election, conservative media in the United States have targeted with special zeal Ilhan Omar, an incoming Somali-American Democratic congresswoman and a devout Muslim who wears hijab. In response to Democrats’ push to remove a headwear ban on the House floor to accommodate Omar, conservative commentator and pastor E.W. Jackson complained on a radio show that Muslims were transforming Congress into an “Islamic republic.” The Democratic Party has several rising political stars with Arab or Muslim backgrounds, all of whom have become objects of such conspiracy theories. But it’s not only American conservatives who have been indulging in this culture war. Read more
  2. Che -Guevara

    Shariifka's shenanigans II

    MMA, I think the so- called opposition jumped the gun. Farmaajo needs to be conciliatory though.
  3. Che -Guevara

    Mohamed Haji Egal was a alcohol drinker

    Saalax, The man is dead. Let him be. What ever he did is between him and God.
  4. Che -Guevara

    President Isaias Afwerki to visit Djibouti

    And Guelleh is such a democrat.
  5. Che -Guevara

    Ethiopia's FM welcomes President MBC to Addis Abeba

    This is from January 2018. Check the video was published. Like all newly minted he was making his first pilgrimage. That said only moron will trust Ethiopia. Abiy is buying time.
  6. According to sources and some sites. Guelleh to reciprocate and Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia to meet at later date.
  7. Muse the menace is good man and mujahiid😎
  8. You need group though Daaco could use one on one therapy at intensive level.
  9. Che -Guevara

    Raali gelin to Mudane President Roobow!

    Your uncle or any another family members you might lost is not you! Be your own person for second. As for the rest of stuff you scribble, I am not Yeey and I was never fan of his. And for Ethiopian thing, SNM was Meginste tool and Somaliland was Woyane collaborator like any many other Somali collaborators and tribal enclaves. If you are going to accuse others of something, make sure you are not guilty of it. It seems the overall the tragedy that has befallen on Somalis is lost on you.
  10. Che -Guevara

    Raali gelin to Mudane President Roobow!

    I think he thinks Roobow will let keep his family's looted farms.
  11. Che -Guevara

    Kenya gives cold shoulder to Cheeseman

    Farmaajo and Kheyre must be doing something right when they managed to unite anarchists and secessionists.