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  1. The problem is how the average Somali sees his relationship with their leadership. The relationship is one way. There is no incentive for Somali leaders to change their behavior because they have came to understand the Somali person will never demand any accountability. If anything the Somali person will literally die for the so called leader despite the leader's abuse behavior.
  2. You are comparing apples to oranges. Puntland wants to redefine the relationship and no cut it off hence their push for the ill conceived federalism. More importantly, Puntland is party to Somalia's problems. It is not stand alone entity.
  3. “Generally right from the start, I had informed the executive committee and all of them know in details that it was not something I agreed to. Because I believe the merger of this party is wrong and even if it was right it is not the time for it, I have made myself not to be a part to it. The reason I said it is wrong is , number one, the ODP leaders have promised to answer some of the big questions the Oromo people have entrusted us with. Our people gave us these question as leaders of the ODP and not to this nationally formed party. Doing this without answering these questions is wrong and it’s failing to deliver on the promises we made. So we have to first answer on the challenges they gave us.” Lemma Megersa
  4. The map is Amhara dream. 2020 will be an interesting year. Apparently VOA Amharic refused to air Lemma's interview.
  5. Despite his large following, it is easier to ignore Jawar Mohamed; however, it is difficult to ignore Lemma considering he is part of the machinery. Abiy lost the Jawar's youth and Lemma's OPD. He never had OLF and OLA. As usual SPD and Cagjar are in the wrong column.
  6. Strange world and in Xamar, people are getting their houses every day! It seems these fiefdoms are set up so a few can rob the rest. If you think, are Somalis in Puntland and Somaliland and other lands economically or socially any better than let's 10 years ago?
  7. Is there ever a positive article that celebrates the north which doesn't involve taking a dig at Xamar? I wonder if they teach Somali as subject?
  8. I agree with you. I think they will. This gives the ONLF a chance to be THE Somali party. It looks like EPP might end to be a party without base.