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  1. I moved from Boston. I haven't been there in awhile.
  2. Che -Guevara

    Go'aan lagu qasaaray

    Who knew Oodweyne has fantasies about beating up Solers. This explains a lot.
  3. Che -Guevara

    Go'aan lagu qasaaray

    At least they smarten up.
  4. The Saudi and UAE policy is better demonstrated in Yemen.
  5. Why would he need Saudi money considering he controls oil fields
  6. Some doctor, grown azz peddling sh!t.
  7. Che -Guevara

    Abtigiis must go.

    Somalis fixate on the wrong things. Does it really matter who gets selected as long as the corrupt system is in place? Fight for institutional change not for some guy who uses the clan as means to an end and never looks back.
  8. Che -Guevara

    Questions for Khayre

    lol@examiner. Let's hope he's worthy the money.
  9. Che -Guevara

    Voluntary Somali extinction movement

    I didn't know you were a defeatist.
  10. Somali history changed the day English landed and convinced some morons them being colonized will be beneficial to them, Oodweyne's treacherous ancestor being one of them. What we have now is their descendants recreating fantasy.
  11. Do you do advanced Google searches or set up news alerts about Somalia? How would go igad site unless you are looking at the career page?
  12. It's you that's angry. Besides, this silly thing was posted by your homeboy.
  13. Che -Guevara

    Somaliland region rape victim sentenced to flogging

    Let's not politicize this. Sexual violence against Somali women and girls is pervasive and needs to be addressed across all regions.