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  1. Peace, Abiy might be trying to start his own version Qey Shibbir (red terror).
  2. Obverser, agreed! Kheyr is coming to Dhuusomareeb. The next leader is likely to be from *** clan.
  3. The Amhara Region Attorney General died as a result of his injuries. Also and apparently, the bodyguard who killed the army chief committed suicide,
  4. Tillamook, The Tigray are not only well armed but they are well-trained and organized. Suldaanka, At this stage, it does not matter who is what when it comes to Amharas and Oromos, neither of them can force unity. The politics in the country has been highly racialized and militias and weapons are galore. One group would have to obliterate all others if they want to assume power without the consent of others.