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  1. Curiously enough, Kheyr wasn't there.
  2. I welcome it as long as wax kheyr ah ka sheeqaan.
  3. Stop whining and man up. You were telling us Farmaajo will be run out of town on February 8. Is there anything that you are right about?
  4. These guys have mad3 pen warlordism into a cottage industry.
  5. Certain segments of reer Puntland had had it with Deni.
  6. Uhuru Flies Matiang'i on Special Trip to Abu Dhabi Uhuru Flies Matiang'i on Special Trip to Abu Dhabi - WWW.KENYANS.CO.KE The CS flew to Asia with a personal message from the President to the UAE ruler.
  7. Peace Action, Puntlanders are perplexed. Forget about Somalia for a second, how does this benefit Puntland?
  8. More than that. What he does not understand he is pushing the limits of acceptable behavior when it comes to federalism and governance. In politics, you don't show your hand and put everything on the line.
  9. Farmaajo has his share of the blame, but Deni has gone overboard.
  10. A lot of people were dumbfounded including people back home that I know.