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  1. BF Soomaaliya oo si aqlabiyad leh ku ansixiyey golaha wasiirada - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Xildhibaanada golaha shacabka baarlamaanka federalka ah ee... This is another win for Somalia against the Qaran Dhumis Qabilisteyaal CBB who are against Somalia's development. Looool, all this week the Qaran Dhumis CBB on this site were telling us Fake News how the Parliament wont vote in the new Cabinet, and now their next Fake News they are spreading is "Ethiopia will take-over S/Hoose specifically Baraawe and Marka" loool Anyway, this Government is led by real Patriots and the treacherous looma oyaan CBB will have no chance to bring Somalia down or under their master Ethiopia.
  2. wabaaaa wabaaaa so many crocodile tears from the looma oyaan hypocrites who were always rooting for subservience to Ethiopia shamelessly
  3. Masaakiinta weak reer Bay iyo Bakool have been occupied and colonized into submission by Ethiopia for over 25 years, thus seeing the humiliating picture laftagareen had proudly with his Ethiopian overlords is utterly disgraceful. Its even more shameful that Ethiopian army have long ago so easily integrated and married into with there conquered folks reer Bay iyo Bakool.
  4. How is talking about Historical facts bragging about it???,.... niyahow mind your business dab**cow.
  5. Adigana wecel duqowey oo qabiliste baa tahay oo cuqdad Dhishey. And for godsake stop with the lies, eeleyda beggarsRRA couldnt beat Aideed for 4 years when he occupied Baidoba it was Ethiopia army who repelled him.
  6. ^^^ clouding my mind kulaha the Munaafiq/Hypocrite above me who supported his uncle the failed dictator Farmaajo who massacred Baydhabo people using Ethiopia army as he forcefully installed his nephew laftagreen as KG State President.
  7. Kkkk walahi wiiqow runti waa isku yaactey. As everyone knows Laftagareen is the weakest State President and he will be gone in 3 months, as the saying goes there are thousands ways to skin a cat, here are some of the option that SFG can do to remove that treacherous snake Laftagareen: 1st laftagreen whole budget/funds that he depends on to operates in Baidoba comes from Mogadishu, 2nd Baraawe is the Defacto Capital of KG and the Parliament will elect the new KG President there and we all know who controls Baraawe, 3rd both SNA and Alshabaab have encircled and sieged Baidoba. As for QoorQoor, maxa tiri, he will make an alliance with Deni and Laftagareen against Mogadishu central power loooooool, walee you are an funny man, xooga waa khafiiftey caqli ahan. Kooxda Al-Shabaab oo go’doon galisay magaalada Baydhabo WWW.KEYDMEDIA.NET Kooxda Al-Shabaab, ayaa xannibaad saartay shidaalkii gali jiray magaalada Baydhabo ee xarunta ku meel-gaarka ah... P,s Ethiopia has been occupying Bay and Bakool for over 25 years, so it's not something new seeing them in Baidoba. Under the new government established this week which is full with astute politicians, we will see inshAllahi in 2 years time that SFG controls all of Somalia's States with ease, and there is nothing Ethiopia and it's agents of chaos CBB Qaran Dhumis will do about it.
  8. President Hassan Sheikh and PM Hamza have chosen an great selection of astute Politicians as their Ministers, the great work of rebuilding our country Somalia has began to continue long after the 5 years of childish ruin the former dictator wannabe Farmaajo who almost caused another civil war to happen in Somalia. I hope the High court and the Minister of Justice now bring charges on that corrupt criminal farmaajo and his thugs for all the crimes committed in the past 5 years
  9. Cajiib, riyo ku nool baa tahay. Farmaajo's orphaned nephew Laftagreen who is the weakest State President is already encircled in all corners in Baidoba and will soon be expelled with ease ASAP, as for Qoorqoor he is an dead-man walking among his own tol.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=602229184686740&set=a.314297753479886 Agaasimaha NISA Mahad Salaad oo mushaar kordhin usameeyey ciidamada - Somali News Leader WWW.WARQAAD.INFO Agaasimaha NISA Mahad Maxamed Salaad oo kor u qaaday Mushaarka Saraakiisha, Ciidamada iyo Shaqaalaha Hey’adda. Agaasimaha Hay’adda Sirdoonka iyo Nabadsugida Qaranka Mahad...
  11. Its funny how Alshabaab have claimed publicly that they killed Waafow, but the loomaoyaans on this site are here once again displaying their open qabyaalad accusing, attacking and insulting a whole qabiil just to score points. But fortunately for the rest of us, these qabilisteyaal loom-oyaans have no power nor the capabilities to anything beside their online hooliganism. Abuu Muscab oo shaaciyey sababtii ay Al-Shabaab u dileen guddoomiye Waafow - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Afhayeenka howlgallada kooxda Al-Shabaab Cabdicasiis Abuu Muscab ayaa ka hadlay dilkii maanta Marka loogu geystay guddoomiyihii degmadaas Allaha u naxariistee... WALEE SOOMAALIDA QABYAALAD AYAA HALKAAS DHIGTAY
  12. It's amazing seeing how fast the fake wadanis turned into pro-Ethiopia against their own Somalia's government.
  13. What President Hassan sheikh is doing is commendable, we all know that the only folks who are against the President Hassan and NISA Boss Mahad Salaad are those clannist/qabiliste who hide behind their fake nationalism as they disgracefully side with the hostile Ethiopia over their own country Somalia. Somalia is bigger than Clannism!