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  1. Rooble's Biggest Achievements that he left behind that will guard his reputation, great name and legacy is that he fought the Dictatorship of Farmaajo and Fahad Yasiin that terrorists state Qatar Sponsored. Somalia will never forget our Hero Badbaadiye Rooble's admirable struggle , he will forever be loved and appreciated by the people who really matter on the ground (stakeholders) and not the irrelevant looma oyaans found on internet roaming as CBB.
  2. Typical cowardice from Criminal Afweyne and his lackies.
  3. Well said, it's Farmaajo who broke the agreed traditional protocol of selecting an PM who is not from the 2 major HAG clans (Reer Galmudug and reer Unaka leh). Now President Hassan sheikh has done the same breaking the tradition with his new PM. They reap what they sow.
  4. Niyahow waa iga talo, stay on your area of expertise which is in Somaliland with the Habro Siyaasad, as you have ZERO clues on what's going on in Mogadishu/Somalia Poltics. Madobe Nuunow was a Prominent Politician killed under Farmaajo/Kheyre Term in the late 2017, he was killed inside the Hotel as he was holding an conference building an opposition group against the Terroristic Regime of Farmaajo and Fahad yasiin. Next Time get your FACTS straight Mr. ''im from Somaliland''. Madoobe Nuunow oo lagu dilay weerarka Nasa Hablood WWW.GAROWEONLINE.COM
  5. Lol, I seriously doubt President Hassan Sheikh would side let alone even listen to an disgruntled 0.5 loom oyaan criminal Fahad Yasiin who fled Somalia because of his wanton criminals. Horta ask yourselves how would opposition from folks who live far away in Gedo and Borama Somaliland have the slightest chance to hurt the government President Hassan Sheikh, these folks are weakest and most irrelevant in Somalia's Political Sphere. As everyone knows that the today's opposition are weak looma oyaan without any Political strength nor the relevancy to change anything on the ground other than to make Facebook/YouTube videos Calacaal cries. President Hassan sheikh should continue to do his job by ignoring this weak opposition group who won't ever have the chance to hurt him politically.
  6. Exactly the Terrorist Fahad Yasin is a walking contradiction, everything he says is an bigger lie to hide the previous lies he told/posted, it seems that the Truth is catching up with his countless lies. By now its also evident that everyone from young to old in Somalia (except the Fanatical CBB's) knows that Fahad is the Killer behind Ikraan Tahliils wanton murder and other untold murders, and this is the very reason he fled to Turkey to escape Justice being dealt on him. Fahad Yasiin is an wanted Terrorist that will sooner or later meet the hand of Justice Insha'Allahi.