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  1. SFG deserves all the Credit indeed, and horta when will your crusade against Galmudug Folks end, 24 saac baa waxa laa taagantahay cuqdad, perhaps we should give you an reer Mududg woman to soften up your nightmarish days of the 90s Halyeey Ina Caydiid.
  2. Well Said Galbeedi, these Ahlu-suufis were nothing but a charlatan, thanks to Allah that they have been dismantled as they have caused enough Fitnah.
  3. About time Ahlu-sunnah has been dismantled, now these 2 should answer for their criminal activities and then be executed for their crimes.
  4. That photo was taken last year, these reer gedo are desperate with their full of lies and delusions.
  5. Sxb MMA, i like you as an individual, you are a man of worthy Principe, but laakin you need to change your all loving, turining the other cheeck for failed leaders like farmaajo, and start holding them accountable. My stance was always the same, im an straight-shooter that is against any fake leader that represents Somalia's highest office under hypocrisy, this failed current President Farmaajo is literally an criminal (Qalbi-dhagax, and Baidhoba fiasco) with countless bloods on his hand, and yet folks like you support him blindly, i at least supported Xaaf because he was an stable and peace leaning President for the Central Region's Galmudug State, so when Xaaf is compared to Farmaajo its like comparing any western Democratic President with the Middle Eastern wannabe Dictators who abuse their citizens right, just as farmaajo abused your folks rights in Baidhoba killingcountless using Ethiopia Tank as he installed his Nephew Puppet Lafta-Gareen. I guess after all this discussuin its clear that Mudane Oodweyne is right, that some folks do indeed have Low-Born Mentality that just happily and Easily accept Subjugation like the Bay and Bakool folks that are Resident Member Mudane Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar represents. I guess some were born to be ruled as slaves, citizens and aspiring rulers.
  6. Adiga always come with Caay/Insults, whenever someone with an intellect faces you, you begin to sprout insults like an child who wont get its way, sxb chill out and talk like an adult, starting with stopping the petty insults like ''Sewage-dweller'' or your favourite insult against me ''Isbaaro crew'' etc.... you sound petty in all sense. Back to topic, whats happening in Galmudug is exactly by fact explained by Mudane OOdweyne, that the Failed Farmaajo is having difficulties parachuting in his man into Galmudugs Presidency just as he succeeded in Bay and Bakool. Failed Farmaajo has been struggling in Galmudug for almost a year, just understanding the Basics of Galmudug has been difficult for N&N, its been almost 7 months since the Election in Galmudug was due yet no success for N&N yet, but since we all know Who live in Galmudug Beesha Iljeex it wont be as easy as it was in the Bay iyo Bakool, the joke fest of a state called Bay iyo Bakool has been subjected to farmaajos whim ever since he was elected President for Somalia, Baidhoba is the playground for every Somalia's Presidents. So MMA, Instead of focusing on the puppet Lafta-Gareen you and your ilks of Bay and Bakool tend to focus on matters of unconcern such as that of in Somaliland, Mogadishu and even Galmudug, so forgodsake focus on your rotten Bay and Bakool before all hand and mind your business. #GalmudugIsNotBayAndBakool
  7. Your cuqdad for Beesha Galmudug is very clear and noticeable, so take a chill pill and relax, as for the terrorists i can only say that its the fault of the incompetent President farmaajo for not taking the fight to alshabaab terrorists in their Headquarters in Bay and Bakool where all the alshabaab upto 99% come from. So MMA Instead of focusing on these Honourable MPs perhaps you should focus on your cousins in Bay and Bakool from committing atrocious terrorism wanton murders in Mogadishu, every bombings comes from Bay and Bakool.
  8. It seems that you too have noticed, that he goes full on retardical about how great Farmaajo is, then ends with ''O yeah, Kenya won and Somalia loses its Ocean''. Farmaajo is an hypocrite and a traitor to Somalia, and no matter how much the yar-yars paint him as an hero, farmaajo is an Khaa'in -alwadan, end off.
  9. President Farmaajo ignores their tuugnimo, in the hopes that reer Unaka Leh dont turn their eyes on him, he is allowing this theft and looting that occurs on the Somali Citizens simply because he is afraid of their wrath. Madaxweynaha waa inuu ku qasbaa la xisaabtanka kuwan tuugadahan ku nool caasimada
  10. This is disgusting and clannish act, no wonder Farmaajo is the most hated President ever in Somalia. This amateur qabyaalist Farmaajo is so intend on making more enemies for himself, him taking a picture with an convicted war criminal is an spit on the faces of innocent victims who died mercilessly by the murderer Tuke and his group. Farmaajo overall is an disgraceful President, instead of reconciling he stirs up more hate in Somalia especially for our northern Somali brothers.
  11. Apophis lol, you do have point that with HAG you will never see them handing Somali citizen over to Cadow Shisheeye or play the qabyaalad card or nepotism in the highest level of national government, but the moment D Block Farmaajo came, we have seen all that is unutterable and unthinkable that Somalis could have ever thought off. Farmaajo has ruined us all Somalis from having an national unity that we so badly craved for, what a shame and a waste of time.
  12. Lakin wey dil badanyiin, iska ilaali waryaa, Ha.wiye haa isku gafin inta xamar aad joogtid adiga oo marti ah.
  13. Kheyre is wasting his time, his Dayniile folks have the smallest mps in Somalia With just 7mps (while Farmaajos folks have 14mps), and at the other side of the spectrum you have Beesha Hiraabs with 37mps, plus their allies Beesha Madobe being 12 and many other allying MPs that will give Ahmed Fiqi like in 2016 election an overwhelming 97mps. So having counted the statical MPs one need to win I can safely say that both Farmaajo and Kheyre won't be seen come 2020s election simply due to having low counts of MPs. BTW, it was Fiqi that installed Farmaajo as President as it was he that brought 90+ mps to swing vote Farmaajo over President HSM, he since then has regreted that because of farmaajo renegaded the promise deal they had.
  14. Dalmar1


    What do you mean Mudug belongs to Puntland? The way things are heading is that Puntland will consist of only Bari and Nugaal, while Sool and Sanaag goes to Somaliland same goes to Mudug going to Galmudug, as there is no way as even the Constitution states that Mudug is part and partial a Galmudugs territory. So sxb Galbeed next time please refrain from saying that Mudug is Puntland as the reality per Constitution says otherwise.
  15. ASC masuul sare MMA. Walahi adiga marka textkaaga aqriyo qosol ba la dhaca, lool your hate for reer Galmudug Boys is funny, did something happened to you during our occupation in Baidhoba in the 90's sxb MMA. As for what Fiqi is doing in Jubaland is part of family affair an affair that goes way beyond your comprehension, solidifying Beesha Madobe in Kismayo takes priority then our State GM, simply because GM is our state and will never leave our grip while our Brother State Jubaland is facing cadows from Gedo using State power/ awood dowlad through their son Farmaajo like they did with Siade barre, so helping a brother in need is what Mudane Fiqi is doing.