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  1. Farmaajo oo markii loo diiday war baahintii Dowlada waxaa usoo Gurmatay Ethiopian news Agency https://www.facebook.com/abdiaziz.golf/videos/388017719446458 No Somalia state news broadcast is mentioning this except the Ethiopia state news, perhaps farmaajo should move to Ethiopia with his deluded authority he claims.
  2. History repeats again, another power crazed ex-president illegally sitting post his mandated Presidency to prevent elections from happening. https://www.facebook.com/amooreozil/posts/1758724141182529
  3. And some paid trolls were actually saying PM Rooble kidnaped Abdiwahab, sigh!
  4. To be honest i want both the expired Pres&PM to be gone asap, heck im even for Amisom to be pulled out from Somalia today and may the best force thereafter win in subjugating Somalia, perhaps than we might see the peace and stability we have been waiting for so long. So before we turn to our cadows UAE or Kenya, we have to start from within, we simply have too many tuugo, turncoats and stooges within us that needs deep cleaning starting with the Villa Somalia.
  5. War nimanyahaow Maakhiri, Galbeedi iyo etc, you can still keep your jobs as CBB, qeeylo iyo muran wax matarayo ee fadlan kaliya soo bandhigtaa cv -giina oo boorka kajafteen for the incoming Government.
  6. Daawo: Hooyo Qaali oo si qiiro leh uga jawaabtay tallaabadii uu qaaday Farmaajo https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=615593536104837
  7. Lol, I usually ignore your ignorant emotional rants, but I must reply to you this time. When you say coup, you should understand coup is usually done on an sitting mandated legitimate President like what's happening in Guinea, what we have in Somalia is an ex-president with no mandate overreaching his none existing power and failed in every corner. In short, for a coup to happen there has to be an legitimate President in the country which your Abo Farmaajo isn't.
  8. MMA duqow, you of all us (as being a son of a great Stateman) should understand that "Aniga kaliya aa Wadani" rhetorics and slogans doesn't work, this country belongs to all of us and not to some. Farmaajo as you know is in the wrong here this time, with Ikraans killings being the cherry at the top, none the less today Somalia has no president with an mandate but it it has an transitional PM who's job is to steer us to election according to constitution. So walaal Fadlan for once speak the truth and not the "Ana Wadani" rhetorics of N&N. P,s, As for me I don't believe in these isqabqabsi, they are all the same tuugo politicians in my eyes, so lets hope for peace and a quick resolution to election.
  9. I wonder how the CBB will get paid now, since their xaraam salary has been cut by the OPM. *P,s war niyaahow faatixadaa isku aqri to expel those jinns you keep conversing with, lol.
  10. kulahaa mory00n, war niyahoow isku xishood and focus on your Somaliland. Because clearly you have no idea what you're talking about.
  11. The man Rooble is doing all the right things, but nooooooo he's bad and farmaajo is good, SMH! Clearly too many cult followers here.
  12. SOMALIA relations with the world is in the gutter thanks to farmaajo and kheire Egypt for the past 4 years before the bad diplomatic ties with Farmaajo have been supporting the Somali National Army with light arms and ammunition to fight Alshabab. While Ethiopia on the other hand supported the destabilization of Somalia and puppet regional leaders. So far PM Rooble is doing very good restoring the broken relations caused by farmaajo. https://www.warqaad.info/rw-rooble-oo-amaan-aan-caadi-aheyn-ka-helay-xoghayaha-ururka-jaamacada-carabta/
  13. Xaaf does tanasuul https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=224354892927537