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  1. As the Father of the killed Youth is crying for Justice to Farmaajo's deaf ears, Farmaajo indifference is showing as he hides the murderer inside his Presidential Vila as the apperant murderer is one of his clans men a fellow reer Gedo. Watch the Father begging for justice, saying the murderer shouldn't be safe guarded inside the Presidential Vila but face Justive: Dhageyso:-Aaba Aweys”Askarigii dilay Wiilkeyga Madaxtooyadda ayaa la geeyey walwal ayaana qabaa” | Radio Risaala: Somali News Online RADIORISAALA.COM “Wiilkeyga Dhalinyaro ayuu ahaa nolosheyda ayuu qeyb ka ahaa,mootada ayuu noogu soo xamaali jiray oo aan deyn kusoo qaaday,waxana maqlay in Askariga dilay Wiilkeyga in uu Madaxtooyada ku jiro,waxaana ka codsanayaa Madaxda Dowladda in Cadaaladda la marsiiyo ayuu yiri Aaba Aweys Maxamed Diinle. Many more youths are wrongfully lingering in inhuman prisons all because they demonstrated for freedom against the oppressive corrupt Farmaajo that is hellbound in destroying Mogadishu and Somalia as a whole, here some of the youths wrongfully imprisoned by farmaajo; Booliska oo Xabsi kordhin u dalbaday Bajaajleyaal u xiran Banaanbax (Akhriso Magacyada) - Wararka Maanta WARARKAMAANTA.NET SHARE Facebook Twitter Taliska ciidamada Booliska Soomaaliyeed ayaa dalbaday in muddo shan maalin ah...
  2. Kudos to Somaliland for securing it's rightful border in Sanaags deep end, Somalilands has done well in safeguarding it's border integrity from unruly citizens within it's border (Reer Sool&Sanaag) and hostile neighbour (Pintiland) that insists in interfering (by supporting terrorists rebels) the internal affairs of Somaliland. Indeed (Native) Mogadishu is watching with an learning eye, that it too will have to secure it's Borders in the Juba's and Gedo region that are so far being illegally occupied by hostile country Kenya and it's foreign Stooges that claim citizenry of Somalia, Mogadishu will soon liberate and secure it's Somalia and Kenya border successfully and punish the foreign stooges in Kismayo and Gedo, in all Somaliland is an exemplary model that Mogadishu Should follow.
  3. Dalmar1

    Huge demonstration taking place in Mogadishu

    Somaliland should stand firm in not accepting/participating any talks with the dying Farmaajo government, it will be a political suicide for Musa Bixi to hold talks to Someone (Farmaajo) who is about to be evicted by the people of Mogadishu. Sonalilands Hargeisa Leader Bixi should only hold talks with Somalia's Native Mogadishu Leader and not a pretender from Gaajo/starved Gedo.
  4. This Dr is right, sneaky kheire or any politicians children is a fair game in the political world, so as the saying goes "all is fair in love and war (Politics)".
  5. Dalmar1

    Abtigiis must go.

    Professor Galbeed, so why are HAG natives being ignorant politically, they live in vast areas within Somali State so why are they not represented instead of being marginalized politically?
  6. Dalmar1

    Abtigiis must go.

    Somali state is no longer a single clan owned region, just because ogs kidnapped the region doesn't mean it's theirs, just recently the Somali state committee's named were 4 ogs, 4 d1rs and 2 HAG, it's a proud day seeing the big feet clan being dismantled from the power dynamics in Somali region by its Natives,.....Axmed Shide waa libaax libaax dhaley Once HAG gets its home sorted it too will play it's rightful role in Somali State and within Ethiopia as a whole in subduing the ogad usurpers.
  7. @galbeedi ignore this ignorant gooni, he just like his clans-men that were raised on the xaraam booli qaran/Nepotism see farmaajo as their messiah afweyne 2.0 that will bring back their booli qaran status, which is why they are so eager in defending him from all critics, and by the way their Booli Qaran status will never return again. As for farmaajo failing politically its all because of his arrogance in assuming that he a non native Mogadishu that hails from the poorest starved region GEDO in Somalia and his PM Kheyre a langaab from a tiny district Dayniile in outskirt of Mogadishu (and btw Kheyre's clan are so tiny that from all of Somalia they only have Dayniile and nothing else) can rule Mogadishu from those that have actual influence like Reer Galmudug who rule whole of Galmudug/S-Hoose and Half of Banaadir. Somalia is still very much tribal, and there will be cold in hell before someone from langaab people that hail from one of the poorest region Gedo in Somalia will rule the Rich Native Mogadishu, so long Reer Galmudug are breathing they will forever make sure Afweynes orphans will never rule or struggle ruling Somalia inshallahi.
  8. Dalmar1

    Kiikuuyo waa quusteen

    Its very stupid and gullible to trust the same person (Farmaajo) who so willingly and obediently gave up his own blood brother (Somali, Qalbi Dhagax) to his family's arch enemy (Xabashis) to be tortured and worse, so that the arch enemy may stroke his back as an loyal dog, a dirty loyal dog at that. Allah knows what faraajo signed for the Kenyans, there are so many rumors flying around, so only time will tell, and i wouldn't be surprised if farmaajo did sell Kenya's something, just as he sold Ethiopia a Somali Citizen.
  9. From 4:25, you can listen the President farmaajo confessing as he says that he didnt pay his Army in the front-line against the Al-shabaab for over 3 Months, while the habitual liar PM Kheyre said before in Public that they have paid the Army every Months consistently and those soldiers protesting about not being paid their salaries are Criminals.
  10. President triple chin deni is as clannist as his predecessors in defending his fellow clans-men from justices taking course on them.
  11. DHAGEYSO:Caasho ilyaas Wiilashii Kufsaday oo Yurub loo Dhuufiya !! Qoyska Caasha Ilyaas oo ahayd gabadhii 12-jirka ahayd ee la kufsaday kadibna lagu dilay magaalada Gaalkacyo ayaa dhaliilay qaabka loo wado baadhitaanka lagu sameynayo dadkii ka danbeeyey danbiga gabadhooda lagula kacay. Aabaha gabadhan dhalay oo lagu magacaabo Ilyaas Aadan ayaa VOA u sheegay inuu dareensan yahay in wadadii laga leexiyay baadhitaanka kiiskan Listen to her Father speak below in VOA interview DHAGEYSO:Caasho ilyaas Wiilashii Kufsaday oo Yurub loo Dhuufiya !! | xushmo.com XUSHMO.COM
  12. No offence Suldaanow but are you talking out of your arse? HG and reer Kuwait being allies against unaka leh crew is absurd. The biggest opposition against this N&N government since day 1 has been HG. As for the Army's declared war that's being going on Farmaajo government it's Hiraab (HG S/Hoose and Abgaal S/Dhexe). In short HG doesn't need a Langaab weak clan like beesha Kuwait for an ally when it has always carried itself unchallenged.
  13. Kudos and well done to the Beesha Barekeysan Somalilanders for setting an example to us in Galmudug, on how to liberate your lands from the illegal occupation of Puntland. Of all the States in South Somalia non is advancing faster then Galmudug in terms of Military and State Power, Galmudug is Somaliland in progression! Watch This Video, and you will realize the foreseeable problems Puntland will face for occupying Northern Mudug Illegally, without shadow of a a doubt Galmudug is a rising Military State..
  14. Farmaajo has humiliated Somalia by caving in Uhuru's brutish threat, it looks like ICJ Court Case will be abandon in favor of Kenya. Because of Farmaajo Treachery Kenya has WON in taken illegally Somalia's Ocean.
  15. Kenya and Somalia agreed to resolve Maritime Row out of Court According to Ethiopean State Television, Kenya and Somalia agree to resolve border row diplomatically “Kenya and Somalia have agreed to resolve the recent maritime boundary dispute through diplomatic way”, state-owned Ethiopian Television reported today. “The leaders of Kenya and Somalia during a face to face meeting under the mediation of Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed, chairman of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), have agreed to resolve their recent maritime boundary dispute through diplomatic way only and avoid costly legal system,” Ethiopian TV reported. PM Abiy And President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo are in Nairobi., They met this morning with President Uhurur and agreed to settle the dispute between Kenya and Somalia diplomatically. Kenya and Somalia both claim a 100,000 square-kilometre triangle in the Indian Ocean that is rumoured to be rich in oil and gas reserves. The row escalated when Somalia allegedly auctioned oil blocks from the area during an oil and gas conference in London on 7 February. Somalia denied the allegations.