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  1. This is nothing new really, Puntland is well known for their arrogance and "I'm better than you" attitude against other Somalis. I'm surprised brother MMA that you are baffled of puntlands behaviors towards other Somalis, who can forget the infamous slanders of their previous leader pres.Gaas when he called reer KG starved terrorists from Buur hakaba who came to Puntland with their slippers only, smh!
  2. This matter concerns to the next government, farmaajo failed tremendously for his Beesha he didn't act during his 4 legal years so why now after his term ended? And also so long Kenya stays in Somalia nothing will change in kismaayo.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Galwaaq/photos/a.1963444710588372/2802097853389716/?type=3 DEG-DEG update Ciidamada Badda Dowlada kenya oo wata Doonyo dheereya oo ka soo Gudbay Jaziirada lamu. ayaa gaaray Xeebta Kamboni, lamu iyo komboni oo waa halka ey Dowlada kenya doonayso in ay Xoog uga qabsato Dowlada somaliya ka hor xukunka Maxkamada, waxaana horey ugu Sugnaa Ciidamada Maamulka Jubaland oo la shaqeeya Ciidamada kenya Ee Magaca Amisom ku jooga dalka Somaliya, Dhowr Jaziiradood oo kuyaala dhabarka danbe Ee xeebta kismaayo ayey dowlada kenya ka Bilowday diyaargarow Xoogan iyagoo Xataa Gacanta ku haya Maamulka Dekeda kismayo One of the Patriotic Comments said it well; '' Kaliya go aan maxkamada aan sugenaa badeena anagaa utashaneena dagaalna waaba xirfadena ciidan iyo intii nool oo shacab ah''
  4. Kkkk, MMA akhie I thought we had an quiete truce, we can only resume our Shatigaduud vs Ina Aideed squabbles post Farmaajos term, in the mean time let's uphold our truce, and stop your wanton attack on my Beel.
  5. All this you wrote and yet managed to forget an crucial fact that Farmaajo with all his weakness is propped up by Reer Galmudug, it's Galmudug that managed to hold Farmaajo firm, because all the security apparatus like Haramcad, Gorgor, Danab and Banaadir police force Heads Taliyaasha are of Galmudug family, Farmaajo has our backing because we know the alternative is worse unless someone better pops up. There is a reason why Farmaajo gave Galmudug boys the PM post because when it comes to South and Central Somalia they are the movers and shakers, hence why their backing is a must.
  6. Sxb galbeedi it took Farmaajo 3 months to look for a weak pm, so what you see is what you get, he got the weak PM he was looking for as farmaajo never wanted a strong PM to begin with. So anyway let us not Farmaajo for the sake of the wadan/nation Somalia.
  7. Galbeedi, the opposition of Unaka leh have already planned what to do with Farmaajo if he extends his expired mandate lol Kulan xasaasi ah oo u socda Shariif, Xasan iyo Cali Mahdi | Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Madaxweynayaashii hore ee Soomaaliya Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud iyo Sheekh...
  8. What kind of doqon jawaab is this? We are talking about sovereignty of Somalia here not about shaqsi hebel iyo hebel, I could care less who rules what, so long Somalia is respected.
  9. Walahi I dislike Farmaajo always have been for his inept politics, but what I hate more is these presidential candidates that have no principals no loyalty or ounce of Patriotism for their country, by example look at this disgraceful former minister attacking Farmaajo while ignoring the fact that Gedo Fiasco is an outright invasion from Kenya into Somalia sovereignty, he full on attacks Farmaajo yet doesn't mention Kenya's aggression once, he says all this while sitting in the comfort of Kenya's Nairobi, it looks like Uhuru Kenyatta got his money's worth from these stooges. I guess that these days it pays to be Kenya's stooges, it's a disgraceful era for Somalia's Politics.
  10. Almost everyone is wondering why the mucaarad haven't brought this question of Tigrey-SNA story to ex-pm Hasan Ali kheir who is one of the mucaarad council. If this was true they mucaarad should have brought forward their quiete man Hasan Ali kheire, his silence here tells a story.
  11. Shariif need to know that antagonizing half of the country with his constant dagaal hanjabad won't help his cause in ruling this country. How is he (shariif) supposed to rule this country Somalia as President when almost all of Somalis view him as qaswade/spoiler, it's clear that not my President will be the slogan when he declares himself President.
  12. His term was extended when they met in Uganda for the Kampala Accord, Uganda only had one condition for the extended year and it was for the pm then Farmaajo to be expelled which sheikh Shariif was very happy to comply, thus he fired his then PM Farmaajo. So today the tables are turned and he sheikh Shariif is the one who's screaming murder for an term not even reached yet be Farmaajo let alone extending yet. The problem with Shariif is that he's a reer baadiy with unaka leh mentality.