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  1. Loool caqli xumo, Now your using the same threats Farmaajo uses, i.e support my illegal Dictatorship or else I will destroy your properties in Mogadishu. Mark my words, Farmaajo will be expelled very soon and you will still be you an cuqdad ridden parasite who screams in his dark corner room far away from reality, Marka iska qeeyli sxb.
  2. Mukhtar Rooboow oo lasii deynayo iyo wasaaradda amniga oo dalab u dirtay NISA oo war https://www.warqaad.info/mukhtar-rooboow-oo-lasii-deynayo-iyo-wasaaradda-amniga-oo-dalab-u-dirtay-nisa-oo-war/
  3. That the thing Reer Mogadishu are 100% supporting their Hero Badbaadiye Rooble, as we speak there are huge voluntary enlistment going on to fight dictator Farmaajo. Anyone who supports the Criminal Dictator Farmaajo has bloods on his hands and reer Mogadishu will never forget it.
  4. Very soon all the homeless tuugo parasites from far away regions who lived off the back of reer Mogadishu will find themselves besieged and under the mercy of the same hospitable folks they grudgingly taunted and belittled for the past five years Marka ciyaarta waa gelinka dambe!
  5. Beesha GM defending today reer Baraawe and KG from Alshabaabs, yet some ignorant folks like MMA are ungrateful and full of cuqdad toward those who defend them in S/hoose from Alshabaabs. Al-Shabaab oo jab culus lagu gaarsiiyey dagaal ka dhacay magaalada BARAAWE - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Baraawe (Caasimada Online) – Faah faahino dheeraad ah ayaa waxaa laga helayaa khasaaraha ka dhashay dagaal u dhexeeyey ciidamada dowladda iyo xoogaga Al-Shabaab oo ka dhacay gudaha magaallo...
  6. niyaahow MMA neceyb reer GM/HG baa ku haayo ee idiji, shaydaankaa iska naar not everything about life is reer GM As for Baraawe reer GM got is what reflects on what is on the ground and that its reer GM is the security there (ciidaan iyo boolis). As for in Marka Beesha GM are also Kuxigeen there in fact let me state all the places reer GM occupy as offcials in S/hoose so that you can shut up for once with your daily hate and lies you spew; #HG aka GM iyo shabeelada hoose. 1)#Gudoomiyaha shalaanbood waa GM . 2)#Gudoomoye ku xigeenka marka waa .GM 3)#Gudoomiye ku xigeenka baraawe waa GM . 4)#Gudoomiye ku xigeenka janaale waa GM . 5)#Gudoomiye ku xigeenka qoryooleey waa GM . 6)#Gudoomiye ku xigeenka afgooye waa GM . 7)#Gudoomiye ku xigeenka amniga shabeelada hoose waa GM .. 8)#Taliyaha ciidanka daraawiishta shabeelada hoose waa GM . 9)#Taliyaha guutada 14ka abriil ee shabeelada hoose waaa GM . 10)#Taliyaha Ururka 26aad ee marka iyo shalaanbood waa GM . 11)# Taliyaha guutada 6aad iyo 7aad ee shabeelada hoose waa GM . 12) #Taliyaha ciidanka SNA iyo NISA shabeelada hoose waa GM and there are so many more other jago iyo xilil culus Beesha GM have in S/hoose. P,s for those confused what GM means, its Galmudug as in Beesha HG.
  7. Alhamdulilahi Reer Koonfur Galbeed came to their senses and awarded reer GM the Deputy Mayor of Baraawe, but to refute your claim that no other Somali states gave Reer KG anything is absurd, didnt GM give KG an MP and lots of other Representatives, in a sense one can say among all Somali states its Galmudug who gave reer KG their xaquuq iyo maqaam. Beesha Iljeexs are not Xaasid.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=search&v=221077166662014&external_log_id=ad40152c-1f11-4e63-ba82-42d11ecb4725&q=ISMAAIIL CABDULLAAHI JAADANE
  9. MMA War odaygaas xun oo cuqdadsan from Gedo wargiisa naga daay, we here all know HAG will get its rights one way or the other, we are not some unarmed masaakiin begging here, we are the Head security of S/hoose (specifically Baraawe where we rule), we either get our rights or xabad ba noo taal, taas meel iga qoro
  10. First of all Reer GM gave reer KG wasiir and mp in Galmudug, and as for Banaadir we can all agree that it's not independent Admin but an admin under SFG. And 2nd of all, Beesha GM were already given their share of Baraawe gole deegaans 6 seats, the current dispute is about not singling out reer GM by giving them the only seats among HAG when there are many smaller HAGs who live there. https://m.facebook.com/groups/294284818156614/permalink/976509396600816/ As for laftagareens aargoosasho we all know that handicap Farmaajo is behind it and once he's gone all things will fall into it's rightful place.
  11. ''yariisow'' kulaha the man-child, niyahow waa iga talo since you being from reer beggars D&M, you should be the last person to throw a stone. isku xishood next time, ileen eelay baa tahay.
  12. Sxb your fake nationalistic mask is slipping lol, we always knew you were a qabiliste hiding behind Wadani iyo somalinimo so keep going with your xaar induced posts attacking reer Mogadishu iyo reer Hargeisa. As for Baraawe war it's a war based on xaqdaro iyo fitna created by beggar folks who live in Bay iyo bakool who have no business in S/hoose. Anyhow, enough with begging iyo calacaal I hope reer bay iyo bakool will put a good fight in Baraawe against the locals than their usual beggings. P,s it makes you wonder why reer beggers bay iyo bakool who are the biggest abused victims of Somalis with their recent mass expulsion from Somaliland are today calling of another's clans expulsion from their own Deegaans in s/hoose particularly Baraawe. It seems the victims of yesterday are today's aggressors.
  13. Puntland hypocrisy knows no limits, they accuse Somaliland of being behind the terrorists while Puntland themselves are behind funding another terrorists Ahlu-sunnah suufis in Galmudug. If any one Somali state would have to be added in the terrorists lists for sponsoring terrors than Puntland should be the first to be registered as such, a State sponsoring terrorists. Puntland is the Mother of all Terrorists.
  14. They are trying to win both sides support hence why they were silent, but now it appears they have chosen a side and that is ASWJ shia terrorists side, and this will cost them greatily in Galmudug elections where 37mps will be elected by QoorQoor.
  15. War hala laayo argagaxisata shiicata aswj, dhamanaan so qabta nimanka tuugata suufiIda oo umada halaagey , oo mid la dilay iyo mid nolosha lugu qafaashay ka dhiga. Tuugatan fowdada jecel Shaakir iyo maxmoud waa inaa la dilo ama tiirga loo horgeeyo.. Guul Farmaajo, Guul Qoorqoor iyo GUUL SOMALIA.