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  1. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=781358769213091 Puntland's finance minister says give a bribe to the journalists so they can spread this fake news about these 5 guys escaping from eritrea.
  2. The so called Political Elites eating good while trumping the fake qabyaalad rhetoric for their interests while the poor continue to suffer and starve.
  3. Did you forget Mr Thumma Walahi aka Sheikh Shariif started all this mayhem against the government he threatened violence live in TV, Sheikhan is the Father of all these moryaans in suits AAW, HSM Hassan Kheire who acted out the violence that Shariif planned he was their Gudoomiye Madasha. They are all responsible.
  4. They are just as bad as each other, including AAW and Hassan Kheire.
  5. “Wax weyn oo heshiiskan ku cusub oo ma jiraan” "Wax weyn oo heshiiskan ku cusub oo ma jiraan" - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Waxaa soo gebagabawday xaflad lagu soo xidhayo shirka heshiiska Golaha Wadatashiga Qaran ee Doorashooyinka, kaas oo muddooyinkii ugu danbeeyey ka socdey...
  6. it will eventually be shared 50/50 as sources say.
  7. It's already high for Rooble, because Qoor Qoor is still Farmaajos only Ally along with lafta gareen, Rooble has Galmudugs total MPs of 38, and if Farmaajo does support Rooble he will have Gedo 16mps, Koonfur galbeeds 69mps, Hirshabelle 38 mps who are all NISA agents and Somaliland half MPs and Banaadir 5mps. The total numbers of MPs will be enough for Farmaajo to win if he truly sponsors a successor and have his government and ideology continue for a long term. Farmaajo should sponsor an successor asap!
  8. Walahi as an H Block i feel ashamed how the the Madasha behaved, i truly so wonder how will shariif and hassan mahmoud 2 ex-presidents and AAW who fought as war-lords while trumping the clan card against a sitting President govern Somalia if they became President. How will Shariif who is the Head of the Mafia Madasha govern Somalia if he becomes the next President, already he alienated 70% of the country because of his qabyaalad antics against a sitting Government, its gauranteed that Millions of Somalis would become an Opposition against him the day he gets selected as President thats how much he and its Madasha are hated by all Somalis, ceeb caleyk yaa Madasha! MMA, how will you act if these Mafia became the next Government and President after they broke the spirit of the Somalia people, sitting President Farmaajo and its Government?
  9. Kulaha this fool "fck Mog" Walahi waa typical ilkoyar fake wadani mindset, the moment his failed useless Adeer xaarmaajo is about to be expelled he turns to insult Reer Mogadishu lol.
  10. Ciidamadii iyo gawaaridii uu lasoo goostay Captan Muumin oo dib loogu celiyey DF - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimadda Online) – Sida ay xogta ku heshay Caasimada Online, waxaa dib loogu celiyey gacanta Dowladda Soomaaliya ciidamo iyo gawaari uu lasoo goostay Taliye ku xigeenkii ciidanka booliiska... Ciidamadii iyo gawaaridii uu lasoo goostay Captan Muumin oo dib loogu celiyey DF
  11. Lol, still nothing has changed, he still controlls all the security apparatus, he only gave the elections security to PM Rooble, I wonder whether the opposition will accept this. Jug jug meshaada joog waste kkkk
  12. Must be cabsida badan he has for HAG that changed him kkkk
  13. Sxb as the say "Dil laakin gartiis sii", the militia uprising are 100% wrong but they are a reaction toward Farmaajo 2 year illegal extension, he should have held the election at any cost or obstacles and perhaps then no uprising would have happened to begin with.
  14. You do realize your uncle's time is up 2 months ago, I strongly believe it's Farmaajo's fault for all this militia uprising, had he held the election on time nothing like this would have happened. Elections need to be held ASAP!