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  1. This can be done in small scales in every local village/settlement out there in Somalia. We just need the will of the people and little funding and possibilities are endless.
  2. Che, if you want to buy a land in Garowe go for the outer part of the town. 10Km outside of the city(to the south towards Galkacyo) and try not to buy a land close to the main road. One KM off the road and you will get it for a peanut price. Be there in person though so you can see what you're buying and also to get the proper papers. The lots in the city is so overpriced for a town it's size not sure where these people buying the land got the money from.
  3. Gooni waan kaa qaaday salaanta. Marka xiga, horta adduunka wax mashruuc intaa le'eg intuu dhiso gacanta kaa saaraya iyada oo ay dan kale daba socon horta ma jirto. Turkish waxa ay dhiseen free maaha, danaa daba socda. Haddana iyagaa inta mashruuc oo ay hirgasheen gacanta ku haya. Dekada Bosaso iyo jidka Bosaso-Garowe haddaanan khaldanayn waxaa lacagta baxshay Maraykan shirkada dhistay un baa Talyaani ahayd. $250 Milyan buu Maraykan ku baxshay iyada oo ay daba socotay shidaalka ay shirkad Maraykan ah ka baaraysay dhulkaa Nugaasha. Tan Emirates waxa heshiisyada galaya dowlad maaha (si dadbanba ha u lahaadeen shirkadaha) ee waa shirkado faa'iido doon ah, oo raba inay lacagta ay maalgashiga ah uu soo noqoto, anakana aan wax ka faa'iidno. Mida ah waxbaa la iibinayaa oo dalbaa la iibsanayaa waa fikir caadifad ku salaysan. Mid kale oo aan rabo inaan wax iraahdo ayaa ah, Carab siyaasad xumo ha lagu xanto, laakiin Soomaaliya intii dagaal ka dambaysay waxa iskoola ka furan iyo waxa hay'ad kaalo ah dadka ugu badan oo maalgaliyay waa Carab. Marka yaasan dhisin Airport ama jid, laakiin wax nooma qaban waxay ila tahay waa jisaar. Waxaa intaa raacsiisaa, dhaqaalaha Soomaaliya badankii waxa uu ku xiran yahay waxa aan u dhoofino duni Carab iyo inta aan ka soo dhoofsano iyaka (waliba Dubai oo aad hadda moodo inay isheenu hayso baryahan).
  4. Dadka qaylinaya waxaa mooddaa inay daba socdaan arrimo siyaasad ku shuqul leh, oo sal ku leh khilaafka UAE iyo Qatar. Bosaso heshiiskeedu wax uu uga duwan yahay kan Barbara, Airport Xamar, iyo Dekedda Xamar ma jiro. Khidmada laga qaado Bosaso waa ka yartahay tan hadda laga qaado Berbera iyo Xamar. Dastuurkan lagu hoos gabbanayo xagguu jiray markii Turkish-ku Airport, Military base, Hospital, iyo Dekad dhisayay? War hormarka dalka meeshuu rabo ha ahaatee yaan la hor is taagin. Qatar hadda heshiisyo saxiiday ay dhul beereed rabto inay kula wareegto oo ay dalagyo ka beerato, marka dalkuu miyuusan abaar ku jirin? Waxaan ku durayaa hadalkan oday Gooni! Horimarka dalka ha la taageero!
  5. The man who bought a $400 million dollar yacht isn't a crook? Where do you think that money come from, certainly not from his piggy bank I would guess. The Saudi Royals are as crook as any conman on a corner street. They all take the oil money from the people and spend it like kids in candy store. Besides it's not the Maryooleey who wants to see Saudi Arabia's destruction nor do they have any influence of what's happening there, we are only discussing what's on the news. And if anyone is in fantasy it's that fat belly kid prince who's trying to bite something he can't chew. Locking up his cousins and other relatives to consolidate power is one thing, but to try to act as the deal maker in the Middle East is completely something out of his league. The Saudis don't have the influence, the institutions, or the military might to be a power in the region. Everything this young novice touches has caused them a backlash and political setbacks. Look at Yemen, a poor country that he orchestrated the misery it's now in and with little gain both politically or militarily. Saudi Arabia is the third largest military spenders in the world and their 4+ year old war in Yemen with their American made toys has thus far produced 50 miles of territory gain against lightly armed rebel group. Not to mention destruction they caused to both human and infrastructure. Then came the Qatar fiasco and the debacle of Hariri's resignation. And now his end goal is to topple the Iranian regime with the help of Israel. What a world of fantasies isn't it. So if I were you I wouldn't bet on MBS or Saudis on a match even if they are 2 goals up. They are economical decline, internally in confusion, and lost any power (if they ever had it ) or influence in Arab capitals. Iraq and Syria, once powerful Arab nations have both collapsed with the help of Saudis and other Gulf Arabs and are now in the hands on Persian Mullah. Yemen and Lebanon are also in the sphere of Iranian influence. So do care telling us about this fat kid's political suicide mission?
  6. Recycling the same failed politicians and expecting a better result eh? And we will then ask ourselves why are we in this state of affairs..
  7. Noor's best chance of winning anything in politics is going to Somalia. Better look his chances in the regional states as his luck in MN seems to be coming to an end. How many more seats could he go after and still lose. Abdi Warsame's biggest challenge now, is how he could bring the politically fragmented Somalis in ward 6 and cement some large support.
  8. Soomalidu meel kasta inay masaajid ka taagaan baa waxay u tahay wax qabad iyo kheyr doon.
  9. Maxay sheeko cusub u tahay, Cadnaan1? There are Somalis in Eritrea, Oman, India, Western Kenya, and as far as Chad, and they're all happened to be from certain clans in Somalia, No? Some people lose their identity and some keep it, so I don't see anything unusual here. Watch Harari's Universal program where he goes to Hyderabad India and interviews Indian families that happened to be hailed from North. And according to that man, there are 100s of such families in that city alone who track their lineages to Northern Somalia.
  10. Maybe a positive change, but this is no way close to infamous 4.5 formula or other meaningful power sharing. The capital is still one clan city as you can see from this list. 11 out of the 15 are from H-block and one seat for each Di-r and D-blocks. Aaway reer waqooyi, Bay and Bakool?
  11. Qaxootinimo iyo gacmo hoorsi goormaan ka bixi doonaa? Iceland waan ka daynay! I hope these young men would work hard and set a good example for the rest of Somalis that will follow suit. Btw, hasn't our own SOL's Baashe used to lived/worked in Iceland? The sad thing is that a nation of 300k people with little resource has GDP worth $17 billion and our entire Somali peninsula can't generate half of that.
  12. Farole is positioning himself for a federal post. He shouldn't throw Gaas under the bus like that. All the state presidents were campaigning for a particular candidate and there's nothing weird about it.
  13. Writing was on the wall for DamJadid. Xidig lost the speaker-ship then followed by the loss of Farax Cabdulqadir. Hassan knew what was coming hence why he conceded before the 3rd round.
  14. Congrats to Farmajo. Hopefully he'll take advantage of this hysteria and build something upon it. Somalis are too emotional and once the emotions subside the same people cheering you today will hate you most tomorrow. I hope he won't carried away with this nationalistic fervor and start stupid fight with the international community. He needs to surround himself with cooler heads and good advisors (they are hard to come these days) and governed by consensus. Feel bad for Malistar wonder if he will continue supporting the new guy.
  15. SOL admin, please remove these graphic video from the site. I don't understand how someone can be this wicked to enjoy this barbaric killing of people. And the irony is that he doesn't even know what's he's posting, who's doing the killing, and whom been killed. These are Iraqi shia army/militia killing unarmed men in the worse possible way. Stop the keyboard bravado and GO fight shabab if you have the will and the heart to face them.
  16. Elpunto, you're absolutely correct. Having watched some of the videos of the AS kids captured by PL in the recent skirmishes, I gleaned that most of them joined the group for money. I remember one of the older guys saying he used to draw about $30 a month salary. That sounds decent salary for a poor uneducated person, methinks. There are also some who joined them out of ideology, but I think majority of them are either coerced to join them or are in for the money.
  17. Che, Garacad afkaaga ka leexi It's not a "village," but a YUGE town roughly the size of Decatur, GA!! Jokes aside, I think what was proposed for Garacad is not a commercial port, but rather a jetty or small port for fishing boats and small dhows. The Wadaagsin (hope I am saying it correctly) road is the main project for Garacad as it will connect the coast to the interior towns (Galkacyo and etc) and then to border. This road if it's built well and utilized to its potential could create a tremendous trade and improve people's live. I will rather see Somalis vying for projects and outmaneuver each other to improve their backyards than fight over whose dust town or leader is better than others. Kudos for GM for trying to make a case for their town over PL's, I think they're playing a fair game!
  18. Haddii meesha qabiil wax lagu kala xadayo, PL soo nin meesha uma joogo. Why cry if GalMudug outmaneuvers you in your own game!
  19. Maalmo ayaa la barooranayaa, facebook laga ducaynayaa, AS la habaarayaa and then all of these mayhem will be forgotten til another one hits us again. The cycle of violence continues (30 yrs and counting)with no solution on sight. AUN inta dhimatay.
  20. Is doesn't seem he's facing a criminal case here. It's civil law suit and even if the "victims" win the case, it will just be a symbolic win as this guy seems to be broke.
  21. Miskiin, haddii aa ka hadlayso Professor Micheal Weinstein of Purdue University, ninkaas wuxuu dhintay 2015. Mid kale oo Maraykan ahi waa Ken Menkhaus, kaas wali wuu ka qoraa Somaliya.
  22. This is a great read: What is curious is that Western policymakers know that Ethiopia and Kenya are not honest brokers in Somalia, and yet continue to give both major seats at the table, to tolerate their excesses in the country and fund their activities. But no nation is keen to send peacekeeping troops to Somalia, a country that, after all, humbled even the US Delta Force in 1993. While there is no political alternative to al-Shabaab in the country without the protection of AMISOM, the West will continue to need partners and will continue to foot the bills of whoever is willing to do the dirty work. - See more at:
  23. What's so significant about rented Cadillac trucks, Saalax? Btw, I only see one Cadillac there, rest of them are Chevy Suburban. I still don't get the Somali diaspora and their obsession with throwing parties for politicians (this is not an attack on this particular one or his community). What's the need of renting expensive hotels, convention centers, and luxury cars for a politician when the majority of people back home are dying of hunger. This is across the board for all Somali communities in the west, and their useless madaxwayne-yaal and wannabees enjoy the (extravagance)moment while they feed lies to the sheeps.
  24. It's sad when the so called "Culuma" are the ones spreading hatred. Look at this Sheikh in Bosaso and how misleading his message is. No fact-checking whatsoever and people just take his words for the truth. I am all for the Oromos to take over this forsaken land we call home. Hell with it, If you can't use it lose it!
  25. I will be surprised if Sharif shows up there. Farole and Silanyo are two old-heads and no one will care if they get together for one last party as neither one of them has any political future in Somalia. Let's assume that both Farole and Sharif honor the invitation and show up in Hargaysa, my question for the Landers is, would your politicians ever visit Mogadishu or any other part of Somalis if similar invitation is sent to them?