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  1. There were 4 Somalis killed over the weekend in Canada. 2 in a double homicide in Toronto and another 2 in a double homicide in Grande prarie, Alberta. The Mounties are trying to identify three male shooting suspects, seen running away from an apartment building in Grande Prairie after a double-homicide. Officers responded the building just after 4:30 p.m. Saturday, in the area of 107th Avenue and 100th to find two males shot dead. The names and ages of the deceased are being withheld, with autopsies tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. At this point, investigators say it appears the double-homicide was not a random incident. Source On Sunday, June 28, 2015, at approximately 7 a.m., police were called to the Lisgar Street/Sudbury Street area for a shooting. Once on scene, police located two men with obvious trauma. They were pronounced at the scene. The victims have now been identified as Abdiwel Abdullahi and Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie, both 26, both of Toronto. Source That's 4 Somalis I've known who have been killed so far this year (including one from this weekend), it's been pretty bad for some time but it's getting ridiculous now. There hasn't been a single month where I haven't seen a Somali name on the Toronto Police press release page.
  2. Toronto police say six males with alleged ties to the Dixon Bloods gang have been arrested in connection with the murder of 22-year-old Malcolm Marfo. The arrests came after search warrants were executed at a number of residences in the area of Dixon Road and Kipling Avenue early Thursday morning. Police say one suspect is still outstanding. The suspects, who police say were all physically present during the shooting, are facing charges of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. The shooting took place just hours after 21-year-old Ahmed Siyad was wounded by gunfire at the same Etobicoke address. “If it is proven in court that the motive was out of retaliation, I would suggest that the individual that died that day had nothing at all to do with the events that occurred earlier in that building," Insp. Greg McLane told reporters during a news conference at police headquarters on Thursday morning. “He was in a stairwell and confronted by the group. It could have been mistaken identity. There is a number of things that could have occurred. I don’t know what was in the mindset of the individuals that are responsible for this." Police say Lioban Hussein, 20, Mohamed Omar, 26, Saieed Hagi, 20, Sharmarke Farah, Ali Mohamed Isse, 21, and one youth who cannot be identified under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act were arrested and charged this morning. An arrest warrant has been issued for Hanad Farah, 21, in connection with the murder. Source: CP24 Stay safe guys, things seem to be getting out of hand in Dixon.
  3. You Abrahamophiles need to relax. You've already bastardized Somali genealogy in an attempt to claim descent from Caucasian prophets. The least you could do is not prostitute the traditions of our pre-Islamic ancestors to the Caucasoids.
  4. The police have said that they are certain that he was not the intended target and that he only went out to move his car to a different parking spot overnight.
  5. A 31-year-old Toronto teacher who died in a triple shooting in Lawrence Heights earlier today, was slain in the same neighbourhood where he grew up and eventually taught. The shooting occurred just after midnight Tuesday on Flemington Road, near Lawrence Avenue West and Allen Road, according to police. Paramedics treated the fatally wounded teacher, as well as a 22-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman for multiple gunshot wounds as they were lying at the front steps of a four-storey apartment building and distraught residents looked on. The three were taken to a trauma centre, where Abshir Hassan later died. The other two people are listed in serious but non-life-threatening condition. Hassan had spent time as an occasional teacher and supply teacher at various Toronto public schools, including at Lawrence Heights Middle School. That school's principal, David deBelle, fought back tears after he described Hassan's impact on his students to reporters. "He was beloved by all the students and the parents," deBelle said. ... Source: CBC News
  6. Here's the caption you're referring to: "as she snuggled up to her pal, clad in jeans, boat shoes, neon top and navy blue jacket, before making her way into the theatre". His name isn't clad. She was clad in the clothing they described. Clad meaning dressed. On Topic: If she wasn't East African I wouldn't hesitate to say that is K'naan, but maybe he's a Kenyan relative or friend?
  7. That looks more like an M14 rifle than a Kalashnikov.
  8. Best of luck to the nomads in Winnipeg,it won't get warmer than - 25C (-9F) until Sunday.
  9. Safferz;988547 wrote: I happen to think we need more political scientists, actually... lots of us in the sciences and math and hold those fields in high esteem, all the while getting upset with the discourse and representations of us in policy, media, etc. You need Somalis in the social sciences and humanities for us to be able to participate in the discourse. I'm in graduate school, studying African history. It's not so much an issue with the Social Sciences themselves as it is those who take them. In every subject you'll find those who have little to no interest in their field. This is strictly anecdotal evidence on my part, but while these students can be found in great numbers in STEM fields, they seem to make up the overwhelming majority of those in the Social Sciences. Both you and Apophis have degrees in the Political and Social Sciences, and it's clear that you two have an interest in your respective fields, but that is simply not the case for the majority of your colleagues.
  10. thefuturenow;988420 wrote: Yes. And we will will come and enslave your 'people' because they've never had a caramel maccihiato. How can one call him/herself human if they've never even had a starbucks latte? --Unanimously, the diaspora. On a more serious note, Classified , get your shit together mate. Your attention-whoring is getting absurd. Meh. I've seen more tears shed for dead drug dealers than for the starving and the destitute.
  11. Apophis;988381 wrote: Do not be cowed by the emotional hypocrites who today, or any other day, have not bat an eyelid at the hundreds, probably thousands, of dirt poor Somalis who have died of hunger, disease, malnutrition (most likely cancer too), lack of basic medical care etc, yet are quick to shed crocodile tears and emotionally blackmail (and threaten) you with censure for speaking your mind about an individual who has lived a much better live, short as it maybe, than many Somalis. Yes, it's unfortunate she died, but she's no more special than the many Somali kids who have also died (today). Get a grip people. I disagree. She is made special by the fact that she is a member of the diaspora like many commenting in this thread. Diasporans form a cultural group of their own and it's natural for them to be more affected by news concerning people like themselves. I lost relatives in Taleex this week, but this story has came up more often in conversations with my parents.
  12. Jacpher;987691 wrote: 3+ people in my neighbor. That's disgusting. How can you stand living next to a sexual deviant?
  13. DoctorKenney;987588 wrote: Seems like the Americans are finally putting their own interests ahead of Israel's. Much to the chagrin of war-mongering neo-cons. They're having a fit over this agreement.