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  1. Ethiopia has already renamed dalkan oo dhan kalilki 6. Hadal kama jiro in sirdoonka xabashida iyo qaar klo badani in ey dalki la odhan jirey Somali Democratic Republic meelkasta joogan sharci kasta ka sariyaan , cidey doona la baxan , jidh dilkan ,madax ka jaran cida donan, dad bdn oo ushaqeyani bey hestan sida sharif sakiin iyo kuwi kle wada ah Mayors . Marka we all knew gumeysigan lkn suashu maxa ino xaal Ethiopia waxey wada iney axmaaro dajiso wabi shablle iyo jubba somalina ku masquullaan qabil,sheeko yar iyo isneceeb tullo tullo degmo degmo. Dalkan iyo ummadan hadi gacanta lugu dhiibben ummadi waligood o ah qadi , suldanyow, cidan, aqaqli iyo daqtarter oo ah ahlu deenka oo illhy sharciSA ku shaqeyna . Malinti la dortey sharif sakiin iyo kuwa level ah baa ummadan ba badey isbdalkasi illhy ha insuo dedejiyo. Wlee NGO gaal badari iyo kuwa uah dhabadhifka ifka iyo aakrio midna ma faido doonan . Ethiopia wey burburi doonta ee waxey wado imka ba uu noqdona shildaaki lagu gubu doni . Wa bi laahi tofeewq
  3. Odey,nobody cares what Puntland has to say about another federal member state . The federal government recognized Galmdug with the minister of federalism odoowa present in Cadado.Nick Kay IC For somalia recognized and welcomed Galmudug.the people of galmudug are happy for their new mamul. The only angry people are puntlanders like you, why , no one knows(hhhcourse we all know QBLL) but the most surreal statement was from al ustard al doktoore Abdi waly Gassy leader of the garwoe when he said " Buntland do not recognize Galmudug" ,who asked puntland saheeb? And how can a mamul recognize Another mamul under the same Federal administration . Puntland xaal qaado .Bowwe this southern writer summarizes it better wayo read it Puntland waxkasta inyow ?
  4. ^ what is it you puntland supports have against Galmudug state. Galmudug is an inclusive multi clan state that is formed from the people of the central regions ones again your qabilist hatred will be your own worst enemy. Deal with it.nether Abdiwalis childish angry threats against the peaceful people of Galmudug nor your own anti. Galmudug talk will change or hurt the people of centralregions. in the end wish your neighbours good as u wish ur state to be successful. Welcome Galmudug state and Shabelle state soon. ( shabelle iyo hiraan ) . The days of marna waa C/Rasheed marna c/Rizaaq is long gone .
  5. By Kavuma Kaggwa
  6. Mooge, its ramadan so Nabad , Caano iyo timir. Also you did not create Galmudg nin weyn baa maxa ku qasbaya beenta, Galmudug state was created by the locals citizens of that area . So respect Your neighbours and peaceful coexisting will continue....... regional and internationals borders will and must be respected .
  7. Congratulations, gobolada dhexe ee galmudug state shacab iyo madaxe weyne guuled wuu guuleyste .
  8. welcome Galmudug peacefull, prosperity, and all the best hormar. If mudug is divided jubba is divided if u say alif u must say bA federation daad baa is laa,ha it will only work for you. How it has changed . The same guys supporting jubba is against unity of galmudug hypocrites in every since of the word. In the words of the german expert on all somali the PhD holder and a member of a tribe he has chosen in the native somali lands "". You and your friends can talk about a 'smart white man who is colonizing you, but I think that when you are finished talking about colonialism, you will go back to your Somali tribalism"".
  9. <cite> @Admin said:</cite> CiidanSuldan is banned from Somalia Online for posting filth on the forum. Admin you banned because you didn't like his opinion, his Somaliland nationality and his fact based method of debating and when you all the southerners lost the debate they called on you admin aka sanka /miskiinka to banned him. Even in the month of ramadan you lies never stop .
  10. Aqriso report kan
  11. If YOU listen to what the good community leaders of sanaag, republic of Somaliland said you will hear a appeal for those criminals behind the killing of 79 year old great grandfather Yuusuf to be caught and face justice , how unlikely that is when it was the work of mokbarat of Cusulows, Moqadisho behind . The shaheed Yuusuf is for us never counted as died no , he is a life in a place allah subannah wa tacaalah has destinied for him. Thank god we don't have to hear those cheap slogans of various southern regimees , such as somalinmo , mooska laga dhoofiyo xamar bey ku noolayhin and fotball match between Toodheer and w.Galbeed while cidaanku is colonised my country. The youth of the community must put their hard work in Sanaag in the republic of Somaliland.with time moqadisho will further away then asmara and we dont have to hear gacan ku dheeegyaasha reer xamar .time to have a deep rethinking of ummadan isku dhex jirta, after all yusuf waxu ah 79 jir cida masuul.dilkeysa waa kuwa madaxtoyada villa moqadisho joga .
  12. <cite> @ElPunto said:</cite> It is odd - how the average Somalilander seems to be ok with this egregious behaviour. But I don't expect the general masses anywhere in Somalia to come out organized and do anything apart from the usual qabiil thing. I did however expect culuma, local leaders and local NGOs to be more vocal and unequivocal. It is not as if people are afraid of condemning Siilaanyo & co - it's open season on him - and if I were his opponent - I would have used this against him regardless of principle. im sorry but why should I care about your refugees when your intelligence service this week assassinated my close relative 70 year old MP Yusuf dirir and badly injured another Abdalla Boss If it was up to me the top members of your government should be arrested and send to hague. I am sick and tired of your lies , and won't even reply to all those false lies you people are writing here asual my only question why is your government not helping Your refugees to be send to moqadisho instead of this Somaliland you all hate because your government don't care about somali refugees in Yemen , the only action your moqadisho administration has done is to declare war on Yemen which has put All 1M somalis in yemen in danger as reported on the news resulted in deads of 30+ somalis Qe,raal masuul ( you government sold these people refugees for fluush as per your character for supporting the arab gulf campaign. Never has the republic of Somaliland turned away people from Italian Somalia and never will because we know pain and suffering of refugees camps and war . The people of Somaliland donated 800,000 dollars to South moqadisho in 2011 east African drought , the cities and towns of Somaliland are full of your people working , living and being treated with respect equally no south north divide. . With regard to the amount of newly arrived somali refugees in Berbera , Somaliland , this town has taken more than 5000 refugess every day refugees are arriving and being helped by the same people, and nation you are hating and denying to exist as a sovereign member of the International community . Even the locals governor houses two refugees families what does he get from you in return calling him every bad name under the sun. Your moqadisho government have declared an economic blockade on Somaliland as quoted by odowaa your interior minister, your president , foreign minister and for that reason me and many other Somalilanders are tired of your lies. Today these 200 southerners arrived in Somaliland see and hear how they treated with respect and appreciate republic somaliland welcoming them while The republic of Djibouti has banned somalia refugees from their ports , not to mention your beloved gulf States Reer koonfur your analyses are always anti Somaliland but never do you ask what is your own government doing. Lastly to the guy who wrote Berbera was build by the Siyad Baree regime and southerners taxpayers I can assure you Berbera was not build by by the taxes of Southerners , on the contrary the North was so heavily taxed by your regimes I can safely say Moqadisho and all the south was subsided by Somalilanders for decades and decades but then again its so difficult to reason with a koonfurian political ideology based on destroying the very core of the wider somali (anarchy, world most failed state etc ) name while throwing childish tantrums mixed with the usual emotional victimhood mentality. Keep your fake somalinmo nationalism bulshit to yourself and continue your teenage facebook debates with in unity (for once) hating on those Somalilanders ,dont forget to press the like button what else can we expect from the children of of sociaList October moqadisho Siyad Barre regime .the ubaxi kacaanka BoliQaran second generation. Crocodile tears are always on standby.
  13. ^ <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> I met Yusuf Maxamad Dirir in London. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto. Amin Yusuf dirir was from the generation born under colonism who loved the somali people and work hard for the return of qaranimo sadly he lived among moqadishon hutu elite that has no concept of humanity, deen or any kind of law know to mankind be leaves behind wife and children and a community in shock asking why a 70 year man was shot in the back by cowards . The assassination was done on order of Tuuryare NSsA cheif for culusow . Here is moqadisho minister confirming Aaska xildbaanka إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
  14. ^ on the weekend two Somalilanders Ysusuf dirir and Cabdallah Boss politician was assassinated by Cuslows and Tuuraye National intelligence service in Moqdisho you come here to kick at Somaliland Republic , you selfhate is mind boggling.
  15. MOOGE , the Somaliland Government does not have the resource to give these refugees help sine the beginning of the Yemen conflict berbera town has taken more 3000 somali refugee 85 procentage of these are from south moqadisho area still Somaliland is a defacto country with limited recognition and diplomatic war on us from moqadisho we can not take anymore as these people need urgent help the most human is to send all refugees to Moqadisho as moqadisho is getting all the help from international community in the name of former United Somali republic .