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    This I believe

    The process must be terribly complicated. Why else would it take so long.
  2. Man, your social verdicts are just as ludicrous and myopic as your political opinions. Damn!
  3. I think Tuujiye should crash this party. He would'nt appreciate others being all lovey-dovey about someone else when he is Man of the Moment. Holla back, T-Man!
  4. See, that's just the thing. By lambasting his whole clan and by voicing sweeping generlisations the Professor thinks (I don't agree with him) that his clansmen will change. Sadly, his fulminations will either add to the wild fire, or it will cause some leaders to step up their game. We'll see what happens.
  5. Pi

    The Earth is Flat

    ^^^I didn't know that. Flat, my foot.
  6. This is one helluva thread. I'll say that much.
  7. Just google islamic book stores and you'll get a million hits. The books you referred are famous enough, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding them. Results
  8. Interesting stuff. Thanks for the link
  9. The people you see at conventions and stuff are not really scholars per se, just preachers. So, I guess what you're saying is that there is a dearth of somali preachers. I guess it depends on where you live.
  10. ^^ Are you by any chance a hermaphrodite?
  11. Originally posted by sheherazade: I told her about the 4 foot nothing dressed-in-white perve who asked me for a bl*w job at the bus top on the way back to the hotel. He had mimed it, really, not quite asked. Yeah, short guys are known for indiscretions like these. But I'm wondering, why did he ask you of all people?
  12. I guess this should deter the "giver" too. I mean after they pump your loved with testosetrone, I don't think you'll be too enthused about bundling up with them.
  13. Are you being sarcastic? Well, I mean, I thought it goes without saying that if someone is missing a nose then their set of expeirence will be different from a nosed person, let alone a person who only has half a body, and, consequently is missing more than a nose (feet, legs, other valuables). To answer your question, No. If I'm ever sarcastic, I make sure it hits home, because I don't like to leave room for doubt.
  14. I think Somalis don't understand that you can be critical and courteous at the same sime. They think the two are mutually exclusive. I don't think Togane hates his clan, actually, I even think he is proud of his ancestry. He just doesn't know how to express his sorrow in the face of the Somali status quo, so he resorts to blanket insults to stir them up.
  15. and experiences more than many of us do. Yeah, I bet she does. So, is she married too?
  16. All those indho names had me cracking.
  17. What a vulgar title for a thread.
  18. What a vulgar title for a thread.
  19. What a vulgar title for a thread.
  20. Daqan celis, indeed.
  21. He might be an apostate, and I'll leave others to figure that out, because I am just not equipped with such knowledge. However, as a matter of decency, foul language and "bedamnings" should never be allowed.
  22. in the words of NGONGE 'CALL A SPADE A SPADE' Was NGONGE alive back in 1542? The man is older than I initially thought.