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  1. Cadaan; 1)I said and still maintain that your preference is NOT for your children but for yourself like you said "I truly enjoy Somali culture(most of it, anyway) and I put a lot of time and effort into learning it" Your children's Mother is alive and she can still maintain their Somali heritage.If and only when their Mother was not around then I would totally understand your reasoning. 2)Please spare me the guilt trip I never suggested for you to leave your children.I said that your preference was for you so why you are telling me how/why you would relocate has nothing to do with what I said.In all honesty my 1st post were I gave advice actually said " think you should perhaps move out of Calgary (only if the ex wife complies and brings the kids which is kinda difficult but try)" so dont even imply or explain why you would not move away. 3)Your reasoning on Somali on Somali marriage is pretty ******.How can you compare a man marrying a woman from his own race to one who has cut out his own race for a potential wife?A Somali man who says "I dont want a Somali girl ...she is boring blabla" is comparable to you but not the example you gave and yes he would be considered racist and disgusting. What you need to understand is Somalis are a race and for them to marry another Somali is due to them being around them.It's unlikely for them to disregard the potential [somali] mates around them and then jump into another racial pool.Of all the Somalis that I know who are married to Non-Somalis I've never heard them say that they specifically desired a Non Somali and that they would never marry if they could not find that person from the set race that they were talking about like you LOL! NGONGE why dont you introduce Cadaan to one of your relatives in Somalia then? Girls in Somalia preferring specifically white males?Speak for you and yours lakiin dont speak for everyone. Good luck and best wishes Cadaan.
  2. BTW Also... I only just got to read this post in full. I am appalled at how some of you have cheapened our Somalia-bound women.Believe it or not they do have a choice [even xoolo have a choice] and should not be advertised online like a pair of Jordans on Ebay. It's actually tragic since someone like Jaceyl Baro is back home and can talk like this.War orod oo shaqo qabo niyow.
  3. Originally posted by Cadaan: I honestly don;t like white girls. I'm white myself, and I think a relationship with another cadaan would be boring and they just doesn't appeal to me.[/QB] Could this be what other Somali females think of you?Straight from the horses mouth, perhaps a relationship with a caucasian male is not exactly our definition of interesting either?...That is if you switch up what you wrote and apply it to you. So really it's not about your children after all but really about your personal [albeit groundless & prejudiced] preference.Dont get me wrong you're entitled to choose who you want but to cut out a whole race [which you come from] and to generalise them like that is disgusting and downright racist, might I add unacceptable in Islam. Sorry but I couldn't help but comment on such a hypocritical post.You've basically answered your own question. You shouldn't limit yourself where Allah SWT hasn't.You should change your mentality and perhaps Allah SWT will bless you with a wonderful MUSLIM wife regardless of her race. XPatra.
  4. Ibtisam I only came across this article by chance.I never even heard of XXL until this (I live in a quaint village in west London for crying out!lol) Loool Layzie, ouch indeedy.Ii waran naa? Nomadique...Damn right!
  5. "About wanting a Somali woman, my dear you shouldn't limit yourself...While it is good to keep your children in mind when choosing a partner, this is not about them...This is something you have to do for YOU, if she is good to you and loves you, she'll be good to them cuz they are your kids regardless...At the end of the day, you're the one who is sharing life with this woman...And the last thing on a kid's mind is 'omg, how would I adjust to my step-moms culture'...OR the fact that they wouldn't love their half (say) Asian brother/sister any less than they would love him/her had they been from a Somali mother..." Ditto Kool Kat aka Bisad qabow. Cadaan aslong as they have their mother then no need to worry about their daily dosage of Somali culture.Esepcially since they are girls.I say this as I dont want you to whistle years away limiting yourself when you could be with a amazing 'non Somali' Muslim sistah.I think you should perhaps move out of Calgary (only if the ex wife complies and brings the kids which is kinda difficult but try)...I say that because if there is a small Muslim presence in Calgary then it's better for all of you and most importantly for your girl's Iman when they get older to move to a city with a higher Muslim population.
  6. This article was posted in 2006 by XXL magazine upon the release of Lupe's Food&Liquor. 2007/08 and Lupe's 'The Cool' is easily one the best albums with his success riding higher and higher.Yes Nomadique&I have Lupe on our playlists[albeit on repeat!]. Haa kugu taagnaato XXL! :cool: 'Lupe Fiasco, jihadist' An exploration of Islamic themes in Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor. Posted In: XXL Magazine. Not that it matters much anymore, with Lupe Fiasco seemingly destined to fade into obscurity and end up the answer to some future mid-oughts trivia question about skateboard rap, but for a while there it was interesting to think about: If Lupe Fiasco had become a mega-star on the order of, say, a Kanye West, America would've found itself in the odd position of having an avowed devout Muslim pop star while simultaneously enmeshed in a war with Islamic fascism. Which would've been pretty weird, if you think about it. I can hardly think of an historic precedent for such a scenario. Not to attempt to draw any parallels (because I'm sure there aren't any), but as far as I know, there weren't any big jazz records made Nazis during World War II. And, as amusing as it would have been, I'm pretty sure there was never any Viet Cong equivalent of the Eagles during the final stages of Vietnam. Indeed, there haven't been very many Muslim pop stars one way or the other. American Idol's own Paula Abdul is ostensibly an Arab of some sort, but I doubt she gets down on her knees for anything other than to blow that Puerto Rican guy she was allegedly involved with. Cat Stevens hit it big in the 70s with songs like 'Baby, Its a Wild World and the now-ironic Peace Train, but I don't think he got serious about Islam until after his career had jumped the shark. To be sure, plenty of rappers have professed an allegiance to Calypso Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam as well as its even more bizarre prison gang-oriented offshoot the Five Percenters. But its not like anyone other than the ADL considers them a real religion of any significance, and that's because they're always looking for someone to beef with as a matter of political strategy. From what I understand, based on my reading of his lackluster Food and Liquor as well a lot of the press leading up to its release, Lupe Fiasco considers himself an adherent of the Cat Stevens school of Islam more so than the Rakim school, to put it in terms of washed up musicians. If he disagrees, he's certainly free to talk management into allowing him to unleash another torrent of ad hominems on yours truly like he did a few weeks ago. For a guy who hardly ever curses, let alone drops the dreaded n-bomb, I think people were surprised to see him go off like that. But that's the thing about Islam: It's a self-proclaimed religion of peace that just so happens to have a 1400 year history of violence. They don't particularly set out to do anything other than submit themselves to the will of Allah, but that usually ends up involving wiring some poor child with explosives and sending him forth into a crowd of infidels. Does Lupe Fiasco consider himself the equivalent of a suicide bomber sent to rid the rap world of a few infidels (metaphorically speaking at least)? When you think about it, his album does seem filled with that kind of rhetoric. He speaks of the images of champagne and bling bling so often projected in hip-hop the same way that Islamic fascists speak of American culture in general and, in particular, the MTV culture that they view as such a threat to Muslim youth. And his claim that he once hated hip-hop because of the way women were treated (presumably before he became a gat-toting crack slinger?) seems ripe for further inspection beyond declaring his views refreshing.Muslims, after all, aren't exactly known for being progressive when it comes to that sort of thing. Does he find that the depiction of women in rap lyrics is especially harsh vis a vis other genres of music or is the thought of a woman in revealing attire alone enough to set him off? Ironically, the myriad issues raised by Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor are a lot more interesting than the actual music contained therein. In that sense, I suppose it's too bad he doesn't seem poised to have much of a viable career as a recording artist. That said, I'm sure I'll find something else to write about.
  7. Bullsh!t. I noticed that age is also a issue too. Couple a old-ish reasonably decent looking chap with a more aesthetically pleasing younger female counterpart and theres insecurity for days.No stability but endless arguments. He"He likes you,wuu ku sii eegaya,why dont you go speak to him?" She"War balaayo aan aragnay iga amuu niyow, you're embarassing me!" and so on... The old school people (Dad's and Grandad's age) are/were sooo much cooler in comparison wallahida.Younger, fresher wifey was the norm.
  8. Jacayl Baro How is the FBook group Qarxis?Everyone is on there voluntarily ,not like yourself who is perving on pics and too fuuley to join...Walle waa yaab. Cynical What's up habo?
  9. ^ Oo maxaad sheegi lahayd?
  10. Ciao Nepht *Is wondering why Nepht said that Lol* Who is 'Surer'? :confused:
  11. The world is too damn small maa is tidhi.This is jokes. Although alot of people don't agree with his views I would like to know if perhaps there are people who would do their own blogs to challenge or question any of the points 'Mr Smith' raised? No point complaining if you're not going to challenge it right?
  12. On the other hand Obama's wife Michelle rocks.She is the 'natural' speaker of the duo,so I've read. Go Obama!
  13. XP stands for Xalimopatra for all of those who didn't get it. Lol @ Faarax Brown. JLee what's the complaint? Pucca,rejoin hun! Ps if you're gonna request a friend/add atleast state your forum name.Contrary to popular belief there are some posters that I wouldn't want to befriend
  14. I rejoined&just left a wallpost.It's funny to join back now because I actually recognise/have some of the members as friends on FBook
  15. Val I was wearing a yellow hat.Barged past you?I dont remember barging past anyone but I sat on the second row from the top and the only time I had to squeeze past anyone was when a troupe of Somali ladies decided to park themselves on the nearest seats to the end of the row ,blocking the middle seats.Were you seated there? The question and answer part was v.predictable,full of old men and their BS.I'm friends with Ahmed....the guy who was sitting with the panel, Masha'Allah he was alot more patient then I could've ever been trying to keep the peace and all that. Good luck with your career plans, Insha'Allah Khayr.