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  1. Bornafied critic Listen calling for annihilation of fellow human beings is not your job nor ours.It is the job of the Creator who owns everyone of us.If you feel humiliated...pick yourself up and compete.If you feel unrepresented,get yourself a decent representation. If you feel helpless ...empower yourself Dont go looking for blood unless someone literaly attacks you in which case you defend yourself. In this day and age you need to look inward for your solutions not outward because the problems are inward not outward.No one can cause us humiliation if we dont do it to ourselves first.
  2. are u willing to help out. you u can date one of us as a reward now that is original bro!
  3. We want to know why our chicken always getts messy and dirty. we live together in a house full of young men, we have put in place various plans logistics to make the house remains clean and tidy .. we held endless and came out with millions scenarios .. a schedule or rota system punishing the the culprit Sorry yahoo i did not understand the question was it a misspelling or did you mean CHICKEN and not CHILDREN.
  4. The typical Giriama flirting Man: Mbewe yunareha na baba(come to papa) Woman: Kinyocho bee(asshole,piss off all in one) Man: Mbewe njoo nitakugwira mpaka ugwirike(i'll hump till you drop) Woman: Haya wee!(what!) Man: Tu gwiraane(let's hump) Woman: haya Bwana(ok my man) I heard this going on in The coast in a place called kaloleni way back and i havent forgotten it looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  5. and the west has the audacity to claim freedom of speech on the Cartoons when they are not even allowed to discuss current events that are widely accepted around the world as unjust. No discussions about the fact that there is a UN resolution against Israel which it refuses to abide by which requires it to withdraw from all teritorries it captured in 1967 with the help of US. However Iran is expected to follow the rule of international law, when it's arch enemy is heavily armed with nuclear weapons. What hypocracy!
  6. an italian was asked about his holiday to the US and this is what he had to say I'ma come here to a hotel. I go down to eat soma breakfast. I tella the waiter I wanna two piss toast. He bringa me only onea piss........ I tella him I wanna two piss.... He say, go to the toilet. I say you no unnerstan'. I wanna two piss ona my plate..... He say you better no piss ona a plate you sonna ma bi*tch! I don't even know the man and he calla me sonna ma bi*tch!!.... Later, I go to eata soma dinner at another restaurant.... The waitress bringa spoon, ana knife, but no fock..... I say I wanna 'fock'..... She tella me everybody wanna fork.... I say, you no unnerstan'...I wanna fock on the table. She say you better not fock on the table you sonna ma bi*tch! I don't even know the woman an' she calla me sonna ma bi*tch! So I go back to my hotel, an' there's no sheet on my bed.... I calla the manager an' tella him I wanna sheet on the bed. He say you better not sheet on the bed, you sonna ma bi*tch! I don't even know the man an' he calla me sonna ma bi*tch! So I go to check out and the man at the desk, he say peace to you.... I say piss onna you too, you sonna ma bi*tch! I go back to Italy..... I canna look at my owna Pissa there
  7. SOURCE sorry guys this thread was there in the website but all of a sudden it has dissapeared now.but not before i printed it.
  9. They could have scored at least three other times.Loved thierry henry's goal ...went through three defenders.Mighty team hey?,unbeatable in their home ground hey?.Well Arsenal proved it wrong!
  10. Actually guys if you follow the link i provided it takes you to a Somali website called Shabelle News who sent their own reporters to the drought affected areas and took pictures which are displayed on their site. Just follow the there is no need to listen to a foreign NGO.As for giving to the NGO's i say it is about time we didn involve foreign NGO's .This is somali money intended for somalis and if anyone should benefit even if it is admin as they do in the other NGO's it should be a citizen of Somalia in Somalia who has a right to such a money. They do the same why shouldn't we?.So let us find a way to donate and buy the food from Somalis in somalia.Water from Somalis in Somalia, and transportation as well. The distributors should be somalis and recepients somalis.It should be a turn-key project involving somalis in my view,and before anyone forcasts doom and gloom....just sit back and think.....why the heck not?
  11. I feel that everyone here is talking but not doing anything and yet as the pictures at the link below shows people are at the stage where entire cities will perish if nothing is done!!! I URGE SOL to put up an active colection banner similar to the Tsunami one and pass on the Money collected to our brothers and sister back home web page
  12. The propeht SAW said before you bring out the shames of others remember you own Well we are busy blaming others when we should be looking inward and seeing that it is our leaders,and our collective people who allowed our disunity.When one of us is harmed we should all close ranks..instead we say ooh they are Arabs it is okay it is far from us,then it get's nearer,nearer pretty soon it is in your house then you cry Ya ummatu Muslimiin.That ummah are the same ones you ignored in their plight!
  13. i say submit to the will of Allah and beg Allah to make it last for you nothing else you do will matter in the end
  14. You are all wasting your time here.It is either meant to last with Allah's will or Not.whe your allocated time together on Allah's book is up you will break stop wasting your time
  15. once this reer mudug guy came over to East Africa He hadnt had some nookie for quite a while and was used to the easy goings of Xalimo nights so one day he came to this guys and said "walaalayaalow tol hadaanu nahay sida ii dhaama" They ask him " oo maxaa dhacay" he says" ilmo adeerayaalow kuwaan aad tiraahdaan xiiraanta ii saara manooli ee" So they somehow work something out and the guy gets his wish On the day he was in a room and the bed next those wooden framed windows He was expecting to be the Daddy and making the moves unfortunately he was carried up and down and before he knew it he was up to the level of the window watching the outside and then down and then up so he got all wound up,couldnt keep up with the new overwhelming nookie system and cried "naa bal ii dhig aanu islaqabsanee, na bal ii dhig aanu islaqabsanee"