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  1. I think the men in SOL should take it upon themselves to wed these women........... So......who wants number 5
  2. what are YOU doing looking at Matrimonial adds horta........ Am i the only one asking myself this question?
  3. SB: You're a baboon; the ugliest smelliest animal Despite Muslim pleas for the work to end, Israeli developers and archaeologists are removing the tombs to make room for the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center to build a multi-million-dollar Museum of Tolerance, dedicated in part to promoting understanding among different religions! The Irony!
  4. I would have to say colored.......i dont know but it seems to carry some kind of negative vibe with it
  5. Maskiinka, how could you blame him...you arent aware of his circumstances....first of all he is hearing impaired, and as the article stated the school acts as if none of its pupils are disable... haha-->that's for the california school system advocate we have over here..... I've went to California public schools..they're nothing to get cheery about....i think for the most part MINNESOTA schools are very good and have a high level of money is going into them....but you have to remember to seperate MINNESOTA schools from MINNEAPOLIS schools.....Minneapolis which houses all the minority kids (madow iyo somali alike) has recieves the least amount of money to deal compared to all the other suburban school districts. However you can easily send your kid to these suburban school; the bus will even pick em up at your door step. But most parents dont utilize this, the reasons can vary..... Lets get back to the man in question tho...he's a 24 year old hearing impaired immigrant, due to his age no suburban school would allow him to enroll.....is it his fault he cant read.....I SAY NAY! (heh, always wanted to say that)
  6. He thinks you dont believe in "love", well that's not such a big problem. Just use another word...sheesh, love is a one syllable, four letter word...You can easily express how you feel without using "love".
  7. I think you guys areinsensitive goons....so quick to stand up for the school system, and more eager to bash the poor guy So he's 24.....that doesnt give the effin school system the right to deny him education...just because he's an immigrant that says nothing about his character.......You know how much money these school superintendents and their cohorts get.... They put immigrant children in schools that lack material and teachers....and when they cant deal with them, they take them to recess....year in and year out, the recieve all this money and grants from charities and non profit organization but what do they do with it....build gymnasiums and fund extracurricular activies...and because of that, HE CANT READ......
  8. Go outside and poke fun at the pit bull down the block, which so happens that the owner forgot to tie up.........haha, you'll forget about your stress......THAT'S A GUARANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK.....well not money, but you know what i mean
  9. :eek: so like, when did the memo come in about "fat is bad"....i must've been out on lunch Where did that whole "im big and im beautiful" thing go.......BRING IT BACK, i liked it
  10. haha, nice to hear But i just cant see somalia with a female president. Too much trouble with dirac iyo dahab. I mean how could she meet with the parliment if she's on her period. qix qix qix. I keed, i keed. But seriously.....
  11. You guys should try this.......its fun, quick, and i think its a better indicator........or a bunch of bull....what do i know :rolleyes: http://nicologic.free.fr/Classification.htm
  12. How much money are we talking about here? A twenty, well then that's just prostitution A coupla of thousand, well then that's a lucrative investment
  13. AbStraCt


    Originally posted by Daanyeer: quote: Wlc Daanyeeroow... and Do not touch theose bananas..they are contaminated with Googlivitis Ask Abstract..she is ill with Googlivitis Googlivitis? Sounds like a sexually transmitted disease. Abstract, is this chinaman for real. Cuz I'm about to eat these bananas. Its True, he's chinese for god sakes........they know these things On a brighter side, i've found some help for my google addiction, however i've been messin' with this SOL drug for a bit now, and i think i'm hooked!
  14. Here are mines, most of them are BS i just came up with.........but its kinda fun A baby cries loudly The yanyuur runs in the musqul Hooyo comes out with a qori He stands at the corner She walks buy in her flashy dirac He lowers his gaze He resembles a snail A hard shell but a puddy inside We call him snaily Now you try
  15. We dont know, only allah (swt) knows But whoever it is, i hope they get what's coming to them......... :mad: