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  1. It is getting worse, Biihi has been refused to attend the normal routine function held by King Salman at end of every Hajj. Madaxweyne Biixi Oo Laga Reebay Martida Boqorka Sucuudiga | Qaran News QARANNEWS.COM
  2. The irony is they are performing hajj and deception at same time.
  3. I agree with writer, and assessment comes to same conclusion, it is 100% intentional, Dad bay sidan ugu badisaa. 4.5 and qaybo constitution will be here to stay for at least next decade.
  4. Waa yaab, good journalism DHABARKA in laga sawiro bay aheeyd!
  5. Is this for show? Hajj meant to be personal n private.
  6. My source tell me the current admin is using this chaos to steal more and also to weaken percieved enemies. Hadii kale iyagaa lagu soo jeesan , war dadkan aan wax garaneeyn yaa kala Celiya.
  7. Enough is enough, we are losing the cream EEBE ha u naxariisto marxuumka
  8. Thanks, it seems they hiring people they don't know. It is complacent, they planted her years ago. Who does the vetting? IDENTITY massive problem in Somalia.
  9. We are too complacent, "Waxii ilaah qoray baa dhici, or Illaah baa qoray, " always as excuse. NOW who was behind Yariisow and team killing? And it is hardly investigated, waqtigiisii baa dhamaadey ku oran.
  10. The whole mobile networks should be shutdown
  11. There is more to this story, that meets the eye. I agree , this is not FAIR trade.
  12. Walaahi Somalis are not ready, for multiple reasons, PIS is successful because it is not managed by SOMALIS. The only people who can defeat this, is someone as sophisticated as them, for example, even if you reduce corruption and increase salary, the soldiers you pay have families? are they safe, are their families safe? the answer is no. Once you have public servants,soldiers, police, living among the people, in the middle of the night, they came to you with gun point, and give you ultimatum, do what we want you to do, or we kill you or your families. They extort everyone, who refuse, is either dead, or runaway. No one is safe. The answer could be locate families everyone working for the government in gated, secure safe areas, and make sure they never bring their families to like Mogadishu, till this cancer is eradicated. There was a highly level gov employee whose son collaborated and helped these guys, because they had access to him, and forced him.