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  1. We are not as bad but lately as means to get more resources, this trend started in Sanaag as well. Caana boore baa la isku shubi
  2. Xaqu feedhaha ka dilaacaa, dictator IOM is very afraid of similar revolution in Djibouti
  3. Things are going from bad to worse, for secessionists, the few dollars that lead all these arrogance and stupidity will also dry up, next is the Hague and int criminal court
  4. The deafening silence of secessionists here tells you something Guul iyo Gobanimo for SSC folks. Khaatumo duushay!
  5. This blue flags may give heart attack to some secceionists
  6. Tell me about honestly what is going on Taleex, Xudun, LA? And all other Ssc towns?
  7. It is time for Hassan to shine and be with the right side of history, time will tell.
  8. Some sources, say , he has capacity to free more areas from Shabaab but does not want to, because shabaab is buffer for him, protection from Mogadishu, Gedo etc
  9. I don't think they are tamed, but their thinking and strategy, is not like Somalis, winner takes all, both sides made compromises.
  10. I agree, But for how long ? Cat with 9 lives, He used Deni and was right time for him , throw him under the bus
  11. Very unfortunate, and religion misunderstood is extremely dangerous
  12. Mr Majnuun will parking about Farmaajo all his life. Waa low life journalist