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  1. The deal from Djibouti is working for Sl, what did Farmaajo get? MISE.WAA laga xoqday
  2. Yes he is good arguments but did he follow those good advice by himself?
  3. Nice song Suugaanta yaa la siyaasadeeynin
  4. Let us do some maths, how many Slers go to China and do business???, and how many get their goods for Berbera and goods that goes to Wajaale, I have been to China , loads of business going to Wajaale. Everything in SL, is from China, Everything that passes through is from.China, Ma maqashey, meeshi labo maroodi ku dagaalamaan, cawska uun baa ku burbura, learn some lessons from genius Ina Omar Gheele, he houses both China n US.
  5. Isn't this the idiot who sold Somali seas! Ma cidbaa.wax ka qorta
  6. The most stupid dicision and amateurish ever, what are they thinking!! many countries who had recognised Taiwan before , have changed their mind, and withdrew it, to please China cuz they know it is never going to happen, as China has veto power, and know any day now, China will annex Taiwan, so will not ruin relationships with China. PLUS China has a big influence in Africa and AU. It is bad idea.
  7. Maanta baroor diiq baa ku jirtaa , maalin kale haynoo ahaato.
  8. Instead of resorting to personal attacks, tell what is wrong with my analysis, I was here and was against markii Xalweeyste 11 usoo qaadey Pl, and now siyaasadii hadeey isla kiin rogtey, it was military defeat against SL, and now political defeat, I would recommend you tell your leaders in Garoowe, hands off Sool and. SANAAG, waxba ma taraysaan. Runtii Walaalnimada beenta aad belahaas ku hadaanna ka jooja. All your political energy, you spend going after Dhoobo, KARAASH Instead everyday praising Biihi, who is 5 km away from Garoowe, what you going to do?
  9. Latest update I get, is Farmaajo wants to fill N&N with these 13 seats, strategy to get re-elected.
  10. Bro , that is all I am trying to tell him, it was early error, that is coming to bite now, the H@rti group. Never mind, I doubt this will fly, but needs strong come back.
  11. war Heedhe in mudo ah ba, constitions is not worth the paper it is written on, it is temporary, and the only thing that goes is power sharing among tribes. I don;t think this will fly. It has been Lajiifiyona Banaan for a while, and I 100% agree with you, the upper house was not required at all. We should have invested better in working constitutional court. Farmaajo wants to screw with federalism, and and hidden agenda a move similar to JVA alliance.