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  1. SHEEKADU WAA gurigaan rabey, roob ma igu leexshay, Farmaajo from start wanted to keep 4.5, and never wanted one man one vote.
  2. Gooni, Farmaajo armuu sheekadiisu ahayd, gurigaan rabey, roob ma igu leexshay, sida fudud isku dhiibay waxaaba dhici karta sidan in isagu rabey
  3. Somalia waa dal nasiib daran oo mar walba dadkiisu tabcaynayaan. NABARKA ama cadowga shisheeye waa laga kici karaa, oo laga hortagi karaa, laakin kan daarada waa dillaa!
  4. Agee, failure us understatement Unbelievable, he must go
  5. Very true, it is personal vendetta, not much care of the nation
  6. ^^Eebe mahad iska leh in munaafaqadii Deni iyi Madoobe la arkey.
  7. Absolutely true, many Somali Sijui, Kenyan teachers, many also go UN funded schools for refugee near border, this was also a big campaign by this community to invest more in education Haloo hambalyeeyo, hana lagu daydo
  8. Or Gedo smarter , or have more time for studies. Where Mogadishu kids distracted, too much going on. Even PL, very small towns come top
  9. Wow No notes, I thought he could use Arabic atleast, this illiterates destroy Somalia
  10. Nimankaas waa is dhibeen, badankood Dna Bay iska qaadeen, oo hada fududaadey, They are biggest customers for these.dna companies, and , guess who they became ? These people are going their roots , they have all been forcibly converted.
  11. Amazing, this is level of stupidity I was talking about Majority of Slers and almost All their Mps, in Mogadishu are trojan horse and hell bent to destroy Somalia from inside Very intensive loyalty test ,vetting must be carried out before letting them in. THEY can not be trusted. They invented shabab and now trying to destroy from within
  12. Many times you will see how Somalis from South, underestimate the level of madness and delusion in SL, MMA, you are exception.