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  1. if they were smart, and run the scheme nicely, they would have benefited for generations, and helped the community Most Somalis live for today, I don't think this is isolated to H and D block only Somalis are the same. Many NGOs and Organisations, run by others continue for years, without making any change in people's lives, but are run smartly
  2. I think they forgot they were in a country with law and order Maybe they were thinking they were in Somalia
  3. This area is more populated, has over 50% of Somali population
  4. And Muuse Biixi loved so much and proud of colonial era, what does that tell you
  5. Too violent, too many m0ryaan culture
  6. MMA, Morgadishu can not be Somali capital, it must be moved somewhere else. Start from zero
  7. Tiktok is from China and not allowed in China. Like snapchat, it was 100% created to destroy mess up with people's religion, culture
  8. as usual, secessionists overworking, cidina uma OGA!
  9. qabyaalad waa QURUN, markii horeba si khaldan wax u tageereen
  10. Now make sense why HSM preferred flying out, he knows he has no.control,.Meesha shabaab baa haysta!