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  1. I saw it and was really surprised why replace AMISOM, Atmis, and bring another one Very very strange
  2. HSM as predicted, will take this country down the drain anyways, PL must control their borders,
  3. We have seen this movie before, in the end Somalis will lose, collectively. Very sad developments, but I support kicking Ethiopia out
  4. Now we have Galbeedi, others supporting the new constitution, This country is very fragile and ever that has to be created and moved forward must be inclusive, this new constitution has no credibility and lacks wider support. Also, if it is easy just to rewrite a social contract like this, then what is stopping HSM to continue rewriting it for his interest? Dadka nadaamkan khaldan tageeri, waxa ay tageeri in GOD dheer Somalia sii gasho, oo meesha lagu kala tago, nimankii Arsenal ka faiideeystaan Waxa hada muuqata in the OLD circus, vising Ethiopia has started. This dumb HSM is going to do serious damage to Somali Federal gov Bal salaad ma tukan kartaa, adigoo weesaysan, dastuuraka in wax laga bedelo waa muhiim, laakin waxa ka horeeysta in lagu heshiiy cidda wax ka bedelaysa.
  5. I have been observing, Somalia, sometimes as non Somali, I firmly believe Somalis. have not yet invented the wheels of governance, I want congratulate PL for their brave decision, nothing good is coming from Mogadishu , PL may feel short term pain but in the future will win. Unukaa Leh, dad wax lala wadaagi Karo maaha, they will soon self destruct.
  6. Something is up, how come despite all the noise, no single MP was against this? Meesha waxbaa ka socda