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  1. MMA, Culusow won in this crooked system we have. Let us pray for him and give him time. To early to oppose him. Hopefully he learnt something, very few people get second chance.
  2. I agree ,.let us pray for country, . CULUSOW took corruption to new high last time.
  3. Congrats Culusow, let us if he learn anything, while being opposition, and makes a good decision. I would fix the comstitution and give mor3 powers, so we don't have usual power struggles between President and Prime Minister
  4. Yeah it is Culusow vs Farmaajo
  5. Yes top 4 will move second round
  6. They should educate more about how to
  7. Bizarre, many of the candidate didn't even receive single vote. Abdi shakur Warsame around 14 votes, it is alot to do with m0ryaan culture displayed by Rooble
  8. What you think will happen 2nd round ?
  9. My count, Culusow has more Khayre doing very good, 3rd position
  10. Farmaajo, deni, and Khayre, culusow through to second round