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  1. Camey, a Northerner representing SOMALIA in ETHIOPIA. First task, to close all secessionist offices.
  2. Don't shoot the messenger? The Tanzania guy has destroyed Puntland
  3. Is this real or desperate way from Deni to unite them
  4. The company I work for, even gets HALAL from halal butchery for few of us, or even for me , actually some of them even prefer HALAL, as less watery , they say, and tasty. anyway, SULDAANKA, is beckoning a real politician, qof aan waxna ka xishoon.
  5. Yeah, I think they are Puntland army that broke away,
  6. Have you ever read about sodon guruuro, or 33 years lunar cycle, it is happening ancient believe that past repeats itself and recently highlighted in netflix series "Dark" It is back to 1990!