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  1. Why would she talk about this nonsense? With world best vetting ,you think she would get away with this crime?Think AI bot
  2. Xanaano iyo meelaha wayeelka lagu daryeelo in lageeeyo.
  3. Indeed strong soldiers, not these fat who NEVER fought a war being humiliated like this
  4. Latest is Houthis c capture entire Saudi region, and Saudis in retreat.
  5. Was this Why he renounced his American citizenship, not worth it, the whole UN thing is becoming farce
  6. Was Biihi in the assembly? Did he use Somali? Ninyahow Faarmaajo haduu guul isoo hoyatey oo la maamuusay, adna kaagi erida soo dhaafikarin, TFG inta ka horeeyso u qir, adna dadaal laakin xagxagasho, dagaal bisadeedka iyo maseey ka jooji, marwooyinka inoo dhaaf.
  7. Saudis are begging US not to start war, they are extremely vulnerable and will be toast. With 100s of billions spent on defense, could not even detect small drones