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  1. ^First you need gutsy leader who can dare to talk to China You think people paying power bills now will allow this? They can't let you do your own process of election, our parliament decisions rejected, China is another step. One of the reasons, Very brave Yeey was removed.
  2. You see secessionist, anarchist, m00rywan, UAE dabadhilif isku nacamleeynaaya, Somalia is surely is coming back!
  3. ^^let me talk to your Kikuyu handlers?
  4. These m00ryaans , if can not be punished for highest crime, treason, must be fired. Totally disgraceful
  5. He is going to meet Denni n Madoobe once they get go ahead approval from master UAE. Or this diplomat will go to Abu Dhabi/Nairobi instead! Watch this space!
  6. Biihi is extremely involved in Mogadishu election's and behind the curtain involved selection of duriyada Mps. OF course Qatar knows that thru Fahad Yasin. So this diplomat is trying to solve this piece of the problem.
  7. Ok, No sane Somali should ever sympathise with those evil shaytaan group, but there many closet supporters.
  8. It is fortunate many didn't lose their lives. In Bari, people go sleep , no clouds, or rain, n woke up in floods from up Sanaag, miles away.
  9. Did they say what they want him out? Is it because he got the donations from Qatar?
  10. If one rainy season, water is captured, could be used for years. Very unfortunate, most of these waters, don't even replenish underground water but end up all the way the ocean
  11. A national security problem, recruiting these from Mogadishu clans only. It was obvious problem, ciidanka qaranku dhinac buu ka raranyahay.
  12. I agree with Shirwac, the axes of evil, of UAE n Kenya will turn to Prime Minister Rooble. He should be prepared. ANYWAY this move by the President n parliament is good for Somalia.
  13. Very good, if only they would listen