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  1. ^^Dawlad oo dhan baynaba fahansaneeyn Somali. We have never understood statehood. Dna ceelasha iyo geela lagu dagaalamayey baa weli ku qifulan.
  2. He put his place the ignoble idiot parasite . Farah MOALIM is best somali character
  3. very nice, waxa hada meesha jooga warqadaas oo kale ma qori karaan. Rag rag ah dheh, Masha ALlah. And yet they have all resources, internet, google,
  4. This country is screwed up, even with proper and just government, it will decades to correct it.
  5. It is looks this speech made Pl people very angry , they couldn't believe ninkii ay dirsadeen gobola kale ku mashquul ahaa! Wax ay isku diidan yihiina Farmaajo ma sheegin.
  6. Where is the Kenyan dog? When is he going to speak?
  7. If you go back to 1991 or 2000 or 2004, and 2012, and now conflicts and issues are same, different actors, and Somalis are always held hostage by few, we are the worse of the world cuz of few very useless people. This time public are tired and not entertaining this.
  8. Too much nonsense, and half-truths Ask yourself, what made Gedo issues, Pl/Denni issues? This guy is retard, all people near him are same group think.
  9. Guys, farmaajo is in full control and this small spoilers have no clue and zero power. INDHA cade is wanted man now, dead or alive Many like Denj and Madoobe were hoping after 8th of Feb, hell will break loose, not knowing there is strong national army and Hag opposition have no teeth any more! It is time to genuinely go back to talks and plan national one man one vote election. The biggest danger to Somalia's national security is not these dumb opposition but UAE.
  10. You are completely blinded by your bias against this government since day one, try to find facts, covid-19 is widespread in Mogadishu
  11. We will see how Farmaajo reacts, it is his time to shine and finnish off these warlords, there is no place for warlordism in modern Somalia
  12. ^^Does Hassan Culusow know how many died of Covid19 this week in Mogadishu, he should pay a visit to cemetery, New variant is killing pple crazy