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  1. ^^KOONFUR GALBEED, mustaqbalkii dadkii DALKA, ALLA hanoo dhowro. Sirqooyinka kale, age care ha lageeye
  2. They were extremely fortunate and lucky not to join corrupt n anarchist Somalia Extremely lucky, and agree with Tallaabo, If SL also stayed away, could have possibly succeeded.
  3. Faisal Rooble is extremely dishonest in this situation, he should stay away from SOMALI politics
  4. I agree, Farmaajo may win, unless opposition unite behind one strong candidate
  5. The level of corruption on this selection will be another level, just wait for PL, the movie has just started
  6. what is this anarchism? Ragga wax iska dhiciya dheh, waa maxay siddani?
  7. MMA it was all over the twitter, apparently waa laga mumnuucay in London/Rio
  8. very interesting. Somali ilaa qiyaamaha hadeyna is hagaajin, lugaha bay is jari, horuna uma socon.
  9. These stupid ideas is going to destroy WOMEN sports. really bad
  10. The competitor was male by birth n recently transitioned Very unfair for Ramla
  11. Agree, something not right about current format. It is possible Abiy wants weaken remaining regional states, so they don't raise up like Tigray
  12. These girls should have been in Olympics
  13. Xaaji, goorma SL tegi Olympics?