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  1. No fact checking, nothing, full of.rubbish news n click bait
  2. Good move by Puntland, way to come back to the fold. Federal government is their government
  3. Don't be like Ibbi, and be that low. Ask yourself after Ibbi peddled that nonsense, he was finnished. SIYAASADA iyo beenta meelo aan la gaarsiin baa jirta.
  4. Nothing here, good luck. Anybody can marry anyone. The only trend, I could be wrong here , I observe, is a bit high achieving Africans run and marry white
  5. Preppers are vindicated, I use to think they were crazy. Time to prepare! Must atleast have two weeks suppy, due coming up lockdown like Italy.
  6. Tuugii Xassn Eebe ummada kuma soo cesho, Farmaajo maxkamad daaro bay ahayd, Tuug aan waxba reebin buu ahaa.