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  1. Nothing to politizise , Cagjar was doing shopping.
  2. Agree with Dufaan,but what happens after court case
  3. It is clear they are losing but MOI created big issues for somalis, this would not have taken place if it was not for the MOI
  4. DALMAR, Have a long strategy and vision, work with gov knowing any day your people can lead, stop supporting the evil group or making excuses, "I did not get PM so shabaab want us to be friends" that is the dumbest thing I heard for a while, think, and think not about now but long future. How many very smart pple did this evil group take? How many innocent from your clan? SHABAAB are somali enemy, Farmaajo time max gurrenteed next 2 years, come up with 30 years plan, and I believe they can be eliminated with few months, with right people.
  5. maakhiri1

    Ilham Omar

    There is a short stategy and long strategy, imagine Somalia not invading Ethiopia and keep country strong while at the same time helping WSLF. SOME people seem to understand the game of long strategy, and Ilham should not rush.NO seef la boodnimo. There was a strategy paper prepared by Isrealis in early in 1980s discussing how they would destroy their enemy Arab countries from internal, civil wars, in decades to come.
  6. maakhiri1


    No wonder AIPAC wanted to meet her, to burry whole tjing. they don't like exposure and truth.
  7. maakhiri1

    Where’s Farmaajo?

    If it is alphabetical, what is Musaveni doing infront row?
  8. maakhiri1

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    She just issued apology
  9. Free the youth and RIP for many massacred by SNM in these reigons
  10. maakhiri1

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    Apophis, I agree, she should focus MORE on AFRICAN/SOMALI issues. More pressing and urgent needed. These pple she is trying to fight are way too powerful, and I think she is a target already, she should watch her steps, they will scrutinize her every move now. Focus on SOMALIS/Africans in America and Africa, and try to do more for them.