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  1. Bro, they don't care about Somalis n their livestock. You should know these Arabs, they operate with zero logic
  2. Some of the decisions.should be made by head of.the government , he should report. He cross.the lines many times. Anyway this is death by thousands cuts for secessionists.
  3. Buug in aad ka qortid weeye,hadii kale berri iyadoo si kale loo sheegi baa arki. You are very objective person
  4. It seems , with internet fully shutdown, things are being under reported. Many officials killed, and fighting still going on. Coup still on "The head of Ethiopia's Amhara state and his advisers were killed during a coup attempt in their state, state media reported on Sunday."
  5. It is possible it will change back again, climate change may increase rain East Africa , there will be winners and losers. The other think to consider Somali population , probably increased 5 times since your father was a boy.
  6. I am not sure of last few months, but there was a video sometime ago , Sangub saying he is well treated in Mogadishu . He was very ill anyway. Faisal Rooble, af soomali maxuu wax ugu qori waayey?
  7. Masha ALLAH, we must move forward, where is it located?
  8. Coldoon doesnot have as much public support this TIME as BEFORE, must be Karma, and ku jees jees abwaan Naeema Qorane. Anyway, hope he is freed soon,