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  1. Deni was bad news from day one Eebe ha qaboojo, it looks over now
  2. I heard all flights ✈ ✈ ✈ out of Addis, fully booked, chaos everywhere
  3. Very good progress, Deni surprised us. Well done
  4. Bal adba!! The worse part the current selection in federal will last well beyong the same mandate for one man one vote schedule
  5. Gooni wax badan waa maqanyihiin, dhererka keliya maahee, balaca. YEELKEEDE HADA inta hadhey waa lama taabtaan, dawladuna aqbashey
  6. Madoobe n Rooble are 100% owned by Kenya, Deni has properties in Kenya,
  7. These issues are too complex and Somalis lack knowledge, the judgement was too technical and few understood it War meel cidla iyo dhac baynu la dabaaldegeeyney? Yeelkeeda, with Somalia very week, it could have been worse. Intaas aynu iimaansano, and judgement is final
  8. I agree and government must lock up all of them for treason
  9. SOMALIS have a very short memory, I really don't know who he was but I remember before anyone there was a guy who went crazy about this issue in Somalitalk. Who everyday was writing about this issue and made most Somalis aware. If you are out there, I want say thank you.
  10. Press release 2021/22 24 September 2021 Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean (Somalia v. Kenya) - The Court to deliver its Judgment on 12 October 2021 at 3 p.m. Hague time MOGADISHU 4 PM
  11. Oct. 12, 1954, Somali National Flag day