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  1. Originally posted by Modesty: this scholar once said, in the west the naked women doesn't turn the man on because they are always unhijabed, so in order to get that 'arousal' they do makruh things like falacio. Why do you people revel in being ridiculous? Hmmm, let's see if this holds water. The scholar says that, in the West the naked woman does not turn on the man. So, is the scholar here referring to all western men? most? or just some? And just how exactly did he come to this conclusion? anecdotal evidence? Also, how does the scholar know that engaging in fellatio is a sign of not being able to be turned on? Besides, this is hardly a sign of "desensitization" of the hormones. No matter how many times a male sees a naked woman, his Hypothalamus (the part of the brain responsible for the secretion of hormones) will always react unless he is sexually disabled, ill, or very old. Of course, different persons are equipped with different drives, some overly active, others markedly passive. However, the scholar said for us seeing the face of the woman arouses us. This scholar is either full of hormones or he is full of shit.
  2. Yeah, you do that, Liibaan. I'll make sure to take a trip to the local, kinky XXX store to get blindfolds when the need arises. Of course, if anyone ever sees me going inside, I'll just say that I'm observing religous rituals and that it has nothing to do with pleasure.
  3. Callypso wrote: You can say that once science finds the truth, then science is never wrong about that truth again. I think that statement could not have been more patently false. It is vague to be sure( what is truth? this will open up an unending discussion about epistemology), but false nonetheless. Science is never set in stone, so whatever happens to be the "truth" at one moment in time, can easily become false. And this has happened time and time again in the course of history. If anything, science is always self-correcting itself about what the truth is. Certainty is a foreign word in the scientific world.
  4. Well, this is not new at all. I believe there are two hadiths about this subject. I've come across these two a long time ago:- 1. Looking at each other's private parts can cause impotency and blindness. Therefore, do not look at (or into) each other's private parts. (This is almost literally the exact wording of the hadith) 2. Thou shalt not act imitate the beasts in your "relationships" Both are said to be Da'eef or weak ahadith which are not reliable. Also, the famous Egyptian TV-Sheikh personality, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, was asked this same question. He is on record saying, "By God this is strange. I am being told that people in the West strip butt-naked during intercourse. It is not recommended that you take off all your garments during "Jimaac" (i.e. copulation). I think this is just a Arab thing, a cultural ritual; namely, of copulating with your full gear on, the Qamiis or Jalbaab or what have you.
  5. loool@ Eggie. You kept your promise. As my chinese freind would say, I like, I like! P.S. By the way, it is unfertilised for a reason.
  6. I would never give the time to someone who taps me on the shoulder. Why does a person need to tap me? What the blazing hell are my ears for? Strangers should not make any physical contact with you whatsoever, whether you are a male or a female. I remember I used to work at a Retail Store a few years ago, and some customers would pat and poke me in "good spirit". I would tell the retarded customer, in my hulk-like voice, "Sir (Ma'am) Pleeeeease! keep your hands to yourself. Thank You." Some would think this is a sign of anti-social behaviour or a sign of poor customer service skills. My bloody nose. Do I really have to mention that there is an exception to my keep-your-hands-to-yourself attitude? Yes, a certain breed of XX-Chromosomers do not make me livid no matter how hard or how many times they happen to lay their hands on me? It is the exception that proves the rule.
  7. I wonder why some grown-ups are afraid of the light. Yes, the light.
  8. Caption Four: Dude, it's not what you think. I swear, the Doctor prescribed them. Its called Marqaancomide
  9. Pi

    Get out of Debt

    Even though I cannot make any claim to opulence, I really need an accountant or a financial planner.
  10. I would recommend this short book or essay too. I remember reading it at a Chapters Book Store a few months ago. I did not even have to buy the book. I think they'll soon ban me from that place because I never buy books from them, but I still spend an inordinate amount of time at their store.
  11. Castro: Hey, do you know what the W-Man said when he was accused of being drunk. Winston Churchill was once accused of being under the influence while he was answering a question at the House of Commons. The Lady said something along the lines of " You, Sir, are drunk ", to which he replied: " And, you Madame, are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning". I am not sure if he was actually drunk, but that reply discourged the woman from every accusing him of impaired judgement.
  12. Originally posted by Kashanre: ]Granted he is adept at his art, but I don't believe he has had any impact on the Somali political arena of 2005. We, including him, are watchers while the game is played in the nation itself. [/QB] Obviously, only those with guns (declared or undeclared) have any tangible influence in the somali political terrain. Barre Hiiraale might be an exception. How's that for "ambiguity"
  13. Pi


    Have you interacted with somalis in general and somali females in particular before? If you have, I don't know why you're posting a matrimonial request here. Assuming you know Somalis and they run in your circles, can't you ask those people that you know (Somalis that is) for tips on how to sweet-talk a Somali girl into marriage? I'm sure they'll hook a Pakistani brother up. Of course, if you've never interacted with Somalis before, and, hence, have no clue as to thier manners, demeanors, and culture, only God knows why you would want to marry one. Lemme take a wild stab at the de facto reason for this strange marriage request. You've seen one good-looking Somali woman and now you're under the delusion that they're all attractive. Buckle up, dude, you're in for a wild disappointment. Why are you so intent on marrying a Somali Woman. Yo, spill the beans.
  14. This was a shitty year for me, really. I changed programs, I got divorced (well, cyber divorce, to be precise. Imagine that), I did not save that much money (one paycheck away from being a pauper. Heavens!). So, this new year's gotta be better. Happy New Year Nomads
  15. Fourth Caption: Little pusssy cat, twitch, and I'll fart on your nose. Who's your daddy?
  16. If your parents won't too too heart-broken about it, you should stay behind. I always wanted to leave home for my undergraduate studies, but my parents chained me to my room. It'll be a good experience for you.
  17. LoooL@ parting between arms. War anagaa balaayo aragnay. Is it suppose to be an 'Awrah, the "parting" between the arms that is. Lemme guess, it could a source of great societal strife (religous folks call it "Fitnah"). How could a man possibly restrain himself when he lays eyes on that heavenly division of flesh and bones. Anyhow, I doubt this is a hadith, it just sounds too silly. However, if it is an "authentic" hadith, then I'll shut my cakehole. Seriously, why don't they devise huge, human-size carton boxes especially made for females with minute holes for air circulation, and a not-so-revealing opening of the eyes. This way even the movement of the body will not be visible, only a moving box. Would'nt this make them that much more modest? I think alot of members already made it abudnantly clear that they are not riduculing, mocking, or belittling the concept of the Hijab itself, rather they find certain variations of it "comical", "oppressing", "unnecessary". I agree. Men and Women are told to dress modestly in Islam. However, I think some go the extra mile, and, subsequently, they miss the whole the point. People do strange things when they forget the main object of their actions. I think Ahura said something to the effect of it being necessary that we distinguish the Hijab itself and the various styles of wearing it. Honestly, are you telling me that you would not be desparately trying to hold back your thunderous laughter if you saw a Muslimah robed in a Beach Towel, or wrapped in toilet paper as Castro said, or what if she was enclosed in a good 'ole humungous carton box. I'd probably try not to laugh, but it would be to no avail. I would turn red or blue due to insufficient oxygen circulation. Now, is this just a hyberbole or is there some similiarity amongst the tent-wearing, beach-towel-dressing, box-hiding, toilet-paper attiring styles? Can we be modest and not preposterously humorous at the same time. Why is there always an "either/or" ultimatum. I don't think there should be a dichomoty at all. Ok. Maybe this is really a subjective thing. I might find the idea of a moving tent somewhat humorous and unnecessary, but others might find it as a sign of absolute beauty. There is no accounting for taste, indeed. For that reason, I will not publicly riducule the tent-wearers. Afterall, their intention is, one would hope, a religous one. P.S. I have a question for the more knowledgeable Nomads of this thread in religon, particularly: Khayr, Xiinfaniin, Rahima , or anyone else. What is the history or the story behind this particular Jalbaab (the tent-looking one) in Islam. Were muslim women donning this particular style since time immemorial? Hit me with a hadith, slap me with a verse, or just pull-out the formidable Fatzooka (the islamic juridical Bazooka). I promise, I will not retaliate.
  18. I want to torture someone just for thirty seconds. Thirty tops, I swear that's all I need. I have some painful desings. :mad:
  19. Pi

    Who ate what?

    What secret club will I be admitted to join if I answer correctly? Does this problem or question involve math? I would not wanted to be admitted into a math club even if they had all the food in the world.
  20. Are the editors of the news sites that gullible? You mean all those "Phd"s after their name is useless? I always thought having a Phd was a sign of good intellect, but Somalis have convinced me otherwise. Time for a change of career choice for me.
  21. I think a read a news artilce online sometime last year, and it was about a fatwa enjoining woman to have a "mahram" when the use the internet. So, women can't have their own section in the internet cafes, rather they have to "rent" a computer in a special room in those cafes, and they still have to have a mahram with them when they use it. You never know what these women can do with a harmless machine like a computer. They can wreak societal havoc.
  22. Which is more painful: the act itself or telling about it? :eek:
  23. Pi

    Do not despair

    Muhammed, you have an eye for spotting evocative verses so keep sharing them, man.
  24. Alle-Ubaahne is a relentless humorist! Odayaasha dhiiga ku kici.
  25. Yoonis, sxb, I agree with you on some points and I disagree with you on others. First, many people have articulated that Togane is a poet, and so as a poet, he can say whatever he wants. There is a difference between saying he should not be taken seriously or listened to and saying he should be censored by somalis , because "tribal diatribes" (whatever the intention) is not a somali phenemonon. The Greeks used to insult the hell out of each other; Oh, the arabs are masters of "raping" (figuratively) whole tribes. So, it comes down to preference. It would be nice if every tribe had some like Togane who lashes them with his tongue. That's just my silly opinion. One thing though, if a person hates this kind of literature you dont have to force it down their throats. And for the love of God, you're chasing Rahima and mentioning her in every post, let it go. This is not a defense, but it just looks embarrassing, nin weeyn oo qof dumar ah eryanaya