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    A pic,,,,

    Is Northerner really a mod. for the politics forum? Libaax-San-Kataabte is quite the politician. Maybe he wants to draw more secessionists to the forum. LOL Soon we'll see Alle-Ubaahne as a moderator too. SOL waa loo yaabaa.
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    A pic,,,,

    Originally posted by Northerner: ^^never been there I doubt they'd understand your q?aldaan accent. Besides, they don't have as much Qaad as you folks up north do. Two reasons for you not to ever go there. LOL.
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    A pic,,,,

    Northerner is a pathological liar. Aint the first time either. It's in his blood. He's a secessionist, ppl.
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    Took me awhile to figure out what the FOBs in this thread meant by crash. The word is: crush, immigrants, crush. I don't mean to be pedantic, but atleast one of you ought to know the correct word. Seems somewhat ridiculous to read a converstation that goes like this: Person 1: Yeah, I'm over crashes. Haven't had a crash in a while. I'm old. Person 2: Really? Even sixty year olds have crashes. Person 3: I once had a crash on my teacher. Collective illiteracy? I hope you all have real crashes. :rolleyes:
  5. Poor English Orphans. Minority tribes cannot secede. Minority tribes cannot become power-houses in somali politics. Will they ever learn?
  6. Viking, dude, don't bother educating Telly-Tubby Taliban about Islam. Haddad never adds anything insightful to a discussion. Vapid one-liners are his speciality.
  7. Pi

    Re-writing the Quran?

    ^^ I wonder why ppl even bother posting crap like this. I mean how is anyone suppose to discuss or comment on raw bullshid.
  8. Nice clip. It's tempting to romanticize the past a little too much. Let's look forward to the future. The Somali State right now is like the ancient Phoenix, rising from the rubble. We will once again honour and dignify the Somali flag which Maxamed Cawaale liibaan ,(one of Puntland's sons), fathered. Rest in Peace, Maxamed, our founding-father. Your valiant efforts were not done in vain.
  9. You're welcome. Out of sheer curiosity, do you consider yourself a mystic? I'm sure you have some working definition of mysticism. What kind of mystic are you? Don't worry. I will tolerate difference- just this one time. LOL.
  10. LOOOOOOOL. Dude, thanks for the laugh. That was hilarious.
  11. There is no God (worthy of worship) but Allah has a special meaning in Islam. Entire volumes of books are written about it. It's the essence of Tawhid. But that's not really your question. So let me take a stab at your actual question. There is no God, but Allah Means that nothing is a God but Allah. In other words, Allah is the only God. Basic english. There is no Man, but Ali Means that nothing is a man but Ali. In other words, Ali is the only man. Again, this is just a linguistic approach to your question. As far as the word "God" goes, ppl of different religions call many things "God". Islam tells us that all those are not actual Gods. There is only one actual God (worthy of worship): Allah.
  12. ^^ Hmm. So are you guys gonna hold the Guriceel tribal meeting in Villa Somalia? I'm sure you can over run it just like you overran the hotel. LOL. The funny thing about ICU supporters is not their tribalism and clannism, but it's their sheer inanity and idiocy. Been hadaad sheegaysi been run u eg baa la sheegaa.
  13. The Oromo Oaf turned Guriceel Goon turned Eretarian egghead OLOL , I think, said it all. Government and Law is not good for his buisness aspirations. With no government, criminals from Guriceel like OLOL can continue to 1. Keep their loot and plunder from the civil war 2. Join the international drug trade. Cocaine and Heroine are good buiseness ventures 3. Place tariffes and taxes on rivers (remember Imam Indhacadde?) and other natural resources, thereby robbing and ravaging poor farmers and families. 4. Destroy the whole Somali Environment, from deforestation (scrap coal merchants as the General calls them), denudement, and perhaps even allowing foreign companies to dump toxic wastes. 5. More Isbaaros and miltia checkpoints, which only to serve to rob the downtrodden communities of the south. So much for the spirit of entrepreneurship. This is what happens when illiterate apes decide to become buisenessmen. :rolleyes:
  14. This might instigate Somaliland even more. What if they send the 30,000 Somaliland National Army and march into Garoowe. Here comes the Phantom army. Hide and Duck, peeps. :eek: :eek:
  15. ^^ Nah man. In these quarters, you won't find any savages or beasts preying on the civillian populace for it's own gain. Imagine appealing to Somalinimo and Islaanimo just to save your loot and plunder from a civil war? Mind-boggling. Sergeant, great pics duqa. **gives military salute**
  16. Northerer, do you know Abdullahi Yusuf single-handedly destroyed your dreams of secession. Ciil badanaa. 16 yrs. for nothing. LOL. Besides, am I predicable for taking jabs at seccessionists. Anyhow, the only respectable Somalilander on this forum is NGONGE. He opposes the TFG and what they do, yet the man is refreshingly objective. He doesn't come across as some cuqdad-laden oppurtunist wimp like many of the seccessionts. You should learn from him. No hypocrisy and oppurtunism. Just genuine Somali concern. You should learn from the old man.
  17. ^^ The secessionsts are tired about talking about their traingle state (or should I say NON-STATE). Talk about eternal neglect and rejection from the world. Life is bia!tch, aint it? This is what happens when every minority tribe thinks they can secede.
  18. ^^ Wasn't it those same Xabashis that saved your behind in Baydhabo in the ninetiets. I wonder who helped the ragtag RRA back then. Talk about being a shameless ingrate.
  19. ^^LOOL@ acting like a mad man. I'm afraid he aint acting. I bet he slams his keyboard and head-butts his screen while he types.
  20. Mujahid, lemme ask you a few questions. Why did the ICU attack the TFG and their allies when they were in Baidoa? Remember the threats about invading Adidi Saba. I mean who knew they would end up using civillians as human sheilds, the poor women, children, and the elderly. You said the ICU clan would go to an open feild only if the TFG comes by itself without it's Ethiopian or Ugandan allies. So the ICU clan will continue hiding behind children and women as long as the Ethiopians are around? LOL. Is that how scared shi!tless they are of Tigree? What happened to the pre-Bay and Bakool bravado? Guess what. The Ethios aint leavin' any time soon, so they might as well stop hiding behind children and women. Which is better to die fighting an enemy, or die fighting an enemy while putting poor children and women in the line of fire? They should go to the outskirts of the city. Anywho, dude, check up on the pro-ICU clan websites. Some talk of a truce. Many others mention thousands of Tigree soldiers kusoo qulqulaya Muqdishu. Add two and two together. The army is not coming in Muqdishu to play soccer. We'll see what the next few days brings.
  21. ... says the so-called "Oromo" from Galgaduud. Are you still Oromo? Gax Gax Gax. I see a poor tribalist from Guriceel who is getting whopped in Muqdishu. Keep the calaacal iyo lies coming. Next time use your brain, if you have one. You might not be that smart, but ppl will see through your not-so-bright Propaganda. El-Presidente should be flattered by your obessession. Coming from an "Oromo", no less. LOOL
  22. Originally posted by Samurai Warrior: **************** [ April 03, 2007, 12:53 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  23. OLOL just can't believe that his goons from Guriceel and Galgaduud will not be able to hold the Somali nation hostage. He is fuming with rage. That's why he wishes for an all-out clan war. Aint gonna happen, chump.
  24. LOL@ go demonstrate in West London Their silly tribal demonstrations did not bear any fruit. Now they resort to petty lies, cheap propaganda, and filthy accusations. Soon enough, they'll find out that this too won't bear any fruits. How lower will they stoop? There's no telling.
  25. Violet, I bet you the anarachists pleaded with the women and children to stay, while the government urged them to leave. The government cares for it's ppl, unlike these selfish rodents and rascals.