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    Ramadan Bonanza

    Should we curse all those extravagant muslim countries too? P.S. I'm looking for a Fatwa. Don't you worry.
  2. LoL@ four women who can get along together. Apparently, it has ten supporters. :eek: I think they read it incorrectly, because what it really means is "4 four women, each of who is very good at pretending that the other three don't exist".
  3. Obviously, Riyaale was part of the old government. But, I am just wondering, was he in any way, shape, or form responsible for any and all the wrongs that happened to Somalis? I guess so, eh? Afterall, every somali politician has a stained shirt; it's just that some shirts show the stain more than others. Oh yeah, by the way, if Riyaale was part of the generals and colonels bulldozing the city of Hargesia back in the day, would he still have become the president? I don't think so. Sometimes people make it out to seem that Riyaale being elected in Somaliland is similiar to Hitler being elected in Israel. That's just insane. Riyaale, as far as I know, is not guilty of massacaring civilians. He's just guilty by association- association to Barre's government.
  4. I don't think the author consumed that much Hatorade. It's just a humorous dig.
  5. Pi

    Tampon Users

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. The same people who are now being "trafficked" are the same ones who once forced others to flee their homes by ship and by land. Many innocent folks perished in the ocean those days. As they say, what goes around, comes around. Same ones? Most of the people being "trafficked" are not "militias". The militias would rather stay in Xamar. Of course by the "same ones", you just mean of the "same tribe", no? Heh! The gutter is lower than I thought. Wallow away, I guess.
  7. Farah is facing stiff competition. I hope he comes out on top though
  8. Pi

    Islamic Quiz

    Hey, I have a question. Who was sent first to "humanity" prophet Noah or Idriis?
  9. I just looked at the pictures, could'nt be bothered to read the post; it's way too long. Nice pics though.
  10. Yes, when it is going to commence, I'd like to know too.
  11. It is not a bad thing to be passionate about your principles, but some people have unnecessary steam coming out of their ears.
  12. Pi

    Awdal Pictures

    Those are exquisite pictures.
  13. Some good stuff. Jazaakallah Kheyran
  14. Yemen or Syria. Those are my picks.
  15. Why do people study Law or become lawyers? Can becoming a lawyer ever be an altrusitic endeavor?
  16. Mashaallah. This is very promising. We are in dire need of competent somali health professionals. May Allah make your educational journeys an easy one.
  17. What a bad way to use web space and bandwith. This thread ought to be deleted.
  18. Some of the stuff in this thread was cat*****c. Phew! Entertaining and encouraging, just the same. P.S. The adjectivial form of Catharsis is being censored? Erm, Ok?
  19. Pi

    Somali song lol

    War maxaa loo yidhi Shaydaamada waa la xidh xidhaa Bisha Ramaadaan sow kuwan meesha ordaya