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  1. Investments and foreign investment in particular is always good to have invested in your neck of the wood. I would just caution that we put our magnifying glasses on and read the fine prints before we sign these deals. Tony Hayward is an old hand and he is alpha wolf in Oil industry. It pains me to see that the competency level of our side of the aisle is not up to par.
  2. Let them vote. I have been trying to decipher this political saga. I have heard through the grapevine that the whip is a Damul-Jadiid original and has completely dropped his garb. He’s offering inducements (benjamins and in bundles, appointed positions, cabinet posts, ambassaorships, etc) and threatens punishments for MPs to ensure that they vote according to Villa Somalia’s wishes. Talking heads and pundits are interested in the final tally. It would be interesting to see how the clan alliances shift and to what direction.
  3. Oodweyne;986864 wrote: ^^^ Mooge , But, at the end of the day, everyone knows (most certainly the Brits knows) that this is a "semantics play" intended to cover (or insulate) the British against any accusation of encouraging internal division within the Somali Republic, by the ever enfeeble outfit that is based in Mogadishu, which, surprisingly passes itself off as a government of Somalia. All in all, see to it to learn the "double-language" of diplomacy and how it's especially useful in situation like this. True. "Northern Somalia" is euphemism for Separatist enclave. It is a doublespeak as you correctly pointed out. Ahem:) Awoowe isn't what the UK government doing just that -- encouraging internal division within Somali Republic? Ain't this the same old colonial deception employed to promote some subjects to butler status whilst condemning others to harsh labor? You know the drill Awoowe any power that have vested interest in that corner would break Somalis into small junks that's easier to subdue and manage. Not out of kindness but out of self interest. In all fairness they Somalis are the ones doing all the dividing. Brits on thier part are encouraging thier former colony to keep the faith. Awoowe innagu aan isu danbeynee bal Kulmiye la tali oo waxaad tiraahdaa si wanaagsan u akhriya heshiisyada kheyraadka gobolka lagu bixinayo inta aydaan qallinka ku duugin
  4. Kudos to you then. Don't be defensive awoowe. I have lived Kenya in 8 months in 1991 and I have to say I have not seen bold Somalis demanding equal treatment under the law. I once ventured out to refugee camps in 2004 and I was taken aback by what I saw. We were stopped by Somali-Kenyan in full military fatigue and they wouldn't let us go if it were not the commanding officer who happened to be ethnic Kenyan. We were legit and had all the papers but the Somalis at the bridge crossing were insisting on that we're illegals. There are social and economic disparities in NFD that's visible to the naked eye and you are pretty defensive when folks point that simple facts. Don't be.
  5. There are millions of Arabs out there awoowe. You posted couple of vids. These deviants are bad apples and do not represent Arabs. I could find couple of stories and even vids of your sub-clan behaving badly and draw a hasty conclusion from that and say they are animals.
  6. Awoowe disenfrenchisement of Somalis in Kenya is real. I have seen it with my own eyes. My fellow Somali-Kenyan's have been disenfrenchised. The territories Somalis populate are under quasi-marshal law if not under full blown Marshal law. The Somali-Kenyans' movement within Kenya is restricted. The state does not invest in the territories Somalis reside as it does with other districts. They are deprived of the right to have access to basic healthcare and education that's at par with other provincial districs such as Nakuru. The NFD infrastructure is 20 to 30 years behind compared to other parts of the state. The grievances against the state is real. Do not wage violent resistance against the state but do demand equal treatment under the law. Demand access to the basic healthcare and education.
  7. One more reason why Somaliweyn platform makes perfect sense. Insha'Allah there will be a time in the near future when the Somali state play its historic role of championing the rights of all Somalis in the region wherever they are. I believe Somalia have a compelling and vested interest in the wellbeing of Somalis in Ethiopia and Kenya. Not to mention economic (water) and security interest in the territories they occupy.
  8. Pretty decent article! I think the author was spot on in pointing out the golden opportunity Hassan's admin had to advance the ball handed to him by the previous transitional entity and the goodwill folks (both domestic and foreign) have shown in the wake of his presidency. What an opportunity that was! To say he fumbled is understatement. The fumble was spectacular and early in his presidency. The author enumarated his shortcomings in the post. Can he recover and change gears in midflight? -- that remains to be seen. I wouldn't equate Egypt's MB with DJ either. MB in Egypt is well known and well respected institution. You could disagree with them as much as you like but that they are principled party with sound ideological footing is not in dispute. I am not sure I know what DJ really is and what it stands for. I thought and still think that the term is a term coined in the fadhi-ku-dirrir marfishes and has no ideological or political substance to its name.
  9. Abbaas;984770 wrote: Yaa ii'sheegi kara halka aan ka heli/akhrisan karo, taariikh nololeedkiisa oo dhamaystiran, Mahadsanid. Check the city website. I am sure they will post a brief bio of each council women or man.
  10. Very nice of him to keep Saed in his thoughts. Larry overlooked one important social background about Saed. Had Larry known what subclan Saed belonged to, we could have helped him find his old friend Now Larry think hard lil bit and see if you could remember where in Somalia Saed called his hometown and which sub-sub-clan he hailed from. This detail is extremely important in tribal society. With that said, I am gonna do my share and go through all the Saed and Amal coubles I or my friends know of.
  11. Hambalyo to Abdi Warsame. Somalis in Minneapolis have shown that they do count and they want to be represented in the city hall by one of their own who understands their needs. Abdi showed the way and Insha'Allah others will follow suit. That's how to run and win campaigns. Well done.
  12. Xiin gartay. Awoowe make sure the silent readers in the forum get bothe sides of the story. I am overloaded with work and might not get the time to refute the delusional outburst of secessionists of Oodweyne's kind. Waryee waan sii caraabayaa ee nabadeey
  13. Stoic, Awoowe Somalia is not divisible. If it is – Allah forbid – it will disintegrate into clans or even subclans; not what European power colonized what area once upon time! If secessionists see union with Benadir as hopeless there are others in that neck of the wood that equally see secession championed by Durriyada as not a starter. Western capitals are accustomed with these third grade house Negroes of Oodweyne's kind destroying or dismembering their homeland in order to protect the integrity of their clan pride. Classified. I'm not sure what you are saying. But the last sentence sounds as if you are saying that if Somalia is divisible so is Somaliland. Oodweyne, Get some sleep awoowe:) You are losing you marbles. Of course much of the world borders are shaped by colonial powers. That much is given. What you are not getting is that folks after much sought and hard won independence have moved on and conducted their politics in responsible manner unlike suicidal Somalis. Speaking of folks that make use of "borrowed muscle" and other nonsense you peddle in the forum day in and day out -- let's look at that pretty closely. Now I don't hold these clan warriors who seek help from foreigners in order to win the fight against their fellow Somalis in high regard. But I do understand why one would go that far when cornered. If I remember correctly SNM were seeking help -- training, military hardware and what have you -- from Ethioipa not long ago in thier fight against military junta:) No? But the again when in state of delusional fit reality takes a different dimension Waryee have a productive weekend. I might not log in for awhile.
  14. ^ I am not the one who is putting all his eggs in one basket and screaming out loud that my folks were subjugated by this European power as opposed to that other European power Awoowe I'm just sayin' But boy -- I gotta give it you boowe you are keeping the faith:) That's the spirit.
  15. Adduun -- Awoowe salaadii casar ma is qaban la'dahay I don’t really have time for this delusional outburst from our dear friend and guru Oodweyne. I really really don't. But then again the sane folks in the forum:) have a duty to point out this flight into fantasy our guru is engaged in for what it is – an escape from reality. As always the guru is leading the frustrated lot. Consider this: -- Nascent democracy, relative peace, reconstruction of the urban cities leveled by the former military junta – all of those achievements which should have been undertaken for the benefit of the people and the good of the country anyway were instead used as bargaining chip to demand unqualified and illegal recognition. Today after twenty years iyo hudhudhu, the northwest recovery area of Somalia aka Somaliland remains part and parcel of Somalia [in name only yes but in legal sense as well]. Somalia itself is still and remains to be a failed state in intractable and deep-rooted clan vs. clan conflict. In addition to the civil strife largely driven by the negative tribalism its people are known to practice there are other variable injected by religious fanatics at work complicating the resolution to the conflict. The latter draws the attention and interference of foreigners -- regional and world powers. Secessionists are operating under this background and are demanding the attention and the help of the powers-that-be to dismember the Somali state not because it is failed state or they waited Benadir long enough to get back on the saddle but because – get this – they the Somaliland that is – were colonized and subjugated by different European power or have grievances against a regime that is no longer in power!! No kidding -- this is raison d’etre the whole secession scheme rests on. Now there is federal government in Benadir, shored up and nursed by IC, Secessionists leadership find it beneficial to agree to enter negotiation with SFG in Mogadishu. Remember the leverage or the threat that the recovery area will secede is not there anymore as that card has already been prematurely played. Secession was declared twenty years ago when Somalia situation was tenfold worse than today. In fact at issue is who has the jurisdiction over all the territories of Somalia. This includes borders, entry ports (seaports & airports), etc. Different but related issue is also that now IC and Uncle Sam have recognized SFG as the legitimate authority of the state, who should IC enter agreements with. This has far reaching consequences with localities outside the Federal system. You follow:) -- Secessionists entered into this negotiation with the suggestion that SFG agree that things will stay business as usual in SL while the negotiation continues. The secessionists didn’t undertake this initiative on their own free will or toothless SFG in Benadir has a power to do anything about the affairs of the recovery area of SL. No! SL needs the handouts of sympathetic states, commerce with other countries and all the things sovereign state needs in oder to operate within international norms. Oodweyne won’t tell you and Siilaanyo will not say it out loud but Hargeisa is pushing power-sharing scheme of the South-North type. SFG is not willing and has no mandate to entertain that. No agreement by 2016 – secessionist leadership will lose all the priviliages accorded to them. All the Somali players know the futility of waging clan wars. It took them 20 years to learn that lesson. However, they are now engaged in another futile exercise where they cut deals with foreign entities behind others back in order to get the upper hand in the tribal sumo wrestling they’re so fond of playing. But what we know huh! Our guru will tell us that his tribal homeland is an inch away from getting full blow recognition on the basis now defunct colonial border. Don’t be surprised if he tells you that he met a British minister and he’s been assured things will go his way. A typical house negro mentality 