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  1. Too bad Socod Badne has a doomed result of a union between a sperm and egg, chasing him around. Get a life, Kashanre, and stay in the politics section. Tell us more of the nonsense between the warlords. Dont troll.
  2. LooooooooooooooL. Good come back, Sheikh bum bum.
  3. Sowie! Dunno anthying about it. But I cant help but ask: are you sure that Gardening is not Bid'ah? Besides, way too many Kaafirs consider it their favourite pastime. I wanna be different and stick with the pure Sunnah, so count me out.
  4. There is Codetalker (aka windtalker) and Yencerie , same person. Then there is Mr. Oodweyne and Tolstoy , same person. Isnt it against the rules of the site to have multiple accounts? Lemme guess, they're not really the same person. They only happen to argue for the exact same caues, use the exact same arguments, use the exact same words. Nah, its just good ole coincidence, innit? :rolleyes:
  5. Naden, hun, you're words are falling on delusionally deaf, self-righteous ears. Save your words for ears that are not hard of hearing. It's really ridiculous how people always use the morality/spirituality argument when it comes to pulling the wool over our eyes as to the real situation of Somalia. In one word: HORSE SHIT. Even they dont believe their own words, cuz they run outta that purgatory as soon their vacation is over. No government, no law and order, no sustainable infrastructure, wide-spread starvation, and a whole train of environmental and health problems. Screw that spirtuality! Certain parts of Somalia have made some progess, so its not fair to take away from their philanthrophy and diligent efforts at reconstruction. But, as it stands, it is insufficient. The bigger picture is as blurry as ever. If the lawnessness and the droughts are relentless for a few more years, the Gates of Somalia will properly read: Abandon all hope, you who enters here!~~ Dante
  6. Originally posted by naden: No millionaire magazines, Carribean vacations or dahab from Dubai. If you have an antidote against my student loan officer, you need to help a sister out . Loooooooool. Yeah, you're shamelessly straightforward. Nur, I'm a survive-aholic not a Dunyaholic, I think.
  7. Do I see what I think I see. They cut off the head of a cat.
  8. Suldaanka's been taking lessons from Tolstoy. What with that humungous post.
  9. Okay. We're nine pages into the thread already with no discussion. Just some old underhanded digs, sarcastic remarks, blasphemous sayings, and crazy aspersions. Johnny: Dude, you have beliefs that are different from most people on this forum. That's fine. Everyone knows that and you're obviously free to do so. But if you're really here to have a real discussion, then you should take it up with Sheikh Nur or any of the other knowledgable nomads. Didnt Nur challenge you to a debate a while back? Be a man, and take it up! SB: What's the topic, man? The purpose of life or attacking Sunnah of the prophet? I might've missed it, but did you give us your "personal" understanding on the purpose of life? Ok, so you were answering other people's aspersions and digressions. Fair enough, even though you didnt have to and you dont have to. Stick to the topic, unless the purpose of life is not really the topic. Kafaaxiye: We're all tryna learn something here. Its a serious topic and you should treat it that way, dude.
  10. Originally posted by The Flipmode: Modesty<<<<So u left Dubai??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Did she turn down your overly eager offer of help, Arab-boy.
  11. Will you readally-challenged (so its a clumsy neologism, so what) stop calling him Xiin. It just happens to be someone else's nick. Call this dude either Labo Xiniinyood, Labo, or Xiniin. Dammit. P.S. I am not bored
  12. Contagious disease? Dude, please! My white blood cells are as healthy as ever. Remember there is a correlation between immune systems and age. Kinda explains you're a carrier already. I have no fears, dude! P.S. Continue as you were with Suldaan, really. Reading your exchanges makes me feel better about myself.
  13. Another internet-ku-dirir session is in full swing. As you were gentlemen. :rolleyes:
  14. ^^Lool. You know I was looking up Zorastariasim and I came across some frighteningly interesting cults and demon-groups. Cool names too. Time for a name change, innit. Ahura, fine, fine. I knew you were going to repeatedly say Acuudu bilaah while you reach for your tusbax with your eyes shut. I think there is more AJAR in (caption- shiekh bum bum) annoying a sanctimonious person than there is DEMBI in using a devilish name as an online handle. Ya, feel me? Hell, I'd call myself the son of Lucifer if it gave Magac-xade some epileptic seizures.
  15. Weird stuff goin here. First, why does SB's alleged history even matter in this thread? That's just crazy. Some are brininging up what he wrote in other threads, forums, and even possibly other lives. Its all irrelevant though. He is not a legal witness sitting in the witness box. Ya'll have what I call religous insecurties . Just relax. Damn. Maskiin, put up or shut up, dude. Dont be coming in here with what you see in your dreams. Kashanre, sxb, keep posting more pictures of the conference in Baydhabo. And stay in the politics forum. Science and religion are not your forte. I'm sure you'd agree. It'll save you some embarrassments. Ahura: Ummm, just in case people have doubts about your Zorastarian tendencies, change your name to Peggy Nadramia, the Priestess of the Church of Satan. That should clear things up. To answer the question, Life definately has a purpose for me. I couldnt really live a purposeless life.
  16. ^^ If the Kennedy quote wasnt so abused (even somali warlords use it, I hear) I would have said "Ask not what your country... blah blah". Anyhow, looks like someone is going through an identity crisis. Somalia has so many problems? Why am I a Somali? Waaaaaah Waaaah (violent wailing and breast-beating). When the wailing subsides, you'll be just fine.
  17. originally posted by BonefieD_CriTic: Now at 18 , I am the Black Muslim Woman, Who happened to have drifted, So distant away from home Originally posted by Jimca Lee:- If I could kiss your fingers right about now, I would:I'm almost in tears . I think SOL needs a Teenager/Adolescent's corner.
  18. I almost never mock the sartorial preferences of anyone. But. Yes, this is a big but, and I'll have to ask you what (in blazing hell) is so comfortable or attractive about a macawiis. I personally think you are strange, maybe even confused, but I dont think you're too crazy, not in these times anyways. You probably wear that macawiis in the comfort of your home, and hardly too many people see you (yup, I hope these assumptions are true.) Hopefully, your sense of style will be confined to your house. Wouldnt want this not so sightly scene to become the norm, see! You know what, what if a guy were to wear a Dirac or Baati or any other hideously delightful rob that Somali women wear, all in the comfort of his home. Daring? Definately. Innovative? Without a question. Wrong? Absoloutley! It'd be safe to say that something is abnormally wrong with such a picture. That's all from me. You faarax-wanna-be. P.S. If its the material and color you like, make some sort of dress out of it, or even a standard skirt. As long as you dont WEAR it like a macawiis.
  19. Originally posted by sheherazade: Socod, aren't you a two-faced lil so-and-so. Apologetic PMs and a persistent public belligerence. Quite a speciman of a man. SB, if that's true, you're a disgrace dude! Belligerence is good. But behind the curtain concessions is unmanly
  20. Digaale: Dude, you had me rolling with laughter back there!
  21. ^^^And you just made it to the maskax-laawe category. I'd rather be a beer-laawe or kilyolaawe, than be a maskax-laawe. You see, maskax-laawes attack the health conditions of an elected leader. What has it got to do with anything? Criticize his policy, not his body!
  22. Guys with their hearts in their chests are just gay! looool
  23. Caano, SHEEKH BUM BUM, doenst like to discuss stuff. You know why? Its sentimental to discuss subjects. Only Moral relativists do that. Go figure. :rolleyes:
  24. Pi

    Islamic Speakers

    Originally posted by Castro Saaxib I don't know how much Arabic you know but as a fluent reader and writer of the language SB doesnt know any arabic. But when did you become a fluent reader and writer? :eek: I didnt know that. Maybe spanish, but arabic too? Man, I want someone to teach me arabic.