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  1. I remember reading a quote that said that writing is a form of thinking. Only difference is when you write you think with pen. For stuff like this, you should think with your heart not with your hand (pen). Calaacal is better cured when it is internalized.
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    Allah Ya Cizak!

    Speaking of Iran, I think Donald Rumsefeld made an unambigous statement this week about the option of using military force to bring Iran in line. I mean the war of words was always there, but I think he said it in an unmistakable tone. We'll see where it goes. Anyways, anyone who believes in Allah as the only God and Muhammad as his prophet is a muslim by defintion. Call 'em deviant or whatver, but saying they're not muslims is going too far. Sharmarke : dude, please get into the habit of citing your sources if you dont wanna get charged with plaigarizing. Even Silly Sayid thought it was your analysis
  3. 1.First Category: Character Issues a. Please share three most undesirable character traits you will never consider. Lazy, dishonest, demanding b. Please share three best character traits you are looking in a future hubby or a wifey. Intelligent, honest, obedient c. Please share character traits that you can tolerate. Natta Second Category: Religious Issues a. Where does a spouse fit in your spiritual life ? choose one below: 1. Most important, desirable, not an issue. Not an issue. I am not sure I would be able to tolerate a wife who is hell-bent on thwarting my religious practices though (whenever I fully resume them..lol) Third Category : Social background: a. Does tribal or ethnic background matter in a spouse? Well, not really. I live in the West and I’ll probably live in the west for the rest of my life. If I lived in Somalia, then I would discriminate. You see, it’s all about the social stigmas. lool.. edited b. Does social status, Head of Tribe, job ( shoemaker/metalworker/leatherweaver/computer technician or a cab driver, a Warlord, or does wealth and social prestige matter to you in a mate? No c. If all is equal, who do you prefer, western raised spouse, a Somalia-Somaliland-Puntiland-Jubbaland- Kismayoland- Kurtunwarreyland raisaed spouse ? Nope. As long as her Somali accent is not too cacophonous. I have sensitive ear drums. Fourth Category: Age: Choose one below: Huh? Well, right now, given my age, I would not take a second glance at any xaliimo over 25, beyond that is just going for a rotten banana. Excuse the distasteful metaphor. True, False, sometimes true, sometimes false: a. Maturity comes with age>> Yes b. A young woman/man is not stable to consider>>> Disagree c. Men are like Cheese, the older they get the better>> Erm, N/A d. Younger men can be trained to be a better husband>> N/A e. Age parity (equivalence) is very important in marriage> Of course f. Older women are more satisfying in a relationship>>> How old? Any women more than 4yrs my senior is to me like my mother d. What is the maximum age difference you can tolerate Hint: (Middle Eastern Joke: Very old man marries very young girl, in their wedding night, they were both crying, why? he forgot all about it, and she is too young to figure it out) See Above! Fifth Category: Marital Status (Monogamous minded Nomads, ommit this section ) a. Would you condsider a divorcee or a widow(er) for marriage>> not as a first wife. Never. I’d rather be a celibate for life. Well, maybe not a celibate, but you know what I mean. b. If yes, does it matter the number of kids, their sex or age and why?>> Hmm, if she is the third lucky lucy, then she cant have more than one loon (read: child) in her bag. c. If you are a married man, and meet an interesting woman, would you consider polygamy if: 1. Risk of your present wife leaving you is high?>>> depends on the health of our relationship. If its in the gutters or on rough rocks, and it has no hope of redress, I would try my luck again with another. To hell with the old witch! lol 2. If there is little or no risk? See above, I would never jeopardize a good marriage to satisfy lust. Sixth. Security Issue Please list three most important issues that you need in a marriage to feel secure: ( Fisrt Hint: e-Nuri Polygamy Insurance Service To be released soon) Education parity, Age parity, Character compatability. Seventh, Education Background: Men a. Do you feel threatened to be married to a woman who is more educated that you are?>>> Frankly, I do. Well, especially if her education “showsâ€. I mean if I was a sad soul with a Liberal Arts Bachelor Degree and she had a Phd in Biochemistry or Neuroscience, I would feel inadequate. b. If yes, what is your worry, please be specific.>> There has to be a parity in education too. Period. I would not marry a female brain surgeon if I wasn’t of the same caliber, if not higher. c. If NO, how much of the household responsibilities are you willing you willing to share with your wife>> it depends… but I’m willing to dry the dishes if the dishwasher breaks down. d. Do you see education as an asset that compensates with appeal or age in a woman? I mean would you choose an older and average looking woman with good education over a good looking younger woman? Yes… but again, over-qualification is a matter that necessitates rejection. Again, over-qualification relative to me. Now Sheekh Nur, I hope I didnt waste time responding to this questionoioree, I could have read some Quran, instead of doing this...lool.. So dont fail me...
  4. Reform, Reform, Reform! Let the bells of reform ring loud! Maybe this whole caricature incident is a blessing in disguise.
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    Friday khutbas

    ^^^ Shiekh Bum Bum, why would I be sarcastic?
  6. ^^^^looooooool@ Laba Xiinyood Umm, are you narrating this hadeeth? Is it in Saheeh Labo-Xiinyood. Dude, please "elucidate" this and give us references.
  7. ^^^ Sheikh did you have any protests in your neck of the woods? Anyhow, I'm all for protests and boycotts and what have you. Muslims should use all their muscles to get what they want. I am decidedly impartial though. [ February 04, 2006, 02:23: Message edited by: Rahima ]
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    Friday khutbas

    Well, the Khateeb talked about some of the amazing accomplishments of some of the companions. He made a breif, cursory mention of the current controversy with the pictures. In the end, he cursed all the enemies of Islam in general and the Jews in particular. I said Amen to all the curses. It was nice.
  9. Castro, I must you say you dont look too unseemly or ungainly in a dunce cap. Oh well, I'll flick the light on more time, and if you still think the room is pitch dark, then I can't help you. You'll have to see a seasoned Opthamalogist, dude. You stated that I overlooked the nuances and nicities of "legal and legislative" laws and procedures in some western countries. Could you have been anymore obscure? Could you have been any more off the mark? Well, I think you surpassed this slap-dash statment with another flimsy one. Apparently, it is naivete and comprehension issues (I thought NGONGE had patents on this phrase, I was tempted to use it with you and ThePoint ) that are handicapping my ability to understand your moot point. Again- please, please, please- dont be afraid to accept something "tentatively" (do you think my use of this word is accidental? and here you are telling me that NGONGE's argument is not the last word. What do you think tentative means?) if you cannot argue against it. What you seem to be doing is not arguing for or against anything. You're just making preposterously vague statements that even you dont understand. Its the second time I am asking you if you can actually explain your words. But no, you cant, how can you explain something you dont understand? Aint gonna happen, Comrade. EDIT:- ThePoint, take off the dunce cap. Really, just for a breif minute. Take it off! P.S. That's my last say on this topic. Any further attempts to explain a crystal clear point will not bear any fruits.
  10. ^^^ How many people have purchased the dunce cap from dollar stores and thrift outlets. ThePoint is donning one too. This is outrageous. If I am a jew, and a muslim tells me that my people will perish, I will start fuming, cussing, frothing, and I'll wreak verbal havoc on them. Afterall, from where I am sitting this is his/her (the muslim) opinion. So imagine if the muslim adds: not only will the jews perish (something I would find offensive and tasteless) but they will perish at the hands of muslims! At this point, my body temperature would go through the roof, and my face would exhibit all the colors of the rainbow, turning from red to blue to green. Naturally, this would be a manisfestation of the storm raging inside of me. But the muslim has more to tell me: not only will I perish and perish at his hands, on top of that, even nature itself will abet and aid the muslim in exterminating me(trees and rocks will divulge my hiding place). What Jew would not be offended by such an opinion. Still, there should be complete freedom of religion and speech. I can say that to the jew himself or in my sermons, and the jew should have the right to say whatever he wants in response to that (insults, caricatures etc). Seriously, if you cant refute an argument, grant it a tentative acceptance. Dont make a fool out of yourself. Geez!
  11. Hey, are these questionierres only for females? I want to post a personal Ad too, you know. lool
  12. ^^^ Hmmm, good topic, will come back later.
  13. Castro, you are still dancing to a dead tune. Take your dancing hat off and put down your cane, dude. Let me say it in a different way. The line between Freedom of Speech and Incitement of Hatred (either offense is sub-category of hate or hate is a sub-category of offense. Take your pick. I dont like playing with semantics) is vague or blurry. But do you know why? Freedom of speech is clear: say whatever you want, in whatever words you desire, and whenever you want. What creates the fog and mist in our view is the Hatred/Offense. It's because the hatred/offending (or becoming offended)/discriminating/enflaming that is RELATIVE. You'd probably aruge, how the hell can hatred be relative or blurry, its clear as daylight. Go back to the hadith NGONGE referred to and place yourself in the shoes of a jew. Very simple. We cant possibly expect to be afforded the right to say certain things about certain faiths and peoples, and then expect others not to be granted the same right. There can be no DOUBLE STANDARD in the freedom of expression. Can you live with not being able to practise your religon?
  14. Huh? Castro, man, you are either lazy or sophistical. Your comment is either not germane (irrelevant) or it is too vague. The gist of the debate is that becoming offended is relative. You can't possibly disagree.
  15. So it is necessary that we boycott the Danish from an Islamic perspective? I mean will I be committing a sin if I contiune to buy their products? Just curious.....
  16. Castro: How does it amount to muddying the waters? Pull your sleeves up and explain exactly what you mean. I for one have no answer to NGONGE's argument, but you seem reluctant to admit that. I thought about it long and hard, but to no luck. The Hadeeth about the Jews being killed during the end of time, and, that even that nature will work against them is something some jews, might (and are likely) to find offensive. So what do we do? To each his own? If you cry when you are "offended" (do you see how grey this "becoming offended" is), then others will cry too when they are "offended". This is just one example of what other might possibly find offensive. There are a lot of other examples. Just today at the Jum'ah prayer, the Imam was cursing the jews, and asking Allah to rip them apart and destroy them. And this cursing the jews buiseness is not rare or strange during friday prayers. It's quite common. So what now? NGONGE: I'll think a little bit more about what you wrote, but for now, I have no choice but to accept your argument. P.S. I actually looked up the hadith and it is saheeh and quite popular. So my feeling that it was just something a fanatic concocted did not hold. It's a prophetic saying.
  17. Waryaa Sheekh Bum Bum , if you're gonna comment on what I said, atleast try to make sense. Ask me if you dont know what I meant by it. Why did I say that Saudia Arabia opresses women to some degree? a. they have random rules restricting women to do certain things. Driving is one of them. Women have no say in this issue. b. even though the niqab is not islamically necessary , women are forced to wear it. Women have no say in this issue. Answer those and I'll bring up some few other points. By the way, not to flog a confused horse (dead and confused horses should not be flogged), you wont find answers to these on BET or in Urinal Stalls. Do some thinking, waryaa
  18. I read this a while ago. I always thought Ibn Baaz thought that the earth was flat. I guess he doesnt. My statement is published and distributed and I explained the response to the one who denies the landing of man on the moon and the kufr [disbelief] of one who says it. What statement? And what's the story behind the landing on the moon? He's not denying it? Is he? As far as its rotation, then I have denied it and explained the evidences denying it He has evidence against the rotation of the Earth? :eek: What is it?
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    Most people who get compliments are sore reciepients of praise. They just dont know how to accept a compliment. Modesty often backfires just like over-confidence does. Dont make the person who complimented you walk off with his or her tail between their legs. If the person says your good looking or that your smart, dont tell them that you're not (superficial modesty). Dont comment too much on thier compliment. Just thank them. That simple. Accepting compliments is one of the keys to success. Ask Carnegie.
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    As if this joke hasnt been abused, now it's being raped with broken english.
  21. Do men fall in love? Yes they do, but strangely enough it is purely hormonal and biological. I fell in love right after I hit fifteen ( oddly enough this "love" was even lingering when I was thirteen) Love is not some mystical feeling. Simple science really.
  22. So who's the oldest of the the three senile men? Question to the elders: do you ever wish you were younger? This is not a rhetorical question.
  23. ^^ Saudia Arabia does oppress the female segment of society. No amount religous brouhaha can deny this.
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    A nose for words

    I have a weak sense of smell. It has it pros and cons, like everything else.
  25. Stewie: Cut my eggs. Butler: [cuts eggs] Your eggs are cut sir. Stewie: Cut my milk! Butler: I can’t sir, it’s liquid. Stewie: Imbecile! Freeze it, then cut it. LOOL! Stewie is just adorable, isnt he? Damn, I broke out in laughter.