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  1. Valenteenah.;925711 wrote: If that happened to her on the Tube, I shudder to think what happens on the buses. Where's a Russian with sulphuric acid when you need one? I was getting more and more pissed off as I was scrolling down and I get to you and literally laugh out loud.
  2. The real question is, why are you so defensive? What have you got to hide?
  3. The canadian mountie? You mean my brother?
  4. Never take advice from single or unhappily married folks.
  5. Thanks all. I'm still on a high. It took me a year and a half - and I sent it EVERY SINGLE PENNY OF EVERY SINGLE PAYCHECK. No shopping, no vacations, no eating out, NADA! I didn't want to spend years paying off debt and wanted to take advantage of my position as a single gal with no dependents Mukulaalow;823413 wrote: Why changed the previous title "wooooohoooooo" into more somber one, seems you've just realized real debt starts from now on, house, car, fancy dress. I didn't change it Someone doesn't like my happy exclamation.
  6. Sent in the last paycheck to student loans. What a HUGE dead weight off my shoulders! Alhamdulliah. No more loans of ANY kind for me. For those in or approaching post-secondary studies - do everything in your power to pay your way through school. Don't borrow a penny if you don't have to. Work yourself to the bone. Take longer to graduate if you have to - it doesn't have to be 4 years (unless specified). If only... Now, how should I treat myself?
  7. ^ Very true lol Here is another good one.
  8. And when you point out how rude and inconsiderate most Somalis are - people get very defensive and say 'Oh, that's just how they are'. So?? Does it make it right?
  9. I've come across this site which has some youtube vidoes and found it very helpful. Check out and please leave a comment to support them. Looks very lovely. Xawaash.com - Canjeelo Click on the individual recipe posts if the pics come out kinda wonky.
  10. ^I'm so upset & jealous. I tried to take some time off from work to attend but couldn't. Why do all your east coast peeps get all the good stuff!!!!
  11. I love perfume but hate that they are so strong even with one spray. Even if that single spay was into the air and I walk in the mist. I don't like people smelling my scent. I only want someone to smell my scent if they are hugging me. That close. So I started buying fragrance free body lotions and adding a few sprays of my fav perfumes. Works great. The scent is subtle and all over the body instead of the few place as with perfume/body mist etc. [Make sure it's fragrance free instead of scent free. Fragrance free means no fragrance of course. But it has an added substance to mask the chemical smell of the lotion ingredients. Scent free smells chemical-ly. Gross.]
  12. He calls himself a man? My ailing grandmother beat me harder than that and look at me now. I grew up to be a honest, upstanding & contributing member of society.
  13. WOw, that kinda made me feel pervy. Yeah, I'm gonna do a check after that. ****** men.
  14. ^lol I know what youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu need. OP, congrats hun. Sounds like a good life. Thanks for telling us but don't gush too much in real life - I've seen people become jealous and do crazy things.