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  1. malistar2012;976728 wrote: Mad mull SNA needs better training better weapons like Tanks etc , takes time to build Professional army in a war torn country. Problem is there is no building of professional army happening now, it is just arming HAG militia to be honest with you who will soon the turn the guns on each other.
  2. Hassan Sheekh Maxamuud would have been a great leader if he was empty of clan interests. Sadly he thrives on tribalism.
  3. OdaySomali;975996 wrote: Whats Odoroska? I would love to see how this $200 million has been calculated, whats included, how its been recorded and how it was funded and been spent. It would be interesting to see how.accurate these records are. Eritrea's government's budget by comparison was $840m in revenue and $1.2bn by expenditure. Liberia's government by comparison had revenue in 12/13 of $670m and expenditure of $750m. Odoroska (odoriska is more technically correct= forecast $200million, Exactly 80% or $160million of that comes from the Berbera port according to the Port Authority. I am not sure where the remaining 20% is sourced from, probably from Qaad levies.
  4. Axmad Madoobe closed the deal with the Puntland admin in Nairobi. Faroole didn't have the entire story when he initially disapproved of the agreement. Great news!
  5. Now that the Jubba fiasco is behind him, the president appears ever more presidential - confident and eager to discuss his accomplishments. I think he should do more of these interviews and stay in front of the issues as opposed to reacting to them months too late.
  6. Cambuulo iyo bun;975809 wrote: Look at this have u forgotten neighbouring countries use to host these shirweyne's before.atleast its progress now since its gonna be held in the nations capital. Mashallah, indeed it is a welcome development if a conference of this magnitude can be held in our nation's capital. No more addis and nairobi shyt! A step forward. Hassan is certainly looking more presidential by the day, since that Jubba conference is concluded. Imagine what he could have accomplished if the Jubba deal was sealed a ayear ago.
  7. Tallaabo;975229 wrote: Do you take this list seriously? What metrics or criteria is used to rank these institutions? How many students show up for class on average is the only criteria they used, apparently
  8. xiinfaniin;975286 wrote: A conflict postponed What I have been saying all along. This was a face-saving move, nothing more. The conflict shall escalate right after the Brussels meeting is concluded. The JL issue threathened that meeting, as international members start questioning its legitimacy without SL, PL,and JL on board and Hassan Sheekh and Madoobe made an under the table deal, so each one gets an incremental benefit from this face-saving deal. Back to square 1
  9. Garoodi and other Landers, now that the talk to deploy AMISOM forces in all of SSC and Awdal State is in the works, how are you going to show your love for the Kikuyu? Faysal Waraabe blasted this SFG agenda yesterday but Siilaanyo and few others we caught off-guard, It was said.
  10. Cambuulo iyo bun;975246 wrote: Hassan sheikh and Madoobe got exactly what they wanted,a win win situation. well done by both sides. Quite the opposite actually, neither got what they wanted nor the Somali people got what they wanted with this agreement. The communique makes it apparent that all contentious issues were avoided. The agreement is simply an attempt by both parties to save face. Hassan's hand was forced by the international community and Madoobe's hand was forced by Ethiopia. End of story.
  11. R.I.P. Inaa lilaahi wa inaa ilaahi raajicuun. He fought a tough battle but lost. May Allah grant him Jannah.
  12. Every few hours, a new version of this never-ending Jubbaland story surfaces. I'm now being told the agreement is off and Ahmed Madoobe is flying back to Kismaayo tomorrow and Fartaag to Jigjiga. what is going on?
  13. Shirkii Addis Ababa oo gabi ahaanba fashilmay, sidaas ayaa hadda isoo gaartay. Allow Sahal.
  14. Yoniz, your criticism is warranted here. I am not questioning that at all. I had a hard time making sense of the report's content because of its poor construct. As you would expect, most of reports of this kind from regional states, at least the ones I have seen thus far, have been partially propaganda, partially hope, and partially effort/information. But what this report tells me is Puntland has recognized the importance of making economic information available to the public. They have enough of a confidence in the capacity of their people and institutions.This is the first 1st step. Well done! Next step might be throwing a marketing twist on this by organizing and cleaning up future reports. Another step might be ensuring data integrity and professionalism and so on and so forth.That is my opinion. Overall, I'm happy to see state of Puntland develop and move in the right direction.
  15. YoniZ;974517 wrote: It is poorly drafted piece by the incompetent PCCI. They should have hired an investment expert to do the trick for them. 79% of the fishing boats in Bosaso are Non-operational! - This figure only can scare any potential investor. What is the point of putting personal email ‘’ in the report next to his formal email ‘’ - someone should have mentioned mail forwarding option! Can’t they find a better picture than this one! - Came on, Common sense please! Don't focus on what is lacking Abti but on the substance of the report. They built institutions and organizations that resemble a government entity, and the next step in building on that frame work. Think Positive.
  16. Mashalah, economic activity is picking up speed in Puntland.
  17. Carafaat;974451 wrote: That was before the IGAD summit in Kampala. And besides the salaries of Kenyan troops are paid by Amisom/AU. Try to use logic amd reason, you cant expect foreign troops paid by the international community to sabotage and obstrict the Somali goverment for you. Atleast come up with ways to do the job yourself. Exactly my point Atoore! If the Americans and EU wanted Kismayo to fall into the hands of the SFG, it would have happened overnight. I trust you know at least that much! Behind the scenes, some EU member states, specially, Italy play a disproportionate role in South Somalia politics obvious reasons and they no longer view Hassan Sheekh's government as legitimate. Proof? The last Addis Ababa meeting was sponsored by the UK and was a pretext for Hassan Sheekh to accept J/L without pre-condition. He failed again. International community is behind J/L.
  18. Carafaat;974439 wrote: Axmed Madobe can cut the ties with Federal Goverment but the Kenyan forces are part of AMISOM and thus are obliged to follow AU/IGAD directives. And so far IGAD's directives ordered to hand over port and airport to Federal Goverment, State building be left to Federal Goverment and Kenyan forces to follow orders from AMISOM HQ. Read the different IGAD recommendations. wallee caqli waa ku daayay nimankiina Landerska ah. When was the last time Kenya gave shyt about AMISOM orders and wants? The wasiiro and the leaders of the federal government were returned from the airport. What does that tell you? Kenya AMISOM contingency is there to protect their own interest, which works to the favor of J/L.
  19. Garoodi, Abti syaasad aadan fahmeyn ayaad ku daashay. iska naso.
  20. Homunculus;974362 wrote: For goodness sake, can't we get positive news that's actually true. From now on I'll assume the worst and discount any good news coming from Somalia(long overdue I know). Sad indeed, but I honestly think that from Jubbaland standpoint, this might be actually a good outcome for the following two reasons: 1) J/L convinced the international community that Xamar isn't serious about federalism. This will allow them to build out their own break-away government similar to SL and PL where they can implement their own vision without the pressure from international community to work with the Federal government. I'm already being fed that J/L is planning to sever ties with the federal governmental very soon, much to the elation of PL. 2) This will lead the current Mogadishu admin to fail, paving the way for a more competent leader to emerge. Somali people win because they will have a leader in place, which we don't have now. J/L wins because by then they will have a greater leverage in somali politics, with the international backing and more mature government structure. So, if you support J/L initiative, this fall out might actually help them a great deal. Remember Britain and Qatar were the backbone of Hassan Sheekh Mohamud, and they are both conspiring against him now. He lost the international backing that he had and he never had enough local support. Politically, he is a dead man walking now
  21. Can anyone confirm that this agreement indeed took place? My sources are telling me that the federal government recognized Jubbaland in principle but hasn't agreed to the contentious issues surrounding the situation, which is a different way of saying that there was no agreement. Please confirm if you are in the know.
  22. Great news. this is a victory for all somalis. The aspirations of Khaatumo State, Awdal State, Central State, Bayland State inshalah will soon be realized as well.