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  1. The Zack

    Afhayeenka Cagjar is Coldoon?

    No, Coldoon is a freelancer.
  2. The Zack

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    Che, Your message was delivered to Villa Jigjiga. The president's response: "Che should visit us. Laa shukr calal waajib on the SOL aid". Xaaji Lander, markaad Biixi soo fadhiisiso meesha anna Abtigiis waan soo fadhiisin LOL.
  3. The Zack

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    Dude, have you ever been a president? He has no time to post or log into any social media site. That is why I am undertaking that responsibility for him.
  4. The Zack

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    Wuu kaa qaaday, salaan buu kuusoo dirayaa madaxweynaha.
  5. The Zack

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    Aar Holac.. we will have him host a SOL live session.. wait we don't have that option here. Follow the president on Facebook ninyahow. can ask all questions. Be sure to start your question with a "SOL dhankeedaan ka socdaa".
  6. The Zack

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    LOL waaar Salaan Sare Miskiinka Macruufka ah! Abtigiis inaan isku xaafad nahay ma shaki baa kaaga jira. That alone should a proof.. a Somali proof.
  7. The Zack

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    No, I haven't read User Agreement of SOL. Heck I haven't even read the agreement for my mortgage. Shaqo la'aanta i heyso badanaa. I agree they should reset it and send it to him....through me. :)
  8. The Zack

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    Yea, the plan is to correct a lot of misinformation on the internet. The admin would have no choice but to respect the preidenct’s request/demand.
  9. The Zack

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    To: admin Please share my username and password with The Zack. He is now in charge of all my social media accounts as I am busy with the presidential work. He is already monitoring the below ocial media accounts for me and I think SOL should be no different. Facebook Twitter Instgram( yes, i have one, stop judging!) Viber Whassap IMO Snapchat (i know, i know) and others Thanks; Abtigiis & Tolkiis
  10. Lol waar waan ku salaamay sxb. Abdi iley xitaa geelayaga isma gaadhaan ee beenta cad baan lugta qabanayay.
  11. The Zack

    So Dr. Macow is from Jigjiga clan?

    <cite> @Saalax said:</cite> Beesha Jigjiga? The bigfoot community are not even from Jigjiga Lol, it originally belongs to their cousins J Waaq people. Jigjiga Apsamaa leh adeer Macaane. Like it or not , big foot is part of that family. Burco family and Berbera family are one and the same in my eyes. Don't see why Garowe and jigjiga would be different in your eyes. Mooge, Dr.Macow is the brother of a former ONLF official,Egineer Salaahudiin Macow, who has signed a peace agreement with Ethiopia in 2010.
  12. The Zack

    So Dr. Macow is from Jigjiga clan?

    This is it! We are kicking out all the reer waqooyi doctors from Jigjiga. Stay tuned!
  13. The Zack

    Villa Somalia going CRAZY tonight

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Waaryaa Nuune.. Anigu manta dhan raadiye yar oo filipiinis ah baan dhegta ku hayay. Illeen live feedka aan kolba mowdjad ka raadinayay kobtan SOL buu ka socday! Xalane = a change we can believe in LOL
  14. xiinfaniin;991578 wrote: That is the last report Ina Xaawo filed from Wardhiigley. Hassan Sheekh is leading the congregation. Hassan's favorite candidate is unknown but we have cues from Villa Somalia Hassan probably favors the former CEO of Golis.