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  1. Warar si hoose igu soo gaaray waxay tilmaamayaan in wajigii koobaad ee kulanka Addis Ababa uu fashilmay kadib markii la'isku mari waayay qodobo dhowr ah (wali warkani ma sugna). Wajiga labaad ayaa furmi mooda subaxnimadkii maalinta talaadada, kaas oo dhex mari doona labada madaxwyene. Wali ma cadda in kulankani uu wax ka badali doono qodobada la'isku diiday maanta. Sida la sheegay, marka loo fiiriyo kulankii hore ee Addis Ababa Ka dhacay bishii hore, dowlada ayaa ka tanaasushay mid ka mid ah shuruudaha ay ku xirtay aqoonsashada Jubbaland. Taas oo ahayd in gobalka Gedo la ga saaro maamulka Jubbaland. Dhinaca kale, maamulka Jubbaland ayaa ogolaaday in dowladu qayb ka qaadato magacaabista golaha wasiirada iyo waliba tirada wasiirada ay yeelanayso. Dhamaan qodobadii kale waa la'isku diiday. Dowlada ayaa ku adkaysatay in maamulka Jubbaland laga dhigo 6 bilood ama hal sano, midaas oo Jubbaland ku gacan sayrtay. Sidoo kale dowlada ayaa dalbatay in ay la wareegto dadakadda iyo eriboodhka, taas oo ay Jubbaland si cad u diiday. Nothing substantial really changed. Back to square one.
  2. Read the full article from the organization. That is the source. He co-founded Hill-Qaran, He was demoted to a non-core member even before he left for Hargeisa, and was later axed. It makes more sense that way.
  3. Wrong. They booted him out, Abti. He was a traitor to the Somali weyn Qaddiyad.
  4. Garoodi and company, I can only dismiss you as a casualty of the civil war in our country. You are not making much sense, Abti.There is absolutely nothing wrong about advocating for the Somaliland Qaddiyad and even vying for international recognition. The rest of Somali weyn is telling you guys somalinimada ha ka bixina. that is all.
  5. Garoodi, you should care about my opinion. I'm just giving you a heads up. If there is oil to be had in Somaliland, trust me, HAG will take, if they don't, we will take it. SNM refused to be Somali, therefore have no right to benefit from its god-given resources. Truth hurts.
  6. SNM has no right to auction Somali social property, neither does President Hassan Sheekh. Labaduba waa danaystayaal waana lala xisaabtami doonaa.
  7. GAROODI;973401 wrote: Hassan sheick will not budge on two things: the port and the airport have to come under the government 100% and without that madobe has nothing. He simply wants to talk to say I tried but nothing will come of it. If he loses kismayo he loses support amongst his kinsmen that he will never surrender. Xin is beating a dead horse in a vein hope that it comes back to life. Today or tomorrow kismayo will eventually fall to the government. Power is about leverage, Abti. President Hassan has zero leverage in Kismayo, he is seen just as another warlord. Madoobe's decision to delay the cabinet announcement isn't a good faith attempt to reconcile with Mogadishu but a political move to convince external parties that Mogadishu was invited but rejected. Remember the cabinet was formed 45 days ago, and to my knowledge, with the exception of one minority group, all other delegations accepted the new cabinet. The issues surrounding the announcement part is just about obtaining maximum legitimacy of the outcome in the eyes of external parties (donor nations.)
  8. The first real development of Somaliland will come when they end their occupation of the State of Khaatumo.
  9. I have been to both cities and Hargeysa is much bigger. Just saying. PL in general has more of a governmental structure. Both PL and SL achieved something that is lacking in all other parts of the country. At the same time neither place has achieved what they could have under their 22 and 15 years of relative peace.
  10. Mad_Mullah;970821 wrote: You know you live in the third world when of the nation's biggest websites is reporting about a Dry cleaning service that opened in the capital. #Deve You cracked me up there yaa Mullah. Cold truth iga dheh. My fried was there in 2012, and he said the development in Puntland is really encouraging. It's beyond me though that both Somaliand and Puntland have been claiming autanomay and peace for many years, and they aren't even as good as Xamar which started building last year.
  11. XX and Datoore, where did you get your statistics? There has never been an official census done in Somalia after the Kacaan era, and eve then, although understood to be reliable, the stats were not based on a precise headcount/registration. The couple of times that SL & PL attempted to undertake one, it was riddled with problems and eventually had to be abandoned. A year or two ago, I came across a report that attempted to a put a number on the Somali-speaking people, they came about 18.5 million. Somalia is more like Nigeria, no one knows the population with certainty. People throw around figures that don't exist. 5 million Somaliland? Somaliland and Puntland combined i believe don't exceed 5 million. Here is how I would allocate the 18-19 million per region +/-10% OGADEIN 5,000,0000 Punt-land 3,000,000 HAG territories 2,500,000 (including Xamar) Somali-land 2,000,000 Maay-land 2,000,000 Jubba-land 1,500,000 NFD 1,000,000 Djibouti 500,000 Khaatumo/SSC 500,000 Kenya 150,000 Other Immigrants 600,000
  12. Adeer Ibraahin Xaad few months ago said he will give the government the benefit of the doubt amid regional and international criticism until ay ka ceeboobayaan nimankan dowlada xukuma, khaasatan, Xassan, Saacid iyo Guuleed. I think it's about time now that Mogadishu's security has gotten out of hand, not to mention all the places that enjoyed relative peace in the recent past have also exploded (J/hoose, Sh/hoose) under this govt.
  13. Carafaat;969268 wrote: Man X kills man Y and then runs away. Clan of man X refuse to pay compensation or dont hand over Man X. Clan Y doest forget and forgive, so years later another man from clan X is killed by one from clan Y. Clan Y states it was a revenge killing, clan X doesnt accept. And the process atart from the beginning again. More complex than that Abti, hence why I asked someone to elaborate. This has SNM-Darwiish twist to it. Also, location of the incident makes it more intriguing.
  14. Someone please elaborate the background info of who this man was and relationship to present situation, people.
  15. Gedi is a seasoned politician and he will not be absent from the political scene. Many people support him.
  16. Indeed a fascinating interview. Gedi held his own in the face of an onslaught by unprofessional militant interviewer. My favorite comment by the reporter, "Gowrac iyo waxaanad geysan malaha Caliyow."lol" All the people that are accusing Gedi, where is the evidence? They said he was married to a christian woman, turned out to be false. They said, the forced residents out of Mogadishu, turned out he was looking out for them according to people who worked with him. I am not defending him, but for all the people that call him names, an equal number of people give the opposite impression of him. Does anyone have a picture of the multi-million dollar house he purchased with public funds? Wasn't he a business man previously and couldn't he amassed wealth that he could use to purchase the house if it indeed exists?
  17. malistar2012;969115 wrote: KDF are bluffing they will loose in Kismaayo , Let the Gov liberate remaining regions in South mainly around Kismaayo - Barrawa road Operation Shabeel will soon start . KDF are miss calculating President Hassan who played his card right . This new events will make FG stronger , Huge task for President Hassan . Typical HAG mentality, wax qas mooyee, maskax kale maleh.
  18. The original mandate of the KDF has ran out. They are now in Jubbaland to protect the locals from Hassan and HAG
  19. Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and other African countries all have vested interest in "peacekeeping" in Somalia, not for the sake of peace but for their own agenda - economic or otherwise. For example budgetary concerns forced Uganda to enter Somalia under the pretext of Al-shabaab. Under AMISOM funding agreements, Ugandan contingent is allotted $13,500 per year per solder on average plus matching dollars paid directly to the Ugandan government (management fee, security fee, etc). They are also to receive separate military and diplomatic/foreign aid as part of this agreement. To put it in perspective, Uganda pays its solders $4,000-$5,000 a year on average. It should come as to no surprise that in Uganda going to Somalia is considered winning the lottery by the great majority of their solders. So, paradoxically insecurity in Somali IS Uganda's security. They have essential economic interest to 1) Maximize the number of solders they have in Somalia 2) Prolong their mission by either deliberately undermining security Somalia (i.e allowing Alshabaab to sneak in certain parts of Mogadishu) or sabotaging the outcome of the mission (i.e. not extending the war to other cities in fear of finishing off Alshabaab too soon). And, this is just one example. The involvement of Kenya/Ethiopia is much more complicated with the added dimension of history between Somalis and their countries. Beyond their economic incentives described above, they have strategic interest to dismantle Somalia. Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda have already called the sovereignty of the Somali Republic into question, allowing each one to pursue their national interests, carefree. Remember Musavani's speech last year? It doesn't hurt their stance that we have a warlord Hassan Sheekh Mohamud as our president. As far as KDF is considered, Hassan is irrelevant in Jubbaland and they have more than enough room for diplomatic maneuvering to evade any real damage to their country stemming from their disregard of warlord Hassan Sheekh Mohamud and his repeated calls for Kenya to withdraw from Jubbaland.
  20. Cheap talk. HAG knows not to cross Jubbaland again. They have big lessons to draw upon.
  21. First, the word "Exploration" doesn't equate to abundance of oil reserves, it's merely what the word denotes= looking for oil. Hence, a debate about your 2016-2018 budget and the share of oil revenue to be included in it is really neither here nor there. Secondly, if I am not mistaken one of the the two companies you mentioned above has also signed an oil deal with Galmudug State and a bunch of other hand-to-mouth people all over Somalia. This is nothing special. Some of the so-called oil blocks that Somaliland Admin signed away actually lie within Khaatumo State of Somali (Sanaag, etc) Who consulted with these people when Somaliland signed away their land. The pirates have better chance of getting rich off the sea than Somaliland getting rich off oil deals because they steal from outsiders, not from other Somalis. Khatumo people and greater Somali-loving people will not allow their soil to be auctioned away by SNM gangs. Midaas ha hilmaamin.
  22. Only the Federal government has the authority to grant exploration rights. Unfortunately, we don't have one now, but when we do all these idiocy will be curtailed in no time.
  23. The new cabinet was supposed to be revealed tomorrow Thursday 7/11 but pushed back to next week 7/18. Stay tuned. Hilowle said the Parliamentary appointments will come first and is to happen this Friday. stay tuned.