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  1. waraa Haatu you bloody ugaali eating sijui i have nothing to do with that murtad troll hobbesian_brute (sorry hobbes your a cool person),, ee sidaa ula sooco, abti you disrespected me garatay? Xaal baa laga rabaa!!! :mad: :mad: salaams to asxaabta kale see you after a while im taking a break from this place!!!
  2. Hey saffz long time no see .. btw nice pics thanks for contributing!!
  3. children hospital getting built in Shingaani distrtict
  4. stop trolling in my thread!!!!!! waa salaamu alaykum
  5. My God what happened to this place? Ilma adeeryalal naga daaya lalabada .
  6. LOL dont get mad at me for correcting you . Mahadaay liberated? Best news of the day, 4 towns left and the region is fully liberated
  7. Haatu;978234 wrote: Tarzan doqon sanaa. Why does he have to pick that moment to spew that nonsense? If he and his President are genuine about a united Somalia then they need to start real reconciliation, not bark like a mad dog in international conferences. LOL i understand him he got irritated by isqorqorka puntlanderska meesha quraac baa lo fadhiye and the puntlander where using that moment to talk ileen they werent given any chance in the conference.
  8. waraa malistar are you aware of your thread title has nothing to with the content.
  9. LOL tarzan said the truth however aad ayuu uu fudud yahay he shouldnt have said so infront of cadaanka wee nala yaabayaan :eek:
  10. LOL iight. im a newbie dee sxb lol this is my first iphone lol android baan ka ciyaari jiray ha ila yaabin