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  1. malistar2012;976728 wrote: Mad mull SNA needs better training better weapons like Tanks etc , takes time to build Professional army in a war torn country. Problem is there is no building of professional army happening now, it is just arming HAG militia to be honest with you who will soon the turn the guns on each other.
  2. Hassan Sheekh Maxamuud would have been a great leader if he was empty of clan interests. Sadly he thrives on tribalism.
  3. OdaySomali;975996 wrote: Whats Odoroska? I would love to see how this $200 million has been calculated, whats included, how its been recorded and how it was funded and been spent. It would be interesting to see how.accurate these records are. Eritrea's government's budget by comparison was $840m in revenue and $1.2bn by expenditure. Liberia's government by comparison had revenue in 12/13 of $670m and expenditure of $750m. Odoroska (odoriska is more technically correct= forecast $200million, Exactly 80% or $160million of that comes from the Berbera port according to the Port Authority. I am not sure where the remaining 20% is sourced from, probably from Qaad levies.
  4. Axmad Madoobe closed the deal with the Puntland admin in Nairobi. Faroole didn't have the entire story when he initially disapproved of the agreement. Great news!
  5. Now that the Jubba fiasco is behind him, the president appears ever more presidential - confident and eager to discuss his accomplishments. I think he should do more of these interviews and stay in front of the issues as opposed to reacting to them months too late.
  6. Cambuulo iyo bun;975809 wrote: Look at this have u forgotten neighbouring countries use to host these shirweyne's before.atleast its progress now since its gonna be held in the nations capital. Mashallah, indeed it is a welcome development if a conference of this magnitude can be held in our nation's capital. No more addis and nairobi shyt! A step forward. Hassan is certainly looking more presidential by the day, since that Jubba conference is concluded. Imagine what he could have accomplished if the Jubba deal was sealed a ayear ago.
  7. Tallaabo;975229 wrote: Do you take this list seriously? What metrics or criteria is used to rank these institutions? How many students show up for class on average is the only criteria they used, apparently
  8. xiinfaniin;975286 wrote: A conflict postponed What I have been saying all along. This was a face-saving move, nothing more. The conflict shall escalate right after the Brussels meeting is concluded. The JL issue threathened that meeting, as international members start questioning its legitimacy without SL, PL,and JL on board and Hassan Sheekh and Madoobe made an under the table deal, so each one gets an incremental benefit from this face-saving deal. Back to square 1
  9. Garoodi and other Landers, now that the talk to deploy AMISOM forces in all of SSC and Awdal State is in the works, how are you going to show your love for the Kikuyu? Faysal Waraabe blasted this SFG agenda yesterday but Siilaanyo and few others we caught off-guard, It was said.
  10. Cambuulo iyo bun;975246 wrote: Hassan sheikh and Madoobe got exactly what they wanted,a win win situation. well done by both sides. Quite the opposite actually, neither got what they wanted nor the Somali people got what they wanted with this agreement. The communique makes it apparent that all contentious issues were avoided. The agreement is simply an attempt by both parties to save face. Hassan's hand was forced by the international community and Madoobe's hand was forced by Ethiopia. End of story.
  11. R.I.P. Inaa lilaahi wa inaa ilaahi raajicuun. He fought a tough battle but lost. May Allah grant him Jannah.
  12. Every few hours, a new version of this never-ending Jubbaland story surfaces. I'm now being told the agreement is off and Ahmed Madoobe is flying back to Kismaayo tomorrow and Fartaag to Jigjiga. what is going on?
  13. Shirkii Addis Ababa oo gabi ahaanba fashilmay, sidaas ayaa hadda isoo gaartay. Allow Sahal.