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  1. Even with determination and planning, full-time work with credit load of 16+ I blieve is very cumbersome. But, I it's doable if you have to subscribe yourself to suffering.
  2. ouch! this is a real delima. My view is that the girl's family, above all, has made an enormous mistake in putting their older girl into strange predicament, as well as showed disrespect to both of the married-to-be couples. This might have been acceptable in 1905, but I cannot beleive it occuring 2005. Had they made the offer before Doonida, I guess it wouldn't be as strange. Now, I wonder what happened after that?
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    Hotel Bill

    "Well," the man replies, "She was here, and you could have!" nastily humurous!
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    Meet Up

    Somon Meetup would be nice, I think
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    Blistered Ears

    - ‘That fool called me again’ ! woowe!!!!
  6. Halbalyo Wiilo . Wiil iyo caano Gabar iyo Caano.
  7. I guess man's equivalency would be don't you use any emotional icons (that is just feminine attribute).
  8. Thanks Lexy for saving me Now I feel special
  9. Kayf, are you online student? many students of Dev. are distance learners, I heard
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    very funny & true!!!!
  11. Could someone recommend a good book to read ( not gardening, dishwashing or feminism boook)? thanks
  12. Bugs Bunny! You scored 42 Aggression, 85 Sophistication, and 71 Optimism! You have all the sophistication and charm one would expect from such a high-class hare. Very upbeat and generally laid-back, you are remarkably calm and peaceful even in the midst of the most stressful of situations. On those rare occasions that your anger is aroused, your retaliation usually results in embarrassing the aggressor and laying-bare how foolish he or she really is -- rather than doing any real harm. You likely have many friends and more than a few admirers and would make an excellent leader, if you had any interest in being one. But, being a leader would require hard work and attention to detail, both qualities you are lacking in. In fact, if you are not careful, your laid-back attitude will often lead you to drift through life completely oblivious to the changes happening around you. You also tend to have a horrible sense of direction. My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender: You scored higher than 24% on Aggression You scored higher than 80% on Sophistication You scored higher than 58% on Optimism
  13. An MBA is the way to go, nowadays! The average salary of a person with an MBA is about 97,000 a year! .. Way to go, Supuu!! After I made an extensive reserach on the +'s and -'s of pursuing an MBA, I came to the conclusion that it's definately worth....
  14. Sorry ladies for coming into your world. I was just looking around topics and came across this thread.... My advice is you leave lady HIBO alone....Because I LOVE dumarka is qurxiya/Udgooniisiya. the mental vision of her description was powerfull enough for me to curse my self for being "single"!!
  15. Cuchu, I'm sure we have a number of somali students attending elite schools, including Harvard & Oxford. At least, I know of one sister in Harvard Medical School (as of 2004...dont' know where she ended up now). I also know a Harvard Medical Graduate student(public health)... As for Oxford/Cambridge, I haven't heard of any...hope there are a lot of them.
  16. Mafia

    Car accident!

    It looks real to me. I guess one good scene to remind us of our responsibility in the road......The walking person...totally smashed??
  17. Everyone including the kenyans held their hands up when they wanted to talk except the white man. He cut conversations, said all he wanted to say, and the Somali guy just let him, infact hushed the person who had the right to talk so that white man could talk . I was irritated. Hibo, I couldn't say it better. And basically, that is what I'm talking about. Honestly, I feel closer to the Arab identity than African-because generally speaking we have the strongest bond with Arabs (Islam)....yes not all Arabs are Muslims, but I'm sure you can make the connection. To OG, sister chill out---If I hate people, you know whom I hate, right? I would never hold any hatred towards Arbs, that is if I'm concious. As Hibo said, you don't need to take everything personal. And yes, I'm ignoring your Arabic lines, but they do make sense. I know you feel strong about Arabs, as they are your ehel and Shacab, but...again....nothing personal. I had lived most of my childhood in Arabia, and I never had bad experience with them--you will probably be the first Arab Shrew I met, as yet.
  18. When you generize and say " Those Arabs" you including my mom, my grandfather, grandmother and all my family including me. Wow! don't you wish to be offended, so you tell us your family members! Or may I say you have a tendency to get confused easily? Sister, it is never my intention to attack Arabs because they are Arabs, I just stated a problem of lack of self-respect that exist among Arabs. And as pointed out by many people, it isn't only Arabs, but it's almost an accepted reality in the third world for a White man to get the free ride. And even if you're Arab or want-to-be Arab yourself, it's worth the thought of why is that the case? you might have totally different view on that, but don't get used to counting your family when we speak of a "problem". Hadaad , were you a baby sitter or just going with the current?
  19. a whitey in the meantime is having a hell of good time; basically getting his shoes cleaned for him; but that isn’t it; what scares me most, frightens me to death is that I sometimes think that they may forget who I was and why I was there and then call me to clean his shoes for him while they take care of the chocolate chip cookies and the rest of his pastries. Tahlil , you hit it right on the head. As such, I'm dumfounded to meet Somalis like OG who would argue otherwise. BTW, I think OG is conditioned to love "Arabs" even when their wrongfulness is beyond imaginable. I have seen/read about White individuals who were appalled by the extent of the "positive" discrimination they recieve in those Arab nations. NO hard feelings, sister OG
  20. OG, Hadaad thanks for giving your views on that. I can see both of you are more knowledge than me about this topic. In fact, I do agree with you on that the trend towards Localization (employment, staffing and such) is at a higher pace than ever in those Arab nations. What I want to point out is the "mentality"-positive discrimination that Americans/Whites recieve. you can argue that it is diminishing, but from experience, I can tell you that strong preference is given to Whites, even though many many Arabs, Pakistanis and Indians are more qualified and more educated than them. Why? that is what I need to find out!
  21. This isn't a history question. I'm simply interested to know if you guys have preferences on what city you should work in, may be after you finish schooling or open up your own business (i don't mean to sharpen any body's greed here)? I don't mean you should live in that city forever, but atleast you prefer to be based there. For me, living in the states, somehow I like to be based in Dubai. I heard if you have a degree from a reputable American University like MBA, those Arabs will fight over cleaning your shoes? I do know that is true for a Whitey, but is it realistic for Somalis?
  22. Caano Geel, sxb, the way I understand is while IT folks spend their time in labs, MBA's play with money! And by the "proximety" rule, you get a lot of it, or atleast master the Money language and make it yourself. Professor, was that a sarcasm or honest question?
  23. Thank you very much for your input in this important decision. Afrodisiac , thanks sister. you are correct that there is opportunity cost, a big one for going two more years of schooling. However, I have been an intern for a big 4 firm for the past three years, and the more I mature with the company, there more I seem to value MBA designation. As you are probably aware, professional certications like CPA give you a distiction in the accounting profession, but MBA offers a strong, broad management skills, which helps you jump up the corporate ladder, as they say it. Particularly for the company I work for, MBA designation is really a BIG thing. Good luck walaalo with your education/life. Geel-Jire, thanks saaxiibow. And, yes practical work is crucial for employers in determining whom to hire or measuring your value to their organization, but having interned for a big 4 company for the past 3 years, I feel I have had enough exposure to the reall-world business. My biggest worry is the $$$, but otherwise I'm readdy. Thanks for the encouragement.
  24. Aad ayadd ugu mahadsantahay walaal mawduucan/talooyinkan muhimka ah. I'm looking forward inshaa-Allah inaad waliba sii badiso, as I always like to read your posts!! Shukran