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  1. Che -Guevara;967117 wrote: You have been saying it will fail, when will it fail? You took it out of my mouth. The incessant campaign against Jubbaland has let Malistar2012 and other like-minded individuals no where. Every threshold and obstacle this new government passes, they decry more and invent another propaganda. The only hope for Somalia is that Jubbaland succeeds, its neighbors, the so-called Mayland and Central Region of Somalia also succeed. President Xassan Sheekh & Co. will only usher a new era of civil war, lawlessness and poverty in Somalia. He is a just another warlord in a long line of destructive forces that Mogadishu produced. Hassan will celebrate one-year in office in 3.5 weeks. Let's revisit what he accomplished: 1) Ignited fesh war and chaos in Kismayo and all of Jubbaland 2) Looted the constitution that was supposed to be the building block of our nation 3) Revived the D vs. H animosity in almost every part of Somalia today. 4) Looted the public funds - Hassan's gov't stole $16.8 million in the 11.5 months he has been in power, as evidenced by UN Monitoring Group and PWC. 85% of the money given to them was unaccounted for. Most of it went to few guys that are in cohoot with the president himself 5) Turned neighboring countries into enemy/hostile nations 6)**Most importantly, Soomali dhan ayuu ceebeeyay.
  2. Wonder what the percentage of the property in Mogadhishu is occupied/looted property in the hands of non-owners? For the record, my family (extended) had about 5 or 6 houses in Mogadishu. Three are back in our hands or we never lost them, thanks to In-laws.
  3. Malistar2012, Naf lacaarid ayaad tahay adeer. Dacaayad iyo Propaganda ka dha ah Puntland kuma *****li kartid waaga u baryay Jubbaland.
  4. Warar aan wali la xaqiijin ayaa sheegayaa in la dhamaystirayo xubnaha ka hadhsan golaha wasiirada ee dowlad goboleedka Jubbaland, lana magacaabi doono maalmaha soo socda, kahor Jimcaha. Ma jiraa warkaasi? Fadlan soo gudbi wixii xog ama warar dheeri ah eed aad ka haysaan arrintan. Xalay waqti dambe ayuu warkani ani isoo gaadhan. Sida ilahan sheegeen, saddexda xubnood ee ugu muhiimsan wasiirada waxaa lakala siiyay Maxamad Gaandi, Aw-Libaax, iyo nin kale oo reer Kismaayo ah.
  5. No need to relive the past Malistar. The people of both sides recognized that there are greater things that bond them together. They are one and united today, and that is what is bothering you.
  6. People of Khaatumo stood and continue to defend the blight of their Jubbaland brothers and sisters. Now that Jubbaland is finally standing on its feet, its people must reciprocate that commitment.
  7. The current situation definitely foreshadows a civil war. The two communities that fire is raging in between will both lose. I have no question in my mind. I keep saying no one wins in a war. Xassan Sheekh and HAG are the only winners in this if you can call it that because this is the outcome they formulated. Unfortunately the Gedo community hasn't taken that position in good faith and they failed to decipher President Xassan's poison bill prescribed specially for them.
  8. What you Landers are not getting is you invoke a vivid memory of the atrocities that happened in Hargeysa (which I also do) but you sidestep the present day subjugation by the SNM gangs onto other Somalis in their homeland. You are holding the people of Khatumo hostage and have shelled them many a time, turning their land into a hostile battlefield environment, denying them any chance to develop and achieve. Less than 10% of the people of Khatumo have access to clean water - thanks to SNM terrorists.
  9. There are two sides to every story. You can get the account of SNM gangs talking about what they did on Youtube. I haven't personally met anyone who justifies what happened in Hargeysa or the people that have been in essence massacred there, but if you allow yourself to see the full picture, you understand that it's a complicated matter, with many parties at fault. I will leave it at that.
  10. Gabbal;966186 wrote: It is quite a substantial number. A third of the entire Kenyan troop presence in Somalia. A full armistice has been achieved in that part of the country with the Somalis at war. Actually a degree of unity and sense of purpose that makes smooth and peaceful reintegration very promising especially considering national decline of alternative entities to the Federal government. Kenya will be faced with both a diplomatic and military offensive. Already there are large donors that have been awake to the extent that Kenya's interference can become an obstacle to the defeat of Shabab and the growth of state resurgence in Somalia. Cabaas and these men aren't Shabaaab. Cabaas and these men are Somali Federal Government troops traindd with donor money to fight Shabaab. The closer they get to Kismaayo the more pressing the diplomatic front will be to totally remove Kenya. The idea that couple hundred malnutritioned kids with AK 47s can defeat the second/third most powerful Army in Africa only affirms the ********* of the ones calling for a military confrontation with Kenya. Ever heard of a place called NFD/******ia*? If the Somali will and determination was sufficient to challenge their African colonizers, the rest would be free many years ago. The sooner you stop the insurgency and rebellion, the quicker the Kenyans will back up and leave. The Somali gov't is now just an extension of the various clan militias it's supporting, so it has no legitimacy to effect a change. Any change really.
  11. It resulted the loss of the lives of many many innocent people, which as Somalis, should all touch and sadden us, but at the heart of it, this wasn't a clandestine operation targeted at one tribe/people. The government was trying to subdue a militia that was vying to overthrow them by force. No one wins in a war. More people were killed/forced out by the bullet that followed in the South than in Somaliland. Who is responsible for those lives? USC and SNM mainly.
  12. So, in that line of thinking, they have to build 20 monuments in Kismaayo to commemorate USC/SNM savagery? Every town in Somalia will have to get a monument to show the brutal force against them. Heck, even the 1+million somalis in Kenyan camps should get their own. wake up guys.
  13. Passdown;966100 wrote: Kismayo is not free for all. It is someone's deegaan and there is a dawlad there today. It will be defended the way Mogadishu is defended. Exactly my thinking. Gedo brothers need to rethink their strategy and figure out how they fit into map.
  14. Baxsaneey Hargeysaay. Waan ku diirsaday yaakhey. Waa filim qiimo wayn oo saa' id ah ugu fadhiya gabi ahaanba Somaaliweyn. Except the picture of the Miiga..Reer Waqooyi waa inay cuqdada iska saareen oo ay dumiyaan taaladaas.
  15. In la sii daayo maaheyn. Anyone know why they weren't at least held until the current situation stabilizes?
  16. As always the federal gov is incompetent and cannot handle a single situation properly. Name one if you disagree.
  17. Mad_Mullah, you are acting like a rebel Abti. This a great cause/step, which I think takes priority over anything this guy can do for his people. Don't be mucaarad bilaa micno ah Abti.
  18. Great stuff. Thanks for posting this Saalax. This is the sort of things that we need to focus our attention.
  19. I Just got a live feed from Kismaayo. Unlike stories in the press stating that the so-called many presidents of Jubbaland have surrendered to AMISOM is unsubstantiated, three of them Buraale, Baaley, & Baasto are in the custody of Jubbaland Security Unit. Hiiraale officially joined Al-shabaab and is near Goobweyn town. Stay tuned.
  20. Warkani waa warkii shalay adeer. Kayar 60 askari oo katirsanaa ciidamadii Hiiraalee/Baasto/Baalley ayaa hadda lagu daba joogaa duleedka magaalada, dhinaca waqooyiga.
  21. This government has lost all legitimacy. Let's hope the next one fairs better. I'm sure most political pundits are now looking beyond Culusow & Company.
  22. Xaaji Xunjuf;965250 wrote: So much hatred war xishooda all of you its good to disagree Politics why u got to involve Woman Gaaroodi Salax Moonlight, cayda joojiya fadlan. Well said! Sheekada waad qasteen nimanyahow!