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  1. Egal Airport Manager in Hargeisa Mr. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail has announced that the airport has commenced to receive summer flights and the Ethiopian Airlines is the first airways to have brought Boeing 737-700 while 138 passengers were on board. He informed Somaliland citizens and other people that the airport is ready to provide services that will satisfy the needs of passengers. He reiterated that the landing of Boeing 737-700 has proven the critics wrong which was rumored and depicted a picture that the airport is not in competition with other neighboring countries. Mr. Mohamed has announced that many international airlines companies are due to begin flights such as Fly Dubai, Turkish Airways and Kenyan Airways. Many Somaliland Diaspora are pouring into the country and there is hectic schedule that is to start for country’s main airports such as Berbera and Hargeisa. Recent report issued by ICOA has assessed the security of Hargeisa airport and concluded the findings that Egal airport is much safer and passengers care satisfaction than the airports in Djibouti and Juba of South Sudan.
  2. Energy Minister Eng Duale reveals reasons behind continuous and false attacks by Gaboobe and his Haatuf newspaper HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – After all the Hullabaloos pertaining to the closure of Haatuf Newspaper , it is time to go back to the drawing board and identify where the errors steamed from as pertains to the papers without evidence allegations of malfeasance by high-ranking public servants. The saga that imposed the Government's action of proscribing the publication of Haatuf, a Somali language daily paper & its English sister, a weekly edition titled Somaliland Times dates back to almost one & a half years ago in what transpired between the proprietor of Haatuf Media Group one, Yusuf Abdi Gaboobe & the persona of Mineral Resources & Energy Minister that ultimately soured their relationship almost to irreparable reconciliation. These revelations were aired by the Minister for Mineral Resources & Energy Hussein Abdi Duale on Wednesday when he addressed a lengthy press conference at his offices in Hargeisa whereby he chronologically narrated the genesis of the problem pitting him against Mr. Gaboobe in which the letter employed his control of media to unleash a series of unyielding simultaneous attacks by assassinating the character & conduct of the Minister as a fraudster, corrupt & unfit to hold public office which perception deceive the right thinking members of the society. Mr. Duale averred that for six continuance months that the paper maliciously published articles portraying him as a swindler of national resources, he opted to keep mum not because the allegations were true but after the ban of the media house, Gaboobe took the duel to greater heights-one leaking his fabrications to international press with a view to come to his rescue notwithstanding the negative image portrayed to the Ministry in particular & the Government of Somaliland in general. On account of the functions & responsibilities bestowed on his office, the Mineral Resources & Energy Minister abstained from responding to the contents appearing in the paper's publication hence safeguarding the paramount interests of the nation before his. Mr. Duale recollects that 18 months ago Gaboobe & a close relative paid him a courtesy call in his office where they sought the Minister powers to accord a concessional right for a foreign firm in which Gaboobe is a guarantor and/or local representative and/or broker is approved to explore petroleum in the country. According to Eng Duale who elaborated in details the various procedures involved before such a right is granted to foreign firms as inquiries to their background, history in addition to technical knowhow & experience are studied prior to committing the Government to the initial agreement whilst maintaining that Government of Somaliland (GoSL) does not in any way engage with a third party or a guarantor befitting the caliber of Gaboobe or any other individual (foreign or local) to undertake such venture. Initial Gabobe letter of quest at the energy ministrInitial Gabobe letter of quest at the energy ministr The Minister assured that the Ministry could not ascertain the authenticity of documents in possession of the media guru as to his best knowledge, belief & understanding the said firm engages in mineral exploration mostly gemstones & not petroleum as Gaboobe thought . Duale proceeded to disclose that he reminded the banned media outlet owner on the moral as well as the constitutional obligation entrusted to his office –he play a take care role in safeguarding national resources on behalf of the people of Somaliland. That said, Gaboobe was unsatisfied & still hoped the Minister will reverse his stand. Duale vividly remembers the media owner sending emissary after another including close Minister's relatives & finally culminating to the Presidency Minister but still he stood by his decision. When all avenues available were exhausted in futility Gaboobe swore to tarnish the personality of the Minister employing media which was within his disposal consequently & to a larger extent scandalously publishing falsehood & maliciously defamatory articles that deceivably bore a corrupt image of the Minister thence spreading quicker due to its wide readership. And true to his words he maliciously revamped to portray the personality of Duale in a negative platform ultimately seen unfit to hold a public office notwithstanding the lack of backups. The Minister revealed the true affairs of state contrasting the truth, half baked truth from falsehood, rumors, and innuendos as retaliatory efforts of an individual with the sole aim of revenging. In delinking fantasy from reality, he itemized the type, nature & scope of firms that GoSL had entered contractual obligations that were binding & enforceability clear outlined; "I & this regime that appointed me to head this crucial docket of Mineral Resources & Energy have a public responsibility to verify the information obtained in Articles & Memoranda of Association outlining the engagements of companies that want to be tendered exploration licenses locally because if we mess then we have mismanaged these resources thereby entirely loosing the public trust bestowed on us because the mandate emanates from the people & we are answerable to them" confessed Duale. Mr. Duale affirms that since heading the docket the GoSL entered into 3 contractual obligations thereby giving rights to carry exploration rights after the cabinet deliberated on the state of their affairs in the presence of President Ahmed Silanyo & his deputy V-P Abdirahman Zeyli'i & rebutted allegations that licenses were approved at ministerial level. The Minister unequivocally equipped; "The proprietor of Haatuf has perfected the art of manipulating individuals through blackmail using media & if one does not tear his line then he kills the person's ego. If according to my lifestyle I did not condone bribery & solicit favors when I understand what I want is a right and not a privilege during my youthful years, is it logical for I to indulge at these practices at my sunset age?" The Mineral Resources Minister lamented the transgression by Haatuf against established ethics governing the media industry reasoning for a reporter to publish stories touching the character of a person then prior information must be derived from the horse mouth. He states that Haatuf did not accord him time to listen to his side of story. In rebutting the paper's version that the Minister was compromised in granting approval to 3 companies, Duale shed light on the taxation remitted to the treasury during his tenure in the Ministry. The Minister adduced documentary evidence in front of cameras outlining all contracts entered into by the Ministry on behalf of the Government of Somaliland while accompanied by his Director General before daring Mr. Gaboobe to substantiate his allegations by preparing his defense early enough to avoid embarrassment when his time to answer charges comes in his impending trial. Hatuf propaganda alleging 20000 theft by Eng Duale negated by reciipient ISCA ISCA Confirms receipt of 20000 alleged by Gaboobe to have been pocketed by Eng Duale
  3. Hargeisa (SM) – Somaliland’s Minister of Energy Hussein Abdi Duale has on Wednesday returned home after a three week working visit in China and United Arab Emirates. Minister Duale speaking to the media during a press conference in the VIP lounge of Egal international airport has said that he signed an agreement with Chinese firm in order to construct a power factory which will produce electricity through locally produced coal. “The purpose of our recent trip to China came about when we (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources) got an invitation from the GUANGZHOU DONGSONG ENERGY CO LTD which recently signed a contractual agreement with Somaliland government to conduct a nationwide Comprehensive survey to map the mineral potential and to develop the country’s energy sector. “We started our working tour in Guangzhou province where the energy company operations are mainly based, there we got firsthand familiarization of the company’s massive operations, afterwards we then proceeded to Yunnan Province where major mining activities take place and finally we had the opportunity to fly to Beijing the capital of the people’s republic of china where we had a series of meeting with top management of the Chinese energy firm”, he stated. Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh went on to say, “Our Chinese partners assured us of their commitment to begin the compressive survey of minerals in the country which will be conducted by Chinese owned satellites also known as remote sensing which will be used to map the various types of minerals present and their geographical location in the country this will be the first phase and will be followed by deploying engineers and geologist on the ground to conduct geological assessment of the presence of minerals in the ground. The Chinese energy company will then partner with two firms of Chinese origins one which known as the China Remote Sensing. “During our numerous meeting with the management of Chinese energy firm, we reaffirmed the need to develop our coal industry by the extracting ,production of coal Somaliland, our government and the Chinese firm will enter agreement for the construction of a power factory which will produce electricity through locally produced coal”, he said. The Minister of Energy added , “When the satellites and geological survey are completed ,then only then shall we be in a position to determine the mineral types that exist and the quantities which will hence be of important significance in the signing of future agreements and contracts between our government and would be interested groups the mining sector. The energy company they even went to the extent of promising to establish a Chinese language website which will be used for exposing what Somaliland as a country has to offers to the Chinese people and to the world in particular and the opening an office in the industrial city of Guangzhou soon aimed at promoting our shared interests and which will also be a commercial office which will in the future issue visas and most importantly to enhance diplomatic relations between the government of Somaliland and the Chinese government”, Hon. Dualeh said.
  4. Somaliland: 20th African Mining Indaba conference was a Success –Energy Minister By Goth Mohamed Goth The Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh arrived in the country today after a weeklong in Cape Town, South Africa where he had been attending the 20th African Mining Indaba conference. Speaking moments after his arrival during a press briefing at the Egal International Airport Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh said, 20th African Mining Indaba conference was a success for Somaliland people as a whole this being the first time the country attended a major energy forum with more than 9000 delegates in attendance drawn mainly from African mining industry executives, as well as professionals and representatives from resource-rich countries, to network and secure deals to develop African mining at the forum. “My presentation at Indaba was directed at attracting investors, financiers and international mining exploration companies in Africa and worldwide and the ministerial provide industry stakeholders with insight about the great opportunities that exist in Somaliland,” stated Dualeh. “The indaba conference provided Somaliland with a podium to present its mining potential of the country and attract potential investors to come and invest in the country,” Somaliland Energy and Minerals Minister Hussein Abdi Dualeh. Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh also said he had the opportunity to meet with top decision makers in the continent among them the current AU chairman H.E. Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma of whom he had discussed the possibilities of Somaliland being awarded observer status at the African organization and also the South African Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu in August, who had invited him to attend last year, when both Ministers attended the Africa Down Under conference in Perth, Australia. The Energy and Miniral Minister also showed members of the media fraternity a book published and issued by the organizes of the 20th African Mining Indaba conference which details the mineral potential of Somaliland and which he promised to showcase it to the public soon.
  5. Somaliland:Grabbing the Ethiopian lion by the tail with help of Bollore. By Geleh Ali Marshall Somaliland is cleverly inducing a third party –Bollore Africa Logistics to facilitate and bring into fruition the elusive Berbera Corridor that holds so much economic promise for this young nation irrespective to its inability to partake in or to become a party to an international agreement. Bolloré Africa Logistics is well suited to harness and fulfill Somaliland’s aspirations due to its political influence coupled with its shear capacity, comparative-advantage and expertise. Once implemented the Berbera-Corridor will connect Somaliland with the emerging 90 plus million nation of Ethiopia that has been one of the fasts growing economies in the world and better yet that has managed to sustain its growth. President Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud Silanyo of Somaliland has pertinaciously toiled for Berbera Port and its corridor to Ethiopia to be fully agreed on by the nexus of parties involved, the Somaliland president has visited both capitals Addis Ababa and Paris within this single month retaining to this matter. There is already a feasibility study of port Berbera’s capacity and the road networks connecting Somaliland with Ethiopia underway and it is being carried out by a German company Gauff that was selected by IGAD and funded by the EU. Port Berbera will be instrumental in creating trade relations to the already political relations and cultural relations that both countries enjoy. Already the benefits to Port Berbera is that it has a shorter road distance to Addis Ababa than compared to both port Mombasa of Kenya and Port Sudan of Sudan. The road linking Port Berbera and Addis Ababa is 930 kilometers in length, with 240 kilometers of it within Somaliland and remaining 690 kilometers in Ethiopia. There is no denying it, the last decade has been the Renaissance of the African lion-Ethiopia, the second most populous country in Africa with a population of over 90 million and GDP of over 100 billion exhibited an extraordinary growth rate for a non-oil producing country. Ethiopia might have been known for been largest exporter of coffee and having the most efficient and profitable airline on the continent, but Ethiopia will soon have the highest skyscraper and will be the biggest power exporter in Africa thanks to its economic transformation, where in the last decade Ethiopia was one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Somaliland is trying to grab this lion by the tail and hoping that it will have the multiplier effect that beyond just revenues provides jobs, stimulates investment, spurs long term-growth and mitigates the constraints from the lack of recognition that have put bilateral assistance and capital markets beyond its reach. Somaliland is ready and aiming to capitalize on the landlocked nation of over 90 million by leveraging its Berbera Port as the corridor to which Ethiopia will cater its emerging market to the rest of the world. The impasse to the Berbera port has been Somaliland’s inability to partake in and to become a party to an international agreement since it is not officially recognized by the rest of the world, which limited or eliminated the renowned financial institutions and insurance companies willing to ensure if not at premium certainly the cargo’s travelling through Somaliland or ships docking on Berbera port. However Somaliland’s strategic maneuver to include a large multinational conglomerate likes that of Bolloré Africa Logistics which has the sway and capacity along with Ethiopia to back and guarantee the presumed liabilities associated doing business in an unsovereign nation situated in a conflict- predisposed zone of world dominated by terrorism and piracy. Certainly Somaliland values Bollore’s political connections and technical know-how and presumes that Bolloré Africa Logistics is capable of making this venture a success. The clear-cut objectives of President Ahmed M.M. Silanyo’s administration have been the promotion of political, social and economic interests of Somaliland and thus his grandiose development-plan and Somaliland’s economic prosperity lies with the free flow of people, services and goods between the Berbera-Corridor. Berbera corridor has been identified as a project that can transform Somaliland and irrespective of its political quandary Somaliland is encouraged by its proximity to Ethiopia and is geared up to benefit from it. Somaliland wants to be a recipient of the Ethiopian electric surplus that many in the East African countries are about to become beneficiaries to. The World Bank and the African development bank have funded what is called the “Eastern Electricity Highway project” that will soon light up 5 African countries that include Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi and that is on top of Djibouti and South Sudan who are already receiving electricity from Ethiopia. Somaliland certainly wants to benefit from the Ethiopian electricity surplus, but first the Berbera –Corridor has to be implemented and it has to become a success. Somaliland is not waiting for Ethiopia to hold its hand or anyone else to dictate any top-down solutions, Somaliland has subsisted within its frugal means since its inception without any substantial assistance from the international community. Somaliland is led by a president with an economic background who has taken a holistic approach with strategic alternatives for fostering economic growth by making development a national priority. To maximize the impact of the president’s economic agenda, the president laid the groundwork and transformed the government sector first and his administration did not rest on Somaliland’s internal-strengths and laurels of peace and security but they have rather enhanced the capacity of Somaliland’s public sector by honing in on and streamlining government services. Once the government reforms where concluded with the president transitioned onto economic development and in a quest to realize Somaliland’s development aspirations, Somaliland has created an enabling and conducive business environment that started with the creation of a whole new government branch to the ministry of Commerce solely to attract foreign Investment. This new branch has published an Investment -Guide and an internet portal that aims to attract foreign direct investment in Somaliland by enticing would be investors with incentives and tax-abatements. It has also created a “One Stop-Shop” that does away with the counterproductive requirements and bureaucratic controls that hindered investments in the past. Somaliland has instituted a viable economic plan called The National Development Plan (NDP) and has also created Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) that is in line with Somaliland’s developmental ambitions. Somaliland’s NGO act ensures that aid and humanitarian agencies along with development partners concerning the New Deal to be in lockstep with Somaliland’s developmental priorities. The current National Development Plan of 2012 to 2016 is based on five pillars that is guided by urgent issues concerning developments in key areas that are set the on the steady path for the long term vision of Somaliland in 2030. President Ahmed M.M. Silanyo’s administration’s untiring concerted development effort has taken the concrete actions that will bring such vision to reality by enhancing the simple Pastoral economy of Somaliland. The expedited improvement of Somaliland’s public sector can be credited to caliber of competent ministers that have laid a new foundation for Somaliland’s transformation. For the first time in Somaliland’s history the national forecasted budget was brought to the parliament on a timely manner and it was the largest in the country’s history $152 Million. With its meager scare resources the government has invested in the long term human capital of Somaliland by freeing primary education and ensuring Somaliland future cadre are literate and in 2013 Somaliland undertook a country wide census in order for to government comprehend demographic outline of the nation to better meet social needs of its citizens. The Ethiopian transformation could be contributed to the vision and insistence of late Meles Zenawi who is considered the father of Ethiopia’s economic miracle and driver of its momentous achievements. Meles Zenawi affirmatively chose to adhere to the economic growth model of Asian Tiger and rejected the neo-liberal and deregulation growth model prescribed by the so called Washington consensus that consists of the World Bank, US Treasury and the IMF, In addition to the political pressure he was under at the onset from the world trade organization that insisted Meles liberalize the telecom and banking and the national Airline. Meles prudently placed Ethiopian state owned institutions at center of development, which they are playing a big role in even in their current 5 year economic plan 2011-2015. The Ethiopian government had concrete plans and competent institutions that is why its economy prospered and fared well, Plans like the Growth and transformation plan” and steering institutions like Public Enterprise Supervising Agency (PESA). Ethiopia has used its state owned institutions like the Ethiopian commercial bank to support national priorities and act as an anchor for strategic development. In Somaliland’s case it has placed it self well to benefit enormously from this mutually beneficial port Berebera project. With its limited resources and capability Somaliland has done everything within its sphere to rebuild its physical and human capital infrastructure. Somaliland’s current economic phase holistically seeks to incorporate public private partnership (PPP) with the backing of it’s the civil sector. Somaliland has impressively financed the maintenance and construction of its roads through levies, windfall tax and with the assistance of willing public who see the Ceerigabo road as a national calling. Somaliland has had great achievements such the free primary education, the doubling of public pay, ushering new political parties, in addition to numerous other government endeavors that included Military Ranks. It is my hope that if the Berbera-Corridor is agreed upon it will have the multiplier effect that Somaliland is in dire need of, and if given the opportunity Somaliland will certainly grab this resilient Ethiopian lion by the tail to create jobs, stimulate investment, and spurs long term-growth for Somaliland. Bienvenue Au Somaliland!
  6. Genel Energy to Resume Oil Exploration Operations after Reaching Deal with Somaliland Government HARGEISA-Somaliland President Ahmed Sillanyo met with the Executive Director of the oil company Genel Energy, Tony Hayward who arrived in Somaliland on Wednesday. Genel Energy Plc (GENL), the Iraq-focused oil company run by former BP Plc (BP/) Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward, increased its interests in fields in Somaliland. Somaliland FM Mr. Biihi Yoonis spoke to the media after the meeting ended and said that it was great pleasure to meet with the Executive Director of Genel Energy and other accompanied officials of the company. The FM added that the delegation from Genel Energy showed their willing to restart the oil exploration that Somaliland struck a deal with the company. He said that on behalf of Somaliland government and its people would like to thank the great support pledged by Genel Energy. Somaliland’s Mining minister Dr. Hussein Abdi Du’ale who spoke in English said that the delegation headed by Tony Hayward came to the country in order to meet with government officials having taken non-stop flight from London to Somaliland and to restate their commitment to Somaliland government. Mining minister said that the company halted its operations due to challenges and security concerns in the region. There were constructive talks between Somaliland and Genel Energy culminated in Genel’s return to oil exploration operation in Somaliland to resume. Somaliland president H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo with certain cabinet ministers met with and had substantive talks and resulted complete understanding and this has brought up Genel to resume its oil operations in the country. Mining Minster said that they are very pleased with to receive Mr. Hayward and his Genel team back in Hargeisa to quiet the nay Sayers. He added that Somaliland government is committed to work with Genel Energy to help, facilitate and protect this important project. Mining minister said that the government took important steps to take control of the full success of the oil exploration in Somaliland. Tony Hayward, the Executive Director of Genel Energy said that he is pleased to visit again Hargeisa, Somaliland capital and added that he came to the country with number of Genel’s officials to reassure the president and his ministerial team of that commitment to Somaliland. Tony said that they invested $ 35 million and added that they intent to continue to pursue the work program here and with luck and good fortune to find oil and gas for the benefit of every one in Somaliland. Mr. Tony added that his team had constructive, substantive dialogue with the president and his ministerial team how we progress our work in Somaliland over the coming months. He said that he is satisfied with agreement and the plan forward agreed and said that they look forward in continuing their work in Somaliland.
  7. Istanbul, (Somaliland.Org)- Weftigii uu hogaaminayay Madaxweynaha Somaliland Md. Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud (Siilaanyo) ee socdaalka ku tagey dalka Turkiga ayaa kulamo la yeeshay Ra’iisal wasaaraha dalkaas Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Raysal wasaaraha dalka Turkiga ayaa si meeqaam sare ah xafiiskiisa ugu qaabilay weftiga Madaxweyne Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud (Siilaanyo), waxaanay labada dhinac wada yeesheen kulan qaatay muddo saacaddo ah. Kulanka weftiga Somaliland iyo Raysal wasaaraha dalka Turkiga ayay kaga wada-hadleen qodobo badan oo la xidhiidha wax wada qabsiga labada dal iyo sidii Turkigu uga caawin lahaa Somaliland dhinacyada horumarinta bulshadda iyo kaabeyaasha dhaqaalaha. Wasiirka wasaaradda Arrimaha dibedda iyo xidhiidhka caalamiga ah ee Somaliland Maxamed Biixi Yoonis oo kulanka labada dhinac ka dib warbaahinta la hadlay ayaa ka warbixiyay waxyaabihii ay weftiga Somaliland iyo masuuliyiinta dalka Turkigu ka wada-hadleen, isagoo tilmaamay in wefti uu hogaaminayo raysal wasaare ku-xigeenka dalkaasi uu iman doono Somaliland. “Waxaanu maanta la kulanay ra’iisal wasaaraha, ku-xigeenkiisa iyo Wasiirka ganacsiga, waxay si xoogan noogu soo dhaweeyeen xafiiskiisa Ra’ysal wasaaraha, waxa ugu muhiimsan ee aanu aad uga wada-hadalnayna waxa ka mid ah sidii uu wadanka Turkigu uu inooga caawin lahaa arrimo ay ka mid yihiin hirgelinta wadada Ceerigaabo, wadada Tog-wajaalle, xaga laydhka, dekadaha, waxbarashada iyo caafimaadka, markaa mashaariic badan ayaanu u qadinay wayna nala garteen inay wax nala qabtaan,” ayuu yidhi wasiirku, waxaanu intaas ku daray isagoo hadalkiisa sii wata.
  8. Somaliland: A response to ‘Ethiopian suspends flights to Somaliland region’ By abdullah I’ve had the honor of partaking in the rehabilitation of Egal International Airport in Hargeisa. I feel this post doesn’t reflect the great work that has been done. The whole of the runway (2440 meter long) has been paved with asphalt not once but twice. First with a DBM layer having a thickness of 60 mm then with a BC layer having a thickness of 40 mm. The professional engineers and technicians working on this paving were hailing from different countries some were Chinese, Ethiopian, Syrian and of course local Somalilanders. The very expensive and modern equipment were all imported and included a brand new hot mix plant with a capacity of 160 t/h, 4 rollers, an asphalt paver with infrared sensors and others. All this gave the end result of a world class runway that all somalis and not just somalilanders can be proud of. Even on this same site (SomalilandPress.Com here is the link proving Ethiopian Satisfaction with the runway before they changed their mind, the reason which is still unknown because there is no official statement from Ethiopian Airlines )you have posted the interview with the ethiopian pilot praising the runway. To my knowledge not a single person/organization who has had access to the runway has made a professional appraisal of the Asphalt runway to be negative. Of course the Egal international airport project has not been completed yet. A very important part of the project which is in progress. I think that might be the reason why ethiopian airlines suspended it’s flights but i can’t be sure. Since i haven’t seen an official response from them to any of the local newspapers or websites. Also you haven’t reported how how Daallo airlines is still operating from Egal international airport yesterday and today they carried over two hundred passengers. I can’t give you the exact model of the aircraft they operate but it was a jet plane carrying almost 120 passengers. If the runway was useless and a failure they wouldn’t be able to land on it. The engineer of the Kuwaiti consultant firm responsible for the project heard your accusations, which btw were quoted as a source in most SL newspapers and TV channels, about the runway he laughed out loud. He had just arrived today with Daallo airlines at Egal international airport, so he found the rumors especially amusing. It’s surprising you comment about this project and haven’t hear of NARCO and ICT. You don’t seem to understand that usually in contracting there has to be a consultant responsible to keep the contractor’s work inline with the contract and guidelines of work. In fact the contractor doesn’t get paid one cent untill the consultant checks and approves the bill of works. Of course the consultant’s work is much bigger than just checking the bill, they also approve and supervise the work and also Quality control. So i gave my two cents and if anyone interested is in Hargeisa and wants to see first hand the job we did. Please contact me and i can give you a tour so you can see for yourself the quality runway that Egal international airport has but many people fail to recognize, either because of their political affiliation or simple minded tribalism. mabdullah@slchg .com
  9. While supporting the New Deal process and welcoming of the donors’ engagement, Somaliland has chosen not to participate in the Conference as the country’s national needs and priorities are very different to Somalia’s, writes Mohamed Behi Yonis. Mohamed Behi Yonis is Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Republic of Somaliland. Despite facing many pressing problems, both in Europe and elsewhere, it is encouraging to see that EU leaders are going to focus on my region today, in a Conference – the New Deal for Somalia, that will sanction a clear and improved framework for international donors’ engagement with the Somali people. The Horn of Africa has for a long time been seen as one of the world’s most troubled regions. It has been defined on the front pages of Europe’s newspapers by conflict, repression, famine, terrorism and piracy. Thanks to international support, Somalia has made important progress since 2012 but it remains very fragile and in need of further assistance to achieve stability, security and good governance. To that end, Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, and Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, will gather in Brussels with a number of donors and beneficiaries. Somaliland whole-heartedly welcomes the New Deal for Fragile States process, inaugurated in Busan in 2011 by a group of donors and post-conflict countries, as it offers a more effective mechanism to deliver development assistance to our country. However, while supporting the New Deal process and welcoming of the donors’ engagement, we have chosen not to participate in the Conference. Somaliland and Somalia find themselves at two very different stages of development, and we therefore feel that our presence at this particular Conference, co-hosted by Somalia, would not be appropriate. We Somalilanders have governed ourselves in conditions of peace and stability for the last 22 years, and our country is at the “transformative” stage of development, whereas Somalia has yet to recover from more than two decades of civil war and much of its territory remains outside government control. Somaliland’s national needs and priorities are very different to Somalia’s. This does not mean that we do not wish to engage with the EU —Somaliland is extremely grateful to the EU for its strong support and friendship across a whole range of important issues. And it does not mean that we are not willing to speak and cooperate with Somalia. In 2012 the international community agreed to support a Dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia and we held three rounds of talks so far. The objective is to clarity our future relationship and in the short-term we hope to cooperate on issues like security and trade. Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia in 1991, after a civil war in which 50,000 Somalilanders were killed, and our capital, Hargeisa, was reduced to rubble by bombs. That independence was strongly endorsed by a referendum in 2001, and by the results of 5 democratic nation-wide elections held since that time. We have built a separate state, which meets in full the criteria of customary international law for statehood, and which our peaceful and hard-working citizens are proud of. We will not cooperate in attempts to rebuild the former unified state of Somalia, if it purports to include Somaliland. Nor can we cooperate in any effort to use aid as a lever to force Somaliland to become part of Somalia. In line with our support for the New Deal process, the Somaliland Government and civil society have together adopted a document based on New Deal principles, the Somaliland Special Arrangement (SSA). This is fully compatible with our National Development Plan, and therefore reflects our own priorities. Our intention is that the SSA will form a distinct and separate component of the broader Somali New Deal Compact, facilitating coordination between the donor community and Somaliland at the level of both government and civil society. The Federal Government of Somalia has had no input into this document. We wish to settle our differences with Somalia peacefully and without outside pressure. It is in our interests to see Somalia recover its former stability, provided that it does not compromise our own stability, nor our people’s desire for Somaliland to be recognised as an independent state. We support the New Deal, and hope to be able to work with the EU in the future to build not only a strong, stable and democratic Somalia, but a strong, stable, democratic and independent Somaliland too.
  10. Madaxweyne Siilaanyo Oo Xadhiga Ka Jaray mashaariic Laga Fuliyay Berbera Madaxweynaha Somaliland ayaa mashaariic horumarineed oo laga hirgeliyay guud ahaan magaalada Berbera ee xarunta gobolka Saaxil maanta xadhiga ka jaray. Mashaariicdan oo ay hirgeliyeen maamulka dekeda iyo maamulka degamada Berbera, kuwaasoo isugu jiray dhismeyaal lagu kordhiyay dekeda, qalab casri ah oo dekeda loo keenay iyo waddooyin ay tiro badan oo ay hirgelisay dawladda hoose ee magaaladda Berbera.
  11. HARGEYSA (Somaliland.Org)- Madaxweynaha Somaliland Mudane Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud (Siilaanyo) ayaa maanta furay Kulliyadda tababarka ciidamadda qalabka sida ee dalka oo laga furay dugsigii hore ee Milatariga ee Magaaladda Darar-weyne oo 30 Km waqooyi barri kaga beegan caasimadda Hargeysa. Kulliyadda ciidamadda qalabka sida ee dugsiga Darar-weyne laga furay ayaa laga hirgeliyay dhismeyaal kala duwan oo loogu tallo galay saraakiisha ciidammadda ee lagu tababari doono, iyadoo maantaba ay galeen dufcadii u horreysay ee saraakiisha ciidammadda kala duwan ee dalka. Xafladii loo sameeyay furitaanka Kulliyadda ciidammadda waxa kale oo ka soo qeyb galay Wasiirro, Taliyeyaasha ciidammadda dalka noocyadooda kala duwan, Xildhibaano iyo masuul tiro badan oo ka tirsan xukuumadda Somaliland. Madaxweynaha Somaliland Mudane Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud (Siilaanyo) oo ka hadlay xafladaasi ayaa sheegay in furitaanka akaadamigani uu qeyb ka yahay qorshaha xukuumadda ee lagu tayaynayo ciidammadda. Madaxweyne Axmed Siilaanyo waxa uu ka sheekeeyay in ay sanadkii ugu horeeyayba ciidamadda iyo shaqaalaha dawladda mushaharkii laban-laabeen, isagoo arrintaas ka hadlayayna waxa uu yidhi “Waxaan aad ugu faraxsan nahay saraakiisha ciidammadda kala duwan ee ay ka muuqato haybaddii ciidanimo iyo hanaankii Derajooyinka ee hoggaaminta iyo kala dambaynta ciidanka, Ciidammaddu waxay ka mid yihiin astaanta qaranimadda oo la’aantood aanay dawladnimo jiri Karin. Annaga oo ka duullayna mudnaanta ciidanku u leeyahay qaranka, waxa xukuumaddani kor u qaaday mushaharkii sanadkii noogu horeeyay oo aanu kordhinay 100%, iyadoo ay noo taalay qabyo aad u badan , dhaqaalaha dalkuna aad u hooseeyo, dayn aad u badan-na nalagu lahaa, qasnadaha dawladuna ay madhnaayeen.” “Waxaad ogtihiin qalabka iyo saanadda aanu ciidanka ku soo kordhinay oo gaadhaya 121 Gaadhi, waxaanu u hawl-galay sugida tirada ciidanka dhabta ah ee ciidanka qarankani haysto, iyadoo aanu ka saarnay liiska in ka badan sadex kun oo caagle ahaa, taasi oo aanu halkoodii ku bedalay ciidan cusub oo la hawl-geliyay. Waxaanay ahayd hawl culus oo aanu ku ammaanayno saraakiishii ciidammadda ee ka shaqeeyay,”ayuu yidhi Madaxweynaha Somaliland. Madaxweynuhu waxa uu sheegay in derajadii ciidanku ay ahayd himiladii qaranka. “Derajada ciidanku waxay ka mid ahayd himiladii qaranka, waxaanay ahayd hiigsigii xisbigayagii aanu balan-qaadnay xiligii aanu ololaha doorashada ku jirnay, waxaan ku faraxsan nahay in riyadaasi maanta rumowday oo aanu kumanaan ka mid ah ciidammada dalku ay maanta ku labisan yihiin derajadii,”ayuu yidhi Madaxweyne Axmed Siilaanyo.
  12. Somaliland: “Egal Airport Meets with Our Safety Standards”-Ethiopian Airlines By: Yusuf M Hasan HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Ethiopian airlines has officially denied alleged poor standards at Egal Airport as the cause pertaining to its suspension of flights to somaliland. This is according to an official statement submitted to Somalilandsun and Dawan newspapers signed by Mr. Biniyam Demssie a Public relations officer at Ethiopian airlines headquarters at Bole airport Addis Ababa. "The Runway and other airport facilities at Egal airport were inspected by our technical team and were found all to be in order and met our requirements to land our Boeing 737 aircraft following which Ethiopian operated B737 to Hargeisa" Said Mr. Demssie The airlines PRO who was reacting to an article published by Somalilandsun titled "Ethiopian Airlines, Egal Airport, Ministry of Aviation and Stranded Passengers Saga" in which it had been alleged that the withdrawal of flights top Somaliland by the regional carrier was because "Egal airport does not meet Ethiopian airlines safety standards.
  13. By: Yusuf M Hasan LONDON (Somalilandsun) - The current temporary halt in operations is an opportunity to take stock of the necessary steps to ensure planning comes into line with implementations that guarantee the partnership between Genel Energy and the government of Somaliland thence a sustainable future in oil prospecting and extraction. This is per the initial outcomes of ongoing discussions between officials of Genel Energy and a Somaliland delegation composed of Foreign minister Mohamed Behi Yonis and energy Minister Eng Hussein Abdi Duale in London meant to iron out problems encountered by the Anglo-Turkish company thence precipitated withdrawal from the country earlier thus week. According to the energy minister "Genel is not leaving Somaliland where significant work has been accomplished in the development of the oil industry through close cooperation with government and people of Somaliland for past 14 months" A senior Genel official taking part in the London discussions said "We shall continue to work in Somaliland in order to fulfill our shared aims, that of making the country's oil reserves the backbone of the national economy thus enabling the country to develop and its people to become self sufficient.
  14. Highlights of the Africa Downunder Conference 2013 held in Perth, Western Australia over three days 28th August - 30th August 2013. Featuring Hon. Hussein Abdi Dualeh and other leading Ministers and Dignitaries from both Africa and Australia.