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  1. Rudy, Many thanks. I really needed brush up excell lessons.
  2. Salaams, I'm currently finishing up my undergrad degree BSB and wondering if I should enroll for an MBA programme right after graduation. The two-year programme is very costly, around $60K, but it also leads to both career enhancement and earning power. So, I would like to know if any Nomad is/was in this position, or considering business related advanced degree. Or even if you know anyone who received that degree and how it changed/contributed to their career, and such. I greatly appreciate all kinds of input.
  3. Very interesting topic. I took the "siyaasada Africa" quiz. Eyedama was the president of Togo, not Niger, right? BTW, thanks for posting such a great educational quizes.
  4. Wat was St. Peter doing in heaven? I guess the women mistook Hell for Heaven Hibo, that is what was running in my mind as I read the lady's joke. I think that is what they taught her in Kindergarten!!
  5. Mabruuk sxb for you new baby. Allah haka dhigo kii dadkiisa, diintiisa iyo dalkiisaba anfaca. my all-time favorite names are: these are the very names I decided to name my sons inshaa-Allah, if Allah blesses with kids. Muhammed Yaxya Amir Xamza Salaha-Diin Doolaal Good luck with naming your son
  6. There is no problem with Islam, but with the people. Don't follow the woman's logic Ngonge. Jamaal, I couldn't agree more. Ngonge seems to have inherited that woman's ideology-searching holes/weakness in Islam where there is none. To Ngonge: I wouldn't expect a Muslim Brother to have such a tenacious spirit in tyring to justify that woman's logic. You cannot say the woman is wrong but also right, when all in question is the Islamic "faith".
  7. Anigu laftigaygu ma'ihi Oday (xaasle), balse aragtidayda ayaan ka dhiibanayaa. 1)kudadaal dhisida, ilaalinta iyo kobcinta guri Muslim ah. Macnaa, ha noqon qof hawo raac ah ama ku cabira farxadda iyo dhismaha qoyska waxyaabo aan muhim ahayn sida lacagta, iwm. 2) hanoqoto doorashadaada qofka aad la noolaysid mid ka turjumaysa your dedication to Allah/Islam. Macnaa, dooro qof diinta si fiican ugu xiran waayo, qofkii midaas ku sifooba ayaa laga arkaa inuu yahay qof farxad iyo jaceel dhab ah la'imaan kara. 3)ogsoonow (ogow) xilka ku saaran as a Muslim-zawjah. 4)As far as the worldy aspect goes, if he has the potential to cover your family expenses (maxaa ladhahaa "quutul duruuri") that is enough. no need for 6-figures bank account balance verification! 4)tawakal Cala-Allah!! *Ilaah gabarta cousinkaaga "calaf" wanaagsan ha siiyo- A man who is equally aware of his obligation/duties as a Zawj, Muslim, and who is fit for a family responsibility.
  8. Thanks Wiilo for posting this. IA, let's all hope to witness that beautiful day when all Somali speaking people are united in one country...
  9. Mafia

    Refuge Mentality

    I have never come across Maay-speaking somali myself, but i believe it's some similarities with "Maxay". And it isn't a written language, I think? Lander, I agree with you. These descriptions might draw some attention to them, but despite their need, saying something like the children were walking around with 30 tooth-pastes, I believe isn't that much of a sympathetic language. But anyway, good luck with them.
  10. There you go Nuune..One more B.S Accounting/MIS-soon, IA. Do we have any mature accounting professionals in the house (CPA,CMA,etc)?
  11. Jamaal, few things I would like to say about this so-called May Election. First, the outcome of the Election has been predetermined by forces outside the Amharo/Tigray/Oromo or any other group that has influence on the Abyssinian politics. These elections happen in Ethiopia, but the resulting-numbers are Made in Washington DC. You might wonder how, but the answer should be clear if you follow Ethiopian politics. Why do I say so? Consider few things in the background: First, Melez and the TPLF have been put in place by the West to counteract any possibility of Muslim dominance of that region or East Africa, in general. As you know, Oromos make up ~60% of the total Ethiopian Population. Keeping in mind that > 68% of Oromos are Muslims, any power grab by them will undoubtedly endanger the agenda of the West; thus supporting and empowering the EPRDF is the only way to face-off that threat of Ethiopia becoming an Islamic stronghold. Less of a threat, but equally important in the Ethiopian politics or western interest for that matter is the Somali State, the OGA'DEN. The Berlin Agenda ('1882/'84) may sound historical, but the conspiracy is yet intact-ensuring Christian superiority in East Africa. Ethiopian has done their part, rather well by Marginalizing, oppressing, and displacing Somalis, among other tactics. And for the Most part, they succeeded-Axmed Gurey fought for Diridhawa (Hararge), Zayid Maxammed fought for Harar, lower Awash, and today Ethiopia fights for Mogadishu/Hargaysa/Baydhabo (Puntland has long fallen into the map of Ethio-political force) Why does the West choose the Tigray over Guragis or Amharis or other groups? That is another long story, a historical one. But, my point is let’s not confuse ourselves in this Election; TPLF will win, unless some powerful winds crush the Western interest overnight. (Amaba Allah sikale ka dhigo xaalada). P.s. All the percentage numbers are estimates. No precise census has ever been done in Ethiopia, so any number that reflects Ethiopian data is purely estimate. For instance, in the 1996 concesus, the goverment said 60 of the total population is Oromo; now they argue Aromos are less than half of the total population...
  12. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for posting those pics--they good for the eyes.
  13. There's a Somali saying, "Ma anigaa waalan mise Cadan baa laga heesayaa" Rag & dumar Soomaaliyeed oo leh boy friend amd girl friend!! Is this a joke? I hope so. Ducaqabe, I'm equally perplexed. "Noloshaada oo dheeraataa, geel dhalayna way ku tustaa" ayay inagaga dhigeen.
  14. I read this article about the Somali Bantu students in New Hampshire today. I thought, you might as well like it. The descriptions they gave about these students are little too detailed, I thought. Article: NH. Union Leader
  15. Let me not shed doubts on that! However, of the ones who are in the center of the politcs now, I don't think so. There are of course, great leaders who are sunken in the margines, but it will take time, I believe for them to make a difference. And let's face the facts: Which Somali leader of any region/anywhere can be characterized as a true muwaadin, clean from Tribalism mentality,capable of leading a nation/people? I guess, very few.
  16. So I would rather be a global citizen, a citizen of Nowherian [Pico Iyer - The Global Soul] A. Farm, I think, more or less that is a fact. For me, futuristically speaking, it isn't so much on what happened within in the past decade, but the rough path that is being dug by our leaders-all of them-for us. Besides, we are active people, but not really civ-inclined & development-oriented society. That is what we need to become Global Citizens.
  17. Sister, I think we don't live in the same world! Or, perhaps you were being sarcastic. Anyway,tell me where you see the fat Somalis. I might need to relocate there, for the sake of getting tired of seeing scrawny, (presummably) mulniturishoued Malis just about any other place I go. Couple more Comments/Observations -It's natural for a woman to gain wt after giving ibrth-so Don't be frightened by that. -Mali Guys definately need to hit the gym. Factual, it isn't part of our culture, but it's no less important than many other dedications (TIP--don't just lift weights and then grow big chest & chicken legs...exercise uniformly). As for sisters, I think you are doing much better job than our Brothers (except the skininess). At least, you ladies know how to coordinate your outfit, compared to our brothers wearing made-in-Kenya-1999-pink-colored-more-like-skirt-trousers! no offenses. I might over-react to your comment, but I think this is an issue where us Malis happen to overlook. I am not myself a gym-geek, but few times a week in the Center is worth it.
  18. GOVERNMENT:Dawlad TEMPERATURE:Kul/Jawi/Cimilo FREEDOM:xorriyad/ Madaxbanaani SYSTEM:Hab/nidaam TRANSPORTATION:Gaadiid COMMUNICATION:Xiriir/Baahin CIRCLE:Goobo SQUARE:(help? not quite laydi or just Afar Xaggale) SCHOOL:Dugsi TRANSLATION:Tarjumaad STUDENT:Arday GOVERNOR:Ziyaad Barre
  19. First, I would love to say that I'm glad to see a Brother come this long. I'm personally not there yet (I will be wrapping up my undergrad soon), but I think Int'l trade is a great field. All things being equall, if you speak few languages, I think Int' trade would be a highly valuable choice! Good luck Bro!
  20. Inaa Lilaahi wainaa Ilayhi raajicuun. walaalo, Allah aabo naxariista jano haka waraabiyo, idinkana samir iyo iimaan.
  21. Mafia


    I didn't know we have that many alcoholics here! keep up the good least, you ladies feel liberated by smoking shisha
  22. Najma, one my friends is majoring in Pharmacy. As he said, at the U of M, scoring high on the PCAT considerably increases your chances of acceptance. Also, if you can find pharmacy internship-that is terrific too. So, besdies GPA, interships and PCAT and heavily weighted on the admission process... Good luck with your admission, sister...