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  2. malistar2012;979890 wrote: Somaliland must be safe Heaven for Extremist shiekh that are spreading jihad and extremist view . what you gonna do about it???
  3. Ethiopia although supporting somaliland refuses to be the First Nation to recognise it. While Somalia itself has been in choas for over 20 years with Ethiopian blessing....the only exception was the Islamic courts union that brought stability of which Ethiopia had to crush. These xabashi miskeens know they have no chance against the blood sucking, psychopaths known as Somalis. They have only had two major encounters with Somalis and on both occasions their entire empire was left devastated. Can you take these people seriously
  4. European nations had a policy not to invade Ethiopia. The italian fascists musalini opposed this because he felt the british and french were not giving italy a fair deal. He invaded and even till this moment western nations were supplying ethiopia with light small arms and training. It was the British and other European states that agreed to the Ethiopian emperor demands of sovereignty over entire nations who were all ironically Muslim. In the somali/Ethiopian war the same thing happened the somalis could have won. But the same usual christien solidarity came to its aid. Ethiopia can never win a war on an equal footing with a stable Somalia or Somaliland.
  5. I don't see how somaliland can incorporate the reserve area back into somaliland. Another war is to much for the region what we need to focus on is improving the lives of the people of the somali region, Ethiopia and Somaliland. In reality the land is only technically under Ethiopia the people go back and fourth as they choose. Onlf has been a distaster for the og people, they cant fight, have no objective, no direction and in effect led their people to the slaughter. Said barre also created a lot of damage between somaliland and the somali region by trying to replace the permanent population of somaliland with the eople of the somali region. With that said, the only solution to the problem for the time being is for the people of the somali region to work together regardless of clan and create a unifying identity outside the onlf. To build a co-hesive state within a state. Somaliland should focus on securing a free trade agreement with Ethiopia. A lot of Goods come to Ethiopia via somaliland at present we are not allowed to trade on equal basis. Free trade and open access would mean access to 70 million land locked people who suck on the aid of Christien nations for hundreds of years. The two areas need each other somali region and somaliland and they could become very wealthy together if they play their cards right. I think xabashis are over rated. They say we were never colonised even though they were. The only reason why they were spared the same treatment as other African states and supported is because they were historically Christien and acted as a counter weight in a muslim region. Even till this day they get billions of dollars in aid to feed there people. I don't take xabashis seriously. But we no longer live in age where warfare is the solution. Economic power and military power can be built and used as leverage without war.
  6. Mad_Mullah;979782 wrote: Greater Somaliland You know in Ethiopian Somali war. The headquarters of the war was in hargaisa. The only two cities to ever get bombed from the air by Ethiopians was hargaisa and Borama. And the most vicious battalions in the war came from the north. If somaliland was an internationally recognised state I have no doubt it would be the power house of Africa within 20 years. Economically, politically and militarily. In terms of the reserve area. Ethiopia and somaliland have an open border policy. Reer borama, duriyada and even las canod folk who inhabit Ethiopia are also able to be somaliland nationals as wells.
  7. The future for the Middle East is being fought in Egypt.
  8. Dr_Osman;979746 wrote: Garoodi, Puntland is an important player and as much as that hurts you, please accept it. As for somaliland joining somalia who are you trying to kid with your nonsense. We all know it was the folks of las anod and erigavo that pushed your backside to it. Puntland went to mogadishu because that was were the capital was. Puntland didn't gain any favors from Italy because that area was grazed to the ground by the italians and so much resistance was there they even had to move the capital which was initially going to be hafun to mogadishu because the people there were very welcoming unlike the folks of the east. Puntland will always enjoy a strong share of Somalia, you can love it or lump it because we are not going anywhere and we will always get what is rightfully ours. What you mean the civil war people woke up? you lil cowards were killing shacabs not army. The Sahal family wasn't united against you untill we realised you just wanted to do the clans cleansing. The Sahal folks woke up and reclaimed galkayo and kismayo and you have ever since been reduced using proxies such as gedo folks or las anod folks but can never dare face us clan vs clan because our numbers are way superior to you. Clan wise we are the largest and the largest will always rule. Its us always welcoming you because we see you as our minority, and its always you who is not welcoming us because u see as the majority and threat. Niyahow xeer manta waxad jogta inaad soo gashatid niqab and hide in buraha galgala ma jab ka wayn ba jira. You need to come as a woman to the big boy of the east awoodeenu hadad ka shaki gabtid kas liiq. Like always too many assumptions and not enough hard facts. The Garaad of las canod was the most apposed to the unification of somaliland and Somalia. This is a fact and highlight how little you know about history. Other then what your uncles told you happened in a Disney tale of theirs. But with that said your perception is usually far from reality anyways. What you wrote above is the furthest from reality. Your enclave is 2.5 regions. You have no resources. And regardless of any report your villages have the lowest population anywhere. Hag is the largest clan in Somalia this is something no one can deny.
  9. Hag should read this: it was chosen as editors piece on taleex news. Written by Sahal (D block) fanatic A Prominent Hag-Beast, President Hassan Culusow, thinks So and Warns to What He Calls the “Losers of the Civil War” to Either Toe the Line or Face the Same Fate Again! Speaking on the July 1st independence celebrations, President Culusow said, “We killed each other. Some were defeated and forced to seek save sanctuaries in foreign countries. The same might happen again if they (D block) are not careful.” This is a clear reference to the large scale massacre against D block civilians in Mogadishu in 1991 in which the survivors of the massacre were forced to leave the city. Before I delve deeper into the question of “winners and losers”, I would like to talk briefly about the genesis of Somalia’s Civil War. We can trace the origin of the collapse of the Somali State to the 1977 War between Ethiopia and Somalia. Initially, Somali forces had captured large areas of Ethiopia, but in the closing days of the war the tide had turned against Somalia and, in the end, we were forced to withdraw in humiliation. Among the most obvious reasons of why we lost the war is the Soviet Union’s decision to abandon us and support Ethiopia. Since Somalia did rely heavily on Soviet weaponry, the abandonment had clearly cost us the war. The disillusionment which resulted from our defeat had prompted some officers in the Somali Armed Forces to attempt a coup d’état. However, the attempted coup had failed and the government had executed some ring leaders of the coup, while other officers fled and made it to Somalia’s arch enemy, Ethiopia. The first anti-government rebel movement known as SSDF then began under Abdillahi Yusuf’s leadership. Even though the SSDF and subsequent anti-government rebel movements had had the name Somali, they were all dominated by certain easily identifiable clans. To make a long story short, Barre’s government began to weaken as rampant corruption and mismanagement also took their toll. As the government confronted both external as well as internal subversion, its days became numbered. It is true that as the years progressed, some movements got weaker while newer ones were getting stronger. In the case of SSDF, the first anti-government rebel group, an internal infighting had resulted in the imprisonment of Abdillaahi Yusuf which forced some of his core supporters to leave the movement. Some would have us believe that there was tribal kinship or alliance between Barre and Abdillahi Yusuf’s clan that resulted in some former SSDF members to come back to Somalia. However, these assertions are far from the truth. What Happened After the Government Was Ousted? As I mentioned above, a myriad of factors which started after we lost the War with Ethiopia had contributed to the government’s demise. However, the day after Barre’s government ceased to exist, an organized tribal mob had started killing civilians from the D block clan. At first, the massacre started in Mogadishu and the refugee camps in Hiiraan, but it later spread to all areas in Central and Southern Somalia. The perpetrators of the massacre were the Hag Beasts! and most of the victims were D block even though other unarmed communities such as the Baraawanis and Reer Hamars were also affected. In fact, the genocide had had a Hag clan-wide consensus. I remember listening to Radio Mogadishu from Kenya in April 1991; it was the height of the massacre. I heard the voice of former President Adan Abdulle Osman- a man who is portrayed nowadays as a symbol of goodness and almost saintly by his supporters saying in Somali, “Siyaad Barre iyo dad xunkiisii.” It was clearly an incitement by the former president for his fellow Beasts to continue the massacre. On another occasion, I listened to the same radio one evening. It was shortly after the intra-Beast War started following Ali Mahdi’s selection as president by some factions in Djibouti. Present in that meeting were the most prominent religious leaders of the clan, from Sheikh Sulay to Sheikh Mohamed Moallin, and they were urging their fellow Beasts to stop the fighting. I remember them saying “why are you destroying the houses that you have liberated.” In this case, liberation is a euphemism for looting, and apparently they had no compunction of looting other Somalis’ properties. In fact, they were giving the looters their blessing and some sort of religious endorsement! What Constitutes a Victory? The war against the government was immediately changed into a war against the fallen president’s clan, and the reality is that some clans, most notably the Beasts and their allies, had had all along a hidden tribal agenda to commit the atrocities they had committed against the D block after the government is ousted. The Beasts in Mogadishu did launch attacks against D block inhabited areas and they had briefly occupied some areas. However, they did not have the power to establish a permanent presence anywhere. Only later in the decade (90s) when they started colluding with some D block clans to serve as proxies for them, did they establish some presence in Kismaayo (Ironically, they are trying to use the same strategy to overthrow the popularly elected Jubbaland administration). What happened in Somalia after the Beasts’ atrocities against the D block was a complete disintegration of the Somali State into tribal fiefdoms where clans ended up in their respective native areas. The demographic changes that took place since the genocide have resulted in Mogadishu becoming a one clan city which is a major reason why the Beasts have come to dominate the presidency since the 1990s. This is why we need to have a change of capital in order to eliminate the Beasts’ illusions that they have won a war that has had clearly no winners. Mohamed Ismail (Shuuqiye)
  10. Osman, the only reason your people ever had a chance to lead is because the other power houses were preoccupied in the case of duriyada preoccupied with returning reserve area and building somaliweyn, in the case of hag relaxing along lido beach and chasing abayos all day. Pirates then used the benefits of their servitude for Italy to establish themselves in mugdisho prior to independence. Coming from the desert they realised life was much better down south so they set into motion a plan for taking power. Hag being the simpletons had no clue what was going on because they simply didn't care. 1960 duriyada came into the scene. After the loss of the reserve area to Ethiopia they were driven by ambitions of reclaiming the territory lost. Hence why they initiated the union. The pirates told hag the reason why they want to unite is because they want the bounties of the south because their land is desert. Hag and duriyada don't share a border and don't know each other so hag again was gullible enough to believe. The civil war changed everything. Duriyada having almost lost somaliland itself ended the union. Hag finally woke up and took back their land. And it was back to the desert you came from for you. Your a product of your own creation. Today hag is the sole power in Somalia and as much as that terrifies you, it is the reality. Constitution....your just hiding behind it. No one give a da&e about the constitution. You live in the hag constitution now.
  11. dr_osman;979732 wrote: garoodi, just don't touch the constitution and we all cool. Markad soo fara gashatid you are playing with fire and trying to eliminate puntland's existence. Why you think puntland's recognised and if we want we can also put in there a referendum will be held for puntland's indepedence. Don't mess with our dastuur you can lead all you want and execute the ideas for us but documentkasi inoo daa because its ** in the backstage playing politics on somalia without the shiciib knowing anything because the president or pm are from other clans and they can take the heat. ^^^^ property of hag
  12. Dr_Osman;979528 wrote: Tarzan doesn't even meet with officials of other nations same with galmudug. Anyone denying Puntland's importance in the nation or region is lying to himself about realities on the ground. Brussel conference was a victory for Puntland and anyone that cannot see is blind. Farole speech was given to those that mattered, he was invited separate from the government's delegation which galmudug wasn't. Farole has already met with the head of states of Libya, Kenya, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Yemen and India on his own as Puntland. He has met other country leaders as apart of somalia delegation in turkey and london. A number of high level delegations visit garowe as a separate entiity and farole visits them also. I don't see how that is a governor because galmudug and tarzan don't do any of the things farole does. Puntland today has more aqoonsi without declaring self determination then Somaliland and that's the truth and if they do declare indepedence sheekadu waa 5 minutes ictiraf. The way I see it is like this. Puntland is 15 years old and has put only 50% or even less of it's energy on Puntland and it's got more aqoonsi and development then Somaliland who has dedicated all its resource, manpower to somaliland. Puntland on th other hand still created Somalia through the constitution and the president and pm is only a puppet that has to execute what the constitution says. That's why Puntland initially welcomed the new president and pm because its only a puppet spot and they are not allowed to think for themselves and the thinking has already been done for them in the constitution developed in the somali homeland of puntland. That's why farole cut ties now with Somalia not because of who is president or pm because these are puppet spots but the challenge on the constitutiion and trying to change it which is where the danger lies. Somalia was fine before 1991 because the HAG weren't allowed to think from 1960-1991. It was either done for them thru yassin sharmarke the chairman and creator of the SYL who appointed abdullahi cisse to leadership of the party which again was a puppet role because the charter and the thinking was already done for him by the chairmen he abdullahi isse was there for one purpose to execute the policies and programs of yassiin sharmarke. Today Somalia is no different but if destabled by HAG it could lead to the days of the USC where the thinking and executing was done by the HAG and we all know where that disaster lead. As the famous poet once said HAG wuxu sharaf ku laha oo ku duubna oo nasab ku ahaa sahal ku dhexjirkisa hadase hayawaan buu ku soo baxay. It's very true the HAG are not problem if they be 100 presidents the problem waa markay iyagu fikerkooda fuliyan thats when it leads to disaster and mayhem and thats what changing the constitution may lead too. All these other acts of corruption like taking money, bribes, stealing the dastur has even answered but it hasn't been implemented or executed by the government for obvious reasons. Please note the constitution can sack anyone that comes against it. Your not president or pm to change the direction of somali ppl, your simply there to execute it and if you can't you will be executed. Puntland is very important major stakeholder of Somalia and regional player. It is the place where they only put half they're efforts in and has superceded Somaliland on all sectors barr jaad. It's the only region where it has set the direction for the somali ppl and is actively monitoring it to make sure it's executed even though there is hiccups which is what u see reported in the media of is-qabqabsi and all that nonsense, At the end of the day Puntland has Puntland which is thriviing and it's also controlling Somalia from the backstage just like yasiin sharmarke did with SYL and all presidents of the nations adopted SYL policies and directions today somalia is no different and it's always going to be the big boys of the east running the show directly or indirectly whether we like it or not. The above is the truth regarding Somalia whether we want to accept it or not. We can muran all day but president and pm spot is only used to entice clans thinking they're important because they think Somalia is like the days of siyad barre which is fine to have ppl like that murankooda ayaa naga yaranayso. Lakin to the educated there is no denying the importance of the constitution, it is what governments are made on or broken on. It is what sets the direction, policies, ideas, thinking of the people into a document and the president or pm merely executes it. They can never put they're ideas on it, they can never change it, they can never destroy it, that piece of document will always be there for hundreds of years on even after its executor the president or pm is gone. Its vital document and arin cayaar ah ma aha mana ah wax kaftan galayso on Puntland's side because this can see our clan thrive for centuries regardless who rules
  13. Killinka Shanad is a shared region. I've travelled across it and reer borama, duriyada, hag, og etc all live there. It's not the domain of one sub clan. My own kinsman live across the reserve area that was once part of British somaliland. Dagaxbuur, aware, daroor, gashamo, harta sheick. If that region is to have any future all the Somalis have to work together. Onlf failed because it lacks inclusivity.