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  1. Madaxda ugu saraysa dowladda is the brain child behind this war. Their saying this is just pure PR campaign. This war is very much what Hassan & Co hoped for, but it is not ending as they had planned. They miscalculated the power and determination of Jubbaland folks. They introduced a war and chaos into a stable region that was striving to build something even better. Exactly why they thought that the Mareex**n clan can be a HAG project is beyond me, but you are seeing that project disintegrate and fall on its face as we speak. This is what the UGAASKA beesha Sad*e didn't want to happen back when he co-led the Jubbaland creation task: his entire tribe being reduced to a HAG project. Luckily he was saved today in the Cascaasey Hotel by the Jubbaland Army. They sacrificed many of their youngsters to make sure isaga iyo nabadoonadana kale ee ku sugaa eeriyadaas were protected and safe.
  2. I got a live update just minutes ago, and the fight has now entered its second and final phase. Barre Hiiraale and supporting militias have been completely defeated and remaining/surviving ones pushed to the outer exterior of the city (North west cliff to be precise) where Barre Hiiraale is now located. Madoobe's intelligence says they will do a final sweep there tomorrow. Let's hope that will be the finale' and the region should return to normality. Inside, Kismayo is clam this evening. Dhamaan fadhiisinadii Hiiraale & Co including Hotel Cascaasey, Tawakal, Warshada hilibka, Daarta Laanta Biyahaa waxaa gacanta ku dhigay ciidamada Jubbaland. Sida la iisheegay, si fudud ayay ciidanka Jubbaland gacanta ugu dhigeen dhamaan goobahaasi. P.S. One of the leaders in the Jubbaland admin who is of the same sub-clan as Barre Hiiraale extended him the option to surrender late this evening. No further word on that. Stay tuned for an update.
  3. Where do you guys get your news? I have checked with inside sources in Kismaayo, and they tell me this war is far from over. The outcome will ultimately seal the fate of the town and any hopes of extending an administration over the so called jubbaland. I know the propaganda machines are spinning fast on both sides, and the truth probably lies somewhere in between, but these knowledgeable sources tell me that Barre and his men are encircled in one corner of the city. We shall see tomorrow. Ilaahay ha badbaadiyo shacabka aan waxba galabsan. Allow sahal amuuraha.
  4. There is a reason Somalia is at the top of every failed state list. The point I'm making is we rise together and fix our problems. Nimanyahow cuqdada iska saara, soomaali ka carar iyo hayb qabill meel kuma gaadheysaane
  5. XX, Aside from the obvious and the undeniable truth that Somali people form a single thread that is indivisible by any logic, my argument is really that "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts." Any way you cut it. The scenario that plays out in my mind is the Somali republic being broken up and miniaturized so as to render it weak, small and, and an enemy of one another. Ultimately, ceding power and dignity of our people to Xabashis, Kikuyus and other African sub-normalities. Clearly, Present Xassan is making it easier for that to materialize sooner rather than later. That much we agree.
  6. You lost me there, XX. To put it plainly, you are disillusioned. People validate their prejudice against other Somalis in order to separate/break them up on the basis of 1) tribal precept and 2) Slight variations in dialect that goes along with it. That is it! To me, these only strengthen our originality - they don't take away from our unity and Somalinimo.
  7. Xaaji Xunjuf;964920 wrote: The Somali republic was never a nation state it was a creation of 2 separate states so no one was abandoning there was Pragmatical union which could benefit both but that died. The experiment failed miserably which led to full destruction of Somaliland and the total state collapse of Somalia. So no one is abandoning Somalia, because Somalia was never theirs. Let it go its natural way. See, that is the problem. It wasn't pragmatic union of two states, but rather the union of all the FREE Somali people. If the ****** were free, it will be part to that union. The fact that British kicked your *** instead of Italians doesn't make you an inherently separate people and isn't alone a determinant factor of a nation.
  8. Well said! Samatar, I think was one of the last remaining honest unists in the country and someone that I very much respect. I never believed in regional states drawn along tribal lines (puntland, jubbaland, somaliland, etc) but the undertakings of President Xassan in Mogadishu really challenged that notion. He wants to establish a HAG nation with a blind faith that he can do it. Alas. But that by itself isn't a reason to abandon Somalia. Someone honest will come through when it's the right time and people are ready for it. In the meantime time, viva SL, PL, JL, Khaatumo, Gal-mudug, etc Xaaji Xunjuf;964915 wrote: A tribal goverment is based in Somalias Mogadishu where one clan holds all the seats of the govt, hence why professor samatar the last honest union left the clanish Koonfurian camp:D
  9. I wholeheartedly agree with the notion that Somaliland can self-administer itself, and the proof is the relative peace that Landers enjoy today. But, why would someone that isn't from the SNM clan want to be subjected to a tribal state? The Khaatumites, Awdalites, Zeylacis, etc dearly and proudly hold their Soomalinimo and reject any notion of being part of tribal state, where they are treated as second class -- SNM has no right to break these people from their country of Somalia.
  10. Somaliland is run by SNM gangs. Accept it. GAROODI;964899 wrote: Konfurians love to make themselves feel better by knocking he achievements of SOMALILAND. Today I have a democratic nation that controls its territory. I can go home to my villa. Travel freely across my country without any threats. I have the Red Sea, the golis mountains. The green fields of borama. The plains. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. We have a state without recognition. You have recognition without state I know which one i would have.
  11. Axmed Madoobe is bakhti aan wali dilaacin to quote Nuune. Waa nin hurda oo lagu dul shaxay.
  12. They will eventually end up in servitude to the Ethiopians who already colonize killil 5. Allow Sahal.
  13. When is Somaliland going to realize their independence is gacan-ku-rimis? 22 years of seeking independence and they still haven't realized they are wasting their time?
  14. I don't know if you can "MEND" trust. Once it's lost, is it's lost. xiinfaniin;964328 wrote: ^^Because he slipped at the get go due to a bad counsel surrounding him. He will have to eat his words back, and mend fences with this segment of Somali politics.
  15. We are witnessing the epicenter of somali politics physically shifting away from Mogadishu and real sovereignty of the Somali Republic at stake! Why did the President had to do this?
  16. The problem is lack of strategy to counter Al-shabab on the Government's part. The intelligence is there, everyone will tell you, even Western intelligence sources continuously feed their leads to this government, but Hassan and his team are utterly incompetent and unable to do anything with it. Lack of experience is the big thing that is haunting this government, but also misplaced priorities is amplfying the threat, as what little resources they have is diverted elswhere
  17. I feel sorry for all the Somalis world over that placed such a heavy bet on President Xassan Sheekh Maxamuud. Someone said to me the day he got elected that the greatest unknown in this man will either give way to the re-birth of the Somali nation or the destruction of it. Sadly the latter is becoming ever more imminent.
  18. Looks like Mogadishu has invested itself in a new project. Hello Jowhar.
  19. Great news indeed and a welcome addition to the current Bay-Bakool initiative following Jubbaland. The loop closes on Mogadishu and they will soon realize this reality. Or will they?
  20. Man, these S Africans are wild savages - they would have been much better under Apartheid.
  21. Hiiraan Online is one of the more reasonable websites out there. Surprisingly, they do maintain a semi-professional attitude towards news. That said, their point of view is very much in tandem with that of the president and the greater HAG strategy/perspective. They are deeply engaged in the propaganda wars against certain clans/locals such as Jubbaland & Puntland, but their message is often meticulously disguised and subtle, largely necessitated by the popularity of their website among Somalis of all backgrounds and all places. Their bias has to be measured and disseminated in smaller portions, so as to not awaken the indiscernible. They follow this simple risk aversion model- nothing to do with fairness. Of course, you could say the same thing about other popular sites and I would agree. For sure.
  22. I love perfumes. But some folks need to understand that it is not for tomorrow or the day after, it's just for the present moment. Foul prespiration smell and over indulgence in perfume are the SAME. The point is be male or female that if people get into your skin (accidentally or on purpose), or in other words, they get closer than one feet to you, they shouldn't smell anything foul, but rather light pleasant smell.
  23. Mafia

    Happy 2006

    Hambalyo to all Brothers and sisters in Somonline. I'm so lookin forward to 2006. May it be eventful and fruitful for all Somon folks
  24. Mabrook to all the happily newly-weds sisters. Nothing more beautiful to see a brother/sister aknowledging such a hippiness in their marriage. By the way, that adds to our points (we are finally making ladies happy). wow!
  25. First congrats for completing high school. I know it was a major goal for me back then. I think the fact that you are already exploring possible future paths and asked our opinion shows that you have "plans." Being able to plan something feasibly and seeing it beyond the fence line is, I believe, a great skil. Some people will say go to college and see what you like. however, to be a junior in college and still be in the experimental stage I think is a painful thing. And, believe it or not, I see plenty of people just in that situation. Most people who know what they talking about will advice you to choose either something you like or something you are good at. In a nutshell, my advice would be find a field that combines both your strength and your passion.