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    Hit who? Kenya?
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    Farmaajo pushed the dictatorial limits and that was most likely his downfall. He was truly convinced of his own invincibility till the end. People were also tired of the continued corruption that never went away even though Farmaajo campaigned on a promise to end it. I think this was anti-Farmaajo vote than anything else. Anyways, the country needs prayers and all the help it can get because the new guy was far worse on corruption than Farmaajo. Hopefully HSM learned his lesson and comes up with new ideas to govern the country because he was truly unable to deliver anything meaningful the last time he was given the chance.
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    Waa wax lagu tartamo oo lagu faano. Hambalyo imtixaanka dugsiyada sare ee koonfurta Soomaaliya inta ku wada baastay, gaar ahaan kuwa heerka koowaad galay. Reer Koonfur Galbeed on social media are celebrating seeing seven out of the top ten coming from Koonfur Galbeed. Me? I am celebrating to see our young sisters being in the top list.
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    It did: The foreign-backed so-called opposition - namely C/raxmaan C/shakuur and Xasan Sheekh - think this issue can be exploited by paying what they say are 'parents.' Xasan and co. are also who openly tried to qabiilize ciidamadii qaranka a mere few weeks ago. That itself is treasonous act. Again, I have no issue with this haddee run tahay xataa. They are paid Soomaali soldiers and if they fight in Tigrey land to avenge the war crimes they have done in 2006/07 in Muqdisho. No Xabashi was proresting then, parent or not. No Kiikuuyo is protesting against what their sons are doing in Jubbooyinka. So are Ugaandheeska, Burundiga. This is a manufactured crisis in third attempt, waana wada aragnaa.
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    Waaryarahee! Waar ma indhahaa la iska tuurayaa? These looters-in-charge are clearing the place, root and branch, of anyone with the decency to see right from wrong. These are April 12 militia in charge. In their mind, it's their city and their power. Every other Somali is a guest. They better be quiet or else! As long as Mogadishu is the capital, this is going to be the case. I say Baraawe for the capital of Somalia. Must be made neutral and federal. All government and its resources moved from Mogadishu to Baraawe. after that let's see if people can be intimidated. Say like it is.
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    Somaliland already had its own "British Somaliland" flag, very much similar to all other British dominions and protectorates around the world. There was nothing stopping it from continuing its use after Independence on 26th June 1960, if it so decided to choose. The only reason why Somalia Flag was raised is due to the agreements reached months earlier in the formation of a United Somali Republic which comprises of the Somaliland British Protectorate and Italian Somalia. Somaliland had its own Prime Minister, Its own Parliament, its own currency, its own passport, its own military and police force. In fact, Somalia didn't even have a Police Force. The First Police force was the British Somaliland Police force - which was transferred to Mogadishu including all its symbols etc. The Somalia Police Force symbols is the British Somaliland Police symbols. In 1960, Somalia's currency was so devalued, very much the same as what the Somalia Shillings is today, worthless. Which was why they opted to use Somaliland East African Shillings - only change the name "East Africa" to "Somali" shillings. 1 East African Shilling was 100% transferable to the new Somali Shillings 1=1. Whereas the Italian Peso currency was 1 Somali Shilling > 1000 Peso. The British Somaliland Governor's Flag (There is a Governor's flag for every entity around the globe where the British Monarchy has a Governor representing Queen Elizabeth.) The British Somaliland Protectorate Flag:
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    All of the Somali ministers throughout the Somali Peninsula, Bayle might be the only who does any work.
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    There is nothing to celebrate. The constitution is torn down, the parliament and its speaker are corrupted, youth are fooled with empty patriotic words and fake news, rule of law is violated, nepotism is upheld, and polarization is fueled by bad leaders.
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    The miserable days of the three dinosaur fossils pretending to be more useful than Hargeisa's trash is fast coming to an end. Laydh caafimaad ayaa Hargaysa ku soo dhacday.
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    Sports is best played together, and the Sanaag community just like other Somaliland prefer to play ️ , whereas Bosasso they play rugby which is just a different kind of ball game, a bit rougher and sheer power must be used to drive the ball through an opponent's side, while in soccer, excessive use of power is not allowed. Having said that, eventually some sorts of wider tournament has to be established with common rules of the game according to best practices of the international league, as the Somaliland league doesn’t play according to the international rules of the game and thus is not part of the international league and Somalia’s league doesn’t play well enough to compete internationally.
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    Xasan Sh. is being honoured to officially open this new KG State House.
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    What a load of nonsense. Sharif sheikh Ahmed handed over power. Hassan handed power over to the cheese fellow . So because now cheese gave power back to hassan civil war ended nonsense . As for somaliland today somaliland is stronger then ever and there is absolutely no threat coming from the bunker in xalane
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    May Allah give him Towfiq and guide him to the right path, Aamiin.
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    Many of the candidates, have pledged to help Kenya in SOMALI-Kenya dispute, some of them , are even funded by Kenya, as reported by SOMALI former foreign minister, some of the candidates don't have any money, and somehow paid for the $40k fees to run, and he was also approached but declined. here is one of them, this guy has been running since 2004, and definitely like CULUSOW, Sharif, INa Abdi SHakur, Deni, is 100% a Kenyan agent. the islamic dress, look, , is wolf in sheep's clothing. https://www.hiiraan.com/news4/2022/May/186155/somalia_presidential_candidate_detained_in_nairobi_over_sh4_million_debt.aspx?utm_source=hiiraan&utm_medium=SomaliNewsUpdateFront
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    For Farmaajo to get to-elected he needs to show a bit more modesty, showcase achievements but also issues that haven’t been tackled, admit some of his fault, promise changes to do better; reconcile with some of the more constructive opponents and attack other opponents who are spoilers, or on the bandwagons of foreign countries, war business profiteers, etc. p.s. miskiinka is exhausted, his been at this for last years day and night and needs a holiday to get some well deserved rest. @MMA, Mombasa geeya Farmaajo hasoo Nastee.
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    1q1c - I don't see that possible any time soon for South Somalia. Because the ingredients are not there. If 1q1c is ever undertaken, then what took place in the recently farce elections would be a child's play when you consider what will take place in 1q1c setting. The following is required for a 1q1c elections 1. A government that has monopoly on power and can exercise that power in all regions where 1q1c is taking place 2. That 'monopoly' on power should be one that is bestowed on the government by the people not the other way round - i.e. a dictator has monopoly on power but if the people are unwilling, then it is a DOA. 3. There should a power that is opposed to that Government that is able to keep it accountable and make sure it delivers the promises. If you don't have the above, then it is will either become a farce like the one we just saw
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    You know a man is on the right track when secessionists, Puntland political 'elite', Mogadishu political mafia, and every rascal is singing the same tune. Wax cagliga gali kara noo sheeg.
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    Waar Xaaji, I thought Somaliland's sovereignty was based on the will of the people of Somaliland. If that is still the case then there is no need for hostility towards our brethren in koonfuria. Yes their politics is despicable and you can call them out for that anytime but remember that the only thing distinguishing the people you called doofaar from those in Hargeisa are the artificial borders we chose to mark and guard. In other words, if the Koonfurians are doofaar then the Hargeisans aren't daahir either. There are neither angels nor devils on either side of the border but just Somalis with different politics and political aspirations. President Muuse can talk to president Farmaajo on the phone any day or meet him in person somewhere and such connections will not harm Somaliland's political agenda if it is based on the will of the people.
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    Not surprised with Mr Baahane, Just some Failures by Him: 1. Rooble tried to send back the 9M that UAE sent to Somalia illegally, which was seized by Somali Gov - Failure 2. Rooble tried to switch Adan Cade Airport security Control from Nisa to Police - Failure 3. Rooble tried to take control all Security Services (Military / Police...etc) of the Country - Failure 4. Rooble tried to stop/send back Somali Forces the government sent to Beledweyne - Failure 5. His many useless "Gudi" - Failures: - Gudi of Ministers to investigate who send forces to Beledwaye - Gudiga Ikran Tahliil - Gudiga Khilaafadka Dorashoyinka - Gudiga Jubaland / Garbahayey - Many more "Gudi"
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    There is no need for such language. You can disagree or even mock secessionists without calling the names.
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    The President as well as his entourage are travelling with their Somaliland Passports.
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    Afaraay Ahaayeen Uweesaay dileen Owliya Allaayaay ka Inkaar-sadeen. This is from a poem composed by the Qadiriyah poets after the killing of the Sheick. By the way the dervish movement did not only commit cruelty against the Qadariyah, but also against the much smaller Ahmediya School. Some folks confuse the historic impact one had to hero-ization and exoneration of ones acts. The man did leave a mark in the pages of history, but this doesn’t make one saint for that matter.
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    the Somali race has very weak genetics. so if one of us marries a jareer, our kids will be jareer. not Somali. same goes for the cad and Asian. we must keep the Somali race pure and untainted, or else we will be like the impure jareer and cadaan.
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    He's right and I think maybe its a test on the intellgience of the Somali people. Foreigners are eyeballing our reactions and testing us! https://www.mtvsomali.com/judge-abdiqawi-opposes-some-icj-rulings/
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    Oct. 12, 1954, Somali National Flag day
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    Dalmar Yariisoow, if you really care about Mudug's horumar, you should support Qoorqoor and not Rooblaawahaan lagu sirmay lacag aruuris ku jiro. He is the worst masuqmaasuq ra'iisul wasaare, even worse then Maxamed Cali Geedi and Cumar C/rashiid Cali. Jeebkiisa ayaa u daran, selling jagada wasiirnimada to tuugii weynaa ee 30/30 and hijacking the national state media.
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    ^Agreed, Farmaajo own fault for sure, here's another example... He shared this yesterday thru his Twitter feed, then removed it today. Fudayd badanaa wuxu - The guy is a loose cannon, devoid of any knowledge of diplomatic shellacking ... he's being rebuffed and the dude was endorsing it d$mn. Someone must have explained to him the real meaning behind the State department's tweet...
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    Dalmar Yariisoow, there is something called qadiyad iyo mowqif shaqsi walba leh. Many Soomaalis, from all walks of life and different, myriad clans, support dowladda dhexe. However dadka qabyaaladda la hartay, nolosha ka dhacay, who cannot see beyond their myopic, corrupt understanding. It is waaay beyond their comprehension to see a Soomaali supporting an institution that is not led by their fellow clan members, hence this bogus invented name by MBB. Also, you and I both know what is happening has nothing to do with Ikraan. Like Qalbidhagax, like ciidamadii Eritareeya lagu "laaye" la lahaa, the same opportunist sickos are using her name. They don't give a flying hoot about her or her family. Also foreign entities - namely Imaaraadka and Kiikuuyada - do want to dismantle hay'adda Sirdoonka Qaranka and its nascent success. They see a way in this.
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    I don't think those towns and territories can be defended by wishful thinking. Either the Somali kilil government has to put boots on the ground like the other qoomiyado are doing to defend its citizens and land or find a peaceful solution to the conflict to save lives.
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    Soomaalidaan hadda joogto waa bahalo. Dhulal badan danta guud ahaa Xamar ku yaalay waala gatay ama lease lagu sameeyey. Ceelgaab ka koow ah. Isgoysyadii jardiinooyinka lahaa dhan waala wada gatay ama kireeyey. Waxaa iigu darnaa markee tuugadaan soo haweysteen Qabuuraha Qaranka ku yaalo Tarbuunka. Waa meesha C/rashiid Cali Sharmaarke ku aasanyahay. Sidoo kale aabahey ku aasan, waxaa kale ku aasan C/llaahi Ciise. One year ago on this month, some unscrupulous men who were some distant relatives of C/rashiid Cali Sharmaarke in cahoots with some local Hodan district officials tried to sell Qabuuraha Qaranka to shirkad caan ka ah Xamar. Can you believe this, xataa reer aakhiraadkii ka fakan la'? They bulldozed and destroyed many graves, including my own father's grave, which was partially destroyed. So was C/llaahi Ciise's grave, which was completely destroyed. After we heard this news, we sent a brother of us from London to Xamar. He saw guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka, who along with guddoomiyaha went to see madaxweynaha, who then called Cumar Filish. Cumar Finish claimed he had no idea. Anyway, it was stopped and we had to rebuilt my old man's grave. Cumar Finish promised he would rebuilt it, which we declined. Some of my own furious siblings wanted to exhume and move the body to Xuddur because what they had done was beyond the pale.
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    We heard before what took place in Addis Ababa office room between Muuse Biixi and president Farmaajo in Feberaury of 2020 . Those accounts were from the Farmaajo side. Now let us hear from those who were with Muuse Biixi. Folks, we have reliable information you could take straight to the bank. WE have insider accounts from those who were present after the meeting concluded and what took place in Hargeisa afterwards. Neither Farmaajo nor Biixi were notified about the nature of the meeting and its agenda according to Somaliland officials who were present. While they were aware about the coming meeting between the two, everyone from the Somaliland side assumed that this could be one of those early courtesy and useless meetings that took place among Somali leaders and Somaliland which never produced anything meaningful. THey were both invited and brought to the Menelik palace and put inside the same room with their accompanying officials. Without formal introduction, prime minister Abiy Ahmed showed up and demanded that the senior aides and other ministers to leave the room except Farmaajo and Biixi. Certainly Farmaajo and Abiy had prior meeting about the Somaliland issue before and the Ethiopian premier had his own conclusions about the case. According to insiders Abiy explained the Somaliland issue in simple terms that doesn't require lectures or long Somali civil war history. He said, " Everty thing that is taking place in the horn of Africa is the result of the collapse of the Somali state, and Somaliland is nothing but the result of that collapse. The disappearance of that state had created a huge problems not only for Somalis who dispersed around the globe as refugees, but also for Oromo and others". He continued, " There was no Oromo national awareness in Ethiopia before Siyad Barre and Somalia before nineteen seventies. It was Somalia who wrote the Oromo alphabet and the first Oromo language broadcasting were staged in Mogadishu. And today the Oromo people will not succeed without strong and united Somali state" "We fought with Eritrea with less than two decades ago and we both lost about 100,000 people, yet we made peace and forgot about the past. Your problems were in another era, the era of the cold war, with both Somalia and Ethiopia led by ambitious leaders to control the horn by force". He said, " we have larger plans in the region to integrate our economy and create wealth for the people of the region, so I want you guys to debate and make a useful conclusion before I came back, and he left the room". Just like that Abiy Ahmed left the room and told the Somalis to make an agreement. President Farmaajo made a short argument and concluded his remarks by saying that he is " willing to step down and transfer power to the separatists led by Muuse Biixi". For Muuse Biixi who had traveled so many winding roads to reach the former house of general Morgan and manage $200 million dollar budget , that was a huge surprise. He told Farmaajo that before they conclude their agreements, he must make an official and public apology for the things that took place during the regime of late president Siyaad Barre. Farmaajo accepted that, but since Biixi was not prepared of of these sudden surprises and how Abiy made everything simple, he didn't know what to do next. Just like the previous time , Abiy Ahmed came back and asked, " did you finish the agreement? ( Waar ma heshiseen). They both said yeas. Then he said we will move to the next stage and concluded his meeting. When biixi left the room and met his Somaliland delegation, they asked him, what happened. " war maxaa meesha ka dhacay? Muuse: Waa La Heshiiyey oo Midooba ayaa la yidhi. Oo maxaad ku jawaabtay? Muuse: Midnimo Ayaan Qaatay. Waxaan Ka baqay in meesha la igu xidho.\ The paranoid colonel said he accepted for union, and due to the circumstances, he was unable to say no. He even thought that Abiy and Ethiopia might detain him if he refused. Folks, this is not a far fetched idea. Mohamed Bin Salman has detained the prime minister of Lebanon few years ago after he refused to flow orders. Balaayo anagaa aragnay. Waxii dhacay dhac, Hargeisa la soo aaday. When Muuse came to Hargeisa and consulted with others, many out of touch Hargeisa politicians thought that this was a bad joke from Abiy and must be rejected. They suggested to him to play the usual runaround and throw some obstacles. Farmaajo, on the other hand, fulfilled his promise and apologized whatever crimes the Somali regime committed in Hargeisa. Balantiisii waa fuliyey. Then after few months or so, the Ethiopian foreign Ministry called its representative in Hargeisa, Mr. Shamsudiin Ahmed. He was in his way to Borama and turned around to meet with Mr. Biixi. He told them that the Ethiopian government informed him to notify Biixi the arrival of Hargeisa by Abiy Ahmed and Farmaajo within the next few days. He gave them 24 hours for an answer. Hargeisa way waalatay. Waar ma Farmaajo oo lawado ayaa la inoo keenya? WAar maxaynu yeelnaa? Mr.Biixi called the opposition including Wadani presidential candidate C/rahman Cirro, chairman C/qadir Jirde, Faysal Waraabe, C/raxman Zaylici , Guurti Chief Saleebaan Gaal, Parliament leader Baashe M. Farah and his deputy. The old man Saleebaan Gaal said, ' tell him Abiy he can come, but do not bring Farmaajo. Faysal Waraabe complained how Biixi dropped the ball by accepting the unity in the first place and suggested a delegation to be sent to Addis. Others said that they cannot just say no to Ethiopia at this stage. In fact, this was before Abiy waged the Tigray war and his flag was flying high. Finally, the only statesman left in Somaliland, Mr. C/qadir Jirde , said, " Tell Abiy we accepted his unity policy and his future plans to bring president Farmaajo to Hargeisa, but before you guys come together, there are few issues our parliamentary leaders and I, Mr. Biixi would like to discuss with you in person . Finally, Mr. Biixi accepted that advice and informed the Ethiopian government. Moreover, Abiy Ahmed understood the runaround games of the Hargeisa group and declined not to come alone, but somehow changed his strategy . He proceeded to engage the regional countries, USA and some European countries to help his unity plans for Somalia. While the wheel was turning and America and others came aboard, Abiy forgot to add Djibouti to the process either accidentally or assumed to be an easy country that would welcome the unity. Finally, they said, " why don't we hold our next meeting in Djibouti itself". Cumar Geelle accepted to host the meeting , but ahead of time, decided that both Abiy and Farmaajo are rushing the issues and prepared his obstacles along with the British ambassador of Somalia. Together they proposed to appoint a committee to prepare for future engagement including exchanges among the youth and people. At the end Omar Geelle had delayed the process and then the TPLF problems became huge which consumed the energy and enthusiasm Abiy had for Somali unity. Since then Mr. Biixi himself has immersed with the Mogadishu election and is hoping for Farmaajo to win. Farmaajo is busy with re-election and Abiy is fighting for his life. The sure thing is that if Abiy defeats the evil TPLF a lot will change in our region. The order the TPLF created in 1991--the Pax Tigraica-could collapse as we know it.
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    From my analysis of the Somali conflict from 1977-1991 only one group are truly responsible for the destruction of the country that was formed on 1st July 1960 called Somalia. The one clan that had total power and exercised all power against those that raised opposition against the military government was the *** clan. Had they stood up and said what Muhammed Said Barre was doing is wrong and as a result should be removed from power I believe Somalia would exist today. The *** clan's actions told other Somali clans that it is ok to support your clan at all cost .In fact this message goes even deeper by saying there is no other way for you to live other than living in a clan enclave and not a nation state. I believe everything that happened from 1977 onwards was a reaction to this governments human right abuses and the *** refusal to condemn and oppose such evil. This decision brought about the destruction of the Somali state and its cultural fabric (what little it had to begin with) and explains why we as Somalis cannot work together in the 21st century today. Which also explains why there was such hostiles to the *** during the rebel wars and why the USC turned on the *** citizens in Mogadishu after the fall of Barre in 1991. This was not simply a fight between rebel groups but a deeper and more sinister conflict that Somalis were not ready for and I don't believe even the *** realised how huge their error was and misjudge the anger towards them. This lack of character doomed the Somali people and the nation called Somalia. I don't hate any clan but from my research the *** clan had the power and means to save Somalia from total destruction. Farmaajo is another leader linked to the kacaan era leaders who resided in Washington when the civil war was raging back home. Somalia needs leaders who can speak the truth to the people as the citizens are suffering from many types of traumas. The healing cannot begin until this topic is discussed out in the open and analysed by the people. Note: I do not mean to break forum rules by mentioning clan names but I had no choice but to, in order to make sense.
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    Still calaacal ayee wadaan against kuwee isla jireen: Musharaxiinta oo kulan deg deg ah ka yeelanaya habraac doorasho oo halis ah oo lasoo wado – Maxaa ku qoran? Midowga Musharaxiinta Soomaaliya ayaa la filayaa inay kulan deg deg ah isugu yimaadaan berri, kadib markii ay warheleen qabyo qoraalka hindisaha Habraaca Xulidda Ergooyinka Doorashada oo la filayo in dhowaan lasoo saaro. Sida ku cad qabyo qoraalka hindisahan, oo ay aragtay Caasimada Online, wuxuu awood badan siinaya Madaxda Dowlad Goboleedyada, taasi oo keeni kartaa inay kusoo saartaan xildhibaanada ay ayaga doonayaan, meeshana kaga saaraan xildhibaano badan oo ah kuwa caan ah oo hadda kursi ku fadhiya. Midowga Musharaxiinta ayaa ka cabsi qaba in hindisahan uu sahlo in doorashada xildhibaanada golaha shacabka loo musuq-maasuqo si la mid ah tan Aqalka Sare, oo madax goboleedyada ay cidda ay doonaan kusoo saarteen. Sida muuqata, musharaxiinta mucaaradka iyo madax goboleedyada oo markii hore isbaheysi ahaa ayaa hadda ku kala tagaya dano iyo damac siyaasadeed, waxayna noqon doontaa markii u horreysay ay is qabtaan saamileyda siyaasadeed ee ku midoobay Madasha Badbaado Qaran. Dhinaca kale, guddiga doorashada heer federal ayaa qoraal kooban oo uu facebook soo dhigay ku yiri “Dhammaan Daneeyayaasha siyaasadda iyo bulshada Soomaaliyeed waxaan ku war gelinaynaa in aysan jirin wax habraac doorasho Golaha Shacabka ah oo uu Baahiyey Guddiga Hirgelinta Doorashooyinka Heer Federal.” Hase yeeshee, waxaa xusid mudan in hindisahan uu yahay qabyo qoraal, oo aanu weli guddiga kasoo bixin, taasi oo macnaheedu yahay in guddiga ay beeniyeen kaliya inuusan ayaga kasoo bixin, balse aysan beenin jiritaanka qabyo qoraalka. Hindisaha Xulidda Ergooyinka Doorashada A) Ergada Doorashada ee ka kooban 101-da ergo ee ka codeeynaya DXDF waxaa soo xulaya duubabka, nabaddoonada ka diiwan gashan DXDF iyo Bulshada rayidka ah (oo ka wada tirsan qabiilka ama jufooyinka wadaaga kursiga), waxaana la hubinaya DXDF. Sidoo kale ergada Banaadiriga iyo Somaliland ee ka codeenaya Muqdisho waxaa soo xulaya duubabka, nabaddoonada iyo bulshada rayidka (oo ka wada tirsan qabiilka ama jufooyinka wadaaga kursiga) ee la isla ogolyahay, waxaana dabagalaya oo korjoogteynaya Xafiiska Ra’iisal Wasaaraha. B) Liiska ergada kursi kasta waa in ugu yaraan, ku jiraan 31 haween ah. C) Xubnaha bulshada rayidka ee ka qayb qaadanaya xulista ergad waxay ka kala imaanayaan qaybaha kala duwan ee bulshada sida haweenka, dhalinyarada (18-35 jir), dadka baahiyaha gaarka ah qaba, culimada, ganacsatada iyo aqoonyahanada ka soo jeeda jufada ama jufooyinka kursiga wadaaga. D) Xubin kasta oo ka mid ah xubnaha xulitaanka ergada kama tirsanaan karto guddi xulis ergada kursi kale marka laga reebo jufooyinka wadaaga ergada. E) Xubin ka tirsan Xubnaha Xulitaanka Ergada ma noqon karo ergo ama murashax doorashada u tartama. F) Xubnaha Xulitaanka Ergada waxay u soo xulayaan ergada doorshada si wadar-ogol ah si waafaqsan hab qaybsiga beesha. G) Kooramka codbixinta ergada wuxuu ansax noqonaya marka ay joogaan ugu yaraan saddex meelood labo meel (2/3) ergo ah. H) Si loo hubiyo hufnaanta amni iyo sugnaanta ergada, Iiiska ergada ee kursi kasta waxaa hubinaya guddi-hoosaadka amniga iyo arrimaha gudaha ee DXDF si looga hortago faragalinta argagixisada (Iyagoo ka hubinaya hey’adaha danbi barista) iyo xasilloonni darrada amni ee doorashada. Sidoo kale, kuraasta Somaliland iyo Banaadiriga, waxaa hubinaya hay’adaha amniga, waxaana korjoogteynaaya Xafiiska Ra’iisal Wasaaraha.
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    These scenes are dramatic scenes but they were foretold by the TPLF when took power. Ethiopia being the new Yoguslavia is an archaic term. It is Yugoslavia and it is a dying mammal on life support?. How and why? Many will be chocked by my first statement but Mengistu Xayle Maryam was a hardcore communist. Unlike Somalia, Ethiopia was an empire and the church owned land gave the solomonic dynasty legitamacy under Xayle Seleasie. The elites of Somalis know that Haile selasie claimed to the un that his borders from saylac tp kismaayo. He made this bold statement in BBC interview. Khabiithka gaalka was toppled by another communist Mengustu. Mengistu did a thing that no one ever before tried to do. As a devouted communist He destroyed church and its power and even executed the bishop and made his own derg-bishop. By doing so he weakened the churchs ability to unite the christian oromos wollo and the christian amharas. Even Fidel called mengistu a true communist and accused our Barre of being a nationalist in the aden conferance. Mengistu officaly recognised muslims and stopped using the slur "muhammedans" that the monarchists used and even dared to deny that muslims existed in Ethiopia. But mengistu had his weakness, he knew how fragile the state was in terms of ethnicity. He chose to continue with Amhara assimilation . In our faith we do not even deny the good deeds of the wicked. The murderor Mengistu did the first strike to the concept of "abbysinia" During the 1980, the EPLF had the Ethiopien army bogged down and the oromos in bale waging a war. They roamed the streets in Harar OLF-I . The Afar and tigrayans have and age old history of trade. Afar liberation front, by the way all of these rebel organisation had their main HQ in Mogadishu, under the afar leadership of the nobole Sultan Cali Mirreh the cafar would cut the supply route from djabouti, By the late 1980-ties mengistu depleted his professional amhara russian trained army. The tplf cut down the supply route to Eritrea and remember Tigray has more tigrayans then in Eritrea. The whole third army, the army that guarded Soomali-Galbeed against Somalis were cut of supplies from Addis and defeated in a humiliating wat by the EPLF. They simply waited them out, without food mass desertion became the norm with the generals first handing down their weapons. Who can fight without bullets and food. History was also on the side of the EPLF in Eritrea. Communism was dead in Soviet and all military aid from Moscow was cut. The EPLF and remnants of the ELF captured Massawa and the door to Asmara was open. My friends this now the second strike to post-meneik ethiopia. Mengistu was ousted but the TPLF dared to answer and deal with age old marxist question self-determination and ethnicity. They acknowledged that Amhara colonislism existed and created ethnic federalism. They did not do this out of love for oromos and non habesha ppl., the TPLF knew that the brogue educated elite of Amharas would one day come back. This my friend is the third and final strike that would without a doubt create a yoguslavia scenario. Meles Senawi, the butcherer of Somalis in 2007 defined Ethiopia with ethnicity. And highly educated qadariya oromo muslim scholar who attended our religous gathering told me once that he was astoniished, He visited Sh-Xuseen baaale, and quluunqul and the went of the Wollo,. He asked a friend who he was got a firm "oromo" answer. Many of christian oromo friends had changed back their name to oromo names. He attended school wollo and woild later go to azhar. He said to me, all of these people now listening to oromo music and claiming they are oromos would simply in the 60-ties say they are ethiopian or amhara. It was only the muslim oromos who could not be assimilated becouse of islam into the amhara Abyssinian melting pot, During the final days Yoguslavia, the yoguslav army would be a serbian army, today the Ethiopian army is made up by oromo and amharas. They have been defeated in a humilated way when the TPLF retook mekelle and showed behind the cameras that they won. Abey Ahmed stunned has now launched his last card! and that card my friend has previously been used by mengistu. Arming thousands of poor amharas and making them enter lorries as goates to be slaughtered is a defeatist strategy. Here is the future guys: The tigrayans fully know article 39 of a legal seccession. Whats funny is that the average Ethiopian because of ethnic-nationalism only knows article 39. If Abey Ahmed loses his last card, the goats in the lorries arned and called "neftegna" and age old term for an amhara colonialist with a rifle, if they are beaten back, and the supply routes to djabouti is lost, (remember, Sultan Ali mirre and his ALF used to toss one grenade train metals once weak) and this would make the trains useless. Even the ONLF are conducting operations behind scenes. The Arch enemies are united upon one thing. An american Dayton summit. Every region will how democratic elections under strickt UN observers and they tplf will probably include the choice "do you want your region seccede legaly from the federation". Once that is done the Afar and Somalis will be gone, probably oronos, 100% tigray. Amhara will remain, The Somali nationalist from awdal Sheekh Rooble predicted this, Ethiopia will be left over to the amharas and yuguslavia was left the serbs. The Tigrayans do not wish to become another Somaliland, unliterally declaring indipendence,. That will make them a pariah state and they will meet the same fate as Somaliland. 30 years looking for recognition that will never happen. They are smart, they want it legal.
  38. 2 points
    Worst 6 mins clip ever - Almost every speaker had to solute King Muuse for releasing innocent 35 girls that he and his clansmen kidnapped. cajeeb, only two old laddies remembered to Thank Allah before King Muuse - The rest of them, it was as if Cesar Muse has to come before thanking Allah... Reer Awdal or Borama are true patriots and Somali Asal Ah - Unfortunately for them, it's always been geography - They're sandwiched between two menacing adversaries, who doesn't want to see Somalia as nation back on its feet again - a Dictator in Djibouti and the SNM gang in Hargeisa - Awdalites are not even allowed to be arrested in their own Awdal region - they are taken to jails far away...
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    While we Somalis are debating about the next selection in Mogadishu or who is bribing who to select the next mayor of Borama and Burco, who might not be even able to collect the garbage from the city, the world is changing in unprecedented speed in terms development. Two or three decades ago, high speed railways, four lane highways, huge airports, and urban infrastructure were the exclusive perks of being a first world country. Railways moving people and freight were scarce in Africa and Unkown in our country. Then suddenly China shows up and opened the secrets of the world. Infrastructure projects that used to take a generation to finish , just took three or four years. Goods are moving from ports and reaching to the major cities and neighboring countries within 24 hours. According to America research data, 42% of the Chinese global infrastructure investments are: roads, railways, ports, airports, electric grids and dams. Another 42% are social infrastructure like hospitals and school while the remaining are supporting tourism and agricultural. America might still have some chances to sideline Chinese companies from taking a big share of the European market, but Africa is already gone to China and it's not coming back. Now, enough of Chinese infrastructure investment in Africa. I would like to try and explain here with my limited knowledge of how all these developments in these continents will be affecting the future of trade routes of our region and in Somalia in particular . For ages, there has been a talk of how strategic the location of Somalia is in terms of world trade routes in the Indian ocean and the Red Sea. Of course , Somalia is sitting across the Gulf of Eden, an important shipping route where thousands of ships travel in Somali waters. Furthermore, having one of the largest coasts in Africa, Somalia is sitting in a huge under the sea resource. Flights from Somalia could reach Lagos, Chandu, China , Cape town, South Africa and most of Europe with less than eight hours. Yet, all that has no value if you are not exporting anything or trading with the world. In the future, we might exploit our minerals, fisheries and undersea gas; we might export our processed meat to China and others, but if you are not connected with major trade routes in the continent of Africa and within your own region, your logistical value diminishes substantially. Also having small population means being overlooked in terms of markets. Thus, the Red Sea itself could be ignored in terms of trade volume compared to those bordering the Indian Ocean, mainly Kenya, Tanzania and the landlocked countries that border them. The disconnection between resource rich region and market and people has been consistent not only in Africa, but also in Somalia between the distance of water and livestock which creates the repetitive droughts that happen in the semi-arid regions. People brag about our ports and their value to the world trade, but if your port is not connected to major trading nations, it could be a useless lake unloading few containers with imported stable foods and Chinese merchandises. Let us look at Berbera, a port sitting empty for 30 years, and will sit empty another decade if nothing changes. In the spring of 2016, Cali Xoor Xoor, the manager of the Berbera port, came back from Dubai after signing an agreement with DP World, and proclaimed that the port will produce 20 or 30 times more than the current volume and will be a place the east African countries will shop ( Waxa ay noqon meel dadka Afrikada Bari degani ka adeegtaan). That port was transferred to the gulf just for five million dollars of lease a year. Lately we did hear about UAE port company expanding port and its tonnage. We also saw some Ethiopian delegation passing through town. Furthermore, there were news about a ship carrying goods for Ethiopia docking in Berbera. Of course, during draughts or calamities in the region, the world food program sends food shipments all over the region and Berbera is one of them. The issue here is there is no any Ethiopian contracts or agreements to use the port to import or export anything meaningful. The Berbera corridor has been in the pipelines since 2007. Not one single mile of road to connect to Wajaale has been built. Ethiopia will not enter any agreements unless the status of Somaliland changes. Period. Today the largest infrastructure projects are taking place in east Africa, Congo and west Africa. In our region the largest one is spearheaded by Kenya along with Ethiopia and South Sudan. The LAPSSET ( Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor) project is one of the largest in the region with estimated $24 billion dollars, connecting Lamu port to Jubba, South Sudan and Ethiopia. There will be a railway connecting Juba and Addis Ababa, and a crude pipeline carrying oil from Juba to refineries in Lamu which is part of the project. According to analysts, the LAPSSET project will boost the Kenyan economy and will double its GDP. In fact, there are other major six projects underway or almost finished in Kenya. Among them Kipevu oil terminal in Mombasa, Mega dams worth billions of Kenya Shillings, New cities, and more expansion of the Gage Standard Railway that was already completed from Mombasa to Nairobi--Naivasha in 2017, and 2019 respectively. In Tanzania, the Tanzania Standard Railway is underway to connect to Rwanda and Uganda and through these two countries will connect to Burundi and Democratic of Congo as part of East African Railway. Even if you exclude Ethiopia, These projects are connecting a population of more than two hundred million people in east and central Africa. Now, what would a population of 1.5--2 million people in Somaliland sitting in this huge empty port do to reach out these markets. In fact, you can add Boosaaso too in the equation. At the moment , Boosaaso is serving the commercial needs of Puntland and central Somalia which are probably two million people in total. At the moment Boosaaso is in a deep stagnation and quagmire orchestrated by UAE with no way out. Mombasa is digging deep and targeting huge Ships carrying 19,000 containers. 200 containers of good would flood both the north west and north east regions. As logistics and shipping goods get expensive, the Red Sea market could be abandoned as a whole. I was talking to a Chinese lady who imports one time use plastic container which became very popular during Covid -19 lock downs to carry take out foods from restaurants. The lady told me that due to tripling of cost of shiping she might abandon the business for good. A container that costed $4000 to transport from China to northern Canada had become $11,000 dollars due to the backlog . Another importer told me that a shipping container carrying dry food, spices and other foods imported from China has reached $18,000. Not only due to backlogs, but also, the United States is targeting China's economy by making shipping very expensive due to high insurance rates and other costs. In order to reduce costs , major shipping companies are using large ships that could carry thousands of containers. Berbera port at the moment is serving 1.5 million in Somaliland and sometimes aid organizations use to ship food for Ethiopia and the region. There are some stable food and merchandise shipments for the Somali region of Ethiopia which doesn't have major cities, population or any meaningful purchasing power. When a ship carrying food to Ethiopia docks to the port, we all hear the enthusiasm and false propaganda of the ruling class and their supporters as hitting a gold, but the reality is totally different. Without the Ethiopian market, Berbera has no value in terms of trade. The less than two million people in Somaliland could be overwhelmed by a single ship with 300 containers. By the time these huge infrastructures are finished in our region, no one will need these clan run ports. Why I am saying about clans? because clans do not think big or plan for the future. Couple of million dollars would satisfy their small greedy and hungry stomach. Last year, according to former minister of fisheries of Somalia, rather than earn hundreds of millions of dollars through establishing fish processing factories or investing in local fishermen, the Puntland leaders took just a couple of million dollars from a Thai based renegade fishing trawlers who were banned across the world. No one can tell us if that money went to the regional treasuries or in the pockets of the leader. People and nation-oriented leaders try to lift their people out of poverty and exploit their resources for the greater good. In Djibouti, Omar Gheelle is trying to steal as much business as possible from Somali Republic and fragmented regions. He built a port which exclusively exports livestock from Ethiopia and Somaliland to the gulf. Yet, Just like other Somalis in the region, he doesn't have the capacity to diversify the economy like building fishing factories or processing the meat and export outside the gulf region. . As Mombasa grows, and Massawa and Assab of Eritrea join in the business, Djibouti itself which has one single customer --Ethiopia---will suffer. An integrated trade and economy of the horn of Africa : Somalia, Ethiopia , Eritrea and Djibouti with almost 140 million people could lift millions out of poverty and lead to new possibilities. Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed had proposed economic integration of the region two years ago, but many in Somalia and Ethiopia considered the idea to be far-fetched and impossible to achieve. Many Somalis wary of Ethiopian huge population and their constant interference of Somalia affairs since 1991, rejected it completely. Besides, infrastructure building is a foreign thing to most Somalis. It is also some of the main issues that put Abiy Ahmed in hot waters in the region. This region of the horn which is famous for wars, conflicts and famine had never seen any minor trade agreements or any long-term stability to talk business and trade across their borders let alone economic integration. Even in one of his speeches, Abiy said that the horn of Africa has half of the population of United States, and we shouldn't be begging the gulf nations for help. That preacher , Abiy , should have kept his mouth and worked slowly and carefully by avoiding any big moves including wars. So, what are the economists and social scientists in Hargeisa are doing to earn some business and change the staus quo? Well, first of all, there are no economists, thinkers or even modest intellectuals in Hargeisa today. Those who had some expertise had either retired or cannot even see beyond the current quagmire. There might be some who could understand the dire economic situations they are in , but no one would listen even if they offer solutions . Proff. Ahmed Samatar might hold court in Hargeisa during his brief visits and explain about inter-connectivity of world trade , but he can bark as much as he wants and will be dismissed quickly. Who will tell them that you have to be a nation state to get small share of the 100 trillion economies of the world. In Hargeisa, old farts like C/laahi Jawaan, who is useless in 21 century, or high school dropouts like Mohamuud Hashi are holding court today. Sometimes, a couple enterprising guys from the diaspora would bring delegates from Gunnie, Singapore or Cameroon and sell false hopes to the man secluded in Morgans house. Wafti ka socda Singapore oo Berbera yimid. Yet, despite the isolation and poverty, the Hargeisa crowd even went further and increased the misery of the people by pocking the eyes of the biggest economy in the world--China. They confronted China by trying to recognize Taiwan. Is this the advice of couple of Nairobi based American neocons who might write a glowing peace in the foreign journals, or a scheme to make a buck from another amateur masquerading as an expert. It was Meles Zanawi who took Ahmed Siilaanyo to Beijing few years ago in order to convince the Chinese to invest the gas fields in the Somali region and build pipelines to Berbera for export. That was ages ago. Today, Ethiopia and China had agreed to build the pipeline to Djibouti which is almost 1200 km compared to the Berbera route which is 400 km less than the Djibouti one. Who knows , Chinese businesses might even blacklist the port from their ships. There is no one single major project in the horn that doesn't involve China, yet the backward-looking leadership in Hargeisa has decided to fight the Asian dragon. For what in exchange? nothing. The choice is simple. You either integrate your economy , trade and people or you remain poor for another 30 years. Yes, the EU and the NGO's will throw few crumbs for the elite in Hargeisa which is enough for the few connected to prolong the misery, but life changing infrastructure and big trade agreements will not happen in these Somali enclaves trying to be big fish in a small pound. Who is going to sign five billion dollars railway or port to a small-time governor? ? Waakan Alah ha naxariistee abwaankii abwaanada Hassan Shiekh Muumin oo ka hadlaya Soomalida kala socota. This is 1993 in , the great composer is talking to the delegates in Borama during the reconciliation 'Shir'. Magacya badanaa bisadu ma Soomaaliba.
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    I include myself in this equation because I am a product of a culture that has failed. My transformation only occurred once I came to the U.K as a small child because my parents could not face the horrors of 1991; in fact we left much sooner once the North started getting bombed by SNA troops in 1988. I do not fundamentally share much in common with Somalis other than ethnicity which I cannot change. But my values and temperament are not what you would call a product of a Somali culture. Somalis to me are not logical but hyper emotional and this makes them dangerous to any civilised person. Group think is something that comes naturally to humans where a charismatic leader can pull his people in a certain direction. While this maybe productive in a logical society like the west, it can be very destructive in an emotional one free from the constrains of a conscience. In the west if this episode had happened to them they would be writing books about it, making documentaries, and trying to find out why something like this happened to begin with. They would not be satisfied until an answer was found. Of course the west would not allow the episode to reach such a boiling point to begin with. As each step of the way allows for an opportunity to fix the issue at hand. And Somalis as a whole failed to fix the issues at hand at every step of the way. So what is at the root of this problem that cannot seem to find a solution? I believe Somalis at their fundamental core are not good decent people who fear Allah. This is why most of them fled not to a Muslim country (their fellow Muslims refused to take them in) but to the infidel west and became beggars asking for handouts because it was the easy answer. Brave honest people fight for the betterment of their nation and not run away like cowards. This is who we are and all the clan talk and false pride is not going to change this simple truth. We have failed beyond anything a normal crises could produce, how is this possible? Simple we are not good people and I will even go as far to say that we were never really a good people with common sense to begin with. Our culture produces bad people pretending to be good, which explains the shit show called Somalia today. If Somalia has another civil war it will be because the culture is trying to update itself and throw off the useless primitive and unproductive mentality that currently exist in Somalia. If not then the country already belongs to Al-shabaab just like Afghanistan already belongs to the Taliban.
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    It seems that most sociologists or political analysts always portray al-shabaab as a some kind of a secretive armed group with political aims. These political analysts who are colored by orientalism have no clue into the somali pshyche and how our culture has changed in this post-colonial world. Since the 30 years of the somali civil war, every area our culture has been in some way been influenced by a changing world but also by war. First of all what most poltical analysts remain silent about is that Somali identity that was traditionally tied traditionall sunni islam with the sufi tariqa has completely destroyed. Galbeedi completelt ignores this fact and thinks that a few thousands of turkish trained commando troops can erase them. I rejecet this claim and say the problem is way more complicated. Sufism has allways been a a strong tradition in southern Somalia specially in Mogadishu and the coastline. It was the coastline somallis who produced Somali scholars as Shaykh Suufi Ashhaashi, and Shaykh Cabdiraxman Zaylaci /Zaylaciya spread to the northern parts of Somalia into the somali region of 6 and he is now buried in kilinka 5 in the city of Quluunqul. Shaykh Qasim al Barawi and Shekh Aweys continued the Qadaria-Uweysiya into southern Somalia while the Idrisiya (axmadiya, rashidiya) stayed in the bay bakool region. All of these Somali scholars wrote great books of value and very knowlidge able in shafici fiq. Every student of religion in Yemen who studies in Tamim, the traditional stronghold of shafite scholarship begins the book of the maqaasid written by a Somali scholar. The pre-colonial order was that these the scholar was embedded and respected and acted a mediator. The arrival of colonialism challenged this and the armed stuggle against the colonialists were often led by this sunni scholars. While The sunni world was in chaos a sect within sunni fold led by Muxammad Binu Cabdul-wahaab wrote his infamous fatxul-majid and used and obscure medevil scholar Ibn Taymiya as his source and made mass takfir on his fellow sunni muslims. They fought the ottomans and anyone who resisted their rule. The Rashidi arab tribe who sided with the ottomans were ejected from the khaleej and fled to sudan and Eritrea? How is this relevant to Somalia?. Somalia was only communist by name, Barre never initiated communist doctrines that tried to erase the islamic dynasty. While Mengistu was busy destroying the orthodox church Barre respected and saught legitamacy though famous Somali Ulama as the great Shayk Malacim Nur Siyaad, Sheekh Muxiyadin Celi, and lasty the late Sheekh Abba and Shaykh Abbaa gode and Shaykh Maxamed Rabiic who ulltimatelty established "rabiiciya" or timoweynta ( Mocking the ways of the sublime prophet is kufr, the prophet had long hair and those timoweyn simply wanted look like the prophet, their afro did not stop their desire but its choking to see modern day scholars who are clean shaven in the head mocking them for this. One thing that they do lack is studying fiq as the south and integrating themselves with the society.). The late Said S Samatar also commented in his book that the only multi-clan settlement that clan eventually become non.irrelevant was for example The uweysi settlements. You could D-block xerow students from Qabridahr with H-block living 60 years with each other and marrying each other and eventually developing new identities. When the Shaykhs sent their best students to Azhar they were eventually exposed to the pan-islamic ideals by the muslim brotherhod founded by the Sufi Scholar Shaykh Xassa Banna (alle ha u naxariisto). A disengage the regime occured when Barre took the colonial law western out into law and rejected the islamic way inheritance. Since that incident Alle ha u naxariisto Macalim Nuur Siyaad, and Sheekh Aw cabdi celi cumar stopped coperation with government and used their private funds to finance students coming from harar and garisa to study in the settlements. Everything, literally everything changed in when oil was discovered in Saudia Arabia. The obscure saudi sect of wahabism suddenly had billions of dollars. They established Wamy. Secular-Arab nationalism was dead with the defeat of the Arabs. The Iranian revolution that was inspired by Sh Xassan Al Banna showed the confused post-colonial ummah that their was a third way. Islam was political solution sounded good. While Islax the muslim brotherhood om Somalia coperated with the traditional leaders Sunni Islam (infact most of them were students of those scholars) they also pursued higher education. During the boom of 1980 thousands of Somalis flooded to the Medina universaty, what those Somalis did not know was that the 4 madhabs of Sunni islam were dismissed. Shaykh Alawi al Maliki and his likes. Hard-core wahabist scholars Shaykh like Bin baz, and Shaykh Albani who utterly rejected 1300 of islamic jurispudence were made professors. The Saud arabs never abandoned the hanbali fiq but came with the innovation that all 4 major sunni schools were not legitimate. A living legend, Shaykh Cabdullahi Qudubi,who is still alive described the mess as "for 1400 we sunni muslims respected our diffirences and diffirence of opinion did not mean that one was right and other was incorrect, it means both were right as the prophet might have done in the way of the opinions, we as somalis have now chaos in our hands" Students were also taught that all non wahabi sunnis were moshriks, non muslims, having the belif that the prophet could hear you and you could ask intercession from him our from a wali was deemed to kufr. Thus in a split of a second most Somalis were non muslims by the students like Sheekh umul and Shibili, When the civil war broke out traditional sunni islam was it lowest point, people needed a new ideology, Communism was dead. Somali nationalism was its lowest. Many intellectuals looked at wahabism. Billions of dollars of pumped into somalia demonizing our cherished scholars that had for a 1000 years protected as sunni muslims. Shaykh Yuusuf Kowneyns thousands years old of teaching kids alif la kor***** was replaced by "ba bii buu fatxatayn". Debates raged weather the mowlid was correct and traditional shafite fiq as toughing skin of female breaking your abulation was challenged. Thats history but how is that corrected to Al-shabaab? Few now about this day but the wahabis of najd once captured mekka and pillaged the city and killed many pilgrims in the 1800 century. An ottoman expedition led by Pasha Muhammed Albani captured the chief leader Al-Saud and he was beheaded as a heretic in Istanbul. The Book of fatxul majid and kitab tawxid and dividing tawxid in some kind of trinity "uluhibya rububiya" were book of mass takfir. Another author who was not a islamic scholar shaheed- Sayid Qutub borrowed leninist stances and even deemed whole societies to be in a state of "jahiliya" So how does this narrative fit within Somalia ? Unlike the Taliban, they never abandonded their hanafi fiq and naqshbandi tariqa. The Somalis were quick to join the wahabist narrative, bizarre fatwas of hyeana meat being halal, Shibili being a rockstar claiming that he had with own eyes seen 300 girls with aids aged between 14-17-teen was mindboggling. Imagine if Ethiopia with its 1800 year histort of being a coptic orthodox nation changed into protestant one during 30 years. Academical articles would be full of information about this. The gang of Ictisam who fully supported a jihad (umul) against Cabdullahi Yusuf simply changed his mind a decade later and boarded a plane and even had dinner with cabdi iley. During universal tv debate, Bashir Salad who is the gudoomite of this gang was asked this mind boggling question and had no answers. The interview became infamous. Worse was the voa- discussion where Islax and tradionalists united against the takfirism, bashir salad once against condemned al-shabaab yet propogated their views in sermons.While the traditionalists who refused to join the civil war and condemned as "fitna". While Itixaad was 1991 in chaos civil war. Al-shabaab did come out from nothing, they are a part of al-ictisam, and large segments of the Somali society do belive in what that they believe in. In Somaliland, Shayk Mustafe tries to educate Somalis about Sultan Suleyman Qanuni but does not tell the people that acording to his wahabi belifs suleyman qanuni is a non muslim becouse of being the maturidi-sunni-hanafi school and adhering to the naqshbandi tariqa. He loves to boast about non somali islamic heroes like salaxadin ayubi but fails to mention that Salaxadin was a devout sunni ashcari, the same creed as somalis belong to. And a creed that shibili declares to non muslims. Never will you hear him talk about 1800 century somali scholars. THE CHANGE AND DOWNFALL OF WAHABISM AND RESURGENCE OF TRADITIONAL ISLAM. The traditionalists had to adapt and have done so. Most Somalis are traditionalists. Seeing Saudi Arabias crown prince saying live on CNN "we were to export exremism" was a death blow to ictisam. They can no longer draw inspiration from Saudi Arabia and no funds will be coming from Saudi Arabia. While on a visit in Kenya I was suprised to see how a poor umul from 1994 had become rich real state magnate. Macalim nuur siyaad educated thousands and did not leave a penny behind. Such are true sufis who distance themselves from this world at minimum and concentrate on the next world. Al-shabaab will only dissapear once Somalia turns back to Azhar and not Saudi Arabia.
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    The entire idea of building a somali state is a fallacy. Something fundamental is lacking. Can't put my finger on it but it's not there.
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    Saalaax, deputy PM Guuleed getting fewer seats than he’d originally anticipated is surely nothing special to write home about. I believe Mudane Xaashi did an awesome job resisting —and finally succeeding in preventing— Useless Farmaajo’s attempts of co-opting all the representation of the h@bros of the north. I guess, at the end of the day, it’s a matter of "Is the glass half empty or half full?”. And I think it's half full, thanks to the brave insistence of Senate leader Xaashi who stood up to the futile ambitions of the Useless Expired Cheese in Villa Somalia.
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    Another momentum achievement of dowladda dhexe is kala fur furida of xiriirka iyo isbaheysiga dheer ka dhaxeeyey Xabashida iyo Kiikuuyada. This also meesha ka saareysaa dekedda Mombaasa iyo jid dhisida dheer loo rabay ilaa Adisababa. Now Kiikuuyada dalalka la col ah Xabashada ayee xiriir ka raadineysaa. It is all good for Soomaaliya.
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    Its strange that Somaliland ‘discovered’ after 10 years that they were being duped in these si called talks.
  46. 1 point
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    Reer Somaliland 26 Jun 1960 ayaa ugu danbaysay qof aan Soomaali ahayn oo ka amar qaataan. Let that sink in.
  48. 1 point
    Very tall man, Welcome to Somalia
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    ^Dawlad ku lahaa. Dawladda aad sheegeyso dadkeedii aa lugaha goynaya. Shisheeye tabar uma hayso. Wax dawlad la yiraahdo Somalia kama jidho. Period. This country and people are doomed unless there's intervention from above.
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