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  1. All hearsay, we have nothing to attest that. But it would seem very unlikely that a newly elected President would start signing oil contracts without his cabinet or even having technical people in place to review any kind of agreement. Furthermore, Parliament and future governments could declare those agreements null and void.
  2. Xaaji, have you even listened to the video. Had nothing to do with politics, ciyaalka bashaal ayaa loo xidhay. Cadoowga dalka maha.
  3. Tiktokers, facebookers, YouTubers, kuli wa target. Laakin waxa ka baad baaday Snapchatters, sawirka ayee masaxaan
  4. Laga yaaba iney kheyr keento for Somalia and both domineering clans, hadii la keeno dad ka dhex dhexaad ah duopolyga jira
  5. Wee biloobmatay miyaa. hada ninku wali shaqadii muu biloowin oo cabinet musoo magacaabin. Wakhti siiya, perhaps he might surprise us.
  6. They do exist, I have met many southerners who have nostalgia for the Italians and feel Somalia has a special bond with that Italians or with other countries(e.g.Turkey). In Italy you have even Somali-Italian associations coming together to commemorate that special bond, history and sing italian-Somali songs. But perhaps the difference is that Southern would never blast it shamelessly out in the open, as some of our ‘British’ oriented Somali’s tend to do.
  7. It’s not only with the British, also with Djibouti and Ethiopia one can see the same one sided favourable and unreciprocated admiration, without getting much back for it. And perhaps this has more to do with SL having little to no experience in foreign affairs and developing relations based on national interest rather then sentimental attachment.
  8. Is this perhaps what a possible regional O political agenda could look like? -Ethiopia and Kenya: Champion free movement of people and goods, and cross border road and transport linkages. -Jubbaland: Ambition for this region to become the model region for Somalia through seeking dialogue, re-approachment and inclusive regional government with other communities. Set target for an all inclusive Jubbaland regional government to be elected in a competitive elections, if necessary sacrifice Ahmed Madoobe. Liberate with those communities as many localities as possible, to expand outreach of regional authority. -Puntland: Prevent regional from drifting away from federal government or to extreme poles in opposition. Visit region as much as possible, strengthen linkages with different actors in Bosasso, Garowe and Galkacyo, enforce role of Boqor Burhan as the King of the clan umbrella. -South-West: Seek stronger political alliance with community in federal system, address local grievances, showcase inclusion of community in Jubbaland. -Galmudug/Hirshabbele; Mediate in local disputes, empower marginalised lineages (continuing legacy of Farmaajo), prioritise inclusive regional government, and common agenda of fighting against extremist. -Banadir Region; Accommodate population to have a greater say in local governance while aligning with federal government mandates, organise there the first local elections, showcase and promote diversity of the City. -Somaliland; Open back channel dialogue via Jig Jiga, use poetry in conveying messages if necessary, with Jig Jiga becoming a mediator(Ergo) in the talks with Somalia. In meantime seek greater collaboration and consolidation between Jigjiga, Jabuuti and Somaliland, utilise people’s diplomacy through, knowledge exchanges, sports, culture, literature, etc. -Somali region of Ethiopia; Provide full support to Mustafe’s agenda in curtailing extremist and reactionary O politics, form alliances with other non-O clans to solidify regional government, promote region is open for business and investment in the region and among diaspora. -Northeastern: Main communities political accord to focus on common economic and external development agenda of the region, under a Northern 2040 Economic Agenda. Seek dialogue with cross border brethren communities and address grievances to stop extremist attacks. Promote regions linkages with Somalia through trade, mobility and investment. Promote and Encourage among Somalis from Eastleigh and elsewhere, and Kenyans to invest in the region. Prevent local politicians from mingling in Kenyan and choosing sides between different groups, stay neutral on Kenyan internal politics and become an acceptable partner and improve image of Somalis in Kenya and wider region.
  9. I assume the 30% trade flow through Berbera is an intention but not guaranteed in a agreement, the license for operating the dry port is a good move, but keep in mind that SL owns a minority share in that company, so UAE will largely be benefiting from this as well. Hope SL can use that again to its advantage in negotiations towards the UAE! But all in all it’s better then nothing and previously was the case, SL is learning. Next should be Djibouti, and developing rational relationships and trade deals that also benefit SL.
  10. What did SL get back for its hundred million worth of imports/flow of dollars to Ethiopia in this trade agreement?
  11. Bio-engineering is most effective against sand dunes and other forms of soil and coastal erosion. Unfortunately many coastal cities have been lost partly due to sand dunes such as Bulahaar.
  12. I think you have misread one or two things, I am not from Puntland, neither am I advocating for the current status quo to remain on the contrary I applaud the rising influence of the O community in the region.
  13. The O community has indeed become a major political player in the region, for a long time they were politically on the fringes determined by their position on the peripheries of the Somali territory. But as the region is becoming more interconnected and integrated it is an advantage and opportunity for those on the outer edges. However, as one still needs to leave a political stamp on the region, I am wondering if their politics will be characterised by building bridges between peoples or one of trampling people under their 🦶.
  14. Territorial collaboration and integration is not only a matter of communal affinity (clan relations), but economy, geography and mobility plays an important role as well. There are no road connections between Sanaag and Sool, and hardly any economic linkages between the two. Sool is more connected to Toghdheer and Nugaal(Garowe) economically, whereas Eastern Sanaag is connected to western-Sanaag(Erigavo) and Bari(Bosasso). This also goes for movement of people.
  15. Excellent proposition, now we are talking. One ‘ ‘Somali’ regional internal trade market, and for such an internal market to be viable you would need to have a common trade policy and negotiate external trade agreements under the same tariff regimes. Let’s talk further on this, perhaps in a separate topic.
  16. Puntland is not the only region with severe structural economic and political problems, and where such violent incidents have taken place or dangerous factors exists for it to easily happen. Somali’s have a very short term memory, and little sense of pre-perception.
  17. MMA, Hassan Sheick and Farmaajo visited the same number of countries in their first two months. But nevertheless, I fully agree with you that Somali leaders have their priorities wrong and should better focus on the domestic and getting their own house in order. And rather should visit the regions in the country rather all these foreign visits. It’s ridiculous that sometimes in their term they haven’t even visit some regions and many large towns, but visit some countries 3 or 4x times within one term, it’s indeed ridiculous.
  18. I get that the Deni and Diani issue is still unresolved, but nevertheless this latest incident could have easily been prevented as neither had actually intended going to war or inflict so many casualties on one another at this moment on this issue. Similar incidents can easily repeat itself between regional and federal officials, even in other states, if there is no structural coordination, communication and diplomacy between the federal and regional officials.
  19. Try to the understand the context, these were begin of the 90’s, most families that fled or were send to the west were themselves very young mothers without the husband there in foreign country, often traumatised, raising young her own young children and in addition young kids from relatives like Mo Farah who were probably older then her own kids and mostly likely mother came herself straight from the rural areas where she probably grew up in a harsh environment herself and knows not better. I am not saying it happened like that exactly, but these were different times and different kind of families, often with limited knowledge of both Islam and pedagogy and without the rich access to information and knowledge that you and I have nowadays. I am sure that family is looking at things differently today.
  20. A lot of Somali children who have been brought to the west and are raised by close relatives, feel often a sense of abandonment, neglect and even abuse, even though the families reasoning for bringing the child to the west is to give them a better future not abuse them. I guess these parents are often traumatised themselves and unprepared to show the adopted children the love and caring they need.
  21. Allah ha u naxariisto masakiinta meesha ku dhimatay. I think this is an unfortunate and unintended incident and not as politically charge as it might seem. Cause this isn’t the first time that similar incidents have occurred around fededal officials visiting regional states. it seems there is a lack of structural and clear lines of communication and coordination between the two layers. These recurring misunderstandings can be easly solved if federal government would have a low key official in each state, finetuning communication and logistical arrangements between federal government and regions. Call it regional representative, commissioner, logistical officer, or whatever but there needs to be a clear entry point responsible for fine tuning and smoothing communication and coordination of logistics and those sort of things with regional officials. Preferably someone with excellent social and communication skills, who is familiar with locality, with a modest posture and doesn’t feel urges to asserting authority, status or power but employs DIPLOMACY to get things done.
  22. Don’t take it personal, but as this is a discussion forum its purpose is to debate one another, even disagree or disquify each other’s statements and positions. And on that note, I don’t have an issue if one associates clans with specific urban settlement, but in your statements you equate repeatedly clans to specific urban settlements and that’s what I have an issue with and find malignant. Contrary to some pastoral and rural grazing lands, A city is its people and not the same or equivalent to clans. This kind of thinking in classifications and making the wrong equations is what often leads to depersonalisation,dehumanisation and basically denying and trampling on peoples basic rights and human existence.
  23. Tariikhdii dhameed, casharkii ka baran leheen, wixii dhacay, kuli isku soo wada duub sheekada tolka ayaa kusoo xidhay.
  24. If we are talking native clan communities, in my book native reer Xamar are those mixed communities from Shibis, Shangaani iyo Hamarweyne, the inland Banadiri, Afgooye and those from close by Balcad environs. Natives from Mudug and Galgaduud are neither part of those communities nor close to those communities neither in geographical proximity, culture, values or norms. irrelevant how many guns or force one can apply, as guns and force can easily turn sides, but culture and value don’t.
  25. Fitnah ayaa wakhtigaas dhacday, Madaxweynihii ayaa la dilay, taasna waxa usii dheereed afgambi, iyo Raisal Wasaare, Gudoomiyaha Baarlamanka iyo madaxdii kale xabsi lagu xidho. Ta ugu daran wexe eheed umadii oo badankooda waxaas oo fitnah sacabka u tumiyaa oo soo dhaweeniya. Madaxda wa loo duceeya ama laga duceystaa, laakinse Somali albaabka fitnaha ayee isku fureen oo kursi fadhisiyeen oo ila maantada inkaarta gudaha kursi ugu fadhida.