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    Early results for the 3 remaining districts in Nugaal. Garowe: 33 Kaah 12 SinCad 5 Horseed 6 Mideeye 2 RunCad 2 Shaqaale 2 Ifiye 2 Mustaqbal 2 Dangorayo: 27 Kaah 9 SinCad 6 Horseed 5 Mideeye 3 RunCad 2 Shaqaale 1 Ifiye 1 Godobjiiraan: 21 Kaah 7 SinCad 2 Horseed 6 Mideeye 5 RunCad 0 Shaqaale 0 Ifiye 1
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    Ar Farmaajo Ii Geeya 2.0 His biggest supporters today are kuwii aad ugu shalaayey Xasan Socdaal - the squatters goboladda dhexe ka yimid xoog loogu saarooyo dhulalkii dowladda xoog ku qabsadeen ee Xamar.
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    I am a bit surprised inay sawirka madaxweyne C/rashiid dhunkasho yar u quurtay. Tan ayaa Fillada fadhiso and goes out with Xasan to everywhere, marka maxaa ka sugee dowladaan sii dhaceyso.
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    interesting though this is not good for the national cohesion of what every Somali state that is being reconstructed how ever out of protocol if she doesn’t favour one president at least she should have kept her opinion to her self I mean that would have been more promising. . Though I would say if she leaves out general afweyne.That would have been not a problem since he was the only dictator compared to all the the other previous presidents . But she also left out the cheese fellow and cabdilahi yusuf who were also interim presidents and were not dictators so singling out them would be viewed as bit of Qabiliste. Hadi qaran la dhisayo there is no room for this behaviour.
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    I think it’s time for KG political elites to raise their ambitions and aim for the highest position in the land and make their weigh and numbers in Somalia count, as they be perhaps the biggest clan group in Somalia and it’s high time to offset change and disturb the clan based monopoly that Somalia has become.
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    Every Soomaali xaq u leeyahay kursiguu doono u tartamo. Late marxuum Galeyr tried and almost pulled it as a candidate for the speakership in 2012. Most of his voters were Reer Koonfur Galbeed, who wanted isku sharaxaan jagada kale. However waa lagu goobtay by the collusion of xildhibaannada Reer Waqooyiga ka soo hotjeeday Galeyr; Reer Unuga oo iyaga kursiga leeyihiin ismoodo iyo Reer Waqooyi Bari oo Reer Sool u diidanaa kursigaan maadaama jagadee rabeen wiiqeyso.
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    It almost like Biixi does not want Somaliland to be there after he leaves. The disrespect and threats coming from Hargeisa mirrors that of SSC. Phrases being thrown include: Reer Awdal can't fight. They take our taxes. They are a minority. Big departure from condescending reer Awdal are aqooyahano. Somaliland will regret they did not force Bihi to resign after Goojacadde.
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    Che What’s to but the cart before the horse with out first building institutions, and reconciliation we might just see more wars . And it seems the current govt isn’t equipped to run military institutions .
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    democrats are worse then republicans Obama killed the most muslims sleepy joe cant even enforce a ceasfire
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    bla bal. Xaaji meesha ha isku ceebeyn. THese necon political hacks are looking some traction from the media, but would fail. The good news is the secessionist are probably 1% of the Somali population in Minneapolis.
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    Delusional Xaaji. Where do the Canfar settle to attack Djibouti? Inside Awdal? When thing I would say is that Awdal Movement will not stop whether Djibouti supports us or not. One thing the last few days taught me is how fragile the Hargeisa regime is. Faysal Waraabe is wearing black headband to mourn and as usual all over the place. he is insulting the HAG community and declared to offer his services to C/laahi Dani. At the same time he supports the song that declared " Axmaar baa iga Garoowe iyo Xamar". We didn't even fire a bullet yet all the cry iyo Kakacaay. We the Awdalites are resilient really, all we need just start the fire crackers and this regime will collapse.
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    Secessionist cuqdadooda heerka ee mareyso: Ironically marqaan miiran that they are 'celebrating' maalinta 26ka Juun oo Soomaali u dabaaldageyso.
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    Biihi n his minions are trying hard to provoking Awdal, specially before election Meeting someone from Somalia? what a nonsense
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