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    Saalax, this all belongs Soomaaliweyn. Xabashis should have zero, absolutely zero, benefits in this. Kheyraadkaan ama dhulka haku jiraan, ama dhulka la kor marinaayo ama badda laga dhoofinaayo waa wada Soomaaliya iyo Soomaaliweyn.
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    There was never any discussion or consideration of Berbera on this issue. Reason being the Chinese operate everything and Djibouti was the do or die choice from the get go years ago when there was no railroad functioning or Djibouti only had one port. There was some consideration for Kismayo or Puntland away from Red Sea and straight to Asia from the Indian ocean side, but the stability of Somalia became unmanageable. The Chinese have least influence and interests in Somaliland. The Berebera oil/gas pipeline connection was fake news created just to annoy Somalilanders. Petro dollar drunk childish Arabs talked about Eritrea, but no commercial sense and who is who in Ethiopia do not want any investment to Eritrea where everything rests on one man. Djibouti that one man, unlike Eritrea has tribal chiefs that can ensure continuity of policy towards Ethiopia.
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    On Sunday 27th January, it was decided by the CONIFA Executive Committee that the 2020 CONIFA SportsBet.io World Football Cup will be hosted by Somaliland. Somaliland is an independent state in the Horn of Africa, which is not recognised by any other country. It declared sovereignty in 1991. The Somaliland Football Association was founded in 2011, and represents Somaliland and Somalilanders living around the world. This will be the fourth CONIFA World Football Cup, with previous tournaments having been hosted by Sapmi (2014); Abkhazia (2016); and Barawa (2018). The County of Nice won the inaugural WFC in 2014, with Abkhazia and Karpatalya being crowned champions in 2016 and 2018 respectively. The decision to award the tournament to Somaliland followed a non-binding vote at the CONIFA AGM by CONIFA member associations, where Somaliland was supported by the majority as a potential host nation. The award of the CONIFA SportsBet.io World Football Cup 2020 to Somaliland is subject to a successful site visit, to be undertaken by members of the CONIFA Executive Committee in March 2019. Conifa website CONIFA SportsBet.io World Football Cup 2020: Somaliland – CONIFA WWW.CONIFA.ORG On Sunday 27th January, it was decided by the CONIFA Executive Committee that the 2020 CONIFA SportsBet.io World Football Cup will be hosted by Somaliland. Somaliland is an...
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    Replace, replace replace, destroy destroy, is that all we know, that comes from Somali brain, Cagjar is highly qualified and must be given a chance
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    Our resident internet bot hasn’t been updated ever since the Tigray brigands were kicked out office. So, OO, is running a lot of malwares these days😁😁😁
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    The sad reality is the Somali region is/will be controlled by Addis. Your argument is a case of two bald men fighting over comb. More land and resources wilk be lost to neighboring regions long as Somali political disunity persists. And Abiy is buying time, he's to be the next Zenawi once takes care of OLF and Woyanes. The best thing that could happen to Somalis is peaceful Balkanization of Ethiopia, that seems unlikely at least for the near future Even an independent Somali region might turn into Somalia if not carefully managed.
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    Nin dad dilay oo waashay hadaad aragto qalbigiisu ma wada xumayn markiisii hore. Qirashada ninkaan waxay ka dhigann tahay markiisii hore ma wada xumayn Lool qaarbaa ku casaaday xaraanta garan maayo waxay raaciyeene
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    Very sad to see most of us reduced to choosing "masters". Some are anti-Tigray yet choose to serve Oromo Amxara interests with the same way they blamed Illey and others. Some are anti-Uganda and Kenya yet are very happy to dance for Abiy and Isayas Some are anti-Turkish yet will dance in Asmara the home of Saudis and UAE in Horn of Africa. Why not first determine what is in the best interest of the Somali people? Who can best help in achieving that interest? Turkish would be choice no.1 since they respect the Somali autonomy in all affairs, local culture, language, future plans and will. The rest consider the Somali as to be told only. The Turish have the moral standing to ask what you want to do and help you or suggest this is better than that and influence you by real plan and action.
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    Of course we are. Suldaanka, The Northern Unionists have no choice but to take the power from corrupt southerns who are happy with the status quo. For them " Caadi Waaye" The problem is we have seen this film before in 2011 almost eight years ago. Musaveni told Farmaajo in 2011 that "without our tanks you are no body" , then he called the two Shariifs and told Farmaajo to leave the seat. Our president found himself in the same situation again. Even if you give these people a second chance and opportunity to correct the last blunder they will never learn. Here , Farmaajo is back in 2017. What did he prepare to face Muaveni again within two years of taking power. Halkii uu kaga tagay sideed sanadood ka hor ayuu ugu yimid isagii oo jooga waxna diyaar u hayn. How many times we told you that a government is judged by how it moves the first hundred days. When he was elected in 2017, he told them that he want Somalis tp protect him, and the Ugandans told him, " Hey there are no Somalis to protect you, here , sign this paper, we are not responsible if some thing happens". The poor fellow was scared and chose the Ugandan to continue doing his job. . This statement from the Ugandan dictator is a well calculated shot backed by others like the British and even the UN. Musaveni couldn't build four lane highway in Uganda after 30 years of power. I do believe that most Africans dictators like in west Africa and other places, the army usually moves in and removes the long serving rulers with a coup. For Musaveni , the Somali cash cow keeps soldiers and officers busy by making money. The UN has its own private airport, huge kilometer wide container warehouses and their own lane at the airport queue. The Ugandan people are relatively educated and patient people. In my conversation with some Kampala residents, they told me that if Musveni doesn't leave this time around the country might go to civil war again. Yet, even if civil war breaks in Uganda, their hope is that nations go to civil war, people die and then things becomes normal. Someone will become a leader and make the decisions. No one in the world have this low intensity conflict that never goes away except Somalia. As a supporter of Farmaajo, I have been quite for the last few days about what took place in Garoowe. While the peaceful transfer of power in Puntland is celebrated, Farmaajo forgot to use that platform to set his agenda and take a route different than the old failed politicians and old men like Faroole who never goes away. Faroole was taking credit of the creation of the useless Upper House that has no reason to exist in Somalia. Farmaajo should have set his agenda and tell those who were there and the Somali people in general how he wanted to move and implement his agenda for the next few years. He should have known that in this kind of gathering, where every washed up politician want the microphone and talks the usual gibberish, his role should be different than anyone. He was failed by those who run his office and those who advice him. . He just went there as usual without any plan and talked just like those who were seeking some exposure. In fact, it was Mr. Saciid Deni, a novice politician who took the limelight and acted like a leader and set his agenda by talking his future plans at the inauguration. The most difficult issue that Farmaajo would face is that how to reconcile the presence of these foreign armies from Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea and Uganda to co-exist within Somalia, while knowing that each one of them has his own national interest. Besides, C/laahi Yusuf tried to clear the land with the Ethiopian army. Unlike Farmaajo he had his own Somali soldiers lifting the heavy lift, yet when he tried to convince the Ethiopians to finish the job and implement his agenda , they refused and started to weaken him using other Somali actors. He was stronger before he came to Mogadishu, but the day he took over the real presidency, they sabotaged him until they forced him out. My conclusion is Musveni want to stay here until 2025, and will do what ever it takes to stop Farmaajo and company for interfering with his plan. So, what plan Mr. Farmaajo has to kick out t these mercenaries?.
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    Keep your eyes on the ball, my fellow Somalis. The aged Gorilla of Uganda is right...for now. 😁 Somalia, indeed, lacks a state with authority. But like everything else, just because something is a certain way does not mean it shall remain the same forever. So let’s keep our eyes on the ball, my fellow Somalis. Let’s keep working on improving the effectiveness of our nascent Federal institutions and learn to hold our current leaders accountable. I believe, completion of the Federal constitution and the courts responsible for its implementation must be our number one priority; or else, we shall continue to give Museveni— and all sorts of other unsavory banditti — cause to go into contortions of mirth, at our poor expense.😂 P.S If it’s any consolation, Ambrose Bierce, an American author, once wrote to describe a conversation between a dictator and a young democracy in one of his fables titled, “The Good Government” "What a happy land you are!" said a Republican Form of Government to a Sovereign State. "Be good enough to lie still while I walk upon you, singing the praises of universal suffrage and descanting upon the blessings of civil and religious liberty. In the meantime you can relieve your feelings by cursing the one-man power and the effete monarchies of Europe." "My public servants have been fools and rogues from the date of your accession to power," replied the State; "my legislative bodies, both State and municipal, are bands of thieves; my taxes are insupportable; my courts are corrupt; my cities are a disgrace to civilisation; my corporations have their hands at the throats of every private interest - all my affairs are in disorder and criminal confusion." ”That is all very true,” that all very true said the Republican form of Government, putting on it’s hopnail shoe; “but consider how I thrill you every Fourth of July.”😁
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    Axmed Shide should not set the agenda of the Somali regional government. The fact that he is not a member of the administration, should be enough for Shide to let Cagjar take charge in these mattee. Therefore, Shide should leave the internal affairs of the state alone and be a messenger of the Somalis on federal level. Fundamentally, Somalis should let highly controversial matters aside for the moment and focus on Somali-wide reconciliation to bolster unity. As for now, Abiy Ahmed is consolating his power among Oromo and Amhara. Eventually, Abiy will settle matters with Somalis. His real agenda will be known soon. Therefore, it is essential to bolster unity among Somalis in order to have a strong negotiation position in the upcoming confrontation with the federal government.
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    Abukar Arman is one of the few Somalis who sees things out of the box. He understands the false war on terror that never ends. Waa dadka liiska iigu qoran.
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    Qaabkuu wax u dhaqayo uma eka nin dharkiisa dhaqanaya Qof kastoo amxaar u khidmeeya geed hoosti baaf waa loo dhigi
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    Daahiroow, the Holy Quran should not be a book like any other, decorating our shelves and gathering dust. Instead it should always be in our hands, in our heads, and in our hearts guiding us to the way of salvation. That is why, Almighty Allah revealed it to mankind and that is why the holy prophet and his companions fought for it and suffered for it.
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    Tallaabo I clearly read the Quran Alhamdulillah. I would like you to address the specific matter I put to you. The verses that you referred to do not address of the specific questions I asked you. Quran explain everything, but does it tell you how many times we pray a day and how many raka's we pray for example?
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    Municipal elections were last held in 2012. Parliamentary elections has been delayed multiple times. Parliamentary elections is a politically charged issue. As Somaliland moves away from clans, (Yet clans are not ready for this move), it has to find an equitable and fair power distribution. Both President Daahir Rayaale and Siilaanyo hand balled making a decision on this. Now it is President Muse Bihi to bite the bullet and get something on the table. I am hearing that there is some options on the table which will not be final but will be used to get the new Parliamentary elections happening.
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    There are many purist Muslims who fall back on the undisputed-100%true-never-in-doubt word of Allah in times of uncertainty. As long as you believe the authenticity of the Holy Quran and that Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, was the true messenger of Allah, you are a Muslim in my eyes.
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    Xaajiyoow I am against sectarianism in Islam so I call myself a Muslim and nothing else.
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    While Nabad iyo Nolol is dancing and partying in Mogadishu things are heating up in the South West. It is really strange. The American military and the Somali military guys were telling us about drones and other military operations targeting Al-shabaab bases and men weekly. Yet Al-shabaab was able to launch this huge operation against a large mechanized Ethiopian army. Besides, where dis these guys got all these weapons that confronts and ambush large army of more than hundreds. Waar dadkan yaa hubka siiya.Waar aduunyadan ilayn anagaa wax aragnay. It seems the terror groups are in over drive since Trump claimed ISIS dead. The Somali army leadership needs intelligence gathering means. Living within the fortified zones will not solve the major problems that exist between the rivers. Maybe the time has come to recognize and negotiate directly with the Al-shabaab government that controls the land between Afgooye, and Bu'ale. By the way, did you guys see the 31 years old general promoted by Farmaajo from major to general within six months. early in April 2018, he was a major in charge of the presidential guard. Then made leutenent colonel (Gaashaanle Dhexe) few months later, and in November 2018, he was promoted to general and chief of staff of Somali army (abaanduulaha ciidamada qalabka sida). If this was Hassan Sheikh or Shariif Ahmed the internet would have been on fire, yet Nolol iyo Nabad can do no wrong. Xafladii xilwareejinta Taliyaha cusub ee ciidanka madaxtooyada Gaashaanle Odowa Yusuf. After six months general Odowa Yusuf. Chief of staff of the Somali army. He finished high school 2007/2008 calendar year. Proff. Abyan ayaa waxa uu dhahay bilowgii sideetamaadkii, " Waar aduunyada halkeed ku aragteen Janan hooyadii caano leedahay" Waxa uu ka hadlayey wiil dhalin yar oo Siyaad Barre waardiye u ahaa bedtamihii todobaatenkii oo dhawr sano gudahood Janan ku noqday. Does anyone among the SOLers know that 30 years old general ?
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    LOL Or maybe they are remnants of Madoobe's former friends or the late Xasan Turki's men. Just saying.
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    i watched this earlier today. its a little patronising at times. there are few factual mistakes but wouldnt it be nice if it was shot in Eyl, instead of Gibraltar. the entire film was informed by the white saviour narrative, almost as though he's not there for career progression but to save the Puntlanders from their plight. great to see they had a full Somali cast, including jareers. there was even time for a potentially evolving romance between Jay and the semi-vacant Mariam, the wife of the biggest Mijeerteen pirate. Barkhad Abdi, despite being typecasted put in a worthy performance. all in all, the film was more about them than us. its now avaliable on showbox, for those interested.

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