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    This is actually "naxdin miidhan" They are now begging the US to stop PL. It is as if they have given up.
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    Yes, it is looking rather bad for the mad dog in Hargeysa, and is so desperate even Oodweyne's pamphleteering somersaults could not help him out of this predicament that is of Gooja Cadde. Could you imagine Oodweyne now resorting to "You could not get me out of Gooja Cadde for a month". With more than 1,200 dead on both sides, thousands injured, with two-thirds being on SL's side, he is still adamant, his is a winning strategy. Rather sad, if you think about it. I recently asked an old mate of mine, whom we grew up together in the mean streets of East London, who, before the SSC movement, could not bring himself to speak ill of Sir, even when he was hunting down his uncles in Sanaag, but in a compete swivel, he is now so extreme that I ended up rationalising his madness. Kids in the West have been fed porkies for far too long they actually bought into the falsities struggling now with the state of the beloved "Qaran". I wonder who will foot the bills for their endless trips to the shrink. I used to think Oodweyne was a grown-up, with a tiny brain between his ears, despite his incessant regurgitation, but it then dawned on me some moons ago, he is no more than a weathered bud, in an elongated"jiilaal", with no sight of "gu' " on the horizon.
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    Waxaa arkaa Suldaan Warsame Suldaan Ibraahin Caliyoow Ibroow. Waa suldaanka guud beelaha dega gaar ahaan Shabeellaha Hoose, xaruntiisana Qoryooleey tahay and is an American. University educated, too. Odey dhaqameedyo wax soo bartay toogtaan joogo. Suldaanka waa qofka dhanka midig ka muuqdo.
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    Secessionists markee dhabta arkeen magaca Soomaaliya ku qaraabanaayo. Waa sheekadii Samaale ku qaraabtaan markee kululaadaan, marka kalena Ibnu Haashin.
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    Tallaabo, This Laascaanood conflict was actually brewing for many years, it just surfaced after the death of the young politician Hadraawi. It also has roots to Jigjiga Conference where the Garaads declared Armed conflict. So, it is very unfair to blame this on the response to the protestors in December last year alone. Anyway, the issue right now is not about that at all. The conflict has expanded and today every Daarood clan has brought their clan melitia to Laascaanood. Our job is to make sure we defeat them once and for all.
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    Forgot about Pland. The 32 old ciidanka qaranka was chased by Raxmo Yariisey.
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    Farmaajo uu aflagaadeyn jiray, when this Dhurwaa met him in Biljam in 2018, he was very timid. My family knew his wife's father in Baydhabo. He was a wadaad sheekh ah masaajid Baydhabo ku yaalay ka ahaa sheekha. He didn't want his daughter to marry this alcoholic. But she insisted. Dowladii Kacaanka uu maalin walba caayo, it was this very dowlad u shaqeyn jiray and lived public housing owned by Kacaankii, Afrikaan Filaj (African Village). Relatives lived there and knew him as well.
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    It is escape mechanism, madness from facing real hardwork, his time will Finnish, him flying around, and now he s oppsessed with extension. Nothing is being done, Somalia Waa ayaan daran, what in the world were they thinking to select this fool again
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    Already calaacal without seeing a single second of his coming warbixin:
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    Ileen our secessionist member dhibkaan dhibsaday. Jidad aan wali la furin ciyoowba burburay.
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    Lies! Lies!! Look at the big building on the bottom left corner of this picture. I have just checked that building does not exist in Lasanod. The one you circled is unfinished house with only two lines of square-rooms on two sides. This building in the video has square cubicles all round and is larger probably a factory or some sort of warehouse. Also why SSC forces would run away from Hotel Hamdi which they hold into the mountains towards SL militia base? This badly done propganda with photoshopped video. Come up with something concrete to proof your cantarabaqash.
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    Dude, it was only the other day you said Sland forces controlled Hamdi Hotel while the very next day odayaal dhaqmadeedka were being given a tour of the city and its environs. Somaliland can't even agree on its lies as to who they are fighting.
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    Qarankii dhamaa is obsessed with one Somali sub-clan called Majuerteen. From Edna giving speeches in world's capitals to their supposed generals and now as usual Faisal Warabe kkkk.
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    They all seem very tense, like they want to get out of the room fast, and can't speak their mind. Classical dictatorship, they can only tell what he wants to hear.
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    This reminds me reer the Ruwaayad where a Xamari man was robbed from everything including his shirt and trousers bar his nickers and saying afterwards: Wallahi if they took my underwear wixii ka dhici lahaa waa layaabi lahaa kkkk.
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    You just little ignorant uninformed SNM dreamer. I am telling you the SNM days in Laascaanood are about to end. You are not a local person who knows that place. It is all about SNM bunkers in Goojacade which is only 6km from the city. Godey style bunkers where SNM forces are hiding. I grantee you it It will cleared sooner rather later. This is it.
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    Could be a sign of corruption.
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    Muuse Muqayil Faarax Macalin markuu arrinta Laascaanood ka hadlay Kiikuuyo ku sheegay. Taloow gabadhaana yuu ku tilmaami doonaa?
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    The lives of many more Somalis (on both sides) can be saved but the menace in Hargeysa is not receptive to any reason and he is surrounded by yes man.
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    How's it they become such easy targets? It seems like they are being killed at will. They were playing soldiers for 32 years, no real fighting experience.
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    Are u saying the the nabaddiids are doing a good job do u know how many men they lost two days ago in the war .u should hear their cry
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    The war needs to conclude quickly and shouldn't overreach. It would be wise not to indulge in talk of conquest. The goal is to expel secessionists off to H@rti territories. That's doable and is a clear objective. Heavily armed young men in one place for too long is never good idea specially in Somali context. And I hope both groups understand prolonged conflict will mean introduction of foriegn troops. No wants the North to resemble the South.
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    Operation Clean Up went side ways. Now he is searching for new explanations and revised target dates. Give him another month, he will still be saying everything is fine and on schedule.
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    I rather see reer Waqooyi say we are seceding cuz the Southerners looked at us the wrong way instead this constant unexplainable madness.
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    So what is the holdup? Illyria, as Sool’s rep on this forum, you are beginning to sound like Baalo Xoofto & Co who on a daily basis in here attempt to mask their hopeless political predicament with frequent braggadocio, but yet their results are limited and effeminate. Tell us when these riffraff h@bro militia will be cleansed from Sool?
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    This guy is becoming a legend.
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    Imagine if these twats had the means, and wherewithal to do that which they so fervently parrot, ad nauseam, they will do; that speaks volume as to their ill intent, but then again, when one has the upper hand at the front, where it trully matters, yet squatting, at will, on their psyche, one does not mind their drivel. They are the emblematic supine cravens, where when slapped hard, they tuck tail soiling their nether regions, yet begging their master for mercy, as shown by their foot soldiers at the front; online they act as if warriors at the Matrix marshalling spacecrafts seeking easy pickings, yet they can not even feed their militias starving, and in turn abandoning their posts in droves.
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    Rooboow trying to sell dalkugalkii xajka vy naming his brother and associates members of this unnecessary guddi. Why even have this guddi other than siphon lacag from poor xaj-goers. Wasiir Roobow oo magacaabay Guddiga maamulaya Tartanka Adeega Xajka ee Sanadkan Wasiirka Wasaaradda Awqaafta iyo Arrimaha Diinta Xukuumadda Soomaaliya Sheekh Mukhtaar Roobow Cali ayaa magacaabay Guddiga Tartanka adeega Xajka sanadka 1444/2023. Guddigan ayaa kala saaraya, soona xulaya Shirkadaha la siinayo Qandaraaska inay Xajka geeyaan Xujeyda Soomaaliyeed oo lagu wado inay ka bataan 10,000 Xaaji. Wareegto kasoo baxday Wasiir Roobow ayaa lagu magacabaay 9 xubnood oo ka shaqeynaya howshan, waxaana xoghaye looga dhigay Nin la dhashay wasiirka. Xubnaha Guddiga ayaa kala ah: 1 - Maxamed Haji Ibrahim Cali Xilka Gudoomiye 2 - Ibrahim Robow Cali Xogheyn 3- Shekh Cali Shekh Mahmuud (Sh Cali Dhere) Xubin 4 - Cabdinuur Macalin Maxamed Xubin 5 - Xaji Maxamed Kheyrow Aadan Xubin 6 - Xamdi Cabdirahmaan Ismaaciil Xubin 7- Aadam Sadiiq Maxamed Xubin 8 - Dr. Khadar Xaji Daahir Xubin 9 - Yuunis Cismaan Axmed Xubin
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    Garaad Mukhtar on the meeting with the Ethiopian delegation
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    Doolar, dirham, shilin, riyaal, my friend. Farmaajo didn't pay enough and was too confident. Shariif does not pay nor had enough. Kheyre iyo Deni are the biggest losers ugu shubeen and received nothing back - in the name of Farmaajo ka carar. In fact Kheyre's tol qeylada iyo cabaadka ka dhamaaday because dowladaan kama dhex muuqdaan as they were in Farmaajo's ee raa'isul wasaare ku lahaayeen.
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    It is rather embarrassing, to say the least, to observe the difference between reinforcements on the two sides. On the SL side, I see fat guys dressed as security guards on civilian xaajiyad khamsiin clearly unprepared, and afraid, whereas on the SSC side I see hardened fighters giving thumbs up.
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    More than half of SL army were ghosts/phantom, caglayaal, they could not find them, as BIIH and TAANo used to take money for the non-existence soldiers, when things heat up, and most of the army based in SOOL were eliminated, they could not find the rest. That is why TANI is replaced, but of course, this would not be possible without BIIHI Dadka HARGAISA , Gabiley laga soo raafi, they are collecting as much as they can find, for final attempt, laakin waa ku HOOBAN. My prediction is SL will collapse, dadka masaakiinta ah been iyo KHIYAALI, iyo CAJILAD loo daaro 18th may, Meesha Mucjiso baa ka socota.
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    Grand Opening of Berbera Economic Zone.
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    Rubin collecting $$ from Marqaanlaan again by his usual trash articles, pure trash. It's no wonder Marqaanld is disintegrating right in front of our eyes:)
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    Two decades after this thread was created, our people are still tragically dying in European seas.
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