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    ^^** That is a good news indeed. Well, on the laughter side of things, I am kind of waiting for the hapless political clique in Villa Somalia to start writing their usual "complaining letters" to the UNSC and to even write to the Singaporean's government about this particularly company investing in Somaliland. After all, that is all they are capable of doing under any circumstances. They are not in a position to stop Somaliland. They are not in a position to stop others to invest in her country. So all they are left with it is to cry "uncle" to the UNSC and to the international community (IC) about what Somaliland is doing, as if the same "powers-that-be" in the international community (IC) that keeps them on "life-support" will say to them that, yeah, sure, we will stop Somaliland's getting ahead, economically and developmentally. What wretched clique they are in out there in Villa Somalia, actually beggars belief.
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    Che, Waryaa, Fuley Ina-Gumeed, oo waliba hadhkiisa ka cararow sida tolkaa "dhadig dh-abacayo", aan kuu sheegee waxba lagaa wediin weydiin maayo taariikhda SNM iyo mid Somaliland leedahayba. Mid soke iyo mid shishe oo Ingiriis ka tageyba. Sababta oo ah "nin googorad xidhan" oo afka ka nool, sida adiga iyo tolkaa lagalama sheegeysto ficil rageed ama wixii ku banaan ragaas. Markaas, maalintada adiga iyo tolkaa aad xiniinyo yeelataan, ama aad kasoo "amaahataan" xabashida si aad rag-isaga celisaan, sidii adeerkaa Ina-Yusuf-Yey sameeyey, ayey SNM iyo waxa ay fulisey kuu banaan tahay in aad ka sheekeyso ama ka sheekeysaan. Laakiin inta aydin "dhadig iyo Caar" ay birtu aaney gaadhin aad raganimo ka tihiin, ama ay ka xaaran tahay in "ableyda" laydinka liso mar-hadaad "xiniinyo-iska-waa" tihiin, oo raganimo idinka dheer-tahay, haku habsaamin oo hasugin in rag dhulkooda xiniinyo ku keenay xornimadiisa in ay wax kaa weydiiyaan taariikhi waxa ay qorto. And just in case you are wondering how to deal with being a "wretchedly sniffling clique" who are the "historical defeated lot" of the Somali peninsula, here is the "historical picture" of the famous day of back then of 6 of April of 1981 and the precise moment in which the inauguration of SNM was actually proclaimed in a press-conference held in a London Hotel by the five (5) men who created it, who were as follows: 1- Eng. Mr Maxamed Xaashi Cilmi, 2- Ambassador Mr Axmed Ismaciil Cabdi (Duqsi). 3- Professor Cabdi salaan Yaasiin, 4- Mr Xasan Aadan Wadaadiid, 5- Mr Siciid Cabdilaahi Cigaal.
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    Today At Berbera and the expansion of the port. Construction of the terminal port is on-going, the free-Zone is also being build there as we speak. And the multi-purposes crane system has been updated in today's ceremony. All along, things are turning up, nicely, and steady as she goes is our "guiding motto" in here. Guul iyo Gobanimo,
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    Haaheey, ma anaan garan in shaadhkii-isku-qariska iyo sheegatada G-arxajis la sheegtaa in ay halkan SOL ah ay ku badan yihiin. Oo ku darsoo, Mid darbi-laga-hel-ah, oo hooyadii ku soo tidhi Sacad-Yonis iyo Reer Ceel-afweyn iska sheego oo halkan ka nac-nacleeya sidii Ina-Gumeed lagu yiciiney, ayaa maantana waxa soo raacey mid kaloo isna marba shaadh noo soo xidhay. Saaxiib, Ducaale, iska nafis, oo wixii naxli ah ee kugu jira iska soo quf. Oo marna reer Jabuuti sheego. Marna reerka G-arxajis ah sheego. Laakiin, ogow, afka oo aad ka xumbeysaa waa dhaqankii nin liita lagu yiqiiney ee waxba ha reeban, mar hadaad nin saa u liita aad tahay. Inkasta oo aad ku qurux badnaan laheyd in aad "Cad-Quudheedka" aad kasoo sinji jeedo aad iska sheegato. Mar hadiii "slot-kii" sheegashadda iyo "slot-kii" kale ee trolling-ka, labadaba, qaar kaa soo horeeyey ay kaa buuxiyeen. sidii Tallaabo horey u sheegay.
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    Kudos to Somaliland for securing it's rightful border in Sanaags deep end, Somalilands has done well in safeguarding it's border integrity from unruly citizens within it's border (Reer Sool&Sanaag) and hostile neighbour (Pintiland) that insists in interfering (by supporting terrorists rebels) the internal affairs of Somaliland. Indeed (Native) Mogadishu is watching with an learning eye, that it too will have to secure it's Borders in the Juba's and Gedo region that are so far being illegally occupied by hostile country Kenya and it's foreign Stooges that claim citizenry of Somalia, Mogadishu will soon liberate and secure it's Somalia and Kenya border successfully and punish the foreign stooges in Kismayo and Gedo, in all Somaliland is an exemplary model that Mogadishu Should follow.
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    Who is invading who? If the presence of a gadhcas chieftain in a non native territory is considered an invasion then the maakhiris have basically colonised beesha dhexe. Please recheck your comments for logic before pressing the "post" key.
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    The Hassan Khayre led government is failing both on domestic security and international policy. Today , the sixth bombing as many day has rocked Mogadishu with deadly fatalities. Despite the " peace security brigade" formed to pacify the capital and intercept the bomb laden cars, nothing seem to be working. Mogadishu is already the most fortified city in the world with blocked streets and checkpoints. Just like the colonial powers of the last century the government and their connected NGO's live in these fortified neighborhoods while the native populations resides outside these zones . Leaving the native population outside had allowed Al-shabaab to have free hand plot their deadly attacks in a way that impacts the nation. Would be Somali soldiers were trained by many nations for the last six years. Americans, European union soldiers, Italians , and African countries were some of the nations training these soldiers. Turkey , the most important partner of rebuilding Somalia, has been training professional Somali soldiers for more than a year and was graduating hundreds of soldiers. Yey, no one can travel between Mogadishu and Jowhar. Is these soldiers become ghost soldiers after graduation? , or they just disappear when they no longer able receive their salary. I always believed that a small but effective and well paid professional soldiers are the answers for the security issues. It seems that there is no shortage of soldiers but what is missing is the management and deployment of the soldiers . As the Farmaajo speech has shown , he delegated most of these tasks to the generals and the defense department. Yet, the blame should go to those who manage these generals and the prime minister himself. We have enough of the false bosting and promises of prime minister Khayre. He had enough time to pacify the capital or make his ministers accountable. Farmaajo must force Khayre to either shuffle the cabinet or ask him to resign. The area that need a change are mostly foreign policy department, internal ministry, defense ministry and national security. I would not ask him to change the army commanders and leadership which needs continuity . We do need to critically look the foreign policy of Somalia. Things are happening without critical consultation and deep debate within the leadership. Farmaajo went to Eritrea and helped them get rid of the sanctions against Eritrea without no tangible exchange. Before the president flies to any country , he must have his foreign policy group ahead of him and digest everything before hand. He seems to be stumbling to surprises prepared by other nations. If others present a blue print that t is too good to be true , it is the duty of the foreign ministry to read the fine print and analyse the future consequences. Abiy Ahmed looked the cards Farmaajo was carrying and took those who were useful for him and is now using now one by one. Without notice , Abiy took him to Kenya un prepared and got nothing from Kenya. When Dr. Bayleh took the Kenyans to international court, the Kenyan president came to Mogadishu to resolve the issue. As Trump had shown with the Syrian Golan Height issue, the international rule and law that guided the world since the second world war is disappearing. As Somalia passes one of our weakest time in history, predator nations could take advantage and annex some of the best and fertile land in Somalia especially the Jubba area. When you have landlocked nations like Uganda, Ethiopia, and Burundi debating Somali maritime territory and rules, we must all worry. They are probably shocked that how a failed state and dysfunctional government and people could own this prime real estate and ocean in the horn of Africa. In order to avoid theft of maritime resource and even the annexation of Somali proper, Farmaajo must quicken the withdrawal of foreign forces from somalia. It will diminish the future theft and domination by others. Those and many others reasons must be a case to fire and replace the foreign minister and his team. If he is overruled and Farmaajo is carrying his foreign policy in a whimp , then there is no hope of shuffling or changing things. I have even Seen the prime minister fly to Kenya without the foreign minister and do his personal business with Kenyan leadership. Waxaanu nahay dameer malab sida oo aan ogayn waxa uu sido. We are carrying a gold yet we do not know the value in our back. As I stated in these pages, the defense minister is missing in action. No one knows him, and no one has seen him speak or address the nation on the issue of soldiers and the missing salary. Same thing goes with the home affairs ministry. I have never seen him travel to the hotspots of the country. It was the first time today I saw him visit central Somalia. Just like the defense minister, the national security minister is an unknown hotel manager who usually discusses checkpoints or couple of soldiers who abandoned a check point.In other words , he acts like a police officer in Xamar Weyne. Furthermore, the national intelligence man is money carrying election hacker who thinks he can buy anyone just like the presidential elections. He spends most of his days to bribe warlords in the media and unemployed social media personalities to increase the popularity of the government. While politics is important in any system, it must end somewhere and the real work of nation building, performing your duty and regular work is an everyday thing. These tasks need honesty, dedication and commitment. The Southern ways of shortcutting things or being shrewd doesn't build long term and stable system. These and many other shortcomings can't be allowed to continue. Farmaajo is already in big hole and the chances to come out are very small, yet one must always try and dig himself out. To keep doing the same thing and not changing the course would be digging deeper. There are few options. Fire the prime minister and appoint a new one. Looking the choices Khayre made in his cabinet it is difficult to keep going the same bath. Having incompetent members of cabinet had allowed the prime minister to keep all decision making in his office and increase his workload. Weak members of the cabinet usually draw their salaries and try not ruffle any feathers. That is why the defense minister is not comfortable coming out to the media and make the case.Ministers are not allowed to make decisions and push the issues with confidence. The 66 men cabinet that is assembled are nothing but liaison officers to help them inside the parliament to defeat motions. Other than few members of the cabinet most of them had failed or sidelined by khayre. Furthermore, Khayre had failed to build a sustainable relationship with the Mogadishu community. As a local son , he should had the courage to confront the Mogadishu instability without fear and repercussions. He no longer have the confidence of the locals and as a bad police could no longer arrest or confront the anti peace elements. These and many other reasons should force Farmaajo to change course and get a new government for the remaining years. Renewing the mandate and getting a new government is one of the ways to energize the system. Make an overarching cabinet shuffle. Rather than micromanage everything, the prime minister must appoint known heavy weights to the cabinet and allow them to shine. Mr. Khayre must not expect his ministers to be school children that should be either muzzled or lectured. The last men who asked few normal questions---Yusuf Garaad and Juxa--were fired without cause. In fact, since Yusuf Garaad was fired the foreign policy of the country was going down the drain.Mr. Garaad had managed the gulf Arabs and their blockade saga very well, he nurtured the Turkish bond and release hundreds of Somalis from foreign jails. He must change at least those who are involved in defense, interior, security and intelligence. In fact, it could be argued these three, the interior, defense and intelligence were appointed to fill their tribal slots without qualifications. If anyone of those options are impossible then you must expect to make your bed in that hole. If you do not change the course, you could become the worst president since Carta government. Do not listen to the unemployed social media kids and others who would never tell you the truth. Somalia is in the crossroads and change of course is a must.
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    Here AHN Mohamed Mooge singing after been arrested in Djibouti in the middle of seventies.
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    Guys, Cabdi Good nin Sakhraasan ma ahan. Waa nin reer Burco ah hadalkana sarifa. If you look some of his videos that is exactly how he talks. Let me try to explain some of his reasons. The Djibouti issue was the most paramount issue in the Somali folklore, literature and poems. For most of you , history probably has started in 1991, and even for some it i started during Amisom and Mogadishu era. After the Arusha agreement in late sixties which has transferred NFD to Kenya , the Somali people and government had started a campaign to liberate Djibouti and join the union. I was a child , but when Djibouti was liberated we all thought that they would be joining the union. In nineteen sixties, Abdirasaq Haji Huseen had started a secret contact with Cali Caarif Burhan, the premier of the French controlled Djibouti. He promised him that if he joins the union, he will personally transfer the premiership of Somalia and the new union. A Yemani/Somali Businessman became the liaison contact with the two governments. In 1966, the Yemani Businessman was murdered in Djibouti while walking " Dalagdalgta plaza Rambo" . The only people who new these issue were , Calicaarif, A/risaaq , the businessman and Ahmed Yusuf Ducaale ( The brother of Boobe Yusuf ducaale) the foreign minister of Somalia. There were reports about espionage and leaks given to the French and the Ethiopians by the foreign minister of Somalia. The issue was investigated and Mr. Ducaale was found guilty of espionage. A man who is in his seventies , who was clerk of the court at the time told me that the file was full of nothing but pictures of contacts between the minister and others. When the case was in the courts, C/risaaq was even told to delay the case and wait until the election for fear of losing the " Reer Woqoyi" votes. After the election of 1967, Ibrahim Egal became premier and kept the position of foreign minister to himself. To make the story short Somalis of every walk of life fought , sang and hoped for their liberation of Djibouti for the sake of future Somali territory. No one ever said Djibouti will be it's own country except Ethiopia and the French. Even Siyaad Bare himself took part of separation of Djibouti from Somalia after he made a secret deal with the French. Just before the independence the leading men of the " Jabhada Xoreynta Djibiuti were arrested in MOgadishu and were later released six months after independence including DR. Omar Osman Raabe. The rest of the Leadership of the "Jabhada including it's leader Mohamed Janaale and Aden Rooble Cawaale were shot in Lawyacado before crossing to Djibouti days before independence. Janaale the leader died in Lowyacade, but Aden Rooble survived and later was sidelined and even arrested by the Ghelle family. Some of us had close family members who did sacrifice for the cause. Unlike Africa were most of the independent movement took over the power after the departure of the colonials , in Djibouti, those serving the colonial powers like the Ghelle family became the leaders. Hasan Guuleed , who was the most pro French members of France deputies was designed to lead. Ten years before the independence the name French Somaliland was changed, the pro independence Somalis deported, the border in Lawyacao electrified and became the " Territory of Affar and Ciise" The man running Djibouti today was a constable of the vice police to manage the meetings and health of the women selling their body to soldiers. You might not believe but there was even an office to check and monitor the health of those women and give them clean bill of health before the join the colonial soldiers. I don't have time to narrate the whole story but the usual "Somali Gaas Dhagoole" knows only what is happening among his tribe today. So, before you call this man names, at least consider and look back the history. Djibouti was the main parcel of the " Shanta Soomaaliyeed" and some of us did not forget that. He is wrong on advocating dismember, yet certainly he got a point about " Xeebta Djibouti ee Soomali laga Xaday". He is from Burco and Reer Burco , unlike those from Galbeed and Hargeisa., are not hypocrites. They tell like it is--alawys. Cabdi Good warkiisa ha la Dhuuxo.
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    “Somaliland should be recognised as an independent sovereign state it has operated like that for 27 yrs. It is a perfect example of the absurdity of a policy based on preserving the terrirorial integrity of a state that doesn't exist "Somalia" Amb. Peter Galbraith
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    Villa AMISOM baryaddii iyo calaacalkii ayaa ka dhamaaday. The only thing any foreign government which wants to exploit koonfuria has to do is visit Hargeisa and soon enough all their demands will be accepted by Mr Cheese. The government of Somaliland should just continue to welcome any and every entity with ill intentions against koonfuria. Simple as that😊
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    The SNM famous for introducing to the world the now populor Technico or local SNM lingua 'Dayacan' - A mostly Toyota pickup truck with its cabin removed and a heavy gun mounted in the back. In South Somalia they keep the cabin on. The first such vehicle was introduced by the SNM and knicknamed as "Sahra Tuugo", it was based on a Mercedes truck body. The name came after it took part in many battles with Somalia Army in which it was able to bring back more armoury from looting military storage armoury caches. Dayacan (no love/tlc) kurta laga wada jaray, for easy accessibily.
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    @galbeedi ignore this ignorant gooni, he just like his clans-men that were raised on the xaraam booli qaran/Nepotism see farmaajo as their messiah afweyne 2.0 that will bring back their booli qaran status, which is why they are so eager in defending him from all critics, and by the way their Booli Qaran status will never return again. As for farmaajo failing politically its all because of his arrogance in assuming that he a non native Mogadishu that hails from the poorest starved region GEDO in Somalia and his PM Kheyre a langaab from a tiny district Dayniile in outskirt of Mogadishu (and btw Kheyre's clan are so tiny that from all of Somalia they only have Dayniile and nothing else) can rule Mogadishu from those that have actual influence like Reer Galmudug who rule whole of Galmudug/S-Hoose and Half of Banaadir. Somalia is still very much tribal, and there will be cold in hell before someone from langaab people that hail from one of the poorest region Gedo in Somalia will rule the Rich Native Mogadishu, so long Reer Galmudug are breathing they will forever make sure Afweynes orphans will never rule or struggle ruling Somalia inshallahi.
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    This is desperation. Of course this dumb doesn't know you can search in Google with pics.
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    The issue is not about the speech , it is about how the president is out of touch with reality. He is addressing these fake generals like children. these issues should be addressed in closed door meeting.He is probably talking to the wrong generals. Those who promised him of victory two years ago had been already relieved of duty by himself. It is the same game. I saw a clip of Khayre addressing his own office employees and aides about the merits and importance of their jobs and broadcasting it to the world. You can't give someone an assignment as big as defeating Al-shaabaab and go to your business and then come back after two years and ask them if they done their job. The war effort isn't a project that must be checked every two years. It is daily , weekly and monthly report . It is the most important task of his government. His whole government should focused of on security. The health ministry must recruit nurses and wards for the soldiers. The public works ministry must build housing and bracks for the army; the transport industry and energy must work delivering fuel and food to the soldiers. The whole government must mobilize to help the army succeed. That is how a nation at the war acts and behaves. Just look at the big couches and sofas these fake generals are sitting. Every week there is " Xaflad" and party in Mogadishu. Folks, this in not a nation at war. just like most narco states where luxury living, bombs and parties live side by side. As usual they blame everything to the last president whose soldiers he deployed to Baraawe four years ago are still there. Just like those before him, he was busy with other things like flying around. Does anyone knows who is the defense minister of Somalia, the most important job of all?, no one knows him. He was just one of those picked from the crowd to fill the 4.5 slot of his clan. If the minister can't handle his duty then fire him.You have a national security minister who explains the Mogadishu check points, and not the national security of the country. They have the most incompetent people leading the most important jobs. THey are acting like a government that hundreds of thousands of soldiers scattred from Kismaayo to Djibouti border. Most of these soldiers are based just less than hundred kilometer from the capital. anyone serious would know what is going on unless they are out of touch or secluded in Mogadishu. Farmaajo just gave these guys another two years, by the time he comes back, it will be too late.
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    Let's not politicize this. Sexual violence against Somali women and girls is pervasive and needs to be addressed across all regions.
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    His reading skills is even worse. He has the IQ of 13 yr old and reading skills of a 7 year old. Even if you were strugling with the language, yet a person with high IQ can formulate the quality of the message, the delivery of the speech and driving the intensity and interest with the body language.
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    Waxaad moodaa inuu caruur la hadlayo! Horta markuu barbaarayey miyaanu dhul Somaliyeed joogin? Maxaa afka-nadh ka dhigay? Maxaa luuqadiisu u kori wayday ileen qurbaha kuma korin oo aragnay Hingiriisiganna waa ka ganna’e!
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    Cheeseman spends 7 minutes trying to drive a small menial point "cuntadii iyo mushaharkii waa idin siiyay sow maha..." Like seriously 7 minutes for one small childish point. And then comes the unexpected chest of all that effort, the question: "Alshabab dalkii ma ka xorayseen? " Any other leader worth his salt would have past this same point as a quip (kaftan) and not his main speech.
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    @gooni waa ayaan daro kolka taxi driverku professorka isku so taagtaago. Ixtiraam ayu kaa mudanyay qof aanad si naba aanad u gaadhayn, hadii noqoto aqoon, hadii noqoto maamul iyo mansab toona. Wax ka baro oo ka faiidayso.
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    Tallaabo, Long time no see you, mate. What is cooking? However on a serious point of order, let me say that I could really swore for all I hold dear that some "two-bit-Ethiopian-colonized-cretin" around here of SOL, who usually talk "gibberish-Gudhuu-waffle" in most other days - particularly when he is not using his own mouth to "gyratingly-belly-dance" for the benefit of Villa Somalia's political clique around here - was telling us some time ago, that, this professor was going to legged it away from Somaliland. And he was saying, to boot, that he will be going back to good Ole USA for good and away from Somaliland. But, alas, now we see, that, the good professor is actually educating the upcoming youth of our nation, particularly about merit of our constitution and what it's actually trying to do, at least politically. And indeed what it's trying to accomplish it for our nation, socially. And by the way, that was a good constitutional and historical tutorial on the part of Professor Galeydh, really. Let this be a lesson to all "Ethiopian's belly-dancers" of SOL, about how they never had it in them the intellectual "wherewithal" to even understand what Somaliland was all about, from beginning to end. Despite their best failing attempt to understand these folks in Somaliland, who this "Gudhuu-boy" and his ilk are not even worthy enough to clean the filthy boots of Somalilanders with their collective enslaved tongue (as it were).
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    It is joy to watch Reer Muqdisho chasing the rat Farmaajo. Now he trying to use the D community to bolster his minority status. No one will come to his rescue. I hope they topple him blackhawk down style.
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    Ninka Dagaxbuur ka yimid waa nin sal balaran, reer Mogadishona way is yaqanan. And he will not die in a toilet in Nigeria (he was not even safe in Gedo) so don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is you who is about to go extinct.
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    Farmaajo is starting to feel the pain of encirclement, he only has 1 and half years left of his term, indeed history will judge him harshly as the most incompetent and treacherous President Somalia has ever had, what a waste he is/was for Somalia and it's people.
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    Sawirkaas markaad si fiican u fiiriso macno wayn buu xanbaarsanyahay. Marka ugu horaysa waa loo yeeray. Marka labaadna waa la iloobay ama meeshii gaariga lagu baarkimay yaa la garan waayay. Mushkilada ugu wayn oo haysata ninkaan odogaa waa fakhriga ama saboolnimada Saboolnimadu waxay u qaybsantaa labo Mid ay kugu adkaato maaraynta nolosha iyo dadkaad ka masuulka ka tahay, waana fakhri caadi ah oo hadaad ducaysato dadaasho si dhakhsaa looga lug baxo. Mid kaa disha damiirka ama (dignity) waana midda haysata soomaalida hogomaayashooda, daawo ma leh, ka hor tag mooyee. Tusaale gaaban yaan idinka siinayaa Biixi bil gudaheed yaa waxaa loo yeeray labo ilaa sadex jeer, wuxuu ugu horeeyay oo qalbigiisa lagu kasbaday waxaa ugu waynaa roog cas baa laygu soo dhaweeyay! Ok ma xuma in niyada loo dhiso si hadafka laga leeyahay loo gaaro. Maxaa kalifay inuu is waydiin waayo soo dawlad gaara iima arkaan maxay shiyuukhda carabtu hargaysa u imaan waayeen markooda si ayagana roog cas loogusoo dhaweeyo, loogana wada hadlo xidhiidhka soo jireenka ah oo labada dal oo walaalahaa ka dhexeeya? Waxay ka dhigeen mudiirka uga wakiilka ah dekedda berbera markii loo sheego inuu beri soo dhoofo waxaa laga yaabaa inuu kabihiisa iloobo, markaana roog cas iska daayee baarkinkii yaa lagu iloobay. Puntland waa la mid, waxaa miis loo wada saaray casho oo la is hor fariisiyay labadii hogaamiye oo caalamku xabad joojinta ugu baaqi jiray wax dhawr saacadood ka yar. Gudaha soomaaliyana waa labo dal oo cadaawad fog ka dhaxayso dad badana isaga laayay xuduudka tuko-raq. Marka lasoo xooriyo warka waa shaqaale masuul uga ah shisheeya wadankoodii Riwaayadaan dekedo caalami ah yaa geeska afrika carab u dhisaysaa waa qayb ka mida marin habaabinta loogasii jeedinayo indhaha shacabka mudiirada u qaabilsan danahooda.
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    I guess jaad is illegal in Imaaraadka. For an addict zombie, I am guessing it is not easy to survive without it.
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    Governor Bixi seems to be lost and alone in UAE. Odaygii ma khatka ka dhamaday?
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    Atleast Mogadishu allows freedom for citizens to express their feelings, imagineif she did that to Biihi in Hargaisa
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    Sometimes the lack of a solid education, or intellectual capacity to substantiate arguments can lead to such pathetic results as the post above. I don't know whether you suffer comprehension problems or its a case of a deficiency in honesty (probably a combination of the two), but the source you are citing does not actually support your argument. 1) it clearly states: "The conflict spread to the port of Berbera where small numbers of mines were used to defend approaches to the town." You have also dishonestly omitted: 2) "The majority of mines in northern Somalia were laid by Siad Barre's troops" Your source states that the majority of 1-2 million landmines found in the former Somali Republic is located in modern day Somaliland. And the majority of these mines were laid by Afweyne's troops. It even further goes to state that landmines laid by SNM were both small in number and defensive in nature, i.e. not targeting civilians, unlike the majority of landmines which were laid specifically to target nomads. Only a fool would present sources that actually contradict their statement.
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    horta siyaasadu dan joogto ah ayay leeday, saaxib joogto ah ma laha. Waa' kasta iyo waayihiisa ayaa la hadlaa, arinku 1989 wuxu taagna Somali inta xalaashaha ah iyo intii xaaran ku naaxa ahayd. Laakin, hal arin ayaa Video aan ka guntaday, waa "In Afwayne laga xoreeyo dhamaan geyiga Somaliyeed" hada Waqooyi kali ah maha!!!. Which is exactly what happened in 2 years. Taa ayaa la yidha, kalsooni buuxda. Hadii shalay isago jabhad ah kalsoonida lahaa, maanta oo dawlad iyo dhaqaale iyo xidhiidh intaba aan leenahay, u daahi mayno cadawga.
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    Runtaa waaye. Waaba yaabay markuu waxaas meesha la yimid. I think da'nimo have caught with him. Qofaa dhagta ugu sheegay since he name dropped a first lady name waa inuu ku daraa xaaska madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, too. He butchered her name. He should have known better. Xasan Aaden Samatar seriously kistoo waa isceebeeyey, however he is the most living legend of Hobollada Waaberi and I have my utmost respects for him. Reer Toronto isla ahayn, 2004 igu dambeysay aragiisa.
  40. 1 point
    Xaaska madaxweyne Ismaaciil maa loola jeeda gacantaas? It seems like she will hasten his downfall. He is tired and weary nowadays, so it seems she has a considerable influence on him. I was really surprised when Xasan Aaden Samatar out of no where started blurbing out and over-praising her in his speech in Muqdisho. Madax badan ayaa meesha fadhiday islaantaas amaanteeda uuba la soo shirtagay. Then I realized it is her who might be paying all his bills since he moved to Jabuuti in recent years.
  41. 1 point
    ^^^^Gooni, Muhiimaddu waa afar (4) qodob ee hoos ka akhri waxa ay yihiin. Maadaama ay garashadii aad ku garan laheyd ay kaa hoos baxdey, ee dhageyso qodobadan: 1- Muhiimadda koobaad waa in aad noqoto qof ay wax uun uga bilaaban yihiin cilmiga madaniga ah iyo dood aqli ku dhisan ama garasho ku xidhan oo "cabirkaas" ku saleysan. Oo ah dood bilow leh, dhex-taal leh, iyo dhamaad. Haddase, saaxiib, waxaagu waa tororog, nac-nac iyo tanac-tanac Ina-Gumeed lasoo shirtagey. Taasina waa hadal-tiris aan ragga kale ka iibsami kareynin. Intaas ma garatey, Dhoohanow? 2- Muhiimadda kale ee labaad ee in aad fahanto ay tahay waxa weeye si kasta oo aad hadal-meel-waayey iyo carab-candhuufi kasoo burqaneyso aad ugu amaanto Inaadeerkaa Ina-Farmaajo, xaqiiqdu waxa weeye in uu yahay nin ku fashilan wixii laga sugayey. Oo ay kow ka tahay amaanka magaaladda Muqdishu oo uu ku fashilmey. Laba ay ka tahay dalka oo uu xasilinta siyaasadiisa gudaha ah ee laga sugayey in uu kusoo dhaweeyo ama soo gaadhsiiyo meel laga sii qaadi karo isaga dabadii oo iyana uu ku fashilmey. Saddex oo ah in uu dastuurka loogu talo-galey Somalia iyo dib-u-heshiisiin dadka ah uu fuliyo inta uu xilka hayo oo laga filayey oo iyadana uu ku fashilmey. Intaasba waa ku saaqidey oo waa ku bariiqdey. Waana in aad fahantaa nuxurka ugu horeeya ee dooda oo ah "jaran-jarooyinkaas siyaasadeed" uu ku kufey waxa ay yihiin. 3- Muhiimadda sadexaad waxa weeye, in aan ku tuso oo aad ila aragto, sida aaney wax macno leh u sameyneynin in aad u geeraarto dowladnimo Soomaaliyeed ayaa jirta, mar haddii dadkii dalka wada lahaa aaney heshiis aheyn. Oo aaney is-rabin. Maadaama, kii ugu sareeyey dalka ee Madax-weyne ka ahaa aanu ku noolan karin Caasimaada dalka uu sheeganayo xukumistiisa hadii aanu madax-weyne la ilaalinayo aheyn. Oo sidaan horey kuugu sheegay Ina-Farmaajo maalinta uu kursiga ka dego ayaa Xamar ugu dambeyneysa. Halka, Somaliland, madax-weyne kasta oo soo mara ama soo mari doona uu waligiis noqon doono nin "kursiga" looga kaco marka la arko. Sida hadda dadku yeelaan marka ay arkaan Mr Rayale iyo Mr Silanyo, gaar ahaan marka ay ku arkaan meel bulsho isugu timaado. 4- Muhiimadda Afraad ee in aad liqdo ay waajib kugu tahay waxa weeye in aad ogaato in Qaran Somalia layidhaahdo baan ahay aaney wax micna leh sameyneynin, mar haddii lagu gumeysto oo dad kale kuu taliyaan. Oo ah sida hadda xaalku yahay Somalia. Isla-markaana, waa hadal-tiriskii aan kugu ogaa in aad tidhaahdid oo aad ku meereysato in Somaliland aaney citiraaf dowladeed heleynin mar hadaanad adigu aheyn nin loo soo waxyooday, ama loo soo dar-daar wariyey. Waana aqliga gaaban ee naxliga ah ee aad halkan la wareegeyso waxa kaa soo ciyaya. Oo ku waliba darsoo, Somaliland, waa dal iyo dad iyo dowlad aan lootalin, oo iyaddu tashadda, madax-deeda doorata, dalkeeda UN-tu aaney xukumin, Gafuur-culus Afrikaan ah oo lasoo kireystey aaney ilaalin Madax-weynahooda. Halka intaas "cakiskeeda" oo bahdilis ahi ay dhamaantood yihiin waxyaaba ka jira hadda Somalia. Oo ah sida xaalka Somalia hadda yahay. Intaas afarta (4) qaybood ah ee "qodobeysan" ayaa muhiim ah in aad fahanto, aqli-lix-saacow.
  42. 1 point
  43. 1 point
    Marmarsiyo muu Muuse Muqayil u raadinayaa? Maskiinkaan meesha ha iskaga tago inta dulinimo loola dhaqmi lahaa. Waxee u egtahay in mar dhow Ismaaciil Cumar Geelle loo gacan galin doono. Rabi haka haayo xaqdarradaan.
  44. 1 point
    Stunning. Are they doing it to distract people and make everyone believe the government is fighting hard against terrorists?
  45. 1 point
    Adiguna dameerow, hiigso faraska Doolaal, dabo soco ma gaadhide. Ha iska ciyaan, kolay no one gives a flying fig about their weeps.
  46. 1 point
    @galbeedi A good man, probably for his family, but not as a leader. What we know of Cheeseman so far is all negative. For start, he is a complete fraud. His so called nationalist credentials are no where to be found when the going getting tough. As the old Somali saying goes, you will only learn the true character of a man if you spent time traveling with him, or fought alongside him in wartime, or you had to rely on him to use his wordsmith to defuse a tense situation bringing peace and brotherly between foes and friends. 2 years of Cheeseman leadership, the only thing we have learned so far are, 1. He hides when the going gets tough - exactly when a real man is supposed to shine and make his mark. 2. He is obedient servant that never says no to anything. 3. He is very low IQ person that cannot objectively or subjectively communicate a point clearly 4. There is more reason to think that he is a boogeyman used by CIA or other foreign powers to do their bidding without any regards to the interest of the people he is leading. Case in Point, why he is unable to relinguish his USA passport and represent his country at the UN.
  47. 1 point
    ^^^^ My Dearest Ms Barwaaqo, That is the "telling difference" between functioning State, such as Somaliland, on one hand, where when a legal mistakes happens, at least from time to time such as this case in here, then afterward or immediately after that, there will be a "legal reckoning" way (i.e., judicial remedy) of actually correcting that mistake, as it seems to be happening in here now with this case. And on the other had, what we have is a failed State such as Somalia, which has a miserably incompetent government that can't even "secure" a mile of a length of a road that literally passes in front of its presidential offices, as the case is in Somalia. And of course, today is yet another day that demonstrated that reality with that bomb which had gone off there in that same aforementioned road. And that in turn just goes to show you as to how Mr Farmaajo and Co. are essentially there to collect any "financial loot" that they could get their hands on. Whilst at the same time, they are saying, in effect, damn the rest of them, be it the basic security of the very the city in which the government they allegedly lead is located at, or much else besides. Laakiin yaa u sheegaya oo u "tafsiiraya", Ilma-Gumeedkan isa soo urursadey, ee halkan ka yow-yow leh. Mar hadii qaarkood yihiin kuwa aan warba ka aheyn inta dumar ah ee Xabashidu xaaraanta ku heysato ee Baydhaba jooga. Qaarkoodna, aaney garaneyninba waxa ku kalifey in ay "sheegato" reero kale isku dhajiya in ay noqdaan. Wakaas aqliga sagagarnimaddu haysato ee halkan SOL ah nala jooga, ee aan xataa gareynin "farqiga" u dhaxeeya xukun-maxkabadeed "khalad" ah oo dhacay, oo maxkabadda ka sareysa ee ka dambeysa ee racfaanka ahi ay si fudud ku sixi-karto oo ay uga daba tagi karto, oo ah sida hadda wax u dhaceen, oo meel ah. Iyo dal lagumeysto, oo caarkiisa, maxastiisa, iyo intii dadka u jilicsaneyd, ay gacan cadow ah ku hoos jiraan, oo meel ama mid kale ah.
  48. 1 point
  49. 1 point
    tas baan la yaabay. Meelaha the judge wu mirqansana marku waxan so saray.
  50. 1 point
    @MMA I remember the international partners welcoming such "reforms" and "progress" five years ago, ten years ago, fifteen years ago, and so on. I guess the more things change in Koonfuria, the more they remain the same.

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