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    This is what happens when you talk to the mirror. Breaking news from the horn by a man in the barren cold and isolated lands of canada. Give me a break.
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    You are not getting your money's worthy out of this dude.
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    Out of the entire Somali nation Puntlanders are the last to talk about such things as "shameful legacy", for you are the offspring of Amina Boqor Cismaan and mudane Douglas Collin This is history we are talking about. It is all documented. The only 'rebel' group to surrender and beg for mercy were the pathetic SSDF. Thats why you dont see anyone bring up their contributions when discussing toppling of Afweyne, instead all discussions usually revolve around SNM/USC/SPM boys, you know, the ones who actually fought for their cause.
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    This president of Somalia not only spoke fluently the language of the world, English, but also spoke with the tone of the modern world. He said" no one should be left alone in the age of interconnectivity and dependence", he spoke about sustainable development of reducing poverty in Somalia. Furthermore he outlined the security efforts of the Somali army and their African partners, and last but not the least , he touched the dispute with Kenya. While baby Uhuru still begging Farmaajo to bring the case from the court, Farmaajo insisted that only the IC would decide and Somalia would abide. Guys, sometimes, there is substance over style. I think we must applaud and thank the speech writer who really presented the Somali case to the world.
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    The billions being sent by diaspora Somalis should be re invested to the well being of their kids. Many times I see a xalimo and Farah with 7 poor looking kids who live on the edge but have sizeable investments in Africa. They are selling their childrens future often using money from the governments intended for the well being of their kids.
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    Droughts, terrorism and havock and we are led by ciyal suuq. 2020 can’t come soon enough.
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    Why would you want peace and love with Somalis. Who are you going to blame for your problems?
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    The loser who handed qalbidhagax to Ethiopia is now spitting secessionist propaganda. Shame.
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    You are not defending corruption, are you?
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    I don't have a time to watch this garbage, however seeing the thumbnail image, it appears she is wearing an alindi traditional attire. Is she that ignorant that she does not recognize alindis were and are still being made by Banaadiri, a region and people she wants to separate from.
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    There is one thing I liked Abdulahi Yusuf and Abdiqasim Salad is they stayed away once they were out.
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    What can useless drug addicts build? All they think about is their next fix. May Allah help us.
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    There is nothing to broaden here... we are simply too well acquainted with your Woyane character and conduct on SOL to ever doubt your talent for dissimulation, my dear ‘ld Tigray bot.
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    Direct talks US Houthi Secret talks Saudi Houthi going ON. UAE is going to help with food and medicine deliveries to Houthis. 21st century Vietnam without Soviet and China help.
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    It seems the last good leader was Riyaale. Ciro would have made a better leader than Muse.
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    I hope N&N get another 4 years to finish the honourable job they have started for the Somali nation. -Secessionists are pissing in their pants and are cheerleading a former terrorist and now a foreign puppet warlord. - They tamed and put a stop to the wild groups from Mudug and Galgaduud from terrorizing Mogadishu population. -They contained the infectious pirates and kept them in their desert wasteland. -They stand up to IC and their destructive Somali project. -They bring the most populated regions in the country under the government. -Mogadishu is more peaceful than ever. -They succeeded isolating the Kenyans and their puppet in Kismaayo. More please.
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    The coin will fall on one side or the other. Somaliland will either return back to Somalia or Ethiopia may give Somaliland its long overdue international recognition it has suppose to get in 18 May 1991. Time is running out for the Somali people, either they form a unity government based in Mogadishu or they fall to Ethiopian colonisation. tick tock.
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    I was sitting on large beach-view terrace at Dolphin Hotel at xeebta Liido today, sipping cappuccino when I saw this same building under construction. It is located on a prime location. Here is the picture I took from Dolphin hotel's terrace: Alloow Xamar horumarkeeda u siyaadi.
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    Your solution to a problem is create problems? And I don't get Somalis who say Ethiopia needs a port. How's that a Somali problem? It's likely saying my room doesn't have a window, yours does so let me move into your room. In any case, Ethiopia stands a better chance of disintegration. Forgeting about annexing Somali, there will be lucky if they survive next election. Ethno-nationlism will be its downfall.
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    Someone is trying to start a civil war in Somaliland. I doubt this could happen. But anything is possible. The horn will be controlled by Ethiopia as they have had a long term plan for the region since 1977.
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    Geed aan horaantiisii si fiican u bixin waynaan laguma harsado.
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    Child of Amina Boqor, you were made to surrender to Afweyne and beg for your life. The same man who killed your own and made you eat dirt to quench your thirst in Mudug. No human with an ounce of dignity would go back to the same man and surrender begging for his life. But you did. The big boys of SNM/USC/SPM are celebrated today because they actually fought, when the children of Amina Boqor locked their doors and hoped for the best.
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    Has this man been elected to badmouth Xamar or to work for the people of Hargeysa?
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    The only confirmed craven eunuchs were the SSDF who were the only group to ever surrender to Afweyne and beg for mercy
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    That is definitly true. Farmajo is a coward in the real sense. He has no charm or personality. His behaviours are rat like. Let us also remember, this man is a CIA agent.
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    Tani dumar maha waa hooyadii Qaranka Hooyadii Qaranka oo dharkii hurdada soo xidhatay, waliba dharkii hurdada ee dumarka Korea. Bal adba. Hadii sadex-qayd ama guntiino soo xidhanlahayd sow lama yidhaahden alayle dhaqankii ayay huwantay. nin durbaan qaatay ilaaq dalbay. hadii ay doonayso in aan laga hadal, inay gurigeedii iska joogto sow maha?
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    Mushkiladda ugu wayn oo qurbaha laga dhaxlay raggii iyo dumarkii isku cod bay noqdeen iyo isku dhaqan. Waligay umasoo joogin mana maqal rag ka hadlaya dumar iyo dhar xirashadiis.!
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    There was no meeting with Donald Trump. This was just a station setup by Donald Trump team for anyone who wants to take a 'selfie' or 'igu-sawir' with the President. It seems those who took this opportutnity were from small countries, the big countries with clout and power didn't bother at all.
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    The miseducation of Apophis. He needs to learn alot about the land of the Somalis.
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    The Borana does not know anything about Somalia. I doubt he knows where Calmadow and Daalo are.
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    Magacaan aan maqlo waa hore igu dambeysay. Maanta laakiin kuwa ka been badan ayaa wada joogo, koow ka yahay kan Aqalka Cad fadhiyo.
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    Cheeseman waa dhalaankii waalidkii dhalmada baray. Waa caqli xumo aad u wayn.
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    Galbedi reminds me of the Hornbill from the lion king. You have no actually ability to defend Farmajo should the owners of Mogadishu, who he is antagonisng daily, come for him. You egg him on but you will run away the same way you ran away from his uncle in 1991. Run all the way to Canada, non stop.
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    I haven't seen Galbeedi for days. Soo noqo adoo nabada Galbeedi.
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    Abiy has become team face book. All that to hide the main issues in the country. His main allies and support are anti-federalists, yet the Oromos are most federalist. Their language alone has come long way by federalism. The language was not written, could not be used in courts even district courts, some used to change their names to Amxara names to get anywhere...etc Since Federalism the language has now reached to college level use The whole government of region of 40 million functions in their language There is about 7 established media They are now on their way to make their language a Federal language Abiy is trying to obushicate inorder to keep his true allies and support, but everybody else is awake and can see the childish propaganda. He is also trying to cheat the preparation of the elections and the Oromos are first ones to catch him like Jawar and others. Agjar is also playing childish games with the Somali issues. Instead of continuing at break neck speed all projects and development endeavors he is face booking with Amxara who are anti federalist. Its like Sissi building 40 billion dollar new town for him and his close government officials making it new capital where you can only enter by special permit. His wife did not want to stay in the old government villas.
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    Nairobi (Caasimada Online) – Dowladda Kenya ayaa shaacisay in ku dhowaad 10 diyaaradood oo nooca dagaalka ah ay ka soo iibsatay dalka Mareykanka. Wasaaradda difaaca Kenya ayaa xaqiijisay in diyaaradahaasi oo gaaraya lix oo Helicopters ah ay dhowaan tegayaan dalkaasi. Sidoo kale wasaaraddu waxa ay sheegtay in dowladda Mareykanka ay u tababari doonto duuliyeyaasha kaxeyn lahaa diyaaradahaasi. Warka ka soo baxay wasaaradda difaaca Kenya ayaa sidoo kale lagu sheegay in diyaaradahaas saldhig looga dhigayo garoonka ciidanka Cirka Moi ee Mombasa, islamarkaana ay ka qeyb qaadan doonaan dagaalka lagula jiro kooxda Al-Shabaab. Dowladda Kenya ayaa haatan dagaal culus kula jirta dagaalyahannada Al-Shabaab oo inta badan weeraro xoogan ka fuliya gudaha dalkeeda. Iibsashada diyaaradahan cusub ee Kenya ayaa ku soo aadaya, iyadoo dhowaan Al-Shabaab ay burburisay gawaari nooca gaashaman oo ay dowladda dalkaas ka soo gadatay Shiinaha. Caasimada Online Xafiiska Nairobi caasimada@live.com
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    Waar Suldaan bal ukaadi. Garoonkii Hargaysa ayaa todoba diyaaradood oo sadex qoroqoro yihiin wax ka badan loo waayay markaa kan Berbera ma shimbiraha badda ayaynu soo fadhiisinnaa.
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    Maakhiri waa luggooyo miidhan. Inta uu rag caruurtooda u shaqaysanaya jaahwareeriyay ayuu hadana diidan yahay inuu gacanta jeebka geliyo.
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    The most strange thing is the Saudis spent billions of dollars for anti missile batteries from America including the Patriot .If they can't defend the largest oil terminal why spend the money. Besides, the Houthis can't reach that far with 10 drones at once. THis is strange. Someone is cooking something. The treacherous UAE had made a deal already with Iran and left the Saudis dry. Friends like these you don't need enemies. I think this is the work of Iran. since their oil exports are halted they retaliating. Even Rouhani said that if we can't export oil through the gulf , no one will. THese crazy Shia are heating things up.
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    @maakhiri1odeygu waa calaacalay, the Diaspora need to keep its side of the deal. On a serious note, the Soldier rightly predicts that Badhan will return back to Somaliland. Meesha wax Somaliland ka hor joogsan kara inaanayn joogin waa ogyay. It is just managing local politics and timing.
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    Marqaankii dhowr iyo labaatanka sano socon waaye waa in dhan kale aanan soconeynin loo jeediyaa. Foodcadde dadkaas marqaansan ku jiraa. Mar dhowna cirka aan ku biirno ka sug asagoo leh.
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    Pretty sad to see people like Dauvd peddling falsehood to become relevant on useless social media circles. Sharing government with another Somali is far more beneficial for the average Gabiley Somali than becoming subservient to Oromo hordes.
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    Somaliland Security: How a brazen religious committee took over the Burao city government HIIRAAN.COM Lewis Center, Ohio---It’s a very rare in a male dominated and poverty stricken Somaliland for women to move head and run a business. But, a young woman worked hard and saved enough money to get a license... Galbeedi read the above opinion posted on Hiiraan Online and this is his way of rehashing it and reselling it through his old tired 'my sources told me'. Every Somaliland city has 'Gididdda Xumaan Reebista, Samaan farista" or Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. Originally, Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal set it up as an advisory Commision but it was legalised as an entity during Dahir Rayaale's tenor and passed Parliament. The commision has succeeded in many local issues but has come short when it comes to the bigger national issues like Corruption, Socials ils like Chewing Khad, Inter-clan issues etc. Which I think should also be under their watch. Alshabab, like any other parasite, needs the right conditions, the right environment and willing partners in order to proliferate. Fortunately, and to the dismay of many, those conditions and environment do not exist in Somaliland.
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    Cagabararka had nothing to do with Cali Mahdi iyo ceydiid cagabararka waxaa sabab u ahaa reer Gedo oo beerihii iyo bakaartii reer Bay& Bakool bililiqaystay.

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