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    Hit who? Kenya?
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    Waaryarahee! Waar ma indhahaa la iska tuurayaa? These looters-in-charge are clearing the place, root and branch, of anyone with the decency to see right from wrong. These are April 12 militia in charge. In their mind, it's their city and their power. Every other Somali is a guest. They better be quiet or else! As long as Mogadishu is the capital, this is going to be the case. I say Baraawe for the capital of Somalia. Must be made neutral and federal. All government and its resources moved from Mogadishu to Baraawe. after that let's see if people can be intimidated. Say like it is.
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    Somaliland already had its own "British Somaliland" flag, very much similar to all other British dominions and protectorates around the world. There was nothing stopping it from continuing its use after Independence on 26th June 1960, if it so decided to choose. The only reason why Somalia Flag was raised is due to the agreements reached months earlier in the formation of a United Somali Republic which comprises of the Somaliland British Protectorate and Italian Somalia. Somaliland had its own Prime Minister, Its own Parliament, its own currency, its own passport, its own military and police force. In fact, Somalia didn't even have a Police Force. The First Police force was the British Somaliland Police force - which was transferred to Mogadishu including all its symbols etc. The Somalia Police Force symbols is the British Somaliland Police symbols. In 1960, Somalia's currency was so devalued, very much the same as what the Somalia Shillings is today, worthless. Which was why they opted to use Somaliland East African Shillings - only change the name "East Africa" to "Somali" shillings. 1 East African Shilling was 100% transferable to the new Somali Shillings 1=1. Whereas the Italian Peso currency was 1 Somali Shilling > 1000 Peso. The British Somaliland Governor's Flag (There is a Governor's flag for every entity around the globe where the British Monarchy has a Governor representing Queen Elizabeth.) The British Somaliland Protectorate Flag:
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    All of the Somali ministers throughout the Somali Peninsula, Bayle might be the only who does any work.
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    There is nothing to celebrate. The constitution is torn down, the parliament and its speaker are corrupted, youth are fooled with empty patriotic words and fake news, rule of law is violated, nepotism is upheld, and polarization is fueled by bad leaders.
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    The miserable days of the three dinosaur fossils pretending to be more useful than Hargeisa's trash is fast coming to an end. Laydh caafimaad ayaa Hargaysa ku soo dhacday.
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    Sports is best played together, and the Sanaag community just like other Somaliland prefer to play ️ , whereas Bosasso they play rugby which is just a different kind of ball game, a bit rougher and sheer power must be used to drive the ball through an opponent's side, while in soccer, excessive use of power is not allowed. Having said that, eventually some sorts of wider tournament has to be established with common rules of the game according to best practices of the international league, as the Somaliland league doesn’t play according to the international rules of the game and thus is not part of the international league and Somalia’s league doesn’t play well enough to compete internationally.
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    Xasan Sh. is being honoured to officially open this new KG State House.
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    in gudoonkii hore asi laftarkiisa wax laga weydiiyo iyo sabatii eesan barlamanka in ay ansaxiyaan ay u diideen hadii ay jiro warka wasiirka... Accountability is always good, let's not turn this into witch hunt against Bayle, but Khayre and Rooble should also be questioned, they were his boss. it is the first time, since the civil war, the parliment is talking about Accountability so it is good. Not sure, if it is going to continue!!!!!
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    Wareysigii Fahad inuu gubay hadalkiisa ka dhex dareemi kartaa baahanahaan wali soo taagan.
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    That is the biggest weakness of the successive Somali governments. It is unacceptable for the whole government budget to cover or use just for government operations and salaries. If we check how much was used for drought relieve or infrastructure , it is probably almost nothing. Besides, if the most of the operations of the ministries doesn't operate outside Mogadishu what do these public servants are doing. Yet in 2018/19 both the EU and USA said they spend each close to a billion. The NGO money is out there to be funneled to these projects and the government probably keeps its money for security and other issues. You can't progress unless you stop these billions divided between Nairobi, Brussels and Mogadishu. Maakhiri1, those who are part of the financial management will tell you it is difficult to steal money from the finance ministry, but the gulf money with bags are another case.
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    i agree with you. NN ceebteedii haday soo baxaysaa. Wasiir bayle wuxuu yiri deen $155 baan qaadanay, parlimenka ma jirin aan u sheegno, sababta uu shacabka soomaliya ugu sheegi waayay maxay aheed. Xageeyse ku baxday (electionkii) 2017 budgetkii markii ay soo xireen oo lacag $40M la waayay meeel ay ka baxday, aya NN go aaan satay in aan budget danbe la xirin, parlimankiina la cag lagu harqiyay say u aamusaan. Bayle waxaas oo dhan wuu ogaa, wuuna ka indho xirtay. Qarshe iyo Qaate waa isku mid. tomorow waxbadan baa soo baxaya. Dadka wax weeyniyana dad yaqaan si wax loo waydiiyo uma eka, balse waan arki doonaa. Habka parlimenkaan wax ku bilaalay, it is good. Ma ka aargoosi baa mise wa New way of accountibility, time will tell. Way fiicnan laheed in Mahad salaadna meesha keenaan, oo wax laga waydiiyo eedihii loo soo jeediyay iyo ku wa parlimenka ku jira oo Nisa madaxda u ahaa. Khayre isna in meesha la keeno oo la waydiiyo way uu parlimaka warqad ugu qoray in aan budget papaerka la keeni karin, what about Rooble intuu joogay yaa warqadaas qoray, isna ha la keeno. Bayle ma looma ooyaan buu noqqday.
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    caaydu ma fiicna, platform kan dad badan oo leedership somalia ku leh ayaa warkooda ka qaata halkaan. Act on that. somalida iyo fudeedkeedii weeye. Videoga ninkaan soo duubay, wax badan oo alshaab ku saabsan oo xataa ciidenkeenu isticmaali karaan baa iiga baxay. Adi maxaa kaaga baxay, mise how to discredit this journalist uun baad ku mashquulsaneed. any information regarding how your enemy conduct business should be valued. Journalist si uu warkiisa ku helo waa in uu ugu ekeedaa neutral. if it was in any other country he would have won an award. mida ku saabsan, waxyaabihii uu ka yiri Farmaajo, it was spot on, except mida caayda ee uu ugu yeeray Majnuun. Caaydu ma fiicna, soomali badan baase saa warkooda ku gudbisata. Shows lack of words.
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    Good catch. I am normally double check these claims but this photo was shared by a trusted person.
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    For a country whose national sport is football, yes this is a record. But for countries who have no football culture, there are worse records. You can give them the benefit of the doubt as these other countries have other sports they more or less prioritise than football. I am sure there is no shortage of talent, but just this is purely corruption and clan-mentality at play. The Somalia Football representative to FIFA are owned and managed by Unuka-leh family as their own family enterprise. So is the Olympics Committee. These are the corruptions that was going on for the last 30 years.
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    Latest info, Deni will declare secession
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    Two facts support HSM's decision. 1. The fact that Deni became a Presidential candidate makes him a foe rather than a friend. If Deni's desire was all along to help HAG candidates reach Presidency and prepare himself for Prime MInisterial role, then HSM would have been the one at fault here. But that is not the case. 2. The fact that Farmaajo brought Hassan Ali Khaire who is not from the traditional branches that assumed the Prime Minister, then that gives HSM the freedom to also bring someone who is not from the traditional recipients of the Prime Minister's role. All said and done, HSM is not the first to break the tradition but rather just following the lead by the D-clan's.
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    The first country, el president, is going to is........ UAE. This is getting better everyday.
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    Kenya is a project country like Ukraine today. 70% of the businesses in that country are run by foreigners including about 25% Somalis. Somalis there do not transfer their wealth to Somalia, unlike other countries. We can not just be angry at the poor Kenyans. Their coming president has been decided for them and he is not friendly.
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    Why not just set up another federal state? There is not much to be gained economically and socially from joining either of these entities.
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    This issue is complex, and personally wished more heavy weight positions, came from Maakhiri side and have a good final discussion before SL delegation. not rush to any deal, The position put my Maakhiriis is great, and let us see if SL is serious, or just want to play time. I have said it here, many times, SL value this place far more than PL, but how far they want to go and genuine honest discussion/negotiation, it is hard to say. We all know what happened to Khaatumo leaders, who were serious in negotiating with SL. The Maakhir people must come together and honestly re-assess their situation, PL has been disaster for them, SOMALIA , NOw shabaab and rogue leaders in charge, nothing good coming from SOMALIA. Still if Maakhiris in Sanaag go with SL, there is large chunk of Maakhiris in Bari/PL region.
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    I perplexed that you actually take these seriously. The truth is far from it. Like Somaliland or FGS who publish complete revenue sources and categorise each source of income separately, Puntland doesn't do that - or at least doesn't publish that information. They publish an obscure version of it where it is really hard to tell what is what and what not. I wonder why? Anyway, here is what I found on their website for 2022 Budget PSS BUDGET APPROPRIATION ACT 2022 In that document, they claim (take it a huge pint of salt) that the budget for 2022 is $137 million. Which is very far off what you have mentioned in your post. #Somaliland Budget 2022 (Very explicitly shows where the income/revenue is coming from and how much) This is the FGS equivalent of the same paper which also shows the types of revenues and from which sources APPROPRIATION ACT FOR 2022 (BUDGET DRAFT) Again, I wonder why Puntland is unable to publish something that is similar that shows exactly how much they get from different sources? Care to explain? We have @maakhiri1who could testify if the Warsos got anything other than the fat-end of the stick as far as their association with Garowe is concerned. Deep down the Warsos know and understand that there is no better option for them but to face reality and head West to Hargeisa. Reality and tough environment will override the "Cadiifadda qabyaaladda" - as the old Somali saying goes "Kol hadii fooli timaado guda-qarsiimo hadhay". How Somaliland, both business community as well as government, responded to the current Drought sending over 2000 water tankers to East Sanaag region as well as providing food and machinery. That has shown the folks there that Hargeisa could do more if they actually welcomed Hargeisa's authority to their regions.
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    Read the third post of this thread.
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    Qaarijintii markee u hirgali weysay:
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    Maskiinada gabadheedii maqantahay , wax ayna fahmi karina lu maqan, haku jees jeesin, qof.m0oryaan, qabiilista ah, aan wax aqoon ulahayn si dawladi u shaqeeyso, baa waxan oo kale ka raadsha naruuro iyo xamaasad
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    Where shall I start? Well for one, he implies that he supports Somali unity but proposes disunity by carving up Somaliland in to 5 separate regional states along clan lines under a national Mogadishu based government. As if further Somali division would bring one closer to unity, hence why I find this notion ridiculous. Second, he recognises the political and administrative legacy the former British-Somaliland of 1960 with its 6 districts, he recongnises the 5 administrative provinces of 1991, but completely denies the governance and administrative reality of the 1990’s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s. He is even against the use of ‘Northern’ regions, denying even the geographical reality. Being against Somaliland’s recognition as a independent sovereign nation is one, but denying the existing administrative, governance and geographic reality is insane. You have to work with what you have, and it is only from accepting what you have that you can really start to make progress. What this gentleman is proposing is more state collapse, more clan based governance, more division and more chaos.
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    And it beings, just hours after Uhuru's Xamar visit. Very sad:
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    Samafal keep saying " Sharciga ha la horgeeyo cidii dadka dulmiday" Did you know under the former administration of HSM people who spoke against him were murdered in a day light car chase within the city. Allah ha u Naxariisto Saado Cali and many others. There was Xildhibaan Faysal from C Saalah community who parked his car at villa-Somalia and after argument with HSM killed in a car bomb. There were Mr. Dirir and another man from Sanaag who visited HSM and after they left while driving an armored car carrying NISA chief C/raman Tuuryare who was the cousin of HSM fired them in Maka Al Mukarama killing both. After they were asked why your soldiers killed the members of parliament, he said" they were flowing as closely and we thought they were suspicious. I could go on all day. Madoobe Nuunow who was trying to set up a parallel maamul opposed to Shariif Sakiin was bombed in his hotel and after shot down with members of his group which about 20 people. Please tell one single case Fahad Yaasin involved were innocent people were killed. All the gangs with microphone from Suudi to indhacade and Mahad Salaad never felt unsafe .Because the mob protect one another. In terms of Ikram case Fahad Yaasin offered to brief the security council and tell everyone how she died. Rooble is deeply involved and no amount of wailing or lying will exonerate them. Fahad is a man of good upbringing and career. He taught in Quranic schools, was part of the youth who were part of dacwah movements despite the problems of the " Salafi" groups, he was a high ranking journalist speaking few foreign languages and later a political operative.. Tell us what the Moorayaan Mahad did before he probably bought a seat in the parliament with stolen money. Why the Mogadushu criminal oligarchs fear this man? If they want to target the leader it was Farmaajo not Fahad. Soon the truth will be unveiled. I will take the words of Fahad Yaasiin against that of a criminal who should never be close to any national secret let alone lead it. We all know Al-shabaab starts were the criminal oligarchs end or vice versa. Siday ku dhacday in dadkii dadka baarlamaanka ku dhex feedhayey ee maleeshiyo beeledka geela u qaeybinayey ee lahaa ciidanka iyo nabad sugidaba hala kala dira dhahayey in loo dhiibo sirdoonka qaranka. In fact, I told you guys about a week or so ago that most senior NISA members had put their secret files to safe places before the criminal Mahad gets them.
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    Haddaa ogaatidna, your next su'aal inevitably will be reerka ninka qabo ama reerka ilmaheeda ka soo jeedaan.
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    This is coordinated, I guess. I hope they release it on Juun 9th MBB madaxa ha qarxee.
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    Giving people the perception inclusiveness is commendable, and should be emulated. Dadku waa iney aaminaan iney jirto dowlad hankeedu yahay ina umadu u wada siman tahay, taas ayuu Farmaajo si fiican dad badan aamin siiyay waana wax loo baahan yahay, ina wax laga barto oo lagu daydo fiican. laan gaaban ama dheer, laan isla geed lee ku taal sawmaha.
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    Madaxwaynuhu sooo isagii joogay Galmudug goormuu qof kula kulmay madaxtooto? Mise waa beentii iyo fake newskii CBB.
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    Another day, another rufiyaan meeting in Madaxtooyada: This tuug truly has taken over Soomaaliya. A new milkiile. He is enjoying humiliating Soomaalida iyo hoggaankeeda. Ceebeey tacaal.
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    Like many MBB, he suffers from Farmaajo Derangement Syndrome (FDS). Plus Hanoolaato host, a Sahan-funded anti-strong Soomaaliya project based in Kiikuuyo land, is known to invent been abuur against Farmaajo and officials in his government in order to please his Sahan foreign masters.
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    Shir albaabadu u xidhan yihiin ayaa waxa uu dhexmray, Madaxweyne Hassan Sheikh, Mahad Salaad, Sanbloolshe iyo Agaasimaha madaxtooyada. Waa shir socday saacado badan oo qoraalkan aan lagu soo koobi karan, laakiin waxaanu isku dayi in idiin soo gudbiyo qaybtii koowaad ee dooda ka dhacday Villa-Somalia. Sanbaloolshe: Mudane madaxweyne inkii Farmaajo ee aanu madaxtooyada ka saarnay ee aanu nidhi weliba xilka yaanu wareejin maalinta caleema saarkaaga ee waa in uu todabaad gudihii uga baxaa villa-Somalia, ayaa weli baraha bulshada iyo saxaafada ku jira. Waxani wax loo dul qaadan kara maha ee waa in aynu talaabo ka qaadnaa. Madaxweyne Hassan: waar ninku waa madaxweyne hore, hadal weyna waa iga dhacay oo waxaan idhi " aargoosi siyaasadeed" ma sameynayee maxaa tala? Mahad Salaad: Sanbaloolshe ayaan ku raacsanahay, Farmaajo lacag waa buuxaa oo bangiyada ayey u taalaa, hadana waxaan maqlaynaa guri baa loo dhisayaa. Waa in aynu lacagta la wareegno, dhismaha gurigana joojino. Agaasimaha Madaxtooyada: Mudane Madaxweyne, way adag tahay in aanu horjoogsano guri madaxweyne hore loo dhisayo, laakiin waxaanu samayn karnaa in aanu olole cusub oo xafiiska madaxtooyadu hagayo ka bilwno baraha bulshada, sida kacaan cusub oo la yidhaahdo "Soomaaliya oo nabada" oo maalinba tuulo cusub aad booqato. SB: Wakhti badan ayaanu u baahan nahay si aanu awood ugu yeelano baraha bulshada, laakiin talaabada u horeysa waxa weeye in Fahad Yaasiin la soo qabto, Farmaajana dalka laga saaro. HSM: Farmaajo sidee dalka ooga saara? Fahad Yaasiin waa maskaxda waxaan ka dambeysa, aniguna nabad kuma seexan karo inta ninkaasi nool yahay oo dalka jooga. M. Salaad Hawshaas maxaad ka qabatay tan iyo kulankeeni hore? MS: Mudane, saakadii hore ayaan ciidan iyo rag diray, Fahad oo katiinadaysan ayaa NISA la iigu keenya, waxii koombiyuuter hurigiisa yaalayna waan soo qaadaya, dadka ku aasan dayrka gurigiisana waan soo faqaya. AM: Mudane, Fahad dalka ma joogo. Hore ayuu ka war helay in uu Mahad Salaad u soo nsocdo warkuna suuqa ayuu galay. Mid kale taliyaha NISA ayaa dad inta uu gacabtiisa ku dilo ayaa gurigiisa ku aasaya wax aqliga galaya ma ahan. Ma aha in aynu rumaysano wararka beenta ah ee aynu baraha bulshada inagu geynay. HSM: OO ninkii Fahad ee aad ilahayd waan soo qabanaya ilayn dalkaba ma joogo. Waar madaxweyne labaad idaacadaha iyo wararka in uu habeen kasta ku jiro oo maalin walba la yidhaahdo gurigii Farmaajo maanta daebigii baa la dhisay, todobaad ka dibna daaqadihii baa la wadaa oo hadhawna saxaafada caalamiga sida BBC, CNN iyo Al- Jazeera loo yeedho oo la yidhaahdo, waa " Madaxweybuhii u horeeyey ee Africa ee weligii shilin qaadan", anigoo og in lacagtiisu bangiyada dibeda taala wax la ogolaan karo ma ahan. SB: Mudane, wiilka aad adeerka u tahay ee Taabit Cabdi gobolka Banaadir u magacaw, ka dibna u sheega in uu diido dhul guriga Farmaajo laga dhiso. AM: Mudane madaxweynihii hore ayaa dhul guri loo diiday ceen ayey nagu tahay. Boqolaal qof oo reer Muqdisho ah ayaa jagooyin banaan siinaya. Ololaha baraha bulshada haddii dhaqaaleheeda la ii dhiibo, aniga ayaa abuuraya Youtubers cod dheer oo hawada qabsada. MS: Madaxweyne, waxa jira in aad u magacaabayso Khayre i uu arrimaha lacaga dibeda inagaga xaniban soo celiyo. Bal kawaran haddii aynu qabsano shirkado iyo looyaro caalami oo soo ogaada kadubna aynu soo qaadano lacagaha Farmaajo u Yaala Turkiga, Qatar iyo Marykanka? AM. Mudane, waad og tahay dhibkii kaa soo gaadhay lacatii dibeda taalay ee aad rabteen in kooto dibeda ah lagu shubo. Arrintaas ka fagow ayaan ku leeyahay. MS: Horta waxaan la yaabanahay wiilkan agaasimaha ee wax walba iska jirta uun ku cecelinaya, ma waxa uu rabaa biyuhu in uu godka inoogu soo galo? SB: Haddii aniga la ii magacaabo wasiirka arrimaha gudaha, waxa aan adeegsan Booliska, kuwan baraha bulshada ee gudaha dalka joogaa aragagax iyo cabsi ayaan gelin, saxaafadana gacan bir ah ayaan ku qaban. Markale aan ku celiyo, haddii aynaan Farmaajo iyo kooxdiisa hadda joojin oo arrinta gurigaan aynaan xal u helin afar sano gudahood dib la inoo arki maayo. AM: mid waan idinku raacsanahay oo Farmaajo doorashadan ogaan buu inooga hadhay oo guusha si dadban ayuu inoo siiyey madaama dad badan oo mucaarad ahi ku kacsanaayeen, laakiin waxaan shaki ku jirin in soo laabanayo isagoo la gelbinayo oo cod shacab haysta. Baraha bulshada ka sakow talo kale ayaan hayaa mudane. HSM: waar afar sanaba ma gaadhayee, talada aad hayso ii sheeg. AM: Mudane, koox kale oon HAG ahayn oo shanqadh badan oo xaga saxaafada iyo baraha bulshada inaga caawin karta ayaa jirta. MS: Cid aan madaxda mucaaradka xubin ka ahayn oo ina caawin kartaa ma jirtee ayaad u jeeda? HSM: dhamaantiin aamusa. Agaasimaha ayaan rabaa warkiisa. AM: Mudane, waxaan kugula talin lahaa in aad Raiisul wasaaraha dhaqso u soo magacwdo, saxaafada iyo baraha bulshadana xagaa u leecino. Sidoo kale haddii aad wasiirka koowaad u magacwso reer Puntland, iyaga ayaa dawlada difaaci oo hawl gelin taafeerayaashooda, inagana gaashaanbuur inoo noqon. SB: Mudane wasiir koowaad ma magacaabi karno ilaa aynu golaha wasiirada dhamays tirno. Reer Puntlandkuna waa niman dhib badane, waxaan kugula talin lahaa nin beelaha kale ee Daa...d in aad magacawdo. Mida kale, weli shuruudihii aanu karabnay wasiirka koowaad lama dhameystirin. MS: Mudane, inta aynu hawlaheena ka dhameysanayno, Rooble ha inoo joogo saddexda billod ee soo socota. Miisaaniyada sanadka soo socda Rooble ha diyaariyo oo waxa aynu rabno haku daro. Inagoo miisaaniyadii iyo qorshihii aynu ugu tala galnay sirdoonka iyo amaanka dhamaysanay, bisha sideedad wasiirka koowaad ha yimaado. HSM: Madax ayaa i xanuunaye, bal aynu waxooga shaaha soo cabno oo isku soo noqono. Waxa dibeda u baxay Mahad Salaad,, " Agaasimaha madaxtooyada iyo Sanbloolshe. Waxa xafiiska dibediisa fadhiyey C/raxmaan C/shakuurWarsame oo yidhi arrintii guriga Farmaajo xal malaga gaadhay?. CCW: Horta anigu wadaad baan ahay waxoogaa xagga diintana waan idinka badiyaa, markaa waxa jiray markii Rasuulku SCW u soo hijrooday Mediina ee masaajidka dhisay, waxa jirtay qolo munaafaqiin ahayd oo rabay masaajid kale in ay dhisaan. Rasuulki SCW wuu diiday waxa uuna yidhi hala dumiyo. Anigu waxa aan leeyahay Guriga Farmaajo loo dhisayo waa aqal fidno ee marka la dhiso hala dumiyo oo cagaf halamariyo. MS: C/raxmaan haddii Farmaajo gurgiisa la dhiso oo uu olole bilaabodalkana isku dayo in uu lawareego afartii sano oo aan dhamaan maxaa talo ah? CCW: labaatan wiil oo NISA ah ayaan diri lahaa habeen badhka sidii aniga la ii weeraray oo kele. Rasaas ayaan ku furi lahaa ka dibna waxa aan dili lahaa dhamaan waardiyayaasha Farmaajo, isagana waan garba duubi lahaa ka dibna waan siidayn lahaa. Cabsi ayaa geli lahayd dalkana wuu iskaga bixi lahaa. MS: waar war cajiib ah ayaad haysaa , dhinacaaba kama fekerin. Waxa aan kaa dhiganayaa la taliye. AM: C/raxmaan, waxa waardiyahaaga toogtay waxa uu ahaa Saadiq John iyo Khayre, Farmaajana shaqo kuma lahayn. SB: Dhegta ayuu si sir ah C/raxmaan C/shakuur ugu yidhi" Hawshaas waxa laga yaabaa mustaqbalka in loo baahdo, sidaa darteed cidna yaanay warkaasi dibeda u saarin". CCW: oo gabankan reer baydhabo saw inama maqlayn.. Sanbloolshe : imisaan madaxweynaha kula taliyey in agaasimhaha madaxtooyada iyo dadka ku wareegsani dhamaan HAG noqdaan. Waxa albaabka soo joogsaday C/rahmaan Diinaari oo Hassan Sheikh mudo macaariif ahaayeen. Madaxweynaha daarada maraya ayaa arkay, markaasu yidhi waar bal kaalay. HSM: Gurigii Farmaajo ayaa hujuun siyaasadeed igu haya, waxa baraha bulshada laga leeyahay Farmaajo waa malag Soomaaliya loo soo diray, anigana tuug baa tahay ayaa la leeyahay, sidaan haddan ku socdo waan fashilkmayaaye maxaa talo ah? mida kale waa halkii C/laahi Daniye, ninkani dadka miyuu sixray. Diinaari : arrimaha abaaraha iyo mishaarka Farmaajo ayaan isku xidhaynaa. Waxaan dalbanaynaa in Wasiiradii koowaad ee hore sida Khayre, Madaxweyne Shariif iyo adiguba aad lacag jeebkiina ah ugu deeqaan abaaraha. Idaacadaha iyo baraha bulshada ayaa laga baahinayaa. Farmaajo waxa la leeyahay, " Gurigu hakuu dambeeyee abaaraha ugu deeq mushaarkaaga . Qaadhaankana u leexi abaaraha. HSM: waar ilayn aduunyada anagaa wax aragnay. Waxa aan isku wareejiyey dawacooyin iyo ay dibadeed raba wax ay qaniinaan. Waar Mr. Diinaariyoow waxaan kuu magacaabay la taliye aan la shaacin. Shaahi ka dib dib ayaa la iskugu soo noqday. Qaybtii labaad way I dhaaftay. Madaama aan ahaa " A fly on the wall" waan baxay. Waan ka xumahay in aan idiin soo gudbiyo qeybtii labaad. There were few guys in this page who always accuse me of inventing things, so for once, I decided to report this news while I was a fly on the wall of Villa-Somalia.
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    After carefully considering of the dangers of CBB to the security of the country, I call for even more stronger and wider ABB or whatever it is named to cleanse the minds of the masaakiinta ( women, children, laandheere raadis) that have been brainwashed by the lies and fake news of CBB.
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    Xaaji, there is a difference between an opportunity and an achievement. Certain communities being dissatisfied with their clan and governance alliances to Puntland, doesn’t make that an achievement for Somaliland yet. However to seize and turn an opportunity in to achievement for Somaliland, much more effort is required. You seem to view politics like a sale transaction. Put an interested buyer in the pocket (jeebka iska gasho)
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    Having few lost souls shouting your name in Laascaanood or Boorama couldn't save Farmaajo's sinking ship. A life lesson for any cunning politician, invest your effort in places that can lend you a life line in your day of need. HSM only needs to consolidate Mogadishu and surrounding regions. As Mogadishu alone can sustain his gov't expenses including army pay roll. Also If he manages to consolidate other HAG regions like GalMudug and HirShabeele, he will be in a much more powerful position come 2026. JL's Ahmed Madoobe is the weakest link, not only is he in his 10th year in power, and has a lot of opposition inside his own region. But also Kenya will not be as the solid foreign power that was sustaining him as it where during Farmaajo's days. Ahmed Madoobe himself understands that fact and will try to keep a low profile as much as he can. All these leaves Said Deni in a very difficult position.
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    Kkkkk Don't be such a sore loser. Election fever has finished, CBB need to quit because no amount of weeping, blaming and regrets can bring back your Igu Sawir-No-Substance hero Farmaajo. He is gone and may that be so forever. The CBB are hating on Dani just because he is from D-block and with their low iQ reasoning he should have supported Farmaajo unconditionally and gave him votes, and as he has not done that he is bad!!!!! These are the same fake Wadanis who tell us Farmaajo is not tribalist and he is not corrupt blah blah blah so then why do you want people to support him on clan lines and not ideas and policies towards improving the situation of the country? Tribalism in Somali politics is dead and buried and the people are yearning for battle of ideas. In 2017 most of HAG rejected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and voted for Farmajo!!! Why? Because they believed the hype and Igu Sawir as I and many millions Somalis did. But after five years it was clear he did not have the forehead and what it takes to steer the boat in turbulent waters. So instead of going back to drawing board and taking stock and admitting their blatant failures, CBB & Co. are continuing with their usual insults and lies that has led to their demise in the first place.
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    Don’t deny some of Farmaajo’s political achievements and credit. The central state has today more balanced leverage and state power in relation to the states, whereas earlier it was the states that were over-powerful and even had some veto power in the matters of the State. Not discounting the need today for improved working relations between centre and regions. But for Somalia to develop its own model of ‘federalism’ that is workable, one needs to find some sort of balance between central state mandate and decentralised authority of states, and you won’t be able to achieve that if all powers are is with the states and neither if all power is with the central state. And I am sure both leaders have contributed in their own ways to seeking a balance and the right fit for the country which might eventually inshallah lead to a healthy equilibrium. The right political course and most healthy direction is found somewhere in the middle, and not always in the black and white perceptions which can lead to unbalanced and fragile realities.
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