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    The khat ban has already been lifted. Somaliland region Gov needs to return the cars of the khat dealers, if it was going to be lifted so easily what was the point of stealing their cars other than tuugniimo?
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    "It seems that most Tigrayan observers and analysts predict in best case a much weakened federal authority and a transition to a confederal type of arrangement, possibly with ‘split sovereignty’ between the center and regional states; or in the worst case an implosion of power and the disintegration of Ethiopia. These two scenarios, and everything in-between, are possibly all too pessimistic; but as stated optimists are hard to find in Ethiopia these days, let alone in Tigray. The most recent development is pushing towards a political confrontation between TPLF and PP; between the regional state government and the federal authority, as stated in TPLF’s Executive Committee statement from May 4, 2020:" In-depth Analysis: Towards Tigray Statehood? - Addis Standard ADDISSTANDARD.COM Addisstandard.com
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    Suldaanka, Man, what historical day it was. I was there (right there in the crowd), I was attached to late Prof. Ibrahim Meygaag Samatar (AUN), as his note-taker in the meetings. There were endless political meetings of the SNM's high command (by Mr. Tuur, the Chairman, and the rest of the central committee). Particularly as to what to do in the light of what took place in the country and the total destruction that we had in our hand at the time. I was a graduate student in London (UCL), who as soon as I heard the country was liberated, I legged-off from London, took a flight to Djibouti, and I was in the ground in Hargeisa by mid-April. The country was like a horror-scene straight out from Hiroshima kind of destruction. But by the grace of God, it was in our SNM's hand and it was free, at last. What a historical day it was, indeed.
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    That is the future I guess.Nomadic lifestyle is unsustainable. Specially when rains have become sporadic, droughts recurrent and also the political environments is becoming less conducive to easy movement of people and animals. At the same time, agri-tech is becoming cheaper and more available to the small scale farmers. These are technologies that were once in the domain of the big boys in town with deep pockets. The know-how and the knowledge about new ways and methods of farming are becoming accessible to a lot of people. So it is inevitable that settled farming will win the day. For instance, camel farming is becoming more and more popular thesedays. It is more profitable when they are in a farm where they feed and water are guaranteed. They will give you guaranteed milk output and one can plan their finances accordingly. A man who returned from the diaspora came up with an innovative new way of farming. He rents only she-camels that are milking from nomads. The nomads get a guaranteed monthly income from their she-camel without worrying about the feed, water or health of the animal. This guy now has more than 5,000 she-camels that he doesn't own but rents them all.
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    ma sha Allah dekeda cusub ee Garacad shaqo culus baa ka socota horey u socda .
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    Small notes for the nomads about the great wars and HoA. 1. All Somalis except Djibouti and today's Puntland were part of the Second World War. Those in Puntland and Djibouti had agreements with the big powers in their territories not to make them fight in other lands. 2. Salamanders were the highest level of self command of any people in Africa that were in either side. Example: in the Campaign to liberate what is now Eritrea, Somalilander commander had higher status on the campaign between Kassala Sudan and Asmara Eritrea. Even though the Sudanese were more in number than Somalilanders, but the Somalilanders are not colonial army. This mattered for the British. Somalianders were only lower than Australians and South Africans. 3. If it wasn't that Africans have no self respect, Eritreans if they remember the war should be thankful of Somalilanders. The Sudanese were blamed for the religious conflict that arose in Eritrea, never the Somalis. The Somalis are never blamed for any abuses (even the common ones in wars) while others are. 4. Those who were on Italian side were undisciplined, abusive in both Somalia and Ethiopia. 5. Somalis never joined the Foreign Legion from Djibouti like other Africans did, nor did they Join the Italians outside HoA, like Eritreans did in Libya and Somalia. Somalis can celebrate end of WWII even though most of the fighting by Somalis on any side was done as Europe was starting latest was early 1942.
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    kkk Most of the commentators are innocent average xalimo/faarax, they will take anything on face value. In fact, the reason why many people make money from 'Fake news' is because of people like these. They have no idea that this is part of an elaborate misinformation project by the 'fake it, til you make it' crew. According to them, they have been to Hargeisa and assessed the situation there. Read the title.
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    Suldaanka, There was never any doubt as to who runs - and I mean in the sense of running it on a day to day basis - the political home's regions of the "Gudhuu-Eeelaay" of Somalia, which is what these two regions of Bay and Bakool are. It was the case since 1997. And is still the case, as was proven openly by the fact that the likes of Mr. Lafta-Gareen was actually installed there, in Baydhabo, with the blood of his own kin and kith being shed copiously for him by these same occupying Ethiopians. Just so that he can be imposed there, like so much of a "cheap political puppet" that was sent there from Villa Somalia, which is what he is, at the end of the day. However, the "bigger picture" here is that Somalia which is claiming to be a "sovereign nation" has this glaring "ugly sight" to contend with, which is the notion of being "dictated" to by her neighbor. And, in fact, this particular neighbor, namely, Ethiopia, can tell her as to who would have any "access" to some regions of its own country, in which she, as a neighbor, maybe loitering in it, brazenly, as she is in these two concerned regions. It's almost like the sad picture of seeing a "retained woman" who keeps on putting on some bogus hot-airs about herself, in terms of how she is being "independent lady" and whatnot of her own right. But, at the end of the day her "patron" who keeps her keenly and treats her meanly, will always tell her as to who she can duly "invite" into her home or not. That is the precise and the real "sordid definition" of this political reality in which Somalia is experiencing it. Particularly when you stripped it down and you bring it down her "current political reality" from the level of "high politics" it can take to the low "analogous sense" it has at the pedestrian level sort of definition. And that, as you know, "speaks volumes" in more ways than one.
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    President Lyndon H. Johnson captured the sentiment of how influential whites see poor whites: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best-colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” Capitalist whites will hold only to power as long as they convince poor whites that they are better than America's minorities.
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    Ruyaawadii Mogadishu lagu jilay... it always cracks me up.
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    They saw Venus which was visible to the naked eye on Friday. Ilaahay ha ka aqbalo, aqoon yari Ilaahay uma ciqaabo qofna.
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    Karaash has a growing official Facebook page now. In 2020 qof masuul ah la afxiri karo ayaaba iska yar. This ain't in 1980s. Garoowe 20 May 2020 Xafiiska Warbaahinta Madaxweyne ku xigeenka Puntland waxa uu uga mahadcelinayaa dhamaan bulshada Soomaaliyeed ee ku taxan Boga Facebook. Muhiimad gaar ah ayay noo leedahay in mudo 24 Saac ah uu ku gaaro 30K. Sawir Mahadsanidin
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    It is just deep ignorance embedded with dhaga adeyg geeljire mentality of maryooleey.
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    Tilmaanta badbaadada ee loogu talagalay KALIYAAN CUDUR Soo bandhigista hagida badbaadada wadnaha ee jaban_ Dib ugu soo noqo si xoog leh oo aad nolol cusub bilowdid xusuus qor, xoog ku hel saaxiibo iyo qoys, xoog u shaqee oo naftaada mashquul, is daryeelo naftaada oo dhaqaaq, oo bilow qaab cusub
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    Nimanyahow reer exdarwish, farmajo oo cabudwaq iyo labo magol gedo dagan yunan inkudirin Somaliland iyo Puntland. He cannot save you from anything. Better to continue your deal of eating with both hands than to trust Afweyne’s bastard child.
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    It was a bad idea to stop Khat without planing. The major crimes that would go to the roof is the police and security people to use Khat bans to confiscate vehicles prom the people. There were large Khat farms in Arabsiyo area in nineteen eighties. While in high school, I went to one of the farms belonged to a friend and they were profitable. People should be allowed to cultivate and keep the cash inside their communities.
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    dufcaddii labaad ee tababarka dhalinyaradda Adeeg Qaran/National Service oo qalin jabisay maanta.
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    LOOL I was in Addis Abeba at the time. That was when the regime change taking place and TPLF tanks rolled into the city. Within weeks we were listening to the first May 18 songs... ma waqooyi baa saaka loo wanqalay, ma walaaci baa laga raystay oo wado xaqa la maray. Ma Wiilasheenii ba, noo talinaayo Waynaada la yidhi Wehel toosanaan Waa mahad alee Warka maanta yimid Wax ku ool ahaa...
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    ^^^^ Kuwaa sidaa u bahdilan ee dalkoodii dowlad xataa Xamar oo qudha ka sifeysa waxan cawaanta ah ee Al-Shabaab la yidhaahdo aan meesha ku heyn, oo ku darsoo loo soo shaqo tegay oo Afrikaan ku xukumo dhulkoodii, ayaa habeen iyo maalin nalagu wareeriyey xayeysiis iyo iidheh raqiis ah oo halkan SOL ah loogu hayo. Runtii waxa aanu isu fahmi la'nahay duulkan waxa weeye, anigu Somaliland hadaanu nahay, nin dhulkiisu loogu taliyo, dhaqan ahaan iyo dadnimo ahaan-ba, waxba ma weydiino. Ka xukuma ayaanu la hadli, hadii wax naga soo galaan kuwa noocaas oo kale ah. Markaas, kuwa halkan jooga ee Villa Somalia u wareersan hayska ciyaan. Xaqiiqdii waa taas kor ku sawiran iyo ta kale ee ka sii sareysa ee cadeyneysa sida Somaaliya u tahay maalinkan maanta ah ee aanu joogno "mustacmarad Afrikaanka-dunida-ka-hurda" ay xukumaan uguna taliyaan dhulkoodii iyo jamhuuriyadoodii, lixdan (60) sanno dabadeed markii calankoodii lasiiyey.
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    King's Hospital teaching university supports about 25 nurses in Somaliland who will be qualified to also become Nursing teachers. This will help Somaliland's goal for 2030 which is to be in a position to export health care workers with global standard education.
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    Djibouti Businessman Abdirahman Borreh has donated $170,000 dollars to the COVID 19 response Commission.
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    Aqoonsiga ingriis baan maxmiyad u ahaan jirnay makeeni karto waa 2020kii, nasashadu waxay ka bilaabataa in kabaha layska bixiyo. Reer galbeedku, waxay ka fekerayaan, hadii gobol la gooyo, kuwa kalena dhib baa kaa imaanaya, waa intaas sababta ay midnimadu muqadas uga tahay arigtida reer galbeedka. 5 madax weyne oo isku beela yaa sadex xusbi oo isku jufo ah soo dooratay, waa nadaamka puntlad, iyo jubaland looga dhaqmo, federaalka dhexena ma ogola sidoo kale, waa jamhuuriyado kale. Maxaa u diidaya inay aqoonsi doontaan? Mushkilada snm dheer tahay gobolada kale aratidayda waa xoriyad la'aanta iyo caburinta shacabka qofkii heesa, kii geeraara, kii hadla kii dhoofa iwm. Waxay doonayaan nin sodon jir ah oo tahriib kasoo noqday wax shaqo haysan inay ku qanciyaan guriga agtiisa joog inta nala aqoonsanayo. Yamamoto waa shaqadiisa inuu ka fekero, dad habaabay sidii loosoo heli lahaa. Allahuma aslax axwaalnaa jamiican.
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    These regional leaders are oligarchs who feed on gullible (rather self-induced stupidity) people.
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    Somaliland has recorded 22 new cases out of 150 tests taken over the last few days. The total number of cases found now stands at 40. With 5 deaths. The president has underscored the need to adhere to the medical professional guidelines. Also some new measures will be introduced. These include the shutdown of the flea markets (Suuq Duqsiile) around the country.
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    Shirkadda Isgaadhsiinta casriga ah Telesom oo ku wareejisay guddida la dagaalanka COVID19 agab caafimaad oo lagu qiimeeyay $640,000 USD iyo $200,000 oo cash ah. Corporate Citizenship.
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    Bari dialect is technically Waqooyi but due to the political situation as of the past 30 years, Waqooyi has morphed to be associated with Somaliland exclusively. It would make more sense if we agreed on parameters of what constituents to dialects and what regions. Is Af Maay Maay part of this continuum we're currently speaking about in this thread? What exactly is Konfuur? Is it the Banaadir accent? What about Central Somalia (ie Mudug etc)? If we can't agree on what is what, this thread is kinda useless and will probably confuse the OP more.
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    As I said all the Somali words you keep mentioning are still very much in our vocabulary, I use them and everyone I know uses them although the use of foreign loan words is increasingly becoming normalised and many such foreign words have replaced Somali words in day to day conversations. There are however some words that have become more specialised and therefore lost their original meaning. For instance, the word cusbo is now exclusively used for the large salt crystals which is not suitable for cooking but used for other purposes. And the word bur is now the name for a type of fried snack usually eaten for affur during Ramadan. Many years ago when I was a teenager, I had a heated argument with a Cumaani carab guy in the presence of my now deceased cousin and in anger decided to use "my mother tongue" to swear at him so I used a word like dayuus or something similar which I can't remember. But alas the Arab guy understood what until then I thought was exclusive to us and so landed myself in hot water
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    I have asked a couple of my local journalist contacts to investigate Hani. One of them sent me a PM about an hour ago and he said "Hani is not replying on requests for over the phone interview". It leads me to believe it is just a fake account.
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    @galbeedi I heard waa la mehersaday. Don't quote me thought. With regards to her work, most of her poems are based on fiction. I mean, she talks about lala-land from a by-gone era - barisamaadkii. Anyone that skips the reality and dwells in a dream is just full of sheeko-baralay. That said, the poem you have posted here is a good one nonetheless. This is Cabdilahi Xassan Ganney (Xassan Ganney's son). He is a poet in his own right. One of the leading song writers of this age.
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    It is a good poem. Dad yahaw loo soo tashaday Iyana sii kala tashaday Intaa tashataan mar uun Xaqa aad tabanaysaan In mar uun aad timaamataan Miyaa ka talaaalan tihiin. It is a good observation . The people became cattle while the elite is looting them in the name of government. When was the last time people collectively demanded anything in Somaliland?. Speaking of poems, Somalis especially those in Hargeisa , or I should say southern Hargeisa have an extraordinary talent of composing poems that touch the souls of the people. Here is another Nimco Qorane type which I consider a poet laureate of these young generation.
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    Jaaliyadda Oromo da oo ka shaqaysanjiray inta badan shaqooyinka cheap labourka ayaa dareen ka bixiyay xidhitaanka meelihii ay ka shaqaysan jireen. Dadkan waa in la caawiya ama xadka laga saara dalkoodi dib loogu celiyaa.
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    Gooni wuxu ku indho-dilaacsaday sida Qardho ka socota maanta ee caruurta iyo dumarka caawimadii UN keentay askar hubaysan rasaas kaga hor joogaan. Kolka ha layaabin, wuxu moodayaa aduunka dhan siduu ku soo barbaaray wada yahay.
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    The first person who officially sung Soomaaliyeey toosoo, by the way. Qaasim HIlowle:
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    Saalax, noo sheeg the man who composed Soomaaliyeey Toosoo asagana. Mise kaas tolka ma'aha.
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    Ragga rag dheh. In the video below is Muj. Hassan Isse Jama, a lawyer by profession. He was the acting President when this video was shot. As President A. A. A. Tuur was probably outside the country at the time. The video was taken early 1991, probably few months after Burco Conference declaration of independence. The Confidence shown is another level. Although the city of Hargeisa is full of armed men, yet the Acting president/VP is walking around the bullet-ridden streets without any protection or bodyguard.
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    Wasaaradda horimarinta Wadooyinka Somaliland report on roads that are about to start and those getting finished this year or early next year.
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    Somaliland President says previously all COVID19 cases in Somaliland were related to imported cases. But the first community transmitted case was recorded in Somaliland which is a cause for concern. The President has declared Somaliland has entered the start of a new phase in the fight against COVID19.
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    ^^^^ Suldaanka, Kan halkan ka ciya ee Fake News and cheap trolling ay noqotey noloshiishii, bar-baarin iyo soo koris dambe uma hadhsana, ee "political desperation-ka" haysata ayaa halkaas la galey iyo in uu been cadaana naftiisa ka iibiyo.
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    Indeed, Abaarso Tech along with Edna Adan University and Sheikh Technical School are three select schools that are churning out new breed of future Somaliland leaders. These 3 schools only select the brightest students. The below is the winning entry by the school freshmen class to the Global High Schools Challenge Prize by Sheikh Sayed UAE.
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    Abaarso Tech Alumni taking the world by storm. Nomads educated in Somaliland's and trained in Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge. Now work for prestigious global institutions from World Bank to global banks like Citi Group etc.
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    Children, children, calm down. Farmajo has a few months left. He will be out and you can b!tch out about the next SOB in Villa Somalia from the comfort of your home in the West.
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    'Wa kuma?' ...the word Kuma in swahili means a womans private parts. Now imagine, how Somalis are loud on the phone, asking 'wa kuma' ...the neighbours, house girls/boys looking all sheepish at them..lol wondering why are they being so rude.
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    First of All... was that afsoomaali... waayo waxba waanka fahmi waayey walal...... Qoute 1. Kuun Kuun Lamina 2. Kabteey Bilataa 3. Dhakac Dhakac 4. Hal Lugeey/Lug ka bood 5. Gariir/Imbiili 6. Baliil/Boojo mise waa af-xamari slang......dont mind me somali slang is hard enough as it goes let alone regional slang bal next time bal afka yar jilci walal... cheers

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