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    Wasiirka Arimaha dibadda Somaliya oo aan xidhiidhka u jari karin Sucuudiga ayaa salaan ugu tegay Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda barakaysan ee Somaliland Xaaji Muuse Biixi
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    Suldaankii is out of control. If America want to investigate crimes of African leaders and others, Somalia is the last place. In Mogadishu, there is no one single political prisoner or anyone oppressed unlike many Somali regions including Hargeisa where hundreds are rotting in jails. Waar ninyahow wax macquula Meesha ku soo qor.
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    Great point Saalax. It has always been Awdal, Half of Sanaag and Sool were 100% pro Somalia. The formula changed further recently and Saalax's family became 20 to 30% pro-somalia. Pro-Somalia: 65% No opinion: 20% Hardcore secessionists: 15% (This group is usually from the clan that holds the presidency. The loyalty changes every election)
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    Dhagax-Tuur, you are focusing on the wrong stuff. The country should not be plunged into chaos because only Farmaajo wants to be called president. That is a meaningless purpose to serve the country. Farmaajo made absolutely no improvments on security. Farmaajo took over a thriving Mogadishu with business coming back. Today the country is in chaos. Love them or hate them, Shariif, Abdulahi Yusuf and Culusow all did their part. We are still waiting for Farmaajo's improvements.
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    I find it very interesting (base hypocrisy really) that Hysom was chased amid fanfare for “interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs” while Ethiopia and James Swan are expected by N&N to be saved in Jubbaland.
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    Intii Jamhuuriyadda barakaysan ee Somaliland jirtay waa markii u horeysey ee Sucuudigu si wanaagsan u qaabilo Madax ka socota Somaliland amaba jaaliyadda Somaliland ee Sucuudigu ay ula kulmaan Madaxweynahoodda. Warancade oo arintan ka waramaya ka dhugo clipkan
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    Dee soo hore looma odhan doofaar ma daahiro.
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    Guulwade Suldaanka thought the Hajj story of Somaliland officials a noble endeavor as a propaganda coup but this pictures tells a different story.
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    Caarre is partying like a boss. Everytime Caare appears on TV, social media or in the news, Muuse Local gets a heart attack.
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    You have hit the nail in the head. They are biggest munafiqs known to Somalis. They believe Somali history started in 1969 and ended in 1991 and then restarted 2017. And one day they will accuse other somalis of being ethiopian and the next day they want to sell the whole land and sea to ethiopia. What madness or sorcery drove anyone to elect farmajo we don’t know but as you said, his time is up.
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    Dadkan reer Gedo waa umad munaafiqsan, they will choose Satan himself if it will bring them back their booli qaran days, hence why they are using Cadow Ethiopia to capture for them Kismayo, marka sxb Apophis dont tire yourself with these people, as farmaajo has 1 year left and thereafter he and his folks will become irrelevant once again. As for Galmudug, its an family affair that is being resolved in Hobyo Conference and for that it doesnt need to waste the time of Siyaasi Fiqi as there is more urgent matter for him that resolves on stopping the shedding the blood of innocent Somali people in Kismayo by Ethiopia army that are being hired by the weak fuley stooge (Farmaajo) that sits temporarily in the Vila Somalia.
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    Muxu farmajo ethiopia gurmad ugu doontay
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    Acmaasha ama camalku wuxuu u qaybsamaa labo Mid badani ah oo jirka laga sameeyo sida waysada salaadda iwm Iyo mid maadi ah ama dhaqaale sida xajka sadaqada sakada iwm Ilaahay wuxuu yiri kacbada waxaa iiga qiimo badan in qof muslin ah dulum lagu dilo Hogaamiyaasha soomaalidu ayagoo gacmaha dhiig ku wata ana markaasba uu socdo bay kacbada isku feera qaawiyaan mana aha wax sax ah. Towbadu waa furan tahay shardiga kaliya oo looga baahanyahay qofka towbad keena waa inuu ka shalaayo mar waba wixii uu dambi soo galay dibna uusan ugu noqon.
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    Ninyahow gurmadka generalada ethiopianka farmajo so dirsaday bal ka hadal. Farmajo ethiopian jecelka intu ka kenay, I suspect he is ethiopian himself and his family
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    I like the steely reaction of president Bihi while the idiots next to him are laughing like school girls. They think they scored a coup.
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    Stopping Kenya is a National Responsibility Faisal Roble The Kenya motion introduced by Mr. Duale, a Kenyan of Somali origin, is a member of that country's legislators. The motion comes short of a declaration of state hostility against the Federal Republic of Somalia. To do so, it rehashes past historical and political differences between the two countries and hankers back to 1963, when the Somalis under the then new Republic of Kenya demanded their freedom so that they could join their brothers in the nascent republic of Somalia. The motion also expresses Keyan's oversize role in the AU and IGAD, two regional organizations that have sway over Somalia. Since 1963, a lot of things in the world changed, most importantly the failed state of the first Somali republic on the one hand, and the economic expansion of Kenya, on the other. Forward to 2010, Keyna acted as if it played a brotherly neighborly role to Somalia, while in reality it secrately partook in the stagnation of the rebirth of Somalia. Arab Moi, former President of Kenya, said in an interview in DC that his country has been sabotaging Somalia. Kenya always tried to exploit Somalia's dishevelled leadership. Case in point is the now infamous MOA that triggered the Kenyan-Somali maritime dispute Somalia and Kenya never had an official maritime demarcation. That is common in the world. However the disputed triangular shaped swath of the sea on the edge of the two neighbors that is rich in oil has been in dispute since the 1970s. It is recalled both countries decided to go to ICJ. In anticipation of its potential legal loss, Kenya stated to antagonize, sabotage, and intimidate Somalia in more than one way. The latest action of intimidation Kenya engaged in is beating the drums for hostility. While Somalia behaves as the mature and civilized neighbor, Kenya acts like a bully with bigger canons and guns. The motion that said was introduced by a Kenya-born Somalai is a call for hostility against Somalia. I am with my Presidnet M. A. Farmajo on this issue. If need be, we will agitate for defence of father land. Politics is temporal and National land is permanent and perennial. Let us look at all options for Somalia.
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    Allaha u naxariisto Xataa aanada qabiilka dhaqankii way ka lumiyeen iyo sidii aanada ll samayn jiray. Hadaad maqasho waa labo beelood oo walaalo ah waa marka ay iskusii dirayaan munaafaqnimaa ku jirta, walaalo isma dilaan. Waagii hore qabiili baan isu haystay aniga qudhaydu laandheere ah oo aan cid agtiisa qori ka jabsan karta aysan jirin ilaa aakhirkii aan jufadaydii naftaydii ka fogeeyay. War qabiil faa'iido ma leh isku aqoonsada macnaheedu waa Civil ID ee isaga taga lagama karo. Culumadu reerkooda qalbigay kala socdaan ayagoo salaad ku jira. Wariyaha reer waqooyiga markuu waraysanayo reerkiisa ay wax kala gaareen wuxuu oranayaa markuu masuulkooda waraysanayo oo iminka dadkii dhibka gaystay malagu raad joogaa?! Markuu koonfurta wax ka dhacay waraysanayo wuxuu oranayaa soo lama odhan karo inaad shaqadiina ku fashilanteen oo aad dadka iska dhex taagan tihiin?!! Waa umad qabyaalad waashay oo liita. Allha qalbigooda mideeyo waa duco fiican Allaha khaatumadooda suubiyana sidoo kale.
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    This sounds like another brutal tribal dad dil conviction, seriously. How do u convict all these teenagers with murder when you dont provide no DNA PROOF!! Seriously, WHERE IS THE PROOF!! Another FAKELAND missed up action!! Plz show proof before u open your gob and spill out khra!!
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    How many times I repeated that Madoobe and his group are a fifth column serving a foreign entity. They are traitors who are more deadlier than even the separatists at the moment. If this man comes back we must declare war to liberate the land and kick out the Kenyans.
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    There is more to this story, that meets the eye. I agree , this is not FAIR trade.
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    "he who controls elections gets elected".on top of that. he is the front runner, he is the most qualified. he has the support, means and the power to stay the head of jubaland for decades. he had lost more 1000.00 to liberate kista. he made kista most developed and peaceful city in south the last eight years. I know all that the does not matter to you cuz your hate towards madobe clan. but there is nothing that u can do about it.
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    During his tenure, like many Somali leaders, he has done little to reconcile communities and form an inclusive administration. He has lost the support of key figures including Seeraar and international community are not in mood to appease him. It looks like the security is being taken over by Ethiopians, an unfortunate development by itself. It's better for him to follow Xaaf's example and leave before he's pushed out.
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    This Taco head mofo is probably the only friend that DT-shyte hd has in Mexicao!! lool...Wazzup homies!! Hi-5 to yall! Che... whats rocking bro!! Where Libaax...Did he go to Uranus!! looool!!...U know me Bro!!!!...........lol. Its what its!! Right!!... U cant teach an old DAWG new tricks!! Right!!..Peace Africans!!
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    Is Alshabab working for Farmajo and ensuring his re election? Is that the reason they are calling all these elders together? IS it a way for N&N to secure the 2020 election? One thing we know for sure is that this admin has been the most AS friendly and most lenient on Alshabab, and it would be wise to keep a big torch on them.
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    Waxaan maqlay hada ka hor waxaa dagaalamay labo jufo oo reer dhagax-buur ah. Maalintii dambe yaa jufo ka mida kuwii colaadu u dhaxaysay qabatay nin jufadii kale ah, balse way garan waayeen waxay waydiiyeen cidiisa wuxuu u sheegtay sh'ikhaal culumo ah. Mid colkii ka mid ah yaa waran wadnaha uga dhuftay oo yiri kuwaanaaba nooga daran isaga kaana dhex jira. Markii naftu kasii baxaysay buu yiri bal in aniga iyo awoowgay la gubay maxaan u sheegtay shkhaal maba ahayne. Iminka reer laas caanood iyo reer laas qoray hadaan cid u yeeratayba jirin maxay sh'khaal u sheeganayaan?
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    Waa jeclaan lahaa kuwa kale hadda joogo jagooyin ka haayo Soomaaliya iyo kuwa soo socdaba ku wada deydaan madaxweynaha. This is a brave and an exemplary move. I hope kuwa kale ku wada deydaan. Somalia President Farmajo denounces US citizenship Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has renounced his United States citizenship. President Farmajo renounced his US citizenship despite the Somalia Constitution allowing for dual citizenship. It is reported that legal experts, nationalities and citizenship authorities from Somalia and US were involved in the process. Xigasho
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    The Federal Government of Somalia got it right and is no longer sugarcoating the bitter truth for secessionists. Daawo Muuqaal "Midnimada Iyo Kala Taga Way Ku Qaybsan Tahay Somaliland, Wada Haladana Hala Dardar Geliyo"...Raysal Wasaare Ku Xigeenka Soomaaliya
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    This is the smartest move Villa Somalia has ever come up with in regards to the north. Let's actually debate if everyone is for secession
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    Reer Awdal killed on sanaag galbeed ,we didn't hear moan from so called Musa Jeegaan.
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    Saalax, what did Muuse Marqaan Muqayilweyne and his secessionist crazies call the visit of Qaramada Midoobe's representative to Soomaaliya? Sidii beenta caadada ahayd lagu ogaa mee wali wadaan, like calling him ergeyga gaarka ah ee Waqooyiga iyo Soomaaliya, as though Waqooyiga wasn't part of Soomaaliya?
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    nacaska Ducaale is busy photoshoping. Go do something more fruitful saxiib.
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    Daahir, what is the purpose of this smearing thread against our sister Ilhaan other than to perpetuate the innuendos and downright slandering used by anti-Islam and anti-Soomaali right-wing forces in cahoot. Baliis, don't quote the disgusting tabloid Daily Fail. It is as credible as Faux News. I hate nothing more than a so-called Soomaali bringing the fascist talking points that defile and vilify our sister as the one above me is engaging.
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    Caare is scaring Biihi,see when mic falls down .
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    Caarre was rediculed by Biixi bots like Amigos, Suldaanka and Oodweyne. Now we know it was all fake bravado on their part to dismiss this man's determination and resolve. Somaliland officially enters civil war era.
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    Waxaan calaacalka iyo baroorta maka daalaan miyaa? Waxa hore loo dhahay haddaa dhimaneysid dhareerka waa la iska duwaa.
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    This is fake news and deliberately attack on Qatar and Somali recovery. Culusow website waagacub is much more creditable than new York times. With social media success, all these old newspaper are survival mood and only print opinion. At moment,Qatar is not one of the country assigned to do dirty work in the Muslim world.
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    All reasonable people knew Farmajo and Qatar are the real terrorists in Somalia. let us wait for Villa Somalia shills and stooges such as Galbedi and co to come and defend Farmajo.
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    He would if he was Somali. But he is a fatherless trump supporter.
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    Brother make peace with your own family members first before waging a war on the rest of the Somali people.
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    Dadku waa inuu si fiican u fekeraa sida masuulkaan oo kale Hadii aad adigoo jooga hargaysa oo bini aadam maskax leh ah, aad sacuudiga ugu dhooftay basaboor somaliya leedahay See ku diidi kartaa shahaadada laxda iyo wanka kasoo dhoofay berbera?
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    Caarre meeqo bilood ayee ku haayaan beri ayuu isdhiibi doonaa. Secessionists wax aan been ahayn ma'ahee wax kale kama soo harin. Xataa xoolihii dowladda dhexe u fasaxday anagaa fasaxnay leeyihiin. Watch at this clip and listen to this deluded 'wariye' wuxuu iskugu sheekeynaayo: Safaaradda Waqooyiga iyo daljiraha Waqooyiga u fadhiyo Jidde ayuuba la soo shirtagay. Xataa haddee safiir lahaan lahaayeen Jidde muu fadhin lahaa or Riyaad. Waxooda been wey dhaaftay, tii Trump lagu yaqaanay ayee sii dhaafeysaa.
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    Great. What does this mean for Hargeisa? Game is over for Biixi.

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