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    Che, dagaalada sokeeye really damaged the proud Soomaali psyche. The days of: Sinnaantaan la magac ahay San ku neefle ma oggoli Inuu iga sareyn karo Is gone. Haddee kuwaan joogi lahaayeen xilligii gumeystaha, ilaa iyo hadda gumeysi ku jiri lahayn, each dusty tuulo ruled by damiirlaawiyaashaan iyo faracooda.
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    Siyaasad ayee ku bilaabatay, walina tahay. In early centuries, not much caqiida differences. Reer Iiraan were 'Sunni' these days while Reer Masar and others were 'Shiica.' This tells you...
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    There isnt one group strong enough to take over , well if Amisom leaves for what ever reason then shabaab takes over and the bunker will crumble dissolve and be run over with in a few hours. But shabaab to isnt to strong to take on amisom and defeat them. The only way for one groupt to take over if the outside forces leave and let Somalis fight it off and the strongest win but they dont want that , i some times think there is a conspiracy theory to keep somalia down i mean what is the point of the bunker when it has no legitimacy outside of Xalane. I mean maxa faiida ah every where they go they will be defied. Waad arkayseen how Puntand treated them with the whole constitution thing. The only legtimacy it has is what our beesha lixaad have given them. but Somalida waxay u haystana just dowlada taagta daran eeh deeqaha caalaamka loo soo mariyo eeh thats it. wax kale uma arkaan.
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    The diplomatic game score so far. Ethiopia 1 - 2 Somalia (1) Somalia might have thwarted the blatant land grap, 2) but for this it had to show and exhaust all its diplomatic cards, and 3) it gave much political leverage for Ethiopia to interfere with ease in own sovereignty. Ethiopia 3 - 0 Djibouti (1) Ethiopia sabotaged Djibouti’s peace and dialogue initiative between Somaliland and Somalia, 2) it has undermined Djibouti relationship with its western neighbour (Somaliland) leaving Djibouti to the full mercy of Ethiopia, and 3) Djibouti caved in to Ethiopia by renegotiating the agreement and giving reductions in the millions of fees it charges for the use of its port) Ethiopia 3 - 0 Somaliland (1) Somaliland shot in its own foot by seeking a diplomatic war with its only two neighbours, Somalia and Djibouti, with quite the political, economic impact without having anything tangible in return, 2) It dashed any hope of Somalilands resolving its status through dialogue with Somalia, 3) It will get practically for free any port, trade and military sea access without giving recongnition in return. Ethiopia 1 - 1 Kenya (Ethiopia gained compromises from Kenya the use of Lamu Port, Freezone area, perhaps even military base. While Kenya gained regional leverage in its mediation effort between Somalia, Ethiopia) Somaliland 0 - 0 Somalia (Both disqualified as they scored in the own goals, and are back to square one. with even less leverage, less trust and exhausted all political and public credit and energy without much in return)
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    Fawzia has convinced 33 countries of Africa to support her bid that’s far more then half so very significant indeed , jabuuti stands no chance now . And raila is in trouble to
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    Illyria qarasta haku kicin. Towrada barakeysan ma maqli karee.
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    This is broadcast on Ethiopia's national TV. It redraws the map of Somali territories with an intent of separating Central SL (Isaq territories) from the rest excl. SSC-Khatumo, but incl. Awdal. An age old strategy of expansion, division, conquering, and subjugation coming together.
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