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    Do you think the Americans are unaware that Somaliland is just a smaller version of southern Somalia with just as much corruption, nepotism, mistrust among clans, violence, tribalism, religious extremism, etc?
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    Very weak logic. Puntland has a deal with Mogadishu, are they doing better than Somaliland? Sometimes I wonder, do Somalilanders with such weak disposition lack intellect, vision... or both? We in Somaliland have so much to work on, from corruptions to tribalism to management of resources... you name it. But a deal with Mogadishu will never be the answer. Have some self-respect, Somaliland is one of the five Somali regions, the first independent Somali state, you would not seek anything from Mogadishu more than you would Djibouti, Jigjiga or Garissa. You are on equal footing with the four other Somali regions, not a renegade part of one of them. For anyone delusional enough to imagine a deal with Mogadishu being the answer, I reiterate.. look at Puntland. You're almost as delusional looking towards Mogadishu for your solutions as Mogadishans are when they look towards AMISOM/UN/Ethiopia for their solutions.
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    Not only he keep stealing like most of Kulmiye but also uses the RRU to arrest and intimidate people three in the morning. The British government should be sued by these victims because these soldiers do not go out to fight rebels or the so called terrorist they were supposed to retained for, but enter houses from the window like burglars in the middle of the night. THey beat the people arrest them without charge and go back to their camps.These terrorists are paid by the British to abuse people. The Kulmiye gang had sold every bus stand, government house or open street in Borama. Can you imagine that they even sold the office of the governor and now he is meeting people in hotels or other government offices. This Zaylici guy is cashing too. He took a huge chunk of my families land and said they were building presidential guest house. After the family spole in the media, the RRU came 3 in the morning and beat both men and women . My sister in law tried to arm some of the clan members and fight him, but she was persuaded by elders to go to court and lobby to get the money for the land. THere are no courts .finally after years of runaround, she left the whole area and went to Mogadishu. Waar xageed ku aragtay dawlad dadkii dhilkooda maalin cad boobaysa? . Also they target those who has families in the diaspora opposed
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    Accusing a Muslim of wrong doing without a proper evidence and wrongfully tarnishing a Muslim's reputation is a sin according to the divine law of Allah and is not a matter open to our personal opinions.
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    The spreading of rumours and this kind of unproven allegations about a fellow Muslim will be recorded in your book of deeds and will get you into deep trouble in the Day of Judgement. Repent before its too late and abandon this bad habit for your own sake.
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    Walle, waligee Dhabaayaco ma daahiro. my suggest to you is build your lands and don't fuss over Mogadishu.
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    Somaliland is not built on the misery of others. it's built on the great strides made by its peoples.
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    The insecurity in Mogadishu will not last forever, and indeed sooner than you think our inept "siyaasiyiin" will have to find another place to use for propaganda. I suggest Juba in South Sudan, but I guess that place has improved its image as well.
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    the article just stated the truth about Mogadishu. ''Unlike Mogadishu, Hargeisa is an emerging peaceful business hub with authorities doing their best to ensure the kind of lawlessness associated with Somalia is not replicated in Somaliland.'' they've been saying soon or later for 30 years. yet Somalia is lawless and diaspora journalists have their passports confiscated, unlawfully detained and people are also killed on a daily basis. there's a million more things to say despite it's glossy veneer of hormar. but no cares about Somalia. it was merely a factual comparison.
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    I think this Xaaji Mohamed Yaasiin is a decent guy that refused to pay bribes in those elections. I want to elaborate more about his characterization of Somali leaders. He isn't human physcologist , but he is probably referring for what here in the west we describe as sociopaths and Psychopaths. There are large number of American sociopaths in executive and management leadership positions. As defined , they have no empathy or sympathy to others, and they never recognize the rights of others. Somali leaders might not reach that level of psychopaths , but they have certain traits of the sociopaths like watching people starve, feeling no guilt or remorse and lack love for their people. They are amassing millions in foreign banks when their soldiers could not get $100. In fact large number of African and Arab dictators are either sociopaths or evcen crazy psychopaths. Gaddafi of Libya, Bashar Assad and Sisi of Egypt could be big examples. How can you rule over after murdering a half million people.
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    And what does his opinion matter if he would be in afweyne reign he would be a faqash collaborator.
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    Waraysiga odaygaan waxyaabo badan yaa kaaga soo baxaya Mida koowaad waad ku sirmaysaa, oo waxaa kusoo jiidanaya haybada culimada oo ka muuqata. Mida labaad qoyska uu leeyahay waa awoowayaashay oo ah dad taariikh dheer leh. Inkastoo soomaalidu tiraahdo masku abur buu dhalaa, ama dadkii soo talin jiray dadkoodii carrabkaa ka waynaaday,mid la dhagaysan karo kuma jiro ilaahay amarkiis. Tan sadexaad oo ah kalmada aniga oo laga hormariyo istaaqfurulah si laysaga ilaaliyo faan iyo isla wayni wayna muuqataa inuu ka booday xadiiskaas shariifka ah. Dadku waa wada waalanyihiin markii aniga layga reebo! Aabahay qaybta dhul bixinta minushiibiyo yuu madax ka ahaa dadkoo dhana waan ka aabo fiicnaa guri wanaagsan oo dhimirka koriya yaan ka imid.! Doorasha kasta 30 kun baa iga baxda xigmad la'aan, ilaahay baana i siiyay, in ka badana waan haystaa Doorashada ma waxaa loo aadaa in magacaaga aad ka iibiso dadka tabaalaysan, mise inaad hogaan wax u tara u noqoto? Soo ma oga inaan ilaahay uusan jeclayn dadka maalka ku cayaara (ان الله لا يحب المسرفين)
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    Islam is abused by the tyrants, hypocrites, terrorists, and the infidels because of the vast man made literature called xadiis peddled as divine law. As long as the Muslims rely on these books for guidance instead of the holy Qur'an, there will be no end to the abuse, misery, and confusion.
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    Xaajiyoow koonfuria isn't stopping anything. What you call the "will of the people" has nowadays turned into the will of only the accursed kleptocracy. Nowadays, there is absolutely nothing the average Somalilander gains from Somaliland's separation and this is not the fault of Farmaajo or any other Koonfurian. It is exclusively due to the failure of Somaliland's political elite. Just think about this: Somaliland has been independent of Mogadishu for almost thirty years now and still today our politicians are fighting over the composition of the electoral commission!!! They don't even pretend to be working for the interest of the people. Its all about them and their personal interests. In those thirty years nations including China and India have become superpowers and indeed in the nineteenth century it took about three decades for feudal Japan to develop into modern empire. So what future has this inept and out of touch kleptocracy got? On the contrary, I think life would be much better for the masses if a deal is reached with Mogadishu. After all, what is the purpose of breaking away if we have all the problems associated with koonfuria in Somaliland. Tribalism, daylight robbery of public resources by politicians, clan conflicts, religious extremism, etc. Actually, koonfuria is now more democratic and free than Somaliland. Remember our parliamentarians have now effectively turned what was supposed to be their five year term into a lifetime job.
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    I hear humours that the Americans are getting tried of the corruption of Farmaajo in Mogadishu. There is talk on a Kenya TV program that some American officials are thinking about giving Somaliland independence from Somalia. Would this be a bad thing, since reconciliation is off the table?
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    Lix bilood haday cadaalad ku waayeen magtooda ha iska qaateen, somaaliya laandheere qaanuunka waa ka sareeyaa.
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    Strange world and in Xamar, people are getting their houses every day! It seems these fiefdoms are set up so a few can rob the rest. If you think, are Somalis in Puntland and Somaliland and other lands economically or socially any better than let's 10 years ago?
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    Very troubling news is coming out of Somaliand. Mr. Bihi has failed his people and need to resign asap. Mr. Bihi has become very arrogant.
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    Saalax, Here is the real news from the border area. Suldan Wabar and up to 80 men , half of them from former members Somali Liyu police soldiers are between Degmo laqas and Layla Kaal within the AWdal border. in Fact the local man I talked said the original border between Somalia and Ethiopia was never demarcated for the locals to recognize. Other than the border crossing area the rest is not well known. He said the area is mountainous with thick tick cactus that dominates the hills and the land. In order to access you have to leave behind your car and walk.He said in early eighties 1500 Ethiopian troops tried to break the Somali base in Caracad area and were killed and defeated. It is tough landscape. Unlike the open plains of the east like Sool this land is mountainous. It is a perfect place for rebel army to fight. He said two weeks ago Muuse Biixi sent to of his men, one of them a former SNM mercenary called C/raxman Aw Cali and the minister of trade. They contacted WAbar but could not persuade him with bribes. This week the minister and the Mayor along with some businessmen, decided that in order to keep their job they have to either kill or capture Suldaan WAbar. So early Friday a column of pick up trucks from Hargeisa went to his area which is inside the Awdal border. Since they couldn't access with trucks the set on foot. After the clashes, the Somaliland militia were repulsed while suffering with both dead and wounded militia. He said the dead could be around 7 men. In fact, he said the rebels perused them and burned the pick truck they left on the road. In the afternoon, the Ethiopia federal police showed up, and Wabar told them that they were within their country when the militia attacked and they defended themselves. He said the city of Borama is on the edge and the youth are very angry.Everyone one is aware that colonel Caare is in Sanaag but the Habro had decided not to attack him but when it comes to Wabar, even Faysal Waraabe says that ' Caare Waa ina Aderkey' laakiin kuwa kale waan soo qabanynaa. Also, the Jabhad in Dila is in the mountains but a group of well dressed members and their former ministers who were looking for a job staged a video not only to sabotage them but to psychologically devastate the AWdal community. How can you claim to be Jabhad and fold the next day. It was all staged by Muuse Biixi. There were no Somaliland soldiers in Dila to face the so called Jabhad, but they sent hundreds to Borama and Lughaya area. In Lughaya they are opening the fish from the fisherman to check if there is a pistol from yemen which is stones throw from Lughaya. Tonight hundreds of soldiers are in Borama even in front of the mosques and private residential area. Leave alone Wabar , he is within his own community. As I said before there will be more Jabhad in the Awdal coast. In fact almost every sub clan in Awdal is creating its own Jabhad. It is nature of the times. Rather than field a united rebel group every sub clan is waging its own thing. Will see soon how the new Wabar campaign goes. .
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    Being a minority has nothing to do with land, you are a minority in Somaliland, and you are also a minority in Djibouti and Jigjiga. In all three polities you must know your place as a minority and be good citizens. If you were confident you would not have all this pent up ciil in your old age. You actually lack confidence in your numbers which is why you are making such backwards demands like tribal power sharing... in the year 2019. Of course we want to play ball with other Somalis, but on our own terms, as an sovereign state. In 1960 it was us who dragged you into the union, we had an idea of how it would work out. That did not materialise unfortunately, which is why we left, and took you with us. You see, you had no choice in joining the union in the first place, and today you have no choice in leaving said union. You being upset about the documentation of war crimes is understandable, after all, you participated in them as Afweyne's tools, and documentation of these atrocities sheds light on your disgusting role which bothers you. I get it. Documentation will continue, and you can do nothing to stop it sxb. You've been saying this for a long time, it will never happen, your fate as a minority will forever be tied to that of the majority community Another lie, old man have you no shame? Awdal gets more political representation per capita than any other region, we can prove this by looking at population figures and no. of voters. With regards to development, you also get more than your fair share. More people live in Hargeisa than all of your Awdal, so prioritising based on population mass is entirely understandable, obviously not for ciil-filled individual such as yourself.
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    Camey, a Northerner representing SOMALIA in ETHIOPIA. First task, to close all secessionist offices.
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    Here comes the Tigrey agent and his never ending wish to see Soomaaliya never progress. To him regarding any fact about Soomaaliya's unity, progress, development - anything positive, he seethes that in anger. He cannot even stand his Xabashi government new mutual respect policies vis-a-vis with Soomaaliya. Any decent person would have welcomed this, but not this Tigrey agent. His hatred cannot be hidden. To this Tigrey guest (and agent), his former vassals such Shariif Xasan, Cabdi Ileey and Cumar Cabdirashiid are outstanding folks. Any Soomaali collaborator that stalls Soomaaliya's progress and stability is a hero of his. He would even praise and paint as saints his erstwhile anti-Tigrey sworn enemies (like Rooboow) as long as he thinks they can delay the progress. It is very unfortunate many decent Soomaalis - not his boot-lickers - in SOL cannot see this blatant ploy of his.
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    Like others said, you're reading too much into this. Kenyans have realised that its better for both countries to normalise the relationship despite the maritime border issue. They will probably wait until Farmaajo's term is up and deal with the next fellow, might probably be more accommodating, who knows.
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    Cry all you want. Farmajo will go peacefully or like his uncle, cowering inside an amison tank. He will go come 2020. No single day will his term be extended. Or sooner.
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    So all that hogwash you wrote you were using it to justify Farmajo betraying Somalia and handing the sea to Kenya. You are a two bit propagandist.
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    We, Somalis from downunder, have not assimilated yet like you folks in North America. There are lots of things that are still taboo here that has become normal in North America. I just can't stand the smell of what they drink so I mostly skip the event. For example they send out the Xmas party invite 30 days earlier and if I think it is not appropriate for me to be there, I sometimes arrange my leave a day or two earlier. Last year we went to a golf course so I attended. But previous years, they arranged a lunch at a local bar, so I skipped it. But during the year, luncheons, they accommodate my dietry restrictions by either going to a fully sea-food only restraunt or halal restraunts of which there are many. I got the other day bottles of fresh camel milk and my colleagues had a taste of it. They loved it.
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    When it comes to export and import banks the Ethiopians are ahead of us, Djibouti and even Kenya. Ethiopian exporters send their coffee beans and other products and most of the transactions are guaranteed by government and banks. Traders and exporters get letter of credit from the banks guaranteed by the government.It is one of those things that only a real government could do. Somaliland livestock exporters lose money to unscrupulous SAudi importers everyday year. Anyway, in Addis, you might think that there are more banks than hotels.THere is one in every corner.
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    Today's event was about commercial interest regarding a contract involving Puntland Development Group, an entity contracted by UAE to provide supplies to PMPF which is basically funded and run by the Emirates. The militia was led by Ciise Yulux who felt that he was left out of the contract. It really has nothing to do with redressing reer Bari grievances. A man like Ciise merely uses clan grievances to further his personal interest. But there's a larger problem in terms of governance. Puntland is at the same place since its creation in terms of political space. Some clans feel left out and the actual election process is corrupt. The man with the most money wins. As it regards to reer Bari, the argument is about resource allocation. They claim that they don't get their fair share as it relates to revenue collected from Bosaso port. But the reality is the port generates revenue because many Somalis that ain't from Bari use it. Without other Somalis, the port wouldn't generate that much. In the overall economic situation, reer Bari are not in any worse situation than reer Mudug. In fact, one can argue Mudug gets the least attention. Like the rest of Somalia, Puntland is stagnant. And without a new creative innovation, I don't see it getting better. And lastly, everything the UAE touches dies, it is time for them to leave.
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    WAxaan u malaynayaa dadka yar ee soo hadhay in aad kala dirta ayaad rabtaa. At the moment AWdal especially Borama and surrounding area doesn't need war. If war comes it will come from the Awdal coast. Wax badan ma maraabaan. Beerahoodain in ay qotaan oo degaankooda waxii ay ku lahaayeen helaan ayey rabaan . imagine that these community has most of the farming surrounding WAjaale both on the Ethiopian side and Somaliland side, they have shops and population within the city, yet they have zero representation within Wajaale administration. It is this new thing in Somaliland that if you vote for the opposition you could be eliminated from the civil service. Poliska wajaale kuma jiraan, maamulkana kuma jiraan. Waar reer Gabileyow kibirka joojiya oo abityaasheen xaqooda siiya. Xabad haday gaadhana, haddi ciidanka Soomaaliland faraha iskaga qaado, Sida ceel Bardaale waa la soo qaqaban reer Gabiley. Anyway, Somaliland needs those old and wise leaders like Cigaal and Rayyaale. These people should never had supposed to hold power in the first place. Imisaan ka dignay. Calaa kuli xaal nabad baan ku baaqayna . Askartan hadda xukunka qabsatay dadka intii hadhay in ay kala diraan ayaa laga baqayaa.
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    This guy puts things into context...
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    'Markaad dheregtaan waxii dhulka u dhaca aan qaadano'[, ayaa laga waayey madaxdii Soomaaliyeed. How can you sell ports and other public properties without consulting the people . THe Boosaaso business community could come up more or as much money than the corrupt oligarchs of UAE. Most Arabs in the gulf including Saudis, Egyptians and UAE are evil to the core. Nothing good will come out from their association.Rather please the foreigner Arab sit down with your local businessmen and come up with better solutions. WE Somalis know only UAE and the Arab despots. Certainly the world trade is bigger than them. Dahabshiil could invest Berbera.
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    Awoowe, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. Surely, it must be duck. In this picture, you have Cheeseman along with 10 other men who seem to all be holding their utensils in their hands. And if my memory serves me better, a paper plate with a napkin, it is time for hot dogs. OK, I will take back 'cunaaya' part, but there is an intent to grab some of what on offer, which is most likely BBQ sausages.
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    Damn, you are effing sick!
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    Deni is a failure. Stop blaming the poeple of Puntland with your attacks people. It is all over Jaamac Cali Jaamac.
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    Yaa islahaa Muuse Marqaanle will be the one who will bury the long-dead secessionist wish. Jabhado kor, hoos iyo gees maalin walba loogu dhawaaqayaa Waqooyiga. What a failed marqaanle, a warlord always a warlord.
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    Saalax, This one is real. It is from the Dila and WAjaale community. THeir own schools built by the community was shut down. THeir land confiscated. There are two hundred men. They are probably targeting Wajaale and Gebiley area.
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    The Ethiopians were just replaced by Ugandan and others. Do you think, sheik basaas has any solution?
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    Nimankan xaq bay u leeyihiin in la xanaaneeyo oo si gaara loo ilaaliyo sababtoo ah waa madax hore oo maskaxda curyaan ka ah. Masaajidka waa inay ka helaan meel gaara oo ay kasoo galaan. Markay dhoofayaan sidoo kale waa in xukuumadu ka war qabto sii dhawayso oo soo dhawayso si hufan oo maamuus leh. Madaxdii aduunka kale soo martay oo dhan laamiga geeskiisa bay sandwich ku cunaan ayagoo taagan waliba, dadka caadiga ah bay la mid yihiin diyaarad baa iga tagtayna waligood ka maqli maysid. Aragtidayda waa ideology ama fikir ku abuuran siyaasiyiinta muqdisho inay awood ka dhigtaan burburkii 90kii ama dawladda ku handadaan. Macawislaydii, bajaajley baa badeshay gacana way ku shaqaystaan tan kale taayir bay ku gubaan. Soomaalidu khalad bay ka fahamtay maah-maahda (gacmo geel jire hoos baa loo dhaqaa) oo ay ula jeedaan sax iyo khaladba indhahaa laysku qabsadaa. Waxay keeni kartaa in kibirku iyo isla waynidu sii badato waxaa dawlada federaalka la gudboon in qof kastoo sharciga iyo amni qowmiga fara geliya ay maxkamadayso. Markaas ka dib waxaa soo baxaya midabka saxdaa oo wax noo tari kara. Nabarka kor lagama salaaxo waa la daweeyaa inta qolofta laga qaado, cid caano dhay ah oo gaar loo qaboojiyay ka daadanayso ma jirto. Ama qarran sharci iyo kala dambayn leh baa la noqon, ama qarahaa suuqa lagu wada iibin.
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    This has no comparison. It is a bloody coupe of the second highest institution after the Presidency. However you slice or dice it, it is ugly. And it all comes down to "Because I can" attitude of the ruling clan. If it wasn't clear for Mr. Dhoobo before, he now understand what the hagbad means and where he stands in the pecking order. That is what East Sanaagians are wrestling with now. There is no side to this that anyone would be able to spin to make it look better. Every corner you look it from, is as ugly as the other.
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    Why the government playing chicken games with those who want to travel flood hit Beledweyne. They seem to be paranoid and they are making these two guys martyrs in the eyes of the public. Yet, this Ayatullah, Shariif Ahmed is going to far by threatening to use violence for a duly elected government. Anyway, the Unaka were isolated in Kaaraan and Medina before Abdilaahi Yusuf showed up and rescued them. When A. Yusuf met Cali Mahdi just outside MOgadishu in Afgooye, he asked him, ' where is your army? what you have planned to welcome for the government?. Cali Mahdi said, ' I got nothing man'. Today they got rich of government contracts and eights years of presidency. Believe me, if they start playing with fire, they will be the losers. How about if we take the damn capital to Baraawe and let you starve?
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    The incoming president of Somalia, swears by god to remove the cayayan in Villa Somalia by force. Allahu xaafid Sheikh Sharrif removed moryan, Ethiopa and Alshabab from Xamar. It will not take a day to remove the coward hiding in Villa Somalia bunker. It is a new dawn. https://youtu.be/hKKpYOnxun8
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    Dr. Gaas nin degan ayuu ahaa kolka aad Deni Yoga la barbardhigo. Gaas waa ninka xamilay ayu ahaa ku-xigeenkiisi Camay oo mudo 4 sano ah xagal daac ku hayay. Deni yoga dhul u dhiciisa aan aragno.
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    I am glad the PM Abiy government did not listen to its main insiders from G7 and others. National movements never die, they just kill you slowly. The Sidama have full support from the Oromo and others. Only the Amxara were opposed to the Sidama statehood. If it was not for Abtigis, Somalis should have been more prominent in supporting the Sidama more than Oromo. It's in Somalis best interest that Ethiopia is further decentralized. No Somali except some opportunists and bought out politicians should ever support centralization in Ethiopia.
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    Justice For COREY #LLC & ALI #LLA Tucson, ARIZONA 18 year olds Corey and Ali friendship begun as early as elementary school and both of their parents Jinah (Corey's mom) & Fatuma (Ali's mom) have had a sister like relationship that was born from their son’s friendship. The 18 year olds were like real brothers. They loved each other dearly and visited each other as often as possible, they had countless sleepovers at each other's house. They were best of friends, and even graduated the same year from two different school. Unfortunately, Oct 16,2019 both 18 year olds were shot and killed by 23 year suspected white female drug dealer in Tucson, Arizona. These two teenage boys were both SHOT in the HEAD at point blank range. To make it even more inhumane and pathetically sad, they were left bleeding for hours before paramedics arrived. And what has made it harder and more painful for the families affected is how quickly the local media’s portrayal of the murder as justifiable killing in the name of self defense. Arizona stand your ground law has furthermore influenced the police investigation and seems more likely steering it towards self defense. We firmly believe that the RACE of these two teenagers may have played a major factor of this unfair bias. Both Corey and Ali are black #Blacklivesmatter Please help us by asking the Tuscon Police Department and Pima County Prosecutor's Office to work side by side and carefully look into the killing of this two boys and conduct a fair and thorough investigation that is NOT BIASED. Please help us get JUSTICE for Cali Mohamed and #COREY by signing here. Click on this link to sign. Thanks. Petition · Demand JUSTICE for (2019) High SCH GRADS CALI & his FRIEND COREY who were killed together. · Change.org WWW.CHANGE.ORG Demand JUSTICE for (2019) High SCH GRADS CALI & his FRIEND COREY who were killed together.
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    The company I work for, even gets HALAL from halal butchery for few of us, or even for me , actually some of them even prefer HALAL, as less watery , they say, and tasty. anyway, SULDAANKA, is beckoning a real politician, qof aan waxna ka xishoon.

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