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    The political culture in Somaliland is an egalitarian one. Specially Beesha Dhexe. So for everyone from the unknown to the well known to have equal say and communicate their personal feelings or believes, it is a welcomed sign that the people are moving forward. This is why in Somaliland almost everything is openly discussed and nothing is hidden. The gov't is held to account, the ministers coming on TV explaining their side of the story. You will never see this type of open discussions of gov't ministers and opposition party engaging in lively political discourse about the goings on, anywhere else in the Somali regions. We know Mogadishu Khaire's moratorium on media engagement by his cabinet. We know Cheeseman, after almost 3 years, has never held an open questions interview. The same goes for Puntland where each Hagbad inheritor takes the enclave on a personal ride with no questions asked. So, all these public engagement, is music to my ears that the people are awake and taking part and shaping their future. What other Somalis take for granted, in Somaliland we don't. If we think the gov't is not on the right path, we tell it like it is without mincing words. And not wait until end of the tenor and call it 'what a bad leadersip it was' like Puntlanders do every 4years. Rather, you have to oppose what is wrong and support what is right every single day.
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    It was always called Doollo for a over century. Haven't you guys heard of the famous poem by Cali Dhuux "Doqonkii "0" ahaa, Doollo laga qaadye Loo diid Dannood iyo hadduu, degi lahaa"
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    Reer Somaliland prepare for more POWs. you heard em “we’re coming”.
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    When the Somali people take steps forward on the path justice, Almighty Allah might remove a lot of the difficulties which blighted our society for decades. Justice and prosperity go hand in hand. The most prosperous societies in the world today are also the most just where the law of the land is applied equally. Until the rich and powerful in our society are held accountable just like the poor and the weak, we will continue to suffer insecurity and hardship. May the Most Gracious plant the seeds of taqwa in the hearts of our people.
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    Our chief bililiqo expert had spoken. Waa taqaanaa yaah all hantida bililiqada ah iyo meelahe ee kaga yaalaan Soomaaliya? Haye noo sheeg bililiqooyinka iyo guryaha la kala heysto ee magaalooyinka Baydhabo, Boosaaso, Berbera, Baardheere iyo Beledweyne. By the way, kala saar hanti guud iyo hanti gaar ah. Tan hantida guud waa la iska daba imaanaa, boqol sanaba ha qaadatee. Jardiinooyinkii qurxoonaa isgoysyada Xamar ku yaalay ayaana ka koow ah; dad aad ogtahay aadna difaacdid ayaa baqaaro, hoteello iyo gas stations ka dhistee. Laakiin hanti gaar loo leeyahay must be returned immediately, waa xaaraan tan u weyn ah.
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    Galbeedi, you are arguing with Sujui Jeegaan who's only connection to Jubaland is the presense of Kenyan troops. He pretended few days that he was OG but truth came out quickly.
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    Agreed. If anything they partook in the afweyne masscares. Is Morgan not a pirate? A revered pirate? Is he not the one on youtube videos encouraging the Migs and the artillery to firebomb Hargeisa? Was he not the one who massacred ***s in Kismayo? And allowed. Reer afweyne to settle in Kismayo? I keep saying, I know most of Somalis are illiterate but we will not be taught history by failures.
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    Another lie. Deni did not meet "some of the highest officials of the Emirates", he met a low-level bureaucrat, namely the Deputy Director-General of the Abudhabi Chamber of commerce: Worthy of note is that the only reason Deni got this meeting was because he lied and said that there is a possibility of Puntland investing in.. wait for it.. Abudhabi! Dont take my word for it, here is the official Emirates News Agency news item: Meanwhile Biixi met... Try to invent better "sources" next time
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    Another day, another absolutely baseless - and quite frankly delusional, comment by our resident source-whisperer @galbeedi Do these lies you keep making up just appear in your head? No sane person would actually admit to their delusions on a public forum, but you seem to think its ok to do so as long as you add the magical "my source told me..." catchphrase. With regards to your baseless claim, well, we dont need imaginary-friends or made up sources, the facts speak for themselves: Somaliland is 4th on the list of top five UAE foreign direct investment destinations: 1- KSA ($2.58 bn) 2- Canada ($1.68 bn) 3- India ($1.28 bn) 4- Somaliland ($0.86 bn) 5- Egypt ($0.39 bn) Sources, you ask? The official UAE monthly dashboard: I can go on... Ka nax oo nafta waa
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    Galbeedi is way off the mark here. His assertion that Quote " The UAE has more interest in Puntland than Somaliland" and the blabla that he added to justify it, is just laughable and borders insanity. For the record, Puntland is not a chooser, it is very happy whatever the UAE throws on the ground for her. Galbeedi's assertion sounds like Puntland has any choice. Besides, Puntland's President went to UAE on Daallo Airlines. Whereas President MBC was given a private jet. Btw, the Buurmadaw issue has been bubbling for quiet sometime, it is not something new or that happened after the last visit to UAE. It squarely revolves around the Chairman position of Kulmiye Party.
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    Guess who was supposed to be sitting in the lady's seat.
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    See, that’s the problem with your myopic thinking, Dalmar. You worry too much about what others want but you rarely ever speak of what you want. Now tell us, are you opposed to federalism because Puntland wants it or do you have your own reasons that have nothing to do with your silly effeminate xenophobia against Puntland? Also if it Centralism that you might want, then why are you not supporting the Nabad&Nolol government currently in charge who are it’s champions? C’mon Dalmar, bal maskaxda tuuji oo noo sheeg mabda aad rabtid dalkeena inuu ka hir galo?
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    That land is what lots of Somalis of all walks died for in 1977 war. Don't piss on their graves ungrateful kid.
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    Life is not fair. Do you realize you are already benefiting from the Iran-US/Arab fracas? Next to Djibouti Berebra will be the only port capable to deal with todays normal shipping other than Port Sudan and Mombassa which are far away from the action. Since UAE will not use Djibouti, Berbera is the only port. I hate to wish any ill on anyone, but if the Persian Gulf closes for any length of time..Berbera will be the empire overnight. Poor Yemen taken out of the game.
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    Folks, this is a reliable news from Halane compound. In other words , it is from the horse's mouth. A friend of mine just landed yesterday From Mogadishu by way of Addis Ababa Bole international. He works with donors and he resides in Halane. I didn't even want to wait a day or two and have the Aftir together and . Since I am having Kenyan blues kately, I decided to get the whole info through the phone. Here is the main points of our conversation. Galbeedi: How come this time you have to fly through Addis than your usual Nairobi route ? Halane: My agency usually rents the UN owned airlines which charges double than the private airlines in order to keep the UN fleet sustainable. Since Kenya announced visa requirements and other restrictions many of our staff had decided to fly through Addis. This is the second time I went through Addis and I really enjoyed. Galbeedi: How about other agencies like the world Bank, EU and others. Halane: Actually for the first time the World Bank held a training for Somali bank staff in Addis last week and others were planning to follow suit. It won't take much for other agencies to move quickly to Addis. The only group that has to find long term is the UN operation and their aviation hubs. Galbeedi: How about Somali ministries and other agencies that have ongoing contacts with the international community? Halane: There is already contingency plan from Somali agencies and ministries from education, healthcare, women' issues and other capacity building efforts by the international community to address and plan this issues. THey told the agencies that since Kenya doesn't allow most of these contacts had to be moved to other IGAD countries and within Somalia. So far, the best place is Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian capital is already an international city with welcoming culture and great familiarity for Somalis and international community staff. There are more direct flights from Addis to the world vthan Kenya. Galbeedi: In this fight , If the Kenyans could lose more than the Somalis, why do it in the first place? Halane: THey did miscalculate big time. THey even tried dirty tricks and low blow moves in order to escalate the issue. Reliable people told me that it was Kenyan paid European hackers who infiltrated the Ethiopian foreign ministry website and annexed Somalia from the map in order to create hostility between Somalia and Ethiopia. THere ametuer shenanigans are visible from a far distance. THey even sent people to Hargeisa and said Uhuru, dads boy , will visit Hargeisa at the end of the year. Kenyans airlines are losing money already. Galbeedi: Yet, so far Somalia didn't retaliate against these moves. why not? Halane: Somalia is acting like a mature adult in this saga , but, quitely hitting Kenya where it hurts. If Somalia imposes visa requirements before point of entry, it will make the international agencies and the flying public difficult to plan things. Government agencies already told their partners to set up their meetings somewhere else. Soon the the Meru Qat trade will be blocked. THey can sabre rattle as much as they want , but Somalia is using it's weapons gradually to inflict tough blows. Galbeedi: Do you believe like most of us that the whole issue is all about the Sea dispute and international court? Halane: yes and no. The sea dispute is part of the Kenyan grievances and they want Somalia to bring back the dispute back to African union. Neither Farmaajo nor anyone else could bring back the case. There are also larger issues in the region that may weaken Kenya in the future. The Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea future political and economic alliances are shifting the geopolitics of the regions from the Bantu side of east Africa ( that were his words not mine, usually I do not like using Bantu or looking down any human being) to the Cushitic side of the Horn. Besides, the economic growth that is expected in the horn is centred in Somalia and Ethiopia. In other words, Ethiopian an tapped population and the business know how of the Somalis. So, they trying to chew more than they can. Galbeedi: You did visit Kismaayo last month with members of the donor community. Tell me about the city and people. Halane: You know you and I hail from Western Somalia to Jigjiga and there are certain western ( Galbeedi) accent we share from those who come from Godey, Qalaafe and Somali zone in general. To my surprise, all the people at the hotels and other places I had met had Galbeedi and OG accent of Somali zone. I haven't heard any Jubba area accent. Anyway, everyone was friendly and the city was safe compared to Mogadishu.. Galbeedi: what do you think the fate of warlord Ahmed Madoobe?, is it the end of the rope for him or is he a survivor? Halane: The Farmaajo government had mobilized the local people of Kismaayo. There are no Gedo candidates this time but local native OG and others are empowered to oust him. Traditionally, Somalis do not re-elect leaders and Madoobe is not an exception. All of the other candidates are opposed Madoobe. He doesn't have any alliance. Most of the men who took over Kismaayo were either trained by Kenya or were members of Cabdi Illey Liyu police. THey might be tough , but are disliked by the local people. The time has come for the local Somalis regardless of clan to choose their leaders. Unfortunately for him, he is neither from KIsmaayo, Qooqaani, Gedo or Bu'ale. Galbeedi: how about if he refuses to hold and open election or refuses the verdict ? Halane: The international community had told him already about holding free election and the Somali government had issues guidelines for the regional election. He gas no choice but to hold an open free election or economic sanctions will cripple him. Kenya is pushing him to confront the federal government. Galbeedi: do the regional governments been squeezed by Farmaajo or it is the other way around? Halane: It is all about money and who controls that money. The regional governments had appealed to the American ambassador and other donors to receive aid money directly from the donors instead of through the federal government. Despite the fake promises made by the donors, the Somali government drew a redline and told that everything must go through them. Last week, Puntalnd leader Deni was told by the donors to do their process and needs through the government. That is why he is talking tough this weak. Galbeedi: I know you support the government, but do you think this reclusive guy Farmaajo is turning the tide against the Kenyans and other foreign nations? Halane: Government policies both economically and geopolitics take shape slowly. It is difficult for the regular people to notice, but Somalia is gaining traction in the world stage and the region. The international community sees Somalia as a nation that had survived through thick and thin. I know you are Ethiopia phopic but real cooperation will bear real fruit soon. People had to be patient. That is all folks. Hearing this stories made my day . I think we have cornered the Kenyans and might even defeat them without even firing a bullet.
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    Oo falkaasu miyaanu Ethopia iyo Kenya colaysiinayn? Galbeedi bahasha bun ka dhin!
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    lol. If you are trying to sniff tribal lineage, waad wareeri saxiib. You didn't answer the question. Gabadhu ma reerkaa, as in your family? BTW, Mr. Alba is a talented black man. Let us stop glorifying whiteness.
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    Why release them, they will be captured again tomorrow. We know these people are experts in fadhikudirir not actual fighting. Muse bixi should just roll through to Garowe to finish this pirate land once and for all.
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    Every new administrator of Pirateland lost territory to Somaliland: I wonder just how much territory is Deni going to loose
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    Bro, they don't care about Somalis n their livestock. You should know these Arabs, they operate with zero logic
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    I see less smiley faces and more words ( I have not bothered to read them) I must say congratulations. You have moved up from a petulant child to an annoying teenager. continue.
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    The Abiy group in the Oromo are terrified that the Amxara and Tigray might get together, because some Amxara are calling for that. Its amazing what people say when desperate or scarred. Every regional leader, every Oromo minister of defense..are all making statement. Help was offered and made public, from Eritrea. That will be the ultimate humiliation for Tigray if it happened, but Abiy just made a statement that he rejected Eritrea offer. Next should be Farmaajo. Its a bit funny. Tigray wants Oromo and Amxara to go at it. Oromo wants Tigray and Amxara to go at it Amxara wants Tigray to stay neutral or even help. Tigray has the most all round capacity in administration, security, military and experienced population and also most unity in comparison to anybody. galbeedi, The fighting in their border is Agew and Amxara, but the Amxara do not want the name Agew mentioned, so they say Agew is fighting for Tigray therefore they prefer to call it Tigray.
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    He was from a family of poets from both father's side and mother's side. His own maternal uncle was renowned Ismaciil Aflow.
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    June 17, 2019 For Immediate Release On June 17, 2019, more than 28 years since its closing on January 5, 1991, the United States reopened a permanent USAID Mission in Somalia. Establishing a USAID Mission in Mogadishu is an important milestone in the deepening U.S. development partnership with the Somali people, made possible by the Somali government’s commitment to meaningful reform and re-engagement with the international community. Establishing a Mission also underscores USAID’s commitment to supporting the people and Government of Somalia to maintain momentum in their Journey to Self-Reliance. The USAID Mission, led by Mission Director Jeffrey Bakken, will work closely with the people and Government of Somalia to advance peace and stability, strengthen institutions, and work together towards a safer, more prosperous, and self-reliant Somalia. Office of Press Relations
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    All that generic and harmless drivel you’ve spouted above is music to my ears, Saaxiib. I have indeed been known to possess the ominous reputation, and the necessary forum skills to have caused many a spastic buffoon like you to get so unhinged that most SOLers can’t help but cringe with disgust at your puerile and effeminate replies when challenged. In any case, sxb, there is no need for you to act like a deranged caged baboon at a zoo who flings its excrement at the patrons of the zoo, whenever it feels a slight push back . All I said was, neither Farmaajo nor Axmad Madoobe have the wherewithal or leadership abilities required to get re-elected, nor should they. Now, if you are able to refute the truth of my assertions in here, then by all means do so without resorting to further perverse turpitudes. But if you cannot, I shall have to chalk it down to the trademark dimwittedness inherent in the dangerous consumption of expired caanoboore ...lol
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    Yac. And no 0G will come to their aid and the pirates will be making deals with you guys. I look forward to that day.
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    your a woman who only succeed in talking nonsense, anaga reer iljeexs will never respond to your women folks with useless talks but the very violence that made you moan all over Somalia ''yaa tolayeey, yaa ***'' when we corner you into oblivion massacre as the operation nus-qiyaamo.
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    No massacre took place in pirate land. We know this because they surrendered when they saw afweyne coming their way. The massacre in Somaliland is real because it is documented, you can even see it on Youtube. pirates rewriting history again to suite their agendas.
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    سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Great news for reer sanaag and PL . after garacad port project , Laasquri is next. Bari sanaag is becoming booming state within PL. congratulations to our brothers and sisters in sanaag .
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    A grandmother has lost her taxi accreditation after she racked up close to 30 traffic offences and asked a blind passenger for directions. Melbourne taxi driver Hawa Add, 69, has been banned from driving after repeatedly being caught speeding, running red lights and failing to restrain a child. She has faced court eight times, has collected a total of 27 traffic offences and has had disciplinary action taken against her on three occasions. On top of her run-ins with the law, she has also drawn several complaints from passengers, at one point asking a blind person to give her directions, failed to use a GPS and refused to accept cash payments. According to the Herald Sun, Ms Add has been caught speeding 19 times, ran through red traffic lights five times, fails to give way and failed to use headlights. On one occasion she was even caught failing to restrain a child in the back seat. Since she began driving taxis in 2004, passengers have filed 21 formal complaints against the Somali-born woman. Passengers said Ms Add has insufficient knowledge of Melbourne roads, refused to help a vulnerable passenger with their luggage and asked a blind passenger to look out for street numbers. She also failed to use a GPS, was caught taking a longer route than necessary for short trips, refused to at times accept cash and on other occasions accept credit cards. Passengers also reported that the 69-year-old drove in such a way they feared for their safety and was abusive to customers, and other people on the road. Due to her long list of complaints, VicRoads conducted an inquiry into whether Ms Add should hold a licence, let alone be a taxi driver. In the inquiry, a psychiatrist recommended Ms Add undertake counselling or mentoring to improve her customer service and driving. Her cab driver accreditation was first suspended in 2013, and she was forced to do a taxi driving course as well as a customer service course. Despite the training, passengers continued to complain and in 2015, Ms Add was warned serious action would follow if her behaviour continued. Ms Add had her accreditation completely cancelled in 2017 following further complaints. Victoria's Commercial passenger Vehicle Commission declined to reinstate her accreditation, forcing Ms Add to turn to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. She claims to be 'courteous and helpful to customers', assisting them when reasonable, and said she was unfairly treated by both the commission and her customers. Ms Add, who is a mother of seven and grandmother of 12, has since lost her income, which she used to help support her children. Secretary of the Australian Muslim Social Services Agency Adam Mohamed wrote a character reference saying Ms Add was good mannered, honest and responsible. Despite the glowing reference, VCAT senior member Anna Dea refused to reinstate Ms Add's accreditation. 'Even if I assume some aspects of the complaints might reflect misunderstandings or exaggerations, the volume and seriousness of the complaints indicate to me that Ms Add's communication style is not satisfactory for many passengers, and that at least some passengers feel unsafe in her vehicle,' Ms Dea said. 'The similar nature and content of the complaints about Ms Add are of concern because they indicate Ms Add has unsettled passengers many times to the point they feel they need to contact the relevant regulator.'
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    Lol how true that is, but I also suspect that he might flee to Nigeria and die shamefully in the very same toilet seat his disgraced uncle died on. Indeed apples don't fall far from it's tree.
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    We know you are actually not Jubalander. Go help your jeegaan.
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    Your argument would have made sense if Somalia was a sovereign state that was in a position to secede and not secede territories, The last true Somali State was the Ajuran Sultanate which kept Oromo and Portugal at bay,
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    Sister, You can say what even you want and even kick me if you want. What else can I say about Somali women who are above and beyond others than " Gobsana Hablahayagu.
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    Ahmed History begins with maxkamitii, and that was only time Somalia felt sense of stability and peace. since then he was fighting with alshabaab.
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    Ciidamo Somaliland Ka Goostey Oo Puntland Soo Dhaweysay
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    This villa Somalia clique don’t know their backside front their mouths. This is a signal that they will crawl back to Nairobi. Uhuru Kenyatta will be the master of Afweyne2
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    Amiin Caamir mar kale usha wuula helay labawajiileyda Soomaalida naceyb:
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    I know a place near kismayo called lafaha ***. We know you snakes verry well. Doolo is not Galkacayo. Lets see this so called governor take his post.
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    Lies. It is settled by OGs. Reer puntland waa dadki daaq ku yimid. They were welcomed but now it is time to send them back.
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    Mudane Cirro - even though I don't really agree with his secessionist aspirations - seems a decent qunyar socod siyaasi in Soomaaliya. Qof macquul ah Soomaalinimadiisa ka cararo ka ma'aha, cuqdadka kama arkeysid hadaladiisa iyo kala fogeynta ummadda Soomaaliyeed. Qof iska hadla ma'aha sida muqalistiyaasha Feysal Dhurwaa iyo Muuse Marqaan. What is his history, Saalax? Jabhadii SNM muu ku jiri jiray? I don't think so.
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    Ahahahahaha. Waa soomanahay waa iga qosolsiisay. It is another kaadida waa iska dhaqaa laakiin xaarka waa isku walaaqaa a.k.a baqtiga ma cunee fuudkiisaan cabaa.
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    You risked nothing. Most of the casualty were OGs. You turned tail as soon as things heated up.
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    You kicked him in the balls Haatu kkkk. Good one. These rats want OGs to fight while they sip tea and sell our people. That story is over. Let them fight. We will sit and sip tea. It is by OGs blood for the last 100yrs that they are free in their lands.
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    Dahireeto, People with American, Canadian, European, African and other passports came through these airports; that makes these airports international

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