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    Ina Amina Boqor, Dont get emotional, we call the above qosol gariir. I am merely pointing out the inherent contradiction in your calaacal. You keep invoking the constitution, the same constitution that rejects the borders you claim for your Dhbyaco-land regional statelet All I am saying is, if you want the bad boys of Mogadishu to stop treating you like Mudane Douglas treated Amina Boqor, then you need to drop the constitution chat and come up with a better argument, that or accept the constitution in full, and with it the notion that "Federal Member State boundaries shall be based on the boundaries of the administrative regions as they existed before 1991". You are in a pinch, maybe send a few Amina-Boqor-like deal makers to Mogadishu to gain the favour of your USC tormentors? You've always been good at that
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    @galbeedi Somaliland Wins: 1. Somaliland demanded that for the talks to go ahead, they should not be left to Somalis alone in a meeting room. Rather, the IC community needs to be there as mediators and guarantors of the agreements. This has been checked [tick] 2. Somaliland demanded the talks be held as equals Somaliland and Somalia This has been checked [tick] 3. Somaliland demanded the talks must be between representatives of Somalia (what used to be Ex-Italians Somalia) and Somaliland. Checked [Ticked] -------------------------------- The following are still being discussed ... 4. Implement of previous agreements Somaliland says all the previous agreements need to be implemented before any serious talks can be opened about other more important issues. Somalia wants preconditions for those agreements. The mediators are on the side of Somaliland. As also tweeted by Turkish Ambassador, when he questioned about the faith of previous agreements. 5. Agreement on debt relief and World Bank/IMF new loans Somaliland is aware how the agreement between Somaliland/Somalia regarding the Airspace was one of the reasons why the UN ICAO handed over the Airspace back to Somali hands. However the Somalia Government backtracked from implementing the agreement. Considering that history of dishonesty from Mogadishu, any agreement with regards to WorldBank/IMF etc, will strong concessions on Mogadishu side attached to it. Whether Mogadishu walks away or not, that is not our issue.
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    Kolka xooluhu kugu mudaharaadaan, waa laguu yaaba. .
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    Photoshop wey dhaaftay markaan. Muuse Muqayil inay tuuji dhexda yaalo camal ku fadhiisiyaan ayee keeneen. Eebboow adigaa heybad dad siiyo wretched secessionist bilaa xishoodka u astur isku xaarkooda.
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    M0ooryan are those who left Baidoa to squat outside Mogadisho and who are cheap maids for hire whether by Farmajo or Alshabab to harm reer Mogadishu and their interests. I call on the above chief squatter to focus on his home and stop eyeing Xamar. Xamar belongs to reer xamar and not reer aflqaldan.
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    @Suldaanka why are you reporting on shootings, killings & murders in Muqdisho? Don't you know that the most serious of crimes has just happened in Hargeisa - a 17yrd old Poet was mistakenly jailed for a few hours? How can you think of anything else but what this poor young boy went through?!!
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    Excellent work @Suldaanka& @Amigosin countering the Somalilander hater's weak attempts at shooting down Somaliland's progress. Let him keep dreaming that Somaliland will fall apart so that can reunite with the hellhole down south.
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    We would like to see some evidence supporting that statement please Berbera is documented as a thriving port town hundreds of years prior to your Somali Republic. The port facility saw some development first by the Soviets and later the Americans, but it was in exchange for Berbera's strategic location, not a cent was paid by your "Somali Republic". In fact, the Somali Republic was an impoverished state completely reliant on international aid and handouts for all of its developmental projects, this is easily proven e.g:
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    LOL It is a level of sophistication one reaches as they develop. We know the Pirates fancy Somaliland, so I do see a future where Timodheer is looking for some lost bones.
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    Intay cararayeen ayay miskiin shacab ah oo meesha kalidii iska maraayay dusha ka mareen. Fuleynimo waa tan.
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    You mean the same constitution that limits boundaries of Federal Member States to "administrative regions as they existed before 1991"? Does this ****yaco read what he posts? Only when yoga-landers are given the back-of-the-hand treatment by the bad boys in Mogadishu do they remember to invoke the constitution. I am afraid it wont work this time.
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    Systemka doorasho ee lagusoo doortay Deni muxuu ahaa, one man one vote muu ahaa Mise 4.5.
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    They cannot secede from koonfuria. The unity and territorial integrity of koonfuria waa muqadas. God bless villa AMISOM
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    This is a really good business in the right place at the right time, however it is not a cement plant which is the real deal here. A major cement plant in Berbera area together with a steel plant can do a lot to accelerate the economic growth of the country. We need to lay the foundations of strategic industries which can kick start industrialisation and economic development. These industries include the two I have already mentioned plus energy generation (the most important one now), light industries, logistics, mining, agro industries, fisheries, banking and finance, telecommunications and IT, consumer goods, travel and tourism, and hospitality. We have sufficient funds to develop all these industries but what we lack are local investment banks where the savings of our hardworking people could be put to use.
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    Undoubtedly. Somaliland owes a huge debt to Sheekh Jawhar. An absolutely giant within the history of Somaliland. In my opinion, he more than anyone else is responsible for engineering the lasting peace Somaliland enjoys to this day. His influence at the Burco, Sheikh & Boorame conferences, to name but a few, can never be overstated. There are only two other men for me who come close to him in that regard: Sheekh Ibraahim Sheekh Yuusuf Sheekh Madar, and the Somalilander that I revere the most, whose whose picture is my avatar, Xaaji Cabdi Waraabe. Those three should absolutely have a monument dedicated in their honour.
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    EU type isn't bad but not now maybe in a few decades time. When we can sign good trade deals agreements.
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    This only proofs that all the successive governments in Somaliland never had the economic development of the country as a top priority. During Silaanyo's term Dahabshiil wanted to rebuild it but a certain clan in Saaxil came out in force and stopped it!! I don't blame the clan at all as there is a lot of rivalry and suspicion amongst our people but the Silaanyo's government and those before him should have developed a national investment bank where any investor in the country could deposit funds and buy shares in any publicly owned business enterprise in Somaliland. That way we could have had not only the cement factory rebuild but also developed many other industries including power production, steel, mining, agriculture, fisheries, consumer goods, etc, growing the economy and reducing unemployment in the process.
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    Do not worry. There are no sport teams in Somaliland. WE have the minister of sport, yet nothing to manage. Since Muuse Biixi showed up in 2017, there were no " Ciyaaraha gobolada". When I talk about stagnation, I am talking about the lack of creativity and imaginations. What does it take to set up a Football league in Somaliland? Even the yearly " Ciyaaraha Gobolada" was canceled when the Burco team brought knifes to the game. You could call the REd Seaa League, or whatever. You can have two teams from Borama , four from Hargeisa and and son on. Get ten teams and play. They might have anti youth policy which might bring young men together and share things.
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    Cadnaan, Muuse Muqayil iyo his trolls tacsi ayaa u taalee musbaarkaa ku riixeysid ka dhaaf.
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    Waryaa wa xanuunsantahay shubankaga meesha kala tag. Since when did I become Khaalid Foodhaadhi?
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    I'm old enough to be your daddy, little boy. So hush up before I put the cane to you, you ignorant little miscreant Also, I don't taking lessons from vile, disgusting weasel like you who calls a distinguished, educated Somali woman like Dr Edna a "Sirqad". Unlike you, I don't just take the words of ranting old men as fact, I require evidence before I believe something. Edna and M.X.I Cigaal (AUN) were already divorced by the time he was languishing in Afweyne's jail, and she had remarried to an economist. So your stories about her are nothing more than the toilet water that streams from your mouth. Read the Lancet article about her (Transformation in Somaliland: Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, page 5), which proves you to be nothing more than a lying rat. In fact, most people believe it was the Maakhiri "flower girls" who were not only partying with the Somali Ministers, but also providing "relaxation" services to the Kacaan. No wonder you want the Somaliweyn days to return, your women have been "out of work" for too long.
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    Muse bixi is the winner here. Independence is closer today than ever.
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    1. That is the definition of Takfir - accusing someone and then asking them to defend themselves from your accusation. 2. You clearly have no idea what the saying 'pot meet kettle' means. In order for it to be applicable here, I would have to have been the one insulting the others first. That didnt happen.
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    Critical thinking was never your strongest suite. If your “source” told you the above then I would have to say he is also an idiot.
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    You can buy likes or dislikes in their thousands. This video had 22k views and 50k dislikes at one point. Looked engineered to me.
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    I had never seen a more thin-skinned, paranoid, oversensitive and fearful than this this jaad addicted Muuse Muqayil. Siyaad Barre, the bogeyman wretched secessionists accuse daily of cross human rights violations had never behaved anything close to this.
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    Soomaliyeey toosooy waxay ula jeedaan baarlamaanka waxaa ku jira khaa'imiin Kenya u shaqeeya.
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    They were singing the same song for afweyne while mortar shells were landing in Villa Somalia, telling him everything was fine.
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    "Inaad fashilantay sow ma ogid" Soomaalidu waa belo. LOOL And as usual a headless chicken sings 'Soomaaliyeey toosooo'
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    From 2014 to 2016, Djibouti’s external public debt-to-GDP ratio ballooned from 50% to 85% with most of that debt owed to China. Today, that figure has skyrocketed to more than 100%. Lesson learned, Look on the bright side Somalia houses all manor of the rainbow coalition, and its a beacon of well something. Made in Taiwan has a ring to it. Glad you have been to China though
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    Where inspiration dies along with its people, imitation thrives it seems. Blimey just recently, I remember seeing an edited video of the Berbera Corridor being claimed as the Afgooye road. Next the new Berbera Airport will be dubbed the Baraawe Airport ver2.1 and the expanded Berbera Port will be Hobyo Port.
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    Waa nìn yar oo dhiiri galin u baahan cid walba layskama xiro
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    Lol. Somaliland holds Tukaraq - your calaacal won't change that. That is where the story ends. In the words of President Muuse Biixi - “If they want war we are ready. I will teach them the lesson that I taught Siad Barre” from your own ICG article . True to his word, here he is visiting his troops at Tukaraq in Nov 2018, 6 months after Somaliland took the town.
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    Love it. With ever increasing traffic, better roads and more people travelling these sorts of hotels/restaurants will flourish. Fantastic work.
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    Suldaanka is probably a card carrying member of Kulmiye who usually coordinates their efforts in the internet. WAxa uu qeyb ka yahay kooxda " Internetka" ee dadka seexinaysa.
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    At some point, someone is going to have to think about the poor souls of innocent citizens within Somalia. It is clear that it isn't going to be what masquerades as the "government" that "represents" them, so perhaps a UN Trusteeship is a remedy worth trying. It can't be worse than what's been happening the past 30 years. It certainly can't be worse than having AMISOM raping and pillaging their way through the country at will.
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    This has nothing do with any ideology or any form of desire or vision. Because if it were, after 30 years we do not see anyone of them showing any glimmer of hope to realisation of that vision or ideology or whatever you call it. But the ultimate reason is pure 'xasad'... geedkii madaxa la kacaba inay kurta ka jaraan ayay damacsanyiin. Which is why it will never get of the ground. It reminds me of a story that was shared with me by my brother who resides and works in Abu Dhabi, while visiting that country. He said, Abu Dhabi has a sea food market where both living or frozen sea food products are sold. One of the things that caught his eye one day was the 'live lobster' market. He said the lobsters from Europe or even Africa or Australia were all placed under covered containers. Whereas the lobsters from India were left uncovered. When he enquired why the lobsters from India are left uncovered, the food stall owner said "Whereas other countries lobsters would help each other scape the the container., those lobsters from India pull each others 'legs and they'll never get out of the container'. Kii is yidhaa meesha ka baxso lugtay ku soo dhegaan. I am sure the Indians stole those lobsters from Somalia's sea.
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    On another note our ow MMA and his cousins also scored big in Djibouti. When the discussion started the last day, the Landers kept talking about refrendum iyo laba dawladood baan ahayn iyo nsheekadii Hargeisa, Nimankii reer Baydhabo way is eegeen markaas yidhaahdeen. Ma Fadaase. Adeer dastuurka la raacayo waa kii lixdabki , ' Hal gobol oo soomaaliya ayaa tihiin sida koonfur galbeed". The norther boys said, " Dad aanan na garanayn ayey noo keeneen'. I hope oue MMA will be in the next meeting. Somaliland : we were British 60 years ago. MMA; British who? I thought you were misguided Somalis (Qaldaan). Somaliland: Waar meesha inaga wada. MMA: Waa idin Sugaa.
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    It's always on the table that's why the koonfurians try to stop these talks. The final solution will be total seperation. Those in the bunker know it the and the US UK EU know it to.
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    This was nothing, this was caused by few Mps from PL n Jubba land, THEY were excising their rights but not in good way. Next time they need to be kicked out. IF they want to speak, they have right to, but not causing chaos. The important thing is President handled well and has not melted like Deni did when asked simple question

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