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    Secessionists markee dhabta arkeen magaca Soomaaliya ku qaraabanaayo. Waa sheekadii Samaale ku qaraabtaan markee kululaadaan, marka kalena Ibnu Haashin.
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    Tallaabo, This Laascaanood conflict was actually brewing for many years, it just surfaced after the death of the young politician Hadraawi. It also has roots to Jigjiga Conference where the Garaads declared Armed conflict. So, it is very unfair to blame this on the response to the protestors in December last year alone. Anyway, the issue right now is not about that at all. The conflict has expanded and today every Daarood clan has brought their clan melitia to Laascaanood. Our job is to make sure we defeat them once and for all.
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    Forgot about Pland. The 32 old ciidanka qaranka was chased by Raxmo Yariisey.
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    Farmaajo uu aflagaadeyn jiray, when this Dhurwaa met him in Biljam in 2018, he was very timid. My family knew his wife's father in Baydhabo. He was a wadaad sheekh ah masaajid Baydhabo ku yaalay ka ahaa sheekha. He didn't want his daughter to marry this alcoholic. But she insisted. Dowladii Kacaanka uu maalin walba caayo, it was this very dowlad u shaqeyn jiray and lived public housing owned by Kacaankii, Afrikaan Filaj (African Village). Relatives lived there and knew him as well.
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    It is escape mechanism, madness from facing real hardwork, his time will Finnish, him flying around, and now he s oppsessed with extension. Nothing is being done, Somalia Waa ayaan daran, what in the world were they thinking to select this fool again
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    Already calaacal without seeing a single second of his coming warbixin:
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    Muse Biixi now blaming Nuux Taani for his abysmal murderous adventures, whom he dismissed, and is no longer in charge. Ina Bootaan now placed in charge as the Supreme Commander of the armed flying special forces of the blessed Republic of SL. Whilst on the other hand, SSC Leadership Council is busy with: a) Humanitarian initiatives, and b) Post conflict strategy in Las Anod.
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    Xirooyinka xoolaha ku yaalo dhulalka saxaraha look better than these so-called 'military bases' these marqaanheads vacated. Muuse Muqayil achieved the treble: 1) - Exposing their decades-long lies about victimhoods iyo waa nala xasuuqay. Iyagaa wax xasuuqi today and witnessed by Soomaali oo dhan. 2) - The secessionists lies of the only 'peaceful democracy' region in Soomaaliya to achieve elusive aqoonsi. It has officially died and buried deeply. Muuse showed beesha caalamka ee caabudaan what Waqooyi truly is. 3) - His militia is nothing more than drug-addicted marqaanheads. Imagine kuwii afka duubnaa haddee weerari lahaayeen hoteel Hargeysa ku yaalo. It would have taken a month to remove them, if at all.
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    The lives of many more Somalis (on both sides) can be saved but the menace in Hargeysa is not receptive to any reason and he is surrounded by yes man.
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    How's it they become such easy targets? It seems like they are being killed at will. They were playing soldiers for 32 years, no real fighting experience.
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    Are u saying the the nabaddiids are doing a good job do u know how many men they lost two days ago in the war .u should hear their cry
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    The war needs to conclude quickly and shouldn't overreach. It would be wise not to indulge in talk of conquest. The goal is to expel secessionists off to H@rti territories. That's doable and is a clear objective. Heavily armed young men in one place for too long is never good idea specially in Somali context. And I hope both groups understand prolonged conflict will mean introduction of foriegn troops. No wants the North to resemble the South.
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    Operation Clean Up went side ways. Now he is searching for new explanations and revised target dates. Give him another month, he will still be saying everything is fine and on schedule.
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    This guy is becoming a legend.
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    Yes, it is called 'qaraw', being pawned, and MS freely squatting on his psyche. Afkiisa iyo dhagihiisu isma maqlaan, as every other sentence contradicts the preceding one.
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    Reer LA can't and shouldn't share any form of governance with the secessionists.
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    Nac-nacda baraha bulshada. Mike Tyson is quoted as saying "Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth.” from then on, it is about survival. You have not seen much of what Somaliland Army is capable of, but you will see if the current IC brokered talks break down. You are talking about Commanders, the Somaliland Army if they so wished they can go to Garowe and capture Deni himself.
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    I was visiting my family in London this time. My brother central London igu soo wareejinaaye and after we got close to Bush House, he asked me if I want to see Beenbeensii Soomaali meesha laga xukuma. Haa iri. Iyadoo warkii galabnimo la aqrinaayo ayaa dhex tagnay qolka. Warkee aqrinaayeen maalintaas heshiiskaan ahaa. I think I met qof la dhahaaye C/risaaq oo warka tabinaaye iyo mid kale magaciisa ilooway. Noo soo noqo waa ku wareysaneynaa lahaayeen maadaama aan Xamar ka imid markaas.This is the photo I took:
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    Rooboow trying to sell dalkugalkii xajka vy naming his brother and associates members of this unnecessary guddi. Why even have this guddi other than siphon lacag from poor xaj-goers. Wasiir Roobow oo magacaabay Guddiga maamulaya Tartanka Adeega Xajka ee Sanadkan Wasiirka Wasaaradda Awqaafta iyo Arrimaha Diinta Xukuumadda Soomaaliya Sheekh Mukhtaar Roobow Cali ayaa magacaabay Guddiga Tartanka adeega Xajka sanadka 1444/2023. Guddigan ayaa kala saaraya, soona xulaya Shirkadaha la siinayo Qandaraaska inay Xajka geeyaan Xujeyda Soomaaliyeed oo lagu wado inay ka bataan 10,000 Xaaji. Wareegto kasoo baxday Wasiir Roobow ayaa lagu magacabaay 9 xubnood oo ka shaqeynaya howshan, waxaana xoghaye looga dhigay Nin la dhashay wasiirka. Xubnaha Guddiga ayaa kala ah: 1 - Maxamed Haji Ibrahim Cali Xilka Gudoomiye 2 - Ibrahim Robow Cali Xogheyn 3- Shekh Cali Shekh Mahmuud (Sh Cali Dhere) Xubin 4 - Cabdinuur Macalin Maxamed Xubin 5 - Xaji Maxamed Kheyrow Aadan Xubin 6 - Xamdi Cabdirahmaan Ismaaciil Xubin 7- Aadam Sadiiq Maxamed Xubin 8 - Dr. Khadar Xaji Daahir Xubin 9 - Yuunis Cismaan Axmed Xubin
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    How come Laascaanood does bot have a garoon diyaaradeed, even a little airstrip malaha. Almost every degmo, much smaller than Laascaanoo, has an airstrip now. Did secessionists sabotage it? Come to think of it, secessionists only use the renovated airports dowladii dhexe built in Hargeysa iyo Berbera. The rest of degmooyin in Waqooyiga malaha garoomo yar yar xataa. Boorama malaha, kan Burco looks more like a mooro than a garoon. Ceerigaabo iska iloow.
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    Doolar, dirham, shilin, riyaal, my friend. Farmaajo didn't pay enough and was too confident. Shariif does not pay nor had enough. Kheyre iyo Deni are the biggest losers ugu shubeen and received nothing back - in the name of Farmaajo ka carar. In fact Kheyre's tol qeylada iyo cabaadka ka dhamaaday because dowladaan kama dhex muuqdaan as they were in Farmaajo's ee raa'isul wasaare ku lahaayeen.
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    They really angered many people for many years now. The last few days hundredth of Ogaadeen and Geri fighters from Warder region arrived in Buuhoodle. They said we don’t come here to go to Laascaanood. Locals convinced them to stay and wait for directions. Huge bloodshed may stopped. They underestimated the new reality in Somalia Pennsylvania and overestimated their capacity. The secessionist may signal unification talks as well. The game is over for now.
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    ^if true, great news, to stop the bloodshed Muse knows that secessionists project is unattainable, and they milked it for sometime. He is trying to protect himself and family from international criminal court
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    Somaliland army accused of war crimes in Las Anod, says Parliament Speaker HIIRAAN.COM Las Anod (HOL) - Somaliland Parliament Speaker Abdirisaaq Khalif Ahmed has accused Somaliland's President Muse Bihi of obstructing all efforts to bring peace to Las Anod.
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    In 15 days, the blessed Republic lost the following towns: - Laascaanood - Taleex - Xudun - Boocame - Widhwidh - Tukaraq - Kalabaydh And they are now 40+ km from Oog, and 70+ km from Caynaba. That is some tiger style winning ala Charlie Sheen, but hey who is counting. And now we hear ina Bootaan has been relieved of his commission, and replaced with C/llahi Suufi. Let us see what magic lotion he serves.
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    Lol … Baboon Xoofto is cackling about peace talks…lol Why on earth would you wanna have peace talks with a community whose clan elders, youth, women and children you’ve been calling terrorists? Might it be the thrashing that this very same Darawiish community has been giving your hapless,helpless and hopeless h@bros that is making you change your tune? Waryaa, suunka dhuuqso, rag baa is guraya!
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    When secessionists non-stop marqaan sessions u fadhiyeen for the last three decades, garaadada were being trained in modern public relations, methinks.
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    Waxa igu yaab badnaa dad dagaal ku jiro oo haddana marqaan session u fadhiyo, as high as cirka. They are seriously marqaanheads. I guess it starts with Muuse Muqayil.
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    Af waakoo mey liki aamee Soomaali ku maahmaahdaa. Sheekadiisa waa baqtiga ma cuno fuudkiisaa cabaa. He should resign immediately from baarlamsan ku sheega guddoomiyaha u yahay if he is serious.
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    My prediction came to pass. Today SNM forces were forced to vacate Tukaraq and Gambadhe. Stay tuned.
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    It is surrounded by fresh arrivals from Sanaag & Mudug with Nugaal boys already in position awaiting the green light.
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    Held accountable indeed, and thanked in person once convicted for war crimes.
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    How is ssc not an sl issue when ssc lies inside somaliland makes no sense u can oppose somaliland independence but to say ssc issues do not in love somaliland is being disengenous. Ileen ssc dayaxa kuma taale
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