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  1. Ma ina Cumar ayay adoon ku sheegeen!!! Adoonku waa ka aan xorriyadda haysan. Carabta yuhuud ayaa u talisa markaa in loo sheego weeye inay iyagu adoomada bani Israaiil yihiin.
  2. Dalmar1 Do you think beesha Galmudug has the alliances and numbers to kick Mr Cheese out of Xamar? Perhaps you should seek the support of the MPs from the beelaha Somaliland. Remind them of who this Cheeseman was in his previous political life when he was doing the propaganda war for Afwayne in Washington DC. Tell them that Mogan is in town advising Mr Cheese and his sidekick. Tell them faqash is reinventing itself in Mogadishu and should be stopped.
  3. Tallaabo

    Mohamed Haji Egal was a alcohol drinker

    Lol😊 nice poem I don't understand why you waste your time replying to an individual who clearly has some challenging mental issues. Just go back to the pages of this forum few years down the line and you will not fail to find this poor man completely engrossed and obsessing about something entirely different. I think his condition has a name or some combination of letters in the medical literature.
  4. Tallaabo

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    😁 For the nomads eating kalluun is like eating creepy crawlies. It is "beneath them". I guess farming is also anathema for the nomad given that only a fraction of the starving population volunteered to move to the south and the east coast. They probably preferred to die a nomad whilst waiting for the rain to come than become southern farmers or fishermen.
  5. Tallaabo

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Depopulating the North was not the only answer. He could have resettled the nomads along the coast and then introduced to them a lifestyle where they fished while supplementing their income with their nomadic tradition and also a bit of farming in the mix.
  6. Tallaabo

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Oodwaynoow, Somaliland is not without assistance or friends. It also receives many millions of dollars in aid. Also its government collections millions of dollars from the hard pressed public every single year. Indeed, every year without a fail, tax collectors(gangsters) from the Hargeisa municipality come to my mum's home and on many occasions removed the metal doors of the gate just because she either forgot or was a bit late with the payment of the annual property tax(baad). Now tell me what has the governments of Somaliland done in all those thirty years? Ceelkeebay qodeen?
  7. Tallaabo

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    No one is blaming the people but the So-called leaders who today run different sections of the former Republic will be and frankly should be measured against Siyaad Barre and the other politicians of yesteryears.
  8. Tallaabo

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Maakhiri has a point. Siyaad Barre, no matter how much he is loved or hated, was more effective than any other Somali leader before him or after him with the exception of Maxamad Ibraahim Cigaal. Cigaal built Somaliland's government institutions before he died. Other than these two men, no politician has ever left any tangible legacy in the Horn of Africa. Somaliland was rebuilt from scratch and is today more developed and prosperous than it has ever been, but this is not the result of any government intervention. Rather it is the hard work and entrepreneurial skills of the public.
  9. Tallaabo

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Maakhiri Siyaad was not a bad leader in the first half of his presidency. In fact, he was better than most of the leaders we had before him and those we have now, but unfortunately his actions in the later part of his rule cemented his legacy as a failure and the architect of a national disaster. If only he did things differently and not listened to the unashamed tribalists of his clan, we would all better off now.
  10. The funny thing is, Morgan will probably advise the dwellers of AMISOM bunker to take on Somaliland militarily when he himself fled the front line with his dear life and in a cowardly manner.
  11. Tallaabo

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    Please explain to me how one clan elder represent the diverse views of all his clansmen? As with all the communities across the world, if a section of the village is impressed by candidate A and the remaining people are in favour of candidates B, C, D, etc, how will one elder reconcile all those differing views?
  12. Tallaabo

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    I can understand spending money on the madax dhaqameed and the other power brokers in Garowe and elsewhere but what will the ordinary man and woman in Puntland gain from this horse trading? They can neither vote in this "election" process nor have any other say in this matter, do they? How will the cash being spent in this political market trickling down to the small man in the villages?