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  1. Alle ha u naxariisto marxuunka. Hargeisa and the rest of the Somali territories really need some more basic health care facilities.
  2. It is better if he established a profitable business for himself and not waste his precious time in Koonfurian politics.
  3. I am not aware of any crimes associated with the SNM but the clan militias which were formed after it in the 1990s certainly committed crimes.
  4. I wouldn't blame an entire clan, the blameworthy are only the individuals responsible for the wrongdoings. There are criminals from every clan including yours doings all sorts of nasty things and I am sure you wouldn't want to be associated with them. The responsibility for a crime whatever it is belongs only to those who commit it and those who support the crime and the criminals.
  5. Actually he tried to deliver what he promised to do but the methods he used to achieve his aims backfired.
  6. So you have the answer for that "simple" question? Go on tell us the answer.
  7. He is not a clown at all. There is money to be made in Xamar just for being a "hotel politician".
  8. Kuwa aad cadow u haysatid gartay laakiin bal noo sheeg waa ayo saaxiibka aad sheegayso
  9. I am sure such a scenario would have been a rare golden opportunity for Somaliland's ministry of propaganda For the AMISOM bunker it is "damned if you do damned if you don't" sort of situation when it comes to dealing with Somaliland.
  10. Koonfuria asked for this don't you think? For sure Somaliland is an unnecessary burden on Mogadishu's shoulders taking away so much attention and energy which could have been utilised elsewhere in the much suffering South. And by the way, no amount of vetting can dislodge such an entrenched 5th column
  11. That name change was absolutely unnecessary. The place was called Ceel Doofaar probably because of its natural history. If we study the town's distant past we might discover that it was a place where a lot of wild pigs used to get their drink. Moreover there is nothing offensive or un-Islamic about using the name of an animal.
  12. I thought it was not a bad idea until I saw the name of president Muuse Biixi in the mix and then realised that the whole thing is just one of those usual delusional day dreams of our koonfurian friends.
  13. At some point in the near future it is very likely the Israelis will initiate a diplomatic contract with Somaliland. How the Somaliland public especially the religious groups respond to Somaliland-Israel engagement will have to be considered. I think Israel was already the first country to recognise Somaliland in 1960. Why Israel should care about Somaliland M-JPOST-COM.CDN.AMPPROJECT.ORG With the changes in the geopolitical context of the region, knitting together Israel, the UAE, Greece, Cyprus and...
  14. What is Faysal doing in this meher? If it was my meher I would go out of my way to hide it from this man or employ AMISOM mercenaries to keep him out.