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  1. The sad and embarrassing fact is how quickly the shameless Somali politicians were mentally colonised by the Xabashi starting with Siyaad Barre who signed away the entire Somali Galbeed just to get handed over the SNM militia of that time. Probably no nation besides ours ever voluntarily surrendered to its neighbour and rival.
  2. Do you think if politicians are confronted like this everywhere doing politics would be the hugely profitable business it is today? If all our nabaddoons and fellow citizens were like this gentleman, we would be putting billboards everywhere advertising a growing number of vacant xildhibaan positions.
  3. Waan ku salaamay mundane Oodweyne. Dee ninkani olole ayuu in badan ku jiray markaa waxaan is idhi kolay marduuf jaad ahna a ahaatee wuxuun ayaa la siin but I guess I was wrong. If I was him would rather do a voluntary job in my local charity shop.
  4. Adiga wax makusoo gaadheen mise tacabkaagii wuu khasaaray
  5. I think the best way to learn the language is to go back home and spend sometime with your relatives.
  6. There is nothing wrong in eating these protein rich insects. Would you try insect bread? - CBBC Newsround WWW.BBC.CO.UK A bakery in Cheshire has created a loaf of bread made out of crickets.
  7. They are at home given that Hargeisa and Berbera are by now a majority Oromo cities.
  8. As usual the comments in Ilhan's Tweet is sickening. But I really like the way she infuriates the fascists
  9. Instead of killing unarmed civilians they should have come for Mr Muuse. Nobody will shed a tear for him for sure.
  10. There also needs to be a serious spy network on the ground. Al-Shabaab should be infiltrated and exposed.
  11. Yes indeed they should have done this ages ago but better late than never.
  12. I think it is a rumour. Farmaajo can not just create federal states out of thin air.
  13. It is good to learn that you are not a gaal (God forbid), so tell us what is your problem with Islam? The philosophy thing you mentioned above does make much sense to me. When disbelievers and sinners are burned in hell they will turn into a dark mess- a human charcoal, and not into shinny orange Donald Trumps.
  14. Galbeedi I have no issues with using the hadith literature for studying history but we are not allowed to use them for religious guidance. Indeed Almighty Allah commanded the prophet to follow only His revelations to judge and teach. Just take a look at your beliefs and rituals and tell us how many of them are rooted in the hadith books and have nothing to do with Allah's revelation.