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  1. The so called government of Somaliland must be the most useless in the world (they are certainly the most ignorant and corrupt). If they failed to build even a village clinic for the suffering people why are they now robbing hardworking people of their businesses?
  2. I was hoping Mr Muuse and Co would at least quarantine travellers in a dignified and professional way but apparently I was wrong. Now this airport should be shut down immediately. It is jeopardising our public health. No more useless politics around it.
  3. They are in the grip of shaydaanka of course.
  4. Mudane Oodweyne, is it really necessary to be vulgar in your language? I think you are taking these fadhi ku dirir threads very seriously which is a terrible thing to do. Ninyoow dhiiga ha isku kicin ee is yar deji.
  5. The mag is exclusively for the koofiyad baclayaal, I'm afraid there will be nothing for the poor girl.
  6. Eight of those giant cranes can easily strip bare a loaded container ship in hours.
  7. In kabadan 50% dadka u dhintay cudurka CoronaViruska dalka Sweden oo noqday Soomaali WWW.HIIRAAN.COM Arbaco, Maarso, 25, 2020 (HOL)- Dalka Sweden, 50% dadka u geeriyooday cudurka Coronavirus ayaa noqday... It is thought congregational prayers at a mosque in Stockholm is responsible for the spread of the disease among Somalis. Now is the time the Somaliland government does the sensible thing and close all the mosques in the country.
  8. Most of our people are very poor and earn their daily bread from operating small stalls in the downtown markets. That is why I haven't called for the sort of lock downs implemented by the bigger countries. We need our own strategies and come up with solutions tylor made for our unique challenges. It is no use shutting down society for only two weeks when we know this pandemic is going to be around for months at least. That is the reason I am also against shutting our airports for any length of time. In my humble opinion, the only way we can reduce transmission of the virus to a manageable level whilst allowing our people to make a living is by implementing the points I have mentioned in my previous post, along with educating the public about the prevention methods and closing of all public spaces including mosques.
  9. One more point: the essential perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables, milk, and meat should be removed from the big central markets and spread across the city to stop the unnecessary daily commutes.
  10. Something should be done about our market places and soon. We cannot afford to have them operate the way they do during these very challenging times. They are way too crowded to be acceptable. One idea I have is as follows: 1. Divide all the businesses in the market places of every city into seven isolated sections and open one section one day of the week while closing the rest. A different section will then be opened the following day and so on for the seven days of the week. 2. Also divide every city and small town into seven sections and allow people in each of those seven sections to go to downtown for shopping only on a specific day. All the six other sections should be under curfew when it is not their shopping day and so on. 3. We really need to think out of the box. The world has changed and every country has got time and resources only for itself.
  11. These hand-washing facilities are very important but what about the chaotic press conferences like the one here and their real potential to spread the disease? Just look at those microphones on people's faces!!! How many hands have touched them? How much saliva on their surfaces? And last but not least politicians should practice what they preach and enforce social distancing on themselves.
  12. I don't think this has anything to do with China but has everything to do with a nation's capacity to control its airspace. If for instance Somaliland had an air force with the capability to intercept any aircraft, it could effectively close its airspace to international airlines and force ICAO to recognise it as a separate entity. If a capable air force cannot be found then at least Somaliland should develop the technical capability to jam all communications and GPS signals used by the airliners to turn its airspace into a black hole. This tactic can also force all airlines to take a long detour around Somaliland and thus have the same effect with ICAO. So until Somaliland gets such capabilities which I doubt it will ever have, Mr Muuse and Co should explore other options.
  13. I think it is really important to close all the mosques to all the congregational prayers including the Friday prayer. The Friday prayer can be conducted outdoors whilst putting significant distance between individual worshippers and thoroughly managing crowd movements. Somalis should use their brains for once and be creative to deal with this serious challenge.
  14. The predicted time for China to overtake the US is much shorter now thanks to the orange man.
  15. What is the point of banning few countries when the entire world is in the grip of the virus especially those countries and regions where most of the people going to Somaliland originate from such as the UK, UAE, EU, Malaysia, India, Canada, and others? It is much better if everyone who goes to Somaliland is quarantined for a minimum of two weeks. There must be no exceptions in this rule. Anyway, why are the mosques allowed to remain open at all? There is no need for anyone to go to the mosque for prayers when Allah gave us the option to do them at home. Common sense should prevail and the imams should take holiday.