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  1. Ask the displaced, starving, and abused mothers and children in the refugee camps of the south if they preferred to live in their green and pleasant failed and dangerous country or in the hot desert cities of Djibouti.
  2. 1967 only? How about we go back six years earlier to 1961 and to the failed coup by the young Sandhurst trained soldiers from Somaliland who were disillusioned by the fake "Soomaalinimo" of the corrupt to the core Koonfurians? What about the protestations by the Somalilanders about the unfair marginalisation of their region and even the poem by Suldaan Timocadde were he blasted the apparent discrimination of the northerners by their Koonfurian dominated government? By the way that poem was composed way before 1967. Do you think the Jesus clan of Djibouti we unaware of what was going on in the infant Somali Republic and the fate of the naive Northerners who were utterly uneducated about the ugly characteristics of the Koonfurian clan politics? I guess you need to come up with a better reason as to why the citizens of Djibouti were wrong to go their separate way and not give up their sovereignty in the name of an unprofitable and downright dangerous "unity" with a region which turned out to be ungovernable and unstable from the beginning.
  3. Anyone with a brain cell in their head would by 1988 understood why the Jesus clan of Djibouti made the wise decision not to give up their sovereignty and join a corrupt hostile entity in the name of a non-existent "Soomaalinimo" whatever that means. In my opinion if Somaliland didn't join koonfuria, a union between Somaliland and Djibouti could have survived or even succeeded.
  4. I didn't live in the South but have listened to a conversation by a maay speaking lady in the Talo iyo Tacab series of the BBC Somali service. Her dialect sounded different but when I paid close attention could understand a bit. Maybe af maay could be considered as the Somali equivalent of the Jamaican English. By the way, are speakers of Spanish and Portuguese understand each other? Af maay could be like that.
  5. I don't think Maay is the "original" Somali whatever that means but for sure I can understand quite a bit of Maay if I follow it closely in conversations and my lahjad couldn't be farther away from Koonfur Galbeed. I just consider it a mutilated Somali (by the way reer Mogadishu killed it). Coming to the word Waaq, it was the name we used for Almighty Allah and not a "god" as you alleged. I have no evidence that we were ever a polytheists in religion. Still to this day the Rendille people of Kenya who probably are a lost Somali clan worship Waaq and they are monotheistic in their beliefs.
  6. President Mustafe should have sent the Liyu police to defend the Somali people in Sitti region instead of sending them off to die for the Amxaara and lands they stole from the Tigrey people. What a twisted priority!
  7. The Afar people are now the only ones killing and maiming Somalis and burning down their towns. They should be fought against not defended.
  8. The US had been using its advanced predator drones against those determined arday but couldn't succeed.
  9. I logged in just to ask that same question. It would be much better for her carrier and prospects for success if she represented the United Kingdom instead of a not existent team.
  10. I think you meant to say late professor Galaydh Alle ha u naxariisto not Siilaanyo. The former president is still alive alxamdu Lillah. Reer khaatumo are now an integral part of Somaliland and its progress.
  11. Xaajiyoow ma waxaad rabtaa inaad kuwa bunkerka ku jira daartooda anaad ka bedelin magacaad ubixisay ee ahaa "villa AMISOM". Inagadaa kuwaa afrikaanka ahi ha ina dhaafaanee magicii ayay Soomaalida ka dileen.
  12. Do you know the reason they were transferred to Gabilay or have you asked the authorities in Awdal why the women were transferred from Boorama? Isn't it the right of the government of Somaliland to imprison its law breaking citizens anywhere in the country? Wasn't the kacaan regime you were part of not jailing Somalilanders in Mogadishu and elsewhere? And isn't Farmaajo who is your hero the one who arrested shiekh Mukhtaar Roobow in Baydhabo and jailed him Mogadishu? I guess the Bay and Bakool community are also under humiliation because their people are taken from their towns and jailed in Mogadishu.
  13. So you have counted them, right? And how will people's knowledge of how small Somaliland is change anything? Will the Koonfurians then leave us alone? After all who needs such an insignificant place?
  14. President Muuse Biixi is a legitimate leader elected democratically by his own people in a free election witnessed by the international community. So yes Muuse is a dawlad unlike the baboons in Mogadishu who cannot survive a day without the aid of a foreign muscle or money.