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  1. You are just encouraging him to be even more obsessive in trolling. I don't think anyone cares about the bullsh!t he fills on these pages.
  2. Lasscond? Where is this destination of yours? It sounds must be a lovely place
  3. There is no need to cancel Somali internal political issues because of some Arabs. Let us not give them any importance.
  4. Clan federalism will probably never work. The only political system which will sure work and which I will have no problems supporting is an 18 federal states with minimal interferences from an almost powerless central government.
  5. Actually Jabuuti cannot compete with Berbera in this business as animals from koonfuria have to travel even farther to reach Jabuuti.
  6. Indeed most animals come from other parts of the Somali territory but geography and logistical capacity is on Somaliland's side. Boosaaso is farther away from Jiddah and the animals from there usually reach Jiddah in a poorer condition. There is also a capacity issue in Boosaaso now and in the near future. I am not sure about Jabuuti though.
  7. Of course they don't care about Somalis whether they are Koonfurian or jeegaan. But the Saudi government will be forced to the negotiating table when their interest is on the line.
  8. The government of Somaliland made an excellent decision not to export livestock to Saudi Arabia this year. In every hajj season, Somaliland sends millions of animals to Saudi Arabia for slaughter as part of the hajj ritual. No country in the world can fill the giant shortfall in the supply chain which will soon emerge when Somaliland is no longer sending livestock. The hajj ritual of millions of pilgrims many of whom paid their life's savings to fulfill their religious duties will be in jeopardy and Saudi Arabia's reputation will be on the line. The political fallout for the Saudi regime for a chaotic or failed hajj season will be huge, so Somaliland should keep its feet firmly on the ground and just watch what happens.
  9. Indeed the Somali over there might not even notice any economic hardship except for a slight reduction in the salaries of the Liyu police and politicians. They might quickly replace their reliance on Addis Ababa's budget contributions to taxation from the gains of unhindered trade with Djibouti, Somaliland, and Somalia. But that is only if the Somalis there maintain some unity and order and don't quickly get on each other's throats as well.
  10. This is the habashi version of Somalia's centralisation-federation drama. I see it going nowhere.
  11. When the Somali people take steps forward on the path justice, Almighty Allah might remove a lot of the difficulties which blighted our society for decades. Justice and prosperity go hand in hand. The most prosperous societies in the world today are also the most just where the law of the land is applied equally. Until the rich and powerful in our society are held accountable just like the poor and the weak, we will continue to suffer insecurity and hardship. May the Most Gracious plant the seeds of taqwa in the hearts of our people.
  12. To be honest with you, in this and other videos of him I see not an average Somali politician but the closest thing we have to a Somali Ayatollah!! A shrewd politician, a soldier, a religious leader, and a public speaker all in one. It is interesting Axmad Madoobe is not the first Ayatollah like character from his clan Although the first one was not helpful in the least. Given that the Jubbaland leader has made his agenda clear and is asking for the constitution to be respected, what was actually the reason Villa AMISOM could not get an agreement in Garowe?
  13. I wish we were that strong or protective of our interests but hey it doesn't cost anything to daydream.
  14. You have gone completely off topic with baseless accusations and trolling. Those killed in the battlefields of Sool are Puntland's foot soldiers and so are legitimate targets but if as you claim president Muuse has a case to answer regarding violations of human rights, then bring your proofs and present them in front of the international courts as Somalilanders are doing right now against the kacaan era criminals.