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  1. Che you have underestimated the power and influence England would still have as an independent country if the United Kingdom breaks up. If you take a look at England's share of the population and GDP of the UK, not much will really change for England in a break up scenario. However, the same cannot be said for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The economies of these smaller nations depends entirely on that of England.
  2. Waar gooni Ramadan Kariim. Arrintan aad sheegtay runta kama foga laakiin sida suuqa deg deg loogu baneeyo waxa ka fududaan lahayd in shacabka lugu dhaho Farmaajo ayaa madaarka Hargaysa kasoo degaya. Wax alaala wixii kab dacas ah iyo mafiiq taalay waa la boobi lahaa oo madaarka ayaa loola yaaci lahaa.
  3. Waar Xaaji, I thought Somaliland's sovereignty was based on the will of the people of Somaliland. If that is still the case then there is no need for hostility towards our brethren in koonfuria. Yes their politics is despicable and you can call them out for that anytime but remember that the only thing distinguishing the people you called doofaar from those in Hargeisa are the artificial borders we chose to mark and guard. In other words, if the Koonfurians are doofaar then the Hargeisans aren't daahir either. There are neither angels nor devils on either side of the border but just Somalis with different politics and political aspirations. President Muuse can talk to president Farmaajo on the phone any day or meet him in person somewhere and such connections will not harm Somaliland's political agenda if it is based on the will of the people.
  4. Che thiz tragedy was very predictable. Hargeisa is a city of drug addicts where officially the only vehicles allowed to move at excessive speeds with no regard for public safety are the narcotics delivery vehicles. Even ambulances carrying dying people get stuck in the chaotic streets and no one cares.
  5. Waaryaa Che have you nominated yourself to become SOL's war correspondent? The Western leaders are yelling about this invasion of Ukraine as if their own near past is clean of any sin. They should be gently reminded that it was not long ago when they invaded and destroyed Iraq- a sovereign nation and a UN member state. Russia protested that unprovoked Western aggressions at the UN Security Council but no one heeded their outcry.
  6. And who will give such an opportunity to the thousands of young jobless graduates from Somalia's universities?
  7. A collapsed Ethiopia is in no one's interest. Somaliland and Puntland can hardly deal with the hundreds of thousands of Oromo migrants currently in their territories so if Ethiopia collapses due to a full blown civil war and millions cross the border, we are finished.
  8. Aren't the Somalis organising and arming themselves or are they oblivious to the dangers around them?
  9. Is it the Ugandan military or the administration in Xamar who is carrying out the sentence? Normally foreign soldiers are persecuted by their own military tribunals in their own countries.
  10. I don't think those towns and territories can be defended by wishful thinking. Either the Somali kilil government has to put boots on the ground like the other qoomiyado are doing to defend its citizens and land or find a peaceful solution to the conflict to save lives.
  11. If he has never heard of "blue economy" then he has no business being a PM. Moreover, he or any other minister should never sign any international document without consulting their lawyers and expert advisers.
  12. Very unfair for Ramla but two Somali guys won the marathon silver and bronze. Unfortunately neither represented any of our territories. Congratulations to them.