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  1. If its true that the federal army is siding with the canfar, then the FGS and Jabuuti have a responsibility to transfer arms to the Liyu police and the other Somali groups fighting for their survival.
  2. Che, are the Liyu police involved in this conflict or is it only the Jesus clan? The whole Somali region should should get involved in repelling every incursion made by the expansionist Canfar and Qotti forces.
  3. Lost territories? Who gave you those territories? Xaaji, why can't you be serious for a moment? Laascaanood was with Somaliland for a while because most of its elite wanted to be with Somaliland. There was never a widespread support for Somaliland in Laascaanood and the Garaad clan was mostly unionist. Please tell your clearly insane adeero to leave these people alone.
  4. I know the Iranians are Persians but what I am talking about is how the Arabs are so loyal to their Zionist and Western masters to the extent of aiding the accursed people genocide the Palestinians.
  5. Jordan which gives Isreal full access to its air space when Israel carries out its regular attacks on Syria, participated in a coordinated shooting down of Iran's drones and missiles along with the US, UK, and France. Honestly, I don't know what to make of these Arabs. Arabs are always their own worst enemy.
  6. Can you see a certain name in this report? A true devil in human form!!
  7. The so called Brics are just a collection of talking heads with no real economic, security, or political interactions between them. India and China are both members but couldn't be more different from each other in their geopolitical alliances. If China succeeds to solve the issues in its property market and gets back to the high GDP growth it got used to, it can eclipse the whole west.
  8. I like how the Western people are now waking up to the dark reality that they are ruled by the Zionists, that they have been lied to, that they have no real values, that they are brainwashed by the zionist media, that they have no real power, freedom, or democracy, that their "elected" politicians don't care about them, that they are second class citizens in their own countries, that the Muslims have been right all along, etc. What the future holds is interesting indeed.
  9. Waar waxba ha werwerin. Tani waa bukaan socod aan dhiman. Xudurka haya ayuunbay iskala guurguuran laakiin way iska noolaan.
  10. WorldRemit is no longer his company as it is now owned by other foreign shareholders. Its business is also largely concentrated outside of the Horn of Africa. However, if this interference with the air ambulance is true, this kind of antics by Mogadishu will surely complicate the already deteriorated relationship between the two governments.
  11. The only thing I endorse at the moment is the complete and speedy removal of tyrant Bixiye and his corrupt regime. They are far worse than any administration anywhere in the Somali territories. As for the "walawayn ideology ", I believe it should be upto the people of Somaliland to accept it or reject it, and in making their choices they should be free from intimidation and threats by the establishment.
  12. Acuudubillah, waar maxaad noo xasuuqday. Over 30% of the population including myself were born and remember living in a united country. I can assure you non of us have any desire or plans to die anytime soon for ictiraaf.