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  1. The Farmaajo devotees want to see the creation of a slave army which can be ordered to do the bidding of the failed dictator in Villa Somalia. They would love to see soldiers who when ordered to kill and maim their own people wouldn't think twice about doing so. In simple words, they want the recreation of a f@q@sh army. Thank God, not all the young Somali men in uniform are as gullible today as they were in our dark days of total tyranny.
  2. These ignorant soldiers are being used as propaganda tools by Farmaajo. Why would any decent man serve the personal interests of a politician? It is one thing to defend a country against an external enemy but there is no honour in being a slave to a corrupt power hungry regime. I have more respect to those soldiers who left their ranks and joined the opposition.
  3. Tallaabo

    The Qatari

    I don't really understand why Qatar would want to engage Somaliland now given that it has been close to Mogadishu in the last few years and Somaliland so openly sided with the UAE/ Saudi Arabia in the recent Gulf squabble.
  4. I don't think it is unreasonable for a government to remove foreign trouble makers from its jurisdiction to preserve its internal peace and security.
  5. The Hargaysa bridge you see in the first video is at least 4 storey high.
  6. Absolutely, the sheer volume of the water in these seasonal rivers can fill giant lakes in a matter of hours.
  7. True it wasn't long ago when we heard of biyo la'aan ba'an from Gedo to kililka to Sanaag.
  8. Well Puntland has the right to control its borders and deport any alien they deem to be a threat to their national security although I believe Coldoon poses no danger.
  9. With the large number of Somali elders dying these days it is becoming an urgent need to preserve our language, history, and oral culture in a digital form.
  10. In Africa dictators have realised they need each other to survive.
  11. Only a week ago, the Nigerians who can not secure even their school children from kidnapping came to Mogadishu to milk the AMISOM cash cow. So Xaaji you are right, the African mercenaries are going no where.