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  1. Islam is abused by the tyrants, hypocrites, terrorists, and the infidels because of the vast man made literature called xadiis peddled as divine law. As long as the Muslims rely on these books for guidance instead of the holy Qur'an, there will be no end to the abuse, misery, and confusion.
  2. Xaajiyoow koonfuria isn't stopping anything. What you call the "will of the people" has nowadays turned into the will of only the accursed kleptocracy. Nowadays, there is absolutely nothing the average Somalilander gains from Somaliland's separation and this is not the fault of Farmaajo or any other Koonfurian. It is exclusively due to the failure of Somaliland's political elite. Just think about this: Somaliland has been independent of Mogadishu for almost thirty years now and still today our politicians are fighting over the composition of the electoral commission!!! They don't even pretend to be working for the interest of the people. Its all about them and their personal interests. In those thirty years nations including China and India have become superpowers and indeed in the nineteenth century it took about three decades for feudal Japan to develop into modern empire. So what future has this inept and out of touch kleptocracy got? On the contrary, I think life would be much better for the masses if a deal is reached with Mogadishu. After all, what is the purpose of breaking away if we have all the problems associated with koonfuria in Somaliland. Tribalism, daylight robbery of public resources by politicians, clan conflicts, religious extremism, etc. Actually, koonfuria is now more democratic and free than Somaliland. Remember our parliamentarians have now effectively turned what was supposed to be their five year term into a lifetime job.
  3. Che the guy has a point. Tuugtu way kala ilbaxsantahay, kuwa Somaliland jooga waa cawaan qaawan oo kale.
  4. Soon or later Xamar will inshaallah shed its violent image and then those who abuse its name will have to find some other place as a propaganda tool.
  5. Kenyan teachers place Somaliland school on the global map WWW.BUSIWEEK.COM At the heart of Somaliland capital Hargeisa, Kenyan teachers are hitting the headlines, thanks to their performance...
  6. Do you think the Americans are unaware that Somaliland is just a smaller version of southern Somalia with just as much corruption, nepotism, mistrust among clans, violence, tribalism, religious extremism, etc?
  7. He is certainly out of his depth, reduced to a mere protester, and is equally responsible for the unfortunate mess there.
  8. And they can still safely rely on their clan's unwavering support. I guess this is the root cause of all our troubles.
  9. Accusing a Muslim of wrong doing without a proper evidence and wrongfully tarnishing a Muslim's reputation is a sin according to the divine law of Allah and is not a matter open to our personal opinions.
  10. The spreading of rumours and this kind of unproven allegations about a fellow Muslim will be recorded in your book of deeds and will get you into deep trouble in the Day of Judgement. Repent before its too late and abandon this bad habit for your own sake.
  11. Mr Muuse just named a military man to be Somaliland's police chief!! What is he trying to achieve with these misguided decisions? Dictatorship? Or perhaps the destruction of Somaliland which is the only thing becoming clearer by the day. Somaliland may not survive Mr Muuse's presidency and will become yet another example of how qabyaalad destroyes societies and systems.
  12. In waqooyi the 'clan' is a popular deity locals and their salaadiin worship more than five times a day. It has striking similarities to hanuman- the hugely popular monkey god worshipped in India, as its adherents are encouraged to do monkey business in basically every social, political, and economic affair.
  13. Image: Drug addicts gather in the street in "Cracolandia" , a rundown ... IMAGES.APP.GOO.GL Found on Google from gettyimages.com
  14. You are not defending corruption, are you?
  15. What can useless drug addicts build? All they think about is their next fix. May Allah help us.