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  1. You are not defending corruption, are you?
  2. What can useless drug addicts build? All they think about is their next fix. May Allah help us.
  3. They could be new arrivals from fucked up ex communist places like Hungary and Slovakia who came to beat the Brexit deadline. The real British folks are too civilised to stare at those who don't look like them.
  4. With some difficulty I can sort of tolerate the corruption reported from other departments but this one stinks. It is so disgusting!!!
  5. Unlike some of her previous speeched which were very objectionable, this interview has no wrongdoings in it.
  6. Xaaji the whole of Somaliland is in prison physically and mentally. Muuse is ruining Somaliland, Coldoon is not.
  7. Waar Suldaan bal ukaadi. Garoonkii Hargaysa ayaa todoba diyaaradood oo sadex qoroqoro yihiin wax ka badan loo waayay markaa kan Berbera ma shimbiraha badda ayaynu soo fadhiisinnaa.
  8. Maakhiri waa luggooyo miidhan. Inta uu rag caruurtooda u shaqaysanaya jaahwareeriyay ayuu hadana diidan yahay inuu gacanta jeebka geliyo.
  9. Indeed that UAE military base had very little support among the Somaliland public. Everyone thought that the Emiratis were getting everything very cheap. The opposition parties and most people thought that what the Emiratis promised to pay Somaliland in exchange for the military base was not worth the risk to Somaliland security. If the military base became operational, the Houtis and their Iranian backers would have probably bombarded Somaliland by now.
  10. Iska daa beenta badan qof waliba wuu ogyahay in baarlamaan Tukaraq koonfur ka xiga oo Somaliland wax u diidi karaa aanuu jirin. Somaliland ma aha Southwest State oo doqon waliba u talin karo.
  11. Soon Ina Biixi will have no airport to fly from if the stories of delays amd chaos from Hargeisa airport are true. I have been told that because whoever was responsible for the airport sacked all the competent staff who were doing great job and replaced them with reer miyi aan magacyadooda qori karayn, even the Ethiopian airline flight was delayed by over two hours!!
  12. Che, Somalis in the United Kingdom matter the most here. The totally unpredictable and Islamophobic American government under Trump might support Kenya in this resolution. Therefore, the UK and France with their veto power can stop this if their governments are alerted to the dangers of this UN resolution.
  13. Give the guy a chance; there is nothing funny about his appointment. I don't mind even a 15 year old for we are used to having 60 and 70 year olds bilaa maskax ah oo noo talinaya.