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  1. UK, Denmark and Netherlands approve agreements with Somaliland Government on critical infrastructure to improve people’s lives - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK The new agreements, supporting projects on roads, agricultural systems, water facilities and fisheries, will spur...
  2. It is great to do business with Taiwan but I think we should be protective when it comes to fishing. We have to look after our own fishing industry.
  3. I think Mr Muuse will have to now convince the commies in Beijing that this is all about just business and nothing else. The Chinese are awfully sensitive about Taiwan.
  4. They cannot secede from koonfuria. The unity and territorial integrity of koonfuria waa muqadas. God bless villa AMISOM
  5. What a genius statecraft you must be I suggest you pack your suitcase, leave your frozen Tundra refuge behind, go to Sool and Sanaag- regions you are such an expert on, and set up a federal state there on behalf of villa AMISOM.
  6. This is a really good business in the right place at the right time, however it is not a cement plant which is the real deal here. A major cement plant in Berbera area together with a steel plant can do a lot to accelerate the economic growth of the country. We need to lay the foundations of strategic industries which can kick start industrialisation and economic development. These industries include the two I have already mentioned plus energy generation (the most important one now), light industries, logistics, mining, agro industries, fisheries, banking and finance, telecommunications and IT, consumer goods, travel and tourism, and hospitality. We have sufficient funds to develop all these industries but what we lack are local investment banks where the savings of our hardworking people could be put to use.
  7. "inta afsoomaaliga ku hadasha" is actually a patented trade mark of Dr Faroole isaga ayaa jiniga ooda ka qaaday markii uu madaxwaynaha Puntland ahaa oo villa AMISOM hirdi isla dhacayeen
  8. Have you got some exclusive information about the future from the Almighty since you are making such a claim so confidently?
  9. This is beyond ridiculous. Indeed Koonfuria is in dire need of common sense and decency.
  10. Rabbi ha u naxariisto marxuumka ehelkiisana samir iyo imaan ha siiyo. I believe in the last decade or so the authorities in Somaliland lost the plot and were misguided to believe that they can police people's thoughts and beliefs. Somaliland does not exist by the will of a dictatorship but by the conviction of its people. Instead of trying to control the public opinion the government should do what they were elected to do in an honest and transparent fashion. No one will go against a government which is corruption- free and serves public interest but unfortunately we never had such a government in Somaliland.
  11. This only proofs that all the successive governments in Somaliland never had the economic development of the country as a top priority. During Silaanyo's term Dahabshiil wanted to rebuild it but a certain clan in Saaxil came out in force and stopped it!! I don't blame the clan at all as there is a lot of rivalry and suspicion amongst our people but the Silaanyo's government and those before him should have developed a national investment bank where any investor in the country could deposit funds and buy shares in any publicly owned business enterprise in Somaliland. That way we could have had not only the cement factory rebuild but also developed many other industries including power production, steel, mining, agriculture, fisheries, consumer goods, etc, growing the economy and reducing unemployment in the process.
  12. This is such an irresponsible thing for the president of the county to do. We are in the middle of a dangerous pandemic yet this man is encouraging the ignorant people to disregard their own safety and clap for him crowded tightly in their thousands. It means all the measures they put in place to control the disease including the closure of schools and mosques are less important than "the parade of the president". No wonder why Somaliland is now epicenter of pandemic in the Somali peninsula.
  13. Still no development of the Berbera cement plant? As there is no shortage of funds in the country to build that factory, the ridiculous clan rivalry is in the way I guess.
  14. Yeah the politics section became like that one tea shop in an abandoned village where travellers stop by now and then to catch a breath and get a word or two about the happenings of life. Without it SOL would be like those excavation sites which once upon a time used to be busy towns.
  15. Is he really dead? This is disturbing and will forever paint Puntland in Nazi colours.