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  1. ^You're grasping at straws here C.yare guy is just a clown trying to gain favors with Damjadiid cartel. For 5 years .CYare was beyond reproach on the opposite view of greater shared Somali interests - now he's a HAG mouthpiece, who controls 99% of the country's security apparatus, all govern resources, and International donor funds meant for all Somalis
  2. I do admire your empathy in using such words as tragic, occupation & subservience in describing the status of every Somali region in horn. Unfortunately, its lost cause - at its root waa a rotten society that worships Qabiil & kinship and detests any form of justice - nothing to do with bad leadership, or foreign meddling etc Before that Amhar soldier shot and killed MP Juweriya, I knew nothing about Jigjiga or Somali region's control over their own land - did little research on the place - surprisingly, its no different than Gaza Strip. Banks/Airports/ key private and govrn institutions are all manned and controlled by Amhara's, with little or no Somalis - even farmlands that surround Jigjiga are almost all under Amhara's control - even Somalis movements are observed there. Yet, there're endless Dhaanto / Dirgax o hadana Dirgax songs coming out of the place every few weeks, as if Somalis own/run a kingdom there.
  3. Agreed, CCW is /was always an outsider, another thing is, he's a skilled orator/Codkar. Gaal dil gartina sii. Lakin, he's the worst of them all, Damjadiid might be all corrupt - But what is more corrupt, than shortchanging Somali ocean for $$, which Kenya used his own signature as evidence at the Hague - it's also, an open secret that he's UAE agent and has been since the Gulf dispute b/w UAE and Qatar, His main issue, waa He's rotten at the heart with zero integrity - as an example today he stood in front of parliament and said Sadiq John (his cousin, Who carried out the operation) is innocent/forgiven, while Farmaajo is a criminal - as a result the parliamentarians shamed him with their vote
  4. This guy went off the rails, after getting 15 votes in May 15 election. desperate and will do anything to get $$$ Who asks their companion "Record a vid of me, while I am Circling the Ka'bah for the drought" - Dude, sincere prayers aren't supposed to be advertised on Soc Media I am beginning to realize "Moryaanimadu' waba Dhaqan - no matter when/or where
  5. ^^ This morning, 50 Containers of Bariis is already gone to Bakara Market. The UAE Amb actually said it was 100 containers.
  6. yea, HSM does not give s$t about being shamed for asking money from Uganda's Museveni. The Irony, its same Museveni who makes millions from his Troops in Somalia since 2007 They're around 20,000 African troops in Somalia, Uganda has the most with nearly 8 Thousand. Each Ugandan Soldier receives $828 per month - do the math. The EU releases funds to the African Union, which then transfers to Bank of Uganda directly to Museveni's coffers.
  7. ^Hold up HAG cyber propagandist. Raise NISA Salaries? where's this FAKE 'Increase' coming from? Even Since 91' Mahad Salad took over NISA - All Foreign Agencies have again set up shop in Mogadishu and started paying salaries as they were before Fahad Yasin clean them up...
  8. Puntland o buskut isku dagaashay. Hooyo Federal xage lo wataa - it was Farmaajo’s fault now HSM Next move, Puntland o xiirirka u jartay dawlada Federal ka ah “Buskut Dhiiq” dartiis. TPLF designed Qabiil federalism in progress...
  9. Waa ciidankuu lahaa Farmajo gatay, waana la layey. HSM isgaa mucarad iskugu filan
  10. MMA not sure why you would let this defaming thread stand against wasir Beyle's name. HAG Anarchists & SNM secessionists can't bring a single piece of evidence, yet you provide them a platform...
  11. ^^Reer or reer la'aan - Ma below baan Doqon nimo ahayn - He just posted below: 1000's Gabdho oo Walidkood xoog looga haystu kuleyhay shukaansi - oo Sida xoog loogu fuulo aan kaso dubayaa - Kan waa Doqonimadii oo wareye ah - This M*Fer waa Shabaab himself. Haduu wali Xayaysis u wadaa - Notice, he always writes in Somali, when it comes to his Al-Shabaab advertisement:
  12. ^^I just posted the same. QabiilNacaybka waxu ogadary Doqonimo...
  13. Noticeably there were ONLY two places that celebrated the naming of PM Hamze, Kismyo & Nairobi...