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  1. Community college education + Mory$an culture upbringing
  2. it must be said, Jaamac Shabeel, was the only guy who showed a wider perspective & predicted all that is happening now, including the civil war within Qaldaan Clan, he literally repeated that warning over the last 8 months
  3. MMA - Due respect, waa qaldantahay sxb. Didn't follow what was said on a previous thread, but this Qawdhan created an open thread who's aim and subject line is to insult & slander an admin. And you're here quoting Golden site rules/policy for him so he can change his behavior. Isaga iyo thread kiisaba meesha ka tuur - Reasoning with a Somali wa lost cause, Qawdhan cugdadaysana waaba the worst. Qashinkan mesha ka tuur
  4. Waba Harun oo 30 / 30 waraysanyo - dadka kuwan dhagaysanayo in 2023 wa dadnocee ah
  5. Emb. Maow of Saudi Arabia resigns. as usual here comes traitor @Maruf taking cover for HSM
  6. Somaliga Ma xishoodo - unless you punched them in the face & SNM thugs are the worst, Just look at what happened at SSC regions. Reer Awdal were disarmed along time ago, & are sandwiched between SNM thugs & That tyrant in Djibouti. Hope reer Awdal doesn't start uprising now - Boogina & Qalinkiina iska wata & Just wait it out, this Marqaland project is falling apart anyways, right in front of our eyes. Marqanland, will try to kill every woman/child in Borama, As they did in Lasano. It actually happened in Borama before - Just listen to Sheekh Xasan Daheeye, on what happened in Borama in Feb/1991, where SNM thugs massacred over 750 innocent people in just 16 hours.
  7. Mr. shabeel, waa the only wise Qaldaan out there in Marqanland. The rest will find out the harsh reality soon
  8. Rubin collecting $$ from Marqaanlaan again by his usual trash articles, pure trash. It's no wonder Marqaanld is disintegrating right in front of our eyes:)
  9. Marqaanlander accusing others for licking British empire's as** - crazy In 2023, the whole premise of your clan's attack on Lasano is based on your clan's nostalgia for the colonial British Empire
  10. A whole lot, not to cover here - and Not just the Sea/Airport, but a Fully foreign-occupied town. On the ground, Jubaland is just, a few thousand square feet building, aka 'Madaxtooyo' - with a One-man show for 'Jubaland' admin.
  11. He's literally selling the national army in front of everyone. HSM do yo' thang, sell it all I was in Kismayu, just 10 days ago. Anyone who saw what I saw there would recognize the facts on the ground that this Anarchy-cursed Nation is forever gone.
  12. ^You're grasping at straws here C.yare guy is just a clown trying to gain favors with Damjadiid cartel. For 5 years .CYare was beyond reproach on the opposite view of greater shared Somali interests - now he's a HAG mouthpiece, who controls 99% of the country's security apparatus, all govern resources, and International donor funds meant for all Somalis
  13. I do admire your empathy in using such words as tragic, occupation & subservience in describing the status of every Somali region in horn. Unfortunately, its lost cause - at its root waa a rotten society that worships Qabiil & kinship and detests any form of justice - nothing to do with bad leadership, or foreign meddling etc Before that Amhar soldier shot and killed MP Juweriya, I knew nothing about Jigjiga or Somali region's control over their own land - did little research on the place - surprisingly, its no different than Gaza Strip. Banks/Airports/ key private and govrn institutions are all manned and controlled by Amhara's, with little or no Somalis - even farmlands that surround Jigjiga are almost all under Amhara's control - even Somalis movements are observed there. Yet, there're endless Dhaanto / Dirgax o hadana Dirgax songs coming out of the place every few weeks, as if Somalis own/run a kingdom there.