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  1. With the large number of candidates campaigning to become Somalia’s next president, it can be difficult to distinguish various candidates from one another. So lets try to create and agree on a profile for the right Presidential candidate, maybe then finding the right person becomes easier me So what do you think should the core qualities, capabilities, capacities and skills that the ideal candidate he/she should have?
  2. You haven’t mentioned the candidate from MJ clan elected to Parliament from Sanaag. And other smaller non-Habro clans elected, even from Sahil region. Somaliland is more divers then before, even let alone the many candidates from smaller lineages elected and many laandheers who did not get elected in to Parliament, that is a big change that showcasing less people are voting less along clan lines and according to their favorite clan which opens the door tor a different kind of politics. And, yes Somaliland still has many other issues to resolve, but you have to admit we’re credit is due.
  3. They got 6 seats in Sool, the other MP is from H-clan not Duuriyada. Check your facts again.
  4. ‘Formally’ Somalia is a State, but in reality it doesn’t have the monopoly on force, and misses the underlying political legitimacy and social contract which are necessary fundamentals underlying the legitimacy of States.
  5. Galbeedi, Your assessment couldn’t be more wrong, these were the most positive elections that have taken in place in Somaliland history and have led to the most divers Parliament and Council’s. I don’t like to mention clan names but the Parliament is now more divers then ever, with more young people who have not voted along clan lines. There have been more non-Habro members elected in to Parliament then ever before, but you wouldn’t know that as you have been quite ilinformed and already taking a stand for without knowing the facts. Please check your statements before presenting them as facts. The only two factors that are justified here is to critique that no women were elected and the needs for a social and political contract between Somaliland government and Sool/Sanaag communities still remaining.
  6. These numbers don’t add up, the % increases of voters across regions and % increase of polling station doesn’t add up.
  7. Its strange that Somaliland ‘discovered’ after 10 years that they were being duped in these si called talks.
  8. [Xasaasi:-] Somaliland Oo Shaacisay In Xeelad Ay Sameysay Sooomaaliya Lagu Joojiyey Tallaabo Ay Waddamo Dhowr Ah damacsanaayeen. Friday 21st May 2021 09:27:21 Somaliland Oo Shaacisay In Xeelad Ay Sameysay Sooomaaliya Lagu Joojiyey Tallaabo Ay Waddamo Dhowr Ah damacsanaayeen. Hargeysa (Karin News ) – Guddoomiyaha xisbiga Mucaaradka ah ee UCID Faysal Cali Waraabe, ayaa sheegay in wada-hadalladii ay Somaliland la furtay dowladda Soomaaliya ay qadiyadda Somaliland waxyeelo u gaysteen. Guddoomiyaha ayaa sheegay in dowladda Soomaaliya ay adduunka ugu macnaysay wada-hadallada in ay yihiin wada-hadalo dib loogu midaynayo Koonfur iyo waqooyi. "Arrinta way beddeleen shakhsiyaadka kolba Muqdisho fadhiista ee dowladda isku sheega, adduunkii waxay ka dhaadhiciyeen in ay yihiin wada-hadalada lagu midoobayo” ayuu yidhi, waxaanu intaa ku daray "Inaguna awood aynu ku fidino nuxurka saxda ah maynaan yeelan” Faysal ayaa sheegay in wadahadaladu ay sababeen in waddamadii doonayay in ay Somaliland aqoonsadaan ay hakiyaan aqoonsigii "Waxay keentay in waddamadii u soo hanqal-taagayay ictiraaf keena la hakiyay, taasi waxay keentay in dowlad aan jirin la ictiraafo..” ayuu yidhi, waxaanu intaa sii raaciyey "Waa in ayu wada-hadallada joojinaa, dalkeenii waynu haysanaa, waa in aynu qadiyadadeena Adduunka ka iibinaa..” Faysal ayaa sheegay in Somaliland ay 2012 markale qaaday talaabadii ay Soomaaliyadii Talyaaniga ugu biirtay 1960 oo kale "Qaladkii aynu galnay 1960-kii ayaynu markale galnay 2012 markii aynu la hadalnay dal aan jirin” ayuu yidhi.
  9. Let’s hope for better days indeed, inshallah. Days in which we gain a better understanding of what public goods and public institutions are, in which we gain a better understanding of public interest, public service, public’s needs and listening to the public voice. Days that we will better understand what governance is and that it isn’t actually about gaining status, jet setting to foreign capitals, having selfies with diplomats, wearing suits and tie, and having meetings and staying in luxurious expensive hotels, and mimicking other countries. lets hope for those days inshallah
  10. How can you separate a government responsibility to provide security and rule of law to it’s people from the threat and terrorism by extremist forces that occupy large parts on the country? Fail to see your logic. Try again.
  11. This would be real progress if all residents in Bosasso could vote. It would be a spark of progress and potential game changer. Better then this nonsense publicly voiced by one of Somaliland’s politicians. Very shameful!!
  12. The Shabaabi’s are part and parcel of the Somali issue and problems, why do you think you can find a solution by ignoring Al shabaab and putting them out the ‘equation’. Extremism, Clannism and Anarchism are all symptoms from the disease, one can not ignore the causes and symptoms of it, and at the same time make progress and hope for a cure.
  13. Maybe finding a solution through dialogue and breakthrough solution with Somaliland first, could help changing the status quo in Mogadishu.
  14. Somali people have been entertained with the notion of diplomatic talks between Somaliland and Somalia since 2012. It’s a dead end road, neither side is serieus on the talks, has actually anything to gain from it clearly and neither have a technical agenda of what they want to achieve with these talks, except entertaining the public.
  15. Listen to this TEDx talk on lessons from dozens of civil wars studies throughout the world. Main extraction is that Leadership, Diplomacy and institutional design are the main pathways for Peace to ending conflict. And what happens in Somalia to end the conflict, its completely the opposite; -Leadership: Solution is sought in the same kind of ‘strong men’ that were the cause of the conflict in the first place, rather then reflecting what went wrong and what kind of leadership is needed that can pull the country of the conflict. -Diplomacy: Diplomacy is declared dead, with politicians consistently calling for more fighting and violence, language of diplomacy is nowhere to be seen by using blatantly harsh words that bring one another closer, rather then seeking unifying commonalities between larger groups, one mentions publicly divisive sub-clans and other actions that further widen the gap and polarize. -Institutional design: Instead of addressing the root causes of the Somali conflict (widening gap of social and economic inequality’s) through institutional design of the state and public goods, one center’s the whole conflict and institutional design around federalism and regionalism, as if the Regions of Somalia were in war with eachother. And rather then narrowing and addressing the distance between the leaders and the people, what do we do, the new ruling elite take seat in the same palace on top of the hill that is Villa Somalia, as if nothing happened in the 30 years of conflict. And then one is completely startled when they see how easily poor soldiers and poor villagers are being rallied to raid and attack Villa Somalia with AK’s and mortars by disenfranchised officers, politicians cq Warlords, Shababi’s, Foreign countries and whoever is willing to rally them to bring down the elite’s from their palace, as they are only witnessing another elite in power that is so self consumed with self enrichment, in their own little palace with their own little games, and have absolutely no impact or added value whatsoever for the people in the country. The little bit of NGO and donors aid reaching the people in the villages throughout the country, have and will provide a bit of aid and food support anyway, irrelevant of the elite’s in their palaces.