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  1. Deni looma dhiibi karo Qaran hadii wiilka adeerka u uyahay qaban kari waayo. Siyasada Somalida ayaa sidaas ah, marka hore reerka kasoo dhamoow oo eedo iyo adeero soo kala baxa.
  2. The second question on his background is justified but comes a bit late, as the man has been in the position for years now. Why didn’t it come up 4 years ago when he was running for the position?
  3. Farmaajo biggest achievement is that he freed Somalia’s politics from monopolisation by particular clan lineages, and made a lot of people feel included again and feel their voices count. For that for that he should be awarded.
  4. Nobody is supporting the IC agenda, but where is the government and its leader whose responsibility it’s to pursue agenda’s benefitting the Somali’s?
  5. Somalia has time and again agreed to every single UN motion for the last 15 years, in no point of time did one use the platform offered to come up with indigenous solutions and lobby for support, except uttering few unprepared empty words which the IC seems to entertain. Even if it’s true what you said, there are numerous countries in the SC that are sympathetic towards any real solutions, if one would actually come up with constructive plans. Somalia doesn’t even have real diplomats and technical experts. One appoints every few years a complete new cadre of inexperienced minions on all levels. Do you really think to influence the international community with few tweets and empty populistic words, that might work with the poor domestic crowds, but don’t expect to punch a difference on int level.
  6. How long has this terminal been operational, and why threaten to closing it if nothing will change. Lol
  7. Both EU and AMISOM have been there for nearly 15 years, UN mandates are renewed every single year for both missions. The government had years the time to come up with any concrete counter proposals and negotiate how Somalia exactly wants to reform or refocus AMISOM and EU mission, which they never have. This tactic of playing on electoral popularism and fake patriotism is getting old by now, what counts are concrete political solutions and actions.
  8. Don’t focus on personalities, and playing the nationalistic cards but try to counter arguments. Matt Brydens last article on Somalia was quite interesting and presented a unique perspective, and have not read a single piece presenting counter arguments.
  9. Experience seems to be overrated in the age of social media like hits.
  10. Not sure if talk is the appropriate solution in this case, Puntland authorities legitimacy is at stake and it’s monopoly on violence. Not sure what is holding Deni back, is it because he doesn’t want to spend any money on bombing the PIS place or is he from the shorter lineages of the respective family.
  11. In Somali’s clan(or family based) politics your first opponents will be inadeero, adeero, habiyaro iyo Eedo and without beating them you won’t can’t make any difference in the bigger equation.
  12. jiil cusub ayaa so kacay, oo xoogaha ka fikir duwan kuwa sunta afuufa. Barkhad wuxu helay codkii ugu tirida badneyd ee tariikhda Somali xildhibaan helay, taasna Jiil cusub ayaa u sabab ah.
  13. This is a test of Deni character and leadership. if he can’t solve and contain the mad family bullying and plundering the village, then we can’t expect much of him in Mogadishu either. P.S. any outcome in which the mad family retains position, property or standing in Bosasso, is a loss for Deni.