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  1. MMA, If the election process in Somalia was clear to everyone, there would be no fertile ground for creating “been abuur” as you are claiming. But fact remains election process is not clear, election date has not been set or clarified and many assume that it’s not a fair process either. Otherwise there would be no need to announce boycots by regions who have always so far enthusiastically participated in Somalia’s Political Election process. Could you react to that pls? And also pls explain to us why we are not seeing progression in terms of process clarity in 2021, compared to earlier processes. Shouldn’t one have learned, improved and showed progression from earlier times? What is the cause of this regression in political power play? Where is this heading to?
  2. MMA, the topic is arbitrary arrest. Your personal dislike for Somaliland isn’t really relevant for the discussion. What is your take on this subject? And is this something only happening in Somaliland, or is it also common practice across the region in Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya or Ethiopia? And if so, what effects does it have on the people’s? On the other efforts to create a region based on adherence to law and order and who’s people and government are law abiding? What image of the region will arbitrarily arrests create to the rest of the world, will it portray and create a sense of confidence, sense of trust and sense of security?
  3. To date It’s been 100 years since Sayid Cabdalle Hassan historic movement and legacy, and he entered the history pages. Even the westerns still remember him and mention him in publications and historic documentaries like this one here, why don’t we Somali’s do that?