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  1. Your denying soldiers died there, you deny they were left by their leadership, you deny hundreds got lost, were killed or taken prisoners? You have accounted for all the lives of the soldiers?
  2. “Aqoonsi will come end of the year”, just before the elections and will lead to people celebrating and the miraculous re-elections(daylight robbery). The script is that simple.
  3. As if festivities, military parades, dressing young people in military outfits and buying new weapons can change anything on the facts and realities and what has happened. Some people have really not paid attention or learned anything from history. If charades and parades could change anything, they would have saved Kacaankii in its last days from demise, no event was bigger then 21 October, bringing in the latest weapons, even planes and helicopters from foreign countries and millions of people coming out to see the show and distracting them from the political state and military defeats in the North, and did not change the state of things and neither did it prolong the authoritarian rule.
  4. And the lies and deception continues. I can’t imagine anyone in Somaliland listening to these lies or seriously considering taking part in their deceptive wars to distract and extend their rule. As if he reached any borders or captured towns to expand Somaliland. They have not captured a single town in Somaliland, and not reached a single border. It were always the local militias that were at the front and Somaliland expanded through dialogue and consent of traditional elders representing their communities. Never ever have they military captured a town or an entire clan. They need to stop with the distractions and be held accountable for the thousands of soldiers they abandoned, thousands of people killed, thousands wounded and hundreds in prisons. And need to answer for the clan based promotion of officers and clannish, divisions created. Someone needs to answer for the hundreds of millions of dollars the military gets in budgets every year for the last decades, they need to be audited and brought before a court to answer for these crimes, deceptions.
  5. Somalia backs AUC nomination against Kenya's diplomatic push for Raila Odinga HIIRAAN.COM Mogadishu (HOL) —Somalia's Foreign Minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi confirmed the country's determination to secure the chairmanship of the...
  6. You don’t have an agreement yet even nobody seen the so called MoU, not even Parliament has seen it. So there is no agreement that been agreed yet, neither has anyone seen it, nothing drafted so far, nor signed, nothing adopted by Parliament and Guurti or even enforced by both sides. And already wa hanjabisaa to Jabuuti and Somalia; over what exactly!? Thats why Somaliland has scored nothing so far; and is even in the loss here. There is not much to talk about, except this Ethiopian smoke screen created to distract folks from other domestic troubles. That’s why you also respond only to this topic and not to the many elephants in the room.
  7. For Galbeedi all politics is a zero sum game based on very, very narrow clan thinking and interest.
  8. Valid point, so it’s Ethiopia 2 - 0 Somaliland. That’s your personal view, which is interesting to know but irrelevant in this equation as it’s not about who is in the moral right or wrong, but I only scored the diplomatic relations between the countries and fact is that both the Djibouti Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance have stated in public media they felt Somaliland wronged Djibouti. Check their interviews, or read this publication writing that it was humiliating blow to Djibouti. Djibouti/Ethiopia : Ethiopian MoU sours Djibouti-Somaliland relations - 24/01/2024 - Africa Intelligence WWW.AFRICAINTELLIGENCE.COM Addis Ababa's offer to recognise the secessionist region's independence in return for maritime access dealt a humiliating blow to Djibouti... On Somalia, Somaliland re-engaged in the talks with Somalia (fact), it signed an agreement to resolve things through talks (fact), and then Somalia saw the Ethiopian deal as undermining the talks with Somaliland and its sovereignty (fact), and relations have since deteriorated even worsen with Somalia even recognising SSC(fact). So diplomatically Somaliland undermined its own effort and earlier intentions for engaging with Somalia. But perhaps the political advantages that played a part in Somalilands calculations are rather domestic, than its international relations and position. And I did not cover the domestic political advantages, but rather the regional dynamics.
  9. The diplomatic game score so far. Ethiopia 1 - 2 Somalia (1) Somalia might have thwarted the blatant land grap, 2) but for this it had to show and exhaust all its diplomatic cards, and 3) it gave much political leverage for Ethiopia to interfere with ease in own sovereignty. Ethiopia 3 - 0 Djibouti (1) Ethiopia sabotaged Djibouti’s peace and dialogue initiative between Somaliland and Somalia, 2) it has undermined Djibouti relationship with its western neighbour (Somaliland) leaving Djibouti to the full mercy of Ethiopia, and 3) Djibouti caved in to Ethiopia by renegotiating the agreement and giving reductions in the millions of fees it charges for the use of its port) Ethiopia 3 - 0 Somaliland (1) Somaliland shot in its own foot by seeking a diplomatic war with its only two neighbours, Somalia and Djibouti, with quite the political, economic impact without having anything tangible in return, 2) It dashed any hope of Somalilands resolving its status through dialogue with Somalia, 3) It will get practically for free any port, trade and military sea access without giving recongnition in return. Ethiopia 1 - 1 Kenya (Ethiopia gained compromises from Kenya the use of Lamu Port, Freezone area, perhaps even military base. While Kenya gained regional leverage in its mediation effort between Somalia, Ethiopia) Somaliland 0 - 0 Somalia (Both disqualified as they scored in the own goals, and are back to square one. with even less leverage, less trust and exhausted all political and public credit and energy without much in return)
  10. Galbeedi is soliciting for a job with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ma safiirnimo raadinisaa?
  11. From AMISOM to ATMIS, from UNPOS to UNOSOM to UN-Somalia office. It’s all semantics and won’t change nothing on the ground, Somalia as a state will remain a patient kept a life by the infuse of the int community.
  12. It’s a group of water officials who were having their an annual meeting in Jigjiga and went on a field visit to Wajale. Hardly has any political relevance.
  13. As a City Xamar could generate sufficient revenues to sustain its municipal basic service deliveries, however those revenues and aid you mentioned are generated not by or for the Municipality, but by the federal government and to main the administration and security apparatus. Without external aid, it won’t be able to sustain the Federal government and let alone the security apparatus which even go beyond the budgets of the Federal government (ATMIS). Yes, I think the FGS is a burden to Xamar and its economic potential. The politics, security, and bureaucracy required to maintain federal government in the City, is literally paralyzing mobility, civic engagement/ownership and developing any sort of economic potential Xamar has. If the seat of government (Ministries, Parliament and Presidency) were to relocate to another town or even develop a new town from scratch, would prove to be positive for Xamar as it would liberate the city from the chokehold it is currently in, and spark it’s economics. You could have the same kind of situation as Tanzania where Dar es Salaam is the economic powerhouse with much of the administration still there, but where they outsourced the politics to Dodoma as the seat of the Government. And many other countries that similarly have capitals seperate from the seat of government. I think this would even improve the political dimension and dialectics, if (Somali) politicians were to be put in closer proximity in a different more basic environment without too much distractions, facilitating more connection, communication and coordination. Think of having all political actors metaphorically together in a sort of more traditional Deegaan like environment under the ‘Gob’ tree, a sort of Taleex atmosphere, surely that sort of environment would help the dialogue and resolving of contentious issue. Somali’s say,’Garta geed ba lala tagaa’, and surely what Somalis need is a politics based on mediation, dialogue and compromise. Put people together for a few weeks in a rural environment, with the most basic of services and comfort, and surely it would provide the tranquility, modesty, connection and empathy needed to facilitate postures and mindset to resolve issues. Naturally, there are other factors at play that need to be taken in to account in order to make sound political, socio-economic decisions on these kind of structural and institutional design issue. the biggest 2 factors at play being; Reconciliation and Peace(Arsenal). This is just my reflection on things.
  14. Not sure where your going with your hypothesis here, do you mean Xamar as a city to generate revenues for municipal service delivery, or Xamar as in the FGS to cover its own budgets or Xamar as being an own FMS on equal footing with other States? But the coastal city has definitely the potentially to become a major tourist, trade and logistics hub surpassing even Mombasa and Dar es Salaam, and generate quite the revenue streams. But perhaps the economic potentially of this great city is being held back by the burden and cost of being the political capital?’