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  1. Again, this doesn’t belong in the politics section. This forum needs a special section for special mental and psychological cases.
  2. When u see a Somali overly claiming a region, you know they are definitely not from there. Wouldn’t be surprise if our friend here is actually from Mudug or Galgaduud.
  3. This is one understandable, having a personal medical doctor you can trust. Not everything has to be done 4.5. Let the President be treated by his nephew and let him bring his personal cook and driver, I don’t have an issue with that as they are working with his own personal domain and not part of making national policies.
  4. He did a lot of good work, nobody can deny that and you are right there are those with other motives in personally attacking him. And maybe I am missing something, but what I still don’t understand is, why the federal government(irrelevant which department is involved in the process) hasn’t submitted the annual financial statements to Parliament to settle and account for the previous years? This is one of the main and basic fundament in the business and cycle of governance and clearly mandated by the constitution in so many articles. Same as you have an annual budget for every institution and the government as whole, which is approved by Parliament you have at the same time an annual financial report that goes to Parliament. If It was submitted and Parliament rejected for political reasons you could have a point that it was politically motivated, but not submitting at all! Not for one year but four consecutive years? At least that’s what I heard the MPs say, including the Senate chair. And mind you that this budget and Financial report is a common government effort, I am sure there are many figures and branches involved and decisions could have come from elsewhere.
  5. Xaaji, what’s wrong with kowda Luulyo. Perhaps you wish for your breathers to remain under Italian rule?
  6. What’s the bandwagon written the Eritrean community depicting a snake eating a bird at 6:00min?
  7. Your call to priorities the issue urgently is justified and I don’t think anyone can disagree with that. And your analysis is not wrong perse, as it’s incomplete. The issue is not only political and religious in nature, as you are pointing out here. But its contains as much socio, cultural and economic underlying factors, which I won’t go in to. But discounting one dimension could easily undermine your direction of thinking and proposed solution, as has happened with previous ‘simple’ solutions and fixes, such as e.g. federalism, foreign troops, weapons support, and creation of half a dozen different military units operating independently from one another. But you are right that the problem needs to urgently be prioritised, discussed and fully understood, as one can’t simply ignore it anymore. Its the big elephant in the room, and he has grown over the years to become a giant mammoth. P.S. Ironically it’s mainly international academics thinking and writing on the issue and different underlying factors. Very little is coming out of the Somalis corners in terms of thinking. Wonder why that is?
  8. Annual budget approved without the financial settlement of the previous years. This is sad.
  9. The reason why I questioned Galbeedi specifically, he is defending one while condemning the other for corruption and embezzlement. While the issue is the same and one might even suspect the same book keeping trick has been copied from one another. And both times the loans were only discovered during handover.
  10. Well understood your points on the Crisis group , but now tell us ur view on the issue?
  11. Bayle can talk all he wants, but it’s the numbers and financial reporting that counts and that he is accounted to. And The financial report wasn’t even shared with the Parliament over the last 4 years. And you still haven’t answered my question?
  12. REPORT 309 / AFRICA 21 JUNE 2022 Considering Political Engagement with Al-Shabaab in Somalia The war with Al-Shabaab’s Islamist insurgency has dragged on for fifteen years. As it reviews its options, Somalia’s new government should look into what room there might be for dialogue with the group. The alternative is more fighting with no end in sight. DOWNLOAD PDFFULL REPORT (EN) Considering Political Engagement with Al-Shabaab in Somalia WWW.CRISISGROUP.ORG The war with Al-Shabaab’s Islamist insurgency has dragged on for fifteen years. As it reviews its options, Somalia’s new... What’s new?  Al-Shabaab’s lethal insurgency continues with no end in sight. The group consistently stays a step ahead of local and regional military operations. Combined with dysfunction and division among their adversaries, the militants’ agility has allowed them to embed themselves in Somali society. It also makes them hard to defeat. Why does it matter? The protracted war has cost countless lives and derailed Somalia’s state building project. There is growing domestic and international consensus that Al-Shabaab cannot be beaten by military means alone. Yet there is little appetite among Somali elites or the country’s international partners for exploring alternatives, notably talks with militant leaders. What should be done?  Putting off efforts to engage militants in the hope of gaining the upper hand militarily or forging greater unity among elites will prolong the conflict indefinitely. The government should seek discreet channels to Al-Shabaab leaders to test whether political negotiations and confidence-building steps might be feasible. ——————————— Wondering what to think of these deliberations and thinking?