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    istandwithilhan ISTANDWITHILHAN.ORG Love from Detroit! #WeStandWithIlhan
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    Great man, I met him and Andrew Young. They are history itself when it comes to to civil rights.
  4. Humanity already has alternative but no one wants to destroy such vital industry.
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    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    If Ilhan was to comment on Kenya interference in Somalia, our buddy here will say Ilhan should focus somewhere else. Regarding Ilhan, i think she should first get feet wet before she gets herself in a bind. She should also focus where she could be most effective.
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    Cagjar aka Abtigiis visits Harta Sheekh

    Somali region aka Somaligalbeed
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    SOLers: This is survey not call to arms.

    American goal in the Horn has changed. They are trying to edge out the Chinese and would want permanent presence in the Somali proper.
  8. It's group thinking. The individual is not hateful but they lose their common sense when they are among their tol.
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    Ali Gedi on the London meeting

    Ali Gedi is loaded but it's clear he supports Farmaajo and Kheyr wholeheartedly for whatever reason. He does have political ambition of his own.
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    The London conference and Puntland state of Somalia

    We are arguing about a pie in the sky. If the opposition is serious, they can push the government to complete the constitution, pass necessary legislations for resource exploration, revenue sharing and tax integration and proper true reconciliation. In the meantime, we should guard and use available resources. We could start this by freeing the farm lands in the South.
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    The London conference and Puntland state of Somalia

    Representatives from all the regions are in London but i don't think the collected data covers Puntland.
  12. Che -Guevara

    The London conference and Puntland state of Somalia

    Interestingly enough, Dubai is one of the locations where the survey results will be presented. Houston is the other.
  13. Salaax, inkaarqabe baa tahay, look what you started😋
  14. This explains why secessionists have a siege mentality.
  15. So, Suldaanka just called the good people of Awdal looters and genocidaires.
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    SOLers: This is survey not call to arms.

    I always wondered how true is Ethiopian census. There's new census coming. Kenyans had a problem with Somali numbers in their last census.
  17. Cuz Farmajo such like the ones before him are more interested in self preservation. People should demand to see what he gave away.
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    SOLers: This is survey not call to arms.

    Amhara are dreaming of days gone by. It's rather wierd Abiy is attacking Oromo while Amhara are arming themselves.
  19. Galbeedi, Abiy is another Zenawi in the making. In fact, it will be worse for the Somalis should this man consolidate power and disenfranchise everyone else.
  20. Briton held in UAE 'after wearing Qatar football shirt' Briton held in UAE 'over Qatar football shirt' WWW.BBC.COM The fan is said to have been unaware of the law when he wore the top to a match in Abu Dhabi.
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    Lafta-Gareen: Don't Just Rent, integrate

    MMA, I am hopeful but I will believe when I see it!