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  1. Faysal Waraabe and alike are hanging their hopes on a man whose they shelled indiscriminately.
  2. They didn't resolve anything, but they are bright enough to realize when to quit. The new Ethiopian civil war is already brewing.
  3. Ethiopia takes Tigray's TPLF party off terrorism list WWW.REUTERS.COM Ethiopia's parliament on Wednesday removed the Tigray region's main political movement from a list of terrorist organizations, a major step...
  4. The lives of many more Somalis (on both sides) can be saved but the menace in Hargeysa is not receptive to any reason and he is surrounded by yes man.
  5. How's it they become such easy targets? It seems like they are being killed at will. They were playing soldiers for 32 years, no real fighting experience.
  6. Clearly, yes, considering the only place SL has any military presence in H@rti territory is Goojacadde. As for the numbers, it's hight on both sides and will even get higher.
  7. The war needs to conclude quickly and shouldn't overreach. It would be wise not to indulge in talk of conquest. The goal is to expel secessionists off to H@rti territories. That's doable and is a clear objective. Heavily armed young men in one place for too long is never good idea specially in Somali context. And I hope both groups understand prolonged conflict will mean introduction of foriegn troops. No wants the North to resemble the South.
  8. Operation Clean Up went side ways. Now he is searching for new explanations and revised target dates. Give him another month, he will still be saying everything is fine and on schedule.
  9. Somaliland army accused of killing prisoners captured in Las Anod fighting Somaliland army accused of killing prisoners captured in Las Anod fighting HIIRAAN.COM Las Anod (HOL) -The Somaliland army has been accused of killing prisoners captured from fighting forces on Saturday by Abdirisaq...