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  1. His government does not literally control Amhara or Tigray. He is killing the very Oromo youth (Western Oromia) that put him in power. Eastern Oromo (Muslim) is falling under the influence of Jawar, OLF, and OFC. They only people he can bully are silly Somalis and Afar. Even the southern states are a mess. Do you realize he travels when things are going bad at home? It is Arabs and American evangelicals that are supportive of him. The orthodox church is pushing back aganst these evangelicals while still trying to play the Christain card.
  2. Actually, these three men could use this to their advantage politically speaking. They are all facing internal issues that threaten their political grip.
  3. Musa's bellicose behavior and lack of decorum are there for all to see. He was offered a hand of peace and an apology but he chose belligerence. I believe Somalia has met its obligation
  4. I find reer Waqooyi generally funny, my experience with my reer abti (dhulos)and some cousins (Habar-J) have been one of humor so have been my interaction with the general public from those regions. Now, it seems to me bitterness has damaged your humor, I am assuming you had one, to begin with. Lighten up, or at minimum see a therapist.
  5. The IMF asks its 189 members to contribute funds towards any debt relief under the heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) program. Any member nation can choose to contribute. In terms of Somalia, Norway, Britain, and the US are the biggest contributors. Any nation can contribute poor or rich. It is the IMF that sent out requests not the actual indebted nation. It seems some folks put a premium on the man white' men's money and mock others. What worse is these same folks will be clamoring for any funds that come Somalia's way since Somali has been deemed eligible and it will be able to borrow again or at least be able to get grants without too many restrictions. In any case, we thank Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka.
  6. These ministers could have only shown their competency and experience that had they been given enough time to a make difference. This is where Sharif and Xasan Sheekh failed. Regardless of what people say about Farmaajo and Kheyr, they should be given credit for stopping constant bickering between PM and the presidency. Considering there is no real bureaucracy (the actual government) in Somalia, any change in any ministry would have been a serious setback. Kudos to Minister Beileh.
  7. Oodweyne has been in a good the last few weeks. Don't spoil it
  8. That's thing you are not alone. You have (mis)fortune of being surrounded by Somalis and not all Somalis within your borders are on board with your endeavor,
  9. That's b.s! No conflict is settled without agreeing on what happened and who done what? You can boast about settling scores or your military prowess but you obviously feel wronged, and there could be no permanent settlement without reconciliation.
  10. Oodweyne, I was referring to this. Who are you blaming exactly? The Somali State, the southerners as a whole or Dar-ood (MMA sorry the qabiil name). You need to determine who the culprits are. Keep your reply simple.
  11. Oodweyne calling people clannish LOL. As for Farmaajo, apology is meaningless really, at least in the Somali context.
  12. If you are not sure., don't post it. As to the subject at hand this is inevitable to see these things. It happens everywhere where there are foriegn forces. I am not sure why you are posting this other than for cheap political points.
  13. LOL Examine the pictures closely. These people are bad at propaganda.
  14. There's no formula in which Abiy can build a coalition that will keep him in power. His only option is a brute force which will be hard to achieve.
  15. New troops to be deployed to Ceelwaaq.
  16. They just admitted Kenya is harboring Janan and his militia and that Janan is launching attacks from there.