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  1. I don't know how he came to that conclusion but it's worth noting, Sheikh Sharif, Xasan Sheikh and now Farmaajo all had ample time to finish the constitution.
  2. He looks like he's on vacation, rested.
  3. I don't know but the qabyo constitution is a hindrance and the judicial deficiency is problematic.
  4. Kudos to these boys. Today Gorgor infantry unit repelled Al-Shabab's twin suicide attacks by followed Al-Shabab militia. These sort of attacks penetrated AMISOM bases in the past. These young men were trained and prepared. What they lack is visionary leadership and proper equipment.
  5. I don't know about that but two-thirds should not allocated to a tribe whose population size does not exceed that of the other Somalis. It's insane D-folks have so many seats while indigenous population are sidelined.
  6. How is it possible almost two-thirds of the seats went to one community? This is one of the diverse regions of Somalia. This is why we proportional representation? P.s. There's also second list put forward by the opposition.
  7. Liiska xildhibaanno kale oo looga dhawaaqay goor dhaw magaalada Kismaayo HIIRAAN.COM Talaado, Augusto, 13, 2019 (HOL) –Guddi doorasho oo ay magacaabeen musharixiinta xilka madaxweynaha Jubbaland ee isbadal doonka...
  8. Observer, During the last EPRDF meeting, rhe TPLF head didn't show up for the meeting, what gives? Was Debretsion Gebremichael afraid of entrapment?
  9. His country is wherever Somali lands are. Go back to the hole you crawled out of dimwit.
  10. Take it, easy keyboard warrior. There's not much you could either. Your warlord will be gone soon and tomorrow you will latch on to another one.
  11. Galbeedi, A couple of days ago marked the day a young Somali mother and her four children were burned to death by an Oromo mob. What's Somali-Oromo brotherhood mean to those that died at the hands of Oromo and not mention 700,000 Somali IDPs camped outside Jigjiga. Xitaa wey noo quuri waayeen inee xabad nogo dilaan. They hacked and burned our people. I don't like useless photo-ops. If they are serious, they must be held accountable. The crimes against Somalis must be acknowledged and addressed. Cagjar is better off uniting his constituents instead placating to others.
  12. Had they served people properly, Somalis would have been loyal customers. But they sh!t on everybody and are now b!chting. We need competition in other sectors.
  13. First of all, I wouldn't advise anyone to stay for decades. That's how we plunged into this never-ending nightmare. Secondly, why I would hate his clan considering they have done nothing to me or my family or even my clan? Thirdly Madoobe came with Kenyans. Fourthly, like another Somali leader, Madoobe himself has done nothing to improve the average people's lives. Tell me any development projects he initiated and finished or his administration initiated and completed. Mind you investment by diaspora, NGOs and Arabs who want to divide Somali don't count.
  14. Sole owner? Oh, yes, Madoobe rode into Kismayo all by himself. Thanks for laugh. But you still haven't answered the question, what makes you think he will come back.
  15. It matters not how it started. The question is will Madoobe be 'elected" again? And enough with clan bs. Madoobe doesn't care about anyone but himself and his cronies. He is no different than Sharif Sakiin, Gas and Xaaf.
  16. During his tenure, like many Somali leaders, he has done little to reconcile communities and form an inclusive administration. He has lost the support of key figures including Seeraar and international community are not in mood to appease him. It looks like the security is being taken over by Ethiopians, an unfortunate development by itself. It's better for him to follow Xaaf's example and leave before he's pushed out.
  17. You can insult Somalia and buloogu to your heart's content, just don't badmouth people and clans.