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    That Chinese lady looks she's been working the Chow-Lo kitchen for a while. Not a billion dollar investor. Perception is reality.
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    "Sheegatadii-Shilinka-ku-Shaqeyneysay" ee halkan SOL ah ka shadqami jirtey tan maanta ah haku quus qaadato. Sababta oo ah "Sacad-Yonis" waa niman gar-qaata oo "Tol" u ah Somaliland. Oo aan marnaba cadow is uruursadey kayeeleynin in ay arintan Col. Caare u galiyaan "Shaad Villa Somalia" leedahay oo Soomaaliya laga soo shidaal siiyo. Waana kaas Chief-Aqil Mahamuuud Nuur oo ahaa ninkii raacay Col. Caare ee ahaa "Chief-Aqilka Sacad-Yonis" uu leeyahay arintii Somaliland ee aanu aheyn markaanu ka baxney dalka dad ayaa markiiba "Shaadh dowlad Soomaaliya" ay leedahay u galiyey. Taas ayaana keentay in uu Somaliland kusoo noqdo mar haddii Somaliland oo uu isagu yahay aaminsanaana, Col. Caare, ka baxay mabdi'iyan, markii laysla tagey Qardho. This is what "miserable sheegato" could never ever understand. And the reason I say this is that whatever "political difference" some folks in any given moment may have with Somaliland's government, what they will never do is to say we are out of Somaliland. And we are in with Villa Somalia. Hence, the moment it becomes apparent that some folks may be "inclined" to do that, and therefore go for the whole hog with Villa Somalia and with Somalia to boot, then the rest will naturally say: "We have no truck with Villa Somalia, for we never did and we surely aren't going to start that now". Which means you will have a situation like now whereby most who were with Col. Caare will simply return, one by one. Starting with the Col. Baxad. And now the Chief Aqil Mahamuud Nuur is back. And then the rest of the Col. Caare's foot-soldiers will follow the rest of them to home, henceforth. It's that simple really.
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    Waar sheeko madhaxdaad meesha la wareegi jirtay way dhamaatay ee maxaa kaloo cusub. Bal noo sheeg war kale oo xiiso leh. Sheekadaadii ahayd Madaxwayne Muuse Biixi matagi karo Sanaag way beenowday, tii kale ee ahayd beesha Mudane Oodwayne Xamar ayay isku shubtay been kalay noqotay, madadaaladii kale ee iyaduna ahay ciidanka JSL jeegaan qudha ayaa kusoo hadhaysa iyana way beenoowday. Ninyoow sheekadaadu waxay noqotay tii odayga Santa Claus oo kale oo ciyaalka reer galbeedka loogu sheekeeyo inuu odayga buuran oo jawaano hadyadaa wada uu kasoo dhacayo meesha af ingiriisi loogu yeedho "chimney" saqda dhexe habaynka aan barakaysnayn ee loo yaqaan "Christmas".
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    Another musharax sanadkan waa aanadkii faataalayaasha.
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    Mr Oodweyne Salaan Sare Cami.. As they say pictures speak louder than words. One President is hiding from his people and the other is among his people. One president feels safe in his surroundings while the other is cowering inside an APC. One is guarded by Somali security forces and the other is guarded by AMISOM troops. One is behind a big gun, and the other has no weapons. Waa kaaf iyo kala dheeri. Nina dadkiisa ayuu ku kalsoonyahay nina waa laaji ka soo kicitimay Buffallo NY oo calooshiisa u shaqeysta ah kana werweraya inuu dhinto. Today is a sad day for all the canaasiir that love to hate Somaliland. Runtii laftay ka bukaan lakiin looga jimcin maayo. We are going to march onwards & upwards. I suspect after this tour the President of the Republic of Somaliland will go back to the drawing board and take steps that will strengthen our national unity.
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    Galbeedi, Speaking about sharing the pie, how does your average Farax or Xalimo benefit from that? I never understood why Somalis argue if their minister is not in the government or not. As far as I know there is one MJ minister in the federal government, I don't see how his presence there is helping MJs or Puntland? Same goes for everyone. The ministers might get fat but not your average guy. We are focusing on the wrong thing. We need an actual government that can be hold accountable. How does Awdal benefit from a vice-president position in Hargeisa? Or even where Dahir Riyaale was there? Even among Habro, did your average HJ benefited Siiraanyo's reign. Those around him did but certainly not your average person in Burco. Of course, government should reflect people that govern but we must not kid ourselves so as to think any minister from any given tribe truly represents the interests of his tribe. We need to be forward thinking and come up with different system.
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    Simple, really. For, firstly, you start up by treating their whole arguments with nothing less than contempt. Secondly, you do the opposite of every political and diplomatic move they make. Thirdly, on any issue that they hold dear, you see to it to nullify it from your end and make sure you give no concession on that. Fourth, you make sure any military moves they make to your side of the border they gets to be crush before their design on you even gets any further underway, like we are doing it nowadays to the Pirate-land's cowardly ninnies of Somalia. Fifth, you hold on to your independence as a ground that is non-negotiable, come hell or high water. And, finally, every tom-dick-and-harry, from the international community (IC) who ever lands in your territory must be made aware that you are Somaliland, right or wrong. Not the wretched and failed state of Somalia, that seems to be governed by a collection of a hired-mercenaries from Africa. And you further impress upon them that your "liberty" was hard won with the copious blood of your sons. And it took at least a decade of a duration to achieve it. Moreover, you inform them that you are more than happy, nay, eager, to start a fresh war in the horn-of-Africa (HoA) region, if these collection of hired political stooges in Somalia that are under the tutelage of the African's colonization scheme are so much minded to get another war going on again before they will accept an independent Somaliland of her own right. This is how you deal with eternally politically failed folks of the Koonfuria and their self-serving conceit. Got it now, mate?
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    Waa guulweyn oo usoo hoyatay dhamaan shacabweynaha Somaliland. There's no turning back now. Excellent stuff.
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    Today's opening ceremony at Berbera with Vice-President Seylici and the start of the port extension construction phase. Incidentally, I am hearing not a peep, not a nada, not a burp, from all those "naysayers", who said that day like today will never happen. And indeed have hold that such prospect should be forgotten about. And as to why that was the case? Well, of course, some bunker-dwelling political hustlers in out there in Mogadishu, who usual are the sort of the folks who hide there in most days, said it that the Berbera will not get day like this. And they even said whilst they were standing right in there in Mogadishu, knowing full well even at that time, of course, that they will be liable to be arrested on the spot were they to even, inadvertently, land in Berbera, by way of coming to the place with a commercial plane. Now, I could understand, some politicians sitting in Mogadishu saying such a miserable guff and doing it so to get himself a "good propaganda copy" as the "defender of some alleged political union". But to see grown-up men, who, some of them, are lat east half-educated in right here of SOL, falling for such a silly political scam actually beggars belief. Hence, I wanted this day so badly just to show these ninnies how wrong they were. And more importantly, how we Somalilanders actually believe every word we say or ever said about ourselves regardless the cost and regardless the duration it will take for us to get wherever we want to go, politically, or even in winning international investment for ourselves. And now since none of your "wretchedly and cowardly ninnies" are brave enough to show your "eggs-covered-mug-shot-faces", let this be an "unforgettable political lesson" to the lot of you in here. And that lesson is this: "......When it comes to Somaliland, her destiny, her mettle, her inner-belief in herself, spare yourself any more embarrassment about it. And say nothing of her......" Given that you lot know nothing of her and would not know it in a millions of years even if you go to school they teach what people, like Somaliland, who have a "granite principle" in their hearts could amount to if only they set their eyes on it.
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    A very momentously good news, indeed. And speaking in these vein, I have "standing political bet" with all sort of political ninnies in right here of SOL. And the "bet" I have with them is their contention which in turned have alleged that no such development was going to take place in Berberra. And they did indeed hold it, that, no, the DP World will not develop "Berberra port" because some political non-entity in Villa Somalia said so. Subsequently, what is so shockingly lamentable is the fact that they actually believed that Villa Somalia's silly assertions. Given their political judgement of things are no more sophisticated (or even intellectually developed) than that of a mere failing kindergarten's kid in a bad day. Furthermore, now when this thing start happening in the next day or so, I want "these men" to turn up with their hands up and with their tails between their legs. And for good measure "offering" a no nonsense and fulsome concession about how they were always wrong about us. And wrong about how far we will go for our destiny, come high or hell or even high-water. These are the men I expect them to have the "honor" (that word again) just to concede, completely, with no ifs with no buts. Here is the roll-call chaps: Holac, Dahireeto, Galbeedi, Che, Cadnaan, MMA, Maakhir, Maurat. These are the chaps I want to hear from, lads. Lets see whether these "political ninnies" have a decency or the manliness to concede the "comprehensive and bone-crashing political defeat" they took it on the chin from the hands of Somaliland. And indeed acknowledge that they have lost the "comprehensive bet" that goes with it, in which they took against Somaliland. Specifically, the "bet" they took on the other side of the ledger, which was when they have hold that some "fictitious political chancers" locked up in Villa Somalia will have the means to actually stop "Berberra port" from being developed by the likes of the DP World. Lets wait and see what these defeated political ninnies are really made of in here.
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    Haduu maanta Morgan yiraahdo waxaa ahay beeesha east burco instantly he would receive the Mujaahid title.
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    If Ducale was killed by Oromo mob, I could still see saying as long as certain community is not in power, I am happy to die as they lynch him.
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    The Xamar administration should secretly explain to the Canadians that as a poor country Somalia is very susceptible to blackmail by the arrogant Arabs and so any statement made against Canada is null and void in reality
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    Old_Observer, It may be harsh judgement, but sometimes harsh truth needs to be spoken. Since 1991, the "Long-footers" have being running the show of the Somali region. And today we see they are at the same miserable political place they were in back in 1991. And that is the the sight of seeing that every passing Ethiopian's government can have its "pick-of-a-choice" of the latest "Somali stooge" they will then impose on the Somali region. No other region in Ethiopia (or any other Ethnic community in that country) will be so degraded as to be dealt with in this "harsh way" and in this day and age. Only Somalis, are apparently, this politically wretched. Leadership is earn by results only. Or is forfeited completely without it. And it seems that, our "Long-Footed-Cousins" have actually shown us that they care for nothing beyond running Jigjiga. And have no larger ambition of the kind even the smallest other ethnic communities of Ethiopia show that they have the burning for it and indeed the sheer desire to run the country as a whole, if only their numbers and their smartness will be good enough to carry them to all the way to the residency of the Ethiopian's Prime-Minister. Hence, if you can't hack it at the heat of the political kitchen that is the ever ferment politics of Ethiopia, then it's time to pass the "baton of the leadership" to some other Somali community. And they in turn ought to be a community that has the fire and the desire in the belly to make sure that in two (2) decades from now on, there should be no "Somali stooge" being ordered around and about in JigJiga by the latest passing Ethiopian's government from Addis-Ababa. And in fact there should be a Somali politician running the whole freaking political show from there in Addis-Ababa, ordering other Ethiopian's ethnic communities (to do his bidding) just as we currently gets to be ordered about by every passing ethnic community that somehow reaches the "pinnacle" that is the political office of country's top-post.
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    Naarta iyo janada alaahii sameystay ayaa og qofkii galaayo ee yaan lagu danbaawin fadhi Ku dirirka iyo diinta kala saara.
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    Kkkk, Islaan habaryar ii ah bay show been u sheegeen oo ku yidhaahdeen “Muuse Biixi markuu Abu-Dhabi tegay waa la waayey oo Xamar baa laga dejiyey “ Habaryartay dhowr jeer baa war khaldan loo sheegay oon beeniyey balse beenta Facebook ee reer Nabad iyo Naxdin kama ilbaxdo.
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    ^^^^^ Haaheey "Hankii Qarankaa Rumoobey"
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    Koonfurians and anti Somaliland community on social media think kahadheeenka faqashta that Somaliland fabric is weak and fragile like in Italian Somalia. Where deception lies cheating is the norm. And offourse assisnations and than it's blamed on shabaab.We in hargeysa have a clear objective Somaliland re independence is so sacrosanct. We paid a high price for it. We are very democratic yes the last elections xanaf yarbay reebtay how ever as Oodweyne puts it always keep your eyes on the price. Form 1979 mujahid maxammad cali mujahid axmed maxammad guleed mujahid sheikh cali madar. Mujahid axmed siilaanyo. Mujahid cabdulqadir koosaar. Mujahid abdurhman tuur. President Tuur President cigaal President rayaale President siilaanyo President biixi. Xilku we meerto as cigaal always said Somaliland stayes.
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    ^^^^Gooni, Waryaa, xaaji, Khalad maan fahminee, runtaan kuu sheegay. Oo waxa aan ku idhi in aad raggan Dh-abayaco aad ku markhaati furtey ayuun baad xaqiijisey. Xagayagana, Somaliland ahaan, nin rag ah oo wax dhacsada oo cad-gooste ah ayaanu amaan, gabay iyo ducaba gudeensiina. Laakiin Fuley-is-urursatey, afkuna-dheer-yahay, irbad-na dun-galin, wax amaana uma heyno mana siino. Waana "farqiga" noo dhaxeeya, maadaama idinku aad kiina "fuleyga-ah", sida Morgan, Afweyne, Farmaajo, aad amaan kula dul dhacdaan.
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    Trying to politicise the inter-clan fights between the two brotherly people of Southern Sool. Desparate times. Raggan dhaarti ay aduunka u sheegeen ayaa laga filaaya, calaacal iyo cheap under-the-belt propaganda loogama fadhiyin.
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    Uluuuuuuu, Uluuuuuuuuu............... Viva Somaliland.
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    I think this is a day to remember those of you old enough to remember how we fought against all odds. Against the military junta of the late general afweyne. When our bravest generals and colonels did what most thought is impossible to fight a regime. Which gets 100 million dollars in military aid from the Pentagon Ronald reagon at that time. But we said we don't care if you are funded by gorbajov or Stalin or Ronald reagon. Afweyne will not rule our land. To all the fallen soldiers ilaahay ha idin naxariisto. For the next generation ogow Somaliland xoriyadeedu la iskamakeen siin cudud iyo dagaal iyo rasaas bay ku timi. Calanka maanta lahadhsanayo. Jamacadaha maanta laga qalinjabinayo. Ganacsiga sida xawliga usocda. Dharka quruxda badan eh la xidhanyahay. Daaraha dadku dhisteen wa mahad ilaahay.
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    What control are you taking about my fellow delusional SOLer? Have you even read the comment before bubbling over with non-sense. The only folks who have no control whatsoever of their territory seem to be your lot who are wiggling under the rubber boots of the Ethiopian military forces. Let me tell you what control is and is not: 1. It is an unrivalled authority over a territory including its airspace. Meaning anything which happens to the aircrafts in a territorial airspace is the responsibility of those in charge. Now tell me who is in charge of Somaliland? 2. It is the ability to have a complete access to a territory where an aircraft makes emergency landing or crash lands to carry out recovery and full investigation. Tell me who has such an access to Somaliland? 3. It is not just sitting idly in front of a commuter screen in an office with UN staff and watching airlines go about their business. I can do that with my mobile phone. If you claim to have control over an airspace then you have declared that you have an unfettered access to the territory under such airspace so assume responsibility for anything which happens to the airlines in the air and on the ground.
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    Mamma Edna Adan is our iron woman. May Allah bless her. The UK Gov't will be financing Amoud University and Adna Adan Teaching Hospital to help Somaliland become self-sufficient by 2030 in terms of health professional and doctors. Leading doctors and teachers from UK will be visiting Somaliland on regular basis and the best and brightest of Somaliland's students will be given scholarships to UK's Universities. This arrangment is only 3rd country in Africa after Ghana and Kenya. It is all due to Edna Adan's efforts of showing that Somaliland is capable to achieving great things despite so much challenges.
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    Suldaanka, I think, Dr Sacad A.Shire, is very polite diplomat, although I would have liked him to take this journalist to the cleaners with a more forceful language, since he seems to be bit misinformed about things in regards to Somaliland. However be that as it may, I still think Dr Shire got his point across. And remember his main point was that it's a delusional talk to say that Mr Cheeseman of Villa Somalia should be visiting Hargeisa, whilst on the other hand, he is still hallucinating enough to believe that Hargeisa (or Somaliland in general) is place he actually governs it from his bunker in Villa Somalia. Hence, why we think it's tendentiously silly to talk about Mr Cheeseman coming to Hargeisa carrying some wretched "blue flag" in which we gave up its ghost of it almost thirty (30) years ago. This is all a game to them. For they actually are never serious about anything. Given that they know perfectly well what we think of their silly games. And the reason they are in this shit-hole of a political place is that they never actually gets serious about the affairs of their nation, about its future destiny, about its old and much-contested history. About anything of deeper substance, really. Everything is about money with them. Its about an endless political game. And it's about getting a good press or getting a good photos for themselves at that passing day. For example, this whole issue of Mr Cheeseman visiting Hargeisa was essentially created as a way of given him a good press, as if he is some kind of a "peace-maker". Correspondingly, it was also created to make Somaliland look bad in the eyes of the international media, given that we, of course, will laugh off such a "silly political stunt" in which we were bound to do it, since it's a fiction he is selling in here not substance of anything. And before you know it, even places like Hiiraan online is running with that story of Mr Cheeseman wanting to visit Hargeisa (in its English section) whereby the international press will pick it up eventually. And for a few days the idea of Mr Cheeseman, the Somali "peace-maker" for his country will be the racket they will be pushing it, and milking it for all it's worth, even if there is no substance behind such outrageous claim. These folks are turning up to be a pass masters of how to create a "fictitious political propaganda" from thin-air, instead of concentrating the substance sort of the sense of any subject under the sun. And they will use anything, everything, just to get a good press here, a good pictures there, or a good social media output on the internet in over-all. Even if they have nothing to show for it, in a real substance sort of sense, for their kind of politics at the end of the day.
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    Anigu baryahaa asxaabtii dal iyo dibadba joogtay ayaan taar u diray si aan Summer ka ugu dalxiisno dhulka hooyo. Caruurta cagaha waaweyn na raaci mayso (shaah karintoodda ayaan ka yara raysanaynaa) ; hadaan annagu wax karinno shaqo abuur ma jirayo.
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    Spot on, yaa Suldaanka, the US will cancel his passport if he were to turn up in New-York carrying his diplomatic Somali passport. And once the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in which US's immigration services is part of it, actually find out that this man, who is a US-Passport-holder, is also a president of Somalia, with a diplomatic passport to boot, then they will say he no longer needs his US's passport. Moreover, even Mr Trump, can't ask them to reconsider it, since the US's immigration authorities are deeply strict with the criteria they put forward in-terms who can carry US's passport. Welcome to Somalia of 21st century in which its leaders consider their foreign-issued-passports to be the thing that is more important to them than the idea of actually cancelling their foreign-issued-passports, renouncing their loyalty to foreign countries and then settling inside their own country, as leaders throughout the world actually do it in so far as their respective countries are concern. Now what was it the "intellectual midgets" and the "political non-entities" of the "Koonfurian's contingent" we have in here of SOL, were saying about Somalia? Aha, yeah, I remember it now. For it was about the talk of saying that Somalia has a legitimate government with a seat at the UN and a national flag. Apparently, that is the only thing that matters to them. Not even seeing their leaders who are more loyal to foreign countries than to their own country. The "contempt" in which one has for these shameless people and their politics doesn't get to diminish (or even reach any lesser level of potency) in each passing months or in each passing year.
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    One is a glorified African-Mercenary colonized and a UN's administer entity, with a seat at the UN and a presumed legality to its name. And that is Somalia, just in case you are bit of hard of reasoning in here. And the other, namely, Somaliland, is self-governing, de-facto, and proudly and fiercely independent territory, populated by independently minded people, who in turn will have no truck in a millions of years to come with any notion of being under any sort of African's tutelage in this day and age. In other words, one is the nearest Somalis could get to the light of honorable existence in this much contested horn-of-Africa's region of theirs. And the other is opposite of it. Consequently, I leave your capable hand (and, of course, any reasoning you may have come forth with to the rest of humanity) to be able to tell yourself, the difference of it, and which is which.
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    Maakhiri iyo Holac, don't believe and fall what the disgruntled Tigrey is spouting on here. He is miserable these days, for he cannot believe his Tigrey people becoming irrelevant and whatnot in Geeska Afrika so quickly. He was and is still defending Cabdi Ileey, his militia and his TV station since he was their biggest stooge. This is nothing to do with Imaaraadka. It is an effort by dowladda Soomaaliya. Imaaraadka has zero interest to see wada shaqeyn ka dhaxeysa dowladaha Geeska Afrika, gaar ahaan Jabuuti iyo Eritareeya. Yesterday, our Tigrey guest was chastising madaxweynaha Soomaaliya for alienating Imaaraadka and today, unbelievably, he is trying to sell this BS of dowladda Soomaaliya being an Imaaraad puppet. Cajiib, iskamaba warqabo. Soon in the next few weeks, all the leaders of Jabuuti, Soomaaliya, Itoobiya and Eritareeya are going to meet in a summit. If Eritareeya's sanction is lifted, it also helps the sanctions on Soomaaliya importing heavy weapons. It will be too lifted since it is tied with Eritareeya as well. Weapons import sanctions being lifted with Eritareeya not supporting Barbaarta, it is game over for Barbaarta Soomaaliya argagax kala daalay. Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya meel fog ayuu wax ka arkaayaa, not shortsighted lagu yaqaabo maryooleey.
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    Barwaaqo, Gartey in aad fahantey halkaan ka hadley, Faraax Nuur dardaarakiisii waxa ahaa: "......Lix-halkaad Ku Joogtaan Dagaal Laabta Ka Ogaada......" Colonel Xassan Cabdille Walan-wal (i.e., Mujaahid Hassan Keyd) oo ahaa ninkii hogaaminayey inqilaabkii fashilmey ee 1961 ee la doonayey in lagu soo celiyo Maandeeqdii Somaliland ee luntey Lixtankii (60), ayaan kula kulmey Burco Bishii May horaanteedii ee 1991. Markaas oo isgaga oo ah colonel SNM watana ciidan SNM oo ahaa Beesha West-Burco u badnaa ayaa waxaa lagu amray oo loo direy in uu kasoo sifeeyo "hadhaagii faqashta" oo qaarkood howdka Togdheer iyo dhulka Soomaalidu degto ee Ethiopia ee ku beegan ee xadka xagiisa kale, gaar ahaan ku-beegan gobolka daad-madheed ayey ku dhuumaaleysanayeen. Kuwaas hadhaaga ah oo ku dhuumanayay halkaas mar hadayna haysaynin meel ay ka baxaan, mar haddii ay Xamar-na lagaga soo amray in ay isu dhiibaan SNM-ta isla makaana ogaa in ay qaarkood ay ahaayeen saraakiil gacan-ku-dhiiglayaal ah oo la raadinayey oo ogaa wax la marsiinayo hadii la qabto oo SNM-ta gacanteeda ay soo galaan. Habeenkaas intaanu ciidanka ka xeysan, Burco, ayuu Mujaahid Ibrahim Meygaag oo aan gacan-yare xagga qorista aan u ahaa reer Hargeysa-na ay isla ahaayeen ayuu la casheeyey. Markii uu Mujaahid Ibrahim Meygaag u sheegay in uu adeer uu ii yahay, ayuu aniga iyo Ina Sheekeeye oo warqaddaha u qorna Mujaahid Ibrahim Meygaag si shirka Burco ee uu maamulkiisa hagayey uu si wanaagsan ugu socon lahaa ayuu inta oo nasoo eegay, isaga oo wajigiisa in uu hadal-culus na odhanayo ay ka muuqato, ayuu Xassan Keyd nagu yidhi: "......Libintii Lingaxiney Ee Yey Loodin Oo Leelmin, Leel-leelna Yey Ku Lumin, Lug iyo Laabna laylis ugu ahaada......" Wakaas, "dar-daarankii" aan Mujaahid Hassan Kayd Cabdille Walan-wal aan qoray habaankaas. Oo ah habeenkii ugu dambeeyey ee aan arkey, oo muddo yar dib waa uu dhintey. Marka, aniga "Jamhuuriyadda Shan-karoon ee Barakaysan" waa ogahay qiimaha ay iigu fadhido.
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    Especially with this time the galla somali conflict we should cooperate I am not a fan of xabashis and orthodox Christians. But we need to stick together despite our internal rivalries and disputes and clan conflicts.
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    This man is a Hero, and its this kind of heroism that we know of the beesha Og, from the dawn Sayid Mohammed Abdullahi was born up to the present day Freedom Fighters of ONLF, this beesha Og have really made the Somali people proud and what the traitor Abdi Ina Iley has committed should not be a stain used against them. Kudos to Mustafa Omer, i hope that the colonialist Ethiopia doesn't change him into another stooge (like Abdi Ina Iley) to oppress his freedom fighting Somali people.
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    Interesting development, indeed. And I agree with Xaaji in the sense of "lobbying" this Kingdom to accept our Passport for the Hajj, so that our folks back home could use our national passport to travel to the Kingdom as they are currently allowed to travel to the UAE, is a must in here. Also we must impress upon them not to re-start that "on-again-off-again" Livestock-embargo for our animal exports to the Kingdom, once the Hajj season comes to an end. Which was what used to happen previously. Lets hope, our Vice-President Seylici, will make good use of his "connection" so far with the Kingdom's officials where these two particular issues are concern. As for the Xaaji's last assertion of the Kingdom's not being a "good Muslim" is concern, or they are inside the "trousers" of certain Mr Trump, I would only advise my friend, Mr Xaaji, that there are times in which "discretion is a better part of valor". And by that I mean it does not "profit" us Somalilanders now to actually be "bad-mouthing" the folks like Saudis at this juncture. For our interests is singularly "riding" on the back of so many "strategical issues" in which they can "effect" it in one way or the other. And even could do so for the worse, if they so choose to do it Hence, it's best to be "circumspect" in here. Whilst at the same time making sure that our "national interests" gets to be advanced on the back of whatever the Saudis decides to do in the wider Middle-East's region and in the Red-Sea's areas in particularly. Even if they are working in a "hands-in-gloves-sort-of-sense" with the likes of Mr Trump at the White-House.
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    Well for nearly 30 years could we not find someone to throw a mere stone at that damn glass? Or do we need a special stone to do the job? Perhaps we need the heavenly black stone in the ka'ba which is rumoured to come with Adam and his wife when they were evicted from the garden. Maybe Adam brought that stone with him so that the glasshouse called Somaliland could one day be shattered in a Michael Jackson style by Mr Dalmar
  45. 3 points
    Is this for real? Are sane Soomaalis defending tuugii weynaa, the Tigrey stooge Cabdi Ileey? I cannot believe this. Nothing, no one will be worse than the stooge's leadership in Soomaali Galbeed. He and his loyal Liyuu militia dantooda ayee fiirsanayaan, for they know what they had done to Reer Soomaali Galbeed in the dozen years years they mercilessly ruled. Xasuuqii, kufsigii, jirdilkii iyo barakicintii. It is better to be under the occupation of cadowga you know than kan kula dhashay haddana kula dhaqmaayo si ka saxariir badan Xabashada. Cabdi Ileey dad badan ayuu gaalshire ku aruuriee in the 12 years maanta markiisa waayee madaxa hasoo qooysto. His Tigrey masters won't save him, for they are as powerless as he is now. We can also see how desperate they are using their biggest stooge and his ruthless arxandaran militia for the final stand in order to weaken the new prime minister. I hope Cabi Axmed gives them a thorough beating because for the future wannabe stooges in Soomaali Galbeed ha arkaan their sycophancy will never save regardless how completely they followed for years. They will be discarded just as a used diaper.
  46. 3 points
    In other words, waa guur guuran waaye aan rooro waaye sheekadiisa. Labaatan iyo toddobo sano marqaamid aan kala joogsi lahayn tanoo kale ee keentaa.
  47. 3 points
    I always wondered what sort of "dhacdhac" corrupt money the god-fearing Minister of Religion would get from his department. Now we know there is a lucrative deal called "Hajj" and the president threw the first punch to knock out opponent. Every wasaarad has a cash cow. Someone was telling me there is a wasaarad that deals with scholarships and that "business" brings in lots of cash. I was reading the other day there is one that only deals with business licenses and certain clans prefer it over more prestigious ones, as it is known to be another cash cow. Meesha waa la kala xirtay, saxiibayaal.
  48. 3 points
    Waxyaabihii muhiimsanaa dhaqankooda waaka booday. Koow: Waa dad shaqada aad ugu dadaalo, shaqadee tahayba. Shaxaad dhaqankooda ma'aha, ceeb ayeena u arkaan shaxaadka. Laba: Balwadaa ku yar, siiba dagaaladii ka hor, waana dad qunyar socod ah oo muuminimada ku adag, waa sidee macalin dugsiga ugu badanyihiin. Sadex: Fadhi ku dirir kuma arkeysid, xataa maalmahee fasax yihiin fadhi ku dirir iyo qabyaalad waqtigooda kuma dhuminayaan. Xataa online Soomaali forums and baraha bulshada kuma arkeysid haddaa si fiican u fiirisid. Qabyaalad iyo reer difaac in meel lala soo fariisto yax yax ayeeba la tahay. Dhaqanadaas kor ku soo sheegay waxee la wadaagaan Reer Koonfurta qaarkood, sida Reer Banaadiriga, Reer Xaayoow, Jareerweyne iyo Reer Waamo. Waxaa keenana waxee tahay reer guuraa ma'aha. Reeraha deegaankooda tabcada (sida beeraha iyo malaayga) wey ka dhaqan duwanyihiin geeljirta, camalkoodana aad u deganyahay.
  49. 3 points
    Jeegaan and Bohol, Muuse Biixi and the deluded Facebook president - there is no distinction between them in the eyes of those who call them iidr.
  50. 3 points
    Geeljire ciil qaba does not care $100K infridgement notice.

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