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    This secessionist troll's obsession with 'laan' is on next level. What an incel oo ku waashay laan, laan, laan. Soco gabar raadso, not that you will find one. Also reminded me what a Reer Xamar lady in berisamaadkii said to a new neighbour who moved to her xaafad. Waqooyiga ka timid oo ku waalatay 'laandheere, laandheere.' Maalintii dambe loogu jawaabay, "Ninkaaga ku dhib qabo laankaaga dheer." From that day, ma dambe laandheerenimo lagama maqlin.
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    Sanaag and Maakhir people are the winners. They fully boycotted the Somaliland election two years ago with almost zero members, and today they 100% participated the Puntland election. No one can dispute where they belong. There is nothing more democratic than the people deciding their future by vote without fear. Of the original five districts of Sanaag, only Ceel Af Weyn did not vote.
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    If they ever take a legal action against any investor in the Western courts, Somaliland will have a huge opportunity to challenge Mogadishu's claims to sovereignty and expose the whole fraud the illegal "union" was built on.
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    You knew things were very bad for the secessionists when their biggest pamphleteer disappeared into the darkness in the midst of the night, only to resurface at the presumed glimmer of hope on the horizon.
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    MMA Xasan baa kaa dheereeyey....he went to secret to UAE......you need to update your trip list
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    Exactly. C/laahi Dani is the man. The failed policy of Muuse Biixi had empowered C/laahi Dani. On the other hand with HSM going rogue and discarding rules governing institutions by hiring Dahir Calasow and Guutaale to be the main players, Puntland should be the only Maamul for checking and balancing the regional government of Mogadishu masquerading as a federal government. I might even add that the people of Mogadishu had disappointed by his actions. Folks, just wait my incoming article about the whole thing this weekend. I got a lot of information. There was even a sighting of Faroole family members in Kempiski Hotel in Djibouti. We have people in Djibouti.
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    This is actually "naxdin miidhan" They are now begging the US to stop PL. It is as if they have given up.
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    Waxaa arkaa Suldaan Warsame Suldaan Ibraahin Caliyoow Ibroow. Waa suldaanka guud beelaha dega gaar ahaan Shabeellaha Hoose, xaruntiisana Qoryooleey tahay and is an American. University educated, too. Odey dhaqameedyo wax soo bartay toogtaan joogo. Suldaanka waa qofka dhanka midig ka muuqdo.
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    Secessionists markee dhabta arkeen magaca Soomaaliya ku qaraabanaayo. Waa sheekadii Samaale ku qaraabtaan markee kululaadaan, marka kalena Ibnu Haashin.
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    Tallaabo, This Laascaanood conflict was actually brewing for many years, it just surfaced after the death of the young politician Hadraawi. It also has roots to Jigjiga Conference where the Garaads declared Armed conflict. So, it is very unfair to blame this on the response to the protestors in December last year alone. Anyway, the issue right now is not about that at all. The conflict has expanded and today every Daarood clan has brought their clan melitia to Laascaanood. Our job is to make sure we defeat them once and for all.
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    Forgot about Pland. The 32 old ciidanka qaranka was chased by Raxmo Yariisey.
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    Farmaajo uu aflagaadeyn jiray, when this Dhurwaa met him in Biljam in 2018, he was very timid. My family knew his wife's father in Baydhabo. He was a wadaad sheekh ah masaajid Baydhabo ku yaalay ka ahaa sheekha. He didn't want his daughter to marry this alcoholic. But she insisted. Dowladii Kacaanka uu maalin walba caayo, it was this very dowlad u shaqeyn jiray and lived public housing owned by Kacaankii, Afrikaan Filaj (African Village). Relatives lived there and knew him as well.
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    Already calaacal without seeing a single second of his coming warbixin:
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    Muse Biixi now blaming Nuux Taani for his abysmal murderous adventures, whom he dismissed, and is no longer in charge. Ina Bootaan now placed in charge as the Supreme Commander of the armed flying special forces of the blessed Republic of SL. Whilst on the other hand, SSC Leadership Council is busy with: a) Humanitarian initiatives, and b) Post conflict strategy in Las Anod.
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    Classic deflection from those without self reflection (which is typical of your kind). You are a power hungry clan with no talent. lol
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    This guy has been an annoyance to Muse Biixi
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    Ha sheikhyada kaso horjeeda arimahan kana hadlay oo uu dhashay Somaliland way buuxaan.
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    Galbeedi Waxa iska daayo guusha so raac somaliland dhaqaaqday
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    Better late than never. Dowladda dhexe should have done this from the first day. The resilience of Reer Laascaanood markuu arkay ayuu Xasan Sh. isbadalay, meesha dabeesha awooda bsdan u socoto ayuu arkay.
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    What marqaanhead. Is he really chewing? Muuse Muqayil moooryaantiisa iga dheh.
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    Xasan Sh., under the fearful eye of his master dictator in Jabuuti, had not spoken about this blue revolution in Sool. Such a disgrace. Instead isku mashquulinaaye meel aan loo dirsan in Baydhabo, in which his and cronies failed miserably as well. Telefishinka Qaranka uu maamuulaaye sidaas la mid ah ugu aamusanyihiin. Telefishinka Qaranka had a wariye in Buuhoodle, who has been silenced since bishii shanaad. He is not the only one, kuwii Gedo iyo gobollada qaarkood joogay saas loo gaabiyey wararkooda. Their warar are now dominated by waxa ka dhaco Galmudug iyo Hirshabeelle after Banaadir. Universalv who are also ignoring Laascaanood iyo Sool blue wave ka socdo because secessionists pay them laaluush
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    Dhulkaa dhaqaaqay baan maqli jiray. The people of SSC have spoken and the will of the people must be respected by everyone.
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    Reer Burco are honestly another kind. One reer Burco guy just posted a funny story. He said: Waa hore waxa jiray nin iyo xaaskii oo mudo is qabay. Xaaskii maalintii danbe wiil ayay u dhashay. Odeygii reerku curadkiisi ayuu maalin walba la qoslaa. Hooyadii ayaa masayr dareentay, maalintii danbe ayay ku tidhi odeygi "Horta maxaa la qososha kolka aad cunuga la joogto". Odeygii wuxu ku yidhi: "Cunuga afkiisa bilaa ilko ah ayaan la qoslaa". Dhawr maalmood ka dib Hooyadii ayaa ilko hii dhamaa iska soo wada gurtay (She removed all her teeth). Odeygii ayay si lama-filaan ah intay hor timid afkii kula qaaday. Odeygii nafba maalintaa ayaa ugu danbaysay. Imika sheekada Puntland waa Hooyadii Federalka oo ilkohii iska soo gurtay, Odeygii HSM iyo Jubaland oo Baby yaraa uu la dhacsanyay ah.
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    He doesn't want to commit to a side. I have more respect for the secessionists. Their objectives are clear and unapologetic in their approach. Prez HSM sounds like tribal cheif who is calling for a calm amid a battle between two Somali clans fighting over grazing land.
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    The 15 minutes of Fake news is over. It is now back to reality. The reality on the ground will always win.
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    @maakhiri1that was my bad, you are correct, the picture is Garad Abdiqani Garad Jama. I always thought that was his Dad. Anyway, Garaad Abdiqani held the same title as this Garaad, when he joined the Bali Gubadleh SNM Grand Conference.
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    Dad awoowgood madaxa lagaga wada joogsaday ayaan la hadlayna.
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    @galbeedi You are reading too much into this. It will never see the light of day. Kuwa lacagta ururinya, waar lacagtiina haysta, walee rag ayaa daaro ku dhisan doona waliba Hargeisa ayay ka dhisan doonaan.
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    This is somewhere in South Somalia, Amxaaro having a feast.
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    Galbeedina walaweynta kama quusto , its time to give up on these people nabad ma raban dawladnimo ma raban . Sidan bay ugu badisa.
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    We held. Two parliament elections. Four local elections. Three president elections all one man one vote . How many elections did u guys held in that god forsaken bunker. These are facts
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    Well, it is my turn to add my analysis. Muxuu yidhi Darwiishkii: Mashxaradii Shalay, Hadaan Murugo Waydaaran. Dawladii HSM ee 80 maalmood foolanaysay waxay dhashay Roobow iyo Faqi. Knowledgeable people describe this government as those who are " Angry and Al-shabaab". Most of them are the students and aides of HSM, furthermore none of them are expected raise their voices . Yet, the biggest disaster of all is Roobow. This man isn't a rebel who had repented. In his capacity as the top leaders of Al-shabaab, he issues Fatwa proclaiming it is " Legal to cut the neck of those whitin the government and bring their stomck outside ( Waa in qoorta laga bireeyaa oo Calooshooda banaanka la soo dhigaa). He supervised their crimes and filled the airwaves while he was the main spokesman. Does anyone have seen him asking for forgiveness? never. In fact, some foreign leaders including top UN representatives wanted him to be the president of south west region of Somalia. How does he earned that prevelige?. He didn't leave Al-shbaab in early years. He was one of the top leaders from 2006-2015. In fact, he only left the group when he lost the power struggle against Ahmed Godane who used foreign fighters to subdue his enemies. This man has blood in his hands. To add insult to injury , the former Khawaariij had been given ministry of religion and helping the needy. Do they know the meaning of " Waqaf" ? it means helping others in the name Allah and giving for here after. How does a killer who bombe, hotels, schools, universities and markets would became the face mercy and goodwill. These people had destroyed everything, now they want to besmirch the good name of Islam? Our freinds in Koonfur Galbeed tell us the reason Roobow is elevated from prisoner to minister is to declare war on C/caziiz Laftagareen. It is a war. Now let us look the loser called Faqi. Kuwii maqasha loo diray ee ku fatlgroobay ayaa Geelii loo dirayaa. This guy has failed almost everything he touches. He left the federal parliament and went to Galmudug to became security minister. Instead he became the insecurity man who destablized Galmudug. He let Al-shbaab lose to Xeraale and other regions inhabited by the D...r community with deadly consequences.Then when fall out with Qoor Qoor, he got some weapons from Puntland to fight the terrorist group, but transferred to Ehlu Sunnah which allowed them to occupy Guriceel and other places. He did all that to stick to Qoor Qoor and Farmaajo. Now this loser is elevated to manage internal affaires of the nation. Others I could point out is Wasiir Tik Tok who Rooblaawe appointed defense minister will keep his portfolio. He refused to attend the April 12 commemoration because he feared they might stage a coup. Go figure. The deputy premier is a fellow named Saalax who was mentally unstable as I recall many years ago. For HSM and many soother politicians murder, killing or having bloody hands is nothing but an end that justifies the means. Qofkani dhiig buu daadiyey waxba la aha. Folks, while there are few good guys, this isn't a group who could move the country forward. KG is ready to defend, Hiiraan isn't willing to be the buffer zone for the Ethiopian and Egyptian adventure. Puntland is already out, and if HSM continues in this direction, he will definitely becoming the governor of Banaadir. Among these 77 cabinet members , the overwhelming majority belong to either the senate or parliament. It is like let us wash each others hands. This is how the Italian chamber in Rome works. HSM lied about UAE, lied about Egypt, and hided the Qat deal and so on. I don't know when we have to start the campaign to remove him. I guess we have to wait few more months, because it will only get worse. Sadly judging by the way the empire of chaos works, new maps and other schemes to change the horn of Africa had begun. Ethiopia will be dismantled. Even the ONLF leader had openly said . Guys Somalia isn't ready yet.
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    Baala xoofto and Samafal, i both agree with you imports wax aan ku faano ma ahan, ee export, specially locally made (or adding value) is what what we need. I think somaliland is doing well when it comes to Manufacturing for Somali speaking peninsula. And we have to command on that. Remember we are not in competition but complement each other. Baala xoofo, can you create a topic, Somaliland Manafutures, warshada burka, the cement, the softdrink and so on. I know some of these are not manaufuctured but imported and added values for local distribution. it is good to talk about the positive (what is working for us) as well as what is not working for us (political) And other regions, we can have similar pages.
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    As many as 828 million people go to bed hungry every night, the number of those facing acute food insecurity has soared - from 135 million to 345 million - since 2019. A total of 50 million people in 45 countries are teetering on the edge of famine. The global food crisis in 2022 -- the year of unprecedented hunger -- should be a cause for concern. UN Report Global Hunger Numbers Rose to as Many as 828 Million in 2021.docx Global_Report_on_Food_Crises_(GRFC_2022).pdf
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    Don't those who waste food have a bad conscience? So many people in our country don't have enough to eat, even on the brink of starvation, and they throw food in the garbage. The unfairness makes my heart ache. mmexport1657526347304.mp4
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    Waaryarahee! Waar ma indhahaa la iska tuurayaa? These looters-in-charge are clearing the place, root and branch, of anyone with the decency to see right from wrong. These are April 12 militia in charge. In their mind, it's their city and their power. Every other Somali is a guest. They better be quiet or else! As long as Mogadishu is the capital, this is going to be the case. I say Baraawe for the capital of Somalia. Must be made neutral and federal. All government and its resources moved from Mogadishu to Baraawe. after that let's see if people can be intimidated. Say like it is.
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    Somaliland already had its own "British Somaliland" flag, very much similar to all other British dominions and protectorates around the world. There was nothing stopping it from continuing its use after Independence on 26th June 1960, if it so decided to choose. The only reason why Somalia Flag was raised is due to the agreements reached months earlier in the formation of a United Somali Republic which comprises of the Somaliland British Protectorate and Italian Somalia. Somaliland had its own Prime Minister, Its own Parliament, its own currency, its own passport, its own military and police force. In fact, Somalia didn't even have a Police Force. The First Police force was the British Somaliland Police force - which was transferred to Mogadishu including all its symbols etc. The Somalia Police Force symbols is the British Somaliland Police symbols. In 1960, Somalia's currency was so devalued, very much the same as what the Somalia Shillings is today, worthless. Which was why they opted to use Somaliland East African Shillings - only change the name "East Africa" to "Somali" shillings. 1 East African Shilling was 100% transferable to the new Somali Shillings 1=1. Whereas the Italian Peso currency was 1 Somali Shilling > 1000 Peso. The British Somaliland Governor's Flag (There is a Governor's flag for every entity around the globe where the British Monarchy has a Governor representing Queen Elizabeth.) The British Somaliland Protectorate Flag:
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    There is nothing to celebrate. The constitution is torn down, the parliament and its speaker are corrupted, youth are fooled with empty patriotic words and fake news, rule of law is violated, nepotism is upheld, and polarization is fueled by bad leaders.
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    The miserable days of the three dinosaur fossils pretending to be more useful than Hargeisa's trash is fast coming to an end. Laydh caafimaad ayaa Hargaysa ku soo dhacday.
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    Sports is best played together, and the Sanaag community just like other Somaliland prefer to play ️ , whereas Bosasso they play rugby which is just a different kind of ball game, a bit rougher and sheer power must be used to drive the ball through an opponent's side, while in soccer, excessive use of power is not allowed. Having said that, eventually some sorts of wider tournament has to be established with common rules of the game according to best practices of the international league, as the Somaliland league doesn’t play according to the international rules of the game and thus is not part of the international league and Somalia’s league doesn’t play well enough to compete internationally.
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