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    That Chinese lady looks she's been working the Chow-Lo kitchen for a while. Not a billion dollar investor. Perception is reality.
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    If Ducale was killed by Oromo mob, I could still see saying as long as certain community is not in power, I am happy to die as they lynch him.
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    The Xamar administration should secretly explain to the Canadians that as a poor country Somalia is very susceptible to blackmail by the arrogant Arabs and so any statement made against Canada is null and void in reality
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    Old_Observer, It may be harsh judgement, but sometimes harsh truth needs to be spoken. Since 1991, the "Long-footers" have being running the show of the Somali region. And today we see they are at the same miserable political place they were in back in 1991. And that is the the sight of seeing that every passing Ethiopian's government can have its "pick-of-a-choice" of the latest "Somali stooge" they will then impose on the Somali region. No other region in Ethiopia (or any other Ethnic community in that country) will be so degraded as to be dealt with in this "harsh way" and in this day and age. Only Somalis, are apparently, this politically wretched. Leadership is earn by results only. Or is forfeited completely without it. And it seems that, our "Long-Footed-Cousins" have actually shown us that they care for nothing beyond running Jigjiga. And have no larger ambition of the kind even the smallest other ethnic communities of Ethiopia show that they have the burning for it and indeed the sheer desire to run the country as a whole, if only their numbers and their smartness will be good enough to carry them to all the way to the residency of the Ethiopian's Prime-Minister. Hence, if you can't hack it at the heat of the political kitchen that is the ever ferment politics of Ethiopia, then it's time to pass the "baton of the leadership" to some other Somali community. And they in turn ought to be a community that has the fire and the desire in the belly to make sure that in two (2) decades from now on, there should be no "Somali stooge" being ordered around and about in JigJiga by the latest passing Ethiopian's government from Addis-Ababa. And in fact there should be a Somali politician running the whole freaking political show from there in Addis-Ababa, ordering other Ethiopian's ethnic communities (to do his bidding) just as we currently gets to be ordered about by every passing ethnic community that somehow reaches the "pinnacle" that is the political office of country's top-post.
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    Naarta iyo janada alaahii sameystay ayaa og qofkii galaayo ee yaan lagu danbaawin fadhi Ku dirirka iyo diinta kala saara.
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    I do not like this ranking. Being happy while in dire condition is not good. Of course we are resilient people, but we must hate our condition and not to be happy . Accepting misery and be happy about it is apathy.
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    May God help the UAE hadii madaxweyne farmaajo provoke-gareeyaan. A strongly worded letter to the UN is the last thing somaliland and UAE need right now.
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    Especially with this time the galla somali conflict we should cooperate I am not a fan of xabashis and orthodox Christians. But we need to stick together despite our internal rivalries and disputes and clan conflicts.
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    Abtiigis should be given the benefit of the doubt knowing him and his anti Ethiopian stance for years I think he is Somali centric what we need to.do is a fair share of the state political share distribution of wealth. And he needs to 're train reconstruct liyuu police. Somalidu marki ba waxbay mucaraad ku noqdaan. War walaga biyaa dhowra before you make any decision. Shinile the hawd and reserve area and the o,gaden region all need to cooperate regardless of qabiil. As suldaan timmacadde once said dugsi maleh qabyaaladi waxay dumisa mooyaneeh.
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    This man is a Hero, and its this kind of heroism that we know of the beesha Og, from the dawn Sayid Mohammed Abdullahi was born up to the present day Freedom Fighters of ONLF, this beesha Og have really made the Somali people proud and what the traitor Abdi Ina Iley has committed should not be a stain used against them. Kudos to Mustafa Omer, i hope that the colonialist Ethiopia doesn't change him into another stooge (like Abdi Ina Iley) to oppress his freedom fighting Somali people.
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    Horta dadkan la leeyahay kolba dhinac bey kasoo goosteen, ma isku jid bey maraan markay siisocdan iyo markay soosocdaan? Last week miyaan la oran qaarba iyana dhinacan ka goostay? Waxa ii sawirmay labada group oo isweydaranaya like catwalk models kkk
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    I always wondered what sort of "dhacdhac" corrupt money the god-fearing Minister of Religion would get from his department. Now we know there is a lucrative deal called "Hajj" and the president threw the first punch to knock out opponent. Every wasaarad has a cash cow. Someone was telling me there is a wasaarad that deals with scholarships and that "business" brings in lots of cash. I was reading the other day there is one that only deals with business licenses and certain clans prefer it over more prestigious ones, as it is known to be another cash cow. Meesha waa la kala xirtay, saxiibayaal.
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    The usual suspect tamartoodii waxay ku soo hadhay habaar iyo civil war loo sahadiyo somaliland. There won't be a war wada hadal ayaa lagu dhamayn as is the tradition. Marxalado ka xun ayey soomaliland soo martay tan maantuna wax cusub maahe internetka iyo social media ayaa habartii hidhistaba buunbuuniya. Qori lagu wada hadlo wakhtigeegi waa laga gudbay. nina maanta diyaar uma aha wuxuu kusoo tabcay inu gacantiisaa ku dumiyo. Shirkii GX suldaanka gabooye sheekaadi saca geeska laga garaacay ee la lisi waayey, sidiisi ayey dawlada muuse bixi noqon hadii aan la address garayn waaxa laga cabanayo. Iyadon rasaas la ridin ayaa dawlada xaqa lagu leeyay laga soo ridan kara.
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    Iyagoo Garoowe u doodaaye, Garoowe amaanaayo ku filnaan lahayd intee Xamar iyo dadka degan ka been abuurayaan. See u hadeen waa qaabdarro iyo nuskeeda.
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    This was indeed the equivalent of applying for a job that whether you are qualified or not is not even considered and the employee instead reaches out for the "delete" button as soon as they realised your name or locality do not match what they were looking for.
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    Maalinba nin ayaad nacaysa... kolka ugu danbaysa naftaada ayaa nacaysa. Dadka khaasaaray waa kuwa wali naawilaya midnimo dhimatay in bal naftu ku soo laabato. Hadalka Professorka si fiican ayu ugu laqimay dadka inta wax garanaysa, inta cadiifadu indho tirtay ha iska indho la'aadan.
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    Why I am not surprise to see our "dirac-wearing-gambadh-sitting-insulting-away-at-others" chap by the name of Gooni, defending the late "Faqash-Afweyne" with all the "fervent intensity" of an Evangelical preacher hollering "Come-to-Jesus" at some down-and-out-Red-necks in the swamps of Louisiana, in a particularly hot-Sunday afternoon in a dinghy run-down church. In other words, that Gooni, is so cheaply forever defending a man, like "Faqash-Afweyne", who put his country into the "graveyard of history" is something of a sad spectacle to bare witness to. Even if it's something we now come to expect from him. However, listening this report it actually makes sense, in a Machiavellian sort of way. And by that I mean, the chap in this video clip, is actually none other than Senator Grassley of Iowa, who is a deep Evangelical believer, particularly of the kind who go around the world with the thought that says, they should "convert" all the teeming heathens around the world into the "Come-to-Jesus" sort of final revelation. Hence, when he came to see Gen. Barre in early 1980s, and he start telling him all the good news about how Jesus was going to safe Mr Barre if he were to convert into the Evangelical branch of Christianity, I would not be surprise, if cynically, Mr Barre, thought to himself to tell this "stupid Yank", this "Christianity-adverting-Senator" from Iowa, to whatever he wants to hear. Even if that means telling him, that, he, as Mr Barre, is actually Christian of a "Roman's Catholic persuasion" of long standing. So long as this Senator Grassley, will then in turn gets back to Washington and start telling the Reagan's administration of 1980s, that, the US has a "good man" in Mogadishu in the form of Gen. Barre. And for good measure, he is a "secret Christian". And the US should support him, militarily, because of it. This is what I think, Gen. Barre who was very cynical man was trying to do with this talk of him being a "Christian" and what not. It was a means to get some guns from Uncle Sam. And he thought if he plays the "political card" of him being a "secret Christian" with the Evangelically-influenced Reagan's administration of that time, then he may get something from them. Consequently, what this means, is that, Mr Barre, really was a very cynical man, and very brutal man as it so happens. So that will explain why he was having this sort of "dalliance" with the likes of Senator Grassley of Iowa, who actually think things in a very "simply terms" of who is a Christian and who is not sort of way, even when it comes to who the US's government should support, strategically, in the wider world.
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    Maanta uun bay u daraayeen oo yidhaahdeen ‘ceebay tacaal’ . Waxa la arki doonaa cidda Berbera ka talisa. Huuhaadda Barlamaanka Somalia xitaa foodleydda Adhi-jirta ah baa ku googaalaysan doonta! Hebeloow, Googaa; Heblaayooy, Cigale Heblaayo: Ma ii sheegi kartaa, wax iska hadla oo mooshin beenbeen oon awood lahayn u codeeya? Hebeloow: Taa cid waliba waa ogtahay, xitaa ’waxaraheena’ ayaa og oo waa Barlamaanka Somalia.
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    Everything was shrouded in secrecy. I wonder how much is Ethiopia's stake in Bosaso Port? Abdiwali and his crew continue about the breakdown of the deal. Onto Kismayo and Baraawe.
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    The SNM had no official position on the issue of independence. However, there were obviously the believe that the 1960s Union was not fair and needed to be reviewed. Any hope for revival of the 1960s union was dashed when, shortly after the overthrow of the dictator, the Mogadishu leaders declared their own government without consulting or involvment of the SNM leaders. Mogadishu folks were more interested in looting and pillaging the state organs rather than help revive the country from the brinks. That was the straw that broke any hope of a Unity's back. And as they say the rest is history.
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    Is that your best short, dear ninny. you see, unlike you who couldn't come to verbally play against others while you remaining true to your identity, I was in it for Somaliland from the moment it was conceived, back in May of 1991. And by the way, this Cawil fellow you are obsessed with it is actually one of those guys who originally organized the first Somaliland's revolt against what eventually became the political tyranny of the south over the north. So it's quite understandable that you have a beef with him since he knew the political farce of the unionism in which you are peddling in here even back in 1961 Moreover, just for the record, if you search the Times of London's newspaper archives, you will find in it the first article written by late Cabdirahman Tur (Allah Yarhamu) in which he explain why Somaliland declared itself independent from the rest of the Somali Republic in that 18th day of that Month of 1991. And I in turn actually composed the bulk of that article for him in May of 1991 in Burco. where the famous meeting was taking place there, since I went there to see country after its liberation and I was asked by Dr Ibrahim Meygaag Samatar (Allah Yarhamu) who was one of the organizing of the Burco's conference to help Cabdirahman Tuur compose a few international articles explaining the position in which the then SNM took in relation with the union of Somalia and Somaliland and why they did do. And after the meeting/Conference declared independence of Somaliland, I needed to get back to my university education in here in London (i.e., University College of London - UCL) so I took a flight from hargeisa to Djibouti, and from there in Djibouti I send it by fax to Times of London's newspaper office in Wapping, since it was going to take me a couple of days in getting back to London and the article was needed to be release earlier than my arrival in back in London. Consequently, that was the first time ever the international western press has ever have had the occasion to actually read (in bold letters) in a reputable organ as to why something call Somaliland decided to quit the old union of the Somali republic. Hence, to you everything revolves around "this jeegaan thingy". But to some of us, we were actually quite giddy with excitement for Somaliland from the get-go of 1991. And still are, as it so happens, despite everything else along the way. And that is called "political conviction". Which is something a fraud like you would not know it the first thing of it, even if it mugs him in broad daylight. And the fact that I was helping the first president of Somaliland (a dear uncle of mine, as it so happens) to composed the first article of why independence of Somaliland was just, even if he eventually turn against the very idea he expressed so eloquently in that article in the Times of London, doesn't diminish at all the "ardent-ness" of it (to coin a phrase in here) in which I and many others hold then and still hold now the "sacredness" of the cause of Somaliland's independence. Hence, you and I, don't have the same "political vocabulary". Nor do we see things in the same way. After all, who in their right mind would even think or imagine that a political fraudster like you can discuss anything that is beyond what his limited injured self-worth is capable of grasping, with others, indeed. Which means, to what you see as "negative trait" of seeking a recognition in almost three (3) decades, despite everything along the way is to us a "singular proof" of the measure of our commitment to our cause till do us a part. And even in dearth, every man who falls on the way side, others will come forward to take in his place. Proceed to bare their shoulder for the heavy weight the fallen man had "vacated" it to carry forward. And then caravan will moves on without hinder and without delay, come rain or shine. That is how I know that you were never one of us, however much you tried to "hide" behind the good name of the folks of Ceel-Afweyn. Since, even our Beeshe-Dhexe's hardcore unionist know in their heart-of-heart how determined their "cousins" are with their principle of Somaliland, come what may. For that is who we are. And to boot, we meant every word of it when we said we took a solemn vowed of destiny to achieved a nation of our own in Africa. And the time it will take to get there is really not that important in the grand schemes of things. But the final destination must be arrived at in the fullness of time. Again, that is who are. And I am sure that you will find it difficult to accept that a Somali person can have a such "principle" to abide by it at all cost. And even you will find find deeply difficult to believe that a whole clan (in their hundred thousands) can actually "coalesce" around it in believing a "political principle" in which there is nothing on this earth they will not sacrifice for it just to achieved it. But that again only speak of your "estrange-ness" from the very folks you are claiming to be one of them. And that is why I said to you that the more you talk ratter glibly and tendentiously about affairs you know so little of, the more you exposed your "fraudulent identity" in here.But please keep it coming, it's a quite endearingly entertaining, to say the least.

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