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  1. After decades of indoctrination, it's perplexing to witness the unwavering support many in Somaliland offer to a deal that seems destined for failure. For anyone raised in Hargeisa over the past 45 years, the narrative ingrained is that "Somaliland-hood is sacred," coupled with the belief that "Somalia is the enemy." This entrenched mindset is the guiding principle for the people of Hargeisa – the pursuit of recognition (ictiraaf). However, those in the South often struggle to comprehend this perspective, naively asserting Somalinimo to a crowd that eyes the concept with suspicion. This has culminated in a situation where a significant and misguided decision, like establishing a military base along the Somaliland Red Sea, encompassing an area larger than the entire state of Malta, is perceived as a positive development, as long as it inches closer to the cherished dream of recognition (Ictiraaf). My concern lies in the uncompromising approach of Biisi, potentially leading the country into instability if we continue to proceed without a clear direction. Unfortunately, I haven't observed any rational leaders in recent days who are willing to voice sensibility amidst the prevailing madness and hatred (Wixii Somalia dhibiya waanu ku faraxsanahay). If there's a possibility of ceding Lughaha or the Saylac Territory to the Habeshas, I fear that this could be the tipping point, igniting another confrontation. Biixi seems confident that he can suppress such unrest, but we all know how that turned out recently.
  2. Throughout the twists of history, unexpected and pivotal moments tend to emerge, and undoubtedly, we find ourselves in the midst of one such epoch. The repercussions of this situation could shatter the very essence of Somaliland beyond repair, leaving us with the lingering uncertainty of when, not if, this rupture will occur. Whether Ethiopia executes its long-term plan, leading to a gradual infiltration into the North, or an uprising spearheaded by honest, rational, and patriotic individuals attempts to mitigate the challenges posed by the region's faltering administration remains uncertain. The disconcerting revelation in Hargeisa, where, after three decades of indoctrination, a significant portion of the population openly expresses a preference to unite with Somalia rather than become a de facto extension of Ethiopia, forces a rapid confrontation with profound cognitive dissonance. This sentiment is particularly evident among those with rational minds and untainted hearts, free from the divisive influence of Qabyaalad. Adding to the distress is the attempt to ease our concerns with statements like "Waa sidii DB World Dakada Barbera Looga kareeyay" (It is like the DB World deal that benefited Barbera). Such assurances lose their credibility when Ethiopia's involvement begins with the mass mobilization of Ethiopian troops, laden with injir and Injera. Today, I share the mourning with many of my fellow brethren—not for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) itself but for the ominous shadow it casts over the future of our progeny. I quote words of wisdom said a century ago by the brave Sayid Mohamed Abdulla Hassan (Allaha u Naxariistee) when talking about colonialism which I find it similar to today ; Waan Idiin digayaa kufriga aad damcaysaane Marka Hore dabkuu idinka dhigi, dumar Sidoodiiye. Marka Xigana Dalkuu idin ku odhan, duunyo dhaafsada'e Marka Xigana Dushuu idinka rari sidii dameeraha'e I caution you of the infidels you favor, First, disarming you as if you were peaceful women, Next, urging you to sell your land, Ultimately, burdening you with his baggage, a burden akin to a donkey's load.
  3. Not the first time I heard this qashin! ترى ، الاسلام مو هو زي حمير ابوك . طبعا مو تفهم عربي و رح تحاول تستعمل جوجل يا شيخ.
  4. Horta Dadkeenu - Ilaahay khayr ha siiyee- soo dhawayn badanaa. Misa odaygu profile buu dhisanayaa!
  5. His hustle backfired bad. Thanks for Sharing the snippet of the interview MMA Horta imisa dilaa iyo dhiigyo cab ayaa ina dhex socda? ilayn boqolaalka kun ee la dilay barigii dagaalka sokeeye kuwii dilay meeye?
  6. You mean random girls support Banadir Football team. You can't generalize things. Reer Coofle (in reference to my clan) oo shuuciyiin noqday would be next title hadii kale. if you generalize coofle's extreme leftist ideas.
  7. Masaajidka cayaarta ka dhaaf yaaqay. The only support that matters in Somali politics is the caantayn
  8. Virtual cemetery ku lahaa ... the bit I liked about SOL was mainly the cordial banter, once the serious political discussion lot took over , nahdii baa ka baxday. Ngonge's posts were gold and let us not forget Abtigiis.
  9. Most kids go to school in Somaliland, gone were the days when classrooms were full of men in their Mid-20s. The next stage is more vocational schools to learn skills and better quality higher Education. Dalka siyaasiinta Kamuu dhaqaaqine, Dhalinta ayuu ka dhaqaaqay...
  10. Ammaan dumar ayaa sax ah. Gabaygu waa mid wacan laakiin higaad xumo ayay raaxada kaga qaadeen. M N L G R D B dhamaantood waa xarfaha labanlaabma. amaan = nabadgalyo (War amaan i sii) Ammaan = in qof wanaag lagu xuso
  11. Afkayga ayaad kala baxday. I really want to act surprised but I am not. You can't teach old dog new tricks, Jidhka iyo badanka muwaadinka waxa ilaashay dastuurka iyo diinta, Timuhuna waa qayb ka mid ah jidhkaas ama badankaas. Hadii askarigu rabo inuu ku xad gudbo waa in uu fulinayo amar maxkamadeed amase mid dastuuri ah. Plus what is wrong with timaha iyo fooda dheer, what is the religious/moral/legal issue against it.
  12. I envy those work 9-5! no weekends, no nights, no oncalls and no overstaying your shift by hours to finish your work . Because of the mentioned reasons, my work life balance is absolutely ****. The dangerously alarming thing is that I don't seek to maintain a social life nonetheless. Spending couple of hours with family in the evening before going to bed and that is, rest of my day is dominated by work. part of becoming an adult I suppose.
  13. Xamar weeye oo midab fardood, kala xariir roone Xawaariyo kadliyo raaxo iyo, xawlis iyo jeefaq Xaggii loo eryaba waa gammaan xulashadiisiye Xubna toosanlow neefku waa, xaalad gooniya e Goortaan xusuus ula noqdaa, xiisa ii qabane Waxaan xarafka diimeed ahayn, igaga xeel dheere .. ;; ;; Aduu galabta kuu xoolo yahay, Xamarkii dheeraaye Waa Xiin Finiin neefka aad, xadhigga haysaaye Xayawaanka oo idil naftey, kala xaroodaane Mar hadduu suldaan igu xil lihi, igaga xayddaantay Xadhiggiisa qabo aadmi kale, kuma xurmeeyeene. Xiin finiin by sayid Maxamed Cabdille Xasan. Thank you for reminding me to post in this finding a photo for a piece of gabay (disclaimer:the faras depicted is not xamar by color!)